Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

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Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?
Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Now that I work from home, I dislike shopping.

Running to the store, searching for parking, waiting for assistance, and then suffering in line all seem like a monotonous waste of time.

I’m not the single one who thinks this way. Approx 60% of millennials, choose online shopping since it indicates I can avoid the irritant of going to a physical mart and shop when I realize like it. And since most stores have a substantial return policy, if something doesn’t suit or looks varied, I can deliver it back without difficulty.

Plus, there are several ways to preserve online shopping. That indicates that remaining home saves me time and money – an actual win-win.

When you buy online, staying safe isn’t always easy. Several sites want to take your cash and move for the hills, never to be recognized or heard from again.

the best cash back apps that will protect you the most money. And one tremendous app that is well worth your time is  Rakuten.

I composed this manuscript precisely for you. It encompasses all the queries you will probably ask yourself, including:



Rakuten is an online and app-based assistance that provides people cash back when they make a purchase using a Rakuten link.

Previously known as Ebates, Rakuten’s central objective is to assist customers to insure money on stuff they’re already purchasing.

Rakuten also gives a list of which brands have outstanding deals for customers, such as free shipping, pay for one get one free, or gifts with every purchase. Current users can receive $10 just by signing up and can receive $25 if they refer somebody who signs up for and uses Rakuten.

They possess a 4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot and an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. Users report that Rakuten proposes a significant number of choices for getting cash back, extraordinary customer service, and the app and extension are simple to use.


Rakuten is a lawful way to receive cashback on purchasing stocks you usually purchase. Even if you don’t do a ton of retail shopping, you can however save cash and collect some cash. It doesn’t cost any cash to sign up (you will rightfully get a welcome bonus!), so it’s worth the try.

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?
Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?


Rakuten is not a scam – it truly does provide you free cash when you purchase. And with over 2,500 stores to select from, almost everyone can receive cashback. Just memorize to browse the fine print respectively what items shops are giving cashback on. And be suspicious of the urge to expend just because you get something “on sale.”


Rakuten Securities HK wants to alert its customers

The public and consumers shall be attentive to fraud and betrayal to prevent any loss.

Please reach us at (852) 2119-0116 if you have any inspections.


A reasonable way to resist scams is to survey the reviews and responses left by different buyers on the seller’s product page before purchasing anything.

It makes ordering from Rakuten much less alarming. Your opportunities of running into difficulties are much quieter if a number of pleased buyers have used the dealer in the past and left tons of favorable reviews.

I advise you to perpetually buy from sellers with:

  • At least 200 reviews.
  • A star rating of at least 7 out of 5 on their merchandise page.

Further, you should look at the images uploaded by other buyers to get a promising idea of how the product works.

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?
Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

How To Cancel An Order That The Seller Has Not Exported?

  1. Cancel an order within the final 30 minutes:

Go to your my order page to excavate the order you need to cancel. Click on order details, click on cancel order (on the top right), you will receive a pop-up verifying that you wish to cancel your order. Simply click the ok (YES, CANCEL MY ORDER) button to cancel.

  1. Cancel an order placed more than 30 minutes ago:

Communicate to the seller to plea to cancel your order

Go to your my order page to locate the order to need to cancel, click on contact seller to receive a message form, the form will auto-populate with your order number, but you expect to fill in your details and notifies the seller you choose to cancel your order, click on send message to send the message. You should receive a reaction from the seller within two business days.

You can also contact them at

Is Rakuten Safe To Buy From?

All Rakuten’s products are sourced from official suppliers and we approve a copy of their authorized invoices as evidence that the products are valid. In all our years of business since 2001, we have never had falsified goods come in and sold.

How Long Does Rakuten Take To Ship?

Rakuten shipping will take depends on the shipping speed you choose. Nearly all the orders are delivered within 3-10 days.

Does Rakuten Provide Tracking Number?

Yes, Rakuten empowers the tracking number delivered in order details received via email. These orders are exported via several courier services; Rakuten package tracking is a simple process, certainly, you can trace your Rakuten order by going to the courier service

Why Is Rakuten So Cheap?

Simply because merchandisers pay Rakuten upfront to refer people to their shops, Rakuten doesn’t charge customers for the assistance, which gives rise to it as a no-brainer from an expenditure perspective. With Rakuten, it isn’t about how extensively you pay but rather how much you’re retrieving.

What About Rakuten Quality of Goods?

Rakuten continuously tries to enhance the integrity of products and services in order to maximize our consumer gratification

Rakuten Group Quality Policy

  • Supply stable products and assistance to our customers.
  • Reliably distribute the products and assistance guaranteed to our clients.
  • Supply commodities and services that acknowledge the applicable legislation and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they are proposed, whether they be in Japan or overseas.
  • Deliver products and services that are useful to our buyers.
  • Give convenient, user-friendly commodities and services to our customers.
Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?
Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Can You Buy Brands Or Replica Products From Rakuten?

