Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

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Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags
Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

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Feather flags are advertisement banners used by event organizers, brands, and businesses to promote their trade. As the name indicates, these banners are like bird feathers in their shape and weight.

Since these flags occupy less space and convey a clear message, they are the perfect choice for all marketing agencies. These feather flags find maximum use in high-density locations like indoor malls, trade shows, sports events, dense cities, etc.

Various pre-printed banners are available in different sizes and shapes to fulfill your advertising requirement. You can also order customized flags as per the marketing needs of your business.

Moreover, you can opt for single-sided, double-sided, tall, or short banners as per your needs.

The fabric of feather banners

These banners are generally of polyester material. This polyester fabric is lightweight enough to wave with the breeze and durable to withstand extreme weather.

Though nylon is also a popular option, it tends to fade over time and may rip off and dry up when used for long periods. So polyester fabric remains the best fabric option for these custom banners.

The printing process

There are various ways to print the flags. The graphics are directly printed on the fabric in most custom flags, allowing for proper bleed-through of ink and slow fading.

Another way of printing is through dye sublimation. In this technique, the feather flag manufacturers first print the graphics on paper and then use heat-pressing to transfer them to the flag fabric.

Though this method gives bright colors, the banners fade quicker.

Colors used in printing

  • RGB

RGB means red, green, and blue. It finds its use for digital mediums like phones, computers, and TVs.

  • CMYK

It is the acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow, black and is famous for printing feather flags, brochures, flyers, etc. These colors are physically mixed in different proportions to get the desired color, and it is similar to mixing painting colors.

  • Pantone colors

These colors use CMYK-based PMS (Pantone matching system) and print standardized colors for different industries and businesses. The PMS system matches and identifies colors across the United States.

How to install and secure feather banners

You do not need any extra tools to install and secure the banners. The flag kits come complete with three to five poles and mounting hardware.

You can join these small pole pieces together to make a single large pole. For mounting purposes, the flags come with different types of bases.

Base options

Feather flags come with different base options to suit various purposes:

  • Square

It is a square-shaped, flat base made up of heavy metal. It is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor purposes and can withstand moderate winds and heavy foot traffic.

  • Cross base

This base has four legs with a foldable design. Since you can fold this base, it is a traveling-friendly option. And you can also use it indoors.

  • Cross base including water bag

This is a modified version of a cross base with a water bag that you can put on the top of the cross base. The extra 16 pounds weight of the water bag helps secure the flags.

  • Ground stake

This type of base is best suited for outdoors. It has a metal spike of 25″ length that you can directly insert into the solid soil. And then you can install feather flags on this spike.

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags
Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Types of feather banners

  • Single-sided

Single-sided flags are printed only on one side. So the backside of the banners has a reflection of the front print. Although you can use them for all purposes, they best suit single route streets or one-way traffics. The other side of the traffic will only see the reversed image.

  • Double-sided

On the contrary, the double-sided flags have two fabrics woven together as one. And to avoid any possible see-through, there is a black fabric placed between the two layers.

You can get the same or different messages printed on both sides of the flags. They are the best choice for two-way traffic.

How are double-sided feather banners made?

The making of double-side flags is slightly different from single-side flags. There are two separate fabric layers for double side flags, each of which is custom printed.

Since these flags are opaque, you can print two different designs or repeat the same design on two sides. Either way, the audience can read the printed message from far off. This feature contrasts with the single-sided flags where the message is printed only on one side.

These feather banners are available in various sizes in the range of 6-17 feet. You can order one according to your marketing requirements.

Five reasons for choosing double-sided feather banners over single-sided banners

While selecting custom feather flags for advertising your business, it is always better to opt for double-sided banners because they offer many advantages over single-sided flags.

Read these five points to know why your business gets good value by investing in double-sided feather flags.

  1.    Easily affordable

These double-printed flags are easily affordable and are available at all reliable stores. You can also get customized banners according to your business requirements.

  1.    Variety of designs available

Another attractive feature of these banners is the variety of designs you can get printed on both sides of these flags. You can customize the design and content you require for your marketing purposes on both sides.

And since these flags are opaque, there is zero possibility of see-through, which implies that both sides can easily feature a different design.

  1.   Provide view from all angles

The main advantage of getting these banners is that they provide visibility from all possible angles and distant sites. It is a beneficial feature for consistent business marketing because more exposure to your message means more traffic for your business. So selecting double-sided flags means more visibility. 

  1.   Heavy, so looks better

Yet another reason to opt for a double-sided flag is their weight. These banners are heavier than single-sided flags, thus making them sturdier, durable, and a better look.

More weight on the banner makes its design look more convincing and eye-catching.

