What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

The secret to a successful feather flag that effectively advertises your business lies in not just the design. You need to have the right content printed using the right fonts and colors.

A feather flag that is well designed but lacks the information it should provide readers will not serve its purpose. For example, if you are advertising about the opening of your new store. Your feather flags should contain more than your business name, colors, and tagline. It should also include other information like the date, timings and perhaps a bit about your services or product.

Remember, you are printing these signs to tell people what you do and offer, so your flags must contain the relevant information.

Essential content to include for an effective feather flag

There are three standard contents each feather flag should contain. You don’t necessarily have to put them in all your feather flags. You have to decide based on the purpose and location of the banners. These common content elements are:

1.      Company logo

The company logo is a must on the flag. It’s what your customers will easily remember you with and is usually the most attractive. You may have to use them in feather flags announcing the opening of a new venture or if you are part of a chain. Y

You need it for new ventures because people tend to remember logos well. And it’s logical that as part of a chain, the logo identifies your brand when people see your banner.

Just remember to print it to size, preferably based on the size of the feather flag. It will have to be proportionately smaller for shorter flags so that there’s enough space to print other content. Similarly, it has to be proportionately larger in taller banners to be visible amongst other content.

2.      Slogan

Your company slogan or tagline is another essential piece of content for your banner. Once again, you need to add it to the flag if people remember and recognize you by your slogan. Or, in other words, include the slogan if it is catchy and trendy.

This way, anyone who sees the slogan will immediately associate it with your company. You could use slogans in feather flags printed to announce an event or release of a new product.

You could also use it in directional banners in a trade show to help direct people to your stall. Famous slogans are also an excellent addition to flags put up at sports meet, where many people will see and remember them.

3.      Business keywords

Now, what are business keywords? They are the words that best describe your business! You can’t print the words’ Shoe sale’ if you sell handbags, nor can you print the words’ coffee shop’ if you are a barber.

So it goes without saying that you need to include keywords associated with your business and the reason for the flag. If it is to announce a discount, then you need the word ‘discount’ in it. If the flag tells about an open house, then you need the words’ realtor’ and ‘open house’ in it.

Similarly, if you sponsor an event and have banners put up for marketing reasons, you will have to include keywords describing who you are, what you do, and the services/products you have to offer.

This way, the sports event attendees will learn a lot about you just through these feather flags. You never know, a few people amongst them were looking for your product/services for some time and will consider visiting you!

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

Other important essentials of a good sign

It’s not just the content that’s important in feather flags. There are quite a few other essential elements to remember and include in it.

·         Easy to read and understand fonts

This is very important to improve your signs’ visibility and readability. It’s okay to use something fancy for your logo or tagline. However, it is better to use some sans serif type font like Ariel or Helvetica for your message. Avoid using any form of swirly brush script fonts for the message because they are difficult to read. The entire purpose of printing your message is wasted if the sign is illegible.

·         Contrasting colors

Your feather flag comprises the content, images, and background. Don’t make the mistake of using the same colors for all of them. You need to work out contrasting color combinations like black or red font on a yellow background. Or the traditional black font on white background.

Avoid using color combinations that do not give a good contrast. And just because a color combination looks great on your letterhead, don’t think it will make a good sign.

There are no contrasting elements to the letterhead. However, in the case of external feather flags, they are set against nature. So it means you need to select colors that blend well with the color of the surroundings.

A sky-blue background won’t be that visible if it’s a tall flag, with the sky as a background. Similarly, green may not be a good choice for the background if the banner will be amidst greenery.

·         Correct font size

In addition to the font size, you also need to choose a readable font size. This basically depends on where you will be placing the banners. If your message has to be read from the freeway, you naturally need to use a larger font for the message to be seen by people walking by. However, you won’t need large fonts to set the banner up in front of your store or house.

·         Keep it simple

Experts always advise keeping the banner as simple as possible. In other words, less is better, perhaps seven words or fewer. And not more than three elements added per sign.

Flags that are too cluttered are challenging to read. Though you have to add fewer words, make sure you mention who you are. It means you need to write your company name and identity.

You also have to say what you do or rather what your industry or trade is. Give this the most significant prominence in the banner because people will visit you for your services or business.

They are not always interested in knowing your name or company. If permissible, you can also include a short slogan or company tagline to show how committed you are to your work. Some taglines prove how well you do your work.

·         Visual appeal

While content is king, graphics and pictures are always worth a thousand words! So you need to select and use the right images to describe what you have to offer to the public. For example, no words can describe how well you make chocolates other than a picture of a melted bar of mouth-watering chocolate.

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

Various uses for feather flags

Now that you know all about the essential information to print on your flag and the other vital essentials, there’s another factor that determines your banner content.

It is the use or where you plan to set up the feather flags. Here are a few of the most common places feather banners are used.

1.      Outside your business

If you place your banner outside your business, something short will be enough. Choose colors that contrast the background and abut content. You do not need to emphasize the name or address.

A ‘Here’ will be enough with contact details in small print. It’s better to highlight the event and what you have to offer. Like if it is the opening day, a discount sale, or the release of a new product.

Don’t forget to include the dates and timings too. Remember, while you can always distribute flyers to announce your sale, opening day, or product release, they likely end up in the dustbin.

A brightly colored and informative feather flag is more likely to pique the passers-by’s attention whenever they see it. Besides, there is nothing better than a bold, fluttering feather flag to convey a clear and appealing message about your grand opening.

It is always better than flyers and brochures. As long as you print the required content, it’ll go a long way at intimidating passers-by about the opening.

2.      At fairs or festivals

Feather flags at fairs and festivals need to have your identification factor. It should have bright colors, complementing the background, based on whether it is an outdoor or indoor event.

You can have tall feather flags for outdoor fairs ensuring your business doesn’t get lost amidst similar-looking stalls. You will have to legibly print your stall number, company name, and contact details.

Simple fonts are always a better option for these flags because visitors will be looking at so many banners and signs. They will read messages that are the clearest and most visible.

3.      At an open house

Feather flags will make the location stand out for any open house your real estate agency organizes. However, it works only if you include the right and relevant information in it.

You don’t need a very tall sign. However make sure there’s enough space to mention your company name and the open house details like timing and date.

4.      At a booth

Feather flags go a long way in making your business stand out at a convention booth. There are so many booths at the convention, and the only way you can have people come to you is by attracting them.

You need to have an attractive product or service for them to check out. And you need to include your stall number and product/service details in the banner. If there’s space, your company logo and tagline will also help create a better impression about you.

Printing tips worth knowing

Now that you know all about the right colors, font, and content to include in your flag, it’s time to print them well for maximum results.

·         The right material

You need to select the suitable material for your flags. Most companies like vancke.com use polyester for various reasons. It’s weather-resistant, which means there’s no worry about the colors quickly fading.

As long as you follow some simple steps like bringing in the flag when it’s too sunny or during harsh weather, the banner will last a long time to come. Besides, polyester is a popular choice because it’s incredibly durable.

That’s why feather flats are a wise investment to make for your advertising campaign. You can use the flags as many times as you want, year in and out. You just have to dismantle the flag and store it in the accompanying carrying bag till you next use it.

·         Don’t forget bleed lines

Another essential factor to remember while printing banners is bleed lines. Many people think it’s possible to stretch the text to the edge, but it’s impossible because of bleed lines or red lines on the template.

These are the borders on an art file that shows where you can safely print the content and graphics for your banner. There’s a risk of anything outside the lines ending up cut off or stitched during the manufacturing process.

Most companies have design teams that will either create your design for you or check your design and ensure it’s safe to print before printing it.

·         Place your order well in advance

Make sure you place your feather flag order well in time for the event/opening/sale. You do not want to spend so much time designing the flag, only to end up with it reaching you after the special day.

Find out how long the company needs to ship the banners to your address. And keep a few days’ buffer time in between to compensate for any untoward incidents like public holidays or strikes that may delay the shipping process.

Now that you know all about the right content to include in feather flags use the acquired information to design an attractive and informational banner.

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

What is the most suitable content to include in a feather flag?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Have you decided on using teardrop flags for your store’s marketing? Do you need help selecting the right colors, design, and font? Do you wonder where you should put them up for maximum benefits and effects?

Well, the good news is that choosing the right teardrop flag is relatively easy these days. Most online sites like vancke.com offer clear instructions to design and place an order. Here are the essential tips to remember while selecting your teardrop flag.

Essential tips to remember for designing teardrop flags

1.      Single or double-sided flags

The first thing you need to decide about is if you want single or double-sided flags. They offer their benefits and disadvantages. The single-sided ones are a cheaper option because the flag is printed only on one side. There is less paint involved in the printing process and less material.

However, the fact that there is only one layer of material is why the colors and font may leach onto the backside. It means that the flag may not look decent or clear from the rear.

Single-sided flags are best set up in places where you expect traffic only from one side. In other words, there may not be that many people looking at the flag from the backside. In this case, there is no need to worry about how it looks from the back.

Nor do you have to print anything at the back. Whatever is printed on the front side isn’t seen on the backside.

In the case of double-sided teardrop flags, it comprises double-sided polyester flags with a black cloth in between. There is no danger or worry about any leaching here, thanks to the black fabric. Any leaching on one side is not visible on the other side.

You can also print different information, colors, and designs on both sides. This is the perfect flag if you intend to have people looking at the flag from both sides. You could print the same information on both sides or opt to have your event details on one side and print your contact details and any other pertinent information on the other side.

Of course, these flags are more expensive, but it’s worth the added expense if you will be setting it up someplace with double-sided traffic.

2.      Size

You have to select the right-sized teardrop flags. This once again depends on where you plan to set up the banner and how far you want the flags to be visible. If you wish for the flags to be visible to passers-by, it is better to get shorter flags.

It is easier for people to read them when they pass by your store. You can opt for longer banners if you want the banners visible to people afar, like traffic signals or beaches.

You can always use a combination of tall and short flags at public places too. Place the more towering flags at the entrance of exhibitions, parking lots, and the airport so that people can see them on their way to the spot.

The shorter flags are better if placed at the entrance of the venue or parking lot or exhibition where people can easily read whatever you print on them.

In case of flags immediately around your store, it is better to have taller flags put up at the parking lot and shorter ones outside your entrance. If you can set up flags near the traffic light, you could set up a few taller banners for people to read from afar.

