How do I know how many flags I need?

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How do I know how many flags I need?
How do I know how many flags I need?

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Visibility is essential for a business. You need to let people know about you and your products. And you can do this with the right marketing techniques and tools.

And one of them is feather flags, and you get the best results as long as you use the right number of flags. To make things easier, you can easily visit many sites online and choose the right design, size, and type of feather flag.

You have to also decide on the type because there are some that come with inground spikes, and others with cross-based, and wheelbase. It’s for you to choose, depending on where you plan to use it.

This makes you wonder how many flags you require while placing an order. There’s no fixed answer to it because it depends on where you plan to use it, why you are using it, and your budget.

Now before we discuss how many you need, here are some things about customized feather flags.

Which makes a better choice- one or two-sided flags?

It is the design of feather flags that give it its specialty and suitability for any business. These banners constitute a fabric strip for printing, and you can choose to print on one or both sides. You get to decide based on your budget and how much content you plan to print on it.

If you plan to print some event details or some discount sale, your logo, contact details, and something else, then it’s better to use a double-sided flag. If you plan to use it only to display your address and contact details, then a one-sided flag is a better option.

Of course, double-sided versions cost more, so if budget is a constraint, it may be better to buy a single-sided flag. However, do remember that double-sided flags are visible from both sides.

So if you expect traffic or footfall from both sides, it may be a more practical option to invest in a few double-sided ones. It may work out cheaper than printing numerous single-sided banners to place on both sides of the road so that traffic and footfall from both sides can see it.

How do I know how many flags I need?
How do I know how many flags I need?

Four essential features of feather banners

1.      Easily rotates even in mild and windy conditions

An interesting feather that makes these banners stand out from other advertising options is that it easily rotates. It can prove beneficial if you will be putting it up somewhere windy. It rotates easily and will proudly swivel to display whatever is printed on it for the world to see.

2.      The material is stretched taut

Another feature worth mentioning is that these banners, unlike the traditional loose flags, are stretched taut. This means that there is no worry about the wind tearing up the banner material. Besides, it also means that whatever is printed on it remains clearly visible to onlookers even in windy conditions.

3.      Carnival-like attractive look

The third feature is another reason why these flags are so popular today. They have a carnival-like appearance that makes them attractive enough to garner the attention of all demographics. It is in fact way more appealing and fun to look at for onlookers than other advertising types.

It is because the other options can get overbearing. It, in the process, helps create a positive association with your message, making it difficult for potential clients to ignore it.

4.      Tall banners perfect for maximum visibility

Last but not least, feather flags are really tall. There are various online sites like themartshop, have banners that are as tall as 18ft in height. You just have to make an online search while mentioning your requirements.

And this feature of the banners gives an added benefit to you because it makes them visible for yards around. It means that you will be able to read your message far and wide with minimal flags. In short, it’s a wise investment to make.

Three different base types for feather banners

As mentioned earlier, these banners come with various base types for you to select from.

·         Inground spikes

There are feather flags with inground spikes or ground stakes which are perfect for outdoor use. These banners have stakes that you push into the ground. It’s, in fact, the benefit of the flag because it’s the easiest to set up.

All you have to do is connect the different parts and stick them to the ground. Your banner is secure and ready to market about your store, ware, or sale.

·         Cross base

Next in line are options with a cross base. As the name suggests, these banners are held steady by two secure, durable crosspieces. They come with a screw that holds the pole in place.

While they are primarily used for indoor use, there’s nothing against using them for outdoor use. However, it’s generally suggested to place water-filled bags or rings with these bags for added weight and stability.

·         Wheelbase

The third most common type of base is a wheelbase or a drive-over base. In this case, the bases are strong enough to bear the vehicle’s weight that secures it.

You just have to place the banner in its base and drive a vehicle up to the flag, making sure it sits on top of the base and keeps it in place. In short, you use the weight of the vehicle to secure it. It’s ideal for outdoor use where you can’t use a ground spike or rather on concrete roads.

You can decide how many of them you need based on where you will be using them. So here’s something about the different uses of feather flags.

