Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

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Have you wondered why some companies still use the old methodology of using feather flag yard signs to promote their small business? Well, you will be surprised that there are not just one, but multiple reasons and benefits for them to opt for this.

Read on to learn these nine reasons.

Excellent for promoting annual, seasonal services

Suppose you have a small business that offers some sort of seasonal services or specialists. So you will be advertising about these services year in and year out. This is where feather flags help you do this.


Well, you just have to print out whatever you want to disclose about your services. For example, you can mention what services you have to offer, its start times, any offers, etc.

You just have to place an order with a known company like for your feather flags. Place them well on time so that they reach you in time for you to start promoting your seasonal services.

Once the banners reach you, all you have to do is set them up and place them in your yard. You don’t even have to wait for anyone to do this. You have your banners all set and ready in a few minutes, advertising your special offer.

The best and most important reason for using feather banners to advertise your seasonal services is to dismantle and store them once you are done with your seasonal services.

You can keep the banner in its accompanying carrying bag and start using it the following year once again for your promotional needs.

Easily set up anywhere, even in someone else’s yard

Yes, you read it right.

Feather flag banners take up minimal space in the yard to set up. All you have to do is poke its sharp pole spiked edge deep into the ground, and you have your banner fluttering and promoting your services.

It’s perfect for getting the word out quickly, especially if you offer unique seasonal services like leave removal in the fall. You can remove the leaves from a client’s home.

And as a favor, and with a slight discount, you could request if you can put up your banner advertising your services in the client’s garden. Most people are all okay with this arrangement.

They get their yards clean, you need only minimal yard space to set up the banner, and most importantly, you offer a discount for leave removal.

There is an added benefit to setting up feather flags in the clients’ yard like this.

Any prospective customers can see the type of work you do. They can see how well you can clean the yard, giving them even more reason to consider hiring you for removing leaves in their garden.

Besides, not many people even know that people are offering your type of seasonal services. And many people require help in keeping their yards clean. So feather flags provide an excellent means of getting the word out about your services on a seasonal basis.

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business
Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Effectively reaches out to your target audience.

You obviously cannot afford to waste much time while running a small business. You work at making ends meet where possible, and one such way you can do this is by using feather flags.


Well, it’s because you know that the money invested in the advertising reaches your target audience. All you need to do is print the right words on the feather flag. And then be strategic about where you set up the banners.

You logically have to set up your yard signs in places where you know or at least expect your target audience to live and hang out the most.

For example, if you have a daycare service, you can set up multiple feather banners in localities with more children. So the chances are higher of people approaching you for your daycare services here.

Or, if you have a plumbing business, you could set banners up someplace near apartment buildings. While many homes are also a great spot, flats offer many more potential clients within a smaller radius.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business
Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business


The way feather banners flutter in the wind to grab a passers-by’s attention is another important reason why it’s famous for advertising even in today’s world of online advertising. Besides, the colors and text font on the banner easily attract anyone’s attention.

More importantly, feather flags don’t have much competition. Unlike online business advertising, you will be setting up someplace where there already isn’t much saturation of information and advertisements. So there is a higher and better chance of people seeing and reading them.

Affordably priced

This is another excellent and essential reason to use feather flag yard signs for promoting your small business. They are affordable, perfect to meet the budget of most small businesses.

Besides, you get an even better rate if you order in bulk.

Feather flag yard signs thus make a much better advertising option than the other local options coming with substantial price tags. Just imagine how much you may have to pour out on other options like billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, and online marketing options like PPC social media ads.

Besides, you aren’t even sure if your advertising reaches your target audience or not. However, things are different when it comes to yard signs. They fit your pocket and reach a large, targeted audience.

Single investment

Yes, another reason why yard signs are affordable is that it’s a one-time investment that’s good for at least a few years. As long as you take good care of the banner, you can use the same banners year after year for a few years.

This is contradictory to other forms of local advertising, which require minimal repeated investments to remain effective.

For example, you have to pay for the production and paid time slots in radio and TV ads. When it comes to online advertising, you have the option to pay for daily, weekly, or monthly advertisements.

Even print ads are relatively expensive.

