The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

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In this competitive business era, marketing plays a vital role in building a loyal customer base for any brand. From product awareness to sales growth, marketing is the only way to survive & thrive for any company in this competitive business world. But the way you launch a marketing campaign matters to determine its success rate. After the technological advancements, marketers have plenty of digital marketing options to connect with a wide range of audiences. Digital marketing is significant & helps in the exposure of any business, but ignoring traditional marketing can be a regretful strategy for any company. This blog will explain the unmatched benefits of traditional marketing over digital marketing.

The Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is essential to build a loyal customer base & for the consistent growth of any business. Let’s dive deep into the marketing world to get the importance & benefits of traditional marketing,

Do businesses still need traditional marketing?

‘Do businesses still need traditional marketing?’ New babies to the marketing world generally ask such questions. Look, you can’t abandon traditional marketing on the cost of digital marketing if you want to taste the success. Traditional marketing includes offline marketing strategies like Television, Radio, Print, Flags, Billboards, etc. How can you ignore such important marketing tactics while Traditional marketing still has higher ROI (Return on investment) for most companies?

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing
The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

You may look at a few mega digital companies like Amazon & Netflix’s marketing strategies. Both are purely digital companies but invest a large portion of their marketing budget in traditional marketing. Do you know why? Because it’s natural, most people find themselves connected to the physical world rather than digital space. US-based research shows that 56% of people find print ads more reliable.

Abandoning traditional marketing can indirectly abandon 56% of your targeted market.

Now, when traditional marketing importance is crystal clear in this digital era, let’s have a look at key benefits of traditional marketing,

Interpersonal Interaction

Indirect marketing tactics let you interact with your audience individually. Indirect marketing strategies like door-to-door campaigns or custom flags left an everlasting impression on people. Let’s adopt an indirect marketing strategy to build a trustworthy relationship with your targeted market.

Be a part of communities

In this bustling era, people look for someone whom they can trust. The local TV, radio, print, billboards, mails, or flags marketing let your company attach with local communities. It earns the special place for your company in a targeted local community & ultimately achieves higher growth & loyal users. A well-planned & consistent indirect marketing campaign can turn a product into a cultural part for targeted communities.

Best Awareness Tactic

Digital marketing is a new way for launching awareness campaigns & it lets us reach a specific targeted audience. It’s good to go with digital ads for running an awareness campaign, but you can’t abandon traditional marketing. Traditional marketing strategies are still the best way to launch an awareness campaign.

What services or products does your company offer? Say as louder as you can. Everyone must listen & remember your brand name & key services/products. That’s the fundamental goal of any awareness campaign. And indirect marketing is a tested tactic with higher ROI to launch a successful awareness campaign.

Best for old folks

Two decades ago, there was neither internet nor the concept of e-businesses. Indirect marketing was the only way for marketing at that time. There are still millions of people; who don’t know how to use the internet or don’t feel comfy with digital campaigns. When they get a flyer, look at a custom flag, newspaper, TV, or listen to a radio, they know it’s an advertisement & listen to it. You might say such people are old folks, but they are huge in number & potential buyers with higher purchasing powers. Traditional marketing lets you target such groups who feel comfy with physical marketing.

Marketing | Subconscious Clicking Game

Marketing is a way to feed your message to the subconscious of the targeted audience. If your campaign successfully clicks the ‘audience subconscious.’ Then you can gain a substantial rise in conversions & loyal client base.

Indirect marketing psychologically impacts humans’ subconscious. When we look at a billboard or advertising flag while driving, we read the message unconsciously. And our mind clicks the advertisement message & asks to try when we’re out to do shopping for similar products.

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing
The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

While digital ads disturb most people, they look at the time to click ‘skip ad’ rather than looking at the advertisement. Because digital ads appear when we’re curiously reading a blog or watching a video.

Get noticed by a new audience

Colorful billboards & flags with catchy pitch lines get noticed by the people. It creates buzz around the city. Everyone talks about the specific brand message. Traditional marketing, including billboards, flags, newspaper ads, and radio messages, can target a vast audience instead of a narrow group audience.

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing
The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

For now, digital marketing is a way behind traditional marketing campaigns in targeting a vast audience.


Reliability matters, and it’s nearly impossible for newly launched brands to gain people’s trust via solely digital campaigns. We, humans, are listing to radios & watching TV for generations. The messages we get from TV or newspaper feel 100% reliable compared to digital ads.

People are still struggling to align with the digital world, and fake news & phishing trends further damage people’s trust in digital information. Traditional marketing is the only way to gain people’s confidence, especially for newly launched companies.

Direct Mail

An English writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton, well said,

“a pen is mightier than a sword.” Writing is one of the oldest & effective tools to share thoughts. Writing direct mail can boost your company conversion rates compared to e-mails.

A study suggests that companies get $2,095 sales for every $167 spent on direct mail marketing. Those are exceptional ROI statistics for any marketing strategy and unravel the benefits of traditional marketing.

Direct mail enables a company to build a personal relationship with clients individually. And personal relationship building is a tested way to earn loyal clients for the companies.

Higher ROI Statistics

Everything is getting digitalized nowadays, then why do you still find traditional marketing knocking on your door? From Amazon to Netflix, most digital giants spend millions of dollars on traditional marketing campaigns. The question is why, why do such companies need to launch traditional marketing campaigns?

No wonder the answer is simple & straightforward – higher ROI statistics. Traditional marketing like print, TV, billboards, flags and flyers have a tested & proven track record for bringing results. That keeps traditional marketing alive & even a step ahead of digital marketing.

Marketing Budget

The marketing budget is one of the founding pillars for any marketing campaign, and it matters, especially for the smaller companies.

Who are you? Let’s suppose you’re a newly launched makeup company. Do you have enough marketing budget to compete with Salena Gomez Rare Beauty? Are you planning digital marketing campaigns? You can’t even do 10% of what Her brand is doing with the large marketing budget. But traditional marketing can help you compete with ‘Rare Beauty’ & other giant beauty chains in particular markets with a smaller budget.

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing
The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

When you launch a digital marketing campaign for any product, most viewers also find the already established companies’ campaigns & prefer to go with them. It causes lower ROI for newer companies’ digital companies.

In comparison, traditional marketing strategies let your brand voice reach a vast audience. And you can feed your brand messages in the absence of your competitors via traditional marketing. That can bring higher conversion rates for your company.

Traditional Marketing is Cost-Effective

Whether it is a multi-billion company or a smaller company with few thousand dollars revenue planning to spend the marketing budget wisely is a vital & essential tool for success.

You have to look at ROI statistics & the size of your company advertisement budgets to plan awareness or conversion campaigns.

With the smaller marketing budget, it is wise to choose the traditional marketing approach, as it lets you reach a larger audience with higher conversion rates compared to digital marketing.

Digital media campaigns are costly when we look at ROI statistics. We need content (blogs, images, videos, sales pitches) regularly to feed the digital space. However, the cost of promotion is another headache. And, it becomes worse when you find your well-established competitor’s campaigns targeting the same audience at a similar time. It causes the audience to go with well-known brand products rather than a newly launched brand and ultimately decreases the ROI.

Final Words

Digital marketing is getting popular with each passing day, but it should not be a reason to abandon traditional marketing. We have discussed the significant benefits of traditional marketing that show how it is still effective to boost businesses growth.

You need to come up with creative design ideas & catchy sales pitches that connect your audience. Billboards & custom-designed flags could be a cost-effective traditional marketing strategy with higher ROI & conversions. In case your company has a reasonable marketing budget. Then you may try both digital & traditional marketing strategies.