How customized feather flags can help improve local businesses

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How customized feather flags can help improve local businesses? Business must have been booming when you started the business. You didn’t even have time to take a break. However, things have changed of late and you notice a slump in sales and business.

This is when you start wondering where and what went wrong. You can’t afford to spend much more to rectify the problem, but you still need a solution to your problem.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that there’s good luck for you. It’s because in most cases, it’s the lack of proper advertisement that leads to a slump in business.

So it’s very likely that you like other businesses, had initially spent lots of pamphlets, banners and television advertisement. Unfortunately, these are all temporary forms of advertisement, lasting only for a few days. You need something long-lasting for your business, like customized feather flags.

feather flag image5 The importance of feather flag signs

If you wonder why your business needs customizable flags, it’s because the average person today spends more than 20 hours of their time traveling or commuting to their place of work. This is more time than they would spend reading newspapers or watching television.

As a business person, you have to take advantage of these statistics. You have to offer people something they are most likely to see while commuting, like attractively designed and customized feather flags.

Someone can use these banners to attract the attention of people passing by on your busy street. You never know when one of these people commuting and passing by your store will one day need your services. So having a feather banner outside advertising about your business will remind them of your existence if and when they need your product or services.

Besides, there is a better chance of their reading your signage while sitting in their car, waiting for traffic to move forward or the traffic lights to change. This proves that these feather flags banners are an awesome means of advertising for local businesses.

feather flag image15 Importance of local clientele

No matter how big a company you may have, it’s your local clientele that you depend on for business. It also doesn’t matter what business you run. It may be a cafe, hairdresser, car dealership, tutor center or even a dental clinic; it’s your local clientele you depend on. And what better way is there to reach out to them through something that they see every day while commuting.

In fact, according to statistics, local businesses account for more than 96% of all businesses. It’s because residents depend on these businesses for their goods and services, and need them most of the time.

feather flag image8

9 Benefits of customizable feather flags

Besides, when compared to other advertising options, customized feather flags are a much cost-effective and better option than other traditional options like signs and billboards.

It’s a one-time investment which you can use as many times as you want, wherever you want. This is thanks to these many benefits it offers.

1. Adaptability

As mentioned above, this is the greatest advantage customizable feather flags offer. You can use it from the start of your business to as long as the colors and message remain intact and visible from afar. This can span for as long as a few years, with the right maintenance.

You can use the signage to advertise about the opening of your business and then a month or two later to advertise about your trade show stall. You can also use it to advertise about your business at the local football field or school grounds in exchange for a small donation you make towards the event.

Besides, feather flags signage can be used both indoors and outdoors, increasing its adaptability tri-fold. This is thanks to the fact that vendors like sell the flag with two bases, one for indoor and the other for outdoor use.

The ground spike is perfect to poke into the ground while using outdoors and the circular X-stand is ideal for indoor use. You can use an additional water bag as extra weight to support the banner and prevent it from toppling over.

feather flag image39
2. More for your money

Not only do the flags give you more for your money with its versatility, but also thanks to its double-sided feature. Yes, feather flags double-sided versions let you print your message, logo or designs on both sides for added visibility and promotion.

You can decide if you want to print the same matter on both sides or perhaps print your contact details on one side and advertise about your shop opening or something about your store on the other side.

These banners comprise three layers. It has two flags sewn together with a 100% blackout material in the middle. It is this blackout material that prevents the print from one side leaking onto the other side so that the image and content are properly visible and read from both sides.

This also means that these flags are on the heavier side, and do not fly much like other feather flag banners. However they do flutter enough to garner the attention of passers-by.

There are also one-sided flags you can use for your advertising purposes. However, the problem is that there is a possibility of the print leaching onto the other side. It all depends on the colors used, and the intensity of the printing technique.

Considering these factors, you benefit more with a double-sided feather flag. Though you may have to pay a little more for it, it’s worth the extra expense. If you look around you will find feather flag companies like that offer free worldwide. You can save money ordering your flags from there because you don’t have to pay any shipping costs.

