Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags to Advertise at Your Golf Event

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Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event
Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

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Golf is an exciting sport to watch through the many golf events organized worldwide due to the widespread popularity of golf.

The sport’s origin is difficult to establish, although it has its roots in the Netherlands and then progressed to Scotland.

From its obscure antiquity, Golf attained worldwide popularity quickly. At present, there are several golf events organized around the globe every year.

As the organizers plan for such kinds of sports events, they look forward to a larger gathering. This is where the role of feather flags comes into play.

These sports events are made famous by promoting them using feather flags. Since the organizers aim for maximum gathering, the need for advertisement is huge.

Feather flags are an effective means of promotion of such events.

What are feather flags?

Feather flags are an effective means of advertisement as far as small businesses are concerned. It is because of their ability to attract the attention of more people. Whether a business promotion or a sports event, feather flags find their utility in all marketing strategies.

Feather flags derive their name due to their feather-like appearance; they, however, are not stuffed with feathers. They may range from 10ft to 20 ft. Most businesses, however, prefer a length of approx 13 ft to promote their services or products.

Historical background of feather flags

The concept of the feather flag is not new in the business world. Small and large businesses have been using the feather flags since the 1970s. Though it is an uncommon word, unlike the usual ‘yard sign’ or ‘custom banner,’ the flags are extensively used by business or event organizers to promote their brand or attract maximum gathering.

However, in the 1990s, despite the growing popularity of the internet, feather flags still became an effective means of marketing small businesses. The increasing use of the internet helped expand feather flags by making them cheaply available.

It became more convenient for organizers to order the flags online instead of depending only on local and expensive flag makers. With plenty of design tools available online, customization of feather flags has become easy, and they have been growing ever since.

Feather flags have been the traditional means of advertisement because they are non-digital and present before the internet era. It makes them the most effective marketing tool. So, if you are organizing any sports event, these feather banners are worth trying.

Purpose of feather flags

The purpose of using feather flags is effective marketing. All businesses, whether large or small, use this traditional method of advertisement. These flags do wonders when it comes to branding, promoting services and products, or garnering the attention of a large crowd for an event like sports.

The feather flags serve the purpose of promoting the brand logo. You can not use them to communicate long messages.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event
Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Effective ways of marketing about your golf event using feather flags

  1. Selecting the right colors and combinations

Color is an important feature to keep in mind before you start your marketing campaign. Selecting the right colors for your feather flag will make the advertisement more effective.

Brighter colors have a greater possibility to get to a larger audience. However, opting for too bright colors can adversely affect the purpose of the flags. It will make the flags lose their professional look.

Evaluate the target audience and choose the colors accordingly.

Colors have an impactful influence on the banners. Therefore, the right choice of colors and correct color combination can be a turning point for the success of your marketing strategy.

While designing banners, make sure to use a color combination that is appealing to the customers. Perfect colors are persuasive and can set your mood right. You can use contrasts to make the flags attractive.

You can use the same colors for the golf event’s branding to maintain uniformity and appeal. This way, people who see the banners are most likely to remember the event.

  1. Deciding location

Locating the feather flags at the correct place is the crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. Try to place the flag at locations with maximum visibility for both the business campaign and event organization.

Suppose you are organizing a golf event. You need the maximum number of people to reach there. It can only happen through the correct marketing strategy, at the proper place. Place the feather flags at places that attract the highest traffic, where you expect most of your spectators to see them. It could be at the local golf curse, community center, or shopping centers.

If you want your feather flag to stand out, focus on its placement. Placing the feather at the right place will help you gather a large crowd.

Avoid setting the flags at places with a hindrance in their visibility, like near trees or power lines. Furthermore, try placing them at places where not many things are present in the vicinity. It will enhance their visibility.

Additionally, at busy places, place the feather banners in different locations. This way, flags become visible to more and more target audiences.

  1. Events selection

Feather flags are effective when you use them only for a specific event rather than the whole year. So businesses should use these sail flags to promote their services and products only if they notice increased traffic due to the flags.

Events like sports can also use the flags to attract more crowds to the event. The banners work as a catalyst in garnering people’s attention towards an event.

Since the message conveyed by the flags is clear, it generates interest among the locals to go to the event.

  1. Effective message

If you use one flag to attract people and convey your message, focus exclusively on the logo. A single flag has limited space available, so the news delivered would be loud and clear.

However, if you are using many flags, go creative. Try conveying your message by spreading it across the flags by adding one word to a single banner. Additionally, you can also create sentences or notes using multiple flags in a series.

