Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are a rapidly growing segment of the global bicycle market. These bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries and are designed to make cycling more convenient and accessible for people of all ages and abilities. The global electric bike market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, with a forecasted market size of over $24 billion by 2025. This growth is driven by increasing concerns about air pollution and traffic congestion and a growing interest in sustainable transportation options.

China is currently the dominant player in the electric bike market, accounting for over 60% of global e-bike production. Chinese companies have been able to capitalize on their manufacturing experience and access to low-cost components to produce high-quality e-bikes at competitive prices. Additionally, the Chinese government has implemented policies to promote e-bikes to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in urban areas.

The electric bike market is growing in China, and other countries worldwide are also seeing a rise in the popularity of e-bikes. It’s due to their benefits, such as reducing carbon footprint, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Electric bikes are becoming more common in cities, towns, and even rural areas, as people look for ways to reduce their dependence on cars and improve their overall health and fitness. Electric bikes are also becoming more widely accepted as a legitimate form of transportation, with many cities and towns now including e-bikes in their transportation plans and infrastructure. In this blog post, we will look at the top ten electric bike manufacturers in China to assist you in finding the best manufacturer and trading partner.

Top Ten Electric Bikes Manufacturers in China

Let’s go through the leading Chinese e-bike manufacturers to find the best trading partner for you.

1. Yadea Technology Group

Yadea Technology Group is one of China’s largest electric bike manufacturers, with a production capacity of over 3 million units per year. The company is based in Hangzhou, China, and has been in business since 2002. Yadea exports its products to over 80 countries worldwide, including Europe, North America, and South America. The company manufactures a wide range of electric bikes, including city, mountain, and folding bikes.

Address – No.1 Yadea Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China

2. Aima Technology

Aima Technology is a leading electric bike manufacturer in China, with a production capacity of over 1 million units per year. The company is based in Changzhou, China, and has been in business since 2005. Aima exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide, including Europe, North America, and South America. The company manufactures a wide range of electric bikes, including city, mountain, and folding bikes.

Address – No.18, Yuanda Road, New District, Changzhou, China

3. Sunra Electric Vehicle

Sunra Electric Vehicle is a leading electric bike manufacturer in China, with a production capacity of over 1 million units per year. The company is based in Changzhou, China, and has been in business since 2010. Sunra exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide, including Europe, North America, and South America. The company manufactures a wide range of electric bikes, including city, mountain, and folding bikes.

Address – No.18, Yuanda Road, New District, Changzhou, China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

4. BYVIN Electric Vehicle

BYVIN Electric Vehicle is a leading manufacturer of electric bikes known for its innovative designs and high-quality construction. Based in China, Byvin Holding Group Co., Ltd has been producing electric bikes for over a decade and has become a trusted name in the industry. Their electric bikes are designed to be efficient, reliable, and user-friendly, making them a great choice for both commuters and recreational riders.

BYVIN’s electric bikes are built using state-of-the-art technology and materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. They offer a wide range of electric bike models, including folding, mountain, and city bikes, all designed to meet the needs of different riders.

In addition to its electric bike manufacturing capabilities, BYVIN offers its customers a range of services and support. They have a team of experienced technicians and engineers who can help with installation and maintenance and a customer service team available to answer any questions or concerns.

5. Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd.

Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company that manufactures and sells electric bicycles and electric scooters. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Changzhou, China.

Luyuan has a strong research and development team that focuses on designing and producing high-quality electric vehicles. Their products have been exported to over 80 countries around the world. The company has also established a robust after-sales service network to ensure that customers receive timely and efficient service.

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

6. Hithot Electric Bike

Hithot Electric Bike is one of the leading electric bike manufacturers in China. Hithot has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and an experienced team of professionals that enable it to produce high-quality products. The company’s mission is to provide sustainable and affordable transportation solutions that improve people’s lives and reduce environmental impact. Hithot offers a wide range of products, including electric bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and tricycles.

7. Lvjia Electric

Lvjia Electric is a Chinese manufacturer of electric bicycles. The company produces many electric bikes, including commuter, folding, and off-road.

Their electric bikes are known for their high-quality components, durable construction, and stylish designs. Lvjia Electric has a strong export market, with its electric bikes being sold in countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The company is located in China and has a production facility covering more than 100,000 square meters. Lvjia.

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

8. CNForever Bicycle Co.

CNForever Bicycle Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of electric bicycles. The company produces a wide range of electric bikes, including city, folding, and mountain ones. Their electric bikes are known for their high-quality components, durable construction, and stylish designs.

CNForever Bicycle has a strong export market, with their electric bikes being sold worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The company is located in the city of Taizhou, China, and has a production facility covering more than 100,000 square meters.

9. Shanghai Super Soco Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Super Soco Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of electric bikes in China. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Shanghai. The company has over 200 dealers in China and exports to over 30 countries worldwide. It offers a wide range of electric bikes, including mountain, road, and city bikes. Super Soco has won numerous product awards, including the Chinese Electric Bike of the Year Award in 2011 and 2012.

10. Ningbo Lvkang Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Lvkang Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a leading electric bike manufacturer based in Ningbo, China. The company specializes in designing and producing high-quality electric bicycles for personal and commercial use. With a team of experienced engineers and designers, Lvkang is committed to providing innovative and sustainable transportation solutions. The company’s products are known for their durability, reliability, and performance. You can find Lvkang’s electric bikes in various styles and sizes, suitable for different needs and preferences.

Ningbo Lvkang can be your choice to import e-bikes from China. However, we will suggest you connect with any Chinese business verifying agency to verify the legitimate status, production capabilities, and other essential things before finalizing the deal. It will let you save precious time and money to invest in the right place.

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Why should you Consider Chinese Electric bike manufacturers for importing e-bikes?

  • High-quality products – Chinese electric bike manufacturers have a reputation for producing high-quality e-bikes that are durable, reliable, and efficient.
  • Competitive pricing – Chinese manufacturers offer competitive pricing for their products, making them an attractive option for importers looking to save costs.
  • Wide range of products – Chinese manufacturers offer a wide range of e-bikes, including different styles, sizes, and features to suit different needs and preferences.
  • Strong production capabilities – Chinese manufacturers have strong production capabilities, allowing them to produce large quantities of e-bikes efficiently and quickly.
  • Strong R&D capabilities – Chinese manufacturers invest heavily in research and development, ensuring that their products are at the forefront of technology and innovation.
  • Strong supplier networks – Chinese manufacturers have strong supplier networks, which help them access the latest technology and components to improve their products.
  • Robust after-sales services – Many Chinese manufacturers also offer firm after-sales services, which can be a crucial consideration for importers looking to build long-term relationships with their suppliers.
  • Government support – Chinese Government also supports their domestic e-bike manufacturers, which helps them to be more competitive in the global market.

In conclusion, considering Chinese electric bike manufacturers for importing e-bikes can be wise for importers looking for high-quality, competitively priced products. With strong production capabilities, R&D capabilities, supplier networks, and after-sales services, Chinese manufacturers can provide a wide range of e-bikes and support to meet the needs of importers worldwide. Furthermore, the Chinese Government’s support for their domestic e-bike manufacturers can help ensure that importers work with reliable and trustworthy suppliers.

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

Final Words | Top Ten Electric Bike Manufacturers in China

China has quickly become a leader in the development of electric bikes, with many manufacturers providing innovative and cost-effective solutions. The top 10 electric bike manufacturers in China have set the bar for quality and performance, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in an e-bike. With so much competition between these companies, it’s essential to research each one before deciding who will best meet your individual needs. Whether you are looking for something sleek and stylish or ruggedly reliable, there is sure to be a Chinese electric bike manufacturer that offers what you need.

Finding the right manufacturer or trader is one thing, and marketing is another to pave the path to success for a business. In this digital era, don’t forget the significance of the physical market. Traditional marketing tools like advertising flags can have been pivotal in brand building and boosting on-store conversions. Vancke can be your perfect choice to source customized advertising flags at incredible prices to import globally.

5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

In the world of advertising, visibility is key to success. Feather flags are an ideal solution if you’re looking for ways to increase your exposure and draw attention to your business. This article will discuss the five reasons they make such an effective tool for increasing visibility. From their superior portability and ease of use to their wind-resistant design and wide range of customization options, discover why feather flags are becoming increasingly popular with businesses, marketers, and event organizers.

5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

The Importance of Feather Flags

You may always look for ways to increase visibility and foot traffic as a business owner. Traditional methods like billboards and print ads can be pretty expensive and may not be as effective as you would like. That’s where feather flags come in! Feather flags are an extremely cost-effective way to draw attention to your business and can be used in various settings.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using feather flags to maximize visibility for your business:

  • Visibility – Feather flags are tall and colorful, making them hard to miss. You can place them in high-traffic areas near your business to ensure potential customers see them.
  • Versatile – Feather flags can be used indoors or outdoors, making them perfect for any event or promotion.
  • Easy to assemble – They are easy to set up and take down. Unlike traditional advertising methods, setting up and taking down feather flags is quick and easy. It makes them ideal for temporary promotions or events.
  • Affordability – Feather flags are a very budget-friendly way to increase visibility for your business.

Ways to Maximize Visibility

There are many ways to maximize visibility for your business, but one of the most effective and affordable methods is to use feather flags. They are feather-shaped flags designed to wave in the wind, making them highly visible from a distance. Businesses often use them to promote special events or deals, and they can be placed in various locations, such as outside of your store or office, at trade shows or conventions, or even in your front yard.

Here are a few tips for using feather flags to maximize visibility for your business:

  • Use bright colors – Feather flags come in a wide range of colors, so you can choose those that will contrast well with your surroundings and be easily seen from a distance.
  •  Place them in strategic locations – Consider where your target audience will likely see your feather flag and place it accordingly. Placing flags near busy intersections or along significant roadways can be very effective if you’re targeting local customers. For businesses that rely heavily on foot traffic, placing flags near their store or office entrance can help draw attention to your location.
  • Use multiple flags – Using multiple feather flags can help increase the visibility of your business even more. Try grouping together several flags of different colors or patterns to create a visually striking display that will get noticed.
  • Experiment with different messages – Be bold and change the message on your feather flag occasionally.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

According to a study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, feather flags are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available, providing a return on investment of up to 600%.

