6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

Feather flags are no doubt great at garnering attention from afar, primarily thanks to their fluttering actions. And the best thing is that you can use these flags both indoors and outdoors as per your needs.

Feather flags are also affordably priced, and make a great marketing investment for any business. The best way to maximize your return on investment lies in increasing the flag’s lifespan or longevity.

6 secrets to increasing your feather flag’s lifespan

Read on to learn about the six best-kept secrets businesses should know to improve the lifespan of their feather flags.

1.     Choose your flag location wisely

Choose your location wisely. You no doubt will want to set up the flag on a spot that generates maximum exposure. But make sure you choose a site that is also safe for a flag.

It means that you should set up the spot someplace where there is minimal air pollution because air pollution isn’t suitable for the flag. It ends up graying the white areas, while UV rays can, with time, deteriorate and fade the fabric.

2.     Ensure proper maintenance

The flag’s lifespan relies entirely on your climatic conditions and how long you leave it up. On average, a typical feather flag lasts for as many as six months to a year or two.

It depends on how long it’s kept outdoors under the sun if it’s kept in polluted areas, how much you use the banner, and how well you clean and maintain it.

Most flag manufacturers like vancke.com bond their flags with a heat seal process. This minimizes the risks of the flag fraying with time. However, at times, there is the chance of the edges ending up frayed with time.

If this is the case, you have to trim, reinforce, and re-hem the feather flag to extend its lifespan.

And all you need to do this is a standard sewing machine. You will need a sharp needle, and while cotton thread does the job well, nylon threads give a more robust and longer-lasting solution.

3.     Takedown the flag during extreme weather conditions

There is the risk of heavy rains and windy conditions increasing the flag’s weight. This extra weight, in turn, puts some extra strain on the pole and can lead to potential damage.

The best way to avoid this is by dismantling the flag during heavy rain and windy conditions. You can always store it in the carrying bag accompanying the flag until the weather returns to normal.

And it’s once again safe to put up the flag. Just make sure that the flag is completely dry before you store it. Storing a wet flat can only lead to mold.

Remember, feather banners are designed only for marketing purposes. They are not fit to use in extreme weather conditions.

4.     Regular washing

The good news is that you can wash most feather flags if and when it looks dirty. All you have to do is wash it in your regular washing machine using common detergents. It’s better to wash it using 40 degrees C hot water, and then air dries it.

As usual, you can store only dry flags.

At the same time, most banners don’t require ironing after washing them. However, some of them may end up wrinkled and need ironing. It is better first to set the iron on low heat and try ironing a small patch. You can continue ironing if there are no problems.

5.     Even flags need their space.

Just like you need your space from others surrounding you, even flags need their space. You need to leave some surrounding area for the flags so that there’s no worry that it doesn’t catch or snag its pole on something.

For example, you have to keep the banners always from trees, fencing, and poles.

Besides, the warranty does not cover any damage to the flags and hardware by any force. So do not expect to get a replacement through a warranty claim if the banner gets caught on fencing.

6.     Make sure the flags are correctly installed

Yes, feather flags are indeed easy to install, that you can do it even alone, without anyone else’s help. However, this doesn’t mean you can do a poor job of it.

It’s only if you install the flag correctly it will serve you for a longer time.

This means that if you are setting it up somewhere outdoors, then the spike base has to be correctly installed. Make sure you properly insert the tip of the pole into the reinforced corners.

And keeping the spike base head above the ground provides for easy rotation. While you should use tension cords, do not pull them too tightly.

Practicing these tips can help considerably extend the life of your feather banners.

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

Frequently asked questions about maintaining feather flags

Here are some commonly asked questions about cleaning and maintaining feather flags:

1.     How can I steam and iron out wrinkles from vinyl feather flags?

Steaming and ironing banners make it look so much neater. However, this is something you need to be careful about.

It is no doubt that feather banners are durable, solid, and long-lasting. However, heat can create havoc on even the most robust material if not appropriately treated before use.

Most importantly, do not put the vinyl fabric flag into the washer. Doing this only leads to irreparable damage, with the colors running and fabric easily tearing.

Instead, you can follow these steps to safely wash and iron your feather flag:

  • The first thing to do is remove any pole attached to the feather flag. It makes preparing your banner for ironing or steaming so much easier.
  • Once the banner is ready, you next have to turn on your steamer at the lowest possible heat or setting.
  • As always, it is better and easier to steam or iron the flag after hanging or laying it flat on a surface like an ironing board.
  • Ironing is easier if you first smoothen out the flag. You can easily do this with the palm of your hand. It’s when your flag is smooth that you know it is ready for steaming or ironing.
  • Use a slow and gentle back and forth motion while steaming or ironing your feather flag. Also, maintain the iron at medium pressure to reduce the chances of any tearing or burning of the flag.

2.     How often should I clean feather flags?

Prolonged exposure to the outdoor UV rays can lead to cosmetic damage as the graphics are constantly exposed to:

  • Direct sun exposure

Constant and regular sun exposure leads to the fading of the banner graphics and colors. It mainly happens if you leave your banner outdoor for months together. Periodically bringing the flag in and storing it helps reduce the chances of fading.

  • Bad weather conditions

Bad weather conditions are not suitable for vinyl feather flags as it ends up dulling its protective laminate coating. So avoid keeping your banners outdoor during heavy rain, snowy and windy conditions.

It is better to bring them in and set them up late when things settle down. There’s anyway no point in having the banners up in such weather. No one will be able to see or even read what’s printed on it correctly.

  • Dust and air pollutants

Naturally, feather flags that remain outdoors keeping exposed to dust and other air pollutants like smoke and dander. This is also why the likelihood of the banners getting polluted and dirty is higher in urban areas.

In short, you need to consider the flag’s outdoor use and graphics to determine the proper cleaning schedule.

  1. Generally, vinyl feather flags that remain outdoors throughout the year should be cleaned every 2-3 months.
  2. And in the case of banners that you keep on display for only a few hours or less a day and then store them, an annual cleaning is more than enough.
6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

3.     What are the best and safest detergents to use for cleaning custom feather flags?

You need not worry or bother yourself too much about this.

The general rule of thumb to follow is that it is always better to use a simple cleaning agent. In other words, you are safe to go to clean your banners with your regular detergent or soap.

You need the following products ready to wash your feather banner:

  • Soft sponges
  • Lukewarm water
  • Mild soaps
  • Microfiber towels or clothes

In addition, do not use the following products for cleaning purposes. These products will only end up damaging your vinyl flag graphics.

  • Paint thinner
  • Bleach
  • Chemical solvents
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Abrasive cloths
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Acetone or any product that contains acetone

4.     How do I wash outdoor marketing feather flags and banners?

These steps will show you how you can clean and store your feather banners so that you can use them for years to come.

  1. You first have to pat the banner surface flat and dry and smoothen out wrinkles using your hands. You can use the sunlight, steamers, or hairdryer on the lowest setting to eliminate any stubborn wrinkles.
  2. Next, get your soap and water solution ready by mixing lukewarm water with a mild detergent cleaner. You can use some dish or laundry soap or even a liquid detergent meant for delicate items.
  3. Dip the microfiber cloth in the solution, wring out excess water, and gently wipe the banner using long, gentle strokes. Work from the middle of the graphic towards its outer edges.
  4. Next, take a second microfiber cloth, dip it in clean water and rinse the banner surface to remove any soap residue. It is essential to do this because the remnant residue can end up discoloring, deteriorating, and peeling the flag.
  5. Once this is done, you need to take a third, clean microfiber cloth or towel to wipe the banner gently. Again, start from the center, working towards the outer edge.
  6. It is when the flag is dry that you can slowly roll close your banner. Make sure the graphics remain facing inside and not outside while moving. It is always better to proceed and not fold vinyl graphics because the folds create permanent creases.
  7. Store the banner in its carrying bag until its subsequent use.

5.     How do I treat spot stains on feather flags?

You can use the help of the following tips to get rid of any problematic stains on your feather flags:

  • First, try cleaning the stain using a sponge and soap, and water mixture. As always, using gentle strokes is always a better option.
  • If soap and water don’t work, apply some mild glass cleaner on the flat surface and scrub lightly using a sponge. However, it is better to read the cleaner ingredients before using them to avoid harsh solvents like alcohol or bleach.

If you are not sure about the contents, test the product before use on a tiny, inconspicuous spot. Apply and wait for a few minutes. You can apply it to the entire flag if there is no discoloration or fading.

These frequently asked questions should answer most of your doubts and queries related to cleaning and maintaining feather flags. These answers, together with the secrets mentioned above, go a long way in prolonging your feather flag’s life.

It is also better to have your feather flags printed by a reputed flag manufacturer like vancke.com. They are professionals at the job and have a wide range of designs for you to select from.

Besides, your feather flags reach you with multiple bases to choose from and use as per your requirements. And there’s also a handy carrying bag for storing and transporting the feather wherever needed. The bag fits into your car trunk so that you can conveniently transport your banner from one venue.

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Have you wondered why some companies still use the old methodology of using feather flag yard signs to promote their small business? Well, you will be surprised that there are not just one, but multiple reasons and benefits for them to opt for this.

Read on to learn these nine reasons.

Excellent for promoting annual, seasonal services

Suppose you have a small business that offers some sort of seasonal services or specialists. So you will be advertising about these services year in and year out. This is where feather flags help you do this.


Well, you just have to print out whatever you want to disclose about your services. For example, you can mention what services you have to offer, its start times, any offers, etc.

You just have to place an order with a known company like vancke.com for your feather flags. Place them well on time so that they reach you in time for you to start promoting your seasonal services.

Once the banners reach you, all you have to do is set them up and place them in your yard. You don’t even have to wait for anyone to do this. You have your banners all set and ready in a few minutes, advertising your special offer.

The best and most important reason for using feather banners to advertise your seasonal services is to dismantle and store them once you are done with your seasonal services.

You can keep the banner in its accompanying carrying bag and start using it the following year once again for your promotional needs.

Easily set up anywhere, even in someone else’s yard

Yes, you read it right.

Feather flag banners take up minimal space in the yard to set up. All you have to do is poke its sharp pole spiked edge deep into the ground, and you have your banner fluttering and promoting your services.

It’s perfect for getting the word out quickly, especially if you offer unique seasonal services like leave removal in the fall. You can remove the leaves from a client’s home.

And as a favor, and with a slight discount, you could request if you can put up your banner advertising your services in the client’s garden. Most people are all okay with this arrangement.

They get their yards clean, you need only minimal yard space to set up the banner, and most importantly, you offer a discount for leave removal.

There is an added benefit to setting up feather flags in the clients’ yard like this.

Any prospective customers can see the type of work you do. They can see how well you can clean the yard, giving them even more reason to consider hiring you for removing leaves in their garden.

Besides, not many people even know that people are offering your type of seasonal services. And many people require help in keeping their yards clean. So feather flags provide an excellent means of getting the word out about your services on a seasonal basis.

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Effectively reaches out to your target audience.

You obviously cannot afford to waste much time while running a small business. You work at making ends meet where possible, and one such way you can do this is by using feather flags.


Well, it’s because you know that the money invested in the advertising reaches your target audience. All you need to do is print the right words on the feather flag. And then be strategic about where you set up the banners.

You logically have to set up your yard signs in places where you know or at least expect your target audience to live and hang out the most.

For example, if you have a daycare service, you can set up multiple feather banners in localities with more children. So the chances are higher of people approaching you for your daycare services here.

Or, if you have a plumbing business, you could set banners up someplace near apartment buildings. While many homes are also a great spot, flats offer many more potential clients within a smaller radius.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business


The way feather banners flutter in the wind to grab a passers-by’s attention is another important reason why it’s famous for advertising even in today’s world of online advertising. Besides, the colors and text font on the banner easily attract anyone’s attention.

More importantly, feather flags don’t have much competition. Unlike online business advertising, you will be setting up someplace where there already isn’t much saturation of information and advertisements. So there is a higher and better chance of people seeing and reading them.

Affordably priced

This is another excellent and essential reason to use feather flag yard signs for promoting your small business. They are affordable, perfect to meet the budget of most small businesses.

Besides, you get an even better rate if you order in bulk.

Feather flag yard signs thus make a much better advertising option than the other local options coming with substantial price tags. Just imagine how much you may have to pour out on other options like billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, and online marketing options like PPC social media ads.

Besides, you aren’t even sure if your advertising reaches your target audience or not. However, things are different when it comes to yard signs. They fit your pocket and reach a large, targeted audience.

Single investment

Yes, another reason why yard signs are affordable is that it’s a one-time investment that’s good for at least a few years. As long as you take good care of the banner, you can use the same banners year after year for a few years.

This is contradictory to other forms of local advertising, which require minimal repeated investments to remain effective.

For example, you have to pay for the production and paid time slots in radio and TV ads. When it comes to online advertising, you have the option to pay for daily, weekly, or monthly advertisements.

Even print ads are relatively expensive.

You have to go through the hassle of producing and then mailing them. Besides, brochures and pamphlets often end up in the wastepaper basket. So the recipient is most likely to ignore whatever you print on it.

However, as long as feather flag yard signs are attractively colored, they will effectively garner enough attention from a few passers-by throughout the day.

Effective for spreading brand awareness

You can use yard signs to effectively spread your brand, especially if your business has a single location. The only form of brand awareness you otherwise have in your area is word-of-mouth.

Setting up signs through your area of business proves helpful in spreading brand awareness. This way, more people get to know about your business, the services you offer, and your company name and logo.

Remember, brand awareness is critical to you, especially for small businesses. It is the first part of your marketing funnel and lays an essential foundation to help acquire your trusted customers.

It helps by helping people recall and recognize your business and seeing the yard signs repeatedly through your locality; your brand remains top-of-mind in case of your audience. And once people get to know and recognize your brand better, they become more familiar and comfortable with it.

And it is its familiarity and comfort that drives them to do or at least consider doing business with you. There’s a higher chance of their buying from you when faced with deciding how to buy from.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Provides convincing recommendations

Many people assume that it’s only the older customers that respond better to yard signs. They believe that the younger generation is more likely to turn to the internet while looking for something.

And as the older generation seldom searches online for local businesses, feather banners don’t reach the younger generation much.

However, it may be surprising for them to learn that the millennial consider word-of-mouth one of the most important influences in their decision-making process!

It’s because they, too, are influenced whenever they see the yard signs in their locality. They consider it to be as convincing a recommendation for a product or service as an actual, spoken recommendation may be.

Resonates with the Rule of Seven Advertising Principle

Did you know that there’s a marketing adage called the ‘Rule of Seven’?

It’s decided based on studies that consumers have to be exposed to a product or service a minimum of seven times before they actually decide to buy!

Of course, the number seven isn’t cast in stone. It’s just a preferred number, perhaps signifying people seeing a sign once a day for a week.

The truth of the adage is just that marketing for a business isn’t something done overnight. It has to be an ongoing process for someone to take action and make a purchase.

And this is possible through increased exposure with the help of your feather banner yard signs. The good news is that yard signs offer a much quicker and cheaper seven times exposure.

All your target audience has to do is pass by your feather flag a few times a day. Or over a few days, and they would have seen it more than seven times!

Besides, it’s not necessary that people who see your yard signs need you ON THAT DAY. They may not require you that day, but you never know when they will need you.

And if they see your sign only once, there’s a very slim chance of their remembering you tomorrow or next week when they may need your services or product.

The best way to ensure you are within their reach all the time is by making sure they see ‘you’ or your yard sign at least a few times a day. This way, you know they will remember you if and when they do require your services.

Five Tips to provide for effective yard feather banner advertising

Now that you know how yard signs can help promote your small business, here are a few tips for even more effective yard sign marketing.

First, always keep your text short and sweet. Remember that you have only a few seconds to relay what you want to the passer-by. So do it by providing your information using short and simple sentences, which they can easily remember and absorb.

Second, as mentioned early, strategic placement is very important. Don’t just set them up in any corner, like behind your home or establishment. Instead, set them up in spots where drivers and passers-by are most likely to see them.

For example, the perfect spot would be near the road instead of in front of your building because it provides better visibility. In short, you can expect better results and returns if you place your signs in all the highly trafficked areas.

For example, if you opt to set up a few banners outside your yard, you could put them up at traffic signals.

Third, plan your feather banner design well. It should preferably be uncluttered and straighter to the point with only essential and relevant information. It avoids distraction from the actual message and provides for better and improved readability.

And when selecting the colors, use more high-contrast colors and text. This way, whatever you print can be seen much better and more apparent.

Examples of some perfect color combinations include black and white, red and yellow, and perhaps green and yellow.

Fourth, don’t forget to include a simple call to action in the banner.

Even if it’s a yard sign, make sure you have a CTA like a phone number to call to reach you. This way, someone interested can at least click photos of the banner to remember your phone number and call you later on if they need your product or services.

Last but not least, it’s always better to have your banners printed by a company that specializes in custom yard signs like vancke.com. They know the best color combinations, sizes, and layout to provide maximum visibility and possible response.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Progression in science and technology has dramatically impacted all walks of life, including health, innovations, and printing niches. Thanks to science, there have been great advances in practically everything around us.

It has for example changed the original heat transfer printing style and option. It is now called digital heat transfer printing and is a more convenient and better printing option.

Besides, it’s so easy to use and comes with multiple benefits. Read on to learn all about digital heat transfer printing, and why it’s so popular with feather banners.

What is digital heat transfer printing?

Heat transfer decorating comprises two major processes separating printing from decorating. Heat transfer printing has been around for some time. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received the recognition it requires.

Screen or offset printed heat transfer decals are more well-known amongst the masses. They are available only for printing in high qualities ranging from hundreds to thousands of units. Besides, they are usually produced in Asia.

Digital heat transfer technology provides a solution by providing a more localized but personalized feather flag printing solution for both small to medium printing quantities. Besides, the prints are made using a high print resolution and eco-friendly technologies.

A high-quality inkjet printer prints the images designed through a computer onto heat transfer paper. Many countries have adopted this printing methodology for printing banners like Korea, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, and China.

China is now the biggest processing market for digital heat transfer printing, especially on banners, thanks to flag manufacturers like vancke.com.

The process

Like all printing processes, digital heat transfer printing on feather flags begins with the client sending their desired artwork and content to the feather flag manufacturer.

The file is first checked and optimized for the printing press. This is of course if you have a design ready, and know what you want to print on the banners. Don’t worry if you don’t have a design ready.

You can alternatively ask the feather flag manufacturer to come up with a design for your feather flag. Most manufacturers like vancke.com have a large collection of templates for you to use for your design. You just have to decide on the color combination.

There’s another option available if you don’t have the time or knack to select colors and build your own design using a template. Feather flag manufacturing companies have their in-house team of designers who will develop your strategy based on your specifications.

Thanks to the help of modern and updated equipment, you can expect a print quality of up to 1,200 dpi on your feather flags. So your prints will all have nice gradients, delicate textures, and even tiny but legible text.

It’s after the prepress procedure that the artwork files are printed onto a transfer material. Some manufacturers also include an additional step in the printing process.

Here an adhesive is added to the transfer. This adhesive helps increase the later adhesion to the material they will be applied.

This comes in handy while printing on other things like mugs and wooden pieces. Or it can also basically be used to print on all types of plastics and non-plastic materials like wood, glass, and metals.

There are also printing technologies that help produce safe and eco-friendly decals. They are referred to as eco-friendly because they don’t contain any volatile organic compounds or UV curing monomers.

With the transfers ready, it’s now time to start printing your feather flags.

Feather flag manufacturers like vancke.com start by inserting the transfer into a heat transfer machine. There are different types of heat transfer machines used for this purpose. Some of them are cheap and easily hand-fed, while others are high-quality equipment with additional functionalities.

In the case of high-quality machines, an optical image registration system positions the transfer on top of the feather flag.  Once in position, a hot rubber-coated plate or roller presses the print against the flag.


The heat and pressure in the plate or roller activate the decal, which adheres to the banner’s surface. The carrier material automatically peels off after cooling down for a while and leaves you with an attractive flag.

Though the procedure may seem to be something lengthy, it usually takes no more than two seconds.

And this is a very significant plus point because there is no need for any further drying or curing.

That is why feather flag manufacturers can offer so fast turnaround times to print your banners! Besides, there is no worry about problems like ink migration and the elimination of solvent odors while decorating flags with heat-transfer decals.

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Features of digital heat transfer printing

Digital heat transfer printing is most popular in the personalization market. Thanks to its technical adaptabilities and economical printing rates, it is a more cost-effective option for the small-scale production of personalized items like feather flags.

Besides, it produces better printing quality images than its predecessor, traditional heat transfer printing. And it is the main reason why this printing style has gained universal recognition and acceptance in just a few years.

The highlighted features of this printing technology are:

  • The resulting images come with more vivid color and better composition
  • Environmental friendly prints in compliance with Green Print standards

Benefits of digital heat transfer printing on feather flags

There are various benefits to using digital heat transfer printing on banners like:

  • Unique process separating printing from decorating.
  • Feather flag manufacturers take care of everything properly, from pre-pressing to procuring raw materials, thus focusing on essential tasks.
  • Produces exceptional print quality printable new ideas and designs
  • Eco-friendly in design, with a safe and easy-to-run application process.
  • No need for any long training
  • Works on a plug-and-play technology like most modern trends and requirements
  • Low investment technology that saves the manufacturer and thus your money. Well-built heat transfer machines need only changing of their transfer roller or plate once or twice a year.
  • No mess like ink storage, chemical waste, color mixing, smell, or UV radiation

How to take care of digital heat transfer printed banners

Here’s how you can prolong the life and use of your digital heat transfer printed feather flags:

  • Do not use any detergent with bleacher components for cleaning purposes
  • Wash with water with a temperature below 40 degrees
  • Do not use the washer, and air-dry it with minimal sun exposure
  • Use only medium steam irons on dried banners as high steam iron may destroy the fibrous tissue. Hanging the feather flag to dry or spreading flat on a surface helps retain the feather shape.
  • Keep the banners in their accompanying carrying bag when not in use.
  • It is better to avoid keeping the feather flags in direct sunlight or the rain for long periods of time.
Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Digital heat transfer printing vs. screen printing technology

Like everything else, digital heat transfer printing is the perfect choice for some printing applications. But there are also some situations where it’s sometimes better not used. That’s why it’s better to know and understand the different printing technologies before deciding on one, specifically screen printing.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing involves using a stencil and layers of ink applied to the printing surface, one at a time. It gets its name because a separate screen is used for adding each new color.

Screen printing is a versatile printing technique used for printing on various materials like plastic, latex, and textiles. As these surfaces do not need printing under pressure, it’s popularly used for printing on products like clothing, balloons, and wallpaper.

Differences between digital heat transfer printing and screen printing


Screen printing has its roots back to Egyptian times with stenciling and later in China, where ink was forced through silk fabric to create images. Ancient artists stretched silk fabric across frames and poured hot beeswax into it. It was only in the 1880s that screen printing got famous as a commercial process for fabric decoration.

Digital heat transfer printing is a relatively new printing technology, where it was first introduced in the early 1990s. The technology has evolved with time, and now possible to print digital prints in seconds.


If compared to screen or pad printing, digital heat transfer printing can print 100,000 prints of the same design. In short, these options are better for high-value printing. Though the initial setup fee is expensive, it works out better if you need more copies printed.

You do not even have to pay any extra fees as long as the artwork is ready and your design does not change much.

However, this is not the case in screen printing. As a new screen is required for each new color in screen printing, additional colors will cost you.

Mass production

Digital heat transfer printing is cost-effective and flexible, making it a better option for printing lower banner volumes.  They are perfect if you want only 100 individually personalized banners to promote your upcoming shop opening.

Besides, while black and white digital printing is an option, there’s no difference if you want one or a hundred colors. You spend the same amount.

However, it is generally not that cost-effective an option if you’re going to personalize many banners using digital heat transfer printing.

Print look and finish

Traditional technologies are also a better option for single-or two-color print jobs that do not require any photorealistic 1,200 dpi print resolution. However, traditional screen printing cannot address the color transition between two colors, like printing trade markers and feather flags.

Screen printing is better if you’re looking for a unique finish, like something authentic, retro, or a softer look. Digital heat transfer printing is better if you look for a modern, fresh, and crisp finish.


Screen printing prints have a more vibrant finish, especially while printing on dark surfaces. However, digital distribution is better for detailed work than its thinner ink layers, producing a more precise final print.

Design placement

Screen printing makes it convenient to move artwork and print at different angles and positions. However, digital heat transfer printing offers greater flexibility and changes if required.

It is just what you need for personalizing feather flags.

Color bleeding

There is the risk of colors bleeding into one another in the case of screen printing. However, in some cases, especially where you want to create this look, this can be a positive.

While there is no risk of any bleeding in the case of digital heat transfer prints, there is a chance of facing color matching errors. In other words, sometimes the colors may appear to be slightly different on your computer screen and later when printed.


Digital heat transfer printing is quick. That is why you can expect your feather flags to reach you quickly and on time. They are the perfect option for printing banners when you are running on a tight schedule.


Now that you know more about the printing process used for feather flags, you know it’s a worthwhile investment. As long as you dismantle and store the feather flags in its accompanying carrying bag after use, the banners will serve you for a long time to come.

The only thing you need to remember is to place your order well in advance. It’s no doubt companies like vancke.com will print your banners in a hurry. However, if you place your order too close to your opening or event date, there is the risk of your not receiving the banners on time.

And for best effects, order and print a few banners. You can place them at different spots like outside malls and gymnasiums, parking lots, or in front of your open house.

Tall banners are better placed at spots where you want people to be able to see it from afar, like at traffic signals. The shorter flags are better placed in nearby and visible spots, like in front of your shop.

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Why digital heat transfer printing is popularly used in feather flags

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

When starting your own business, one of the most important things other than the quality of your product or service is marketing and advertising your business and making it visible and familiar to the people.

Big businesses spend millions of dollars every year in marketing and advertising, including paid ads, banners, digital marketing, and many more.

These ways are good for promoting your product or services but are much better for your pocket.

And now, what if I tell you about a low-cost, highly effective and easy-to-use option? So, the way I am talking about is using feather flags for your business promotion.

What are feather flags?

Feather flags or feather banners are tall, flags made from a waterproof material. It is used to promote your business or service by making it more visible to the eyes of people.

They are primarily used for advertising purposes and can be used indoors, as well as outdoors. They are also called razor flags, wind flags, sail flags, and flutter flags.

They are affordable, easy to use, durable, and work well. That’s why people from both small to big businesses use feather flags to promote their products or services.

How do feather flags work?

Feather flags are a type of banner, but it consumes less space and is more eye-catching. They work in the same way banners work.

Feather flags are printed with the logo of the business and some relevant information and contact details. And, it is set up in some spot where most people passing by can view it.

Feather flags are used to make your business visible to people. So, people can know that your business also exists and in the future may buy your product or service. And, for big and well-established companies, they can be used to tell your company’s latest offers to the people.

As feather flags and banners work in the same way, i.e., making your business visible to people’s eyes. So, you might think about which one is better and why.

Suppose we compare feather flags with regular banners. They turn out to be better than banners in many ways. Some of them are,

  • They are easy to use and easily transported

Feather flags can easily be transported from one place to another and don’t need much effort. But, in the case of banners, they are a bit hard to carry and are hard to transport from one location to another compared to feather flags.

  • Require minimum space

While feather flags can be fitted almost anywhere, banners, on the other hand, require some more prominent place to set up than feather flags.

  • More eye-catching

Feather flags are constantly moving with the wind, which makes them even more eye-catching than regular banners.

  • Cost less and more durable

Feather flags also cost less than banners and are more durable than banners.

Although, these are some points that prove that feather flags are better than banners. But, some places like highways where feather flags do not work well. Using banners is better in those places.

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

Benefits of using feather flags 

There are several benefits of using feather flags for promoting your business.

Some of the benefits of using feather flags are,

  • Easy to carry and transport

Feather flags are easy to carry as they are lightweight and are easy to transport as they do not require much space.

  • Eye-catching

Feather flags are already very eye-catching as they are custom designed only for your business.

But, one more thing that makes them even more eye-catching is that they also move with the wind. It makes them more eye-catching and, in turn, helps promote your business.

  • Easy to assemble 

When it comes to assembling a feather flag, a 5-year-old can also easily do it. It barely takes 15 minutes and is very easy to do on your own. You don’t have to wait for someone else to help you.

And once after the assembly and installation of it, you can forget about it for an extended period.

  • Cost to money

When it comes to advertising, feather flags are one of the best ways to do it. They are not costly like other modes of advertisement and are very useful and fast in giving results.

They are the easiest way to build your business image in the eyes of people. Besides, you can use them year in and year out, as long as you store them well in their carrying bag when not in use.

  • Fast results

Feather flags do not require any setup for using them. As soon as you put them in their posting, it will start to promote your business. And results are rapid and steady. As you may be out to work for that day, but your flag will still be working for you.

And, not only it generates fast results, but also it increases your brand visibility.

But, to get your desired result, you need to set up the feather flag in a place that has the most view of the people.

  • Easy to maintain

Feather flags are very easy to maintain, as they do not require any extra maintenance other than washing. And can handle different weather conditions without getting much damage.

Once you have set it up in its place, you can forget it for the next six months in most cases. However, it is better to avoid keeping it in the hot sunlight for prolonged periods. The sun’s UV rays can lead to the fading of colors.

  • Durable

Feather flags are highly durable. They are waterproof, and can thus be used in rainy seasons. Heat and cold weather also do not affect feather flags.

Although they are very durable, they should be kept away from sharp objects as they can get a cut from them.

  • It does not require much space

Feather flags do not require much space; you just need a small area to set it up. It’s unlike banners which require enough space to set up its two ends.

  • Lightweight 

Feather flags are very lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Customization 

The best thing about feather flags is they can be customized according to your needs and wants. So, you can choose and use any color, any slogan, and can customize their banner in any way possible that suits their brand.

And, also they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can help personalize your feather flags to more extent.

Designs for feather flag

Your design defines your brand while advertising with a feather flag. So, you need to have an attractive and eye-catching design to generate sales and increase your brand awareness.

Thanks to the feather flag, you can create any type of design and choose it in any shape and size, which suits your business the most.

There are things one should keep in mind while creating design and customizing your feather flag.

The design should be attractive enough to make people look at it, and read whatever message you want to get across. The flag won’t help much if it doesn’t capture passers-by’s attention.

Brand logo and information should be printed on both sides so that people moving both sides can view it. This applies to double-sided flags. In the case of single-sided flags, you have only one side to print your content. So use it wisely, and while setting up, ensure that side is visible to oncoming traffic.

There should not be irrelevant information in the feather flag.

And the most important thing is that the feather flag should reflect the purpose and motive of your brand.

Uses of feather flags

  • To increase your brand awareness 

Feather flags are used for various purposes, but the most common one is to increase your brand awareness by making your logo or your brand visible to people. When people see something regularly, they remember it.

So, feather flags are the best way to increase your brand awareness in your local area.

  • To give the latest update about the business

Well-established brands use feather flags to update people or their customers about the latest sales, discounts, deals, etc., of their brand.

  • To promote your business brand

Feather flags are the best and cheapest way to promote your band or business and make it visible to people.

And who doesn’t want to promote their business and grow fast? Promoting your brand by the feather flag is one of the best and easy-to-use options available.

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

Uses of feather flags other than business purposes

  • Used in festivals and events

Feather flags are also used to inform people about the latest festival or event. They can be customized according to the theme of the event. And they are also used to get more public attention for the festival or event.

  • Used in parties

When it comes to promoting your brand or some party, feather flags are the best way to do it. You can use the flag to advertise, and inform people about your upcoming party.

In addition to promoting parties, these banners can also be used as a banner giving directions, or maybe just used for the menu.

  • Used in grand openings

Using a feather flag to inform people about your grand opening is an excellent idea, especially if you are starting a new business. It’s primarily because feather flags are eye-catching and will advertise about your opening both far and near.

  • To spread some message

Feather flags are also used to spread social messages like child labor, women equality, etc., among our community. They are also popularly used in churches to let people know about any church activities and programs.

Some people also use banners to spread awareness about cancer, aids, etc., to society.

Some frequently asked questions

Can flags be used in advertising?

Yes, feather flags are widely used in advertising and marketing your product or service. They are cheap, durable, easy to use and wash, and cost-effective.

That’s why from small businesses to big businesses all are using feather flags for advertisement. 

And, they are a great way to advertise and scale your business in your locality without much effort and with great results.

What are advertising flags?

Advertising flags are the type of banners used to promote your product or service by adding your graphics, logo, jingle, or anything that tells people about your business.

Advertising flags are also used for purposes like event announcements, party banners, etc.

But, they are mostly used for promotional purposes and to establish your business presence in people.

Do feather flags work?

Feather flags are highly effective when it comes to marketing your product or service. They are just like banners but cheaper, consume less space, and easy to assemble.

And “yes” feather flags work very well to market your product or to make an announcement. They tend to flutter with the wind to grab people’s attention and are widely used by every business and event originator.

And, the work of the feather flags is primarily to create a business presence for small businesses. In the case of big companies, they are mainly used for advertising upcoming offers or products.

What is a feather flag?

The feather flag is an advertisement flag used by businesses or event originators or anyone who wants to promote something. Minor

The name is feather flag because they resemble bird feathers, and that is the only reason why their name is feather flag.

What is a feather banner? 

Feather banners or feather flags are banners used by both small and large businesses to promote their business, event, or other promotions These flags are durably built, affordably priced, and can easily be ordered online.

There are many companies like vancke.com which manufacture a wide range of feather flags in various colors, sizes and types. There’s sure to be something for everyone. Besides, these flags reach you with a carrying bag for safe and convenient storage and transportation from one spot to another.

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

Know everything about promoting your brand with feather flags

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

Like you, many other people depend too much on flags for popularity.

It is no doubt that a customized flag is perfect for garnering attention to your business, event, or group.

However, it does not happen with just any feather flag you have.

The best way to achieve this is by making your banner look special enough to grasp their attention. And you can do this by implementing these three essential tips while customizing your banner. They will indeed make your feather flag stand out from the crowd.

1.   Using the right colors and color combinations

You must by now know how much of an influence colors have on your banners. When chosen and used correctly, they can even set the mood everywhere throughout the year.

You may keep these points in mind while designing your business logo and interiors. The same rules apply about colors when it comes to flags:

  • The best colors help create the most significant effect on your customers.
  • When it comes to colors, they come in three types-primary, secondary and tertiary colors.
  • The primary colors are those that don’t come from other colors but can create different colors.
  • Secondary colors are the colors produced by mixing primary colors. For example, blue and red make purple, while yellow and blue make green.
  • Tertiary colors are a combination of primary and secondary colors. For example, blue and purple make blue-violet.

While it’s not easy mixing different colored paints or printer ink, knowing the relation between colors helps pair them. It is also worth knowing some terms used in the color industry to change a color’s appearance.

  • Colors that go well together are complementary in nature. They are usually colors lying opposite each other on the color wheel, like orange and blue.

They create the most substantial contrasts when placed next to each other. When mixed, these colors cancel each other to produce a grayscale color like white. Examples are green and red or orange and blue.

  • Analogous colors refer to three adjacent colors that are similar to each other.
  • Triadic colors are color schemes comprising of three evenly spaced out colors on the color wheel. Primary colors- red, blue, yellow, and secondary colors orange, green, and purple, are the most basic triadic colors.
  • Saturation is the intensity and purity of a color. It is based on light and is also called chroma. While reducing a color’s saturation lightens it, increasing saturation ends up darkening it.
  • Tinting involves adding white to colors to make them look lighter.
  • Shading is the opposite and involves adding black to colors to make them look darker.

How the right colors can capture a customer’s gaze

The colors you select for your banner determine how well they grab your customers’ attention. You have to choose based on where you intend to place your banner.

It is because the best colors for outdoor feather flags are the bright hues that stand out. Examples are fiery red, radiant yellow, and neon green. Neutral colors like black, white, and brown, and gray shades are not advisable for outdoor flags.

It is because they tend to easily blend with the environment.

However, it is not that you should not use neutrals on your outdoor banners. You can use them.

However, It would help if you struck a good balance between the bright colors and neutrals to create the best contrast.

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

Why contrast is so important

You realize the importance of contrast only after learning how different a color can look based on its surrounding colors. For example, red tones tend to stand out on a bluer background, and blue tones stand out more on a redder background.

The neutral used for the background also affects the perception of contrast and size of the different graphics.

For example, a red square in a large black one looks more significant than if placed on a white background.

Similarly, red squares get lost on top of analogous colors like orange while it stands out more against its complementary color, green.

Best contrasting colors for banners

Now you know about colors and the importance of choosing the right colors for your flag. In addition to the right colors, you also have to choose the right color combination.

It should be color combinations that make it easy for people driving by, or who are at a distance, to read the sign. It is proven that a brightness difference of 70% or more offers the best legibility. It usually comprises a dark and light hue.

The best color combinations are:

  • Using white or yellow-colored text on a black background
  • Yellow or white letters on red or dark blue background
  • Black or red letters on a light blue background
  • Black, dark blue, green, or red letters on a white or yellow background

These tips and guidelines will help you come up with an aesthetically pleasing customized flag with the right colors.

2.   Selecting the perfect fonts

It is the right fonts that ensure your feather flag is visible from afar, especially when it is waving in the wind.

Sans-serif fonts are fonts that do not use serifs and make a better choice. It is because serif fonts have small lines at the end of letters.

The popular sans-serif fonts are Arial, Geneva, Helvetica, and Avant-Garde. Serif fonts include Courier, Times Roman, Palatino, and New Century Schoolbook.

There are, however, a few points to remember while choosing the right sans-serif font:

  • Some studies imply that sans serif fonts are more challenging for a reader to read. That is why it is better to select a font with a simple typeface than something fussy or complicated to read at a glance.
  • It is better not to use more than two different fonts. Most of the time, two complementing fonts are more than enough to make your message stand out.
  • Always select fonts which are legible from a distance and avoid fonts with elegant and thin strokes.

Possible font changes

Sometimes it is not just the choice of fonts that can make or break a feather banner. You can always make the font more enticing and visible on the sign through a few changes.

  • You could, for example, try capitalizing some letters to see if some words look better in capitals. However, it is better not to overdo this because it may lead to some words not getting emphasized as required.
  • You could also try using italics and underlining to emphasize words. It can enhance some parts of the banner when appropriately used. However, do check for legibility when enlarged.
  • Of course, bold words are always better at improving visibility. It is especially most effective with fonts that comprise mainly of thin strokes.
  • Don’t forget to use the right contrasting colors between the font and background. The wrong choice can lead to the most well-thought-of font and text getting lost in the overall design. It means using dark or bold backgrounds if you will be using a lighter shade for the text and alternatively.

Use themed fonts

You may think that it is better to use some unusual font to make your feather flag stand out from the crowd. However, it is generally better and more professional looking to use something easier to read.

Sometimes even typical fonts, when used creatively, can end up different and eye-catching to the consumer.

You may also take into consideration your intended customer base or your business brand while selecting your font.

It is because some fonts look more professional than others. Making the font and overall banner design match the company’s formality, and presentation helps highlight the banner.

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

Using multiple fonts

Banners with only a few large words generally look good with just one font. If your feather flag has more words, you could think about using multiple fonts or the same font in different sizes.

However, some fonts may look aesthetically pleasing on their own, but not when used with other fonts. So do check to find out if various fonts blend well together before finally getting your banner printed.

Do not think that selecting the best font is a cumbersome process.

Everything burns down to the overall look of your banner or sign you want to achieve. It also depends on how well the chosen font fits with the other flag elements like the graphics, logo, and colors.

3.   Amount of text in the banner

It is always better to stick to using as few words as possible in your feather flag. It is because fewer words are seen and create a much better impact in relating your message.

Remember, your readers have only a few seconds to read your message. You have to work at increasing the readability of the banner. This is possible using a mix of upper and lower case letters instead of words made entirely of capital letters. However, do not make the mistake of overusing capital letters.

You can also choose your text size visually as it follows a visual hierarchy. As large text tends to catch your attention first, use it for the primary message you want to get across.

You can then change the size of the subsequent messages based on their relevance, and placement in the banner. The best way to advertise the importance of the information on your customized flag is by making the top line largest and then working the sizes down from there.

Remember that it is human tendency to read from left to right and top to bottom. So keep it in mind while deciding on your text placement.

It is evident that the bigger the font, the easier it is to read it. You want your text to be as easy to read as possible. It is also better to use short and easy-to-understand words and avoid using long words containing more than ten letters. Banners with too much information can get difficult to read, especially from a distance.

4.   Feather flag placement

It is not just the design of your feather flag that helps it stand out in a crowd. Its placement also plays an important role. Here are some valuable tips to remember while deciding on the right spot for your feather flags:

  • Avoid setting them up near trees, power lines, etc. Not only is the visibility reduced, but there is also the chance of the flags snagging and ripping away.
  • Do not set up the flag in places with lots of things around it. You want to maximize the sign’s visibility. Keeping it amid other things will only end up with the flag getting lost, and remaining unseen.
  • Supposing your establishment is in a busy place and you want to let people know about you through your feather flags. The best way to do this is by placing the flags in different spots.

Place them in those locations where they can be easily viewed from the road, like on fences, rooftops, or entryways.

  • The most significant advantage of using feather flags is that you do not have to stick them to only one place. You can always move them around where you want and when you want. You can adjust the position based on how well it’s visible and getting seen.
How to make your flag stand out from the crowd

How to make your flag stand out from the crowd


These four tips are not so difficult to follow and implement in your feather banners. However, they do bring with them a marked improvement in the look and appeal of your flags.

Generally, remember that contrasting colors work best, less is more when it comes to text, and choose an easy-to-read font. But you don’t have to worry if you can’t choose your colors, font, and text.

There are many flag manufacturing companies like vancke.com offering free design services. They will help ensure you choose the right colors, font, and number of text and produce the perfect flag.

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

The secret to a successful feather flag that effectively advertises your business lies in not just the design. You need to have the right content printed using the right fonts and colors.

A feather flag that is well designed but lacks the information it should provide readers will not serve its purpose. For example, if you are advertising about the opening of your new store. Your feather flags should contain more than your business name, colors, and tagline. It should also include other information like the date, timings and perhaps a bit about your services or product.

Remember, you are printing these signs to tell people what you do and offer, so your flags must contain the relevant information.

Essential content to include for an effective feather flag

There are three standard contents each feather flag should contain. You don’t necessarily have to put them in all your feather flags. You have to decide based on the purpose and location of the banners. These common content elements are:

1.      Company logo

The company logo is a must on the flag. It’s what your customers will easily remember you with and is usually the most attractive. You may have to use them in feather flags announcing the opening of a new venture or if you are part of a chain. Y

You need it for new ventures because people tend to remember logos well. And it’s logical that as part of a chain, the logo identifies your brand when people see your banner.

Just remember to print it to size, preferably based on the size of the feather flag. It will have to be proportionately smaller for shorter flags so that there’s enough space to print other content. Similarly, it has to be proportionately larger in taller banners to be visible amongst other content.

2.      Slogan

Your company slogan or tagline is another essential piece of content for your banner. Once again, you need to add it to the flag if people remember and recognize you by your slogan. Or, in other words, include the slogan if it is catchy and trendy.

This way, anyone who sees the slogan will immediately associate it with your company. You could use slogans in feather flags printed to announce an event or release of a new product.

You could also use it in directional banners in a trade show to help direct people to your stall. Famous slogans are also an excellent addition to flags put up at sports meet, where many people will see and remember them.

3.      Business keywords

Now, what are business keywords? They are the words that best describe your business! You can’t print the words’ Shoe sale’ if you sell handbags, nor can you print the words’ coffee shop’ if you are a barber.

So it goes without saying that you need to include keywords associated with your business and the reason for the flag. If it is to announce a discount, then you need the word ‘discount’ in it. If the flag tells about an open house, then you need the words’ realtor’ and ‘open house’ in it.

Similarly, if you sponsor an event and have banners put up for marketing reasons, you will have to include keywords describing who you are, what you do, and the services/products you have to offer.

This way, the sports event attendees will learn a lot about you just through these feather flags. You never know, a few people amongst them were looking for your product/services for some time and will consider visiting you!

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

Other important essentials of a good sign

It’s not just the content that’s important in feather flags. There are quite a few other essential elements to remember and include in it.

·         Easy to read and understand fonts

This is very important to improve your signs’ visibility and readability. It’s okay to use something fancy for your logo or tagline. However, it is better to use some sans serif type font like Ariel or Helvetica for your message. Avoid using any form of swirly brush script fonts for the message because they are difficult to read. The entire purpose of printing your message is wasted if the sign is illegible.

·         Contrasting colors

Your feather flag comprises the content, images, and background. Don’t make the mistake of using the same colors for all of them. You need to work out contrasting color combinations like black or red font on a yellow background. Or the traditional black font on white background.

Avoid using color combinations that do not give a good contrast. And just because a color combination looks great on your letterhead, don’t think it will make a good sign.

There are no contrasting elements to the letterhead. However, in the case of external feather flags, they are set against nature. So it means you need to select colors that blend well with the color of the surroundings.

A sky-blue background won’t be that visible if it’s a tall flag, with the sky as a background. Similarly, green may not be a good choice for the background if the banner will be amidst greenery.

·         Correct font size

In addition to the font size, you also need to choose a readable font size. This basically depends on where you will be placing the banners. If your message has to be read from the freeway, you naturally need to use a larger font for the message to be seen by people walking by. However, you won’t need large fonts to set the banner up in front of your store or house.

·         Keep it simple

Experts always advise keeping the banner as simple as possible. In other words, less is better, perhaps seven words or fewer. And not more than three elements added per sign.

Flags that are too cluttered are challenging to read. Though you have to add fewer words, make sure you mention who you are. It means you need to write your company name and identity.

You also have to say what you do or rather what your industry or trade is. Give this the most significant prominence in the banner because people will visit you for your services or business.

They are not always interested in knowing your name or company. If permissible, you can also include a short slogan or company tagline to show how committed you are to your work. Some taglines prove how well you do your work.

·         Visual appeal

While content is king, graphics and pictures are always worth a thousand words! So you need to select and use the right images to describe what you have to offer to the public. For example, no words can describe how well you make chocolates other than a picture of a melted bar of mouth-watering chocolate.

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

Various uses for feather flags

Now that you know all about the essential information to print on your flag and the other vital essentials, there’s another factor that determines your banner content.

It is the use or where you plan to set up the feather flags. Here are a few of the most common places feather banners are used.

1.      Outside your business

If you place your banner outside your business, something short will be enough. Choose colors that contrast the background and abut content. You do not need to emphasize the name or address.

A ‘Here’ will be enough with contact details in small print. It’s better to highlight the event and what you have to offer. Like if it is the opening day, a discount sale, or the release of a new product.

Don’t forget to include the dates and timings too. Remember, while you can always distribute flyers to announce your sale, opening day, or product release, they likely end up in the dustbin.

A brightly colored and informative feather flag is more likely to pique the passers-by’s attention whenever they see it. Besides, there is nothing better than a bold, fluttering feather flag to convey a clear and appealing message about your grand opening.

It is always better than flyers and brochures. As long as you print the required content, it’ll go a long way at intimidating passers-by about the opening.

2.      At fairs or festivals

Feather flags at fairs and festivals need to have your identification factor. It should have bright colors, complementing the background, based on whether it is an outdoor or indoor event.

You can have tall feather flags for outdoor fairs ensuring your business doesn’t get lost amidst similar-looking stalls. You will have to legibly print your stall number, company name, and contact details.

Simple fonts are always a better option for these flags because visitors will be looking at so many banners and signs. They will read messages that are the clearest and most visible.

3.      At an open house

Feather flags will make the location stand out for any open house your real estate agency organizes. However, it works only if you include the right and relevant information in it.

You don’t need a very tall sign. However make sure there’s enough space to mention your company name and the open house details like timing and date.

4.      At a booth

Feather flags go a long way in making your business stand out at a convention booth. There are so many booths at the convention, and the only way you can have people come to you is by attracting them.

You need to have an attractive product or service for them to check out. And you need to include your stall number and product/service details in the banner. If there’s space, your company logo and tagline will also help create a better impression about you.

Printing tips worth knowing

Now that you know all about the right colors, font, and content to include in your flag, it’s time to print them well for maximum results.

·         The right material

You need to select the suitable material for your flags. Most companies like vancke.com use polyester for various reasons. It’s weather-resistant, which means there’s no worry about the colors quickly fading.

As long as you follow some simple steps like bringing in the flag when it’s too sunny or during harsh weather, the banner will last a long time to come. Besides, polyester is a popular choice because it’s incredibly durable.

That’s why feather flats are a wise investment to make for your advertising campaign. You can use the flags as many times as you want, year in and out. You just have to dismantle the flag and store it in the accompanying carrying bag till you next use it.

·         Don’t forget bleed lines

Another essential factor to remember while printing banners is bleed lines. Many people think it’s possible to stretch the text to the edge, but it’s impossible because of bleed lines or red lines on the template.

These are the borders on an art file that shows where you can safely print the content and graphics for your banner. There’s a risk of anything outside the lines ending up cut off or stitched during the manufacturing process.

Most companies have design teams that will either create your design for you or check your design and ensure it’s safe to print before printing it.

·         Place your order well in advance

Make sure you place your feather flag order well in time for the event/opening/sale. You do not want to spend so much time designing the flag, only to end up with it reaching you after the special day.

Find out how long the company needs to ship the banners to your address. And keep a few days’ buffer time in between to compensate for any untoward incidents like public holidays or strikes that may delay the shipping process.

Now that you know all about the right content to include in feather flags use the acquired information to design an attractive and informational banner.

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Have you decided on using teardrop flags for your store’s marketing? Do you need help selecting the right colors, design, and font? Do you wonder where you should put them up for maximum benefits and effects?

Well, the good news is that choosing the right teardrop flag is relatively easy these days. Most online sites like vancke.com offer clear instructions to design and place an order. Here are the essential tips to remember while selecting your teardrop flag.

Essential tips to remember for designing teardrop flags

1.      Single or double-sided flags

The first thing you need to decide about is if you want single or double-sided flags. They offer their benefits and disadvantages. The single-sided ones are a cheaper option because the flag is printed only on one side. There is less paint involved in the printing process and less material.

However, the fact that there is only one layer of material is why the colors and font may leach onto the backside. It means that the flag may not look decent or clear from the rear.

Single-sided flags are best set up in places where you expect traffic only from one side. In other words, there may not be that many people looking at the flag from the backside. In this case, there is no need to worry about how it looks from the back.

Nor do you have to print anything at the back. Whatever is printed on the front side isn’t seen on the backside.

In the case of double-sided teardrop flags, it comprises double-sided polyester flags with a black cloth in between. There is no danger or worry about any leaching here, thanks to the black fabric. Any leaching on one side is not visible on the other side.

