How Open House Teardrop Flags Can Attract Customers To Your Property

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You are organizing an open house event or activity, and wonder how to effectively attract as many prospective customers to the venue as possible, right? While pamphlets were once the only viable option available, open house tear drop flags or flying banners are today much more efficient for pulling in visitors to your open house venue.

What are teardrop flags?

If you wonder what these teardrop banners are, they are unique, tear-drop shaped flags that are used for both indoor and outdoor advertisement. They are mainly famous to use at open houses or any other outdoor use as their rigid flag material and design can easily withstand the wind and other outdoor hash elements. Flying banners are custom designed, inexpensive and are a useful marketing tool to be placed outside for any passer-by to see.

These flags come with various bases ranging from simple ground spikes that can be quickly set up on grass, and X-bases that have sandbags used as a weight, for indoor use. These flags may not be as big as street banners, but there is enough space on them to print a simple, attractively colored design that will pull visitors to your open house.

what is the teardrop flag banner

Teardrop banners usually have a bright background colour like red, blue or orange, with contrasting coloured text printed on it. This helps create an attractive outdoor flag that will outshine all the other advertising media.

They are lightweight, water resistant and stretchable to be quickly pulled taught over the flagpoles. Once the flag is installed on the pole, a cord connecting it to the pole ensures the flying banner does not blow off.

Five Benefits of Using Teardrop Banners

  1. As mentioned above, one significant advantage of these flags is that it can withstand windy weather, so there is no worry about the flag tearing because of the force of the wind. They are perfect for outdoor use as they are not only made using water-resistant materials, but colours do not run if it rains because of it’s digitally printed text and designs.
  2. Another benefit is that they come in various sizes and designs, which makes it convenient to use them to promote any occasion or event. The flags are generally between 2-5 meters tall once fit onto the pole.
  3. Their being interchangeable and versatile in function is another benefit worth mentioning. This means that you can use them to display different flags for different occasions or reasons using the same pole, as and when required.
  4. Flying banners are also relatively inexpensive, especially if compared to other available advertising signage options. So they make a compelling advertisement option when you are on a tight budget. Just make sure you buy your flag from a reputed dealer printing and providing quality flags like
  5. Portability is another benefit of these flags. Their pole can be broken into various sections to comfortably fit into a bag which you can throw into the back seat of your car or its trunk. Besides, when you order teardrop flags, they come accompanied with a carrying bag to carry the flag wherever you want. Its ground spike base easily sets up where there’s grass while you can slide your chosen banner into the pole in a matter of seconds.

Different scenarios for using flying banners

The various features and benefits of teardrop banners like Portability, Affordability, Versatility and Eye-catching Advertisement make this a possible advertising medium for multiple scenarios. Here are a few scenarios where they are best suited for:

       1. Open house teardrop flags

With property buyers having an extensive range of properties to choose and invest in today, these open house flags or welcome pennants are helpful at garnering the attention of potential clients. It helps an agent to stand out from their competitors with its bold text and attractive background that anyone in a moving car can easily see.

These flags come in various bright colours, creating a welcoming atmosphere for prospective clients. Besides, its tall height of 8 feet or more proves helpful at drawing people’s attention from afar. The flags are also portably designed, meaning the same flag can be carried and used at different properties.

The flags can be used to display homes and to promote properties in a tight real estate market. They are also popularly used by brokers selling and leasing all types of commercial properties to attract the attention of prospective buyers.

open house teardrop flag banners

Even large and small apartment buildings use the pennants to advertise about empty flats, to fill the vacancies as quickly as possible. The flags can also be used for promoting new homes available for rent or sale, model homes, and auctions.

If space permits, you can also provide additional details on the flag. However use large, vertical text in a contrasting colour scheme, so that it’s set apart from the other text. Messages you can include in the flag are notifications if the property has one or two bedrooms or if the agent is present inside.

You can place not only, but a few of these open house flags across the property mentioned in a more attractive and noticeable presentation. And as the message can be printed in different colour schemes, you can exhibit various well-integrated flags.

These flags play an important part in determining if you will be able to eventually make a sale or not. It is essential that you let prospective buyers know about a house is in the market, and these flags are perfect for grabbing the attention of house buyers.

    2. Business grand opening teardrop flag

As a new business owner about to have a grand opening, you naturally want to get the word out about your new venture. You look for something catchy, something that’s not only attractively colored but also has a unique shape.

