How Feather Flags can help market your Auto Repair and Services

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Did you know that the US sold more than 4.7 million cars in the year 2019? With so many vehicles plying on the roads, there is no doubt an increased need for auto repaper and service. It is the reason why US consumers spend more than 188.5 billion US dollars on auto maintenance and services!

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These statistics prove that owning and starting an auto repair store is indeed a lucrative business. However, it is not enough to just hold a repair store. You need to employ the right marketing techniques to reach out to potential consumers. 

Focus on reaching out to local customers

Besides, auto repair is more a local business. It’s a business, where you depend on local consumers than out-of-state customers. So you will have to focus more on offline advertising like using feather flags. Offline advertising tactics like feather flags help reach out to your local customers, the people who pass your tore on an everyday basis. 

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How to advertise using feather flags

Read on to learn more about advertising for your auto repair store, especially by using feather flags. These proven tactics will not only help bring customers back but will, in the process, expand your clientele. 

1. Feather flags help draw attention to your store

Feather flags are the most obvious and possibly the best form of offline advertising for your auto repair store. All you have ego do is invest in a few feather flags which you can place at strategic points. You could perhaps set it upright at a parking lot, near a traffic light junction, and even at your store entrance.  

In case you do not know, feather flags are shaped like feathers and tend to move in the wind. So as long as you have attractively designed and colored banners, they sway in the breeze to attract other people’s attention.

It’s the combination of the colors and the action that draws people’s attention to your flags. So as long as you provide the necessary details about your store or any special discounts and events, they will keep potential customers informed about it. 

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Cheaper, one-time investment

The main benefit of using feather flags instead of television, radio, or newspaper advertisements is that it’s a one-time investment. You just have to print banners with the right car pictures, design, and text.

You can then use the same flag over and over again for at least a few years. It is, unlike the other forms of advertisement. You will here have to pay every time you want to advertise about your store through them. 

You can save a whole lot of money through feather flags. They cost a few hundred and last a long time. This is unlike radio and television advertisements, which may cost you thousands a month. 

2. Select and use a memorable phone number

Yes, this is important to have not just any phone number but an easily memorable one. Why? It is because it is easier for anyone who reads it on your feather flag, or any other promotional material to remember. 

An easy-to-remember number improves your outreach and response times. They also increase your potential referrals because it’s easier for people to refer your auto repair business to friends and family who may need it.

Of course, an easy to remember number which you may not change for some time now helps maintain consistency between your online and offline marketing programs. 

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cheap teardrop flag teardrop banners canada teardrop flags perth teardrop flag stand
3. Emphasize on your specialties 

The best way to convince people into at least considering your auto repair services is by showing them a reason to do so. You can do this by probably promoting things like your satisfaction guarantee. You can also give customer testimonials where possible.

Supposing you offer the specialty of reaching people faster than your competitor, make sure you mention this. You could perhaps say something like ‘No one reaches you as quickly as us’ on your feather flags, and set them at strategic points. 

You generally have to take a look at your customers, decide what you need to learn from them, what you need to copy, and what you can do differently. Once you know what it is, then make sure you highlight this consistently in all your marketing campaigns. 

4. Use the help of the social media

Create accounts in the major social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. You can use make maximum use of them to reach your local clientele. You can also create a Google local page advertising your auto repair store.

These steps go a long way in optimizing your online presence, which is essential these days. An increasing number of people today turn to the internet for information.

Make sure you include your social media information like a Twitter handle on your feather flags and other advertising material. This way, anyone who sees it can recheck and learn more about your auto repair store. 

You can also use social media to get more referral customers. All you have to do is upload photos of your happy customers. New customers may reach out with your satisfied customers to learn more about their experience at your auto repair store. 

5. Create a professional website and informational blog

It’s not enough to be active on social media to improve your online presence. You also need to create a professional website to gain their trust. Just like a great phone number is better, look for an easy-to-remember domain name for your website and blog.

It helps potential and existing customers to remember your name better and also helps make your brand even more recognizable. You have to include your website name in your feather flag, to make it easier for people to reach out to you.

You could perhaps include your contact number and an option to schedule an appointment for your car servicing or repair. 

It is always better to start an informational blog along with your website. Why? Well, you can provide answers to all the potential questions your customers may have to ask you.

