Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

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It’s 2022, The era of digitalization. Businesses are getting digitalized; digital marketing is in trend. But outdoor marketing strategies are still in use with their superb ROI statistics. From the Advertising flags filled roads to mega-sized billboards, outdoor marketing models still dominates the marketing world. These tried, tested, and result-oriented outdoor marketing strategies still have a lot of potentials. This blog will dive into the marketing world to discuss the top 10 outdoor marketing types with the extreme potential to boost your business.

Outdoor Marketing or Out-of-home (OOH) marketing refers to the marketing campaigns run at particular locations (markets or roads) to capture the potential customers’ attention.

Top 10 Outdoor Marketing Types

Outdoor marketing is one of the oldest marketing models with result-oriented history. Outdoor marketing is not dead; it is still one of the best marketing models with incredible return-on-investment statistics. In 2017 Out-of-home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) stated OOH advertising as the best advertising model, with a record 497% ROI in a press release. Another 2017 report shows that 68% of people make their purchasing decisions while traveling in cars. These statics enlightens the significance of outdoor marketing in the modern era; we have compiled a list of the top 10 outdoor marketing types to let you pick the best one for your business.

1.     Billboards

Billboards are the first thing that comes to our minds while thinking about outdoor marketing types. 71% of Americans look at the billboards while driving; that’s a massive number, making billboard marketing one of the best OOH marketing models in 2022. Let’s have a look at different types of billboard marketing.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising
Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising
  • Static Billboards

Static billboards advertise the brand messages or products on streets or roadsides of busy marketplaces and highways. Static billboards are considered an integral part of multinational companies marketing funnels. They have the potential to convey brand messages to millions of people passing by the billboard in a short time frame.

  • Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are installed on moveable vehicles (buses, trucks, etc.), making them more lucrative than static billboards. You can install your business billboards on a bus or truck passing by a busy market or any concert hosting area. It will convey your brand message to hundreds of thousands of people within a few days.

  • Digital Billboards 

How can you forget digital billboards in this digital era? Digital billboards offer extra benefits by enabling brands to feature their video campaigns in busy market streets and other public places. They are pretty expensive than static billboards, but their incredible results justify the higher cost.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising
Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising
  • Interactive Billboards

Interactive billboards are engaging promotional campaigns that need audience participation. Companies nowadays use creative marketing ideas to run interactive billboard marketing campaigns. Some general interactive billboard campaigning strategies are listed below,

    • Scanning a QR code from a billboard to decipher the hidden message
    • Change the body position to look at the actual advertising message of the brand.
    • Engage with interactive billboards to win rewards

2.     Advertising Flags

Billboards are not the only outdoor marketing solution; advertising flags are another OOH advertising model with effective results. Advertising flags have a much lower cost than billboards but offer incredible results. You can install your brands’ outdoor flags & banners at markets, roadsides, and public places to capture the audience’s attention at a much lower cost. Advertising flags and banners could be your best choice whether you’re looking for an option to run a location-based marketing campaign or an advertising option for small moveable businesses like a food truck.

Let’s have a look at primarily used advertising flags and banners,

  • Feather Flags – These Feather-shaped flags are pretty popular and effective for outdoor marketing campaigns. Their attractive shape grabs passerby’s attention from far away. And their curvy design makes them best for outdoor marketing campaigns in windy areas.
  • Teardrop Flags – These teardrop-shaped flags with ultra-curvy upper & lower corners can resist highly windy seasons. Teardrop flags can be the most effective & economic outdoor advertising tool for highly windy places.
  • Pop-up Frame Banner – Pop-up frame banner comes in various shapes (student bag-shaped, elliptical, and round shapes). A pop-up frame banner can be your first choice if you plan to advertise your brand at a college sports Gala or an outdoor business event.

Advertising flags & banners’ shape, size, and design can impact the results of your OOH marketing campaign. Your brand needs to focus on customized design, shape, and size of advertising flags & banners to make an outdoor marketing campaign successful. Vancke experts can help you design converting advertising flags for your brands’ exceptional & creative marketing campaigns.