  1. Perfect fonts

The feather flags containing the correct font style will have to be visible from afar. And as the feather flags would be waving in the winds, it becomes essential to consider the right font style.

You can use popular fonts with maximum visibility, like Geneva, Times Roman, Arial, etc. While selecting the fonts, keep in mind to choose at-most two fonts to make your message visible.

Using different fonts can make the banner look intricate and fussy, making it difficult for people to read the message you have to convey.

  1. Quantity of text

The amount of text to be contained in feather flags decides their readability. Try to include a few words to deliver your message. Too many words and sentences can make the banner look complicated to read.

Additionally, a combination of upper and lower case letters will make the text look attractive, but remember not to overdo the upper case letters.

Moreover, select larger text for better readability and choose the words that are easy to read and deliver the message quickly. Keep the information precise. Focus on the proper text placement to ensure you get your golf event details across to the reader.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event
Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Reasons to use feather flags in promoting a golf event

  1.   Economic promotion using feather flags

The feather flags are economical whether you use them as single-sided or double-sided banners. These customized feather flags offer a much cheaper promotion, unlike the different marketing methods.

Since the flags are durable, they cut the promotional cost to a large extent. The long life of the flags makes the investment worth every penny for your golf event.

  1. Versatility of feather flags

The feather flags are versatile to use as per your requirements. If you are low on budget, get all the required information printed on one banner. But if you are willing to spend an extra amount, you can get different flags printed for various purposes like sports events, sales, products, etc.

  1. Everlasting investment

The feather flags remain unaltered over time, so they are an everlasting business investment. They are a significant asset because you can use them to advertise not just one golf event but also for as many events as you like.

They do not grow old with time, nor do their quality deter. They remain the same for many years, thus are a significant investment. Promoting any event with the feather flag will bring in an unvarying return.

  1. Visibility is enhanced

Feather flags give an effective and visible message to the target audience. It helps in garnering the attention of more and more people towards your event.

If you plan to organize a golf event and want to attract the maximum number of people, feather banners are a must-have for a successful jam-packed event.

  1. Easy to design and print

With feather flags as a promoting medium, you get to explore your creativity. You can experiment with different color combinations, contrasts, and customized graphics to attract a maximum number of people to your golf event.

A feather banner that highlights your message will straight away connect with the audience.

  1. Unaffected to weather conditions

The feather flags or sail flags are sturdy enough to withstand most weather conditions. They remain unaffected in rains, storms, or snow.

Additionally, promotional flags do not get entangled due to strong winds. They remain intact in whatever weather conditions. However, bringing in the banners during extreme weather conditions helps prolong its life.

  1. Lightweight and motile

Due to the lightweight nature of the poles and flags, the feather flags are easy to transfer to any desired location. Just pack them in the carry case that comes along, and you can take them anywhere you want.

You can install them at any location. Whether you want a brand promotion or attract maximum people to your Golf event, these flags come in handy.

  1. Effortless assembling 

Are you worried about the assembling of feather flags? You don’t need to worry about it because the flags grant hassle-free assembling. The flagpole kits can be assembled without any tools, no hammer or drill, and no extra effort from your side is required to mount them.

  1. Round the clock promotion

Do you want around-the-clock promotion of your golf event? Or do you want brand exposure for the whole day? Don’t worry. Sail flags will help by promoting your event all through the day.

There is no hassle of pulling them down once the promotion of any event is over. Moreover, they do not come with an expiry date or validity issues, thus ensuring 24×7 alternatives to promote your brand or attract more people for your event.

  1. Requires less space

The maximum space necessary for a feather flag of 2.5ft width is very little. This is why you can conveniently use the flags in areas where there is minimal space. In congested cities, where there is not enough space, you can easily promote your events like golf or any other sport with the feather flags.

You just require a minimum of 3 ft space to promote your services. The personalized flags let you attract more and more people to events. Additionally, they come with a carrying case, so storing them undamaged is never a problem.

Thus, feather flags are a boon for promoting an event or any marketing campaign. Whether it is a restaurant business, any sports event, or any retail business campaign, you cannot ignore the utility of these sail flags.

If you plan to organize an event, the feather flag manufacturers like offer you the best design and quality feather flags. Besides offering an affordable range of banners, they also provide customized flags.

They will help you select the perfect font, colors, and amount of text and graphics printed on the flag.

So, choose and get a flag that fits your business theme and conveys a clear message in an affordable price range.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event
Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event