3.      Design

You must select the right design for your flags. It should be of the right colors and fonts to be visible and seen from wherever a person may be reading them. Do not opt for too complicated fonts.

Not only are they difficult to understand from afar, but they also may not look good on print. It is better to play safe and use the simpler ones, which are commonly used for printing purposes.

Do not worry if you do not have any design in mind. Most teardrop flag companies have a database of flag designs to choose from. You can just take a look at the options you have and choose one.

If you have your design, just send it to the designers in a compatible format and ask them to ensure whether it’s possible to print it on the flags or not. And if you have no idea at all about a design, you can always have their in-house team design one for you.

You just have to provide your contact details, any preferences or colors you want to be printed on the flag, which of course, may include your logo or tagline. They will come up with a few designs for you to select from.

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

4.      Colors

Choose the right colors for your teardrop flags, preferably based on where you will be setting them up. Or you could choose based on your company colors. If you are setting up your banners mostly outdoors, it is better to avoid colors like sky-blue and green. There is a risk of the banners blending with nature. It will make it difficult for people to see and read whatever is on the flag.

Always use contrasting colors when it comes to the background and font. If you opt for a light-colored font, then use something dark for the environment. And if you prefer dark colors for the font, then you need a light-colored background.

In addition to the points mentioned above, there are a few more points to remember while finally selecting your teardrop flags.

Number of flags required

Choose the number of flags you need to order based on where and why you will be setting up the banners.

If it is for a tradeshow event, then you need a few types of flags. You need a few directional flags to direct people to your stall. You may need a few more flags to inform people about your store. And of course, a few flags to set up before the event to let people know about your store.

If it is your shop opening, then you will not be needing that many flags.

You need to order as many as you want to set up. You may feel that a few are enough at the entrance of your store and the parking lot. Or you may want to set up a few along the route to the beach so that beachgoers can see it. Or you may wish to sponsor a few local events and set up some feather banners advertising your store at the venue.

You may perhaps just want a teardrop flag to let people know about an open house you will be organizing. In this case, you may only need one or two banners outside the home.

Place your order for teardrop banners well in advance

You also have to make sure you place your order well in advance. Make sure you place your order so that the feather flags reach you on time. You should have time to set them up before the date of the opening, event, or open house. There is no point in putting so much into planning your teardrop flags only for them to reach you on the same day of the event or after it.

Public places where you can set up teardrop flags

Most of the probable spots for setting up your teardrop flags have been covered above. You can place them outside your store, at the traffic signal, the parking lot, along the beach route, at significant events, or even on the way to the airport.

The trick lies in placing them up in places where you expect many people to pass by and notice your flags. There is n point in setting up the flags in areas with minimal traffic.

Besides traffic, it is always safer to find out if the local authorities permit setting up teardrop flags or not. The last thing you want to happen to you is you going through all the hassles of placing orders for your banners and setting them up, only to have them put down before the day of the event.

Benefits of using teardrop flags for marketing

There are various benefits and reasons people use teardrop flags for advertising about their opening, discount sale, stall, or business.

  • Teardrop flags are reusable. You can use them as many times as you want. For example, if you set up stalls at multiple trade shows, you can easily set up and use the flags at one venue and then dismantle and use them again at another venue.
  • The flags are washable and last for quite a few years with the proper care. It means that as long as the flags are not overexposed to the harsh sunlight UV rays, they will last longer. They also last longer if not kept outside in extreme weather like heavy rains.
  • The same teardrop flags are suitable to use at both indoor and outdoor venues. It’s because the flags reach you with multiple bases to choose from.

They generally have a spiked base for outdoor use where you just poke the spike into the ground and set up the flag. There is a wheel-shaped base for indoor use and outdoors on the concrete floor.

You may, however, have to place sandbags or water bags on these bases to prevent the flags from accidentally toppling over or falling over if someone hits them.

  • Most companies like vancke.com provide a carrying base with teardrop flags. You just have to place the different parts in the bag and store it in your garage or car trunk to carry them anywhere you want.
  • Teardrop flags are easily set up and dismantled. You do not need to wait for or depend on someone else to set it up. The flags reach you in different pieces. They come with an instruction manual that is easy to follow. It clearly describes how and which parts to join and set up your flags.
Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Select the right teardrop banner manufacturer

In addition to knowing how to select the right design and colors and where to set up your teardrop flags, it’s also essential that you place your order with the right people.

There are many companies offering teardrop flags. Do not choose the first company you come across. Do some research and find out more about the quality and colors of the different companies’ flags. Some companies may seem to offer cheaper rates, but their flags and colors are also affordable quality.

You can select your teardrop flag provider either through word of mouth referrals or do a little research on the internet. Visit the websites of a few providers and read the reviews of their past customers. Be careful of companies with only positive reviews.

Many people have a third person write them false reviews. Companies that have negative reviews aren’t necessarily bad choices. Check to see what they do to rectify the negative review. The companies that go out of their way to solve the problem are a better choice.

It proves that they consider the customer to be the king and do everything possible to keep them happy. You can also tell how professional the company is just by taking a look at their website.

Companies with a professional-looking website with lots of information and diagrams of feather flags are a better choice. It shows that they want you to make an informed choice while looking for teardrop flags by providing as much information as you may require to help you make your choice.

Teardrop flags are indeed a great marketing tool for any business. As long as you select the correct flags from the right companies. You will also need to use suitable designs and colors and set them up in the right spots. These measures will ensure the banners increase the traffic to your store or venture and possibly generate more business too.

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

Which public places can the flag be set up around a store?

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

Visibility is essential for a business. You need to let people know about you and your products. And you can do this with the right marketing techniques and tools.

And one of them is feather flags, and you get the best results as long as you use the right number of flags. To make things easier, you can easily visit many sites online and choose the right design, size, and type of feather flag.

You have to also decide on the type because there are some that come with inground spikes, and others with cross-based, and wheelbase. It’s for you to choose, depending on where you plan to use it.

This makes you wonder how many flags you require while placing an order. There’s no fixed answer to it because it depends on where you plan to use it, why you are using it, and your budget.

Now before we discuss how many you need, here are some things about customized feather flags.

Which makes a better choice- one or two-sided flags?

It is the design of feather flags that give it its specialty and suitability for any business. These banners constitute a fabric strip for printing, and you can choose to print on one or both sides. You get to decide based on your budget and how much content you plan to print on it.

If you plan to print some event details or some discount sale, your logo, contact details, and something else, then it’s better to use a double-sided flag. If you plan to use it only to display your address and contact details, then a one-sided flag is a better option.

Of course, double-sided versions cost more, so if budget is a constraint, it may be better to buy a single-sided flag. However, do remember that double-sided flags are visible from both sides.

So if you expect traffic or footfall from both sides, it may be a more practical option to invest in a few double-sided ones. It may work out cheaper than printing numerous single-sided banners to place on both sides of the road so that traffic and footfall from both sides can see it.

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

Four essential features of feather banners

1.      Easily rotates even in mild and windy conditions

An interesting feather that makes these banners stand out from other advertising options is that it easily rotates. It can prove beneficial if you will be putting it up somewhere windy. It rotates easily and will proudly swivel to display whatever is printed on it for the world to see.

2.      The material is stretched taut

Another feature worth mentioning is that these banners, unlike the traditional loose flags, are stretched taut. This means that there is no worry about the wind tearing up the banner material. Besides, it also means that whatever is printed on it remains clearly visible to onlookers even in windy conditions.

3.      Carnival-like attractive look

The third feature is another reason why these flags are so popular today. They have a carnival-like appearance that makes them attractive enough to garner the attention of all demographics. It is in fact way more appealing and fun to look at for onlookers than other advertising types.

It is because the other options can get overbearing. It, in the process, helps create a positive association with your message, making it difficult for potential clients to ignore it.

4.      Tall banners perfect for maximum visibility

Last but not least, feather flags are really tall. There are various online sites like themartshop, have banners that are as tall as 18ft in height. You just have to make an online search while mentioning your requirements.

And this feature of the banners gives an added benefit to you because it makes them visible for yards around. It means that you will be able to read your message far and wide with minimal flags. In short, it’s a wise investment to make.

Three different base types for feather banners

As mentioned earlier, these banners come with various base types for you to select from.

·         Inground spikes

There are feather flags with inground spikes or ground stakes which are perfect for outdoor use. These banners have stakes that you push into the ground. It’s, in fact, the benefit of the flag because it’s the easiest to set up.

All you have to do is connect the different parts and stick them to the ground. Your banner is secure and ready to market about your store, ware, or sale.

·         Cross base

Next in line are options with a cross base. As the name suggests, these banners are held steady by two secure, durable crosspieces. They come with a screw that holds the pole in place.

While they are primarily used for indoor use, there’s nothing against using them for outdoor use. However, it’s generally suggested to place water-filled bags or rings with these bags for added weight and stability.

·         Wheelbase

The third most common type of base is a wheelbase or a drive-over base. In this case, the bases are strong enough to bear the vehicle’s weight that secures it.

You just have to place the banner in its base and drive a vehicle up to the flag, making sure it sits on top of the base and keeps it in place. In short, you use the weight of the vehicle to secure it. It’s ideal for outdoor use where you can’t use a ground spike or rather on concrete roads.

You can decide how many of them you need based on where you will be using them. So here’s something about the different uses of feather flags.

Various possible feather banner uses

There are so many ways, reasons and places to use your banners. Here are a few popular options:


a)     Outside your business

This may be the most probable reason you invest in banners to set up outside your store. It is a great strategy because they will keep fluttering outside in the wind to attract people’s attention.

So it’s impossible for someone shopping down the street or in the nearby parking lot to miss it. They are more likely to attract attention if you choose bright colors and fonts that are easily legible, even from afar.

In this case, you generally need a few of them. Perhaps one on either side of your store, and if there’s a parking lot or traffic signal nearby, then you may also put up a few there.

b)    At a sale or festival


You may also want some to advertise your business or your sale at a fair or festival. It is a wise decision because the banner’s bright colors and motion will blend in with the festival’s festive mode.

And as long as you get something tall, you are sure your business name doesn’t drown in the crowd of other similar flags. About how many you need for a fair or festival, well, you will need quite a few. It depends on the size of the festival and the footfall you expect to receive.

The bigger the venue, the more you will need. You could put them up at the entrance and exit spots, where people are most likely to see them. Of course, you need a few in front of your stall.