Various possible feather banner uses

There are so many ways, reasons and places to use your banners. Here are a few popular options:


a)     Outside your business

This may be the most probable reason you invest in banners to set up outside your store. It is a great strategy because they will keep fluttering outside in the wind to attract people’s attention.

So it’s impossible for someone shopping down the street or in the nearby parking lot to miss it. They are more likely to attract attention if you choose bright colors and fonts that are easily legible, even from afar.

In this case, you generally need a few of them. Perhaps one on either side of your store, and if there’s a parking lot or traffic signal nearby, then you may also put up a few there.

b)    At a sale or festival


You may also want some to advertise your business or your sale at a fair or festival. It is a wise decision because the banner’s bright colors and motion will blend in with the festival’s festive mode.

And as long as you get something tall, you are sure your business name doesn’t drown in the crowd of other similar flags. About how many you need for a fair or festival, well, you will need quite a few. It depends on the size of the festival and the footfall you expect to receive.

The bigger the venue, the more you will need. You could put them up at the entrance and exit spots, where people are most likely to see them. Of course, you need a few in front of your stall.

You could also place a few of them around the venue to use them as directional flags. You could print a few specifically for directional purposes with an arrow and perhaps your stall name and business name.

c)     Promotional reasons

You may also need feather banners for promotional reasons. If you are having a special offer or sale at your establishment, these banners are great to let the public know about it.

In fact, the right words and colors will also do a great job at piquing people’s curiosity. It’s better investing in feather flags to promote a sale than printing flyers.

Most people tend to crumple up the flyer and throw it away and may not even take a look at it. On the contrary, it’s hard to miss an attractively designed and worded feather banner that stands tall.

Once again, the number of these flags depends on where you want to advertise your sale. If you want to do it only in front of your store, two to four of them will be more than enough.

d)    For an open house

If you have a real estate agency, you could use these banners for advertising your open house. It will do a good job at making the location stand out. All it takes is a tall feather flag placed in front of the house to broadcast information about the event.

e)     Advertise about your grand opening

You can also use feather flags for advertising your store’s grand opening. A fluttering feather flag is large enough and perfect to be seen from far and wide. A tall single flag may be more than enough to advertise your grand opening.

Or you may not have any specific reason to put up banners except for enhancing brand awareness and association. You can print your logo on the feather flag to remind the public about you.

They will recall your business and think about you when they require the service or product you have to offer once they see the banners. And as long as you offer quality services and ware, people will associate your banner to it and choose to do business with you instead of someone else.

How do I know how many flags I need?
How do I know how many flags I need?

Feather banners are so easy to set up.

Yes, feather flags are easily set up. You can do it yourself without having to wait or depend on someone else for assistance. And once you are done with your advertising and promoting, you just have to dismantle the flag and store it in the carrying bag that accompanies the flags.

The carrying bags are provided with a reason. To let you store the banner and use it for quite a few years. Yes, you can reuse these flags. This can prove light on your pocket. All you have to do is make a one-time investment on as many flags as you require.

With the right care, like avoiding keeping them out for too long in the hot sun and washing it periodically if dirty, they will serve you for quite some time. It is better to avoid leaving them out for too long because the flag colors tend to fade because of the sun’s UV rays.

Easy to place an order

Once you know how many flags you need, it’s the next time to place your order. And this is easy. You just have to visit a site like themartshop and place an order. As usual, the more banners you order, the better is the discount you receive.

Now, here is something about designing the banner.

You can look at the design gallery and choose your design from the many options you have there. You then have to provide the details to be printed on it, and the company will have them delivered to you on time.

Supposing you are looking for a customized feather flag and have your own design ready, don’t worry. These companies will happily print out your customized banners pr your needs.

And you don’t even have to worry if you have no idea about what to print on the banner. Feather flag manufacturers have their in-house team of designers to help you out.

You can let them decide on a design for you, or you could give them some insight like the colors to use or logo if you have any, and they will come up with a few designs for you to choose from.

You then choose your most preferred option based on your budget. Always remember to book your flags in time so that they reach you on time for your event, opening, or promotion. Take into account the shipping delays, and make your booking and order accordingly.

How do I know how many flags I need?
How do I know how many flags I need?