Feather flags are significantly less expensive than other traditional advertising forms, such as billboards or television commercials. For instance, a 30-second television ad spot can cost upwards of $100,000, while a feather flag costs only a few hundred dollars.

Feather flags are more cost-effective than other marketing methods and are also more flexible. Feather flags can be placed almost anywhere, in front of your store or at a trade show. They can also be moved around easily, allowing you to change your marketing strategy.

5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

How to Choose A Design for your Feather Flag

There are many factors to consider when choosing a design for your feather flag. The most crucial factor is the message you want to communicate. Other factors include,

  • Size and shape of the flag
  •  Logo and website colors
  •  Targeted audience
  • Business niche

The message you want to communicate should be the primary driver of your design choices. For instance, if you want to promote a sale, your flag should prominently feature the word “SALE” in large letters. If you’re trying to draw attention to your business’s location, ensure your address is clear and easy to read.

Once you’ve decided on the message you want to communicate, you can start thinking about other design elements. The size and shape of the flag will depend on where you’re flying it and how much space you have. If you’re short on space, a smaller flag might be best. If you have a lot of space, you can go bigger or even choose a double-sided flag.

Your chosen colors should complement your brand and be eye-catching enough to grab attention. And finally, the overall aesthetic should align with your brand identity. A corporate company might opt for a more traditional design, while a fun boutique could design something quirkier.

When it comes to designing your feather flag, there are endless possibilities – so have fun with it! Vancke marketing and designing experts can assist you in designing an exceptional feather flag for your business.

5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

5 Reasons to use Feather Flags for maximizing visibility

Let’s go through the following five reasons why you should use feather flags to maximize visibility.

1. Artistic shapes

There are many reasons to use feather flags to maximize visibility for your business. One reason is their eye-catching artistic shape; they’re known to grab passing people’s attention. It helps businesses to grab their targeted audience’s attention in this busy world to convey their messages.

2. Diverse Usability

Another reason to use feather flags is that they are very versatile. They can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. They are also easy to set up and take down, which makes them perfect for temporary displays or events.

You can get customizable feather flags to promote your business via varying indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns. Their rich use cases make them the best choice for marketers and businesses for indoor and outdoor promotions and branding.

3. Cost-effective and customizable

There are many reasons to use feather flags for marketing and advertising, but one of the most compelling is that they are an extremely cost-effective way to maximize visibility. Because they are so lightweight and easy to set up, they can be used in various locations and contexts, which means you can get maximum impact for your investment.

Another significant advantage of feather flags is that they are highly customizable. You can print any message or design you want on them, giving you a lot of flexibility when promoting your brand or product. And because they are so affordable, you can easily change your design as often as you like without breaking the bank.

4. Portable and easy to install

Portable and easy to install, feather flags are an excellent way to maximize visibility for your business or event. One can assemble and disassemble the feather flags in no time – and they are pretty easy to carry via cars or flights. It makes feather flags an excellent advertising tool for businesses seeking ways to enhance their visibility.

5. On-site branding

There are many benefits to on-site branding, and one of the most crucial is visibility. Feather flags are a great way to maximize visibility and make your brand more visible to potential customers.

Benefits of on-site branding:

  • Increased visibility – On-site branding can help improve your brand’s visibility, making it more likely that potential customers will see your products or services.
  • Greater name recognition – On-site branding can also help enhance name recognition for your company or product. People who see your brand regularly will be more likely to remember it when they need your products or services.
  • Improved customer loyalty – On-site branding can also help improve customer loyalty by creating a stronger connection between your customers and your brand. Customers who strongly connect to your brand will likely continue doing business with you.
  • Enhanced credibility – On-site branding can also help enhance the credibility of your company or product. When potential customers see that you have a professional-looking website and branded physical presence, they will be more likely to believe that you are a credible source for the products or services they need.
  • 5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

    5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

Final Words | 5 Reasons to Use Feather Flags for Maximizing Visibility

Feather flags are an effective way to maximize visibility without breaking the bank. They are lightweight, portable, and eye-catching, making them ideal for attracting potential customers. With a few simple tips on selecting the right feather flag for your business’s needs and goals, you can ensure that you get the most out of this affordable marketing tool. So, don’t wait – invest in some feather flags today and start maximizing your visibility! Feel free to approach Vancke for customized feather flags at great prices.

Cosmetic Industrial Cluster

Where Are Most Factories Located in China?

China is on its way to becoming a global economic leader; its GDP accounts for 18.8% of the world’s GDP to a Statista report. While in the same period, the US GDP declines to 15.8% from 19.8%. The industrial revolution played a crucial role in this astonishing progress of China. Today, China is home to a large number of factories. But where exactly are these factories located? The answer may surprise you. While most factories in China are located in the southeastern part of the country, there are also a significant number of factories located in other parts of China, such as the central and southwestern regions.

This blog post will explore the geographic distribution of factories in China and what this means for the country’s economy. We will also discuss how the location of factories has changed over time and what factors have influenced these changes.

Where are Chinese Industrial Clusters Located?

China – home to factories and a global leader in industrial modernization, has over 100 industrial clusters. Every industrial cluster focus on manufacturing particular niche products, resulting in a competitive business environment. Almost 80% of these industrial clusters are in the coastal areas of the following four provinces,

  • Guangdong
  • Jiangsu
  • Zhejiang
  • Shandong

Benefits of cooperating with suppliers in the industrial cluster

There are many benefits to cooperating with suppliers in an industrial cluster. Companies can pool their resources and expertise by working together to create a more efficient and effective manufacturing process. It can lead to lower production costs, shorter lead times, and improved product quality. Let’s go through the critical benefits for the companies cooperating with factories in Chinese industrial clusters,

  • New markets – Cooperating with suppliers can help companies access new markets and tap into new customer segments.
  • Cheap and skilled labor – Generally, it’s easy to find skilled and cheap labor in industrial clusters as they are rich in labor for several reasons.
  • Competitive Business Environment – An industrial cluster has a competitive business environment because hundreds of factories manufacture similar products. It can get you low-cost and attractive quotations.
  • Effective Supply Chain – Factories in the industrial clusters have a great supply chain network; they can easily get the raw materials at competitive prices compared to factories outside the industrial clusters, resulting in quick lead times and lower prices for international buyers.
  • Modern machinery – Chinese industrial clusters are the front face of their respective industries; industrial clusters have state-of-the-art machinery, resulting in higher efficiency, low product cost & time, and improved product quality.

These exceptional benefits trigger businesses worldwide to partner with Chinese companies. It ultimately enables businesses to stay ahead of their competitors regarding product quality, production cost, and production time, resulting in more business and higher margins.

This blog post will focus on a few industrial clusters’ locations to depict the complete picture except for writing tens of pages to cover all the industrial clusters – After all, China has over 100 industrial clusters and thousands of export factories.

Cosmetic Industrial Cluster

Cosmetic Industrial Cluster

Cosmetic Industrial Cluster

The Cosmetic Industrial Cluster is located in Guangdong Province in southern China. The cluster is made up of over 3,000 small and medium enterprises that produce a variety of cosmetic products. The cluster has been instrumental in developing the Chinese cosmetics industry, which has grown rapidly in recent years.

The Cosmetic Industrial Cluster is home to a number of well-known cosmetics brands, including Maxam, Jumei, and Vichy. These brands have helped to put Guangdong Province on the map as an important center for the production of cosmetics. The cluster is also home to many smaller brands quickly gaining popularity in China and abroad.

The cluster’s proximity to Hong Kong – one of the world’s major centers for the trade of cosmetics – has also been a significant factor in its success. Many of the cluster’s companies have established relationships with suppliers and distributors in Hong Kong, which has allowed them to tap into this vital market.

The Cosmetic Industrial Cluster has profoundly impacted the development of the Chinese cosmetics industry. It has become a significant source of employment for workers in Guangdong Province and has helped to propel the province’s economy forward. With its large pool of skilled labor and strong connections to international markets, the cluster is well-positioned to continue playing a leading role in the growth of the Chinese cosmetics industry.

Where Are Most Factories Located in China?

Where Are Most Factories Located in China?

The industrial belt of Children’s wear

As we all know, most of the world’s factories are located in China – children’s wear is no exception. In fact, most of the world’s children’s clothing is made in China.

Most children’s clothing factories in China are located in the eastern part of the country. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Fujian provinces are home to the largest number of factories. These provinces are located near Shanghai, one of China’s busiest ports.

Following are a few of the many factors that make China home to children’s clothing,

  • Cheap Labor – China has cheaper labor for the garment industry than the USA or Europe. It enables Chinese children’s wear belt companies to lower production costs.
  • Business loans – The Chinese government offers many incentives to foreign companies that set up factories in China. These incentives include tax breaks and cheap loans.
  • Infrastructure – The children’s wear cluster has all the production-related facilities in one place, like any other industrial cluster. And its locality makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective for companies to export children’s wear.

These factors combine to make China the perfect place to set up a children’s clothing factory. So, if you’re looking for cheap children’s clothes, you will surely find them made in China.

Where Are Most Factories Located in China?

Where Are Most Factories Located in China?

Clothes Industry Clusters

As the world’s leading clothing producer, it’s no surprise that China is home to many clothing factories. In fact, there are several clusters of clothes factories located throughout the country. China’s textile export reaches USD 220.27 billion in the first eight months of 2022, more than the annual GDB of many countries. These incredible stats hint at the significance of the Chinese clothing industry in the global clothing business.

The first and largest cluster is located on the southeast coast in the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian. This region accounts for around 30% of China’s total clothing exports. The second largest cluster is in the Yangtze River Delta in the province of Zhejiang. This region produces around 20% of China’s total clothing exports.

You may find other notable clothes factory clusters in Jiangsu, Shandong, and Hebei provinces. Together, these regions account for another 30% of China’s total clothing exports.