Yes, you can purchase brands or replica commodities from Rakuten. All products are sourced from credible suppliers and a manuscript of their official invoices reveals their authenticity to us.

The products are sourced through authorized account holders of the brand and; therefore, will be evaluated as parallel imported

Is Rakuten Good For Buying Branded Stuff?

Yes, it is best for buying brand stuff. Rakuten as a brand exemplifies positiveness and entrusts our members to experience the joy of discovery with a significance of confidence and enthusiasm.

What If I Do Not Receive The Item Is Or It Is Not As Described?

If you have not received your order or you have collected an inadequate product after generating the payment, you will be eligible for repayment.

What Payment Methods Are Supported On Rakuten?  

You can pay effortlessly, securely, and safely, by utilizing a credit card, PayPal, and Rakuten Points, enlisted with your Rakuten user ID. *When you want “Auto-Ship” as a Shipment method, PayPal, and Rakuten Points can not be utilized for payment.

Does Rakuten steal data?

When you sign up with Rakutenwe receive some fundamental information to set up your account. This encompasses information like your name, address, and email. We use this data to strengthen your account and support your use of our commodities. We also gather information when you purchase and communicate with us.

Everything About Rakuten Refund & Return Process

Rakuten is a Market place that has dealers across the world that have million of items being retailed and shipped by those sellers. The return policy of an item sold by Rakuten MarketPlace Seller is regulated by that seller


The return policy for the products you need to return is specified by the seller, so you’ll expect to check the seller’s return policy and then pursue their instructions to finalize your return. If you receive the item as a bonus, just contact Rakuten they’ll help you out.


Any card information you share with Rakuten is kept in a secure, encrypted setting and will never be uncovered, sold, or otherwise compromised. You can associate most American Express cards, most Mastercard credit and debit cards, and most Visa credit and debit cards to your Rakuten account.


The Rakuten app is functional for both iPhone and Android phones. If you do a ton of in-store shopping, download the app so you can browse offers on the go. This is much simpler than utilizing coupons because you constantly have your phone with you.

When you utilize the app, you can click on a retailer to see their functional offers. These may comprise both online and in-store cash-back discounts, sales, and other deals. Like the website, you can browse for a shop or recognize the best offers that are presently available.


Rakuten isn’t just for buyers who choose online shopping. If your tech-averse mum chooses to shop at brick-and-mortar shops, she can though use Rakuten to conserve money.

Rakuten also proposes the proficiency to receive cash back when you purchase in-store. To achieve this, download the Rakuten application on your iPhone or Android phone or log onto your Rakuten account..

Click on the In-Store Cash Back Offers column, where you’ll find a combination of suggestions you can select from. Click on several proposals you’re mysterious about, then link your credit card to that proposal. This should be the credit card you utilize while you’re in-store.

For example, currently, Rakuten offers a 1% cash-back proposal when you purchase at Macy’s. If you tie this proposal to your credit card and go to Macy’s, you’ll earn 1% cash back on your purchases there, minus any oddities Rakuten might have.

It can bring limited hours or days to substantiate the order, so don’t be shocked if your Rakuten cash-back proportion doesn’t change instantly.


If your colleagues adore shopping or save money, you can refer them to Rakuten and earn $25 after they’ve brought their first order. They’ll also get $10 simply for signing up. You can share this link with your friends and family online, by email, or on your social media pages to earn fascinating rewards.

This is a simple way to get additional Rakuten rewards without conducting any shopping.


Rakuten makes it simple for buyers to conserve cash while yet utilizing their beloved stores.


Rakuten is exceptionally straightforward to use, whether you’re using it on the website, app, or browser extension. The browser extension is the simplest because it doesn’t want you to manually search for deals.


The favorable part of using Rakuten is that you can protect money at the shops you already frequent. You don’t have to shift your shopping addictions to benefit from using Rakuten. Rakuten has cash-back proposals at several different stores so users don’t have to challenge to find a discount.


Rakuten has cash-back proposals at more than 3,500 stores, including Target, Kohl’s, and Amazon, so you’re likely to discover a proposal at a shop where you already shop. They also have appealed to both everyday shopping and luxury brands such as Rebecca Minkoff, Harvey Nichols, and Bumble and Bumble.


Rakuten is legitimate, 100%

Rakuten is a legal corporation trusted by over 3,500+ stores. These are not only regular stores. We are discussing about brands and tremendous traders like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Hilton, Expedia, Lord & Taylor, Nike, Levi’s, Groupon, and many more.

It has the most substantial audience ever! Whether you are searching for electronics, beauty products, motels, or costume /clothing, Rakuten is the place to be.

Ever heard of the online confession “People deal with people they recognize, love, and trust?” Brands love Rakuten! And we do too.