You could also place a few of them around the venue to use them as directional flags. You could print a few specifically for directional purposes with an arrow and perhaps your stall name and business name.

c)     Promotional reasons

You may also need feather banners for promotional reasons. If you are having a special offer or sale at your establishment, these banners are great to let the public know about it.

In fact, the right words and colors will also do a great job at piquing people’s curiosity. It’s better investing in feather flags to promote a sale than printing flyers.

Most people tend to crumple up the flyer and throw it away and may not even take a look at it. On the contrary, it’s hard to miss an attractively designed and worded feather banner that stands tall.

Once again, the number of these flags depends on where you want to advertise your sale. If you want to do it only in front of your store, two to four of them will be more than enough.

d)    For an open house

If you have a real estate agency, you could use these banners for advertising your open house. It will do a good job at making the location stand out. All it takes is a tall feather flag placed in front of the house to broadcast information about the event.

e)     Advertise about your grand opening

You can also use feather flags for advertising your store’s grand opening. A fluttering feather flag is large enough and perfect to be seen from far and wide. A tall single flag may be more than enough to advertise your grand opening.

Or you may not have any specific reason to put up banners except for enhancing brand awareness and association. You can print your logo on the feather flag to remind the public about you.

They will recall your business and think about you when they require the service or product you have to offer once they see the banners. And as long as you offer quality services and ware, people will associate your banner to it and choose to do business with you instead of someone else.

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

Feather banners are so easy to set up.

Yes, feather flags are easily set up. You can do it yourself without having to wait or depend on someone else for assistance. And once you are done with your advertising and promoting, you just have to dismantle the flag and store it in the carrying bag that accompanies the flags.

The carrying bags are provided with a reason. To let you store the banner and use it for quite a few years. Yes, you can reuse these flags. This can prove light on your pocket. All you have to do is make a one-time investment on as many flags as you require.

With the right care, like avoiding keeping them out for too long in the hot sun and washing it periodically if dirty, they will serve you for quite some time. It is better to avoid leaving them out for too long because the flag colors tend to fade because of the sun’s UV rays.

Easy to place an order

Once you know how many flags you need, it’s the next time to place your order. And this is easy. You just have to visit a site like themartshop and place an order. As usual, the more banners you order, the better is the discount you receive.

Now, here is something about designing the banner.

You can look at the design gallery and choose your design from the many options you have there. You then have to provide the details to be printed on it, and the company will have them delivered to you on time.

Supposing you are looking for a customized feather flag and have your own design ready, don’t worry. These companies will happily print out your customized banners pr your needs.

And you don’t even have to worry if you have no idea about what to print on the banner. Feather flag manufacturers have their in-house team of designers to help you out.

You can let them decide on a design for you, or you could give them some insight like the colors to use or logo if you have any, and they will come up with a few designs for you to choose from.

You then choose your most preferred option based on your budget. Always remember to book your flags in time so that they reach you on time for your event, opening, or promotion. Take into account the shipping delays, and make your booking and order accordingly.

How do I know how many flags I need?

How do I know how many flags I need?

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

Starting afresh after the pandemic was rather tricky for me. My business was hit, and I had to do some extensive marketing to boost my visibility online and offline. While I had a good website with the required content, I needed the right outdoor advertisement to promote my store’s website.

This was when I decided, or instead learned, that feather flags are great for outdoor advertising. They come in various sizes, can be easily dismantled and put up, and most importantly, are cost-effective.

I also learned that the same flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, for quite a few years. I learned that the flags came with different bases to choose and use as appropriate.

The indoor flags were to be set up using a cross-base with a sandbag on it for support. The outdoor flags were set up by sticking the stake into the ground.

These exciting features for feather flags set me checking out what options I had. I decided to visit as many flag websites as possible and find out what they had in store for people like me.

This is what I found out through my research:

1.     Colorful and attractive websites

The one thing that struck my attention the most was that these sites were indeed really colorful. The sites wanted to direct and show me the effects of the flag colors and how they could help with my advertising.

The flags on display all had distinctive colors, fonts, logos, and designs on them. I realized for one thing that flags with contrasting font and background were what attracted my attention the most and earliest.

It made me decide that this was an essential factor to remember while selecting and designing my store’s feather banner. The flag would be used to attract traffic and visitors to my store.

And I knew that the best way to capture their attention would be by making my banners as colourful and informative as possible.

2.     Informative

Being a novice at buying flags, I appreciate and acknowledge that feather flag websites were indeed really informative. I learned what I needed to know about the different flags they have. I learned that it is not only feather flags that are used for outdoor and indoor advertising.

There are also teardrop flags, pop-up A-frame banners, and even small, cute flags that can be used to advertise from a car! The sites clearly explained how I could set up the flag and dismantle it.

Websites like vancke.com have clear instructions and descriptions of the different banner parts. They clearly describe what I have to do to set up and even pull down the flag. I also learned that this site, like most of the other websites too, offers a carrying bag to conveniently store, and carry the flag around if needed.

3.     Different sections

Not only are the websites informative, but they are also neatly segregated into different sections and pages. There is no overcrowding of information. All I had to do was click on the different types of banners I wanted to learn about. The click then directed me to the respective pages or sections.

4.     Blog

In addition to all the informative web content, most of the flag websites also had an informative blog. I just skimmed through the titles and found some fascinating blog posts!

Examples of some of the exciting posts I read were posts describing the pros and cons of feather flags, giving me a reason to want to buy them. Then there were posts showing me how I could use them to maximize my reach and make most of my advertising investment.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

5.     Design options

While I knew that I needed feather flags, I had no clue what to print on them. What colors and theme to use, and how to create the right format. Well, I soon found out that I didn’t have to worry much about that!

Most of the websites have an extensive database of templates for you to choose from and use for your banner. There were templates designed for Halloween, Christmas, anniversaries, sales, and much more. We have to select the template that looks the most attractive, interesting, and proper for the flag.

However, the problem was that there were so many options available that I only ended up overwhelmed! But then again, there is a solution for people like me, whose templates do not prove useful.

Most websites have a team of in-house designers you can approach for your designing needs. I learned that I could either leave it to decide on the best design, font, colors, and wording for the flag.

Or I could give my input, and they would create a few samples based on my instructions. They will then show you a few drafts, and you can suggest a few tweaks that were required, and voila! You have your flag ready!

Don’t worry if you are one of those who know what you want on your flags. The websites have an arrangement for that too. They know that most of the customers may be well aware of what they want.

If that’s the case, you just have to submit your drawing to them, and they will take a look at it first to ensure it’s doable. However, some sites may have a specifics format to follow for submission. You may have to convert your file to an appropriate format and send it across.

6.     Help you with placing orders

You don’t have to worry about how to place orders. Not everyone is tech-savvy and comfortable in placing orders. You may need help and directions, and this is where the site’s guidelines help you.

All you have to do is follow their instructions. They clearly describe what you have to do from the start of designing the flag, and then place an order for the type and number you want, and finally direct you to their payment gateway to make your payment.

7.     Safe and secure

When the word payment crops up, the first thing that you may wonder is if it is safe and secure to pay online. That’s why I suggest you deal with only the reputed companies, using safe and secure websites, like vancke.com. You know your money, and valuable information is in safe hands if you deal with them.

8.     FAQ section

I found the FAQ section in most websites to be an excellent boon for novices like me. It answered most of the doubts and queries I had about feather flags. So I suggest you read the FAQs from a few websites if you are buying feather flags for the first time.

You may end up saving lots of time and money in the process by ordering the right banners for your cash and intention.

9.     Reviews

Of course, the reviews section is always a valuable part of any website, including father banner websites. I was wary of the sites that had only positive and no negative reviews because nothing is perfect!

I prefer dealing with websites with a negative review or two and like reading to find out what the company had done to negate the study. It gave me a better perspective of how the company treated their customers and if their focus lay in customer satisfaction or not.

To me, companies that reply to both negative and positive reviews are the best. It shows they know how to handle and accept both praises and critique and take the appropriate measures to resolve the problem and prevent anything similar from recurring again in the future.

10.    Shipping and delivery

I suggest you read the website’s shipping and delivery terms before placing orders. I noticed that some sites have restrictions about sending their feather flags to certain countries.

And some offer a choice of expected shipping, and some have specific timings to adhere to while making bookings. So it’s worth checking this entire out at first to ensure your flags reach you on time for your grand opening or event.

11.    Return policy

I also advise reading the website’s return policy. I noticed that most websites have a pretty decent return policy where you can return an unopened and unused in its original packing and have their payment returned. However, this usually applies to orders placed based on their templates.

Most feather flag companies don’t let you return customized feather flags. And it is warranted because they will not be able to resell the flag. It ends up as a waste for the company. They can always resell flags printed based on their in-house templates.

12.    Guarantee

However, most websites do not seem to offer any guarantee on their flags. It’s because a lot depends on how you use the banners. Outdoor elements are mainly not in their hands because the flag may fade quicker than anticipated if left outdoors for too long.

That is why sites like vancke.com suggest that you bring your feather flags inside in case of extreme weather conditions. And while you can usually set up the flags on your own, it is better to contact a professional installer if you are not confident about mounting them.

You save money in the process because there is no risk of damaging the flags and wasting the capital invested.

13.    Track order feature

What I especially liked about the websites is their track order feature. It lets me keep track of my order and know exactly where it is and when it will reach me.

14.    Our projects page

Some sites also had a useful ‘our projects’ page. I got to look at all the different types of banners the company produced and got an idea of what the end product looked like. It helped me decide on my flag much better.

15.    Social responsibility

I found an interesting concept in some of the banner websites. Some of them were displaying their social responsibility by giving back to society. I wondered how they did this, and i got my answer on the website.

I found out that they did it through their partnerships with different foundations in the country they support. They contributed to help the people of the country and even donated some banners for them to use.

16.    Option to print flags in different languages

While most of the feather flag websites printed flags in English, a few offered to print in different languages. I felt that proves useful and a great way to reach out to an international clientele.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

17.    Free design

One very useful I found in some of the websites like vancke.com was requesting a free design. It let me know what my font, wordings, and design would look like on the feather flag.

To tell you frankly, I did not like the design offered through the request. Of course, I am to blame for it, and not the website. They had designed it based on my input, and they had advised against it. But being the stubborn person I am, I thought I had to try, as it anyway was a free request, and I had nothing to lose.