Your providing sound automobile-related advice helps build your credibility as an auto repair expert. Besides, you can also use the blog to interact with customers and to organize contests or giveaways to reach out to them. It helps if you create some useful, high-quality videos about different auto repair tricks and tips. 

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6. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Most people today do all their research and appointment bookings through their mobile device instead of the computer. It is thus better to have a mobile-friendly website.

You may wonder what the difference is between a regular and mobile-friendly website.

Well, it is just that its text size, forms, and buttons work well on a mobile device. They generally have simpler designs and optimized images that look good and also load quickly.

Quick loading images are an essential feature in mobile-friendly websites. It is because no one has the patience to wait for images to load. You stand to lose customers if they have to wait for a long time for the pictures to load. 

7. Sponsor events

Sponsoring local school and sports events is a great way to advertise your car repair business. How? Well, by printing relevant feather flags containing your logo and contact details, and then strategically set them up at the venue.

The spectators at the events are sure to take a fleeting glance at your feather flags. So as long as you have an easy to remember number and website, anyone looking for auto repair services can reach out to you.

Feather flags offer the added benefit of being quickly set up at both outdoor and indoor venues. They come with different bases to use as per the site. The spiked base is ideal for piercing into the grass or any outdoor mud venue.

On the contrary, the metal, cross-shaped bases are great to use in indoor venues. You can always place some sand or water bags on them if you are worried about the flag toppling over. 

8. Conduct some in-store events

You could also consider hosting some in-store events to get more visitors to your store. You could perhaps offer some necessary auto care training sessions.

Keep the event open for people of all ages, and in the process, promote your services and ware with perhaps some discount. Most vehicle owners will be happy to learn some basic auto repair tricks because you never know when your car may give problems. So hosting such events will be a success!

You could use feather flags and place them at the traffic light, your store entrance, or any other place with maximum footfall. Make sure you print out the details with your contact information.

Remember that people have only a few seconds to read whatever is on the flag. So use the right contrasting colors with perhaps dark font on a light backgroundthat’s easily visible.

Also use appropriate vehicular pictures to attract people’s attention. Keep your message short and clear too for easy understanding.

9. Offer coupons

Coupons are a cheap and effective means of drawing more people to your store. It also gives existing customers a reason to provide you with another visit.

You could offer coupons like discounted oil-change, free oil change on buying some car accessories or perhaps provide a free oil change for purchasing a specific dollar amount.

Do not forget to mention about those coupons in your feather flags. People seeing it are very likely to buy something, perhaps so that they get a free oil change in exchange. This free offer of yours could lead to a long-lasting working relationship. 

10. Have a customer loyalty program

What better way can you have your existing clients come back to you than through a customer loyalty program! Yes, it is worth putting some care and efforts into retaining your current customers too.

They already know how well you repair cars and do not think much about doing repeat business with you. There is also not much convincing to do in the case of existing customers.

They at the most need a reminder for perhaps their next scheduled service. You can also solve the problem by providing and sticking those little stickers on your customer’s windshield. 

Similarly, about customer loyalty programs, it gives an incentive to customers to return to your auto shop. They may finally consider following through on repairs they were perhaps putting off for some time.

You could also help customers earn a bonus for spending a fixed amount of money on their vehicular services and care. 

Something about feather flags

You can use feather flags for as many reasons and occasions you like as long as you remember to maintain and take good care of them. When it comes to maintenance, they just have to be disassembled and stored in the accompanying carry case.

You can then either store it in the bag or take it to the next venue. Avoid exposing the flag to the heat because it will quickly dull the colors and your print and message. 

You don’t even have to wait for anyone to assemble or take down feather flags. You can do it on your own because they are lightweight and come with easy-to-attach parts.

When it comes to the designing part, you can either sent your car photos and relevant content to the feather flag manufacturer like Or you can have their in-house designers come up with something appropriate for your flag s if you aren’t’ sure what to print on them. 


In short, you need to work on advertising your auto store. You can’t just expect customers to walk into your store. You being a new store, you have to work at making people know about your store, the services you offer, and any customer loyalty program you have.

While a website and a social media presence help improve your popularity online, feather flags help with offline advertising.