what is the double sided feather flags?

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double sided feather flags

Advertisements or Commercial flags, also known as feather flags, are accessible single or double sided. This includes wrapped bearing system permits the flag to rotate 360 degrees – guaranteeing your message will always be on demonstration!

Double sided feather flags are in fact 2 flags stitched together with a block out middle. This lets both the front and back of the flag to be clear readable, exciting and vibrant. When scheming a double sided flag, you can have the identical image on both sides of the flag, or you can pick to have a totally different design. Double sided flags can be very adaptable in this technique. However, the price quote of double sided feather flags is somewhat higher than a single sided flag because of the additional work that goes into its construction.

Double sided feather flags are great possibilities for indoor or outdoor advertising. Double sided flags incline to be the more widespread option because both sides are effortlessly perceptible and have further printed area. It all depends on your financial plan, aesthetic and artistic. Any modified feather flag is a great flag!

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