The failed request was a real help because I learned what I was doing wrong. I also got an idea of what I should not do and make the necessary changes while placing my actual order. And I had no regrets about the design on it!

Well, that’s about everything I have to say about my views and what I learned through the different feather flag websites. I suggest you also visit a few websites before selecting the right person to hire for printing your flags.

Keep these seventeen points in mind; use the right keywords while conducting your search like ‘feather flag companies’ or ‘feather flag websites.’

Your inquiry will lead you to a list of websites, and it is left to you to visit a few of them, decide on the company with great reviews, have an informative website, and sell flags within your budget.

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What I found out after researching hundreds of flag sites in this industry

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

When you think about the colors of feather flags, you generally think they are added to make the flag look better and prettier. In short, colors are associated with improving the looks and attractiveness of the flags.

However, did you know that the colors on your flags have a much bigger role to play?

Yes, the right colors go a long way at influencing the customers’ psychology, and perhaps even get them interested in visiting your store or doing business with you.

The psychological effects of colors

You must have heard about buffalos getting aggravated by the color red. That’s the reason why matadors use a red flag to attract its attention and entertain the audience.

It’s not just the buffalo’s that’s affected by colors.

Even colors have a huge impact on the emotions humans experience. In fact, specific colors have specific effects on different people. And it’s these effects that anyone marketing their ware like advertisers and interior designers uses to market their wares effectively.

As long as you know how to use your colors effectively, you will be able to maximize the impact on your feather flag advertising. Different colors can make you feel happy or sad, hungry or relaxed, based on your cultural imprints and biological conditions.

For example, you need to know that warm colors evoke different emotions than cool colors. Similarly, bright colors tend to trigger different feelings than muted ones.

It basically depends on how or rather what effects you want the colors to invoke, and in your target audience. It also depends on the color’s brightness, tint or tone, and shade.

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

How colors are segmented

Colors can be divided into different types based on the effects they trigger in humans. You can accordingly use the colors to create the effects you want through your feather flags.

Warm colors

There are a few colors that are referred to as ‘warm colors’. They are red, orange, and yellow, which are found close to each other on the wheel.

These are the colors that tend to trigger feelings of happiness, energy, and optimism. However, they are also equally effective at grabbing attention and signaling dangers.

For example, red signifies the need of taking action, which is why it’s used in stop signs, hazard warnings, and barrier tapes. But there’s another interesting use for the red color.

It’s also used for increasing a person’s appetite, which may be the reason why brands like Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonald’s all have the red color in their names and logos.

Cool colors

Next in line re the cool colors, which include green, purple, and blue. They are grouped into cool colors because they create a calming and soothing effect.

That’s why these colors are predominantly used in the branding and marketing of companies involved in the beauty, health, and security sectors.

Purple is the perfect color to use in flags or advertisements where you want to spark a feeling of creativity too. It’s probably because purple is a secondary color, and a combination of blue, known for calmness, and red, known for intensity.

Happy colors

If your feather flags are for a birthday, season’s greetings, or any other happy event, then look for happy colors. These are colors that invoke a feeling of happiness in the spectator and are warm colors like yellow, pink, red, and orange.

It’s no wonder you have red banners for Christmas, season’s or discount sales, and other ‘happy’ events!

You can also use pastel colors like light pink, peach, or lilac. It’s because these are colors that will make you feel better and put you in a good mood.

In short, the brighter and lighter is the color used in the flag, the happier and more optimistic the flag will make you feel. You can also create a feeling of happiness by combining various primary and secondary colors. It’s because these combinations tend to create a youthful and colorful effect.

Sad colors

These are colors that are better avoided in your signage. They do not help in making the spectator want to deal with you or attend your function.

These are colors that only trigger pessimism and make people think twice before attending your sale, event, or shop.

So what are these sad colors?

Yes, grey is one of them and is in fact the most known and famous sad color. However, there are other dark and muted colors you can add to the list. It induces blue, green, and something neutral like brown or beige.

Besides, remember that while black is a color that’s associated with mourning in Western culture. It’s different in the case of East Asian countries. White is the color used to depict mourning here.

So you see, you have to choose and use your colors in your feather flag not only based on the shade and event but also based on where you are!

Calming colors

As the name implies, these are the colors that trigger a calming effect. They make you feel calm and not agitated when you look at them. So they are generally ideal to use in feather flags for wishing someone or perhaps while listing out sponsors at an event.

It’s usually the pasted colors, and cool-toned pastels like baby blue, mint, and lilac that have a calming effect. Even neutral colors like white, grey, and beige may in the right shade, make you feel calm.

In short, the fewer colors that are combined, and the simpler is the look and the design of the feather flag design; the more claiming are its effects.

Energizing colors

Now in case of signs used to advertise about an excited or much-awaited event. There’s so much excitement and anxiety in the air, as people look forward to it.

The best way to match these feelings of excitement and energy is by using energizing colors in the banners. And these are the bright, strong, and neon colors like bright red or yellow, or neon green.

Royal blue, magenta, turquoise, and emerald green, which are highly pigmented and strong colors are also energizing.

These colors have a powerful effect on your emotions, where they tend to make you feel more alert. They are powerful enough to grab a person’s attention from afar and make your banner stand out in a crowd.

These flags will make most people feel refreshed, energized, and looking forward to the event. However, make sure you use them in the right places.

It’s because these energizing colors can be too energetic for some. They may only end up irritating the eyes, and poor advertisement.

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

Use your colors based on your target audience

Yes, you need to consider your target audience while selecting your feather flag colors. It’s because, as mentioned above, the colors that create energy in some customers may only end up irritating and turning off others.

The wrong colors can also create and project the wrong image and message than intended, to the wrong audience.

The good news is that the perception of colors tends to differ only between regions and countries, and not in a specific space. So with feather flag colors, there’s not much to worry about the target audience, except for perhaps the age and gender.

However, if you are considering colors for your website where you have a global market, then you have to consider different cultural implications of colors before selecting them.

Sometimes, you may have no option but to create separate or unique signs for different regions. You can this way safely reach out to maximum customers.

And when you look at it this way, if you are catering to a global audience, it’s better to maintain some uniformity in your colors. Use the same colors for all your advertising in each region, like in your feather flags, website, uniforms, and overall branding.

What effect does the color on the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?


Understanding the effects of colors on you

It’s interesting to find out about the effects specific commonly used colors have on your target audience. Knowing them will give you a great idea of which colors to use in your banners.

However, as mentioned above, your audience depends on the country. Here are the typical effects of different colors on a North American clientele.


White is a color meant to signify virginity, purity, and innocence in most countries. That’s why white is commonly used for bridal gowns and infant clothes.

However, as mentioned earlier, it can also be used for mourning in East Asian countries. It’s the color of attire worn to funerals in these places.

But when you think about its other applications, white is also a color used to symbolize cleanliness, innocence, and purity. It can also signify sterility, which is why it’s a popular choice in hospitals. As it signifies purity, white can be used to advertise about pure, additive-free food products.

White is also a perfect color to use as the background in your feather flags. It’s because designs with a white background are minimally aesthetic, and projects a fresh and simple, clean look. Besides, white is considered to be the most neutral color of all, easily complementing most colors.


Yes, black is considered depressive in most cases and situations, which is why it’s the color for mourning. However, it can also in some cases are used to project luxury, seduction, and a feeling of mystery in your advertising and banners.

This is a common color used in most banners because it’s a great color for a background, complementing most colors. It’s the perfect choice to advertise the designer and luxury goods and events.

Not only is black a color designating power and elegance, but it’s also ideal to project professionalism, neutrality, and simplicity.


When you speak about green, it’s a color that is associated with money, and nature. It’s also the color used to represent freedom, freshness, and tranquility.

It’s no wonder most supermarkets have green in their signage, or at least in carrying bags. And as green is correlated with money, it’s also commonly used to advertise about finance.

And as green has a very soothing effect, it is a color most interior designers like using. It also makes you feel refreshed and optimistic, making it a common color option for health products.

It’s a soothing color and is relaxing, calming, and easiest on the eyes. It’s the ideal color used for creating balance in designs and if you want to print feather flags depicting a company’s growth or security.


Now, this is a color that signifies rarity because it’s not easily found in nature. But it’s a common color to use while targeting a female audience because it gives a feeling of feminism and romance.

And as purple projects royalty and spirituality, it’s commonly used to make something cheap look classy. Light shades are popularly used to market beauty products and in designs depicting luxury and wealth.


Red is an active, and common color used in the marketing niche. A strong, warm, dynamic, anger, exciting and fast color, it’s popularly used to suggest speed and power.

It’s no wonder it’s a common choice in feather flags for video games, comic books, and fast-food restaurants. Red is ideal to draw attention to a specific design element, but can at times get overwhelming if used as an accent color.


Blue can be used in feather flags for services and companies known for productivity, clear thinking, faithfulness, authority, and dignity. It’s, in fact, a flexible color, which is why its popularity used in so many ads ranging from ads for electronics to educational materials.

Another reason why it’s popularly used in banners is that it’s known to trigger calm, spirituality, and a feeling of security and trust. While dark shades are ideally used in corporate designs because of their professional look, the lighter shades depict relaxation and friendliness.

And with social sites like Facebook and Twitter being both relaxing and friendly, it’s no wonder they use light shade blues!

In short, colors do indeed have a psychological effect on human minds. But as different colors can appeal differently in individual countries and demographics, keeping this in the account will definitely help you get the marketing results you are looking for.

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

What effect does the color of the flags have on customer psychology?

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

“This is the season to be jolly!”

True to the word, Christmas is the season to be jolly. People of all religions worldwide look forward to this time of the year to celebrate, make merry, go caroling, and later ring in the New Year.

It’s interesting to know that both the religious-minded and the non-religious individuals tend to observe Christmas. Of course, each has their own way of celebrating it!

While the religious ones are particular about attending midnight mass or morning chapel gathering, the non-religious focus more on decorations and merriment.

And it’s when you speak about decorations, that teardrop flags come in.

With this enjoyment and happiness are the many decorations people put up to create a Christmas ambiance and environment. Christmas trees, bells, and stars are all standard Christmas decorative pieces. In addition to this, many people even set up teardrop flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

How to use Christmas banners

The typical Christmas banners come with the words “You’re invited, worship with us, welcome, celebrate Christmas, parking, peace, hope, joy, love, and join us”.