3.     Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is another popular outdoor advertising mode, especially for metropolitan cities. The transit advertising method refers to publishing advertising stuff on transportation modes like buses & cabs and at the transportation platforms. Transit advertising has vast potential to convey brands’ messages to maximum people in minimal time. People frequently travel to markets, offices, and homes in cities and get exposed to transit advertisements.

You can also run the transit advertising inside the public transport (buses & trains). It’s nearly impossible for passengers to ignore an ad published on the train or other public transport modes. It will ultimately convey your message to hundreds of thousands of people every day.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising
Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

4.     Retail Advertising Mode

Retail advertising is an effective marketing tool; it refers to the traditional & digital advertising banners & flags displayed at a retail shop, expo center, or shopping mall. People come to retail shops with a mind to do some shopping; creative retail advertising can convert the audience for your business.

5.     Advertising Posters

Posters are printed advertising materials in varying sizes & shapes. Advertising posters let your brands communicate with their potential audience. You can send your brand’s customized posters with individualized messages to potential customers by posting or distributing innovatively designed posters in a public place.

6.     Advertising Bench

You can print your business message on benches in public places; people will get attracted to the brand’s message while looking for a place to sit for a while. Advertising benches can be an effective marketing tool for outdoor & shopping mall campaigns.

7.     Lamp Post Advertising

Digital billboard advertising is not the only option for night outdoor marketing campaigns. The lamp post is an economical outdoor advertising option at night time. Light is showered on the posters to make these lamp post banners attractive & visible to passersby people at night.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising
Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

8.     Point of Sale Advertising

Point of sale advertising lures the audience by featuring the advertising material at or near the cashier counter. Most viewers will make a last-minute purchase after looking at the point-of-sale advertisements. Point of sale advertising can be the best advertising model for consumable & cheaper products.

9.     Wallscapes Advertising

Wallscapes refer to the advertising material painted on a wall or attached to a building. Wallscapes advertising allows brands to advertise their products in highly populated areas & metropolitan cities.

Companies use this unique advertising model to place their ads on high-profile buildings, construction sites, parking garages, and walls in front of parks. In addition, these wallscapes beautify the urban area’s exterior look and positively influence the consumers.

Wallscapes’ customized shapes, size, and design make them an exceptional marketing tool with more capability to attract passersby people’s attention than other OOH advertising models.

It may be a little costlier than other outdoor marketing tools, but its incredible benefits justify the cost. People love innovatively designed wallscapes and share their pics on social media. It will ultimately boost the brand reach and earn a loyal consumer base.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising
Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

10. Wild Posting

Wild posting is an economical, attractive, and converting outdoor marketing model. Wild posting refers to pasting numerous advertising posters on streets or aggressively installing many advertising flags or banners on roadsides.

You can reach the potential audience at a massive level with wild posting shop fronts, signposts, street poles, construction sites, bridges, underpasses, heavy traffic areas, public places, and busy streets.

Wildposting advertisements add colors to the cities’ grey areas and attract people’s attention to the brands’ message.

Out-of-home advertising association of America refuses to accept the wild posting as a legitimate outdoor advertising model to date because of its guerilla impact and concerns over pasting posters without concern of the building owners. Regardless of these issues, wild posting or flyposting is a popular outdoor marketing tool worldwide, including in the USA and Europe.

The low cost of wild posting is another reason behind its popularity; you can convey your business voice to the potential audience at a massive level and at a lower cost than billboards or other OOH advertising models.

Final Words | Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor marketing refers to the advertisements run at public places, markets, streets, roadsides, and particular locations out of home. OOH marketing is the most traditional marketing mode and is considered part of effective marketing funnels. In 2021, Outdoor marketing spending reached 34 billion USD worldwide. It illustrates the significance of outdoor marketing in this modern era.

This blog has discussed the top ten outdoor marketing types currently in trend with higher ROI statistics. You may go through the above-discussed outdoor marketing types to pick the best one for your brand’s marketing funnel.