  1.   They are not transparent but opaque

These flags have two different sides, which makes them opaque. And because they are opaque, it makes the designs and prints on these custom banners more visible. You can easily see them even in bright sunlight as they do not become unrecognizable or hazy.

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags
Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Tips for making your customized flags last longer

Although these banners are strong and durable, proper care helps ensure the flags last longer than usual. Here are three excellent tips for maintaining your feather banners.

  1. Ensure correct installation

Ensure that you properly install the flag base in the ground. Do not forget to use tension cords wherever required. And make sure to insert the pole into the ground properly when using it on soft ground. Also, place the head of the spike base a little above the soil for proper rotation.

  1. Minimize force

Protect your flags and poles from any force because the damage caused by any intentional or unintentional pressure does not come under warranty.

For instance, if your flags are caught on fencing and torn, you cannot replace them by claiming a warranty.

Or, if landscapers cut your flag pole, you can also not replace the flags. Therefore, it’s crucial to shield your banners from similar kinds of force.

  1. Take the flags down in severe weather conditions

Feather banners can get damaged in severe weather conditions such as blizzards, winds with a speed of 40 MPH, and storms.

Take the feather banners down and store them safely whenever extreme conditions prevail. The flag and poles might damage if not adequately cared for during severe weather.

Why you should use customized feather banners for marketing

The feather banners are the real heroes of the marketing world. With umpteen features, they are the business owners’ first choice.

They fulfill all your marketing requirements, from providing 24*7 advertisement and durability to economic choice and attractive designs. Read these ten points to know why you should use these banners for marketing.

  1. Compact and lightweight

All the flag accessories come in a portable carrying bag, ensuring easy organization of all the parts and hardware. Moreover, you can travel hassle-free as you only have to carry the bags along.

Additionally, the storage space is also small in comparison to their sizes. For example, an 18ft banner can easily dismantle and fit into a 5ft long carrying bag.

Thus, their compact size is the best advantage of using these flags for promotion.

  1. Durable

The polyester fabric used in these flags makes them long-lasting. Moreover, built from fiberglass, the flagpoles are sturdy enough to last for at least five years if you take proper care of them.

  1. Economical

The prices of the banners vary depending on their size. From large billboards to small customized feather fags, you can easily choose something that fits your budget.

  1. Easy designing and printing

You can design your customized feather banners. Yes, you heard that right. You can select your graphics, logo, and text and send them to the manufactures for printing. This way, you can get customized flags.

And if you need a pre-printed banner, you have to go to the store and order the flag of your choice. You can also have the feather flag manufacturer’s in-house designer create one for you if you do not know what to print on the banners.

  1. Different sizes and shapes

You can get these banners in variable sizes, from 6-18 ft. You can use small flags outside your stores for your business advertisements and larger ones to promote events.

Also, the tall flags come with increased width so that you can add more graphics to your banner. Moreover, you can conveniently place them in crowded places due to their compact size.

  1. Consistent advertisement

Since these flags are weather resistant and you can place them outside throughout the year, they provide consistent advertisement for your business.

  1. Weather-resistant

These flags are weather resistant to a great extent and remain unaffected by excessive rainfall or high winds.

Keep the stakes above the ground if you have anchored your banners via ground stakes. It helps the flags swirl with the winds and prevents any damage because of the abrupt change in directions of the wind.

However, it is advisable to keep the banners indoors in extreme weather to ensure a long life for your feather banners.

  1. Optimally located

Since they come in variable sizes, you have the convenience of placing them at any desired location. If you want to put them indoors, opt for square bases. And if you’re going to place them outdoors, you can secure them with cross bases.

Moreover, if you are looking for additional security, you can use water or sand-filled bases for weightage. Heavy metals bases can also prevent the flags from falling on your inventories.

  1. Easy assembly

These customized marketing feather flags come with an instruction manual for easy assembly. There are instructions on joining the poles, securing the flags in bases, and fitting the feather fabric to the pole. And since they are lightweight (10-50lbs), anyone can handle the installation.

  1. Versatile

These marketing flags have versatile uses, like working as an effective marketing agent for indoor and outdoor businesses. If you are using them outdoors, use the correct base for securing the flags.

And with a variety of bases available, it becomes convenient to use these flags as per your requirements. Moreover, you can also mount them on the walls with the help of wall mounts or to the canopy side.

The talented designers at create customized, beautiful feather flags for you and that too at affordable prices. You can get all sorts of banners in different styles that fit your budget and meet business requirements.

At, you can order single and double-sided flags in eye-catching graphics and bright colors. All you have to do is visit their website and make your choice!

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags
Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags