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Four Things To Optimize Custom Printed Feather Flag

Feather flags are an effective advertising medium as they garner lots of attraction as they flutter in the wind. Though the name may sound relatively new, they have been around for quite some time.

They are the lightweight banners that you usually find flapping in the breeze outside car dealerships and other similar high traffic places. They are also called flying banners or swooper or flutter flags and are much longer than they are broad. They, in fact, resemble large surfboards in the sand; the only difference is that they flutter.

Four Things To Optimize Custom Printed Feather Flag

Easy to use and store after use

It is its size, and it’s fluttering that makes custom printed feather flags so efficient and famous. They are easy to install — you can do it yourself, and come either as double or single sided banners.

They can be used indoors using its cross base and a sandbag as a weight, and even outdoors with an in-ground spike. And once you are done with your marketing, you can just dismantle the flag and pack it in its accompanying carry bag to carry to your next destination or to store away.

Besides, they can be used for multiple purposes like for advertising about any sales you are organizing, your brand or even any grand openings. They also inform passersby and potential customers about open houses and to show directions at tradeshows and exhibitions to your booth. Considering the flying banner’s versatility, affordability and compactness, custom printed feather flags are indeed the most cost-effective marketing option available today.

Who benefits from flying banners?

Well, the answer to this question is anyone who needs advertising! They are especially useful to the local businesses and small shops targeting customers from the neighborhood or passersby at a radius of a few miles.

Potential shoppers who pass by the establishment on a regular basis get attracted to and thus get to know about the business through custom printed feather flags. Besides, they are much cheaper for local and small business marketing when compared to other options like radio, television, internet ads and newspaper.

Helps with branding

The right combination of colors, images and fonts on custom printed feather flags can play an essential part in improving your business’s branding. Branding, in turn, is vital for establishing your presence in the minds of prospective and existing customers.

It’s only when customers understand your company brand that it’s likely that they will buy something from you and remember your company the next time they need your product or services.

Four Things To Optimize Custom Printed Feather Flag

How to efficiently design a feather flag

You now naturally wonder what it means to have an efficiently designed banner. Well, it’s easy as you have to follow these four simple rules while designing and customizing your flutter flag:

  1. First of all, the flag should be sufficiently sized and long enough to be seen by passersby around your establishment. It’s always better to choose contrasting colours for your banner and font as it makes your flag more attractive. Bright colours like yellows, blues and reds work best as they are stand out from a distance.
  2. Secondly, the text or image it displays should be legible from afar. It’s lively and bold signs with vibrant colours and exciting shapes that quickly attract the attention of potential customers. Any company logo or trademark should appear with your business’ name all in large, bold text with an image of your product. And keep the message as simple and to the point as possible, which people passing your location have sufficient time to read. You can’t expect them to read a paragraph of content just while passing by your establishment!
  3. Thirdly, the banner should project itself from its background or in other words; it should offer maximum visibility and readability. The chosen font should be big, easy to read and preferably have no more than ten letters in a feather flag measuring ten feet tall. The general rule of thumb for text size for ideal readable distance is 1 to 10 where a one-inch letter is visible ten feet away. It’s also crucial that you choose the right font type. Script fonts are a no-no for feather flags as they are difficult to read and understand while driving at 40+ mph. Remember, passersby have only a few seconds for to read your banner, so optimise the time by perhaps using fonts like Arial Black, Myriad Bold, Futura Bold or any easy-to-read bold font.
  4. Fourthly, they should be suitably placed. It’s better to set the feather flags at intersections, nearby streets or corners and primarily at points where there are maximum traffic and potential for visibility. If you are located somewhere busy, you could place your flag at your business entrance, atop a gas station or the entry of a business centre. Feather flags are versatile, and can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors and even in your truck! Just make sure it should not end up hidden or covered by intervening traffic or any other obstacles in a consumer’s line of vision like power lines, fences, buildings and streetlights. Besides, obstructions also fray the flag material and quickly wear them out.

These four principles and guidelines are easy to follow but effective at promoting your flag’s visibility and effectiveness. Remember that less is always better for outdoor banners. The purpose of your custom feather flags is just to inform passersby about your establishment, so keep it as minimalistic and to the point as possible. Any additional information you want to confer to customers is best done through a brochure or card.

Flying banners offer double benefits if it’s printed on both sides. You can print similar messages on both sides for maximum visibility, or you can write different words on both sides to convey more information to passerby.

Besides, you only have to make a one-time investment for your flag, and you can use it 24/7 to advertise your business. Looking at all this, it’s proven that custom printed feather flags are indeed an economical means of displaying and reinforcing your message.

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How to Make Business Stand Out With Horizontal Pop-up Banners

The advent of online and digital marketing has lead to most businesses and people adopting it for their advertising purposes. While online marketing is indeed cost-effective and helpful at promoting any business, little do they know that printed marketing does not lag far behind.

How to Make Business Stand Out With Horizontal Pop-up Banners

In fact, print marketing has progressed a lot in the past years, and you no longer have to depend only on expensive banners and brochures to get your message across. There are other various other affordable print marketing options you can use to promote your business like horizontal pop-up banners.

Print marketing adds credibility to your brand

In fact, print marketing can be much more useful than online marketing, if used and applied right. Online marketing works only when the user is online. However, print marketing like horizontal folding banners are visible by anyone and everyone around your business establishment.

Print marketing also gives much more credibility and good repute to your brand, and whatever message you plan to promote it. It shows you are serious about your marketing endeavors and plan to let everyone know about your business, and not only the computer or internet savvy.

Print media is a better advertising option if you have to advertise something that’s coming up in the vicinity shortly like competitions, trade shows and gala openings. By placing horizontal pop-up A-frames near your business or the event, you know that everyone who sees it will notice the information printed on the banner.

Benefits of horizontal pop-up banners

There are many benefits and reasons to use horizontal folding flags as your advertising medium.

• 1. It’s perfect if you have lots of travelling and marketing to do at trade shows and events in different places, cities or countries. It’s lightweight and can be folded to fit into a carry bag that comes with it to easily carry around wherever required.

• 2. It is professionally designed to promote your goods, services successfully and to convey your message to your consumers and customers.

• 3. It’s so easy to set up. The banner comes with the required pegs to secure your flag and the carry bag also doubles as the display base. So you can just stroll through exhibitions and trade shows carrying the banner in its carry bag, and set it up at your designated spot within minutes.

