What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?

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Lunch wagons are a popular street food option for metropolitan cities’ residents around the globe. Lunch wagons are known for their quality & experimental food at reasonable prices. A lunch wagon or on-wheel food truck could be the best food-business option for people with lower budgets. But, in this busy & competitive era, it’s not easy to grab people’s attention towards a specific lunch wagon.

If you’re planning to initiate a lunch wagon or food truck business, you may need a solid marketing plan. Marketing flags are considered the best tool to date for lunch wagons intro or advertising campaign to catch people’s attention. But there’re several types of advertising flags. How can we choose the best advertising flags for the lunch wagons campaign?

You don’t need to get confused; we’re here to let you know the best advertising flags for lunch wagons to set a converting or awareness campaign.

Best advertising marketing flags for lunch wagons

We have noticed a tremendous surge in lunch wagons trend in recent years, especially in Europe, USA & metropolitan cities around the globe. The affordable & on-go meal options are the fundamental reasons behind this notable surge in the lunch wagons business.

This increasing popularity for food trucks brings massive business but creates a competitive environment for newbies to enter the lunch wagons business. Marketing flags come there to help you for a successful lunch wagon’s business launch.

This blog will enlighten you on the best marketing flags for lunch wagons to help you set up an exceptional marketing campaign for lunch wagons business.

What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?
What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?

Feather Flags – Best marketing flag for lunch wagons

Feather flags are the best way to grab attention towards a lunch wagon or food truck on a busy street. We have listed a few core reasons below that make feather first choice for most food truck owners,

Best for windy conditions: Food trucks may face extreme windy weather conditions as they serve outdoor food. Feather flags shape helps them resist highly windy conditions, which is one of the fundamental reasons for picking up feather flags for food truck promotions.

Visible from far away: Lunch wagons generally don’t have a specific business location. That makes it complex to grab new people’s attention every day. Feather flags’ height & attractive shape makes it easy to grab people’s attention from far away on a busy street.

Affordability – Feather flags are inexpensive compared to other traditional promotional campaign methods. The reasonable prices for feather flags make it a first & foremost choice for most of the lunch wagons owners.

How & where to place feather flags for lunch wagons?

Have you picked feather flags for your lunch wagon business promotion or intro and are confused about the ideal position to place it? We will tell you the best way to position a feather flag for your lunch wagon.

In front of lunch wagon – The best & most practiced approach is to place two double-sided feather flags at the front of lunch wagons. Two double-sided flags at the front of your lunch wagon will grab people’s attention and boost the conversion rate. Keep a distance of up to 6 feet between the flags & lunch wagon according to available space.

On the roof of the lunch wagon – You may have seen some lunch wagons with a feather flag on their rooftop. It is a smart move to place a feather flag on the rooftop in exceptional cases. If you have parked your lunch wagon in a congested & crowded space, that does not allow you to keep a distance of at least 4 feet between flags & wagon. Then it is ideal to position the feather flag at the rooftop of your lunch wagon to make your lunch wagon visible from far away.

What is the ideal height of feather flags for lunch wagons?

Picking up feather flags is not enough for setting up a smart & highly converting promotional marketing strategy. The perfect height for feather flags also matters to boost the conversion rates.

The ideal height for lunch wagons feather flags varies for varying business scenarios. To know an ideal height for feather flags, you may need to measure your lunch wagon or food truck height.

The height of your food truck or lunch wagon & positioning of the flag determines the height for best-fit feather flags for your business.

If you plan to position feather flags at the front of a 10 to 12 feet high lunch wagon, you may pick a 14.5 to 16.5 feet high feather flag kit. Try to keep your feather flags about 4.5 feet higher than your lunch wagons. It will make your lunch wagon visible from far away & causes to boost the conversion rate.

But, if you have decided to position a feather flag at the rooftop of your lunch wagon, then a 14.5 to 16.5 feet higher feather flag kit will ruin the purpose of putting up an advertising flag. In that case, you may pick up a 6.5 to 8.5 feet higher feather flag kit.

The perfectly heightened feather flags make it easy to read from far away and grab people’s attention to ultimately boost sales. Vancke can be a perfect choice for you to get customized feather flags designs & sizes at reasonable prices.

What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?
What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?

The Popup sideline banner | The Best flags for lunch wagons

Feather flags are the best for promoting or introducing a lunch wagon. These flags make a lunch wagon or food truck visible from far away. But you can’t use feather flags to display your lunch wagon menu list because of minimal space.

The food menu banner also plays a critical role in boosting lunch wagon sales. You can’t risk ignoring the significance of the food menu. The pop-up sideline banners come here to solve the food menu display issues.

Dual-sided pop-up banners are the first & foremost choice for lunch wagons owners to display their food menu in style. These pop-up banners come in artistically curved, round, horizontal & vertical shapes. You may go with a shape that best fits your food menu.

A fast-food wagon may go with a round shape sideline banner to hint at the burgers & pizzas. In contrast, a vertical-shaped sideline banner could be the best option for traditional lunch selling food trucks or lunch wagons. And if you have planned to sell experimental food, you may go with artistically shaped customized sideline banners to display your food menu.

What is the ideal height for the lunch wagons’ food menu banners?

As discussed earlier, the position & height of any promotion flag or banner matters to boost the conversion rates. Going with a 5 to 6 feet high sideline pop-up banner is suggested to display the food menu and always place it in front of the lunch wagon at a distance of 4 to 6 feet.

You may explore Vancke for artistically shaped sideline banner kits or get a customized popup sideline banner at incredible prices.

The content & design of lunch wagons, feather flags & Sideline banners

The designing & content of feather flags & sideline banners is critical in setting up a successful lunch wagon business. We’ve discussed with some traditional marketing experts & successful lunch wagons owners to pinpoint the critical ingredients for an ideal advertising flag design. Let’s have a look below at our identified significant ingredients to design an ideal marketing flag or banner for lunch wagons after the thorough discussions,

Bright Colors – Use bright colors in your feather flags as bright colors make flags visible from far away. It triggers people’s attention towards the lunch wagon, and they will unconsciously focus on your food wagon for a menu.

Use Red & Yellow – Ensure to use the red & yellow colored theme of your lunch wagon & feather flag. Scientifically, red color stimulates our brain appetite sensitive hormones while yellow makes us happy. That’s why most of the restaurants & food trucks use red & yellow colors in their logo, banners & flags. Red & yellow-colored flags, banners & menus can trigger people’s appetite & ultimately boost your lunch wagon sales.

Bold Font – Use the bold font in feather flags as the purpose of feather flags is to make a lunch wagon visible from a faraway distance. Bold fonts make feather flags easy to read and ultimately grab passing by people’s attention towards a lunch wagon or food truck.

Feather Flag Content – Keep your feather flags content as simple as possible. It is the ideal approach to put a logo, name with a pitch line, and a background image. Don’t put too much content on a feather flag; it will mess up the core purpose of grabbing people’s attention from far away distances. Try to maintain a difference between a feather flag & menu content.

Sideline pop-up banner Content – You may put your lunch wagon name & menu on sideline pop-up banners. Successful lunch wagon business owners suggest keeping your menu as simple as possible. After all, it isn’t a restaurant but an on-wheel street food wagon. The larger menu will cut down the profit ratio and makes it tough for you to maintain all the stuff single handily.