Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

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Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China
Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Girls use fake eyelashes as an extension. It enhances the overall look, and the best are those that seem real. This increasing trend of using fake eyelashes, especially at parties, functions, and bridal looks, is increasing in demand, and producers are focusing on improving its quality.

Beautiful eyes are undoubtedly attractive; with these fake eyelashes, the eyes become prominent and fascinating. Here we are discussing the ten best manufacturers of this product available in China with all other details to make it easier for you to find the right place to get it. Let’s have a look below.

Qingdao Medear:

It is one of the finest companies to manufacture great quality artificial eyelashes. They have established a good name in this industry with relevant experience of 20+ years in this field. This company also customizes orders for any of your special events. Its main products are feather, fox, fan volume, thick, horse, and paper eyelashes.

The firm’s address is building no 52 near china merchant’s Lavie corporation. Our products are available in several catalogs as per your requirement and need. This catalog contains different kinds and shapes of eyelashes. There is no return policy because the quality can never be below expectations.

After you complete your order, you can expect delivery in a few days.

You can also check out our sample to ensure product quality. We have a delivery procedure. After you sign our contract and pay, we deliver the order through express. It has a wider range of customers in China as it is a leading company.

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China
Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China


Shandong dream flower lashes:

It is also serving for more than 18 years in this market by offering the expected quality eyelashes at affordable rates. Its main products include eyelash extensions, eyelash studios, and LLCs. These beautiful fake eyelashes are available in what quantity to want.

The process of placing an order can take place on their website. Firstly you can create your account. If you order for the first time, you can get a discount. After completing all formalities, you will get the details with images of all available lashes. You can open your favorites and add them to your cart. I will write the price below the image of each eyelash.

Then you can place your order by clicking on the payment options. Your order will get delivered in 3 to 5 days. We also have seven days return policy if you get any unwanted item. The incredible quality eyelashes are best to use for any event. They only need to work on creating more outlets for customer reach.

  • Shijiazhuang QC eyelashes:

Another superb company is making artificial eyelashes to make you beautiful and your eyes sparkling. This company having experience of more than ten years is working harder to make great eyelashes for their customers. Individual and strip lashes are among its versatile products.

We will deliver your parcel within 2 to 6 days through FedEx or DHL service. You could return the delivered item within a week if you didn’t find it effective. Although our delivery service and product quality are topnotch but still in such a case, we offer a return facility to maintain your trust. The price for these lashes is not higher.

You can find their contact details by visiting their original website. The loophole of this company is that they need to build a more user-friendly interface to inform the user about the product details with mentioned pricing and order placement.

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China
Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Qingdao radiance beauty products:

Although this company doesn’t have many years of experience within a relatively short period from 2017, they have retained and maintained a remarkable position in the market by producing durable quality beauty products. The most demanded and prominent one is artificial eyelashes.

They also have the best quality lashes, which can work like real ones on your eyes. Magnetic, mint and 3D eyelashes are one of the great products they offer.

Like others, they use DHL or any other delivery service, which takes a few days to get your order delivered to your doorstep.

You can visit their outlet and purchase any of their great quality beauty products. Also, you can visit their portal to learn about their latest products. The rates are not extremely higher. All the details, including their email address and WhatsApp contact number, are mentioned on their website clearly to get you away from trouble while placing your order.

Their strength is their highly dedicated team committed to providing excellent quality beauty products.

Qingdao Zixi lashes:

This company has a drastic reputation all over China for manufacturing improved and advanced quality eyelashes. Mink, cluster, and other famous kinds of extensions are among its worth mentioning products. The delivery process of this international company through shipment takes at least one and a half months to deliver the respective order.

They receive orders in bulk quantity because they are one of the greatest producers due to which people import their products to sell in their countries. As discussed earlier, they use shipment mode for delivery, for which the delivery charges are payable to the buyer. The overall average results based on reviews are satisfactory and pleasant.

Tailiu road 177 near Shandong is its company address where you can visit them. As far as their return policy is concerned, their policies are flexible. Furthermore, the only negative aspect of this company is less efficiency which often exhausts buyers. But if we look at overall worth, you can surely prefer this firm for getting the best quality eyelashes.

  • Qingdao hongfutian eyelashes:

The quality, or the most promising trait of this company, is its devotion to developing supreme quality eyelashes by considering all health benefits. Fox mink and mink eyelashes are its considerable and best products. This company has some initiatives to reach in future years.

They are striving to get top positions in their respective industry. You can place an order of any quantity that is acceptable. The payment methods, modes, and charges are in their prospectus so that you can find them there. It is their email address and contact info: +86-532-86690699. Here you can contact them and ask for all the details about the company or product.

As their policies are concerned, you can rely on its customer service to solve your queries and confusion. If they enhance their service quality a little more, they can reach heights of glory in this demand area.

Qingdao t-integrity lash factory:

If you talk about the experience and expertise of this factory, it is exceptionally amazing. Mink, human, and horse hair eyelashes are its superior products on their cart. The delivery mode of this high-quality firm is through seaways. With additional charges, you can get urgent delivery too.

You can get your order within a few days with durable quality. Its return policy is available with some terms and conditions. It is the contact details of this firm on which you can call them to get relevant details. +1 780-462-2580. There are some limited products of this company which they can increase.

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China
Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Qingdao ESSI beauty product:

Another high-quality firm in China that produces the best quality eyelashes. It includes ultra-reliable feasible eyelashes with great accessories. ESSI lashes can deliver the best quality products for people worldwide.

They have several delivery modes as per the countryside and distance. Delivery charges depend upon the distance and requirements.

It’s the email

Contact number +86 156 5015 2052

The above are its contact details for further verification. Moreover, it manufactures good quality lashes, but some areas need to get improved.

  • Qingdao IMI lashes:

This firm is also preferable if you want the best quality artificial lashes. Mink, 3D fox, 3D silk, and long-lasting extensions are among its vital products. They are producing fine quality products with natural hair to give a natural look. Its delivery routes are predetermined, so you can directly place your order and receive your parcel within a few days.

Charges and delivery fees are negotiable, and timings of delivery can vary. This fluctuation can cause due to any reason. Return policies and other terms and conditions are available on their website. Address:  RM3201, NO.1 Building AUX Plaza, NO.37

Qingdao barmier false eyelash:

Lastly, a barmeier manufacturing company of fake eyelashes provides great results and has 30+ years of experience. They deliver expected quality results to their customers with all layered extensions as their main products. If you talk about delivery, they have outclassed delivery service.

In all areas of countries, they deliver their parcel for swift delivery. You can place orders directly on their website. Furthermore, charges are affordable with a fast delivery service. There is no restriction for order quantity with no return policy.