9 Tips for using teardrop flags to advertise about your plumbing services

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The plumbing industry is so vast, with a lot of businesses competing with each other. There’s always room for, and there are still new entrants into the field. It is why you should adopt an excellent advertising campaign that puts you a step ahead of your competitors.

1. Create an Interesting logo and slogan

You do need to come up with an exciting logo and slogan. Yes, while most plumbers don’t have one, you having one will give you an edge over your competition.

It increases your chances of getting more clients, mainly if you include it in all your advertising media, including teardrop flags. It’s because consumers tend to associate an establishment with a logo or slogan subconsciously.

It helps remember you and your plumbing business better. Besides, logos and slogans indicate higher quality and reliable services than other plumbers who use generic images.

2. Vehicles can also help

Did you know that your plumbing vans can do much more than just ferry your equipment and supplies around? You can also use them to advertise your plumbing services.

All you have to do is paint your logo, slogan, and contact information on the sides and back. It’s better to use minimal words so that passers-by and motorists don’t have any confusion reading it even from a distance.

3. Set up teardrop flags at prominent spaces

You will be targeting your local clients the most, so it’s better to set up your flags at points where they are most likely to see them. If it’s possible, you could set up a few outside your establishment so that passers-by and motorists easily see it.

You can also set it up at parking lots or near traffic intersections, where permissible. The main idea is to place it somewhere people get to know about you. Make sure that you print the contact details clearly, and there’s nothing unnecessary on it to blur your details.

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4. Distribute service brochures and promotions

You can also consider distributing your pamphlets and brochures to apartments and office complexes. Remember, they will always need plumbers, so you have to create a strong partnership with as many apartments and offices as possible.

Agreeing to discounts to your large and regular customers will lead to their referring your services to others, and hiring you many more times.

Remember to use the same text, fonts, and details used in your teardrop flags while printing out brochures. It’s to maintain a sense of uniformity. It reminds apartment dwellers and office workers about you even while looking at your flags.

5. Use the help of searchable advertising media


It’s worth spending on searchable advertising media, considering the reach it has. You could consider paying a little extra for premium search engine listings. Just make sure you provide the right name and contact details to ensure people find you.

Use the right keywords and key phrases, and it helps if you use the same words used in your teardrop banners, pamphlets, and brochures. As mentioned earlier, it retains uniformity between the different advertisement media. It makes it easier for potential customers to relate to various advertisements.

It’s also worth creating quarter or half-page color advertisements in the local telephone books and business directories. There is a substantial chance of potential customers using them to look out for plumbers when they need one.

6. Create a blog

Many people want to try and do their own repairs before contacting plumbers. They, however, don’t realize that they may end up complicating the process in doing so. It is where your blog comes in handy.

Yes, there are some things that they can attempt to do, like unclogging blocked drains. You could give some tips and suggestions they could do, like adding a solution of baking soda and vinegar to clear blocks.

You, of course, at the end of each post, mention that if it doesn’t work, it’s better to contact the professionals, which is you. You now just can’t create a blog. You have to let to reach potential customers.

You can do it by printing about your website and blog in all your advertisement media. It includes your emails, teardrop flags, and printed media like newspapers and pamphlets. You can even go the extra step and promote your blog on local websites.

7. Advertise about special offers or discounts

You can use teardrop flags to pull in more customers by advertising about any special offers or discounts you have to offer. As these flags can be used for years together, you can have a few printed about special offers you have to offer?

You can then use the same flags to promote the offers whenever it comes into effect. You could perhaps provide a 10% discount for early bird customers.

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8. Advertise at trade shows

There are so many convections and exhibitions organized about sanitary ware, home improvement, and interior design. People not only need to buy sanitary ware, but there are sure to be people who are looking for a plumber visiting here.

So setting up a few teardrop flags at these trade shows and convections lets people know about your plumbing services. As long as you provide your correct phone number, they will be able to contact you if they have any plumbing problems.

9. Sponsor events

You can also sponsor some local events and activities like fundraisers, festivals, and charities. Or you can also alternatively sponsor some local sports teams like a high school football team.

You can then have them advertise about your plumbing company in exchange. You can have them set up the teardrop flags around their venue so that people see it and get to know how interested you are in the community.