You have to go through the hassle of producing and then mailing them. Besides, brochures and pamphlets often end up in the wastepaper basket. So the recipient is most likely to ignore whatever you print on it.

However, as long as feather flag yard signs are attractively colored, they will effectively garner enough attention from a few passers-by throughout the day.

Effective for spreading brand awareness

You can use yard signs to effectively spread your brand, especially if your business has a single location. The only form of brand awareness you otherwise have in your area is word-of-mouth.

Setting up signs through your area of business proves helpful in spreading brand awareness. This way, more people get to know about your business, the services you offer, and your company name and logo.

Remember, brand awareness is critical to you, especially for small businesses. It is the first part of your marketing funnel and lays an essential foundation to help acquire your trusted customers.

It helps by helping people recall and recognize your business and seeing the yard signs repeatedly through your locality; your brand remains top-of-mind in case of your audience. And once people get to know and recognize your brand better, they become more familiar and comfortable with it.

And it is its familiarity and comfort that drives them to do or at least consider doing business with you. There’s a higher chance of their buying from you when faced with deciding how to buy from.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business
Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Provides convincing recommendations

Many people assume that it’s only the older customers that respond better to yard signs. They believe that the younger generation is more likely to turn to the internet while looking for something.

And as the older generation seldom searches online for local businesses, feather banners don’t reach the younger generation much.

However, it may be surprising for them to learn that the millennial consider word-of-mouth one of the most important influences in their decision-making process!

It’s because they, too, are influenced whenever they see the yard signs in their locality. They consider it to be as convincing a recommendation for a product or service as an actual, spoken recommendation may be.

Resonates with the Rule of Seven Advertising Principle

Did you know that there’s a marketing adage called the ‘Rule of Seven’?

It’s decided based on studies that consumers have to be exposed to a product or service a minimum of seven times before they actually decide to buy!

Of course, the number seven isn’t cast in stone. It’s just a preferred number, perhaps signifying people seeing a sign once a day for a week.

The truth of the adage is just that marketing for a business isn’t something done overnight. It has to be an ongoing process for someone to take action and make a purchase.

And this is possible through increased exposure with the help of your feather banner yard signs. The good news is that yard signs offer a much quicker and cheaper seven times exposure.

All your target audience has to do is pass by your feather flag a few times a day. Or over a few days, and they would have seen it more than seven times!

Besides, it’s not necessary that people who see your yard signs need you ON THAT DAY. They may not require you that day, but you never know when they will need you.

And if they see your sign only once, there’s a very slim chance of their remembering you tomorrow or next week when they may need your services or product.

The best way to ensure you are within their reach all the time is by making sure they see ‘you’ or your yard sign at least a few times a day. This way, you know they will remember you if and when they do require your services.

Five Tips to provide for effective yard feather banner advertising

Now that you know how yard signs can help promote your small business, here are a few tips for even more effective yard sign marketing.

First, always keep your text short and sweet. Remember that you have only a few seconds to relay what you want to the passer-by. So do it by providing your information using short and simple sentences, which they can easily remember and absorb.

Second, as mentioned early, strategic placement is very important. Don’t just set them up in any corner, like behind your home or establishment. Instead, set them up in spots where drivers and passers-by are most likely to see them.

For example, the perfect spot would be near the road instead of in front of your building because it provides better visibility. In short, you can expect better results and returns if you place your signs in all the highly trafficked areas.

For example, if you opt to set up a few banners outside your yard, you could put them up at traffic signals.

Third, plan your feather banner design well. It should preferably be uncluttered and straighter to the point with only essential and relevant information. It avoids distraction from the actual message and provides for better and improved readability.

And when selecting the colors, use more high-contrast colors and text. This way, whatever you print can be seen much better and more apparent.

Examples of some perfect color combinations include black and white, red and yellow, and perhaps green and yellow.

Fourth, don’t forget to include a simple call to action in the banner.

Even if it’s a yard sign, make sure you have a CTA like a phone number to call to reach you. This way, someone interested can at least click photos of the banner to remember your phone number and call you later on if they need your product or services.

Last but not least, it’s always better to have your banners printed by a company that specializes in custom yard signs like They know the best color combinations, sizes, and layout to provide maximum visibility and possible response.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business
Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business