What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

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What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry
What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

Starting afresh after the pandemic was rather tricky for me. My business was hit, and I had to do some extensive marketing to boost my visibility online and offline. While I had a good website with the required content, I needed the right outdoor advertisement to promote my store’s website.

This was when I decided, or instead learned, that feather flags are great for outdoor advertising. They come in various sizes, can be easily dismantled and put up, and most importantly, are cost-effective.

I also learned that the same flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, for quite a few years. I learned that the flags came with different bases to choose and use as appropriate.

The indoor flags were to be set up using a cross-base with a sandbag on it for support. The outdoor flags were set up by sticking the stake into the ground.

These exciting features for feather flags set me checking out what options I had. I decided to visit as many flag websites as possible and find out what they had in store for people like me.

This is what I found out through my research:

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1.     Colorful and attractive websites

The one thing that struck my attention the most was that these sites were indeed really colorful. The sites wanted to direct and show me the effects of the flag colors and how they could help with my advertising.

The flags on display all had distinctive colors, fonts, logos, and designs on them. I realized for one thing that flags with contrasting font and background were what attracted my attention the most and earliest.

It made me decide that this was an essential factor to remember while selecting and designing my store’s feather banner. The flag would be used to attract traffic and visitors to my store.

And I knew that the best way to capture their attention would be by making my banners as colourful and informative as possible.

2.     Informative

Being a novice at buying flags, I appreciate and acknowledge that feather flag websites were indeed really informative. I learned what I needed to know about the different flags they have. I learned that it is not only feather flags that are used for outdoor and indoor advertising.

There are also teardrop flags, pop-up A-frame banners, and even small, cute flags that can be used to advertise from a car! The sites clearly explained how I could set up the flag and dismantle it.

Websites like vancke.com have clear instructions and descriptions of the different banner parts. They clearly describe what I have to do to set up and even pull down the flag. I also learned that this site, like most of the other websites too, offers a carrying bag to conveniently store, and carry the flag around if needed.

3.     Different sections

Not only are the websites informative, but they are also neatly segregated into different sections and pages. There is no overcrowding of information. All I had to do was click on the different types of banners I wanted to learn about. The click then directed me to the respective pages or sections.

4.     Blog

In addition to all the informative web content, most of the flag websites also had an informative blog. I just skimmed through the titles and found some fascinating blog posts!

Examples of some of the exciting posts I read were posts describing the pros and cons of feather flags, giving me a reason to want to buy them. Then there were posts showing me how I could use them to maximize my reach and make most of my advertising investment.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry
What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

5.     Design options

While I knew that I needed feather flags, I had no clue what to print on them. What colors and theme to use, and how to create the right format. Well, I soon found out that I didn’t have to worry much about that!

Most of the websites have an extensive database of templates for you to choose from and use for your banner. There were templates designed for Halloween, Christmas, anniversaries, sales, and much more. We have to select the template that looks the most attractive, interesting, and proper for the flag.

However, the problem was that there were so many options available that I only ended up overwhelmed! But then again, there is a solution for people like me, whose templates do not prove useful.

Most websites have a team of in-house designers you can approach for your designing needs. I learned that I could either leave it to decide on the best design, font, colors, and wording for the flag.

Or I could give my input, and they would create a few samples based on my instructions. They will then show you a few drafts, and you can suggest a few tweaks that were required, and voila! You have your flag ready!

Don’t worry if you are one of those who know what you want on your flags. The websites have an arrangement for that too. They know that most of the customers may be well aware of what they want.

If that’s the case, you just have to submit your drawing to them, and they will take a look at it first to ensure it’s doable. However, some sites may have a specifics format to follow for submission. You may have to convert your file to an appropriate format and send it across.

6.     Help you with placing orders

You don’t have to worry about how to place orders. Not everyone is tech-savvy and comfortable in placing orders. You may need help and directions, and this is where the site’s guidelines help you.

All you have to do is follow their instructions. They clearly describe what you have to do from the start of designing the flag, and then place an order for the type and number you want, and finally direct you to their payment gateway to make your payment.