• 4. Horizontal folding banners are used both indoors and outdoors. You use pegs to secure it to the ground while using it outdoors at sports events, to advertise about open houses and for any outdoor activity. In case of indoor programs, you can use sand or water bag as a weight to hold down the banner placed on concrete floors.

•  5. The banners are washable, durable and weatherproof as your advertisement is printed using vibrant dye sublimated graphics. The print lasts for about 3 to 6 months even if used outdoors in the sun. Continuous outdoor exposure to the sun can lead to some fading of the print after six months’ time. So if you want to prolong the banner’s life and looks, it’s better not to leave it outdoors for too long.

• 6. It’s cost-effective as not only is it affordably priced, you can use it anywhere you want, and as many times needed. There’s no need of even hiring people to set it up as you can do it in minutes. And the same banner can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising for any event.

• 7. Horizontal pop-up banners use minimal space. So it easily fits in anywhere you need to promote or advertise your business or event. With space costing money at trade shows, there’s no worry of the banner taking up too much of your valuable advertising space. You can also use it to direct customers and consumers to your stall or booths.

• 8. Last but not least, these horizontal pop-up banners are visible from quite a distance. As long as you set it up in the right place, and perhaps elevate it if needed, you know your attractively designed banner is visible from a distance.

How to get the most out of your horizontal pop-up banners?

  • 1. Make sure the message printed on the flag is short and concise as not many people have the patience to read too much text. Besides, too many words dull the banner.
  • 2. Use bright colors for your logo and other graphics as they are much better at capturing the public’s attention. Use only one font as too many types of fonts make the message look unprofessional and confusing.
  • 3. Don’t forget to include your contact information on the banner, especially if you are a sponsor of an event or if used at conferences and trade shows. You also have to mention the benefits and reasons for people to buy your products or use your services.
  • 4. It’s always better if the pop-A frame print is as simple as possible and have abundant blank, white space. Not only does it assure that your graphics and text stand out well, but it also makes your brand look modern.
  • 5. While print media offers effective advertisement for your business, it’s always better to coordinate the logo and messages with any online marketing methods you use. And if you have a QR code, printing it on your banner helps drive the public to your website.
  • 6. If you are offering any promo or discount codes, don’t forget to mention them on your horizontal folding banner. The public is naturally attracted to discounts, so they give an added reason for people to read your message, and do business with you!
  • 7. Last but not least, if you still have some space left on the banner, then you could try squeezing in some short, spunky customer testimonials. It adds some weight and credibility to your brand.

Once your horizontal pop-up A-frame banner is printed, you only have to make sure they are placed strategically where they are most likely to be seen by the public. This is especially important if you are using them to direct consumers to your stall or booth at trade shows, conferences or sports events. This done, you will be pleased with all the publicity horizontal pop-up banners can garner to your business!

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Custom Teardrop Flag—A Promotional Tool

Wondering what teardrop flags really are? Well, teardrop flags are unique, tear-drop shaped flags that can be used to advertise an event or business both indoors and outdoors. Available in six different shapes and sizes, these teardrop flags are attached to a floor base, a heavy cross base, wall base, a car tire base and a standard 4- leg cross base. When placed strategically in places, teardrop flags with their contrasting bright colors and clever designs attract attention and can outshine all other advertising media. What’s more, teardrop flags can be customized. Custom teardrop flags are versatile and are promoting businesses, including boutiques, restaurants, and car dealership. Additionally, apart from using them at different events such as tournaments concerts, weddings, flea markets or outline booth places, they can also be used in trade shows, advertise sales or to welcome clients. To know more the different scenarios for using these teardrop flags, read this interesting guide listed below.

Custom Teardrop Flag—A Promotional Tool

Different scenarios for using teardrop flags

1. Custom Teardrop flags for Business Grand Opening

All those business owners who are starting out their new venture and are looking for a way to promote their new business, using teardrop flags would be the best option. The unique shape of the flags coupled with eye-catching attractive and contrasting colors used in the message can help you let as many people know about your business and in the process generate maximum business sales. In addition, the affordable price of these flags helps you advertise about the grand opening without actually burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Open house Teardrop flags

Open house teardrop flags or welcome pennants are a great advertising tool for property owners who are looking to display their homes or promote their properties in a tight real estate market. They can also be used for promoting new homes available for auctions, sale or rent. In addition, brokers who want to sell or lease commercial properties can also use open house teardrop flags to attract the attention of prospective buyers. Although not as big as street banners, these flying banners have enough space to print a simple attractive design to lure visitors to your open house. The tall height of these promotional teardrop flags (8 feet or more) coupled with the bright colored messages printed on them not only helps people’s attention from far but also helps create a welcoming atmosphere for prospective clients. Additionally, since these flags are lightweight and are portable designed, they can be carried and used at different properties as well as placed strategically across the property for a more noticeable and attractive presentation.

Custom Teardrop Flag—A Promotional Tool

3. Political campaign teardrop flags

A political involves using a lot of your time, effort and money. While you may not be able to do much to save your time and hard work, efforts can be made to make your advertising more economical by using low-cost teardrop flags. Using custom political teardrop flags can help you spread your message and create an intense impact the masses. These flags that are utilized in the political campaign helps provide the masses information regarding the candidates who are participating in the elections. Placing these flags at important and centric places as well as in those places where people come to cast their votes can help you get a high number of votes from your loyal supporters.

4. Running Race teardrop flags

Looking to advertise a running race event without having to spend much? – get custom teardrop flags. Double-sided teardrop flags, when placed at registrations booths, water and first and, start or finish lines or at points that can lead the crowd or participants across the race cross, will not only helps you advertise about your sports event, but also enlighten people about how and where they have to register for it. Outdoor teardrop flags whether used for advertising a 1 km, 5 km, relay race or a marathon race is safe to be used in the open. The stretchable material that provides a long-lasting display coupled with the water-resistant digital print nod flexibility of these flags makes them a perfect advertising tool for those looking to promote a sports event outdoors.

Custom TeardropA Promotional Tool Flags--

5.Teardrop Flags for Trade Show or any Event

Using teardrop banners at exhibitions, trade shows, an indoor or outdoor event is a creative way of advertising your show or event that will help get an edge over your competitors. Using the flag’s ground spike or sandbags and X base to set these promotional tear flags, these flags are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. Advertising your event or trade show using tall and attractive custom teardrop flags will help draw people attention irrespective of the time or weather conditions, helping increase your business sales.