Besides, you have already spent so much on your business, you can’t afford anything too expensive but do not want to compromise maximizing brand publicity. This is where a flying banner helps you to advertise about your grand opening.

The flag’s durable and high-quality fabric material, affordable price tag, height, attractive and contrasting colours used in the message and portability let you use the flag both outdoors and indoors to advertise about your grand opening.

As it’s a tall and attractive flag, it ensures maximum visibility. It is precisely what you want to let as many people know about your business as possible, and in the process, generate maximum business sales.

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    3. Tradeshow or any event teardrop flag

You can also use flying banners if you are a well-established business, needing something innovative to stand out from your competitors at the tradeshow, exhibition or any indoor or outdoor event.

Even after investing so much in your back wall, brochure rack and tradeshow stand, you will want something unique and attractive to stand out from your competitors. These flags can be used both at an indoor and outdoor event, using its ground spike or sandbags and X-base to set the flag up.

You will not fail in your advertisement with a teardrop banner as it’s attractively designed and tall enough to attract customers to your stall, at any event. They are especially useful for advertising because they can draw people’s attention at any point of the day, in any weather situation, to increase your business sales.

    4. Running race teardrop flags

No matter how long or what type of a race you are organizing like a 1K, 5K, half marathon or relay race, you can customize teardrop banners and use them to advertise about your competition. They are ideal to let people know about your event, and how and where they have to register for it.

You can also use the flags for directing participants and the crowd to points like the start and finish lines, water and first aid stations, registration booths and just to lead them across the race course.

They are also ideal to let people know more about the sponsors of the event as they are eye-catchers and easily attract people’s attention. They are meant, and safe to use outdoors, with its digital prints on water-resistant, stretchable material giving you a long-lasting display. And as the flags are attached to lightweight aluminum or fiberglass flagpoles, you know they are stable and flexible to carry and use where required.

    5. School event teardrop flag

Even schools have various occasions and reasons for using flying banners. They may need them for supporting student organizations, welcoming students, promoting athlete teams and for advertising fundraisers and events.

Some schools also use them to advertise about school dances, concerts, and graduations and help cities and towns show how much they support their schools. The flags can be used for not only advertising about the event, but also prove helpful at directing parents, families, and friends across a large school and college campuses.

    6. Political campaign teardrop banners

A political campaign uses lots of your time, money and efforts. While you may not be able to save on your time and efforts much, it’s possible to reduce your advertising costs by using teardrop flags to advertise about you.

These flags can be customized for any office you are running for a while creating a profound effect on the masses. You just have to place the flags at essential and centric places, especially where you expect maximum votes from your loyal supporters. You can also use the flags to direct people to where they have to exercise their ballots, without any confusion.

    7. Church and praise teardrop flags

You can also use tear drop banners to advertise for any indoor or outdoor event or occasion celebrated at your church like Lent, Ash Wednesday, Baptisms, First Communion, Easter, and Christmas.

They can also be used to inform people about youth events like Vacation Bible School and to direct people where they have to go to the church or as a backdrop for particular scriptures. These flags are also helpful at getting youth, adults, and kids together for your special church events.

They can be used for communication purposes and to advertise about your Church or Ministry to the public. And as these flags are reusable, you can use the same flag every year, after conveniently storing them in their accompanying carry bags.

How to order teardrop flags?

If you are now interested in using flying banners to advertise your business or event, placing orders is a cinch. You first have to approach a reputable customized flag printing company like where you need to provide a few quick and simple details about the flag.

You need to tell them about the logo or designs you want to be printed on it, the size of the flag, the type of base you want and of course your email id. Don’t worry if you have an idea in mind, but do not know how to put it together. There are experts here who will help turn your idea into reality for free. It’s, in fact, cheaper ordering from them as they are the actual flag manufacturers. So there are no third-party fees or marked-up prices to pay, or processing delays to worry. Once you place your order, the company takes special care to ensure that the flag is designed and produced to your satisfaction. The company uses the best materials for flags which are tailored to your exact specifications. Their teardrop banners are guaranteed to last a long time with its water-resistant materials and UV-protected inks.

The company stands by their quoted rates and prices, and has no related setup fees or hidden costs for you to worry.

To top it all, the company offers free door to door shipping via DHL or FedEx, which once again reduces the flag’s production costs.

And once you place your order, you can expect to receive your open house teardrop flag within 6 to 12 days of placing your order. And as the flags reach you finished and hemmed, you can start using them to advertise about your open house or any other event the moment you receive them.