You can also print different information, colors, and designs on both sides. This is the perfect flag if you intend to have people looking at the flag from both sides. You could print the same information on both sides or opt to have your event details on one side and print your contact details and any other pertinent information on the other side.

Of course, these flags are more expensive, but it’s worth the added expense if you will be setting it up someplace with double-sided traffic.

2.      Size

You have to select the right-sized teardrop flags. This once again depends on where you plan to set up the banner and how far you want the flags to be visible. If you wish for the flags to be visible to passers-by, it is better to get shorter flags.

It is easier for people to read them when they pass by your store. You can opt for longer banners if you want the banners visible to people afar, like traffic signals or beaches.

You can always use a combination of tall and short flags at public places too. Place the more towering flags at the entrance of exhibitions, parking lots, and the airport so that people can see them on their way to the spot.

The shorter flags are better if placed at the entrance of the venue or parking lot or exhibition where people can easily read whatever you print on them.

In case of flags immediately around your store, it is better to have taller flags put up at the parking lot and shorter ones outside your entrance. If you can set up flags near the traffic light, you could set up a few taller banners for people to read from afar.

3.      Design

You must select the right design for your flags. It should be of the right colors and fonts to be visible and seen from wherever a person may be reading them. Do not opt for too complicated fonts.

Not only are they difficult to understand from afar, but they also may not look good on print. It is better to play safe and use the simpler ones, which are commonly used for printing purposes.

Do not worry if you do not have any design in mind. Most teardrop flag companies have a database of flag designs to choose from. You can just take a look at the options you have and choose one.

If you have your design, just send it to the designers in a compatible format and ask them to ensure whether it’s possible to print it on the flags or not. And if you have no idea at all about a design, you can always have their in-house team design one for you.

You just have to provide your contact details, any preferences or colors you want to be printed on the flag, which of course, may include your logo or tagline. They will come up with a few designs for you to select from.

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

4.      Colors

Choose the right colors for your teardrop flags, preferably based on where you will be setting them up. Or you could choose based on your company colors. If you are setting up your banners mostly outdoors, it is better to avoid colors like sky-blue and green. There is a risk of the banners blending with nature. It will make it difficult for people to see and read whatever is on the flag.

Always use contrasting colors when it comes to the background and font. If you opt for a light-colored font, then use something dark for the environment. And if you prefer dark colors for the font, then you need a light-colored background.

In addition to the points mentioned above, there are a few more points to remember while finally selecting your teardrop flags.

Number of flags required

Choose the number of flags you need to order based on where and why you will be setting up the banners.

If it is for a tradeshow event, then you need a few types of flags. You need a few directional flags to direct people to your stall. You may need a few more flags to inform people about your store. And of course, a few flags to set up before the event to let people know about your store.

If it is your shop opening, then you will not be needing that many flags.

You need to order as many as you want to set up. You may feel that a few are enough at the entrance of your store and the parking lot. Or you may want to set up a few along the route to the beach so that beachgoers can see it. Or you may wish to sponsor a few local events and set up some feather banners advertising your store at the venue.

You may perhaps just want a teardrop flag to let people know about an open house you will be organizing. In this case, you may only need one or two banners outside the home.

Place your order for teardrop banners well in advance

You also have to make sure you place your order well in advance. Make sure you place your order so that the feather flags reach you on time. You should have time to set them up before the date of the opening, event, or open house. There is no point in putting so much into planning your teardrop flags only for them to reach you on the same day of the event or after it.

Public places where you can set up teardrop flags

Most of the probable spots for setting up your teardrop flags have been covered above. You can place them outside your store, at the traffic signal, the parking lot, along the beach route, at significant events, or even on the way to the airport.

The trick lies in placing them up in places where you expect many people to pass by and notice your flags. There is n point in setting up the flags in areas with minimal traffic.

Besides traffic, it is always safer to find out if the local authorities permit setting up teardrop flags or not. The last thing you want to happen to you is you going through all the hassles of placing orders for your banners and setting them up, only to have them put down before the day of the event.

Benefits of using teardrop flags for marketing

There are various benefits and reasons people use teardrop flags for advertising about their opening, discount sale, stall, or business.

  • Teardrop flags are reusable. You can use them as many times as you want. For example, if you set up stalls at multiple trade shows, you can easily set up and use the flags at one venue and then dismantle and use them again at another venue.
  • The flags are washable and last for quite a few years with the proper care. It means that as long as the flags are not overexposed to the harsh sunlight UV rays, they will last longer. They also last longer if not kept outside in extreme weather like heavy rains.
  • The same teardrop flags are suitable to use at both indoor and outdoor venues. It’s because the flags reach you with multiple bases to choose from.

They generally have a spiked base for outdoor use where you just poke the spike into the ground and set up the flag. There is a wheel-shaped base for indoor use and outdoors on the concrete floor.

You may, however, have to place sandbags or water bags on these bases to prevent the flags from accidentally toppling over or falling over if someone hits them.

  • Most companies like vancke.com provide a carrying base with teardrop flags. You just have to place the different parts in the bag and store it in your garage or car trunk to carry them anywhere you want.
  • Teardrop flags are easily set up and dismantled. You do not need to wait for or depend on someone else to set it up. The flags reach you in different pieces. They come with an instruction manual that is easy to follow. It clearly describes how and which parts to join and set up your flags.
Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Select the right teardrop banner manufacturer

In addition to knowing how to select the right design and colors and where to set up your teardrop flags, it’s also essential that you place your order with the right people.

There are many companies offering teardrop flags. Do not choose the first company you come across. Do some research and find out more about the quality and colors of the different companies’ flags. Some companies may seem to offer cheaper rates, but their flags and colors are also affordable quality.

You can select your teardrop flag provider either through word of mouth referrals or do a little research on the internet. Visit the websites of a few providers and read the reviews of their past customers. Be careful of companies with only positive reviews.

Many people have a third person write them false reviews. Companies that have negative reviews aren’t necessarily bad choices. Check to see what they do to rectify the negative review. The companies that go out of their way to solve the problem are a better choice.

It proves that they consider the customer to be the king and do everything possible to keep them happy. You can also tell how professional the company is just by taking a look at their website.

Companies with a professional-looking website with lots of information and diagrams of feather flags are a better choice. It shows that they want you to make an informed choice while looking for teardrop flags by providing as much information as you may require to help you make your choice.

Teardrop flags are indeed a great marketing tool for any business. As long as you select the correct flags from the right companies. You will also need to use suitable designs and colors and set them up in the right spots. These measures will ensure the banners increase the traffic to your store or venture and possibly generate more business too.

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

Visibility is essential for a business. You need to let people know about you and your products. And you can do this with the right marketing techniques and tools.

And one of them is feather flags, and you get the best results as long as you use the right number of flags. To make things easier, you can easily visit many sites online and choose the right design, size, and type of feather flag.

You have to also decide on the type because there are some that come with inground spikes, and others with cross-based, and wheelbase. It’s for you to choose, depending on where you plan to use it.

This makes you wonder how many flags you require while placing an order. There’s no fixed answer to it because it depends on where you plan to use it, why you are using it, and your budget.

Now before we discuss how many you need, here are some things about customized feather flags.

Which makes a better choice- one or two-sided flags?

It is the design of feather flags that give it its specialty and suitability for any business. These banners constitute a fabric strip for printing, and you can choose to print on one or both sides. You get to decide based on your budget and how much content you plan to print on it.

If you plan to print some event details or some discount sale, your logo, contact details, and something else, then it’s better to use a double-sided flag. If you plan to use it only to display your address and contact details, then a one-sided flag is a better option.

Of course, double-sided versions cost more, so if budget is a constraint, it may be better to buy a single-sided flag. However, do remember that double-sided flags are visible from both sides.

So if you expect traffic or footfall from both sides, it may be a more practical option to invest in a few double-sided ones. It may work out cheaper than printing numerous single-sided banners to place on both sides of the road so that traffic and footfall from both sides can see it.

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

Four essential features of feather banners

1.      Easily rotates even in mild and windy conditions

An interesting feather that makes these banners stand out from other advertising options is that it easily rotates. It can prove beneficial if you will be putting it up somewhere windy. It rotates easily and will proudly swivel to display whatever is printed on it for the world to see.

2.      The material is stretched taut

Another feature worth mentioning is that these banners, unlike the traditional loose flags, are stretched taut. This means that there is no worry about the wind tearing up the banner material. Besides, it also means that whatever is printed on it remains clearly visible to onlookers even in windy conditions.

3.      Carnival-like attractive look

The third feature is another reason why these flags are so popular today. They have a carnival-like appearance that makes them attractive enough to garner the attention of all demographics. It is in fact way more appealing and fun to look at for onlookers than other advertising types.

It is because the other options can get overbearing. It, in the process, helps create a positive association with your message, making it difficult for potential clients to ignore it.

4.      Tall banners perfect for maximum visibility

Last but not least, feather flags are really tall. There are various online sites like themartshop, have banners that are as tall as 18ft in height. You just have to make an online search while mentioning your requirements.

And this feature of the banners gives an added benefit to you because it makes them visible for yards around. It means that you will be able to read your message far and wide with minimal flags. In short, it’s a wise investment to make.

Three different base types for feather banners

As mentioned earlier, these banners come with various base types for you to select from.

·         Inground spikes

There are feather flags with inground spikes or ground stakes which are perfect for outdoor use. These banners have stakes that you push into the ground. It’s, in fact, the benefit of the flag because it’s the easiest to set up.

All you have to do is connect the different parts and stick them to the ground. Your banner is secure and ready to market about your store, ware, or sale.

·         Cross base

Next in line are options with a cross base. As the name suggests, these banners are held steady by two secure, durable crosspieces. They come with a screw that holds the pole in place.

While they are primarily used for indoor use, there’s nothing against using them for outdoor use. However, it’s generally suggested to place water-filled bags or rings with these bags for added weight and stability.

·         Wheelbase

The third most common type of base is a wheelbase or a drive-over base. In this case, the bases are strong enough to bear the vehicle’s weight that secures it.

You just have to place the banner in its base and drive a vehicle up to the flag, making sure it sits on top of the base and keeps it in place. In short, you use the weight of the vehicle to secure it. It’s ideal for outdoor use where you can’t use a ground spike or rather on concrete roads.

You can decide how many of them you need based on where you will be using them. So here’s something about the different uses of feather flags.