Cosmetic Industrial Cluster

Cosmetic Industrial Cluster

Toy Industry Belt

The toy industry is one of the most important manufacturing sectors in China. It is responsible for producing a wide variety of toys, from simple plastic balls to sophisticated electronic products. Most of the world’s toys are manufactured in China, making it a crucial part of the global toy market.

The toy industry is concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region of southern China, where numerous factories produce toys for both domestic and international markets. The cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the centers of the toy industry, as they are home to many large factories and export companies.

The toy industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to strong demand from domestic and foreign markets. can assist you in finding a legitimate and premium toy manufacturer in China if you’re searching for the best Chinese toy manufacturer to export at great prices.

Cosmetic Industrial Cluster

Cosmetic Industrial Cluster

Luggage Industry Belt

The luggage industry in China is booming, and factories are popping up all over the country to meet demand. But where are most of these factories located?

Most Chinese luggage industries are found in the eastern part near the coastline. The provinces of Guangdong and Fujian are home to the lion’s share of the luggage industry, with Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong also having a significant presence.

This concentration near the coast makes sense, considering that most of China’s exports go through its ports. Being close to major shipping routes lets manufacturers bring their products to global markets quickly and efficiently.

So, if you’re looking for a luggage factory in China, your best bet is to head east. You’ll find plenty of options in this rapidly growing industry.

Final Words | Where Are Most Factories Located in China?

China is home to factories manufacturing everything from a needle to luxury ships. Chinese factories are dominating the world with their continuously increasing share in global markets. This blog post has thoroughly discussed the locality of a few particular industrial clusters in China and the benefits of collaborating with these Chinese industrial cluster companies.

Marketing is the second most crucial factor after sourcing in laying the foundation for a successful business, whether an e-business or a traditional trading setup. Consider combining conventional and digital marketing to unlock the actual market potential. China is the hub for advertising flags and banner manufacturers – approach for premium quality custom advertising flags and banners while hunting the souring partners in China. It will let you manage two key pillars of trading – sourcing, and marketing in one go.

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

We all know how big and competitive the E-commerce industry has become, especially after Covid-19. However, an E-commerce store can’t drive to success without hunting the trending products at the right time. The trillion-dollar E-commerce industry is more challenging than it was a few years ago; with the increasing online shopping trends, we have seen a substantial surge in e-Shops. There are almost 12-to-24 million E-commerce stores globally, continuously growing with thousands of newly launched stores daily.

If you have planned to jump into the E-commerce industry, hunting the trending products at the right time can be your key to success. Your E-commerce store can’t succeed with traditional E-commerce strategies practiced by thousands and thousands of e-Stores without trending products. This blog will walk you through the top 13 trending E-commerce categories in 2022 that can pave the path to success for your e-commerce store.

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

The E-commerce industry is booming, with more and more merchants looking to get into the market. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most trending products that will help you build your store this year and beyond!

1. Daily Essentials

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Daily Essentials are the most essential products for daily use. It is a highly competitive category with high volume and low price points, which makes it an attractive option for online retailers. The industry saw tremendous growth in 2018 due to increased awareness among consumers about their personal health and wellness needs, as well as an increase in online shopping trends like omnichannel shopping that allow consumers to get their goods delivered directly to their homes via delivery services like Amazon Prime Now or Walmart Shipping Service (directly from Walmart).

In 2019, Daily Essentials saw an increase in unit sales by 9%, but its profitability suffered due to this rapid expansion: its gross margin declined from 2% in 2017 (when it had just launched) to 1% this year because of higher expenses associated with manufacturing more than doubling over the last two years—from $15 million at launch through $32 million today—as well as rising shipping costs since then too

2. Electronics & Accessories

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Electronics and accessories are a popular E-commerce category in 2022. The consumer electronics industry is growing and will be one of the fastest-growing industries in 2022. Electronics are also considered impulse buys, making them perfect for any online store aiming to generate more sales. It can be done through digital marketing campaigns that promote their products as unique & attractive deals. Moreover, electronics tend to sell best when consumers have easy access to returns if they don’t like what they purchased.

3. Clothing Accessories

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

If you’re looking for a way to make your store stand out from the crowd, then clothing accessories can be a perfect choice to start. This category includes everything from clothing accessories, such as scarves and belts. While many people think of these categories as similar in nature, there are plenty of differences between them that can help you differentiate your product offering from competitors’ offerings.

The variety of collections and affordable prices make Clothing accessories a hot niche to get in for e-stores. People in Europe, the USA, and first-world countries tend to buy clothing accessories frequently; you can consider this hot niche in 2022 for making success in your E-commerce journey.

4. Home & Kitchen

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Home & Kitchen is the most popular category for businesses to start in e-commerce. This category includes items like:

  • Cookware (pots, pans, bakeware)
  • Dining room furnishings (tablecloths, napkins)
  • Home decor (pillows, throws)

Home and Kitchen products are also a great way to start with E-commerce because they’re already popular with customers who want more than just one product from your store.

5. Health & Beauty

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Healthcare and beauty products are the most trending products in E-commerce. The demand for health-oriented products is rising as consumers look to improve their quality of life with simple solutions.

In 2022, health and beauty products e-sales are estimated to reach USD 836.5 billion, with an expected forecast of USD 3555 billion by 2027. These incredible stats make health & beauty one of the hottest E-commerce categories in 2022.

6. Beauty & Personal Care

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Beauty and personal care products should be on top of the list if you plan to start an E-commerce store in 2022. It is a vast industry of USD 534.00bn with an expected growth rate of 5.86% between 2022-to-2026. In 2021, the personal care retail E-commerce industry generated a mind-boggling revenue of USD 54 billion alone in the USA; that was 11% of total retail e-sales that year in the USA.

7. Apparels

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

The most trending category of products in E-commerce has always been apparel. As a result, it is also one of the largest markets for online stores: Apparel sales are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2022 and will remain one of the fastest-growing industries over the next decade.

The apparel industry comprises thousands of small businesses that sell clothing directly to customers through websites or retail stores (like Walmart). It includes everything from sports gear like helmets and gloves to jeans, shirts, and sweaters; however, there are many different types within this category, including activewear (sports underwear/shorts), footwear (sneakers), outerwear (coats/jackets), swimsuits & cover-ups, etc.

8. Bags & Luggage

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Bags and luggage are in demand. Depending on the product style and targeted audience, they’re popular gifts, fashion items, and necessities. If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, then bags and luggage could be just what you need!

The next big thing in E-commerce is bags, not just for women. While women’s fashion remains popular on social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram (and at Nordstrom), men’s accessories also have seen an uptick over the last few years (especially since Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau took office). The great news is that many different types of products are available online today that can help e-retailers meet this demand: wallets; backpacks; suitcases; briefcases, and the list goes on!

9. Shoes

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Shoe E-commerce is a profitable business to be in. Shoe sales are expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.9% over the next five years, according to eMarketer. The most popular brands of shoes are Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

Shoes also make great gifts because they are easy to ship (if shipped through Amazon or other online retailers) and don’t require customs charges like other types of merchandise when you ship internationally.

10. Watches and Accessories

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Watches and accessories are a great way to make a statement, whether it’s a watch that tells the time or has some extra bells and whistles. Watches are timeless pieces worn with any outfit, making them great gifts for loved ones. They’re also versatile enough to allow you to show off personal style in various ways—and they come in all sorts of different types! Because they’re so popular today, there’s no shortage of options available when it comes time to buy one.

Watches will always remain a hot cake for e-businesses; you can consider this product to start your e-journey, whether in 2022 or 2030. What you need are a perfect web design and a unique marketing strategy.

11. Jewelry and Cosmetics

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Jewelry and accessories have been a significant part of E-commerce since the birth of e-businesses. Jewelry is one of the most popular categories in terms of product count and dollar sales. Semi-precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies are expensive because people want them, so if you can get your hands on some rare gems (or even imitation ones), it will be worth it to start selling them through an E-commerce platform like Shopify!

Makeup is another hot trend among millennial shoppers who want to look good at work or play but don’t want to pay $20+ per item at Sephora or Macys just because they have “good taste.” There are plenty of affordable brands out there that offer affordable options for everyday use—and often come with free shipping too! Considering jewelry and beauty products can be a great way to start your e-Commerce journey.

12. Furniture & Decor

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Furniture and decor are always in high demand. Homeowners will continue to replace old, outdated, or damaged pieces of furniture with new ones that fit their style and budget. There are many different types of furniture available today—from modern to vintage pieces—and all of them have their own unique features, which can make them perfect for any room in your home. Furniture is also an easy way to add value to people’s property by renting it out through Airbnb or VRBO (a website that allows people from around the world to access their vacation homes).

The global furniture E-commerce industry has generated USD 27.74 billion, with a forecast of reaching USD 41 billion by 2030. These incredible facts and stats enlighten the growing significance of the furniture E-commerce industry; stepping into the furniture e-businesses can be a great way to start your E-commerce journey in 2022.

13. Sports nutrition

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Top 13 E-commerce Categories 2022

Sports nutrition is a vast market, with an estimated $40 billion in sales by 2022. The growth of this industry has been driven by millennials and people who want to stay healthy and fit while being competitive in sports.

In terms of E-commerce merchants, there are many options for selling products related to sports nutrition. From protein powders and supplements (which can be used before, during, or after exercise) to fitness equipment like treadmills or bikes that help burn calories more efficiently than walking alone—there’s something for everyone!

Final Words

In summary, many trends are emerging in E-commerce as we move into 2022. The most popular of these trends will determine how successful your store will be and whether it will remain a profitable venture for years to come!

Picking up the right product at the right time is one thing to do to lay the foundation of a successful E-commerce store. Marketing a product is another challenging task to stay on top in this highly saturated and competitive industry. E-commerce chains like Amazon and eBay are spending millions of dollars on marketing; you can’t grab enough sales with traditional digital marketing tactics with a thousand-dollar budget anymore.

You may have to adopt a conventional flags and banners marketing strategy for your e-store branding in targeted areas along with the digital presence. Combining digital marketing with traditional marketing can be a great way to lay the foundation of a million-dollar e-store.