Then again, all you have to do is use your imagination and come up with banners having other designs. It could be Santa Claus, cardinals, snowmen, or even nativity Christmas flags. You’ll read more about this later on.

You can have them printed in the desired size and use them to spruce up your home, yard, and patio. It’s perfect for letting everyone around you that you believe in Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas.

Having a few teardrop flags on your yard, office, and home won’t just refresh the look and create an ambiance. They also indicate that you are spreading the cheer. They also show that you are welcoming your family and guests with open arms.

Christmas banners can be customized with your company colors and logo for promotional reasons. People tend to remember logos and company names well, so it’s worth printing them on your flag.

About costs, you can get immediate estimates. All you have to do is fill up the estimate form in each flag’s product sheet. When you buy a teardrop flag on vancke.com, the costs include multiple bases and a carrying bag.

You can choose and select the right base based on whether you plan to use the flag indoors and outdoors.

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

Christmas banners make the perfect gift

If you aren’t sure about what to gift your neighbors and friends this Christmas, Christmas banners are an option you have.


Well, it’s because they are perfect for presenting to near friends and relatives. They are also convenient to send to near and dear who are overseas.

It’s because these teardrop flags are light and can be easily folded into an envelope to ship wherever you want. The fact that there are so many stores online makes things all the easier for you to place an order.

You can also do your bit about promoting the festive cheer by setting up Christmas banners outdoors in your yard. In fact, Christmas flags are perfect for not only in front of your home but also to use in all environments, and premises.

Examples are shopping centers, hotels, b & b, ski resorts, fair stands, bars, cafes, restaurants, sports centers, and even in Christmas markets.

They add color and atmosphere to your premises while wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Christmas teardrop banners make excellent Christmas sales

Teardrop flags are also perfect for letting people know about any special offers and discounts your store has to offer for the festive season.

You can have the words’ Christmas sale’ or ‘Christmas eve discount’ printed on the flags and put them up outside your establishment.

Or if you have a restaurant, you can have banners with the words ‘Christmas special menu’ printed on them.

Parking lots are also another great place to set up banners to advertise your sale and promote the Christmas cheer.

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

Cost-effective Christmas promotion tool

The best thing about printing Christmas flags to announce your sale is because it’s a cost-effective advertising option. These flags reach you with a carrying bag you can use to store the flag till you next use it.

This in turn means that you don’t have to buy a new banner every year for Christmas. All you have to do is take down the flag after New Year and store it in the accompanying carrying bag.

Besides, teardrop flags are made of polyester, and the colors do not fade that quickly. So you needn’t worry about the flag looking shabby the next year.

As long as you properly store it in your bag, it will look as good as new every year. You could say that these flags do not have an expiry date!

Of course, there will be a time when the color fades. But with the right maintenance and care, the flag can serve you for a long time to come.

How long Christmas flags will last

There is no steadfast answer for this because, like anything else, it depends on how well you maintain it. The more particular you are about dismantling and storing it in the carrying bag every year after Christmas, the longer the flags will last.

Do not worry.

There is not much maintenance required. You will, at the most, have to wash the flags if it’s too dirty. Besides, as Christmas is in winter, there’s no risk or worry about the colors fading because of the harsh sun’s UV rays.

Of course, while there will not be much harmful UV rays and sunlight, you cannot do much about the weather. There is always the chance of winds and snowfall in the cold winter season.

You can, at the most, avoid keeping the flags out in extreme weather conditions. It also helps if you avoid continuous night and day use because it shortens the flag’s life.

This is especially useful if the flag will not remain illuminated at night because if that is the case, there’s no point in having it up. You may as well take it down and store it, and thus lengthen its life.

You don’t even need to have to wait for someone to help you dismantle the flag.

Christmas teardrop flags come in separate parts, which you can easily take down and put up on your own, without anyone’s help. It’s unlike other flags where you may need someone’s assistance to help you out.

You can prolong the banner‘s life by cleaning it periodically.

When you speak of cleaning, it means you have to clean it regularly. It’s because regular washing of the flag helps prevent any soil, dirt, smoke and dust from discoloring and settling into the flag fabric.

About washing teardrop flags, you can hand wash them using warm water and a bar of mild soap. You will then have to rinse it and spread it out to dry thoroughly. Be sure you also keep the pole surfaces clean and free of any form of dirt, rusting, scaling and corrosion that may end up damaging your flag.

It is better to place your banners in spots where there is no risk of any winds pushing them towards anything rough, cables, wires, or tree branches.

It is because all it takes is a rub against these surfaces for a small tear to form. And in turn, all it takes is a small tear to spoil the beauty of your Christmas banner.

If you plan on using the same flag next Christmas, then it is better to check it out before storing it in the carrying bag. You will have to especially look for broken fabric or threads. They are most likely to be seen at the extreme end of the pole.

Don’t worry if there is some fraying. As long as the colors are intact, all you have to do is cut off, and re-hem the ends. It will go a long way in extending your flag’s life.

Christmas teardrop flags are perfect for use in the church

The church is another place where Christmas flags will have a significant impact. They are great for grabbing the attention of people driving by your church this holiday season.

Besides, you can use them anywhere and everywhere in the church, all the way from the parking lot to the church interiors. They not only enhance the church’s interiors but also help inspire and direct your congregation.

As mentioned earlier, you have to select the banner size based on where you plan to set up the flag. The taller flags are a better choice for outdoor use, while shorter flags are better for indoor purposes.

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

All You Wanted To Know About Teardrop Flags for Christmas Eve and Christmas

How to order Christmas banners

All you have to do is visit an online banner store like vancke.com and select your favorite Christmas Eve and Christmas teardrop flags. They come in various sizes and colors. You have to choose based on where you plan to set them up.

If you are thinking of setting them up indoors, you will need shorter and smaller-sized flags. They have to fit your space, and there’s no point in having too large banners indoors.

Of course, if you plan to set them up in an auditorium or some large indoor premises, you can opt for something taller.

About selecting designs for your Christmas banners, you have three options to do it.

Things are the easiest if you have a ready-made design in mind. In this case, all you have to do is give the printers your design and have them print it in the same manner.

If you are not sure about what to print on it, the next option lies in selecting one of the many designs from the store’s extensive database of designs.

And do not worry if you do not find anything you like in their database.

There is a third option available.

You can have their in-store designers help you produce a design. They will come up with a customized design and content as per your input and needs.

About colors, most people tend to stick to the standard Christmas colors of white, red, and green. While they do resonate well for Christmas banners, you can always experiment and try other colors.

There are no restrictions. You can even use your business colors if you are also focusing on branding.

However, there is one point to remember. You need to select the contrasting font and background colors so that whatever text you have on the banners stand out better.


Some more unique ideas for Christmas teardrop flag designs

The most traditional design option for Christmas flags are simple teardrop flags printed with the phrases mentioned earlier on.

If you want something more colorful then you could perhaps try a banner with a snowman on it. You can have a picture of a snowman that’s perhaps dressed in a scarf that’s brightly colored and wearing a unique hat.

As it is the season to be jolly, make sure your snowman is smiling and is not droopy or grumpy-faced!

You can create a better feel of the festive season by having snowflakes fall around him onto the snow-covered ground. While you can print anything on the banner, something like ‘Let it snow’ blends well for this flag.

Another option you have is to have a Christmas teardrop flag with an embossed design. You could perhaps go all out and try experimenting with different textures and materials. It makes your banner look more attractive, elegant, and striking to the eye.

You can then always go traditional and have a Christmas teardrop banner with a Christmas tree on it. You can make the flag look even more attractive by printing colorful decorations on it.

Now that you know how and why and where you can have Christmas and Christmas eve teardrop flags, you may perhaps consider getting one for yourself. There’s one piece of advice if you do.

Make sure you place your order for your customized Christmas teardrop flag well in advance. This ensures the banner will reach you on time to celebrate Christmas!

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Nelson Mandela once said that ‘The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.’ And there’s nothing more accurate than this. It’s a fact applicable to everything in life.

Today’s children grow into tomorrow’s doctors, politicians, engineers, and even customers.

Children are not only tomorrow’s customers but also today’s customer for many niches and industries. It is not only the toy store that should attract kids. You should also reach out and attract kids to your restaurant, clothes store, book store, and even the shoe store.

Once you can capture their interest today and start shopping with you, many of them will remain loyal customers for years to come.

The trick lies in attracting kids to your store, which is possible with the right marketing techniques.

Create an attractive and colorful display

Remember, you do not have lots of time to attract your potential customers’ attention. All you have are a few seconds, and you need to make maximum use of this.

Nothing attracts a person’s attention, significantly a child’s better, than color.

The storefront is what they will see when they first pass your store. So you need to focus on making your entrance as colorful, attractive, and styled as possible.

It not only makes your store look attractive, but it also emits lively, exciting, and welcoming vibes. It makes the child want to visit your store, and they will do everything possible to convince their parents to do so.

You have lots of options to make your store look colorful and attractive. You can choose based on your store. If it is a toy store, there is nothing better than displaying toys, games, and even large-sized cartoon characters or action figures. They will intrigue the child and make them want to visit your store at any cost.

But if you have a book store or a restaurant, you may have to depend on banners and flags to attract kids. You could use colorful and well-designed teardrop flags with information about what they can find in your store.

Using the same colors helps create your brand

You could use your store colors on the flag and your tagline or motto. Remember that you need to create a brand that the child will relate to you. And it is best done using the same colors, fonts, and graphics in all your marketing campaigns.

You could perhaps mention the names of any outstanding books you have in your store. Or you could perhaps print and let passers-by know about your unique dishes for the day on the flag.

You could also advertise your special offers or discounts. People are always on the lookout for discounts when they go shopping. Printing about the discounts on your banners is one of the most effective means of enticing them to visit your store. Remember, there’s no point offering discounts if no one knows about them!

Just make sure you use the right colors and contrasting font that attracts kids and parents alike while passing by.

And if you have a big store, you can also provide a map of your store at the entrance. Make it as colorful as possible with information about the different parts of the building. .examples are the helpdesk, food courts, checkout counters, aisles, etc.

