Did you know pop-up A-frame banners can advertise about your landscaping business?

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Now that you have finally set up your dream landscaping business, the next step lies in roping in customers. It’s nothing that you can do overnight, it takes time and patience.

Besides, you can’t just expect new customers to come walking in every day. You have to work at getting them to know about you through an effective marketing campaign that includes using pop-up A-frame banners.

What exactly is a pop up A-frame banner?


Now you may wonder what these banners are because the most common banners you may know are those propped between two poles.

Well, pop up A-frame banners are a lot different in style and functionality.

They are lightweight and portable in design, and are convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in various shapes and sizes and is made of different materials.

The main reason for people to use them to promote their landscaping business is the instant visibility it offers. As long as you use the right colors and font, your printed text is visible from quite a distance.

· Easy to assemble and disassemble

Besides, the flags are easy to put up and dismantle because of its folding metal frame. It collapses and can be placed in its convenient storage bag to carry from one place to another. It can also be stored in the carry bag for storage reasons until the next time you need it.

You may wonder why pop up A-frame banners are excellent for advertising about your landscaping business. Well it is because they fulfill the essential requirements in any outdoor marketing display.

The location of the images and content printed on it are much closer to the target audience than other types of advertisement. So there is no chance of the audience or passers-by missing it or not seeing your flags.

· Available in various sizes and shapes

While the signs come in various shapes and sizes, the primary forms are horizontal, vertical, and round. They come in two types. They are horizontal and vertical designs where the horizontal versions take up more ground space.

The vertical models are taller and offer maximum visibility from afar. So it’s better to select one based on where you plan to put up the banner. You also have to consider the amount of space there is and the number of flags you will be setting up.

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· Double-sided for maximum utilization

The flags are all double-sided for maximum exposure because you have more space to print your advertising content. It is left to you to decide what you want to print on both sides.

You could print your landscaping business contact details and logo on one side. You can then print some relevant images with your tagline on the other side. Or you can also alternatively display the same things on both sides.

These banners use a dye sublimation printing process. It offers the benefit of keeping the fabric durable, washable, and weatherproof for a longer time. There is no worry about any colors bleeding, mainly if you use vibrant colors. It is all these features that make them the ideal signage for both indoor and outdoor venues.

· Pop up A-frame banners are long-lasting and durable

Besides, these pop up A frame banners are long-lasting and durable, meaning they are not a one-time investment. You can print a few flags, advertising about your business and any discounts and unique landscaping offers you have. You can then and use them when appropriate every year.

It is generally better to not leave the banners for too long in scorching weather. The sun’s UV rays can quickly fade the banner’s colors. Taking good care of the banners and using them in pleasant weather conditions, make them last for a few years. There will not be any significant discoloration of images and fonts. Of course, it also means that the flags will last much longer if used more at indoor venues.

· Usable both indoors and outdoors

About indoor and outdoor venues, there’s a specialty about these banners. They are safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

All of these flags come with ground stakes that keep them in place on soft surfaces like the sand, grass, and snow of outdoor venues. In the case of indoor venues with hard surfaces, placing a water bag or sandbag on it prevents them from accidentally toppling over.

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8 advertising tips for your landscaping business 


Now that you know what these banners are about, you can use these handy tips to maximize their reach and advertising potential.

1. Place pop-up A-signs across the city

Pop-up A signs are an excellent means of promoting your business. You can use it to promote your contact details or any offers you have on offer. You can place them outside your place of work, at the parking lots, and even at your clients’ location.

There’s no harm in asking clients it’s okay to place a sign in their yard once you complete their project. Other possible places to put up these banners are at complementary businesses, or if you partner with some garden and pool store companies.

2. Speak with existing customers

Building strong relations with your existing customers is a great way to get referral business. The more attention and optimal customer service you offer your customers, the higher are the chances of their recommending your landscaping services to someone else.

3. Reach out with to local businesses

Make it a point to reach out by calling and visiting local businesses. Tell them about your landscaping business and take along lots of business cards, brochures, or fliers to create a clear sales pitch. Don’t forget to highlight your special features or discounts that can help secure the contract.

4. Attend shows and conventions

The best way to advertise about your landscaping business is through local trade shows and conferences. You can rent some booth space at local home and garden shows or trade shows for landscaping equipment.

This is where you can use pop up A frame banners to advertise about your landscaping business. Make sure you print your contact details and your logo or slogan.

Also, distribute other promotional items like brochures and pamphlets to visitors with your contact details. It helps potential customers reach out to you. You can spend a little more and distribute other promotional items like garden kneeling pads, seed packets, or gardening gloves. It creates a better impact because there’s a higher chance of their remembering you because of your unique promotional items.

5. Serve local organizations

Serving local civic organizations that deal with beautifying and revitalizing the community is a beautiful way of promoting your landscaping company. You could contact the local department of public works and offer a day of work in a visible and publicly owned location.

All it takes is some sprucing up of a neglected public place to get an idea of how well you work. You could add some beautiful flower beds and trim hedges It gives locals an idea of what you can do to their premises. They will remember your efforts and the changes made, and thus remember you if they have landscaping work to be done.

Don’t ask for any remuneration but instead, get permission to put up, and use, your pop up A frame banner to promote your landscaping business.

Besides, it also highlights the excellent service you do for the community, which helps create a positive corporate image about yourself. It, in the process, makes people consider hiring you for their landscaping instead of someone else.

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6. Create a brand

Just like the words ‘Just Do It’ remind you of Nike, come up with a jazzy tagline or logo for your business. It will help customers identify, and relate with you if and when they have landscaping work.

Once you come up with one, use it where possible to publicize your brand. You could print them on the t-shirts your crew wears to work or paint it on your trucks.

You could also print extra t-shirts and present them as complimentary gifts for satisfied customers upon completing a job. Don’t forget to print the same logos and taglines in all your promotional materials, including your pamphlets and pop up A banners.

7. Sponsor events

Sponsoring local events is another way to improve your company’s corporate image. You can sponsor local sports groups or events, charities, and fundraisers.

You can also sponsor some gift certificates for your landscaping services to charity auctions or raffles. All of this shows both your current and potential clients that you are a dedicated community member.

Besides, you can also put up your pop up A frame banners at the venues for added publicity. While you may have to shell out some money as sponsors, the increased advertising and possible contracts generated makes it well worth it!

You can anyway safely set up and use the banners on the sports field despite it having a metal folding frame. They do not prove risky to players at all. That’s why they are very popularly used for advertising along the sidelines on soccer and football fields and even beach volleyball events. They are also perfect to use as branding or event signage at golf course driving ranges and tournament tee boxes.

8. Customer rewards program

It’s worth considering offering some customer rewards programs to customers who recommend your landscaping business to new clients. You could perhaps give them some discount for bringing in new business.

They are anyway like your ‘brand ambassadors’ and deserve something in exchange for their business they give you!

You could also consider offering discounts or service packages to new or even regular customers. For example, you can offer a free yard cleaning if they order for a month’s worth of lawn mowing and pruning.

It is more than enough reason for some consumers to choose your landscaping company over others.

Some useful pop up A frame banner printing tips


  • You can always select the design and text for your banner. However, just make sure you use the right design software for designing purposes. The most common options are Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a design, or don’t know about, or how to use these design software.


Most of the banner printing companies like vancke.com have their team of in-house designers who can help you out with your design. They will either help improve your existing landscaping related imagery or come up with a new one for you.


  • If you opt to do the designing yourself, then remember to follow the design template’s instructions and lines. It means that all the essential text and graphics should lie within the RED sewing lines.


Yes, the banner is printed only after removing these red lines. However, there is a purpose for these lines. It leaves enough space on the edges so that your design doesn’t disappear into the flag’s folds and edges.


  • Always use CMYK or Pantone colors but not RGB colors. It’s because RGB colors do not turn out well in a pop up A frame banner printing. Pantone colors are the more popular and recommended options for banner printing because of its improved color matching.


  • You can create the best effects if you use high-resolution logos and images in printing pop up A frame banners. They look the best and are most clearly visible from afar.


  • Most banner printing companies suggest that you use standard fonts while printing your text and contact details. It’s because they may not have the specific fonts that you have used.


It’s, in fact, better to convert all the fonts to contours or outlines before saving the files. This way, there won’t be much difference in the design after printing the banners using the fonts the company has.


  • Last but not least, once you are happy with your landscaping artwork, save it in a PDF file and send it to the printing company. Make sure you embed all images and links to the file too.

So if you were looking for the perfect advertising campaign for your landscaping business, you now have your answer. Something with pop up A frame banners is quite productive, and worth the money!