How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes


China is a newly emerging business leader in the new world order. By 2021 stats, It is the world’s 2nd largest economy, with a GDP of 17.7 trillion USD, after the USA, with a GDP of 23.0 trillion USD. 2022 is a historical year for Chinese companies and people. Chinese companies have made a new record by replacing the US in revenue and company count featured in the Fortune Global 500 list. They have made a mind-boggling 31% of the Fortune Global 500 listed companies’ total revenue of $37.8 trillion. These incredible stats indicate the significance of Chinese companies in international businesses. Today, most businesses can’t grow or survive longer in the market without collaborating with the Chinese market or businesses. Hunting Chinese clients or companies is separate, but how do you make calls to Chinese clients or companies? This blog is worth reading if you’re searching for easier & authentic ways to make international calls to China.

How to make international calls to China?

China is the world’s third largest country, with 23 provinces, 5 Autonomous Regions, 4 Municipalities, and 2 Special Administrative Regions. The country’s code is +86, with hundreds of area codes to manage calling systems for a population of 1.4+ billion people. It makes it complicated for foreign nationals to make international calls to China. How to make an international call to China? You may go through China’s mobile and landline telephone systems to get a simple answer to this question.

Whether you’re planning to explore China as a tourist or searching for a way to make a direct international call in China, you must learn about China’s telephone system. Keep reading better to understand one of the world’s largest telephone systems.

Landline Phone System China

Landline phones have area codes for regions and cities; one must add the area code as a prefix to the phone number to make calls. You may find the enlisted two types of landline numbers format in China,

  • Two-digit area code with eight-digit numbers (AA – xxxxxxxx). Here A denotes the area code.
  • Three-digit area code with seven or eight digits for internal numbers (AAA – XXXXXXX or AAA – XXXXXXXX).

Major cities in China typically have two digital area codes with an eight-digit internal number. In contrast, other places have three digital area codes followed by seven or eight-digit internal numbers.

This is the area code list of major cities in China.

Location Area Code Location Area Code
Anshan 412 Qingdao 532
Beijing 10 Shanghai 21
Changchun 431 Shenyang 24
Chengdu 28 Suizhou 722
Chongqing 23 Tai’an 538
Dalian 411 Tianjin 22
Guangzhou 20 Weifang 536
Hangzhou 571 Wuhan 27
Harbin 451 Wuxi 510
Huaibei 561 Xi’an 29
Huai’an 517 Xiangfan 710
Jilin 432 Yangzhou 514
Jinan 531 Yantai 535
Nanjing 25 Zaozhuang 532
Ningbo 574 Zibo 533
How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

How to make local calls to or from Chinese Landlines?

The number format varies depending on the locations of one making and receiving calls. You may look at the following possible phone numbers’ format scenarios to make local landline calls in China,

  • It does not require you to add an area code while making a landline-to-landline call in the same region (with the same area code). [XXXX XXXX to XXX XXXX]
  • Add zero before the area code as a prefix to call the landline to landline from different regions (with different area codes). [0AA – XXXX XXXX to 0AAA XXX XXXX]
  • Add 0 and area code as prefixes for mobile to landline calls if mobile and landlines are in different regions. [1NN XXXX XXXX to 0AA XXXX XXXX]
  • Add 0 as a prefix to call from landline to mobile if both are in different regions. [AAA XXX XXXX to 01NN XXXX XXXX]
  • It does not require any prefix for calling a mobile phone from a landline if both are in the same region. [AAA XXX XXXX to 1NN XXXX XXXX]

Network Providers and Mobile numbers format in China

There are three mobile network carriers in China, as enlisted below,

  • China Mobile – It’s one of China’s largest state-owned telecommunication companies, with approximately 945.50 million subscribers as of 2021. It’s currently operating in mainland China and Hong Kong. China Mobile has network codes of 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 147, 150, 151, 152, 157, 158, 159, 182, 183, 187, and 188.
  • China Unicom – It’s a Chinese state-owned telecommunication company currently providing services in more than 30 countries, including Mainland China and Hong Kong. All the numbers started with the network codes 130, 131, 132, 141, 143, 145, 155, 156, 185, and 186 are registered with China Unicom.
  • China Telecom – The Chinese central government, has up to 70.89% shares of China Telecom. It’s the 2nd largest wireless carrier in China, with almost 362.49 million subscribers as of 2021. China Telecom has network codes of 133, 142, 144, 146, 148, 149, 153, 180, 181, and 189.

When it comes to mobile number formats, you may witness the following three types of mobile number formats in China,

  • 11 digits mobile number as NNN XXXX XXXX (Here N denotes the network digits)
  • 13 digits mobile numbers as NNN XXX XXXX
  • 13 digits IoT number as 14XXX XXXX XXXX

Virtual Mobile Numbers in China

China has over 40+ virtual mobile number providers, including eVoice, Nextiva, Cloud Sim, and Cloud Dial. You can get a Chinese virtual mobile number to operate from China as a business or interact with Chinese businesses. The first four digits of eleven-digit virtual numbers indicate the network provider. The base network providers provide the virtual mobile numbers to virtual network providers.

IoT Numbers in China

In China, there are different network codes for IoT numbers. The network codes 140, 141, 142, 143, and 144 are dedicated to IoT numbers. The 13 digits IoT numbers (14XXX – YYYY – ZZZZ) have the following three sections,

  • The first five digits hint at the network provider.
  • The next four digits (YYYY) indicate the location, i.e., the belonging area.
  • The last four digits (ZZZZ) represent the customer number.

How to make local calls to or from Chinese mobile numbers?

You may look at the possible enlisted formats to make local calls if you’re staying or traveling in China with a Chinese mobile number,

  • You do not require to add prefixes to mobile numbers while making mobile-to-mobile calls if both receiving and dialing phones are in the Beijing municipality. [1NN XXXX XXXX to 1NN XXXX XXXX]
  • Add 0 as a prefix to mobile numbers for mobile-to-mobile calls if the receiver, dialer, or both are out of the Beijing municipality. [1NN XXXX XXXX to 01NN XXXX XXXX]
  • Add 0 and area code as prefixes for mobile to landline calls if mobile and landlines are in different regions. [1NN XXXX XXXX to 0AA XXXX XXXX]
  • Add area code as a prefix for mobile to landline calls if both are in the same region. [1NN XXXX XXXX to AA XXXX XXXX]
  • Add 0 as a prefix to call from landline to mobile if both are in different regions. [AAA XXX XXXX to 01NN XXXX XXXX]
  • It does not require any prefix for calling a mobile phone from a landline if both are in the same region. [AAA XXX XXXX to 1NN XXXX XXXX]
How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

International Calls to or from China

Most countries treat China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan as separate countries for phone calls. That’s why all these four regions have different country codes for phone calls, as enlisted below,

  • +86 for China
  • +853 for Macau
  • +852 for Hong Kong
  • +886 for Taiwan

Similarly, the exit codes for all these regions are different, as listed below,

  • 00 for China
  • 001 for Hong Kong
  • 00 for Macau
  • 002 for Taiwan

You may follow the enlisted step to call another country phone from mainland China,

  • To Mobile – Dial the China exit code (00), your country code, and the mobile number to make an international call from China.
  • To Landline – Making an international landline call is slightly different than calling an international mobile number from China. Dial China exit code (00), your country code, landline area code, and contact number for international landline calls from China.

And you follow the enlisted procedure to make an international call to China from another country,

  • To Mobile – Dial your country’s exit code, China’s country code, and the mobile number itself to make an international call to a Chinese mob number.
  • To Landline – Dial your country exit code, China’s country code, area code, and contact number to make an international call to a Chinese landline number.
How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

Final Words | How do I make calls to China? | An ultimate guide to China Phone Codes

This blog has discussed the Chinese telecommunication model in detail to help you learn about the Chinese telephonic system. We hope this blog will help you learn how to make international calls to and from China. You can follow the above-discussed procedure to make international mobile and landline calls to and from China.

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

Custom advertising flags are one of the most effective traditional advertising models. It’s an incredible way to advertise your brand, business, or whatsoever you want to promote. You can use them for indoor & outdoor events for brand awareness or market a particular service/product. All it requires is a solid logo that must be eye-catching and match your brand’s motto, and for that, “Vancke custom adverting flags” is here to walk you through the most effective steps to create a logo design.

The logo is the key element of a custom advertising flag design that enables your business to enhance conversion rates and acknowledge more brand awareness. A compelling logo makes a custom advertising flag complete and ready to market your business’s message. Your business needs a distinctive logo that can convey the business message to enhance the impact of its advertising flags campaign.

Secret Tips to design a logo for custom advertising flags

This blog will show you how to design a compelling logo for custom advertising flags. Let’s go through the enlisted secret tips to design a professional logo for your company.

Define Your Business

A professional logo can communicate with the targeted market. But, for designing such a logo, you must first define your business. A better understanding of a business model can lead to a compelling logo design. What is your business trying to sell? What is the targeted audience of your brand?

What makes your business exceptional? Once you get to the point that makes your business unique, it will be much easier to design a logo that aligns with your business.

You may ask questions to yourself as listed below for a better understanding of business,

  • What is the end goal of this business?
  • What beliefs are significant for your company to stay in business?
  • What makes our business/brand unique?
  • What are the pain points of our targeted market?


Now, when you understand your business better, you can define your business/brand in a sentence. It’s time to brainstorm on logo design. The sky is the limit if you’re looking for the best logo design to make your custom advertising flags more effective. It might seem daunting to many, but it does not have to be if you initiate the logo design procedure through healthy brainstorming.

It’s significant to take some time to brainstorm and think about diverse ideas. Such as what colors you want to use, what message you want to convey through your logo, what you are looking to achieve, and what feelings you want your flag to highlight the most.

Follow the enlisted tips for adding value to the brainstorming process and get the best ideas,

  • Walk in your customers’ shoes; thinking as your audience will lead you to the best ideas.
  • Involve your friends, business partners, and all the departments of your company in this process. The increasing number of perspectives will get you a diverse range of ideas.
  • Talk to your targeted audience through social media platforms to better know how they think about a specific product or service.