Give everyone a reason to visit your store

There is no point in enticing and making people visit your store, only to return empty-handed and dejected. Just bemuse it is a toy store doesn’t mean that you can’t offer something for the parents!

You could perhaps offer mind games, card games, and anything else that will interest adults. This is where feather flags prove a useful tool in a toy store.

You could mention all this on the feather flag, letting adults know that there’s a reason for them to enter your store too.

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Have an entertainment hub

If you have space, it’s worth dedicating a portion of your store to an entertainment hub. It could comprise of

Why feather flags are most effective at attracting kids

Now you may wonder why feather flags are so popularly used for marketing. They are used to reach out to not only kids but to everyone in general.

Practically all and every business benefits from feather flags, which are also called flutter flags. And do you know why?

It is all thanks to the increased visibility it offers to your store.

Increased visibility

It, in the process, maximizes the exposure of your marketing strategies. In short, they make maximum use of your advertising campaign money.

Besides, you have a choice of two types of feather flags to use for your advertising purposes. You can use the single-sided flags if you target people from a single direction, like in front of your store.

Your focus lies on letting people entering your store get to know about you and your store.

On the contrary, the double-sided versions are perfect to put up in places where you expect people and kids to see it from different directions. Examples are the parking lot and intersections.

As the name suggests, these flags have content printed on both sides, letting people read it for any reason. It’s left to you to decide if you want the same images and text printed on both sides.

Or if you opt to have your name, address, and contact details published on one side. And you print something colorful and attractive on the other side, with the sole intention of capturing the attention of visitors on that side of the flag.

Constant movement

Another reason you should use feather flags to attract children is its constant movement. As their name suggests, feather or flutter flag, these banners tend to flutter with the wind.

So as long as it is colorful, the fluttering flag will pique a child’s curiosity. It will make them want to read what’s on the sign, and once they do it, your message gets them even more excited about visiting your store.

Increased height

Unlike most banners, feather flags are quite tall and available in multiple sizes. The most common are flags measuring 8ft to 12ft in height. These more towering flags can attract a child’s attention from afar.

So they are best placed at places like traffic signals and parking lots. The kids can this way read what’s printed on them from afar, and the right words can compel them to pop a visit to your store.

On the contrary, the shorter flags are perfect to use in front of your store. They are perfect for directing the kids to places that most interest them, as the clothes or toy sessions.


This is perhaps the most crucial reason why feather flags are ideal for attracting a child’s attention. You can customize the banner as you want. You can print it with your chosen designs or font. You don’t’ ever have to worry if you don’t have any ideas about what to print on it.

Most companies like vancke.com have a wide range of templates for you to select your design from. They also have an in-house team of designers for you to customize and design your flag for you. In turn, they are perfect for you to advertise based on your USP (unique selling point).

Display your social responsibility

The customizable feature is handy and essential in these trying times. You can create a few flags reminding both kids and adults to wear masks and maintain social distancing while at your store.

It sends a social message because it proves how much you care about your clients’ and customers’ welfare. You can have banners printed to remind them to wash hands, maintain a distance of six feet between each other, and wear a mask while in your store.

24-hour exposure

Yes, feather flags are weather resistant. You can sue them in both windy and sunny conditions. However, if you plan to use the same flag every year, it’s better to keep the flags in their accompanying carrying case once you are done with your marketing campaign.

Remember, kids can get pretty bored with the same banners. So there’s no point in keeping the same flags up for too long. They will only make your store look all the more boring, and make kids think twice about visiting your place.

Once you are done advertising about your sale, discounts, and introduction, it’s better to store the flag away in a carrying case. You can always use it again anytime in the future, if and when you need it.

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Long-lasting and durable

Yes, unlike other banners, feather flags can be used year in and year out. As long as you dismantle them once you are done and store it in its accompanying case, each flag can efficiently serve you for years to come.

Don’t worry. As long as the banners are not kept in the hot UV sunlight for too long, the flags will remain quite bright, colorful, and attractive to kids the next time you use them!

Safe when kids are around

Yes, feather flags are safe to set up anywhere, especially when kids are around. It is because the banners reach you with various bases to use as you want to use the flag.

And it is mainly because, unlike other flags, these banners can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you want to set it up outside in front of your store, you can do it in two ways. You can set the flag up in front of your store, on the concrete floor.

You can then place some water or sandbags on it for additional support and prevent it from toppling over if hit by excited children.

The same base and supporting bags are used to set up the flag inside the store, to perhaps direct the child to your store’s different floors.

You can alternately use its spike base if you are setting up the flag on wet soil. The spike reaches in pretty deep, thus providing your banner with the support it requires.


As these flags are so quickly put up and dismantled, and because they can be stored and carried around in its carrying bag, they are an effective portable marketing option for your store.

You can set up the flag anywhere you want. And if you’re going to target or reach out mainly to children, you can always set up a few flags in places where there are mostly children. It includes the beach, parks, fast food joints, and toy stores.

You can even set them up in trade shows or exhibitions. You just have to pack the flags in your bag and set them up to direct people and kids to your store.

These flags are also commonly used as directional banners. They can be used to tell kids about your store and direct them to the different special offers you have in line for them.

Remember, it’s worth spending some time and money targeting kids in your advertising campaign. It is only if you manage to tell them about your products or services will they start pestering their parents to get it for them.

Of course, not all parents will succumb to a child’s pestering.

However, this does not mean that you should forget; or rather ignore the small percentage of parents who do succumb to peer pressure.

Just imagine how much you stand to earn if a small percentage of parents make inquiries every day!  You can also imagine how many parents/children you can reach out to in a month if you manage to convince a small portion every day through the feather flags!

In short, children can never be ignored in a store’s business and marketing campaign. They form an integral part in responding to the signs, and pestering their parents into at least entering your store and doing some window shopping!

And with the right branding, products and customer service, you can expect quite a few of these kids to end up becoming your store’s loyal customers!

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

Tips to help you with attracting children through flags

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in online shopping, where people tend to prefer buying things online with minimal personal interaction. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have walk-in customers, and you shouldn’t forget about advertising to them when the holiday season is coming up.

There are a few things you can do to help drive traffic and increase your sales during Thanksgiving.

Invest more in retail signage

With the stiff competition, you have around you, investing in-store retail signage goes a long way in keeping you ahead in the race. Printed signs like teardrop flags go a long way in reinforcing your festive sales efforts.

As long as you design them to make them as informative and compelling as possible, these flags are effectively showcasing any special promotions, discounts, and sales you have to offer.

It can, in the process, contribute to doubling the impact of your online advertising.

Make sure of interactive displays to help increase your shopper engagement

Your brick and mortar store can do a lot at contributing to customer engagement. You can make it interactive by installing colorful and interactive teardrop signs and displays.

You need to focus on increasing shopper engagement and consequently increased sales by crafting signs partially for the festive season. Remember, the aim is to pique the customers’ curiosity and want to come in and learn more about what you have to offer them.

Make use of cross-platform offers

Don not keep your online and offline marketing techniques individual from each other. Concentrate on using your online platform to make people want to visit your store.

And one of the best ways to do this is by making customers look at your products and order online. You can then have them pick up the product in-store.

It is when they come in-store that they get to see your interactive teardrop signs and other displays. They, in the process, may end up doing more business with you.

Another unique way to integrate online and offline marketing platforms is by handing out online vouchers to customers who opt to shop in-store. You could perhaps mention in the vouchers that the customer can get an added discount if they visit your store.

You can then make sure your teardrop signs upsell to them.

Create unique broadcast messages

You can think of putting up teardrop banners and displaying signs and adding something unique to make them more attractive. One such suggestion is a backlit banner that proves effective at garnering the attention of passers-by.

It is left to you to decide how beautiful you want the flags to be. Remember that the more attractive, cellar, and vivid your thanksgiving offers are displayed on them, the higher are the chances of capturing your shoppers’ attention.

Street-side marketing goes a long way at improving thanksgiving sales

Festive sales are the best items to take your street-side marketing to the next levels. It is when you should have additional teardrop banners printed to put up around your store.

You can have them set up at your store windows, yard, parking lot, and even just outside your establishment. You do not have to fill them up with too much print.

All you have to do is promote the essential elements of your sale and brand. The main idea behind these banners is to convince customers that they either walk through your store or make an online visit.

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

Benefits of quality thanksgiving teardrop banners

Did you know that teardrop banners offer some unique benefits which digital marketing cannot replicate?

Yes, as long as you design them well, teardrop flags are sure to cast a lasting impression on everyone who sees them. They tend to remember your banners better than pop-up ads and banner text on websites.

In addition to this, outdoor teardrop banners are a source of word-of-mouth advertising.

Easy to print

The best point about teardrop banners is that they are easily printed. You don’t even need to have any technical knowledge or artistic skills to print them.

All you have to do is visit a site like vancke.com and decide on the size of the flag you want. You can then choose from the many templates they have to follow.

They even have templates designed specifically for use on Thanksgiving Day. You then have to add your brand name, logo, contact details, and anything else you want to printing on it.

Sites like vancke.com also print out your designs. Perhaps you may have your idea or design ready. You just have to send it over to them in their selected format. They will then take a look and affirm if it fits your teardrop banner shape and size.

And if you are not happy with the available templates, you can even turn to their in-house team of designers to help you out. You have to tell them what you want to be included in the banner and any specific designs or colors you want in it.

They will then develop a few designs for you to choose from and finally print your banners for you. However, you have to make sure you place your order well in advance so that the flags reach you in time for your thanksgiving advertising.

The last thing you want to happen is to place your order at too late a date and end up receiving the flags after Thanksgiving and your sale!

Easy to set up

Unlike other banners that may require many people and lots of work to set up, teardrop banners are easy to set up. You can do it yourself, without bothering or waiting for someone else.

The banners reach you dismantled and in a carrying bag. There are instructions for you to follow to connect the parts. Once you decide where you will set it up, you set it up with the appropriate base.

Durably built

Since these are banners made explicitly for Thanksgiving, you don’t have to have them up all the time. Once the sale is over, you can dismantle the flag and store it in the accompanying carrying bag.

The banners can then be used the next year for your thanksgiving sale and will look as good as new. It is because these flags are designed to last long and will not fade so quickly.

As long as you do not keep them out in the hot sunlight for long or in windy conditions, these flags can last you a few years.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors

This is perhaps the highlight of teardrop banners. You can use the same flag indoors and outdoors because they reach you with multiple bases. You just have to choose the appropriate base to use as per where you intend to set up your flag.

If you plan to use it outdoors on open ground, you will have to use your spiked base. You have to push the spike base into the ground till it stands firm and strong.

And if you plan to place them on concrete flooring or indoors, then you will have to use its cross base. You just place your banner wherever you think it looks best.

You can also put some water or sandbags on the stand for additional weight and support. It prevents the flag from toppling over if someone hits it.

Affordably priced

Teardrop banners do not burn a hole in your pocket. They are affordably priced, especially if compared to the other types of marketing options you have. You can save even more if you order in bulk. As these flags are long-lasting, there’s no harm in ordering in bulk.

Besides, they can be used for a few years and do not require much maintenance.

At most, you will have to wash them if it ends up dusty with continuous outdoor use. With the right care, these affordably priced banners can effectively display your thanksgiving wishes and message to hundreds and thousands of people for years to come.


Teardrop banners are generally weather-resistant and durably built. They do not fade or degrade quickly with time, in rain and shine. However, too much rain and shine aren’t good for anyone, including these banners! But unlike other flags, these flags are taut, and will not easily tear in windy conditions.

It creates a friendly but professional tone

Your first impression is always essential to new customers. And teardrop banners are perfect for displaying your friendliness and professionalism. You are at liberty to print whatever you want onto the flags, to in the process set off a great first impression.

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How your Thanksgiving flags can work best for you

No matter what your design, sale, or ideas may be, there are a few basic design principles to follow to maximize thanksgiving flags’ efficiency. Here are some tips to help you out.

Choose your words wisely.

Remember you are advertising about your thanksgiving sale. So make sure you don’t make false commitments or write the wrong dates and times. This is a time-sensitive sale, which will last only a short time.

You want to make sure you print the right dates and times so that people can visit you. Remember, you are writing for new and existing customers. So you may have to add some additional information like your store timings for your first-time customers.

Use only short messages and statements

Remember that these signs are meant to provide necessary and vital information to passers-by. These are people who have a few seconds or, at the most, a few minutes to read your flags.

So there is no point in filling it up with unnecessary jargon. Be short and sweet with your content and preferably printed with easy to read font. While you can add anything you want to it, especially if you have large flags, do not forget the necessary information.

It includes the sales date, time, website, and contact details. You can also add some images, but don’t keep them too big. They will only end up blocking your font, and defeat the purpose of the flag.

Maintain consistency in branding

A human’s brain is more visual. We tend to remember specific colors, which is why you should use the same colors in the banner as you use in your other advertising.

This way, people will quickly and easily remember your store’s advertising and remember to visit you. You have a better chance of giving a lasting impression if you maintain the same color and branding consistency in your signage.

Use basic and effective designing principles

As mentioned earlier, your banners should be easy to read to be worthwhile. It is better to use only basic designs for the best practice. This means you have to get your basics right, like using only the correct fonts.

The font that looks great on greeting cards will not look that appealing on flags. Similarly, you have to use your colors right. While your company colors are most important, you may sometimes plan to use other colors.

If you do use other colors, make sure they blend well without dampening the effects of your colors. These simple measures go a long way in ensuring your banner is more effective at advertising.

Now that you know how well and useful teardrop flags are for your Thanksgiving marketing, it is time you ordered a few for yourself. Make sure you select your colors, font and words right, the right sized flags and to order them in time to reach you for your sale.

You will be amazed at how a bit of offline marketing through teardrop flags can do to your Thanksgiving sale. It is mainly because they are personalized and reach out better to customers than online ads and websites.

So in the process, there is a better chance of more people visiting your store this Thanksgiving.

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

Are you ready for THAT time of the year? The spookiest time where you find most houses infused with pumpkin spice odor and spooky decorations.

Yes, it’s Halloween we are talking about, and you may be as ready for it as anyone can be.

However, is your home, shop, or neighborhood ready for it?

Do you have the right decorations to spookily your surroundings, or do you plan to recycle last year’s decorations?

While recycling is a great choice, if you want to make your decorations stand out, you need to make a sound investment. You need to invest in decorations that do not fade that easily and have the right designs.

And customized feather flags just fit the bill.

They are long-lasting. They can last at least a few years if well taken care of. It means you should avoid setting them up in the hot sun when it’s raining cats and dogs.

You should also store them in its accompanying carrying case every year after Halloween’s. This way, your investment will last a long time to come, to use every year to spook your friends and family on Halloween day.

Halloween banners for shops

Not only are Halloween banners great for sprucing up your yard and decorating your home. They make the ideal store to let people know about the special offers, shops, and restaurants have in store for their consumers.

It’s one of these festivals that promise great business opportunities and big sales for retailers. It’s also a festival where many restaurants come up with some bloody and spooky dishes that send chills down your spine reading its descriptions!

And the only way you can maximize your sale of spooky ware is by letting passers-by and consumers know about it. This is where feather flags and a myriad of other products come into play.

Here are a few of the best selling and trending Halloween signs and products that promise a win-win for your store this weekend!

Halloween masks

Masks have always been an integral part of any Halloween party and sale. But this year, it’s become mandatory, all because of the ongoing pandemic.

It’s left to you to make use of hits opportunity to its hilt. For example, there are quite a few face masks printed with spooky graphics and Halloween messages. You can pick a few for your staff to wear and set an eerie ambiance.

There are custom Halloween theme masks available for those who don’t want to wear a complete Halloween costume but don’t want to feel left out of the celebrations.

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

Halloween T-shirts

Who can imagine a Halloween without customized Halloween t-shirts? They are perfect for a party for your staff to wear, and even give out as gifts to customers.

You can pick and choose your customized t-shirts based on your desired size and budget. Don’t forget to stock up on quality custom t-shirts if you sell clothes.

Or you can have a bunch customized for your staff to wear through the Halloween week. Then again, you can always have some spooky t-shirts printed to give out to guests who come to your restaurant this week.

Halloween feather banners

As mentioned earlier, there is no point in spending thousands on spooky recipes and ensembles if your public does not get to know about it. You need to get the word out about your specialties, and the best way to do is through Halloween feather flags.

These printed banners from companies like vancke.com are so popular. It is because they are affordable, impactful, and have lots of space to create your customized message and designs.

And the best way to capitalize on Halloween week is by offering something extravagant to your consumers. It in turn gives them a reason to visit your store.

It is this offer you need to print on the flags so that customers get aware of the request and want to see your store. It could be anything.

Examples are a discount on Halloween drinks or dishes, a freebie, or even a free voucher to use on their next visit.

Halloween inflatables

One of the best ways to attract people to your establishment or party would be Halloween inflatables. They add real-time fun to your Halloween decor while at the same time works efficiently as signage.

The fact that they bend and sway with the wind adds a touch of real spookiness to any place.

Just make sure you get your graphics and design right. The effects won’t be as significant with the wrong designs. And you have to make sure you place the inflatable someplace where there is nothing sharp.

Remember, it is inflatable and filled with air.

So all it takes is a prick by some car part or thorn or even someone’s watch for the air to escape and the inflatable to go limp. Of course, the material is durable, but you never know when accidents and the unexpected happen!

That is why many people prefer playing it safe and use Halloween feather flags instead. There is no fear of any air escaping, and the banners flutter in the wind to attract attention.

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

Halloween yard signs

Feather flags make great Halloween yard signs, which are a popular form of Halloween signage. They are used to announce everything ranging from garden parties to sales to trick and treat announcements.

You can even pair these signs up with some pumpkin, bat, spider decorations to bring in the spirit of Halloween. Customizing the feather flag based on your theme or business adds more zest to the decorations.

Besides, these feather flag lawn signs are multi-functional. They don’t make just excellent decorative pieces but are also popularly used as directional signs at parties.

It is no wonder feather banners are so much in demand for lawn signs in 2020.

Are your store and party ‘safe and ready’ for this year’s Halloween?

The pandemic has added elements of fear and discomfort to the Halloween celebrations. Halloween itself is spooky, but just the words of the contagious Coronavirus sends goosebumps down anyone’s spine.

You need to take the appropriate measures to ensure nothing goes amiss during your sales, parties, and mealtimes. You can’t avoid the party and sales too. You need to maximize business to compensate for all the lost business in the earlier months of 2020.

But you at the same time cannot get risky. You can’t compensate for your safety in a bid to do business.

You need to ensure everyone follows safety protocols like wearing sneeze guards, using touch-free sanitizer dispensers, and maintaining social distance. Do not forget handing out your customized Halloween masks too.

While you may feel that all of this is an additional expenditure, you will think otherwise if you realize they also work as useful branding tools for your business.

Do you know how?

Well, it’s through the following measures:

Sneezeguards which serve to protect and promote

It has been proven worldwide that sneeze guards are one of the best protective tools for the pandemic. They are famous and known for containing aerosol viruses, and in the process, restraining viral infections.

The plus point is that it does more than that.

It also a useful tool for spreading your brand awareness. It is left to you to decide what you want to use it for. You can get custom printed screen decals to spread the festive cheer, to remind about social distancing and hand washes, and just to promote your Halloween sale discounts.

No matter what you use it for, when clubbed with your company colors, logo, and font, it reminds people about your company. And if you use them to promote Covid protocols, the sneeze guards also show your social responsibilities.

Different types of banners and their additional uses

As mentioned above, you can use feather flags for advertising your event or product. And you can also use them to show customers the way to reach different places in your store.

However, you can also do your bit in this pandemic by using these flags to remind consumers and your guests about the corona protocol.

Everyone will likely get carried away with the celebrations, and in the process, forgets all about social distancing and wearing masks.

It is worth placing flags with messages reminding patrons to wear their masks. You can also have flags reminding them to stand at least 6 feet apart, and wash their hands as often as possible.

You can have smaller sized flags printed in bright colors and legitimate font so that it’s easily seen and understood. Do not forget to have once again your company colors, fonts, and logos printed on them too. It will serve your branding purpose while keeping patrons safe in these difficult times.

Your thoughts work at establishing strong customer relationships

All your efforts at remaining your patrons to adhere to safety protocols will go a long way in ensuring strong customer relationships.

Yes, you now have to emphasize a fun Halloween party and an exciting sale or menu. However, the fact that you also have your customers’ safety in mind shows that you do not just worry about making money and enjoying the party.