6. School event Teardrop Flags

Flags and banners are an economical way of improving visual communication on a school or college campus, build enrollment, announce events or seminars and protect students. Teardrop banners can be used for various occasions in schools. While they are used for welcoming students, promoting athlete teams or advertising events (school concerts, dances or graduations); they can also be helpful in directing parents or children across a large school or college campuses.

7. Church and praise teardrop flags

Using teardrops flags for advertising special church events can be quite useful in helping you communicate and advertise occasions celebrated in your church like Baptism, Easter, Lent, Christmas, First communion or Ash Wednesday. Using these flags will inform youth, kids, and adults about church events and have them go to the church. Moreover, since these flags are reusable, they can be stored conveniently to be used year after year.


Using custom teardrop flags are one of the best ways to display and promote your business. These flying banners which are particularly affordable, attractive, and easy to position erect and remove tend to rotate with the wind, attracting the attention of most people. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, these flags are a worthwhile investment that can help take your business to the next level.

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How Promotional Feather Flags Make Life Easier for Marketers

Life as a marketing executive is not easy. The successful branding of your company lies in your hands. You need to let as many people know about your business and the product or services it offers. And you have to stick to a budget and get the world around as quickly as possible, wasting as little time as possible.

This is when you need to consider implementing a cost-effective marketing strategy for your business, like promotional feather flags. Yes, these feather flags are indeed an excellent means of displaying your company’s advertisement in the most appropriate manner possible with cost-cutting benefits.

custom feather flag banners


Easy to set up and dismantle

It’s a cost cutting marketing option as you can print whatever you want onto the flags and carries and uses them wherever needed. Moving them about is also not a problem as these banners are lightweight and can be dismantled and packed into their carrier bag.

The flags are on their own very attractive and lively when they rotate and flutter in the wind, thus garnering more attention. The colors and flutter will make anyone take a second look at the flag to find out what’s written on it.

The flags are made using durable polyester that’s stretched across a framework structured like a feather, which is why it’s named a feather flag. The material is spread taut across the frame and does not tear even when it’s windy. Besides, it’s waterproof, and the ink used for printing the advertisement is also UV resistant. So there’s no worry about the ink fading, unless left in the sunlight for months.

Indoor and outdoor advertisement

These promotional feather flags can be used to advertise about your company both indoors and outdoors. They are quickly put up and remove that even you can do it without hiring and spend more money having people set up the flags for you. You can in fact also just replace and install new banners to fit the frames if you are advertising for a different product or event.

The flags have great, flexible fiberglass poles with an aluminum base section which are all easy to transport from one venue to another. They have durable plastic hooks to adjust the flag height, and you can choose between printing only on one side or both sides of the feather flag for maximum visibility.

Anchoring options

The flag can be anchored to the floor both indoors and outdoors with a cross base weighing a few kilos and if needed, the support of an additional sandbag. Most promotional feather flags come with a ground spike that’s perfect for setting up the flag outdoors. It weighs only a kg, and with a swivel part of the fixture, it turns well with the wind.

And if you want something to advertise about your company or products on your company vehicles, you can also consider getting an additional car base with the flag. They are placed under a wheel while the swivel at the top ensures the flag rotates freely with the wind.

All this comes with a carry bag for you to conveniently carry around from one venue to another without having to lug anything around. All you need do is dismantle and pack the different flag parts with its base into the bag, and toss it into the back seat or boot of your car and carry it around.

How promotional feather flags make life easier for marketers

Possible uses for promotional feather flags

Now if you are interested in this marketing option, you may next wonder which scenarios you can use these banners to advertise about your company.

Trade shows and exhibitions

You can use these feather flags to showcase your company’s products and service, or if you have something new to introduce to the market. You can also spend a little more and perhaps create a few flags with directions for customers to reach your trade show booth.


There’s no point in just setting up a booth if people don’t know about you. So why not have a few smaller promotional feather flags printed with arrows and your company name so that customers can quickly locate your booth. There is a higher chance of people investing in your product or services when they get attracted to your company because of your flag.

Outside and around ATMs

These flags are also helpful if you are part of a bank, and have ATMs you need to advertise. You can place them outside or around ATMs with the words “ATM” inside so that your customers will get to know about them.

Open house

Then again, if you are the marketing executive of a real estate company, you can use these promotional feather flags to not only advertise about available real estate but also market about open houses. You can also provide brief details about the properties, which will let customers know if they should attend the open house or not.

open house feather flags

Grand opening

It goes without saying that these flags can also be used to advertise about the grand opening of your new branch or a new product you will be launching. Remember, these flags are much cheaper and more efficient at attracting customers than banners and television or newspaper advertisements. Besides, they are long lasting as you can always bring in the flags at night so that there are minimal chances of them getting stolen in your absence.

Sporting events

And if your company has sponsored some sports events like races, you can use the flags to let people know that your business supports sports and are a health conscious company. The flags also let people know that you support sportspeople and their endeavors to do the best for their clubs and countries.

sport feather flag

Outside establishments

You can also use feather flags outside your institution to lure customers. As the flags are easily visible from afar, placing them outside your institution lets people know about your company, making it much easier for them to reach you.

So you see, instead of spending lots of company money on advertisement, why not propose using cost-effective promotional feather flags? You can achieve much more by paying much less than you would have for traditional marketing options.

Just make sure you have your feather flags printed and ordered from a reputable printing company like These companies use the best fabrics, materials and colors for the flags, which are essential to ensure the flags last, are as long-lasting as they should be. And you will soon find life to be much more comfortable as a marketer!

6 Effective Ways to Use Pop-up A-Frame Banner

6 Effective Ways to Use Pop-up A-Frame Banner

Travelling to the next convention or trade show with all your advertising displays is not only frustrating but expensive too. You have to pay additional freight charges just to ship your stand from one exhibit spot to another.


6 Effective Ways to Use Pop-up A-Frame Banner

And then once you reach the place, you have to struggle to carry your display to the booth space. However, this is now all a thing of the past, thanks to pop-up A-frame banner displays. These banners are easily transported from one venue to another in their accompanying carrying case, without paying extra shipping charges.

How pop-up A-frames work?

These pop-up A-frames banners, in fact, give a modern twist to traditional banners. They comprise of two rigid panels of waterproof, polyester fabric showcasing your image, message or logo.

The two panels are connected at the top to look like the letter A and have feet at the bottom. You just have to pull the two boards apart and set onto the ground. And as the panels are connected on the sides and bottom, there’s no worry about the banner falling flat.