If you are stuck on where to start, try looking at some great examples of flags for inspiration through Google search, which is the best option to get an idea, or talk to the Vancke flag designing experts to enjoy free consultancy and flag designing services.

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

Look at your competitors

Borrowing ideas from your competitors is not a bad idea. Look how they are representing their products or services. Analyze their performance, the impact of their logo design on marketing, and logo alignment with brands’ pitch lines.

Looking at competitors’ strategies does not mean stealing their strategy; rather, it will give you a direction to brainstorm. After analyzing competitors’ logo designs, brainstorm to get a design idea that keeps you relevant but in a unique way.


Sketching the ideas, you have brainstormed; will be more beneficial than keeping them in your mind. Don’t worry about drawing the brainstormed designs perfectly; rather, get your ideas down on paper. Once you get a few sketches you like, you can initiate the refining process as you want.

Take time to pick the precise and compelling shapes and colors that can represent your business. Stick to one perfectly chosen color palette to make a professional logo sketch. This trick is very important when you start designing your logo digitally. Also, keep your design as simple as possible because using too many colors or creating complicated shapes will make it tricky to align with the business message.


After drawing multiple sketches on paper or in any software, pick up the best three or five drawings to share with friends, family, business partners, and your company’s departments.

Ask for their honest feedback on the proposed logo sketches; their feedback will be crucial to lead you in the right direction. Use their input to develop a final sketch for your brand’s logo.

Pick the right color

After developing a finalized sketch for your advertising flags logo, it’s time to find the appropriate color palette that can represent your business. Picking up the right color is the most crucial step in designing a compelling, unique, and business-relevant logo. Colors have different meanings; using the wrong color can discredit all your branding and marketing campaign efforts.

Color can trigger human emotions; you need to pay attention to pick the right color palette for your business logo. Colors psychology is complex; it may be tough for you to choose an ideal color palette to trigger your audience’s relevant emotions. You may go through the following list to better understand the logo colors meaning. It will ultimately guide you in choosing the perfect colors for your logo.

  • Orange – Orange is a vibrant and refreshing color. It can be your top choice if you’re running a food-related business as it is known for arousing hunger, along with red and yellow colors.
  • Red – Red indicates excitement, intensity, and fury. It can be a great choice if your business targets youth and wants to stand out.
  • Yellow – It sets a friendly, affordable, and energetic tone for a business.
  • Blue – Blue is riggers a quite popular and traditional color. It triggers a sense of calmness and assists businesses in establishing a connection with the targeted audience.
  • Green – Green represents nature and prevails a sense of serenity. If your business relates to nature or the environment, you must place it in your logo color palette.
  • Purple – Purple is a feminine color that can give brands a luxury touch. If your business features luxury services or products, you may add purple into the color palette for your brand’s logo.
  • Pink – How can you forget the pink color if your business offers girls-related services or products? Pink is a calm, cool and girlish color that can do magic for businesses, targeting a female audience.
  • Brown – Brown may not feel an ideal choice for a brand’s logo at first, as it hints at loneliness, isolation, and sad feelings. But it can work for businesses dealing in classic, vintage, or handmade products. Because brown also indicates a sense of security, dependability, and resilience.
  • Black – It is a symbolic color for the indication of power, sophistication, grace, and mystery. Fashion brands generally use black in their logo as it’s much popular and attractive color. And it can easily fit in most color palettes to make them complete.
  • White – White color prevails the sense of peace, cleanliness, and purity. Western cultures use it in weddings, hospitals, and to represent angels. In contrast, eastern culture links it to sadness and uses it on death. But calmness and cleanliness are the common factors defined by the white color. You can use white in your logos to balance the voice of your brand messages.
  • Gray – It is a combination of white and black colors. Generally, brands use gray in their logo to get a classic look. Dark gray can give a mysterious look to a brand, while light gray can act as a balancing factor.

All the above-discussed colors come in a diverse range of shades; every shade may have a varying meaning. That means you must be careful when choosing the right color palette for your business. It can make or break all your marketing and branding efforts.

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

Pick the right font

Picking up the right font is as much crucial as choosing the right color for a logo. You may have to pick one of the following four font families to convey your message to the targeted audience precisely.

  • Serif fonts – This font family gives a classic look to a message; you may choose this font family for your logo line if your business deals with classic or traditional products.
  • Sans-serif –It indicates a modern look of business; It can be a perfect choice for brands dealing in contemporary products or services.
  • Script fonts Script fonts are similar to handwriting. There is a huge variety of fonts in a script font family. You can use this font family in your brand’s logo to indicate the individualized experience ensured by your business products/services.
  • Display fonts – Display fonts are decorative, stylish, and attractive; fashion brands or businesses with iconic brand-image use this font family to electrify their voice.

Finalize your design

It’s time to combine all the elements (sketch, shape, color, and text) into a logo designing tool like Canve or illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator can be your choice to create a clean, scalable version of your logo. But you may go with Canva or hire a logo designer if you’re a newbie to logo designing software.

Make some final touches to your design, and that’s it! By going with these steps, you will have a great logo for your custom advertising flag. You can also consult with Vancke professional custom flags designers’ team to make this process easier and speedy for you.

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

How to design a logo for Custom Advertising Flags

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Girls use fake eyelashes as an extension. It enhances the overall look, and the best are those that seem real. This increasing trend of using fake eyelashes, especially at parties, functions, and bridal looks, is increasing in demand, and producers are focusing on improving its quality.

Beautiful eyes are undoubtedly attractive; with these fake eyelashes, the eyes become prominent and fascinating. Here we are discussing the ten best manufacturers of this product available in China with all other details to make it easier for you to find the right place to get it. Let’s have a look below.

Qingdao Medear:

It is one of the finest companies to manufacture great quality artificial eyelashes. They have established a good name in this industry with relevant experience of 20+ years in this field. This company also customizes orders for any of your special events. Its main products are feather, fox, fan volume, thick, horse, and paper eyelashes.

The firm’s address is building no 52 near china merchant’s Lavie corporation. Our products are available in several catalogs as per your requirement and need. This catalog contains different kinds and shapes of eyelashes. There is no return policy because the quality can never be below expectations.

After you complete your order, you can expect delivery in a few days.

You can also check out our sample to ensure product quality. We have a delivery procedure. After you sign our contract and pay, we deliver the order through express. It has a wider range of customers in China as it is a leading company.

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China


Shandong dream flower lashes:

It is also serving for more than 18 years in this market by offering the expected quality eyelashes at affordable rates. Its main products include eyelash extensions, eyelash studios, and LLCs. These beautiful fake eyelashes are available in what quantity to want.

The process of placing an order can take place on their website. Firstly you can create your account. If you order for the first time, you can get a discount. After completing all formalities, you will get the details with images of all available lashes. You can open your favorites and add them to your cart. I will write the price below the image of each eyelash.

Then you can place your order by clicking on the payment options. Your order will get delivered in 3 to 5 days. We also have seven days return policy if you get any unwanted item. The incredible quality eyelashes are best to use for any event. They only need to work on creating more outlets for customer reach.

  • Shijiazhuang QC eyelashes:

Another superb company is making artificial eyelashes to make you beautiful and your eyes sparkling. This company having experience of more than ten years is working harder to make great eyelashes for their customers. Individual and strip lashes are among its versatile products.

We will deliver your parcel within 2 to 6 days through FedEx or DHL service. You could return the delivered item within a week if you didn’t find it effective. Although our delivery service and product quality are topnotch but still in such a case, we offer a return facility to maintain your trust. The price for these lashes is not higher.

You can find their contact details by visiting their original website. The loophole of this company is that they need to build a more user-friendly interface to inform the user about the product details with mentioned pricing and order placement.

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Qingdao radiance beauty products:

Although this company doesn’t have many years of experience within a relatively short period from 2017, they have retained and maintained a remarkable position in the market by producing durable quality beauty products. The most demanded and prominent one is artificial eyelashes.

They also have the best quality lashes, which can work like real ones on your eyes. Magnetic, mint and 3D eyelashes are one of the great products they offer.

Like others, they use DHL or any other delivery service, which takes a few days to get your order delivered to your doorstep.

You can visit their outlet and purchase any of their great quality beauty products. Also, you can visit their portal to learn about their latest products. The rates are not extremely higher. All the details, including their email address and WhatsApp contact number, are mentioned on their website clearly to get you away from trouble while placing your order.

Their strength is their highly dedicated team committed to providing excellent quality beauty products.

Qingdao Zixi lashes:

This company has a drastic reputation all over China for manufacturing improved and advanced quality eyelashes. Mink, cluster, and other famous kinds of extensions are among its worth mentioning products. The delivery process of this international company through shipment takes at least one and a half months to deliver the respective order.

They receive orders in bulk quantity because they are one of the greatest producers due to which people import their products to sell in their countries. As discussed earlier, they use shipment mode for delivery, for which the delivery charges are payable to the buyer. The overall average results based on reviews are satisfactory and pleasant.

Tailiu road 177 near Shandong is its company address where you can visit them. As far as their return policy is concerned, their policies are flexible. Furthermore, the only negative aspect of this company is less efficiency which often exhausts buyers. But if we look at overall worth, you can surely prefer this firm for getting the best quality eyelashes.

  • Qingdao hongfutian eyelashes:

The quality, or the most promising trait of this company, is its devotion to developing supreme quality eyelashes by considering all health benefits. Fox mink and mink eyelashes are its considerable and best products. This company has some initiatives to reach in future years.

They are striving to get top positions in their respective industry. You can place an order of any quantity that is acceptable. The payment methods, modes, and charges are in their prospectus so that you can find them there. It is their email address and contact info: +86-532-86690699. Here you can contact them and ask for all the details about the company or product.

As their policies are concerned, you can rely on its customer service to solve your queries and confusion. If they enhance their service quality a little more, they can reach heights of glory in this demand area.

Qingdao t-integrity lash factory:

If you talk about the experience and expertise of this factory, it is exceptionally amazing. Mink, human, and horse hair eyelashes are its superior products on their cart. The delivery mode of this high-quality firm is through seaways. With additional charges, you can get urgent delivery too.