The fact that you have sponsored an event shows that you have the local community in mind, and are plumbers they can trust. It helps build a sense of trust with potential customers, which in turn increases the chances of their calling you if they have plumbing problems or projects.

Besides, with your name out in the public for people to see, you can expect more people to look for your business online. It, in turn, leads to a boost in your website rankings, which in turn increases your online visibility.

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Did you know that teardrop flags offer so many benefits?


Now that you know about the different steps you can take to advertise about your plumbing services, here’s a long look at how much teardrop flags can do for you.

1. Lets people know about your plumbing services

It is the most obvious reason, and way teardrop flags can help you. They can let your business stand out amongst the many other companies located in commercial complexes. It helps take your brand logo and name to prospective customers who are just driving by.

2. Lets you compete against larger companies

If you print your teardrop banner right, you can easily give stiff competition to your broader business competitors. You can use as many, and any color you want in the flag, to capture the attention of passers-by.

As these flags are cheap and affordable, you can afford to print them in bulk and set them out across the town or city.

3. Can be used for years

Teardrop flags are so unlike the standard banners you find. It’s because it’s strong enough to not tear even in windy conditions. The polyester material is pulled taut across an aluminum frame, shaped like a teardrop.

Your text and chosen designs are digitally printed on them so that they do not quickly fade if taken care of properly. With proper care, it means you should avoid using it too much in direct sunlight, and of course, pull it down in extremely windy conditions.

As long as you give it a periodical wash if and when it needs washing, and store it in its accompanying carrying case, you will be able to use the flags for years to come.

4. Easy to set up

The most significant reason teardrop flags are great to advise about your business is that you don’t have to wait for anyone’s assistance to set it up. The flag comprises of a few connective pole parts which you can attach on your own.

The flags don’t take up much space, unlike banners, where you may even have to get permission to set it up. Even disassembling the flag is so easy. You can do it yourself, and store all the parts in its accompanying carrying case and store it till you next need it.

5. Usable in both indoor and outdoor settings

One of the most significant benefits of teardrop flags is that you can use them in both indoor and outdoor venues. These flags reach you with a variety of bases to choose from and use as per the place.

The pointed spiked base is to use in outdoor venues where you can stick the flag into the soft ground or soil. In case you have to put up the flag in an indoor venue like a stadium, you can use its cross base to set up the flag.

You can even place water or sandbag on the bottom to prevent it from accidentally toppling over.

6. Seasonal advertising

As teardrop flags can be sued repeatedly for many years, it’s worth printing some banners for annual use. You can perhaps have a banner printed with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ with your name written on it.

You can then set them up at various points during Christmas time. You can also do the same for July the 4th, or any other special day and use the flags to wish your patrons on a specific day every year.

How to select teardrop flags

If you are looking for the right teardrop flags for your plumbing business, the first thing you have to do is look for reputable companies selling them like vancke.com.

Visit their website, and you can continue exploring the site if it’s professional looking. It indicates that the plumbers are serious about their work and want to create an excellent first impression with you. It’s better to avoid websites that look shabby and don’t disclose much about the company.

Look for the right sized flags because most companies offer them in various lengths. It’s better to select based on where you plan to set up the flags. If you want them to be visible to people from a short distance, like at the traffic signal, then look for shorter flags. If you want people from a mile away to know about your plumbing service, then it’s better to select taller flags.

Use the right font and colors. You mustn’t use too unique fonts on your flag. You may think that it looks great on the banner. Yes, it may, but it’s not easily visible and readable by people looking at the teardrop flag from afar. The entire purpose of creating a banner for your plumbing services is lost if prospective customers cannot read it.

Similarly, when it comes to color, always use contrasting colors for the text and background. This way, the font is better and more prominently seen on a different background. For example, black font on a white background or red on a yellow background.

You can select between two types of teardrop flags, which are the single and double-sided flags. While the single-sided ones are cheaper, you only have one side to print your content. Besides, there is a chance of the colors on one side bleeding onto the backside once you decorate the flag.

The double-sided flags offer two sides to print about your plumbing services. They may be expensive, but you can use one side to print your company logo and slogan, and the other side to print your contact details. As these flags have a black partition in between, it prevents any color from leading onto the other side.

Now that you know how teardrop flags can help advertise about your plumbing services isn’t it about time you considered implementing it?