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Artwork Requirements

Explore this page to find out how to send your artwork, what files we prefer, or if you want further information on artwork.

Explore this page to find out how to send your artwork, what files we prefer, and if you are still not sure — send us your artwork file and we will convert your logos and images for FREE on your custom made flags and banners!

We are able to convert any artwork you may have into vector file formats. Sign companies, media companies, and graphic artists all know that vector files are the best file format for printing.

To guarantee your satisfaction, we will help convert your art to vector files absolutely free of charge when you order your custom flags from us!

If possible, please send us any of these file types:

Adobe Illustrator files:

EPS (vector)
AI ( vector)
PDF (vector)
Make sure that all of the text is converted before sending.

Jpeg high res files 300dpi
Photo images 500kb or larger
Do you want to send in your own original artwork? No problem! Contact us via email:

What is a vector image?

Vector images can be created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Coral Draw (.cdr)

These formats are preferred since they are easily scalable. Vector-based images are also resolution-independent, which allows us to increase or decrease the size of the images as needed without sacrificing the quality of the image.

This guarantees that the lines will remain crisp and sharp, both on screen and on the final printed form.

If you want your flag to be screen printed, we will need to film cut each color of the flag. This is why it is important that a vector file is used.

However, if you just want a flag that has gradient colors and fade and it needs our dye sublimation process, we can create it straight from the original file without any cutting or editing needed.

Feel free to send us your artwork before ordering if you have any questions! This will ensure that you receive the best possible price quote.