You can get your order within a few days with durable quality. Its return policy is available with some terms and conditions. It is the contact details of this firm on which you can call them to get relevant details. +1 780-462-2580. There are some limited products of this company which they can increase.

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Top ten fake eyelashes manufacturers in China

Qingdao ESSI beauty product:

Another high-quality firm in China that produces the best quality eyelashes. It includes ultra-reliable feasible eyelashes with great accessories. ESSI lashes can deliver the best quality products for people worldwide.

They have several delivery modes as per the countryside and distance. Delivery charges depend upon the distance and requirements.

It’s the email

Contact number +86 156 5015 2052

The above are its contact details for further verification. Moreover, it manufactures good quality lashes, but some areas need to get improved.

  • Qingdao IMI lashes:

This firm is also preferable if you want the best quality artificial lashes. Mink, 3D fox, 3D silk, and long-lasting extensions are among its vital products. They are producing fine quality products with natural hair to give a natural look. Its delivery routes are predetermined, so you can directly place your order and receive your parcel within a few days.

Charges and delivery fees are negotiable, and timings of delivery can vary. This fluctuation can cause due to any reason. Return policies and other terms and conditions are available on their website. Address:  RM3201, NO.1 Building AUX Plaza, NO.37

Qingdao barmier false eyelash:

Lastly, a barmeier manufacturing company of fake eyelashes provides great results and has 30+ years of experience. They deliver expected quality results to their customers with all layered extensions as their main products. If you talk about delivery, they have outclassed delivery service.

In all areas of countries, they deliver their parcel for swift delivery. You can place orders directly on their website. Furthermore, charges are affordable with a fast delivery service. There is no restriction for order quantity with no return policy.

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

Colors play a significant part in setting the tone of an advertising message and properly conveying the brand message. As Henri Matisse (a French visual artist) once said,

The main function of color should be to serve expression.”

It’s not only about picking up the right colors but also color modes; there are multiple color modes like CMYK, RGB, and PMS. Knowing the color modes’ basics and differences is vital to picking the best one for your project, whether you’re a graphic designer or getting a design.

Color modes set the way a few colors mix to create a larger range of colors and set their particular tone. They can differ in quality, appearance, and file size; one color mode may look perfect for one medium but seems dull for another medium. It may feel complicated for you to differentiate so many color modes with very thin differentiating lines. But, it’s essential to understand the basic color modes like CMYK, RGB, and PMS to play with colors and optimize your design for a chosen medium.

CMYK →   Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

RGB    →   Red, Green, and Blue

PMS    →   Pantone Matching System

This blog will discuss the basic color mode differentiating factors to assist you in picking up the best color mode for your chosen medium.

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

CMYK, RGB, or PMS | Best color mode for Printing Flags

All these color modes use the color mixing technique to create particular colors. In general, designing experts found RGB best for digital designs, while CMYK and PMS are the best fit for printing materials. We have thoroughly discussed these color modes to help you pick the best color mode for printing flags.

RGB – Red, Green, Blue

RGB uses red, green, and blue colors to blend and create a diverse color palette through an additive process. RGB color mode is designed for electronic devices; A light source in electronic devices uses RGB color mode to create particular colors for digital screen displays. You may use RGB color mode if your design has to be displayed on digital media or any indoor or outdoor digital screen.

Creating a light pigment by mixing lights of varying wavelengths refers to the Additive light mixing process. It makes white pigment when all the sunlight colors are mixed at full intensity in this process.

Whether designing a website banner or an outdoor digital advertising board, RGB should be your first choice. This color mode has the unparalleled capability to render colors precisely on the digital screen; it lets you control the vibrancy, shading, and saturation of color to get the perfect pigment on the screen.

Best use cases for RGB

One thing is obvious; the RGB color model is not for printing flags. Go for RGB if your design endpoint is a digital screen. Look at our compiled list of best RGB use cases below for clearer interpretation.

  • Icons, buttons, and graphics in websites or app designing.
  •  Logos or ads designed for digital branding.
  • Social media posts, profiles, and profile background designing
  • Video, infographics, and image designing for websites or applications.

RGB Color mode formats

RGB graphics come in different file formats to meet users’ particular needs. The best four formats for RGB color mode are listed below,

  • JPEG – It is one of the best RGB formats because of its normal file sizes with higher-quality graphics. And JPEG graphics generally supports most digital mediums.
  • PSD – It is the native format for adobe photoshop created graphics. Unlike JPEG, PDD graphics have all the design information like layers, edit history, etc. It is generally not used to upload graphics on apps or websites; You can use this adobe source format to exchange design files for further edits during the designing process.
  • PNG – This format gets us graphics with transparent background; designers use this format for images that have to get overlayed on another graphic.
  • GIFs – This impressive RGB file format lets us save moving moments to create animations. You can use this file format to save a bouncing button, moving logo, or few-second video animation.

You may be thinking about a few other RGB file formats like TIFF, BMP, EPS, and PDF. But it is better to avoid these formats to get an optimized design. These RGB file formats, except those four, mentioned above, have larger file sizes and compatibility issues with most of the software, ultimately causing technical and SEO problems.

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black

CMYK is a color palette for printed materials. This color mode uses a subtractive color mixing process to mix inks physically and create a particular pigment. Printers use these four colors to create a diverse range of colors; it has the great capability to make every imaginable color. That’s why CMYK color mode is also called the full-color mode. A certain percentage of these four colors are blended to create a color in CMYK mode. Increasing the percentage of any color during blending could lead to a darker view.

Subtractive coloring refers to mixing physical inks/paints to produce a particular pigment. This process creates black color by mixing up all the colors.

Certain RGB colors we see on digital screens can’t be achieved on printed materials because of the on-screen reflection and absence of that pigments in the CYMK palette. That makes CMYK color mode the best choice for printed materials, including advertising flags instead of RGB.

Best use cases for CMYK

You may go with CMYK color mode if your design has to get physically printed on any medium from paper, card, to cloth. Let’s have a look at the enlisted CMYK best use cases,

You may go with CMYK color mode if your design has to get physically printed on any medium from paper, card, to cloth. Let’s have a look at the enlisted CMYK best use cases,

  • Printed branding materials’ designs from stationery, business cards, stickers, signs, and storefronts.
  • Physical advertising materials design, including billboards, brochures, custom banners, flags, posters, flyers, and vehicle wraps.
  • Merchandising product designs like t-shirts, hats, pens, mugs, etc.
  • Restaurant menus and customized product packaging designs.

CMYK color mode formats

Let’s have a look at the three best file formats to save CMYK artwork,

  • PDF – It is the ideal file format for CMYK artworks because of its unparalleled compatibility with most software.
  • AI – It’s a basic source file for Adobe illustrator CMYK artwork; You must use this format to save the CMYK original files. This file format is editable and has all the design information.
  • EPS – It’s an incredible alternative to AI file format; You may use EPS to increase the file compatibility with other vector programs.

All three formats are best to meet varying needs; it’s better to contact your flags banner printing company to ask for the recommended format. It will let you avoid any inconvenience in the future. But, if you have not finalized your flags printer yet, choose AI or EPS format to create an optimized design.

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

PMS – Pantone Matching System

Pantone matching system, the name itself renders the features. It used the matching process to regenerate the pigments like already printed ones. It can be your best choice to achieve printed color consistency; PMS is capable enough to get 100% similar colors every time without an inch of doubt.

Pantone originally developed PMS, but it became a standard system for most ink manufacturers with time. A thin difference in the working techniques of PMS and CMYK makes PMS superior to CMYK for achieving consistency. CMYK mixes dots of inks (which can’t be seen with the naked eye) while printing. In contrast, PMS blended the inks long before initiating the printing process. It enables you to get the perfect colors and meet your expectations.

Best use cases for PMS

PMS was designed to achieve consistency in printed colors; You may choose the PMS option for the designs that may have to get published on paper, card, or cloth. Let’s have a look at PMS best use cases enlisted below,

  • Logos, branding material, and national flags need color consistency and should get designed in PMS.
  • PMS can be your best choice for certain colors like grey, navy blue, and orange color designs.
  • For printing smaller-sized texts without blurry color auras.
  • It can be your best choice for monochromatic design printing.

Final Words | When to choose CMYK, RGB or PMS for printing Flag Colours?

We have thoroughly discussed the RGB, CMYK, and PMS color systems to find the best option for the printed flags. CMYK and PMS are the best options for printing flags, while RGB can be your ideal choice for digital designs.

But which is the best choice for printing flag banners from CMYK and PMS color systems? Well, Go with CMYK for printed flag banner designs as it can print a wider range of colors than PMS. In contrast, PMS can’t print as many colors as CMYK can. And it will increase the printing cost with the increasing number of colors in your design because of expensive Pantone colors.

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Now that I work from home, I dislike shopping.

Running to the store, searching for parking, waiting for assistance, and then suffering in line all seem like a monotonous waste of time.

I’m not the single one who thinks this way. Approx 60% of millennials, choose online shopping since it indicates I can avoid the irritant of going to a physical mart and shop when I realize like it. And since most stores have a substantial return policy, if something doesn’t suit or looks varied, I can deliver it back without difficulty.

Plus, there are several ways to preserve online shopping. That indicates that remaining home saves me time and money – an actual win-win.

When you buy online, staying safe isn’t always easy. Several sites want to take your cash and move for the hills, never to be recognized or heard from again.

the best cash back apps that will protect you the most money. And one tremendous app that is well worth your time is  Rakuten.

I composed this manuscript precisely for you. It encompasses all the queries you will probably ask yourself, including:


Rakuten is an online and app-based assistance that provides people cash back when they make a purchase using a Rakuten link.

Previously known as Ebates, Rakuten’s central objective is to assist customers to insure money on stuff they’re already purchasing.

Rakuten also gives a list of which brands have outstanding deals for customers, such as free shipping, pay for one get one free, or gifts with every purchase. Current users can receive $10 just by signing up and can receive $25 if they refer somebody who signs up for and uses Rakuten.

They possess a 4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot and an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. Users report that Rakuten proposes a significant number of choices for getting cash back, extraordinary customer service, and the app and extension are simple to use.


