Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

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Talk about your business to advertise & promote your products & services. A continuous & evolving marketing strategy is the key to success, whether you’re running a well-established business or planning to start a new one irrespective of the business size.

Small businesses mostly have a tight budget, so it can be challenging for small businesses to design a highly converting marketing strategy. This blog will explain plenty of ways for small businesses to market their products & services exceptionally without spending much.

As small business owners & managers, you may not get sufficient time to research and identify low-cost marketing ideas because of the heavy workloads. So, we’ve taken care of you to explain a few of the most Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising ideas.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas
Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising ideas

You don’t need heavy marketing budgets but a smartly designed advertising campaign to promote a small business. We’ve got plenty of low-cost advertising ideas to boost conversion rates irrespective of your business size.

This blog will cover a few advertising ideas ranging from digital to traditional marketing tactics,

Create a free Google My Business Account

Google Business profile has become the most interactive free advertising tool, particularly for local businesses. Its free listing allows your business to show up on Google Maps, the local section of Google searches, and the right-side knowledge panel for brand searches.

But for your business profile to show up higher on Google Maps or local results, you need to optimize your business profile. If you want to optimize your profile, you must own a Google Business account.

Post and engage on social media

Increasing social media engagement & building an online community is a free way to grow your business. Social media enables you to interact with your targeted audience and express your brands’ voice. Create your business account on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It would be best to get a little time to signup these digital media accounts and enjoy low-cost eye-catching advertising.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas
Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Tag People (and brands) on social media

Tagging your loyal customers, brands, or even competing companies can help you grow your business and increase organic traffic for your businesses & brands. It will boost your follower and ultimately grab potential clients’ attention. Create engaging content regularly to encourage your followers to tag your social media & handle brands in their posts on different social media platforms.

You can also tag your happy customers in your posts, exposing your products to their network (if you have their permission).

Use Hashtags

Hashtags embedded social media posting is another free & result-oriented marketing tactic. Hashtag embedded posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok can help you incorporate your brand voice in most discussing topics of a point in time.

Trending hashtags can speedily build your brands’ identity. More specific hashtags like short or long-tail keywords are also good when providing resources and advice. How can you forget location-based hashtags if you have a local business? Search engines & social media platforms rely on location-based keywords to show a brand’s post in a specific location.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas
Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Use LinkedIn Wisely

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is often used for business marketing. Don’t just add a few network connections and sign out. You may add multiple network connections to reach a lot of users and market your business effectively. Share your blogs posts & offers, join and contribute with other forums and share quality content.

Local SEO is free, but it can take some time, so start from now and keep working, and over time, you’ll get huge benefits.

  • Add location-based keywords to your main website pages’ title, headings, and body content.
  • Publish pages or blogs specifically in the neighborhood you served.
  • Get listed in online directories and provide the correct information across the platforms.

A smartly designed email marketing strategy

Email Marketing helps to attract new clients & engage with existing clients. It helps you maintain a great relationship with your existing customers by updating them about the new products & offers. Email Marketing is a great marketing tactic with return-on-investment statistics.

You may follow the enlisted ideas before initiating the email marketing campaign,

  • Write a creative & short pitch line in your marketing email subject line.
  • Use converting tone to make your offer attractive for readers.
  • You must track your performance and run A/B tests to see what copies and offers resonate with your list.
  • Start your promotional email campaigns with a free marketing service like MailChimp.

Apply for Business Awards

Winning digital viewers’ trust is the most complicated part of any company’s digital marketing campaign. Most companies have business awards that you can win by your credibility, providing you with an online badge you can place on your website. Badges like these can increase credibility and boost conversion rates. Let’s check some experts’ tips to market an award and make the most of it.

If there are no awards for your industry, then host it on your own! You’ll get attention from other business industries and who want to apply for your awards.

Advertising for your company can bring awareness, attract customers, and build your brands. But it requires a lot of creativity, thinking, and budget to design a highly converting advertising campaign in this business-competitive era.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas
Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Advertising Flags

It’s not easy for smaller businesses to compete with global companies’ marketing campaigns on digital media. Small & local businesses need traditional marketing campaigns to make their place in the market.

Traditional marketing campaigns are a way cost-effective & higher return on investment statistics, especially for local markets targeting. You may go with traditional marketing approaches like flags marketing, business cards, words of mouth, and outdoor marketing activities to meet the challenges of a lower advertising budget.

Advertising Flags can help you build a low-cost marketing strategy by keeping your marketing budget & other scenarios in mind.

Advertising flags are the perfect way to market your brand locally. We have enlisted some of the most used advertising flags for indoor & outdoor marketing; you may go through this listing to pick the best one for your brand,

Feather Flags | Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising

Feather flags‘ attractive shape grabs people’s attention from far away. Get a customized feather flag for your business for branding or promotional offers. Its higher return on investment statistics makes it the best low-cost outdoor advertising tactic.

Feather flags are an inexpensive advertising tool used mainly by small businesses, car washes, food trucks, financial services offices, legal services offices, outdoor sales events, etc.

Feather flags come in the following three styles to meet the needs of varying indoor & outdoor marketing needs,

  • Feather flags with cross base
  • Feather flags with inground spikes
  • Feather flags with a wheelbase

Feather flags design (colors & font choice) matters to capture the passing by visitors & potential clients’ attention. Experts suggest having a feather flag with a light-colored background & bright-colored words can be helpful to grab peoples’ attention from far away.

Teardrop Flags | Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising

Its teardrop shape makes it the best outdoor advertising product for windy weather areas. Teardrop flags‘ curvy design allows it resists the gusty weather. Its artistic shape attracts passing by people.

We will suggest you go with teardrops flags if your company has an established reputation. Teardrop flags have a smaller area because of their curvy design; it does not allow you to write too much on them. Ideally, you can print a pitch line & company logo on teardrop flags.


You can use teardrop flags as a welcoming banner at your business location or as an outdoor marketing tool. Teardrop flags come in the following three styles to meet the needs of varying outdoor marketing strategies,

  •  Teardrop Flags with Cross Base
  • Teardrop flags with a wheelbase
  • Teardrop flags with inground spike

Pop up a frame banner | Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising

Pop up a frame banner is the best marketing tool for indoor & outdoor business events. Its artistic shape makes a business stall fabulous and effectively conveys the brand voice.

After attending a business expo, you can also smartly place these pop-up frame banners at your shop or office. You can order student bag-shaped, elliptical, or round pop frame banners for cost-effective & unique indoor & outdoor marketing.

Final Words | Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising

We have discussed the digital & traditional low-cost eye-catching advertising ideas. Digital advertising feels easy to manage if you have the technical knowledge and can be helpful to design a long-term marketing strategy. But it can take time to create results, especially when you go with free digital marketing tactics. You may need heavy marketing budgets for quick results if you go with digital advertising.

In contrast, advertising flags are cost-effective & attractive advertising tools that can help local & small businesses to create highly converted marketing campaigns with the lowest spending. Whether you’re a smaller business or part of a multinational chain, advertising flags can be the best marketing product if you want to target a specific local market.