You are also worried and focused on your customers’/patrons’ safety too.

It is even more critical in these difficult times to create an emotional connection with your audience. Remember that people are just coming out of their comfort zone.

They may be a bit apprehensive about attending your Halloween bash or sales. However, once word goes around that you also have their interests in mind, you only end up with more people interested in visiting your venue.

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

How to get your customized banners

Now that you know how vital Halloween banners, masks, and inflatable are for the Halloween season, you may need some help customizing them to your requirements.

Well, the good news is that most companies like vanke.com have their collection of ready-made templates for you to customize. All you need are a few minutes of your party preparation time to customize and have your feather flags ready.

Here’s how you can do it.

  1. You first have to select the company you want to have printed your deliverables. You have to choose someone who offers affordable rates, preferably free shipping, and who will be able to have your flags and merchandise ready on time.
  2. Once you know your flag printing company, you next have to look at their wide range of Halloween banner templates. Look for something that gets the message across, with sufficient space for your company logo and tagline, if any.
  3. Do not forget to decide on the size of the feather banner too. There are various sizes to select from. They range from small variants, perfect as directional signs, and tall ones for advertising about your event.
  4. As it is a Halloween flag, it is better to customize the banner text into something appropriate. Do not go for the standard fonts. Use something cryptic or something that resonates or connects with Halloween.
  5. Choose suitable colors. Yes, it is better to use orange, red or black, the typical Halloween colors. You can always use other colors that help emphasize and highlight your message better.
  6. Now that you have your Halloween feather flags ready with the right colors, font, and message, it is time to save and checkout. You order the number of banners you want and when you want it to reach you.

Don’t forget to book your flags well in advance so that they reach you in time to put them up to advertise and help in your Halloween party and sale.

Halloween is a memorable time of the year, which people look forward to. While things may not be as entertaining as before because of the pandemic, you can still add some spark to your parties and sales.

Use the right masks, costumes, feather flags, and this year’s Halloween will at least add some spice to this otherwise solemn and stressful 2020!

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

The topmost plan on most business owners’ minds now is how to increase their lost brand visibility during these difficult times. They need the right marketing campaign and techniques to help them bring in new customers and let old customers know they have reopened.

And the best option they have now is the economical, versatile and multi-functional teardrop flags.

What exactly are teardrop flags?

You can practically take a guess just looking at its name.

It’s a flag, but its specialty is its teardrop shape. And it is not only shaped like a tear, it’s also pulled taut. So that means that there’s a minimal chance of it tearing in the wind.

And it also means that as it is pulled tight, the message and graphics printed on it will be visible from even a distance.

These flags are also so popular amongst businesses because they are colorful and easy to set up. It’s colorful, which means you can select the colors and designs you want to have printed on them. You have a choice of single and double-sided flags to choose from.

And about setting it up, teardrop flags reach you dismantled, in a carrying case. You have to join the different parts and set them where you want them. You do not even have to wait for someone else to help you with it.

You can set it up and dismantle it on your own.

Most importantly, these flags are a great return on your investment. They are affordably priced but do a great job attracting the attention of passers-by.

They also get people interested in whatever you have to offer them. Considering the amount of publicity and sales it can give you, you definitely will agree that this is a great way to market your business.

Tips for using teardrop flags

One thing is for sure about teardrop flags.

They are perfect to use for advertising for any business. They are popular with cellular stores, gas stations, taxi services, auto-dealers, restaurants, barbers, cafes, Laundromats, car washes, and the list goes on!

They are not only ideal to market about a business but also perfect to use at events. Most people use them to advertise their stalls at trade shows or to name their events’ sponsors.

So don’t be surprised if you find these tall flags at trade shows, sports events, golf courses, and any other exhibition. And yes, these banners can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Here’s a rundown on the most popular ways to use these teardrop flags:

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Outdoor marketing

Teardrop flags are the perfect choice for promoting a specific product or advertising about a grand opening. There are various formats or ways you can choose to have your message printed out.

One option is to feature a message about your sale or opening with your company logo on it. It informs passers-by about the event and where it is happening.

Do not forget to mention the discount if you are having a discount sale.

The prospect of saving money buying their favorite and necessary products will prove useful at bringing customers to your store.

It is not only sales that you can use teardrop flags to advertise about.

You can also use them to let people know about any services you have to offer. For example, if you have a spa, and you want to advertise about your massages, you could print flags with your special prices on them.

Remember, these flags are affordable when it comes to rating.

So you will not feel the pinch much if you print out extra flags mentioning all the special rates you have to offer clients. The clientele the banners bring in justifies its rates.

Outdoor decoration purposes

Yes, you do not have to use teardrop flags only for advertising reasons.

They are colorful enough also to use to decorate your business premises. For example, you can have a few colorful flags put up at the parking lot.

It makes your parking lot look more appealing and even pique the curiosity of passers-by by inviting them to visit your store.

Besides, outdoor decorations prove how dedicated and focused you are with running your business. These high-quality banner flags sell your company as a professional organization that knows how to present itself to the public.

It is the process that creates an excellent first impression in the eyes of your potential customers.

Brand awareness

It doesn’t matter what business you run. You need to ensure people know all about your company and what you do. In short, you need to create some brand awareness because it’s what brings in new customers or clients.

Remember, there isn’t much of a chance of consumers stopping by. Nor of them taking advantage of what you have to offer if they don’t know what you have to provide for them.

This is where teardrop flags prove useful. They can help spread awareness and make people aware of your brand. They can also be used outdoors.

So they prove most effective at generating interest in your business in places with lots of foot traffic or passing cars.

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Possible places to use teardrop flags

Teardrop flags can be used both indoors and outdoors. Here’s an example of where you can place your flag pole stands and business flags to be the most effective.

·         Events

Teardrop flags are handy at events that need more personality and decoration. They prove useful at complementing the overall event theme and also look more attractive to the attendees.

·         Trade shows

Teardrop flags are ideal for making your company stand out amidst the so many other trade show participants. You can attach them to canopy tents so that they stand out above competitors.

Or you can put them up on their own near a booth’s entrance.

·         Outside offices or stores

Teardrop flags help to both increase your building’s visual appeal or to advertise your latest sale.

·         Sidewalks

You can use teardrop flags on the sidewalk you have, leading to an actual outdoor location or special event. They help make the spot look more visually appealing.

Design options

The versatility in its design options is another reason that makes these flags so popular with businesses. There are three ways you can get about designing the banners.

1. You can develop your design, fonts, and colors, and have teardrop manufacturing companies like vancke.com customize your flags accordingly.

While you may want to try unique fonts, it’s generally better to use standard fonts. They are easier to print and come out clearer for increased visibility.

2.The second option you have is to select something from their pre-designed templates. These flags are ready to ship to you, and ideal if you have something generalist to advertise about like ‘Discount sale’ or ‘Grand opening.’

As these flags are ready, they reach you the earliest.

3.The third option you have is to have the company’s designing team develop appropriate design and graphics. All you have to do is give them your company colors, contact details, and logo, if any.

They will be able to come up with a design you like.

Of course, it’s only after you approve of their design they will print and have the flag shipped to you. So it is no wonder that these flags take the longest to get ready, and thus need some time to reach you.

Just make sure you order your banners to come in advance to contact you in time for your opening or sale.


Teardrop flags come in various sizes. You have them ranging from the small 4ft banners to the large, 12ft flags. Do not forget to include the pole’s height while ordering your flags!

So even if it’s a 4 ft flab, once mounted on a pole, it ends up about 6 ft tall. And in the case of the large 12 ft flags, they reach about 15 ft tall when mounted on the pole.

Some companies like vancke.com can also customize and have a more massive teardrop flag ready for you.

Differences between double and single-sided teardrop flags

As mentioned earlier, teardrop flags are available as single and double-sided flags. Here’s how different the two are:

1.     Single-sided flags

Yes, you’ve guessed it right!

These are teardrop flags designed so that just one side is fully readable. So you may find graphics and easy to read graphics on the front side.

But the backside will only have a reflection of whatever the print on the front side. It means that whatever text primed on the front side looks reversed and is also dulled out on the reverse side.

2.     Double-sided banners

Yes, in double-sided flags, they are designed to see the text and graphics visible from both sides. They are thicker than the single-sided versions because two flags are attached to create the effect. Besides, they have a black material between the two flags to prevent any leaching of color.

If you wonder how you should choose between the two, well, it is easy. You have to decide based on its purpose and what you need printed on the flags.

You can use them on one-way streets. Or you can use them where people will see only one side of the flag.

However, the double-sided banners are better to use in spots where there is a chance of people looking at it at both sides. They are especially useful at advertising about your brand or event at places where there’s lots of traffic from each direction.

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Hardware and accessories

Teardrop flags reach you with the necessary hardware to set them up. They generally come to you with an x-stand, a ground spike, and perhaps even a portable backpack.

The x-stands are ideal for setting up the flag somewhere indoors or on hard ground. They can also be used outdoors on pavements. You just have to place them on the ground.

You can then put some water bags on top of them for additional support and prevent the banner from toppling over.

While teardrop flags are generally very stable, you may have to be careful on extra windy days. There is a chance of the flags toppling over despite having water or sandbags in extreme winds.

In the case of the ground spike, it is used only for outdoor use because the pike has to be stuck into the ground. This is a relatively stable stand option because it increases the spike’s possibility of staying stable even in the wind.

Some companies even offer backpack kits for use during events like tradeshows and outdoor events. They offer optimal moving visibility that carries your message wherever the action is.


Feather flags are made using high quality, durable knitted polyester because they are ideal to use outdoors. They are UV resistant and rated for reasonable wind speed.

Besides, the material is also weather-resistant, which means it doesn’t fade that quickly outdoors. However, it is better not to set up the flags when it’s rainy or snowy or scorching.

This simple step goes a long way at extending the flag’s lifespan.

Besides, polyester is known for its wind-resistant properties, making it perfect to use even in regularly windy areas. It is also conducive to various graphics and shapes. It in turn means that it is ideal for printing customized massages and logos.

Now that you know all you need to know about teardrop flags, it is left to you to decide how many you want to print. You also have to make a choice based on where and why you plan to use them.

Do not forget to place your order well in advance. You will then know that it reaches you on time to use to market about your store or business.

In short, you can in the process make maximum use for the flags to generate maximum awareness and business.