Rakuten is a lawful way to receive cashback on purchasing stocks you usually purchase. Even if you don’t do a ton of retail shopping, you can however save cash and collect some cash. It doesn’t cost any cash to sign up (you will rightfully get a welcome bonus!), so it’s worth the try.

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?


Rakuten is not a scam – it truly does provide you free cash when you purchase. And with over 2,500 stores to select from, almost everyone can receive cashback. Just memorize to browse the fine print respectively what items shops are giving cashback on. And be suspicious of the urge to expend just because you get something “on sale.”


Rakuten Securities HK wants to alert its customers

The public and consumers shall be attentive to fraud and betrayal to prevent any loss.

Please reach us at (852) 2119-0116 if you have any inspections.


A reasonable way to resist scams is to survey the reviews and responses left by different buyers on the seller’s product page before purchasing anything.

It makes ordering from Rakuten much less alarming. Your opportunities of running into difficulties are much quieter if a number of pleased buyers have used the dealer in the past and left tons of favorable reviews.

I advise you to perpetually buy from sellers with:

  • At least 200 reviews.
  • A star rating of at least 7 out of 5 on their merchandise page.

Further, you should look at the images uploaded by other buyers to get a promising idea of how the product works.

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

How To Cancel An Order That The Seller Has Not Exported?

  1. Cancel an order within the final 30 minutes:

Go to your my order page to excavate the order you need to cancel. Click on order details, click on cancel order (on the top right), you will receive a pop-up verifying that you wish to cancel your order. Simply click the ok (YES, CANCEL MY ORDER) button to cancel.

  1. Cancel an order placed more than 30 minutes ago:

Communicate to the seller to plea to cancel your order

Go to your my order page to locate the order to need to cancel, click on contact seller to receive a message form, the form will auto-populate with your order number, but you expect to fill in your details and notifies the seller you choose to cancel your order, click on send message to send the message. You should receive a reaction from the seller within two business days.

You can also contact them at

Is Rakuten Safe To Buy From?

All Rakuten’s products are sourced from official suppliers and we approve a copy of their authorized invoices as evidence that the products are valid. In all our years of business since 2001, we have never had falsified goods come in and sold.

How Long Does Rakuten Take To Ship?

Rakuten shipping will take depends on the shipping speed you choose. Nearly all the orders are delivered within 3-10 days.

Does Rakuten Provide Tracking Number?

Yes, Rakuten empowers the tracking number delivered in order details received via email. These orders are exported via several courier services; Rakuten package tracking is a simple process, certainly, you can trace your Rakuten order by going to the courier service

Why Is Rakuten So Cheap?

Simply because merchandisers pay Rakuten upfront to refer people to their shops, Rakuten doesn’t charge customers for the assistance, which gives rise to it as a no-brainer from an expenditure perspective. With Rakuten, it isn’t about how extensively you pay but rather how much you’re retrieving.

What About Rakuten Quality of Goods?

Rakuten continuously tries to enhance the integrity of products and services in order to maximize our consumer gratification

Rakuten Group Quality Policy

  • Supply stable products and assistance to our customers.
  • Reliably distribute the products and assistance guaranteed to our clients.
  • Supply commodities and services that acknowledge the applicable legislation and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they are proposed, whether they be in Japan or overseas.
  • Deliver products and services that are useful to our buyers.
  • Give convenient, user-friendly commodities and services to our customers.
Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Is Rakuten Safe? Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam?

Can You Buy Brands Or Replica Products From Rakuten?

Yes, you can purchase brands or replica commodities from Rakuten. All products are sourced from credible suppliers and a manuscript of their official invoices reveals their authenticity to us.

The products are sourced through authorized account holders of the brand and; therefore, will be evaluated as parallel imported

Is Rakuten Good For Buying Branded Stuff?

Yes, it is best for buying brand stuff. Rakuten as a brand exemplifies positiveness and entrusts our members to experience the joy of discovery with a significance of confidence and enthusiasm.

What If I Do Not Receive The Item Is Or It Is Not As Described?

If you have not received your order or you have collected an inadequate product after generating the payment, you will be eligible for repayment.

What Payment Methods Are Supported On Rakuten?  

You can pay effortlessly, securely, and safely, by utilizing a credit card, PayPal, and Rakuten Points, enlisted with your Rakuten user ID. *When you want “Auto-Ship” as a Shipment method, PayPal, and Rakuten Points can not be utilized for payment.

Does Rakuten steal data?

When you sign up with Rakutenwe receive some fundamental information to set up your account. This encompasses information like your name, address, and email. We use this data to strengthen your account and support your use of our commodities. We also gather information when you purchase and communicate with us.

Everything About Rakuten Refund & Return Process

Rakuten is a Market place that has dealers across the world that have million of items being retailed and shipped by those sellers. The return policy of an item sold by Rakuten MarketPlace Seller is regulated by that seller


The return policy for the products you need to return is specified by the seller, so you’ll expect to check the seller’s return policy and then pursue their instructions to finalize your return. If you receive the item as a bonus, just contact Rakuten they’ll help you out.


Any card information you share with Rakuten is kept in a secure, encrypted setting and will never be uncovered, sold, or otherwise compromised. You can associate most American Express cards, most Mastercard credit and debit cards, and most Visa credit and debit cards to your Rakuten account.


The Rakuten app is functional for both iPhone and Android phones. If you do a ton of in-store shopping, download the app so you can browse offers on the go. This is much simpler than utilizing coupons because you constantly have your phone with you.

When you utilize the app, you can click on a retailer to see their functional offers. These may comprise both online and in-store cash-back discounts, sales, and other deals. Like the website, you can browse for a shop or recognize the best offers that are presently available.


Rakuten isn’t just for buyers who choose online shopping. If your tech-averse mum chooses to shop at brick-and-mortar shops, she can though use Rakuten to conserve money.

Rakuten also proposes the proficiency to receive cash back when you purchase in-store. To achieve this, download the Rakuten application on your iPhone or Android phone or log onto your Rakuten account..

Click on the In-Store Cash Back Offers column, where you’ll find a combination of suggestions you can select from. Click on several proposals you’re mysterious about, then link your credit card to that proposal. This should be the credit card you utilize while you’re in-store.

For example, currently, Rakuten offers a 1% cash-back proposal when you purchase at Macy’s. If you tie this proposal to your credit card and go to Macy’s, you’ll earn 1% cash back on your purchases there, minus any oddities Rakuten might have.

It can bring limited hours or days to substantiate the order, so don’t be shocked if your Rakuten cash-back proportion doesn’t change instantly.


If your colleagues adore shopping or save money, you can refer them to Rakuten and earn $25 after they’ve brought their first order. They’ll also get $10 simply for signing up. You can share this link with your friends and family online, by email, or on your social media pages to earn fascinating rewards.

This is a simple way to get additional Rakuten rewards without conducting any shopping.


Rakuten makes it simple for buyers to conserve cash while yet utilizing their beloved stores.


Rakuten is exceptionally straightforward to use, whether you’re using it on the website, app, or browser extension. The browser extension is the simplest because it doesn’t want you to manually search for deals.


The favorable part of using Rakuten is that you can protect money at the shops you already frequent. You don’t have to shift your shopping addictions to benefit from using Rakuten. Rakuten has cash-back proposals at several different stores so users don’t have to challenge to find a discount.


Rakuten has cash-back proposals at more than 3,500 stores, including Target, Kohl’s, and Amazon, so you’re likely to discover a proposal at a shop where you already shop. They also have appealed to both everyday shopping and luxury brands such as Rebecca Minkoff, Harvey Nichols, and Bumble and Bumble.


Rakuten is legitimate, 100%

Rakuten is a legal corporation trusted by over 3,500+ stores. These are not only regular stores. We are discussing about brands and tremendous traders like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Hilton, Expedia, Lord & Taylor, Nike, Levi’s, Groupon, and many more.

It has the most substantial audience ever! Whether you are searching for electronics, beauty products, motels, or costume /clothing, Rakuten is the place to be.

Ever heard of the online confession “People deal with people they recognize, love, and trust?” Brands love Rakuten! And we do too.

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

A Brief Introdution to Banggood

Shopping is the world’s biggest craze when it comes to budget-friendly websites. Banggood is an online and electronic E-commerce website. Furthermore, it is based in China, a global online shopping store. It has thousands and millions of products buyers buy online worldwide. You can explore its huge variety of different products and qualities.

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

Banggood is like other online shops such as Ali Express, Alibaba Group, or eBay. If you like to shop around from these online stores, you will fall in love with Banggood. For instance, Banggood is becoming one of the best eCommerce websites with a huge variety you can explore online from anywhere worldwide. At the same time, our products are 100% quality. In contrast, you can trust us with your drop shipping.

Online shopping Craze satisfaction at Banggood

If you are a person with a huge shopping craze and if you like to do window shopping, then Banggood is a perfect E-commerce website. Undoubtedly, you will be very happy exploring the different economic and budget-friendly products at Banggood. We provide you with the biggest opportunity of exploring around and choosing your favorite products. You can put them in your liking and buy them anytime you want.

History of Banggood

Banggood is a Chinese eCommerce website and company that provides thousands of products, equipment, and services. To know if Banggood is safe or not, let’s explore a little history of Banggood company. Aaron Chan founded Banggood in the year 2016. At the same time, the headquarters are located in Guangzhou, China. In the past, Banggood has had a very good and positive reviews all over the world.

Furthermore, its services, delivery times, and products are 100% positive and qualitative. In addition, their shipping’s are very good. At the same time, there is no breakage or negative order drop shipping review.

Is Banggood safe| reviews from Banggood

Banggood is an electronic and technological online shopping store that has a review of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. Therefore, it is reviewed as one of the greatest online shopping stores. Furthermore, its verification has achieved great popularity over the past few years. Some people have given it an excellent 5-star review, Whereas only 9% have given it a great review. Therefore, it is an average great company among the other online stores.

Some of the reviews mentioned are:

“Shipment was very fast (3 days)

The package was undamaged. The accessories were as described.