The banners are available in three shapes- round, horizontal and vertical and come in various sizes. You can choose to have the same message and graphics printed on both panels, or have a different message for each side, at no extra cost. CUSTOM POP UP A-FRAMES Instead of relying on a metal stand, our pop up A-frames literally pop up and hold their own shape. They are extremely portable, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. #outdoor pop up a-frame sideline banner #pop up sideline banners #a-frame banner stand #sideline a frame signs #popup a frame camper #a frame banner display #outdoor pop up banner #horizontal pop up banners

Benefits of pop-up A-frame banner displays

The advantage of these banner displays is that they can be twisted and folded into a flat circle to fit into its carrying bag, and conveniently carried around. As the banner displays are lightweight and portable, weighing about four to seven pounds, even women and children can easily haul it around.

Setting it up is also a cinch as you just have to twist it, and it pops to full size in a matter of seconds, to use at your promotional event. It’s also easily stored in its accompanying bag, to be used as and when required.

These banner displays are long lasting as it’s message is printed using dye sublimation. So your message’s vibrant colours become part of the fabric, where there’s no risk of it getting scratched or washed off. In case the banner does get dirty, it just has to be washed with water and let to dry before folding and storing it.

Lastly, these banners can be used to promote your brand at both indoor and outdoor events. And you don’t even need any tools or professionals to set up the display. The banner display comes with pegs which you use to hold the banner down if used outdoors. And in case you use it indoors on concrete floors, you have to use sand or water weight bags to hold them down.

Different scenarios where you can use pop-up A-frame banner displays

Instead of asking where and when you can use pop-up A-frame banner displays, a more relevant question is asking where you can’t use them! These banners are so versatile in application; that you can carry them with you, and use them anywhere, you want, for whatever reason.

Some typical scenarios where you can use them are:

  • At the beach

As these banners are of polyester and dye sublimated prints, there’s no fear of the flags tearing due to the wind. Besides, the graphics are waterproof and UV protected and last for anywhere between 3 and six months outdoors.

The pegs that come with the banner display also help in securing the exhibit down even in windy beach conditions. So you can market your brand at the beach festival, during beach volleyball matches or even during other beach activities.

6 Effective Ways to Use Pop-up A-Frame Banner

  • Sporting events

Once done at the beach, you can use the same banner displays at any other indoor or outdoor sports events like golf tournaments, gymnastics meets, skiing and snowboarding competitions and field hockey. While the banner displays are put up similarly in any outdoor venue, they can be secured on concrete indoor floors with the help of water or sand weights. You can safely place these pop-up A-frame banner displays as close to the sporting action as possible, where you think they are the most visible.

The flexible frames are not dangerous at all in case competitors or spectators even land directly on them. At the most, the banner display will just collapse, but will also spring back to shape practically immediately.

  • As directional signage at trade shows

Not only are pop-up A-frame banner displays useful marketing material, but they can also be strategically placed in trade shows and events as directional signs. They can direct delegates and participants to the registration booth, let them know who their competitors are and can also be used as a custom background for their trade show space.

  • Social events

Pop-up A-frame banner displays are also ideal for advertising about your business at social events like fundraisers, college fairs and special events where you need a banner that can be quickly and easily set up.

You can use the same banner for all events as they are quick to set up, taken down and carried from one spot to another. In short, these banner displays are just what you want for a successful marketing campaign without the burden of carrying a huge banner with a huge price tag around.

  • Restaurants or retail stores

A-frame banner displays are also useful for advertising about your newly opened restaurant or shop during the day. While you had no option but to leave traditional banners outdoors through the night, to fall prey to vandalism, you can quickly fold and carry pop-up A-frame banners inside at night, or during freezing weather. You can thus prolong the banner’s life and also protect it from any possible damage or theft.

  • Barriers and for taking photographs

Did you know that you can also use pop-up A-frame banner displays as barriers like at soccer fields? When placed around the track, these banners double as a barrier and as a safe marketing tool for your brand. And if you sponsor a match, your display can also be used for taking team photographs with the winning teams posing around it!

With so many uses and applications for pop-up A-frame banner displays, it’s no wonder it’s grown into a trendy and effective marketing tool today!

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How Open House Teardrop Flags Can Attract Customers To Your Property

You are organizing an open house event or activity, and wonder how to effectively attract as many prospective customers to the venue as possible, right? While pamphlets were once the only viable option available, open house tear drop flags or flying banners are today much more efficient for pulling in visitors to your open house venue.

What are teardrop flags?

If you wonder what these teardrop banners are, they are unique, tear-drop shaped flags that are used for both indoor and outdoor advertisement. They are mainly famous to use at open houses or any other outdoor use as their rigid flag material and design can easily withstand the wind and other outdoor hash elements. Flying banners are custom designed, inexpensive and are a useful marketing tool to be placed outside for any passer-by to see.

These flags come with various bases ranging from simple ground spikes that can be quickly set up on grass, and X-bases that have sandbags used as a weight, for indoor use. These flags may not be as big as street banners, but there is enough space on them to print a simple, attractively colored design that will pull visitors to your open house.

what is the teardrop flag banner

Teardrop banners usually have a bright background colour like red, blue or orange, with contrasting coloured text printed on it. This helps create an attractive outdoor flag that will outshine all the other advertising media.

They are lightweight, water resistant and stretchable to be quickly pulled taught over the flagpoles. Once the flag is installed on the pole, a cord connecting it to the pole ensures the flying banner does not blow off.

Five Benefits of Using Teardrop Banners

  1. As mentioned above, one significant advantage of these flags is that it can withstand windy weather, so there is no worry about the flag tearing because of the force of the wind. They are perfect for outdoor use as they are not only made using water-resistant materials, but colours do not run if it rains because of it’s digitally printed text and designs.
  2. Another benefit is that they come in various sizes and designs, which makes it convenient to use them to promote any occasion or event. The flags are generally between 2-5 meters tall once fit onto the pole.
  3. Their being interchangeable and versatile in function is another benefit worth mentioning. This means that you can use them to display different flags for different occasions or reasons using the same pole, as and when required.
  4. Flying banners are also relatively inexpensive, especially if compared to other available advertising signage options. So they make a compelling advertisement option when you are on a tight budget. Just make sure you buy your flag from a reputed dealer printing and providing quality flags like
  5. Portability is another benefit of these flags. Their pole can be broken into various sections to comfortably fit into a bag which you can throw into the back seat of your car or its trunk. Besides, when you order teardrop flags, they come accompanied with a carrying bag to carry the flag wherever you want. Its ground spike base easily sets up where there’s grass while you can slide your chosen banner into the pole in a matter of seconds.

