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custom feather flags
custom feather flags
custom feather flags
custom feather flags
custom feather flags
custom feather flags
custom feather flags
custom feather flags
custom feather flags
custom feather flags
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Custom Feather Flags

We manufacture the highest quality custom Feather/Beach Flags at the lowest prices.Our prices, quality and dedicated customer service means your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The feather flags Cheap are a great way to advertise and increase your business!

It is a unique way to attract attention to your business.  feather flags cheap, custom beach flags, custom swooper flags banners can create striking effects for indoor and outdoor displays, e.g. trade shows, shop and factory fronts, special outdoor events, exhibition booths, indoor and outdoor events, sporting events, beach advertising or anywhere you want to promote your business.

Easy to erect, position and remove. Rotates with the wind and provides attention-grabbing motion which allows the Feather Banner to withstand high winds. Easy to replace and install new banners to fit your frames.

All feather flags cheap come complete with

FREE design and artwork, with unlimited changes, and in full-color. Saves you time and money.
FREE fast delivery anywhere in world door to door Via DHL, TNT, UPS or Fedex……
No minimum order (bulk discounts available, we are wholesale feather flags).
Very strong flexible pole with reinforced connection points.
110 D knitted polyester printed feather flag using dye sublimation. Completely washable. Inks are UV protected and high-quality accessories.
Your choice of base type (iron cross base with water bag or in-ground spike).

Available custom feather flags flags sizes

Our sizes are based on the full height of the flag stand. The flags themselves are approximately 50cm shorter than the stand to keep them off the ground. Pole pockets are black for all sizes.

Accessory Product Details

Complete Set Includes 1 Custom Feather Flag, 1 Set Pole, 1 Cross Base or inground spike, 1 Carry Bag, 1 Water Bag

signage flags 8' feather flag pole kit feather flags with pole feather flags

Single-sided Print Custom Feather Flags

(1 Layer) Single-Sided flags have the 70-95% bleed on the reverse as standard. Single-Sided flags are the most common and durable flag used for outdoors use. The image on the back is seen in reverse.

signage flags feather flag pole and base church feather flags feather flags

Double-sided Print Custom Feather Flags

(3 Layer) Double-Sided flags have the option of double-sided 3 layers the design will read correctly on both sides. Double-Sided flags, this is 2 flags sewn together with a middle 100% blackout material, the image reads correctly on both sides. These flags are heavier and don’t fly as well.

feather flag banner poles

The Feather Flag Pole

Fiberglass poles are very good and flexible, High-strength aluminum poles are paired with an aluminum base section along with glass a fiber pole, which makes it easy for transportation.High-quality plastic joint makes the pole stronger. A strong plastic hook, make it easy to adjust the height of the flag.


Black Sleeve With Locking Mechanism

Easy to install - Installation can also be a huge hassle, we've developed a very strong and efficient cord lock to setup your flag in just 2 easy steps

cross base for feather flags

Cross Base

It’s suitable for hard surfaces, such as concrete or footpaths, but can also be used on grass. Weighing 3.8kg, it is very stable. In addition you also have the option of extra support using the weight of a water bag.

custom feather flags water bag

Water bag of cross base

To more securely anchor your flag, use a refillable water bag to put over the top of your cross base. This heavy plastic ring full of water adds 16 pounds of weight to secure your flag!

inground spike for custom feather flags

Ground spike

This is perfect for outdoor settings such as nature strips and sports fields. The ground spike weighs 1 kg and has a swivel as part of the fixture, therefore, your outdoor feather flags will turn with the wind.

feather flag banner carry bag

Oxford Carry Bag

This bag is very strong, so you can easily carry your flags anywhere and advertise your business. This carry bag will fit easily in the car boot or on the back seat.


Our team of designers and printers specialize in creating custom feature flag banners that represent your brand and message. We provide high-quality work from concept to final product for trade shows, events, and store displays.

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Step1. Filling out your request

Filling out your request, tell us what you want.

Step2.Reply to your inquiry includes design artwork and price

Our graphic designers are on hand to help either check the files you send over for free or lay out your design just how you want it, totally free!

Step3.Approve your proof and price

If your digital proof looks correct, please reply to the email confirming it is approved so we can get your order into production. And we will send you PayPal Invoice to pay.

Step4.Secure payment processed

As your order enters production, your payment will be processed, and an invoice will be emailed to you.

Step5.Dispatch order

We will dispatch your customized pop-up banners with free and fast shipping.