7.     Safe and secure

When the word payment crops up, the first thing that you may wonder is if it is safe and secure to pay online. That’s why I suggest you deal with only the reputed companies, using safe and secure websites, like vancke.com. You know your money, and valuable information is in safe hands if you deal with them.

8.     FAQ section

I found the FAQ section in most websites to be an excellent boon for novices like me. It answered most of the doubts and queries I had about feather flags. So I suggest you read the FAQs from a few websites if you are buying feather flags for the first time.

You may end up saving lots of time and money in the process by ordering the right banners for your cash and intention.

9.     Reviews

Of course, the reviews section is always a valuable part of any website, including father banner websites. I was wary of the sites that had only positive and no negative reviews because nothing is perfect!

I prefer dealing with websites with a negative review or two and like reading to find out what the company had done to negate the study. It gave me a better perspective of how the company treated their customers and if their focus lay in customer satisfaction or not.

To me, companies that reply to both negative and positive reviews are the best. It shows they know how to handle and accept both praises and critique and take the appropriate measures to resolve the problem and prevent anything similar from recurring again in the future.

10.    Shipping and delivery

I suggest you read the website’s shipping and delivery terms before placing orders. I noticed that some sites have restrictions about sending their feather flags to certain countries.

And some offer a choice of expected shipping, and some have specific timings to adhere to while making bookings. So it’s worth checking this entire out at first to ensure your flags reach you on time for your grand opening or event.

11.    Return policy

I also advise reading the website’s return policy. I noticed that most websites have a pretty decent return policy where you can return an unopened and unused in its original packing and have their payment returned. However, this usually applies to orders placed based on their templates.

Most feather flag companies don’t let you return customized feather flags. And it is warranted because they will not be able to resell the flag. It ends up as a waste for the company. They can always resell flags printed based on their in-house templates.

12.    Guarantee

However, most websites do not seem to offer any guarantee on their flags. It’s because a lot depends on how you use the banners. Outdoor elements are mainly not in their hands because the flag may fade quicker than anticipated if left outdoors for too long.

That is why sites like vancke.com suggest that you bring your feather flags inside in case of extreme weather conditions. And while you can usually set up the flags on your own, it is better to contact a professional installer if you are not confident about mounting them.

You save money in the process because there is no risk of damaging the flags and wasting the capital invested.

13.    Track order feature

What I especially liked about the websites is their track order feature. It lets me keep track of my order and know exactly where it is and when it will reach me.

14.    Our projects page

Some sites also had a useful ‘our projects’ page. I got to look at all the different types of banners the company produced and got an idea of what the end product looked like. It helped me decide on my flag much better.

15.    Social responsibility

I found an interesting concept in some of the banner websites. Some of them were displaying their social responsibility by giving back to society. I wondered how they did this, and i got my answer on the website.

I found out that they did it through their partnerships with different foundations in the country they support. They contributed to help the people of the country and even donated some banners for them to use.

16.    Option to print flags in different languages

While most of the feather flag websites printed flags in English, a few offered to print in different languages. I felt that proves useful and a great way to reach out to an international clientele.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry
What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

17.    Free design

One very useful I found in some of the websites like vancke.com was requesting a free design. It let me know what my font, wordings, and design would look like on the feather flag.

To tell you frankly, I did not like the design offered through the request. Of course, I am to blame for it, and not the website. They had designed it based on my input, and they had advised against it. But being the stubborn person I am, I thought I had to try, as it anyway was a free request, and I had nothing to lose.

The failed request was a real help because I learned what I was doing wrong. I also got an idea of what I should not do and make the necessary changes while placing my actual order. And I had no regrets about the design on it!

Well, that’s about everything I have to say about my views and what I learned through the different feather flag websites. I suggest you also visit a few websites before selecting the right person to hire for printing your flags.

Keep these seventeen points in mind; use the right keywords while conducting your search like ‘feather flag companies’ or ‘feather flag websites.’

Your inquiry will lead you to a list of websites, and it is left to you to visit a few of them, decide on the company with great reviews, have an informative website, and sell flags within your budget.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry
What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry