Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

The topmost plan on most business owners’ minds now is how to increase their lost brand visibility during these difficult times. They need the right marketing campaign and techniques to help them bring in new customers and let old customers know they have reopened.

And the best option they have now is the economical, versatile and multi-functional teardrop flags.

What exactly are teardrop flags?

You can practically take a guess just looking at its name.

It’s a flag, but its specialty is its teardrop shape. And it is not only shaped like a tear, it’s also pulled taut. So that means that there’s a minimal chance of it tearing in the wind.

And it also means that as it is pulled tight, the message and graphics printed on it will be visible from even a distance.

These flags are also so popular amongst businesses because they are colorful and easy to set up. It’s colorful, which means you can select the colors and designs you want to have printed on them. You have a choice of single and double-sided flags to choose from.

And about setting it up, teardrop flags reach you dismantled, in a carrying case. You have to join the different parts and set them where you want them. You do not even have to wait for someone else to help you with it.

You can set it up and dismantle it on your own.

Most importantly, these flags are a great return on your investment. They are affordably priced but do a great job attracting the attention of passers-by.

They also get people interested in whatever you have to offer them. Considering the amount of publicity and sales it can give you, you definitely will agree that this is a great way to market your business.

Tips for using teardrop flags

One thing is for sure about teardrop flags.

They are perfect to use for advertising for any business. They are popular with cellular stores, gas stations, taxi services, auto-dealers, restaurants, barbers, cafes, Laundromats, car washes, and the list goes on!

They are not only ideal to market about a business but also perfect to use at events. Most people use them to advertise their stalls at trade shows or to name their events’ sponsors.

So don’t be surprised if you find these tall flags at trade shows, sports events, golf courses, and any other exhibition. And yes, these banners can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Here’s a rundown on the most popular ways to use these teardrop flags:

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Outdoor marketing

Teardrop flags are the perfect choice for promoting a specific product or advertising about a grand opening. There are various formats or ways you can choose to have your message printed out.

One option is to feature a message about your sale or opening with your company logo on it. It informs passers-by about the event and where it is happening.

Do not forget to mention the discount if you are having a discount sale.

The prospect of saving money buying their favorite and necessary products will prove useful at bringing customers to your store.

It is not only sales that you can use teardrop flags to advertise about.

You can also use them to let people know about any services you have to offer. For example, if you have a spa, and you want to advertise about your massages, you could print flags with your special prices on them.

Remember, these flags are affordable when it comes to rating.

So you will not feel the pinch much if you print out extra flags mentioning all the special rates you have to offer clients. The clientele the banners bring in justifies its rates.

Outdoor decoration purposes

Yes, you do not have to use teardrop flags only for advertising reasons.

They are colorful enough also to use to decorate your business premises. For example, you can have a few colorful flags put up at the parking lot.

It makes your parking lot look more appealing and even pique the curiosity of passers-by by inviting them to visit your store.

Besides, outdoor decorations prove how dedicated and focused you are with running your business. These high-quality banner flags sell your company as a professional organization that knows how to present itself to the public.

It is the process that creates an excellent first impression in the eyes of your potential customers.

Brand awareness

It doesn’t matter what business you run. You need to ensure people know all about your company and what you do. In short, you need to create some brand awareness because it’s what brings in new customers or clients.

Remember, there isn’t much of a chance of consumers stopping by. Nor of them taking advantage of what you have to offer if they don’t know what you have to provide for them.

This is where teardrop flags prove useful. They can help spread awareness and make people aware of your brand. They can also be used outdoors.

So they prove most effective at generating interest in your business in places with lots of foot traffic or passing cars.

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Possible places to use teardrop flags

Teardrop flags can be used both indoors and outdoors. Here’s an example of where you can place your flag pole stands and business flags to be the most effective.

·         Events

Teardrop flags are handy at events that need more personality and decoration. They prove useful at complementing the overall event theme and also look more attractive to the attendees.

·         Trade shows

Teardrop flags are ideal for making your company stand out amidst the so many other trade show participants. You can attach them to canopy tents so that they stand out above competitors.

Or you can put them up on their own near a booth’s entrance.

·         Outside offices or stores

Teardrop flags help to both increase your building’s visual appeal or to advertise your latest sale.

·         Sidewalks

You can use teardrop flags on the sidewalk you have, leading to an actual outdoor location or special event. They help make the spot look more visually appealing.

Design options

The versatility in its design options is another reason that makes these flags so popular with businesses. There are three ways you can get about designing the banners.

1. You can develop your design, fonts, and colors, and have teardrop manufacturing companies like customize your flags accordingly.

While you may want to try unique fonts, it’s generally better to use standard fonts. They are easier to print and come out clearer for increased visibility.

2.The second option you have is to select something from their pre-designed templates. These flags are ready to ship to you, and ideal if you have something generalist to advertise about like ‘Discount sale’ or ‘Grand opening.’