Different scenarios for using flying banners

The various features and benefits of teardrop banners like Portability, Affordability, Versatility and Eye-catching Advertisement make this a possible advertising medium for multiple scenarios. Here are a few scenarios where they are best suited for:

       1. Open house teardrop flags

With property buyers having an extensive range of properties to choose and invest in today, these open house flags or welcome pennants are helpful at garnering the attention of potential clients. It helps an agent to stand out from their competitors with its bold text and attractive background that anyone in a moving car can easily see.

These flags come in various bright colours, creating a welcoming atmosphere for prospective clients. Besides, its tall height of 8 feet or more proves helpful at drawing people’s attention from afar. The flags are also portably designed, meaning the same flag can be carried and used at different properties.

The flags can be used to display homes and to promote properties in a tight real estate market. They are also popularly used by brokers selling and leasing all types of commercial properties to attract the attention of prospective buyers.

open house teardrop flag banners

Even large and small apartment buildings use the pennants to advertise about empty flats, to fill the vacancies as quickly as possible. The flags can also be used for promoting new homes available for rent or sale, model homes, and auctions.

If space permits, you can also provide additional details on the flag. However use large, vertical text in a contrasting colour scheme, so that it’s set apart from the other text. Messages you can include in the flag are notifications if the property has one or two bedrooms or if the agent is present inside.

You can place not only, but a few of these open house flags across the property mentioned in a more attractive and noticeable presentation. And as the message can be printed in different colour schemes, you can exhibit various well-integrated flags.

These flags play an important part in determining if you will be able to eventually make a sale or not. It is essential that you let prospective buyers know about a house is in the market, and these flags are perfect for grabbing the attention of house buyers.

    2. Business grand opening teardrop flag

As a new business owner about to have a grand opening, you naturally want to get the word out about your new venture. You look for something catchy, something that’s not only attractively colored but also has a unique shape.

Besides, you have already spent so much on your business, you can’t afford anything too expensive but do not want to compromise maximizing brand publicity. This is where a flying banner helps you to advertise about your grand opening.

The flag’s durable and high-quality fabric material, affordable price tag, height, attractive and contrasting colours used in the message and portability let you use the flag both outdoors and indoors to advertise about your grand opening.

As it’s a tall and attractive flag, it ensures maximum visibility. It is precisely what you want to let as many people know about your business as possible, and in the process, generate maximum business sales.

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    3. Tradeshow or any event teardrop flag

You can also use flying banners if you are a well-established business, needing something innovative to stand out from your competitors at the tradeshow, exhibition or any indoor or outdoor event.

Even after investing so much in your back wall, brochure rack and tradeshow stand, you will want something unique and attractive to stand out from your competitors. These flags can be used both at an indoor and outdoor event, using its ground spike or sandbags and X-base to set the flag up.

You will not fail in your advertisement with a teardrop banner as it’s attractively designed and tall enough to attract customers to your stall, at any event. They are especially useful for advertising because they can draw people’s attention at any point of the day, in any weather situation, to increase your business sales.

    4. Running race teardrop flags

No matter how long or what type of a race you are organizing like a 1K, 5K, half marathon or relay race, you can customize teardrop banners and use them to advertise about your competition. They are ideal to let people know about your event, and how and where they have to register for it.

You can also use the flags for directing participants and the crowd to points like the start and finish lines, water and first aid stations, registration booths and just to lead them across the race course.

They are also ideal to let people know more about the sponsors of the event as they are eye-catchers and easily attract people’s attention. They are meant, and safe to use outdoors, with its digital prints on water-resistant, stretchable material giving you a long-lasting display. And as the flags are attached to lightweight aluminum or fiberglass flagpoles, you know they are stable and flexible to carry and use where required.

    5. School event teardrop flag

Even schools have various occasions and reasons for using flying banners. They may need them for supporting student organizations, welcoming students, promoting athlete teams and for advertising fundraisers and events.

Some schools also use them to advertise about school dances, concerts, and graduations and help cities and towns show how much they support their schools. The flags can be used for not only advertising about the event, but also prove helpful at directing parents, families, and friends across a large school and college campuses.

    6. Political campaign teardrop banners

A political campaign uses lots of your time, money and efforts. While you may not be able to save on your time and efforts much, it’s possible to reduce your advertising costs by using teardrop flags to advertise about you.

These flags can be customized for any office you are running for a while creating a profound effect on the masses. You just have to place the flags at essential and centric places, especially where you expect maximum votes from your loyal supporters. You can also use the flags to direct people to where they have to exercise their ballots, without any confusion.

    7. Church and praise teardrop flags

You can also use tear drop banners to advertise for any indoor or outdoor event or occasion celebrated at your church like Lent, Ash Wednesday, Baptisms, First Communion, Easter, and Christmas.

They can also be used to inform people about youth events like Vacation Bible School and to direct people where they have to go to the church or as a backdrop for particular scriptures. These flags are also helpful at getting youth, adults, and kids together for your special church events.

They can be used for communication purposes and to advertise about your Church or Ministry to the public. And as these flags are reusable, you can use the same flag every year, after conveniently storing them in their accompanying carry bags.

How to order teardrop flags?

If you are now interested in using flying banners to advertise your business or event, placing orders is a cinch. You first have to approach a reputable customized flag printing company like where you need to provide a few quick and simple details about the flag.

You need to tell them about the logo or designs you want to be printed on it, the size of the flag, the type of base you want and of course your email id. Don’t worry if you have an idea in mind, but do not know how to put it together. There are experts here who will help turn your idea into reality for free. It’s, in fact, cheaper ordering from them as they are the actual flag manufacturers. So there are no third-party fees or marked-up prices to pay, or processing delays to worry. Once you place your order, the company takes special care to ensure that the flag is designed and produced to your satisfaction. The company uses the best materials for flags which are tailored to your exact specifications. Their teardrop banners are guaranteed to last a long time with its water-resistant materials and UV-protected inks.

The company stands by their quoted rates and prices, and has no related setup fees or hidden costs for you to worry.

To top it all, the company offers free door to door shipping via DHL or FedEx, which once again reduces the flag’s production costs.

