How to Design a Corporate Slogan?

Slogans are vital marketing elements to fix a product or service name in the customers’ minds. Slogans are equally important for companies of all sizes & niches’ marketing strategies. This blog will tell you how to design a corporate slogan. But, it’s essential to differentiate the Slogans & taglines before moving toward the actual topic, as most people confuse these terms.

How to Design a Corporate Slogan?

How to Design a Corporate Slogan?

What is a Slogan? – A slogan is a creative, simple, and catchy line attached to a particular product or service. We use slogans to market a specific product or service.

What is a Tagline? – A tagline is a simple & creative line focusing on a company’s vision. Taglines represent the whole organization, unlike the slogans expressing a specific product or service.

What is a Corporate Slogan? – Businesses’ taglines are generally referred to as corporate slogans. A simple line that summarizes a company’s whole concept & vision is known as a corporate slogan or tagline. An organization can have only one corporate slogan or tagline and multiple slogans for its flagship products or services. Some of the popular corporate slogans or taglines are enlisted below,

  • Just do it – Nike
  • Think Different – Apple
  • Think Big – IMAX
  • Eat Fresh – Subway
  • That’s What I Like – Pepsi Cola
  • Open Happiness – Coca Cola

How to Design a Corporate Slogan?

Corporate Slogans or Taglines are associated with the companies to present the essence of the company’s vision in a few words. It’s not easy to summarize a corporate business mission in one line; it needs brainstorming to create a best-fit tagline/corporate slogan for any business.

How to Design a Corporate Slogan?

How to Design a Corporate Slogan?

Corporate Slogans Characteristics

There are no universal rules to designing a corporate slogan but some common traits a corporate slogan must-have. We have enlisted below corporate slogan’s common characteristics to help you create a corporate slogan for your brand,

  • Conciseness – It is a vital element of designing a corporate slogan. Brief sentences can quickly grab attention, and it’s easier for humans to memorize them.
  • Simple Wording – Corporate slogans communicate with the potential audience on behalf of the brand. Avoid complicated wordings and keep your brand voice simple & easily understandable for brand users.
  • Call to action – You may use a call-to-action tone to design an ideal corporate slogan. A call-to-action slogan like Nike ‘Just do it’ or Subway ‘Eat Fresh’ can unintentionally trigger viewers to make a purchase.
  • Easy to Recall – A perfect slogan is a blend of powerful but memorable words that one can easily recall. You may use powerful & simple wording for corporate slogans by keeping your brand’s targeted audience in view.

Expert tips to Design a Slogan

Brands’ slogans are crucial for their marketing campaigns to establish the brand identity. A perfect corporate slogan has the potential to boost brand awareness & sales. There are not any rules for designing a corporate slogan, as we have discussed earlier. But you can create an ideal corporate slogan by keeping in view the above-discussed corporate slogans characteristics and following the enlisted tips,

  1. What makes your business different?

You may ask a few questions by yourself to know the essence of a business before brainstorming for the perfect business tagline. Find answers to the questions like, what makes your business superior to its competitors? What products or services does your brand offer? What makes your products or services special? How do your brands’ products or services help its customers?

Answer to the above-discussed questions will give you a clear understanding of what a business offers & its specialty. It will ultimately help you to decide on the perfect message your brand may leave in the market.

  1. Logo & Slogan Alignment

The logo & slogan are two different elements of the same block. Both are crafted with the sole purpose of establishing brands’ identity by giving a strong message. You may work on your brands’ logo & slogans simultaneously to align their voice & message for the targeted community.

All the businesses, from local food trucks to multinational beverage companies, use their logo & corporate slogans for physical marketing campaigns. Custom-designed Feather flags are the key example of using logos & taglines together for marketing campaigns. It indicates the significance of logo & corporate slogan alignment to convey the brands’ voice appropriately.

Ensure to get an aligned brands logo & slogans that complement each other to make a complete story. And you may take your brands’ logo & slogan alterations easy to stay relevant with the market. Market dynamics are not consistent for most businesses; if you feel your brands’ voice is affected by varying market dynamics, you may change the brands’ logo or tagline to align with the market.

  1. Take Time

Corporate Slogans are crucial to making or breaking any business identity in the targeted market. It can also boost sales depending on the business niche. You can’t hurry in crafting a corporate slogan while looking at its significance weight for your business.

Take enough time to design a perfect corporate slogan; it might take one or two full working days to craft a tagline, depending on the business’s niche. You may take enough time needed for brainstorming & designing an exceptional, related, concise, but complete message.

  1. Make Milestones

Designing a corporate slogan or tagline is a time taking & tricky process. You may divide this task into the following milestones to make it easier for you,

  • Get Information – You may collect all the possible information about a business for which you’re designing the tagline as your initial step. It will take an hour or two to make notes of essential information about a firm, depending on the company size & products or services nature.
  • Write Rough Ideas – Now, you can brainstorm by looking at the company’s information to get some rough ideas. Write down all the rough ideas you may get while brainstorming.
  • Look at Similar Businesses – Do internet surfing to look at the taglines of similar businesses to get ideas for further brainstorming. It will help you to come up with additional refined ideas.
  • Discuss with Team – It’s time to discuss all the roughly written ideas with your business team or friends and take their input as targeted customers or critics. Their input will help you improve the brainstormed ideas further to get a few perfect taglines.
  • Share with Marketing Team – If you’re designing a corporate slogan for a third-party business, you may share the refined ideas with their marketing team. Their marketing team will accept or give direction to make essential alterations.
  • Final Alteration – After discussing with the company’s marketing team, make the last alterations to get a perfect corporate slogan.
  1. Simple & Straightforward

There will be a lot to say about your brand vision, achievements, products or services quality, but you need to keep your brands’ slogan simple. Go with strong but minimal & simple wording to create a perfect corporate slogan.

Writing a corporate slogan is a complicated task as you have to wrap up multiple ideas into one sentence. You may avoid using complex, double-meaning, and confusing words in the slogan. Generally, people look at a slogan not more than a second or two; Come up with a simple & easy to digest corporate slogan that can convey the brand’s voice in a glance.

  1. Stick to your brands’ voice

Your brands’ deals in which niche? Which is the targeted community or country of your brand? You may spend enough time recognizing your brand’s voice while crafting its corporate slogan. It’s a brand voice & its targeted audience that will guide you to pick a perfect tone for your brand’s tagline, whether emotional, humorous, serious, or formal.

The tone of the corporate slogan should align with the brands’ niche & its potential client base nature. The tone of the taglines can make or break any business marketing strategy.

  1. Align with Audience

What is your targeted market? Your brand targets a specific city, community, or country, or it targets the whole world. Keep your targeted audience’s culture & sentiments in view while designing a corporate slogan.

If you’re crafting a tagline for a multinational brand, ensure to translate your crafted slogan into regional languages. You may not go with a slogan that lost its meaning while translating into the other language. Hiring an expert translator can be helpful while crafting a corporate slogan for a multinational brand. You can also craft individual slogans for varying languages to avoid sending the wrong message.

How to Design a Corporate Slogan?

How to Design a Corporate Slogan?

Final Words | How to design a corporate slogan?

A simple, concise, unique, memorable, and meaningful line to enlighten the essence of an organization’s vision & its key characteristics is referred to as a corporate slogan.

We’ve discussed the importance of a corporate slogan for a business and expert tips to design a perfect corporate slogan. You may follow the above-discussed expert tips to brainstorm & create an excellent slogan to establish your brands’ identity & boost sales.