As these flags are ready, they reach you the earliest.

3.The third option you have is to have the company’s designing team develop appropriate design and graphics. All you have to do is give them your company colors, contact details, and logo, if any.

They will be able to come up with a design you like.

Of course, it’s only after you approve of their design they will print and have the flag shipped to you. So it is no wonder that these flags take the longest to get ready, and thus need some time to reach you.

Just make sure you order your banners to come in advance to contact you in time for your opening or sale.


Teardrop flags come in various sizes. You have them ranging from the small 4ft banners to the large, 12ft flags. Do not forget to include the pole’s height while ordering your flags!

So even if it’s a 4 ft flab, once mounted on a pole, it ends up about 6 ft tall. And in the case of the large 12 ft flags, they reach about 15 ft tall when mounted on the pole.

Some companies like can also customize and have a more massive teardrop flag ready for you.

Differences between double and single-sided teardrop flags

As mentioned earlier, teardrop flags are available as single and double-sided flags. Here’s how different the two are:

1.     Single-sided flags

Yes, you’ve guessed it right!

These are teardrop flags designed so that just one side is fully readable. So you may find graphics and easy to read graphics on the front side.

But the backside will only have a reflection of whatever the print on the front side. It means that whatever text primed on the front side looks reversed and is also dulled out on the reverse side.

2.     Double-sided banners

Yes, in double-sided flags, they are designed to see the text and graphics visible from both sides. They are thicker than the single-sided versions because two flags are attached to create the effect. Besides, they have a black material between the two flags to prevent any leaching of color.

If you wonder how you should choose between the two, well, it is easy. You have to decide based on its purpose and what you need printed on the flags.

You can use them on one-way streets. Or you can use them where people will see only one side of the flag.

However, the double-sided banners are better to use in spots where there is a chance of people looking at it at both sides. They are especially useful at advertising about your brand or event at places where there’s lots of traffic from each direction.

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Hardware and accessories

Teardrop flags reach you with the necessary hardware to set them up. They generally come to you with an x-stand, a ground spike, and perhaps even a portable backpack.

The x-stands are ideal for setting up the flag somewhere indoors or on hard ground. They can also be used outdoors on pavements. You just have to place them on the ground.

You can then put some water bags on top of them for additional support and prevent the banner from toppling over.

While teardrop flags are generally very stable, you may have to be careful on extra windy days. There is a chance of the flags toppling over despite having water or sandbags in extreme winds.

In the case of the ground spike, it is used only for outdoor use because the pike has to be stuck into the ground. This is a relatively stable stand option because it increases the spike’s possibility of staying stable even in the wind.

Some companies even offer backpack kits for use during events like tradeshows and outdoor events. They offer optimal moving visibility that carries your message wherever the action is.


Feather flags are made using high quality, durable knitted polyester because they are ideal to use outdoors. They are UV resistant and rated for reasonable wind speed.

Besides, the material is also weather-resistant, which means it doesn’t fade that quickly outdoors. However, it is better not to set up the flags when it’s rainy or snowy or scorching.

This simple step goes a long way at extending the flag’s lifespan.

Besides, polyester is known for its wind-resistant properties, making it perfect to use even in regularly windy areas. It is also conducive to various graphics and shapes. It in turn means that it is ideal for printing customized massages and logos.

Now that you know all you need to know about teardrop flags, it is left to you to decide how many you want to print. You also have to make a choice based on where and why you plan to use them.

Do not forget to place your order well in advance. You will then know that it reaches you on time to use to market about your store or business.

In short, you can in the process make maximum use for the flags to generate maximum awareness and business.

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

Are you looking for a novel method of promoting your business? Do you have a website but need something that woos your local audience explicitly? If that’s the case, then you should try using pop-up A-frame banners to market your business.

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

Where you can use your A-frame signs

A-frame signs are reasonably priced but really effective at doing its job of promoting your business. Its structure and design provide the added advantage of versatility in marketing.

Here are a few examples of how and where you can use them:

1.      On the sidewalk

You must agree that the sidewalk in front of your store is one of the best marketing places. It’s where your potential customers pass-by, offering a high chance of their seeing it.

It’s the perfect spot to use to draw pedestrians’ interest and tell them a bit more about your store. You can use it to tell them your opening hours, any specials you have to offer, or any particular service.

Most importantly, these banners are easy to adjust. It’s not that tall and easily carried and positioned to be visible to pedestrians, but still do not block their way.

2.      Safety signage

Now you want to maintain your store’s safety principles. Not only should your employees know about your safety protocol, but your customs should be well informed too.

For example, you have to tell them about any potential hazards they may encounter, like slippery roads. And what better way is there to do this than with the help of pop-up A-frame banners.