Why Buy the Custom Feather Flag Banners From

For over 12 years, we’ve provided top quality feather flags, delivered on our promises, and gone beyond expectations. Contact us to chat about your needs and reap the rewards of printed promotions, inside or out.

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No Minimum order quantity. We welcome any quantity from 1 to 1000s. All inquiries are welcome!


We print all of our products in-house, and we cut out the middleman and pass these savings on to you.


Printing is in Full Color using Digital Heat Transfer. We can definitely recreate your existing image or logo on the flag.


Pay with the world’s most popular and secure payment methods.


Built to withstand the elements, our custom products are crafted for superior longevity and resilience.


From design to delivery, we pay personalized attention every step of your customized products.

How To Setup the Feather Flag Banner?

Look at the following video to learn the steps to fold the a frame pop-up banner easily,


To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our feather flag banners:

Do you accept small order?

Yes, No matter how many quantity you need, you are welcome.

Can you do design for me?

Our team of professional designers is ready to assist you with your high-definition picture needs. We approach every project with creativity, focus, and attention to detail to provide you with the highest quality output that exceeds your expectations. Please send us your photo, and we look forward to working with you.

Do you have any warranty policy?

Yes, we will send you finished design to you for confirmation before printing and if the product has any problem because of us, we will refund the cost to you.

Can the Feather Flag Banners be used indoors and outdoors?

The feather flag Banners can be used safely both indoors and outdoors.

How long can a frequently used Feather Flag Banners last?

Portable feather flags banners can last 2-3 years if they have been properly taken down and stored in the carrying bag.

My product contains a defect or is damaged, what can be done?

If the product is damaged and / or contains manufacturing defects when you receive your order, please contact customer support send an inquiry to email:

What are feather flag banners?

Feather flag banners are a type of lightweight, durable flag that resemble the shape of a bird's feather. They're often used for advertising or promotional purposes at events, outside businesses, or at trade shows. Their unique shape makes them visually appealing and easy to notice.

How long do feather flag banners typically last?

The lifespan of a feather flag banner depends on factors like material quality, weather exposure, and how frequently they're used. Generally, with proper care and occasional use, they can last anywhere from 2 to 3 years.

Can feather flag banners withstand outdoor conditions?

Absolutely! Most feather flag banners are designed to be weather-resistant and can withstand outdoor conditions like wind, rain, and sunlight. However, in extreme weather conditions, it's advisable to take them down to prevent damage.

Are they easy to set up and take down?

Yes, they are! Feather flag banners are designed for easy assembly and disassembly. They typically come with a pole system that easily fits together and a ground stake or base for stability. You can set one up in just a few minutes without needing any special tools.

Can I customize my feather flag banner?

Definitely! Customization is one of the key attractions of feather flag banners. You can choose colors, designs, and even print custom messages or logos on them, making them perfect for branding or specific event themes.

How do I maintain and clean my feather flag banner?

Maintenance is simple. For cleaning, gently wash the fabric in cold water with mild detergent and let it air dry. Avoid harsh chemicals. Store it properly when not in use, ideally in a cool, dry place to avoid fading and wear.

What sizes do feather flag banners come in?

They come in various sizes, typically ranging from about 6 feet to over 20 feet tall. This variety allows you to choose the perfect size for your specific needs and location.

Are feather flag banners environmentally friendly?

Many manufacturers are now using eco-friendly materials for feather flags, such as recycled fabrics and sustainable inks. It's always good to check with the manufacturer about their environmental practices.

Can feather flag banners be used indoors?

Yes, they can! While they're popular outdoors, their striking appearance also makes them great for indoor use at conventions, in malls, or at indoor sports events. Just make sure you have the right base to keep them stable indoors.

Where is the best place to position my feather flag banner?

The best location is somewhere with high visibility and foot traffic. This could be near the entrance of your business, along a busy road, or at the front of an event booth. Just ensure it doesn't obstruct pathways or become a safety hazard.

Is it difficult to transport feather flag banners?

Not at all! One of the great things about feather flag banners is their portability. They can be easily dismantled, and most come with a carrying bag, making them convenient to transport to different locations or events.

How do I choose the right base for my feather flag banner?

The choice of base depends on where you plan to use the banner. Ground stakes are great for soft surfaces like grass, while cross bases or water-filled bases are better for hard surfaces like concrete.

How do I choose the right base for my feather flag banner?

The choice of base depends on where you plan to use the banner. Ground stakes are great for soft surfaces like grass, while cross bases or water-filled bases are better for hard surfaces like concrete.


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