Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

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Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?
Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?


Have you decided on using teardrop flags for your store’s marketing? Do you need help selecting the right colors, design, and font? Do you wonder where you should put them up for maximum benefits and effects?

Well, the good news is that choosing the right teardrop flag is relatively easy these days. Most online sites like vancke.com offer clear instructions to design and place an order. Here are the essential tips to remember while selecting your teardrop flag.

Essential tips to remember for designing teardrop flags

1.      Single or double-sided flags

The first thing you need to decide about is if you want single or double-sided flags. They offer their benefits and disadvantages. The single-sided ones are a cheaper option because the flag is printed only on one side. There is less paint involved in the printing process and less material.

However, the fact that there is only one layer of material is why the colors and font may leach onto the backside. It means that the flag may not look decent or clear from the rear.

Single-sided flags are best set up in places where you expect traffic only from one side. In other words, there may not be that many people looking at the flag from the backside. In this case, there is no need to worry about how it looks from the back.

Nor do you have to print anything at the back. Whatever is printed on the front side isn’t seen on the backside.

In the case of double-sided teardrop flags, it comprises double-sided polyester flags with a black cloth in between. There is no danger or worry about any leaching here, thanks to the black fabric. Any leaching on one side is not visible on the other side.

You can also print different information, colors, and designs on both sides. This is the perfect flag if you intend to have people looking at the flag from both sides. You could print the same information on both sides or opt to have your event details on one side and print your contact details and any other pertinent information on the other side.

Of course, these flags are more expensive, but it’s worth the added expense if you will be setting it up someplace with double-sided traffic.

2.      Size

You have to select the right-sized teardrop flags. This once again depends on where you plan to set up the banner and how far you want the flags to be visible. If you wish for the flags to be visible to passers-by, it is better to get shorter flags.

It is easier for people to read them when they pass by your store. You can opt for longer banners if you want the banners visible to people afar, like traffic signals or beaches.

You can always use a combination of tall and short flags at public places too. Place the more towering flags at the entrance of exhibitions, parking lots, and the airport so that people can see them on their way to the spot.

The shorter flags are better if placed at the entrance of the venue or parking lot or exhibition where people can easily read whatever you print on them.

In case of flags immediately around your store, it is better to have taller flags put up at the parking lot and shorter ones outside your entrance. If you can set up flags near the traffic light, you could set up a few taller banners for people to read from afar.

3.      Design

You must select the right design for your flags. It should be of the right colors and fonts to be visible and seen from wherever a person may be reading them. Do not opt for too complicated fonts.

Not only are they difficult to understand from afar, but they also may not look good on print. It is better to play safe and use the simpler ones, which are commonly used for printing purposes.

Do not worry if you do not have any design in mind. Most teardrop flag companies have a database of flag designs to choose from. You can just take a look at the options you have and choose one.

If you have your design, just send it to the designers in a compatible format and ask them to ensure whether it’s possible to print it on the flags or not. And if you have no idea at all about a design, you can always have their in-house team design one for you.

You just have to provide your contact details, any preferences or colors you want to be printed on the flag, which of course, may include your logo or tagline. They will come up with a few designs for you to select from.

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?
Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

4.      Colors

Choose the right colors for your teardrop flags, preferably based on where you will be setting them up. Or you could choose based on your company colors. If you are setting up your banners mostly outdoors, it is better to avoid colors like sky-blue and green. There is a risk of the banners blending with nature. It will make it difficult for people to see and read whatever is on the flag.

Always use contrasting colors when it comes to the background and font. If you opt for a light-colored font, then use something dark for the environment. And if you prefer dark colors for the font, then you need a light-colored background.

In addition to the points mentioned above, there are a few more points to remember while finally selecting your teardrop flags.

Number of flags required

Choose the number of flags you need to order based on where and why you will be setting up the banners.

If it is for a tradeshow event, then you need a few types of flags. You need a few directional flags to direct people to your stall. You may need a few more flags to inform people about your store. And of course, a few flags to set up before the event to let people know about your store.