And once you place your order, you can expect to receive your open house teardrop flag within 6 to 12 days of placing your order. And as the flags reach you finished and hemmed, you can start using them to advertise about your open house or any other event the moment you receive them.

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What is the Best Design Firm for Your Artworks?

Custom flags and designs make your business, organization, and programmes appear unique and attractive.

Ever wondered why many firms are doing better than others, the add color and beauty to their business and hence get more leads as seeing is believing. has made a name as one of the best design company to give you that wow outdoor feather flag, banners, and high-quality custom design.

pop-up a frame banner

Vancke pop-up A-frame banner

Below are some unique qualities that will make you consider working with this brilliant designers and company.


Other firms may have a limit to the orders the can work, but we can take on as big as a million designs, with the same unbeatable quality and customers’ satisfaction.

All your inquiries are welcome, and we also treat our customers like royalty because of their loyalty.

If you seek a perfect company for your bulk orders and at a given time limit then you have an ideal choice.


To Design is a concept of the mind but putting down what you have in mind or the imagery at heart will probably never going to be an easy task.

Here, our innovative design team is all out to give you the best; these are a team of professionals trained in this field hence, what you have pictured in mind will be adequately represented in an artwork.

You have an idea but don’t know how to design and, make it come alive, then carry your issue to this great designers as the will wow you leaving no stone unturned.

One of the unique qualities that differentiate us from our peers is we are passionate about what we do, and we ensure satisfaction is my watchword.


We have a strategy that saves you the extra money you may spend elsewhere. Here we all print all our products in-house, we are established, professionals and well equipped hence as real producers we save you a lot of expenses.

When products are printed in-house, we cut out the middleman, and these savings are passed down to you as a gain for working with us. The extra expenses will all be eliminated and guess! You will be happier and fulfilled.


Vancke ensures all your products will get to you free of charge, the standard lead time for delivery and printing is within 5 to 12 days. Transporting or shipping the product to you is free, no fees and our customer care ensure these get to you at the comfort of your homes.

We used the services of TNT, DHL, UPS, and FedEx to ensure your products reach your doorstep.

We also ship internationally and locally, we ensure your products get to you no matter the part of the world you live in.

feather flag

Outdoor feather flag


All our products are custom created to suit your aim and help give color to your business.

By visiting our website you will better understanding of what we offer via our custom designs. All your feather flags, banner, and others will be made only for you and your brand.

Our team of professional designers ensures you are served the best as this also builds our reputation and image. We have made debut as one of the best firms offering custom and perfect designs at the lowest rate and best possible quality.


We are fully aware of frauds and other gimmicks that ripe off hard earned money from people hence we prevent this by having a secure payment medium. You will pay with the world’s most famous and reliable methods.

This all aimed at creating a fair environment for us and our clients all over the world.

Payment gateways that are tested and trusted ensure peace of mind and perfect business environment to all our customers.


We create big or massive feather flags, teardrop flags; pop up a frame banner, beach flags, swoop flags, custom flag and etc.

You have a choice to pick a perfect design depending on your purpose, shape, dimensions, and colors and then our team of professionals handles the rest of the project, asking questions and communicating to you when necessary.
The size of the flags and banners will be reviewed, and the project won’t overwhelm you.

We ensure that your flags and banners get represented well, and you enjoy a smooth and enjoyable experience.


We ensure that the colors in the screen match with the printed colors.

It is worth to note that computer monitors display images with light and the make use of RGB, this is overly regarded as the standard, we produce products in a variety of ways and these ways don’t use light.

There is no 100 percent guarantee that the colors on the screen will look just like the color in the printed product. However, we ensure your work match jus as seen on the screen.

teardrop flags

Vancke teardrop flag


The products are seen on our web page, and the materials you purchase will unarguably be given to you; we ensure you read our site, research about the materials to avoid misunderstanding. Most customers won’t understand the product they picked until after work is done, we prevent this awkward occurrence by making sure you know what you are expected to know and what you should expect.

We also ensure you agree to check all the legal institutions responsible for rules, standards, and guides governing the types of signs, license plates and other products that are permitted for your personal use.


Without proper maintenance, even the best product will be short-lived.

The lifespan of flags depends on varying factors, this entail type of material and your weather conditions.

In general, the government expects that a polyester flag will last for at least 180 days based on daily usage but not during inclement weather.

Some precautions and this will help your flag stay longer, E.g., are don’t expose it to rain always, always keep the flags clean, repair minor problems of your flag and don’t leave your flag in water for too long as this may drain the color and make it fade.

Custom made flags are expected to last for at least two years, the better you take care of the flags the longer it will stay.

For your flag to stay longer, you need to always abide by these tips, and you can still adequately be informed by vancke on the best ways to ensure brighter and more extended lifespan of your custom flag.

In conclusion, Vancke is always there to help you as this is our profession, passion, and area of expertise.

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Outdoor Pop Up A-Frame Sideline Banner–Perfect Advertisement on the Go

Looking for a lightweight, portable and convenient advertisement to take your message on the road? Need some indoor and outdoor advertisement display medium? If yes, then the outdoor pop up A-frame sideline banner may be just what you need.

Pop-up A-frame banners are eye-catching, portable advertisement signs that come in various shapes and sizes. They are also called pop-out banners quickly set up and can be taken down within a matter of seconds.

a frame pop up banners

They are perfect to use both indoors and outdoors like on the sidelines of sporting field events like a football field, basketball or football tournaments and at gymnastics meet.

They can also be used at cross-country or track events, on golf courses, at car or trade shows, at road races, at beach events like surfing competitions and even at tourist attractions like aquariums, zoos, and museums.

What exactly is pop up A-frame sideline banners?

Well as the name suggests, these frame signs pop up and fold down in seconds using the help of twist and fold technology. It’s designed to offer maximum weather and impact resistance and is easily secured to the ground only by using its provided ground stakes. You don’t even need the help of any additional hardware or assembly.

These banners have a folding metal frame that can be collapsed to conveniently fit into a storage bag to store in between use, and for easy transportation from one venue to another in the car boot or back seat. As the frames do not present any injury risks to players or onlookers, they are ideal and safe for use both on sports events and trade shows.

a frame pop up banners

How they can help your company?

These banners can indeed promote your business as they can be customized as per your specifications. It ensures your potential customers, patrons and clients see just what you want them to see, and nothing more or less.