3. Attention grabber

Another highlight of feather flag banners is that it can effectively attract the attention of people passing by. It is its movement with the wind that offers this advantage. Being lightweight in structure, the flag flutters when it’s windy.

This attracts the attention of passers-by. So if you have to decide between placing a billboard or a feather flag banner near the traffic light, banners win anytime because they attract so much attention.

There may be a few people who may just take a glance at the flag. Though they may not read everything on it, they may register some of the content or information on a subconscious level.

feather flag image17
4. Generates more localized appeal and familiarity

Feather flag signs are perfect for local businesses, where you have to target local clients who are also your potential customers. This is because they will pass your store every day while commuting to work or college.

According to psychologists, the feather flags that people see every day on their way to work has an impact on their buying decisions. The repeated exposure to the banner and the data printed on it promotes familiarity with people who see it every day.

So if and when they have to buy or use the product or services you have to offer, there is a higher chance of their choosing your company. They decide without even realizing about the impact your feather flags have made on them. They will even remember your business and suggest it to any friend or family member who requires it.

5. Setting up is as easy as 1-2-3

This is one of the main reasons for the improved demand and popularity of feather flag signage. You can set it up wherever you want, and without anyone’s help. It takes up minimal space because the pole is thin and long.

All it requires is enough space for its pole and base while it extends vertically as high as you choose, to display its contents. Besides, you don’t have to use any tools to disassemble or assemble the flag.

It can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes, by a single person. This is because the flag comprises of a few pieces which you just have to join and set up.

6. Easy to store and carry around

People don’t have to worry about storing long flags once you are done with your advertising. You just have to dismantle the feather flags custom and store the different parts in the carrying bag providers like give with the flag. You can then conveniently store the bag when not in use, or carry it around to the next advertisement venue like a trade show or the local games.

7. Customized feather flags are cliché

Of course, there are so many stock feather flags like ‘Open!’ and ‘Sale’ you can pick to advertise about your sale or opening of your business. However, you create a better impact through customized feather flags.

You don’t have to be an artist or even leave your home or office to personalize flags. All you have to do is visit their website and either select one of the many templates they have or you can give them your design, logo, and content to be printed on the flag.

Don’t worry if you don’t have anything ready, or are confused about what to print on the flag. Most companies have their in-house design team who is always ready to help you out. Once you have your design ready most stores have your flag printed and sent to you within 2-3 business days of its proof approval.

8. Portability

As mentioned earlier customizable feather flags can be dismantled and stored in its accompanying carrying bag. This proves to be helpful and beneficial to businesses that periodically participate in trade shows.

If you are constantly traveling to promote your business in exhibitions and trade shows, then a feather flag is something you will need. The bag conveniently carries the flag, and the bag easily fits in your car seat or boot. Besides, the portability factor of these flags also helps prolong its life.

It makes it all the easier for you to bring in the flag at the end of the day or at least during harsh weather conditions like extreme sunlight or rains. Though the flags are printed with the latest digital technology to last a long time to come, the sun’s harsh UV rays can make the print fade and lose its attractiveness.

And while the flags are strong and durable enough to withstand everyday wind and drizzle, it’s better to bring in the flag when it’s windy or there are heavy rains outdoor.

9. Directional signage

Last but not least, feather flags can also be used to direct customers to your store. They can serve this purpose just outside your business or even in trade shows where you can set up multiple flags showing the way to your particular stall in the trade show. For best effects and maximum exposure, it’s better to set up your flag at the entrance of the trade show where people spend the most time getting tickets and looking around to get an idea of what the trade show has to offer.

So if you have noticed a slump in your business it’s most probably just because of inefficient and insufficient advertising. Customizable feather flags can help resolve the problem in the many ways mentioned above.

If you are apprehensive about the effects of feather flags generating business, you can easily conduct a small survey after putting up your flag. All you have to do is ask any new client who interacts with you why and what made them do business with you.

Don’t be surprised if you find out that most of the time it’s the feather flag that had attracted their attention, and reminded them about you!

So why waste any more time? Just visit a feather Flag Company like and either give them your content to print on the flag, or have them design something you like.

Your flag reaches you in a few days. Once you set it up you are bound to notice a marked improvement in your business sales and business.