I have tested the welder only approx. 5-minute welding.

Everything worked as described.

I recommend the goods.”

“In the case of the first delivery of two devices, one was reported as defective. After some back and forth with Banggood customer service, a replacement device was delivered in no time without any problems. Therefore: top customer service.”

“My item (a drone and its controller) arrived as promised — safe and sound — as promised. Everything works fine, and I am delighted with the service.”

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

Is Banggood safe| suppliers’ requirement

Banggood has 37 global warehouses with more than two million products online. It is becoming one of China’s biggest and largest e-commerce shipping companies, where you can find everything from tiny gadgets to luxurious equipment.

  • If you want to become a supplier, then all you have to do is become a part of Banggood. It would be best to choose a niche where you have to specify a product type or niche. For instance, you may choose a woman’s clothing, children and kids accessories, kitchen gadgets, etc.
  • Banggood has more than 15 main categories with thousands and hundreds of subcategories. You can choose a niche and follow up to create your brand.
  • You can be a part of both branded and unbranded products.
  • In the next step, you have to choose a selling platform in which you will describe what type of product you are selling while making them similar to other marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.
  • Furthermore, you can automate your software depending on your budget and selling strategy. You can invest in automating affordable software. For instance, it will help you track the orders automatically and manage the inventory.
  • Research the products to maximize sales and choose basic keywords to describe your product so the buyer can easily find it.
  • In the next step, start listing your products, so they are visible to the clients and start receiving the orders.
  • In some cases, you also have to manage the returns by the clients, track the orders for Security, and make a client happy.

Is Banggood safe| Banggood safety and Security

When pursuing to buy online, many people doubt if a company is valid or not? They also question whether the product will be of quality or not. On the other hand, they may also think if the company is legitimate while giving cheap prices but high-quality products. Banggood answers all of these questions as it is one of China’s most famous and cheapest online stores. You can find many products at cheap prices.

People also get the question in their mind that if they buy a cheap product, is it a risk of getting it, or are they risking their money by getting no refunds or receiving a damaged product? In contrast, Banggood is the safest and most secure company you can buy your products from because it is a valid and legitimate Chinese website.

But if you want to be surer about buying the products at Banggood, you should check the reviews and the description of the product before purchasing it so that you may not blindly trust the buyer. You may pursue the product with the highest rates and reviews, whereas you may dismiss the product with the lowest reviews. The more reviews or products have the more chances you will receive your order without damage, faulty, or bad quality.

Is Banggood safe| Dropshipping

You can find many dropshipping suppliers on Banggood. Some drop shippers and suppliers may not be available on AliExpress or any other Chinese E-commerce website. Banggood is a legitimate online shop where you can buy a product at cheap prices. Sometimes, you may be at the risk of getting your refunds and receiving damaged or faulty products. Start with a proper check on the background of the drop shippers; this issue can be resolved.

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

Banggood for Companies and Manufacturers

The Banggood doesn’t sell its products. Rather it is just an online eCommerce website where different suppliers supply their products and resources from a network. Undoubtedly, Banggood is popular for selling products from a specific company.

All the products are from companies’ manufacturers. In Conclusion, we can say that Banggood is the representative of many companies that provide pretty products from a different network of suppliers. Therefore, when buying products on Banggood, you may check the drop shippers’ background to avoid scams.

Is Banggood safe| Return Policy

7-days return policy

Banggood provides a complete warranty and Security of the return policy. If you are not satisfied with your product, for instance, if you receive a product that is damaged, a different or nonfunctional item, then you can return it through 7 days of DOA product guarantee. Bengard will reimburse use your return shipping cost.

30 days no reason return policy

On the other hand, you can also choose a 30-day no-reason return service. Without a doubt, if you do not like a product or are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a refund within 30 days of receipt. Only one condition is important the product must not be used, or it should be in brand new condition, whereas you have to bear the return shipping fees as there is no mistake by the supplier. On the other hand, items that require hygienic Considerations cannot be returned.

80-days quality protection

Furthermore, you can choose an 80 days quality protection if given by the product you buy. Banggood also provides repair period and warranty exemptions for a few products such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart watches or smart bracelets, etc.

Is Banggood safe| Refund Policy

Banggood is 100% safe with its return and refund policy. For instance, if you choose a seven-day DOA product guarantee, you will receive a refund if the product is damaged or nonfunctional. Bengard and its suppliers provide you fund policy for your convenience and satisfaction while giving you the best of the best quality product.

At the same time, if you are not satisfied with the product, you will also get a complete refund. If the product is in new condition, you must bear the shipping cost. Along with this, Banggood also provides 180 days of quality products in which you can get your product repaired or exchanged if it is not working or damaged.

Is Banggood safe|Estimated Delivery Time

AliExpress, eBay, or Amazon can take as long as a week to deliver their products to you. There are certain conditions to estimate the delivery time given by the Banggood. If you are near the warehouse, we can say that if your location is near the warehouse, it takes as little as two days to get your parcel. It also depends on when the parcel is being dispatched from the warehouse. If you want to deport your parcel from China, it can take more than 8 days.

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

Other Factors

  • Another factor that affects the estimated delivery time is the shipment’s size and weight.
  • The transportation method used for the delivery also affects the estimated delivery time.
  • On the other hand, when you purchase a product from Banggood, it shows the estimated delivery time on the page or the product’s detail. Sometimes the delay occurs, but most of the time, the estimated delivery time is given according to the location and the parcel.
  • At the same time, some other factors can be deep major events or crises such as natural disasters, bad weather, or political affairs.
  • Banggood uses certain services or postal services for its delivery. The most common services used by Banggood are China post, DHL express, Netherlands Post and USPS.

Is Banggood safe| Free from scams and fraud?

The good news is that only 1% of the reviews show Banggood as a scam. At the same time, 99% of the orders and the clients show positivity. According to 1% of the clients, they complained about the shipping problems. Whereas only a few people described broken or damaged products.

Banggood is 100% safe and free from scams and fraud if you look for a product with good reviews. Banggood is a legitimate online shopping store, As described by many buyers. On the whole, you can get scammed or fraud if you buy a product with no reviews. Therefore, you should always opt for a product with many reviews and four-star ratings.

Is Banggood safe | Banggood Payment Methods

Paying with Banggod is easy and convenient, as you can choose all those debit cards and online accounts used for paying on other apps. Cash on delivery with Banggood is also available if you are closer to the warehouse region.

  • COD
  • paypal
  • rupay
  • visa debit card
  • Klarna
  • dotpay
  • QIWI
  • OXXO
  • Master card

 Is Banggood safe| Variety and Quality

China is becoming the world’s biggest manufacturer of products. Like that, Banggood is one of the best eCommerce websites for online shopping. On the whole, there are 15 categories from which you can choose further hundreds and thousands of subcategories to look for a product. For instance, if you are looking for electronics, you can look for its subheadings such as 3D printers, audio, video game accessories, media players, Security, DIY electronic kits, photography and camera, consumer electronics, portable audio, and video.

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

The 15 main categories in Banggood are

  • Women’s clothing
  • Men’s clothing
  • Phones and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Tools, industrial and scientific
  • Toys, hobbies, and robots next nine computers and office
  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Sports and outdoor
  • Home, garden, and furniture
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Home appliances
  • Shoes and bags
  • Health, beauty, and hair
  • Lights and lightning

Banggood has a huge variety and extremely good quality products that you can buy. Banggood is a globally leading online shop that provides quality and money-friendly products. Therefore, you do not have to compensate for the quality of the product due to its price. You can trust Banggood for its quality products and luxurious products within budget convenience price.

Is Banggood safe| Buying Security

A 4.62-star rating can assure you of Banggood that you will get a legitimate product. At the same time, most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases and give a full five-star rating review. Whereas some customers also describe the shopping experience, great prices, and fast delivery in their reviews. To get buying Security with Banggood, you must follow the following steps.

  • Check the supplier background

The first thing before buying from Banggood is that make sure that you are checking the background of the supplier. If the supplier is available, you may check the background by looking into Alibaba, AliExpress, or any other online shopping store. Furthermore, you can also look into the reviews to understand the type of products the supplier provides.

  • Look for reviews

As the next step, the most important thing you must do before ordering a product is to look for reviews. If a product has more than 10 or even a hundred reviews, you should read all of them or at least give a thorough look. This will help you interpret if the product is legitimate and what type of product comes when received. Furthermore, the greatest benefit of doing so is that some customers post photos that help them easily understand the product details.

  • Read the full description of the product

Sometimes the product ordered is different from the product in the photo. At the same time, everything is mentioned in the product description. Therefore, it helps in understanding what you will receive. Furthermore, in the description, the supplier has always mentioned the material, color, specification, and product functioning.

  • Choose a safe payment method

As the last step, you may choose a payment method by online banking or debit card, which is the safest payment method.

  • Order and track

After ordering, you can track your order and see the estimated delivery time in the order details. Keeping track of your order will help you understand where your product is and when you will receive it. Furthermore, you can open a dispute and refund your money if the product has not been reached.

  • Check the product

Once you have received your product, you can check it for damages or nonfunctioning. Therefore you can return it on time while getting a product warranty with a complete refund.

Banggood vs AliExpress

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

2022 Definitive Guide: Is Banggood Safe to Buy from?

If we compare the Banggood and Ali express together, we will find that Banggood provides a fast delivery estimate. Moreover, you will receive an order by Banggood within 3 to 8 days, whereas the estimated delivery time of AliExpress can be from 15 to 45 days which is a very long way to wait for your order.

Ali express may use epacket, USPS, and Hong Kong post for delivery purposes, whereas  Banggood mostly uses China Post, USPS, and Netherlands post.

If you do not know Aliexpress, you can read What is AliExpress | An Introductive Guide to a Leading E-commerce Platform. 

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Is Banggood safe | Conclusion

Banggood is the fastest and the most legitimate eCommerce website from which you can buy millions of products online. Your order and your favorite product are only one click away. Furthermore, in Conclusion, Banggood is the safest and the fastest delivery compared to other Chinese websites. Therefore, if you want a good set of products at really cheap prices, then why not try Banggood.