It is ensured by using digital printing to print high quality, customized and vibrant graphics on the banners. This form of printing practically prints your chosen graphics and text directly off the printer. It doesn’t matter if the chosen images are simple or detailed, are big or small or have simple or detailed feature solid colours or gradients, anything can be printed using digital printing. And even though you can choose and use a rainbow of colours in your printing, it’s always better to keep your audience in mind while creating your advertisement.

Remember where the outdoor popup A-frame sideline banner will be placed, and how well your customers and patrons will be able to recognize and process the small images or similar colours used in it. Like always, your target market is most receptive to simple messages as it’s easier to absorb and retain whatever information is in the message.

The images and advertisements are stitched onto the flag using T pearl stitch and double –sewing lines for extra durability and function. The flag is then finished with a thick, black canvas pole sleeve and have pegs that keep the display secured to the ground even in windy conditions. The sturdy carrying bag that comes with the banner can also used as the display base, which is held in place using pegs.


Well designed for outdoor use

Though lightweight in design, these flags are well designed to provide durable and continuous advertisement outdoors. They stand up well outside with its robust base framework made of flexible fibreglass poles.

Some of them have its graphic portion crafted using semi-permeable mesh polyester fabric that allows a slight wind passage through the flags. This, in turn, ensures the flag doesn’t blow over in windy conditions.

Each A-frame comes with galvanized steel stakes stuck through metal rings used for securing the signs to the ground when placed on soft surfaces like sand, snow, grass or soil. In case of harder surfaces like concrete, pavement or artificial turf, it’s better to place a water base or sandbag across the distancing straps for added weight and security.

Besides, as pop up A-frame banners are digitally printed using dye sublimation process, the inks and the flag are UV protected and completely washable. It’s because the 250D polyester banner is washable, durable and weatherproof that it’s ideal to use in both an indoor and outdoor environment.

These graphics last for as long as 3 to 6 months in the sun before it starts fading. This is why it’s better to keep the banners indoors when not used for advertising to prolong its looks and life.


Perfect for regular use in different venues

Pop up A-frame banner sideline banners are ideal for transporting from one place to another as they are compact and light in size. This makes it suitable for you to transport and use them at different exhibitions, trade shows, sports events and other venues as and where required. And as the banners come with their carry bags, all you have to do is take down the flag, pack it into the bag and either carry by hand or throw into your car boot or back seat.

Besides, with space being a primary constraint for advertisement, you can save lots of money using pop-up banners as they require little space to advertise your product or services. It uses minimum space to generate maximum sales of your product or services as they are narrow and high and thus don’t need too much of floor space to create a significant impact on your business.

pop up a frame banner

Much better option

It goes without saying that outdoor pop up A-frame banners are indeed effective at quickly and efficiently catching the passerby attention. They are a more reasonably priced option when compared to than other standard advertisement options used in trade shows like retractable stands, multi-panel fabric pop-ups, and ceiling-mount graphics and are much more difficult to deal with. Besides as these banners make an excellent choice at trade show exhibitions as they are light and portable, and no matter if you like it or not, you will have to make multiple trips in and out of a venue or hall.

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How Teardrop Flag Cheap Help Save Advertisement Costs

Competition is fierce nowadays as everyone wants success in their respective niche markets. It’s left to you as a business entrepreneur to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed too, using the right marketing tactics. The problem is that there are so many options available, and you need to find seeming that fits your budget.

CUSTOM TEARDROP FLAG BANNERS We manufacture the highest quality custom flags at the lowest prices. Our prices, quality, and dedicated customer service means your satisfaction is guaranteed. teardrop banner stands, teardrop banner template, double sided teardrop flags, teardrop flags cheap, straight flags, teardrop banner template pdf, teardrop banners wholesale, teardrop banner sizes,

You may find your answer in teardrop flags, which is today one of the best marketing options for any company. As the name suggests, these flags are shaped like a teardrop and come in different sizes. They are also known as flying banners and teardrop banners and come with a base that supports and prevents it from falling due to heavy winds. Most flags have different bases to use in various places like indoors, outdoors and on vehicles.

Teardrop flag cheap can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are made using a durable material to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. They are designed to move in the wind’s direction, so there’s no worry of the flag tearing or collapsing due to windy weather.

They come in various sizes, so it’s left to you to choose the right size befitting your customized advertising message or graphics. Don’t worry, if you can’t think of the perfect words or graphics to print onto the flag, most flag printers have their own in-house graphic design team and artists who will help you out.

Different teardrop banner parts

You needn’t worry about setting up the flag at any trade show or event you take and use for marketing reasons. These flags are easy to erect, position and remove as needed. A typical flying banner set comes in a carry bag and comprises of the flag, its flagpole and a cross base, ground spike and car base, to choose and use based on where you plan to place the flag.

While fibreglass poles are flexible, teardrop flagpoles are a combination of high-strength aluminium poles and a base with a fibreglass pole. The pole is made even stronger with high-quality plastic joints while the flag height can be adjusted using its strong plastic hook.

Though the cross base is best for hard surfaces like concrete, footpaths, convention halls or frozen ground, it can also be used on grass. It’s very stable and if you need added support, just use the weight of a water bag! The ground spike is perfect for outdoor use like on nature strips, sports fields and anywhere with sand and grass.

It has a swivel to ensure the teardrop flag cheap swivels with the wind. The bar base is useful for placing the flag on any vehicle. It’s placed under a wheel, and the pivot at the top lets the teardrop banner rotate with the wind. A solid oxford carry bag carries all this part so that you can take the flag to use for marketing purposes. It also comfortably fits into a car boot or back seat.

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Waterproof and sun resistant material

As flying banners are usually used outdoors, they are made of waterproof and sun resilient material. Thus the material and flag do not wear out with continuous exposure to harsh external conditions.

For better effects, the flags should be printed with good quality content to ensure the flag serves your company for years to come. It is always better to buy your teardrop banners from businesses who are experts at their work. They will not only tailor your flag to your specifications but also use UV-protection ink for a long-lasting rich and vibrant look.

A more affordable and practical marketing option

They are an affordable marketing option that effectively grabs the attention of potential customers for all industries. Unlike billboards that remain in the same area all the time, vinyl banners that get nailed to walls and huge sidewalk signs that are difficult to carry along with you, flying banners are portable. So you can use the same flag at any fair, event or business venue.

These flying banners are more efficient at bringing in customers than handing out pamphlets or other advertising messages. Teardrop flags are large and attractive in design, captivating a consumer’s attention from wherever they are.

