About the single/double sided flags

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single and double sided flags

In order to help you present different display effects.

About the single/double sided flags

In order to make your information better delivered, we offer double-layered flags to double the viewing opportunity to your audience, making sure that customers see your logo and promotional information the moment they turn their heads. Double layered flags have different correct reading image on both sides so as to get your message across with 360 degree visibility and attract attention from both sides. To get it is easy, first we print out 2 reverse graphics on each layer flag, just like the image when you look at the mirror, then we sew these two layers together back to back so that we get 2 correct images on both sides. With our innovative double layered flag, you can repeatedly deliver the message and also have two different deals!

Please visit www.vancke.com to get more info about the single/double sided flags.