If it is your shop opening, then you will not be needing that many flags.

You need to order as many as you want to set up. You may feel that a few are enough at the entrance of your store and the parking lot. Or you may want to set up a few along the route to the beach so that beachgoers can see it. Or you may wish to sponsor a few local events and set up some feather banners advertising your store at the venue.

You may perhaps just want a teardrop flag to let people know about an open house you will be organizing. In this case, you may only need one or two banners outside the home.

Place your order for teardrop banners well in advance

You also have to make sure you place your order well in advance. Make sure you place your order so that the feather flags reach you on time. You should have time to set them up before the date of the opening, event, or open house. There is no point in putting so much into planning your teardrop flags only for them to reach you on the same day of the event or after it.

Public places where you can set up teardrop flags

Most of the probable spots for setting up your teardrop flags have been covered above. You can place them outside your store, at the traffic signal, the parking lot, along the beach route, at significant events, or even on the way to the airport.

The trick lies in placing them up in places where you expect many people to pass by and notice your flags. There is n point in setting up the flags in areas with minimal traffic.

Besides traffic, it is always safer to find out if the local authorities permit setting up teardrop flags or not. The last thing you want to happen to you is you going through all the hassles of placing orders for your banners and setting them up, only to have them put down before the day of the event.

Benefits of using teardrop flags for marketing

There are various benefits and reasons people use teardrop flags for advertising about their opening, discount sale, stall, or business.

  • Teardrop flags are reusable. You can use them as many times as you want. For example, if you set up stalls at multiple trade shows, you can easily set up and use the flags at one venue and then dismantle and use them again at another venue.
  • The flags are washable and last for quite a few years with the proper care. It means that as long as the flags are not overexposed to the harsh sunlight UV rays, they will last longer. They also last longer if not kept outside in extreme weather like heavy rains.
  • The same teardrop flags are suitable to use at both indoor and outdoor venues. It’s because the flags reach you with multiple bases to choose from.

They generally have a spiked base for outdoor use where you just poke the spike into the ground and set up the flag. There is a wheel-shaped base for indoor use and outdoors on the concrete floor.

You may, however, have to place sandbags or water bags on these bases to prevent the flags from accidentally toppling over or falling over if someone hits them.

  • Most companies like vancke.com provide a carrying base with teardrop flags. You just have to place the different parts in the bag and store it in your garage or car trunk to carry them anywhere you want.
  • Teardrop flags are easily set up and dismantled. You do not need to wait for or depend on someone else to set it up. The flags reach you in different pieces. They come with an instruction manual that is easy to follow. It clearly describes how and which parts to join and set up your flags.
Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?
Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Select the right teardrop banner manufacturer

In addition to knowing how to select the right design and colors and where to set up your teardrop flags, it’s also essential that you place your order with the right people.

There are many companies offering teardrop flags. Do not choose the first company you come across. Do some research and find out more about the quality and colors of the different companies’ flags. Some companies may seem to offer cheaper rates, but their flags and colors are also affordable quality.

You can select your teardrop flag provider either through word of mouth referrals or do a little research on the internet. Visit the websites of a few providers and read the reviews of their past customers. Be careful of companies with only positive reviews.

Many people have a third person write them false reviews. Companies that have negative reviews aren’t necessarily bad choices. Check to see what they do to rectify the negative review. The companies that go out of their way to solve the problem are a better choice.

It proves that they consider the customer to be the king and do everything possible to keep them happy. You can also tell how professional the company is just by taking a look at their website.

Companies with a professional-looking website with lots of information and diagrams of feather flags are a better choice. It shows that they want you to make an informed choice while looking for teardrop flags by providing as much information as you may require to help you make your choice.

Teardrop flags are indeed a great marketing tool for any business. As long as you select the correct flags from the right companies. You will also need to use suitable designs and colors and set them up in the right spots. These measures will ensure the banners increase the traffic to your store or venture and possibly generate more business too.

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?
Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?