Teardrop banners offer the added benefit of your choosing between a single-sided or double-sided flag. In case of a single side model, your marketing message is printed on one side, with reverse images mirrored onto the other side.

In case of a double-sided model, it’s possible to print both sides with advertising content. There’s usually some block out material that makes the artwork visible from both sides. It is quite apparent that the cost of double-sided flags is a bit more expensive than single-sided banners.

How teardrop flag cheap reduce marketing expenses

Teardrop banners help save on your advertisement cost as they are cheaper than a billboard and more efficient than mass mailings at reaching your niche customers. It’s always better to pay for advertisement that reaches the right audience.

So instead of distributing pamphlets, you get a better response if you place your teardrop flag cheap in front of your storefront. It attracts potential customers with a better chance of doing business from you, which means you save on your advertisement costs while receiving a quick return on investment.

It also offers cheap advertisement as it’s versatile enough for you to carry, and use the same flag at as many places and venues as you like. Just take your flag in your bag, and set it up at your new venue!
No matter if it’s a sporting event, trade show, outdoor car show, a cook-off, or even if it’s used at the beach, ski trail or some other outdoor, windy place, the teardrop flag cheap does justice as an advertising medium.

Besides, the flag is long-lasting and can withstand wind, rain, hail, snow and practically any weather condition. Of course, as severe weather conditions only wear out the banner soon, it’s always better to take it indoors to prolong its life.

signage flags feather flag stand cheap feather flags with pole feather flags

What Are The Benefits Of Using Feather Flags For Sports Meeting

Marketing plays an integral part in the growth of a company but its costs can be a big burden, especially to growing small and medium companies. But did you know that there is now a low cost marketing option available, called feather flags? In fact, many consider this a one-time advertising solution for companies which can be easily set up anywhere, even in popular sports meetings.

 Feather flag nation-Benefits of using feather flags for sports meeting

What are feather flags?

If you wonder what a feather flag is, don’t think it’s a flag filled with feathers! It’s named so because of its feather like structure, and are also called swooper flags. They are anywhere between 10 ft to 20 ft tall and most businesses buy 100{532a8ac8cc70d3ec7067ac2231499a7a0585d6f34cb9afe746ad74297ad02b48} polyester 13 ft or 17 ft tall single or double sided flags.

As the name suggests, single sided feather flags have mirrored prints 90-96{532a8ac8cc70d3ec7067ac2231499a7a0585d6f34cb9afe746ad74297ad02b48} visible on the reverse side. In case of double sided flags, middle blockout material makes the correct artwork visible on both sides.
The flag is attached to a flexible and strong aluminium pole with an aluminium base. High-quality plastic joints make the pole stronger while a single plastic hook simplifies the flag height adjustment.

We, a feather flag nation offers two types of bases to choose from based on the sports meet venue. The cross base is a better choice if its’ an indoor meet, where the flag is placed on hard surfaces like concrete or footpaths and even on grass. Though it’s rather heavy, and stable in structure, you can use a water bag for extra support if needed.

In-ground spikes are better for the outdoor meets on sports fields and nature strips. These spikes weigh about a kg and come with a swivel which helps the flag remain stable and flow with the wind.

 Feather flag nation-Benefits of using feather flags for sports meeting

Whatever type of flag you choose for your sports meeting, we feather flag nation usually pack them in Oxford carry bags which easily fit into the car boot or back seat. These bags are strong enough to carry and use the flags anywhere you need to advertise your business.

In other words, once the sports meeting is over, you just have to pack the flag into the bag, and use it at another event or location. It’s because feather flags offer a onetime investment, and offer these 4 benefits, that many businesses consider it their ideal portable promotion tool.

1. Affordably priced

Swooper flags fit anyone’s marketing budget as they are cheap to produce or design. In fact, they are rather economically priced and will save on your advertising costs.

2. Guaranteed success

If you always thought that the common promotional mediums like TV, newspaper and radio advertisements were the best media to convey your marketing and advertising message, you are wrong.
Feather flags are a much better and successful marketing option for displaying displays at sports meetings. They offer an affordable and cost effective means of conveying your marketing message, and lure customers and shoppers.

No matter if you want to inform your target audience about your new services or product, fluttering swooper flags give you maximum visibility as they easily capture your audience’s attention. It’s up to you to decide what you plan to print on the flat like your company logo, brand’s tagline or the name of your new product or services.

3. Portable

There’s no headache in carrying your feather flags to sports meeting as they are lightweight and portable. So you save money you’d otherwise have spent hiring extra people to do all this for you.

4. Reusable

You can use your feather flags as many times as you want. So once the sports meeting is done, you just have to take down the flag, pack it up and use them the next time you need to promote your brand and company like at another trade show.

How to maximize your flag’s effects

Now you know the benefits of a feather flag nation, it’s important you know how to maximize the effects of your flags. This is possible and achievable if your flags are printed by a competent and reputable printing organization.

Remember, though swooper flags are rather small in size when compared to other advertising media like billboards, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about how and what is printed on it.
It’s only if you choose and place your flags right will they provide maximum exposure and visibility for your business.

• Designing your swooper flag

Your flag artwork isn’t something to be taken lightly because though it’s easy to create artwork using jpg files on the computer; it’s not that easy converting them into printable images for flags.

The artwork should be something with a high resolution, and preferably in vector format. While it’s possible to create original vector format files using Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, it doesn’t involve just placing jpg files into Photoshop. There’s more involved, which is why it’s better left to a feather flag nation like us.

• Plan ahead

The last thing you want happening is not having your flag ready for the sports meet. This is best avoided by ordering your display at least a month in advance. You never know. There’s so much that may happen to delay your project by a month, especially if you are a novice at art. You may need some extra time to finally choose, and decide on the perfect high resolution artwork you want displayed on your feather flags.

• Proper placement

Now you have your feather flags ready for the sports meet, you need to know where to place them for maximum effectiveness. They attract the best attention if placed on the outskirts of a display.
However its better if you use trial and error by setting up your swooper flags early. You can find out how they look best in different positions and how they are seen from different parts of the sports meet venue.

• Evergreen flags

It’s important to remember that if you plan to use the feather flags again after the sports meet, that it’s printed with evergreen designs and content, usable a few times. So maintain a consistent and evergreen logo, design and message which can be used for years to come.

These tips and benefits can help you choose the perfect feather flag to use at this, and many more sports meets to come. We are a feather flag nation and a master in this field who will help you choose the perfect design and message to print on your flags for maximum visibility and effectiveness.