Various possible feather banner uses

There are so many ways, reasons and places to use your banners. Here are a few popular options:


a)     Outside your business

This may be the most probable reason you invest in banners to set up outside your store. It is a great strategy because they will keep fluttering outside in the wind to attract people’s attention.

So it’s impossible for someone shopping down the street or in the nearby parking lot to miss it. They are more likely to attract attention if you choose bright colors and fonts that are easily legible, even from afar.

In this case, you generally need a few of them. Perhaps one on either side of your store, and if there’s a parking lot or traffic signal nearby, then you may also put up a few there.

b)    At a sale or festival


You may also want some to advertise your business or your sale at a fair or festival. It is a wise decision because the banner’s bright colors and motion will blend in with the festival’s festive mode.

And as long as you get something tall, you are sure your business name doesn’t drown in the crowd of other similar flags. About how many you need for a fair or festival, well, you will need quite a few. It depends on the size of the festival and the footfall you expect to receive.

The bigger the venue, the more you will need. You could put them up at the entrance and exit spots, where people are most likely to see them. Of course, you need a few in front of your stall.

You could also place a few of them around the venue to use them as directional flags. You could print a few specifically for directional purposes with an arrow and perhaps your stall name and business name.

c)     Promotional reasons

You may also need feather banners for promotional reasons. If you are having a special offer or sale at your establishment, these banners are great to let the public know about it.

In fact, the right words and colors will also do a great job at piquing people’s curiosity. It’s better investing in feather flags to promote a sale than printing flyers.

Most people tend to crumple up the flyer and throw it away and may not even take a look at it. On the contrary, it’s hard to miss an attractively designed and worded feather banner that stands tall.

Once again, the number of these flags depends on where you want to advertise your sale. If you want to do it only in front of your store, two to four of them will be more than enough.

d)    For an open house

If you have a real estate agency, you could use these banners for advertising your open house. It will do a good job at making the location stand out. All it takes is a tall feather flag placed in front of the house to broadcast information about the event.

e)     Advertise about your grand opening

You can also use feather flags for advertising your store’s grand opening. A fluttering feather flag is large enough and perfect to be seen from far and wide. A tall single flag may be more than enough to advertise your grand opening.

Or you may not have any specific reason to put up banners except for enhancing brand awareness and association. You can print your logo on the feather flag to remind the public about you.

They will recall your business and think about you when they require the service or product you have to offer once they see the banners. And as long as you offer quality services and ware, people will associate your banner to it and choose to do business with you instead of someone else.

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

Feather banners are so easy to set up.

Yes, feather flags are easily set up. You can do it yourself without having to wait or depend on someone else for assistance. And once you are done with your advertising and promoting, you just have to dismantle the flag and store it in the carrying bag that accompanies the flags.

The carrying bags are provided with a reason. To let you store the banner and use it for quite a few years. Yes, you can reuse these flags. This can prove light on your pocket. All you have to do is make a one-time investment on as many flags as you require.

With the right care, like avoiding keeping them out for too long in the hot sun and washing it periodically if dirty, they will serve you for quite some time. It is better to avoid leaving them out for too long because the flag colors tend to fade because of the sun’s UV rays.

Easy to place an order

Once you know how many flags you need, it’s the next time to place your order. And this is easy. You just have to visit a site like themartshop and place an order. As usual, the more banners you order, the better is the discount you receive.

Now, here is something about designing the banner.

You can look at the design gallery and choose your design from the many options you have there. You then have to provide the details to be printed on it, and the company will have them delivered to you on time.

Supposing you are looking for a customized feather flag and have your own design ready, don’t worry. These companies will happily print out your customized banners pr your needs.

And you don’t even have to worry if you have no idea about what to print on the banner. Feather flag manufacturers have their in-house team of designers to help you out.

You can let them decide on a design for you, or you could give them some insight like the colors to use or logo if you have any, and they will come up with a few designs for you to choose from.

You then choose your most preferred option based on your budget. Always remember to book your flags in time so that they reach you on time for your event, opening, or promotion. Take into account the shipping delays, and make your booking and order accordingly.

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

Starting afresh after the pandemic was rather tricky for me. My business was hit, and I had to do some extensive marketing to boost my visibility online and offline. While I had a good website with the required content, I needed the right outdoor advertisement to promote my store’s website.

This was when I decided, or instead learned, that feather flags are great for outdoor advertising. They come in various sizes, can be easily dismantled and put up, and most importantly, are cost-effective.

I also learned that the same flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, for quite a few years. I learned that the flags came with different bases to choose and use as appropriate.

The indoor flags were to be set up using a cross-base with a sandbag on it for support. The outdoor flags were set up by sticking the stake into the ground.

These exciting features for feather flags set me checking out what options I had. I decided to visit as many flag websites as possible and find out what they had in store for people like me.

This is what I found out through my research:

1.     Colorful and attractive websites

The one thing that struck my attention the most was that these sites were indeed really colorful. The sites wanted to direct and show me the effects of the flag colors and how they could help with my advertising.

The flags on display all had distinctive colors, fonts, logos, and designs on them. I realized for one thing that flags with contrasting font and background were what attracted my attention the most and earliest.

It made me decide that this was an essential factor to remember while selecting and designing my store’s feather banner. The flag would be used to attract traffic and visitors to my store.

And I knew that the best way to capture their attention would be by making my banners as colourful and informative as possible.

2.     Informative

Being a novice at buying flags, I appreciate and acknowledge that feather flag websites were indeed really informative. I learned what I needed to know about the different flags they have. I learned that it is not only feather flags that are used for outdoor and indoor advertising.

There are also teardrop flags, pop-up A-frame banners, and even small, cute flags that can be used to advertise from a car! The sites clearly explained how I could set up the flag and dismantle it.

Websites like vancke.com have clear instructions and descriptions of the different banner parts. They clearly describe what I have to do to set up and even pull down the flag. I also learned that this site, like most of the other websites too, offers a carrying bag to conveniently store, and carry the flag around if needed.

3.     Different sections

Not only are the websites informative, but they are also neatly segregated into different sections and pages. There is no overcrowding of information. All I had to do was click on the different types of banners I wanted to learn about. The click then directed me to the respective pages or sections.

4.     Blog

In addition to all the informative web content, most of the flag websites also had an informative blog. I just skimmed through the titles and found some fascinating blog posts!

Examples of some of the exciting posts I read were posts describing the pros and cons of feather flags, giving me a reason to want to buy them. Then there were posts showing me how I could use them to maximize my reach and make most of my advertising investment.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

5.     Design options

While I knew that I needed feather flags, I had no clue what to print on them. What colors and theme to use, and how to create the right format. Well, I soon found out that I didn’t have to worry much about that!

Most of the websites have an extensive database of templates for you to choose from and use for your banner. There were templates designed for Halloween, Christmas, anniversaries, sales, and much more. We have to select the template that looks the most attractive, interesting, and proper for the flag.

However, the problem was that there were so many options available that I only ended up overwhelmed! But then again, there is a solution for people like me, whose templates do not prove useful.

Most websites have a team of in-house designers you can approach for your designing needs. I learned that I could either leave it to decide on the best design, font, colors, and wording for the flag.

Or I could give my input, and they would create a few samples based on my instructions. They will then show you a few drafts, and you can suggest a few tweaks that were required, and voila! You have your flag ready!

Don’t worry if you are one of those who know what you want on your flags. The websites have an arrangement for that too. They know that most of the customers may be well aware of what they want.

If that’s the case, you just have to submit your drawing to them, and they will take a look at it first to ensure it’s doable. However, some sites may have a specifics format to follow for submission. You may have to convert your file to an appropriate format and send it across.

6.     Help you with placing orders

You don’t have to worry about how to place orders. Not everyone is tech-savvy and comfortable in placing orders. You may need help and directions, and this is where the site’s guidelines help you.

All you have to do is follow their instructions. They clearly describe what you have to do from the start of designing the flag, and then place an order for the type and number you want, and finally direct you to their payment gateway to make your payment.

7.     Safe and secure

When the word payment crops up, the first thing that you may wonder is if it is safe and secure to pay online. That’s why I suggest you deal with only the reputed companies, using safe and secure websites, like vancke.com. You know your money, and valuable information is in safe hands if you deal with them.

8.     FAQ section

I found the FAQ section in most websites to be an excellent boon for novices like me. It answered most of the doubts and queries I had about feather flags. So I suggest you read the FAQs from a few websites if you are buying feather flags for the first time.

You may end up saving lots of time and money in the process by ordering the right banners for your cash and intention.

9.     Reviews

Of course, the reviews section is always a valuable part of any website, including father banner websites. I was wary of the sites that had only positive and no negative reviews because nothing is perfect!

I prefer dealing with websites with a negative review or two and like reading to find out what the company had done to negate the study. It gave me a better perspective of how the company treated their customers and if their focus lay in customer satisfaction or not.

To me, companies that reply to both negative and positive reviews are the best. It shows they know how to handle and accept both praises and critique and take the appropriate measures to resolve the problem and prevent anything similar from recurring again in the future.

10.    Shipping and delivery

I suggest you read the website’s shipping and delivery terms before placing orders. I noticed that some sites have restrictions about sending their feather flags to certain countries.

And some offer a choice of expected shipping, and some have specific timings to adhere to while making bookings. So it’s worth checking this entire out at first to ensure your flags reach you on time for your grand opening or event.

11.    Return policy

I also advise reading the website’s return policy. I noticed that most websites have a pretty decent return policy where you can return an unopened and unused in its original packing and have their payment returned. However, this usually applies to orders placed based on their templates.

Most feather flag companies don’t let you return customized feather flags. And it is warranted because they will not be able to resell the flag. It ends up as a waste for the company. They can always resell flags printed based on their in-house templates.

12.    Guarantee

However, most websites do not seem to offer any guarantee on their flags. It’s because a lot depends on how you use the banners. Outdoor elements are mainly not in their hands because the flag may fade quicker than anticipated if left outdoors for too long.

That is why sites like vancke.com suggest that you bring your feather flags inside in case of extreme weather conditions. And while you can usually set up the flags on your own, it is better to contact a professional installer if you are not confident about mounting them.

You save money in the process because there is no risk of damaging the flags and wasting the capital invested.

13.    Track order feature

What I especially liked about the websites is their track order feature. It lets me keep track of my order and know exactly where it is and when it will reach me.

14.    Our projects page

Some sites also had a useful ‘our projects’ page. I got to look at all the different types of banners the company produced and got an idea of what the end product looked like. It helped me decide on my flag much better.

15.    Social responsibility

I found an interesting concept in some of the banner websites. Some of them were displaying their social responsibility by giving back to society. I wondered how they did this, and i got my answer on the website.

I found out that they did it through their partnerships with different foundations in the country they support. They contributed to help the people of the country and even donated some banners for them to use.

16.    Option to print flags in different languages

While most of the feather flag websites printed flags in English, a few offered to print in different languages. I felt that proves useful and a great way to reach out to an international clientele.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

17.    Free design

One very useful I found in some of the websites like vancke.com was requesting a free design. It let me know what my font, wordings, and design would look like on the feather flag.

To tell you frankly, I did not like the design offered through the request. Of course, I am to blame for it, and not the website. They had designed it based on my input, and they had advised against it. But being the stubborn person I am, I thought I had to try, as it anyway was a free request, and I had nothing to lose.

The failed request was a real help because I learned what I was doing wrong. I also got an idea of what I should not do and make the necessary changes while placing my actual order. And I had no regrets about the design on it!

Well, that’s about everything I have to say about my views and what I learned through the different feather flag websites. I suggest you also visit a few websites before selecting the right person to hire for printing your flags.

Keep these seventeen points in mind; use the right keywords while conducting your search like ‘feather flag companies’ or ‘feather flag websites.’

Your inquiry will lead you to a list of websites, and it is left to you to visit a few of them, decide on the company with great reviews, have an informative website, and sell flags within your budget.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

When you think about the colors of feather flags, you generally think they are added to make the flag look better and prettier. In short, colors are associated with improving the looks and attractiveness of the flags.

However, did you know that the colors on your flags have a much bigger role to play?

Yes, the right colors go a long way at influencing the customers’ psychology, and perhaps even get them interested in visiting your store or doing business with you.

The psychological effects of colors

You must have heard about buffalos getting aggravated by the color red. That’s the reason why matadors use a red flag to attract its attention and entertain the audience.

It’s not just the buffalo’s that’s affected by colors.

Even colors have a huge impact on the emotions humans experience. In fact, specific colors have specific effects on different people. And it’s these effects that anyone marketing their ware like advertisers and interior designers uses to market their wares effectively.

As long as you know how to use your colors effectively, you will be able to maximize the impact on your feather flag advertising. Different colors can make you feel happy or sad, hungry or relaxed, based on your cultural imprints and biological conditions.

For example, you need to know that warm colors evoke different emotions than cool colors. Similarly, bright colors tend to trigger different feelings than muted ones.

It basically depends on how or rather what effects you want the colors to invoke, and in your target audience. It also depends on the color’s brightness, tint or tone, and shade.

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

How colors are segmented

Colors can be divided into different types based on the effects they trigger in humans. You can accordingly use the colors to create the effects you want through your feather flags.

Warm colors

There are a few colors that are referred to as ‘warm colors’. They are red, orange, and yellow, which are found close to each other on the wheel.

These are the colors that tend to trigger feelings of happiness, energy, and optimism. However, they are also equally effective at grabbing attention and signaling dangers.

For example, red signifies the need of taking action, which is why it’s used in stop signs, hazard warnings, and barrier tapes. But there’s another interesting use for the red color.

It’s also used for increasing a person’s appetite, which may be the reason why brands like Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonald’s all have the red color in their names and logos.

Cool colors

Next in line re the cool colors, which include green, purple, and blue. They are grouped into cool colors because they create a calming and soothing effect.

That’s why these colors are predominantly used in the branding and marketing of companies involved in the beauty, health, and security sectors.

Purple is the perfect color to use in flags or advertisements where you want to spark a feeling of creativity too. It’s probably because purple is a secondary color, and a combination of blue, known for calmness, and red, known for intensity.

Happy colors

If your feather flags are for a birthday, season’s greetings, or any other happy event, then look for happy colors. These are colors that invoke a feeling of happiness in the spectator and are warm colors like yellow, pink, red, and orange.

It’s no wonder you have red banners for Christmas, season’s or discount sales, and other ‘happy’ events!

You can also use pastel colors like light pink, peach, or lilac. It’s because these are colors that will make you feel better and put you in a good mood.

In short, the brighter and lighter is the color used in the flag, the happier and more optimistic the flag will make you feel. You can also create a feeling of happiness by combining various primary and secondary colors. It’s because these combinations tend to create a youthful and colorful effect.

Sad colors

These are colors that are better avoided in your signage. They do not help in making the spectator want to deal with you or attend your function.

These are colors that only trigger pessimism and make people think twice before attending your sale, event, or shop.

So what are these sad colors?

Yes, grey is one of them and is in fact the most known and famous sad color. However, there are other dark and muted colors you can add to the list. It induces blue, green, and something neutral like brown or beige.

Besides, remember that while black is a color that’s associated with mourning in Western culture. It’s different in the case of East Asian countries. White is the color used to depict mourning here.

So you see, you have to choose and use your colors in your feather flag not only based on the shade and event but also based on where you are!

Calming colors

As the name implies, these are the colors that trigger a calming effect. They make you feel calm and not agitated when you look at them. So they are generally ideal to use in feather flags for wishing someone or perhaps while listing out sponsors at an event.

It’s usually the pasted colors, and cool-toned pastels like baby blue, mint, and lilac that have a calming effect. Even neutral colors like white, grey, and beige may in the right shade, make you feel calm.

In short, the fewer colors that are combined, and the simpler is the look and the design of the feather flag design; the more claiming are its effects.

Energizing colors

Now in case of signs used to advertise about an excited or much-awaited event. There’s so much excitement and anxiety in the air, as people look forward to it.

The best way to match these feelings of excitement and energy is by using energizing colors in the banners. And these are the bright, strong, and neon colors like bright red or yellow, or neon green.

Royal blue, magenta, turquoise, and emerald green, which are highly pigmented and strong colors are also energizing.

These colors have a powerful effect on your emotions, where they tend to make you feel more alert. They are powerful enough to grab a person’s attention from afar and make your banner stand out in a crowd.

These flags will make most people feel refreshed, energized, and looking forward to the event. However, make sure you use them in the right places.

It’s because these energizing colors can be too energetic for some. They may only end up irritating the eyes, and poor advertisement.

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

Use your colors based on your target audience

Yes, you need to consider your target audience while selecting your feather flag colors. It’s because, as mentioned above, the colors that create energy in some customers may only end up irritating and turning off others.

The wrong colors can also create and project the wrong image and message than intended, to the wrong audience.

The good news is that the perception of colors tends to differ only between regions and countries, and not in a specific space. So with feather flag colors, there’s not much to worry about the target audience, except for perhaps the age and gender.

However, if you are considering colors for your website where you have a global market, then you have to consider different cultural implications of colors before selecting them.

Sometimes, you may have no option but to create separate or unique signs for different regions. You can this way safely reach out to maximum customers.

And when you look at it this way, if you are catering to a global audience, it’s better to maintain some uniformity in your colors. Use the same colors for all your advertising in each region, like in your feather flags, website, uniforms, and overall branding.

What effect does the color on the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?


Understanding the effects of colors on you

It’s interesting to find out about the effects specific commonly used colors have on your target audience. Knowing them will give you a great idea of which colors to use in your banners.

However, as mentioned above, your audience depends on the country. Here are the typical effects of different colors on a North American clientele.


White is a color meant to signify virginity, purity, and innocence in most countries. That’s why white is commonly used for bridal gowns and infant clothes.

However, as mentioned earlier, it can also be used for mourning in East Asian countries. It’s the color of attire worn to funerals in these places.

But when you think about its other applications, white is also a color used to symbolize cleanliness, innocence, and purity. It can also signify sterility, which is why it’s a popular choice in hospitals. As it signifies purity, white can be used to advertise about pure, additive-free food products.

White is also a perfect color to use as the background in your feather flags. It’s because designs with a white background are minimally aesthetic, and projects a fresh and simple, clean look. Besides, white is considered to be the most neutral color of all, easily complementing most colors.


Yes, black is considered depressive in most cases and situations, which is why it’s the color for mourning. However, it can also in some cases are used to project luxury, seduction, and a feeling of mystery in your advertising and banners.

This is a common color used in most banners because it’s a great color for a background, complementing most colors. It’s the perfect choice to advertise the designer and luxury goods and events.

Not only is black a color designating power and elegance, but it’s also ideal to project professionalism, neutrality, and simplicity.


When you speak about green, it’s a color that is associated with money, and nature. It’s also the color used to represent freedom, freshness, and tranquility.

It’s no wonder most supermarkets have green in their signage, or at least in carrying bags. And as green is correlated with money, it’s also commonly used to advertise about finance.

And as green has a very soothing effect, it is a color most interior designers like using. It also makes you feel refreshed and optimistic, making it a common color option for health products.

It’s a soothing color and is relaxing, calming, and easiest on the eyes. It’s the ideal color used for creating balance in designs and if you want to print feather flags depicting a company’s growth or security.


Now, this is a color that signifies rarity because it’s not easily found in nature. But it’s a common color to use while targeting a female audience because it gives a feeling of feminism and romance.

And as purple projects royalty and spirituality, it’s commonly used to make something cheap look classy. Light shades are popularly used to market beauty products and in designs depicting luxury and wealth.


Red is an active, and common color used in the marketing niche. A strong, warm, dynamic, anger, exciting and fast color, it’s popularly used to suggest speed and power.

It’s no wonder it’s a common choice in feather flags for video games, comic books, and fast-food restaurants. Red is ideal to draw attention to a specific design element, but can at times get overwhelming if used as an accent color.


Blue can be used in feather flags for services and companies known for productivity, clear thinking, faithfulness, authority, and dignity. It’s, in fact, a flexible color, which is why its popularity used in so many ads ranging from ads for electronics to educational materials.

Another reason why it’s popularly used in banners is that it’s known to trigger calm, spirituality, and a feeling of security and trust. While dark shades are ideally used in corporate designs because of their professional look, the lighter shades depict relaxation and friendliness.

And with social sites like Facebook and Twitter being both relaxing and friendly, it’s no wonder they use light shade blues!

In short, colors do indeed have a psychological effect on human minds. But as different colors can appeal differently in individual countries and demographics, keeping this in the account will definitely help you get the marketing results you are looking for.

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?