And there’s the added benefit of using it to promote your business simultaneously. All you have to do is include your brand logo and colors in it, and you never know when you may end up with loyal customers!

3.      Directional signs

The pop-up A-frame’s size and structure make them ideal to use as directional signs too.

They can be used in two ways.

They can indicate the availability of parking spots to drivers and the route to your store’s or restaurant parking spot.

Besides, the signs are conveniently designed to carry around and install as required.

They don’t have to be kept only in one spot. You can shift and use them in different parking spots every day. You can also use them to show drivers about any changes made to the parking area.

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

4.      Special offers

There’s nothing better for promoting your business than through promotions. It’s the most potent weapon in your marketing arsenal. However, the promotion won’t serve its purpose much if you don’t advertise and let your customers know about it.

Your pop-up A-frame sign is just perfect for letting customers know about any vast discounts and exclusive deals you have on offer. They are light enough to use in the ideal spot to see by your customers easily.

5.      To manage events

Your pop-up A-frame banners serve two purposes in event management. You can use them to advertise your upcoming event. You can place them at strategic points where they are most likely to be seen and passers-by. All you have to do is print the vital details about the concert like date, time, and event name.

The second way of using these banners in even management is to manage the chaos!

It would help if you especially had these signs to provide the necessary information and direction to your spectators. Unlike most other types of signs, you can use water or sandbags to weigh down the banners at indoor events. This way, you don’t have to worry about the flags toppling over and blocking the way.

6.      To convey messages and greetings

Everyone likes to feel unique and valued, especially your customers. And the best way to do it while they are in your establishment is by greeting and sending those meaningful messages and reminders. These seemingly ‘irrelevant’ messages have a significant impact on your customers.

You can print messages on both sides to deliver more messages to customers using fewer banners.

7.      In the real estate industry

There’s so much competition in the real estate industry that you have to do your extra bit to stand out from your competitors. It’s not enough if you have the best properties lined up.

You should be able to create enough hype and noise about it. It would help if you let people know about it, and that’s where pop-up A-frame banners can help.

They are perfect for generating attention and exposure to properties in your care. They are affordable, made using high-quality materials, and last a long time, making it a worthy investment.

They are perfect for giving any interested parties relevant information about your property through short but engaging copy. As long as you use clear and beautiful images of your property and no-nonsense copy, you are sure to get your message across to them.

Use the signs to emphasize the property’s features and lead prospective buyers into a real-time tour of it. This feature may be all you need to make buyers interested in your priority and perhaps walk up to your doorstep!

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

The importance of using the right font in pop-up A-frame banners

You may know what colors and content to print onto your banners. However, with so many different types of fonts available to use on flags and banners, you naturally wonder which is the best for business signs.

The best fonts are fonts that are large enough to be seen from afar. It’s especially crucial if you plan to use these flags somewhere outdoors so that the flag is visible from near and far. The bigger and more legible they are, the better the banners will be at promoting your business.

The fonts that are better avoided

A critical feature to considering your font is the size of the strokes on letters. It is better to use fonts with thin lines for printing on handouts, emails, and flyers. However, they are not suitable fonts for your pop-up A-frame banners.


Well, it’s because they aren’t visible from a distance. While bolding them may increase the visibility of the fonts, it may not always help. This is why they are better avoided entirely.

In the same manner, script-based fonts may indeed be beautiful to use for detailing invitations and other small marketing items. However, they are once again better avoided in more extensive marketing material for the same legibility issue.

In short, choose fonts that are clear and legible to the reader from close-up and a distance. You want your banner to reach out to as many people as possible. It’s possible only if the content is visible from afar.

Suitable changes which provide for better emphasis

You don’t just have to select your font based on its typeface. You can always modify the font so that it is more visible on the sign. And at the same time, it should be enticing enough to interest potential customers and clients.

The best way to reach a desirable format font type is through experiments.

You will have to play around and try capitalizing on seeing if the words look better in capitals or not. It’s better not to overuse this technique because you may end up emphasizing the wrong words.

You can alternatively try italics and underlining some of the words. As long as you use them properly, they will effectively enhance some parts of the sign. However, do remember to check for the legibility of the fonts once enlarged.

Colors and contrast

Your company logo and colors will help you decide and choose your font colors. The right color choices go a long way in improving the sign’s visibility and how well it attracts attention.

Always use contrasting colors between the font and background. This is important because even the most well-thought-out font and text will only end up lost in the banner’s overall design if there is no proper contrast.

Use dark or bold text on a background with a lighter shade, and vice versa.

Consider using bright and bold colors to draw your customers’ attention if the banner’s background is solid or neutral. It also works well if you outline the font with and other contrasting shade.


You may want to use an unusual font on your pop-up A-frame flag. However, please don’t use it, and instead, use a professional font that’s easily read. You can always creatively use typical fonts in the design to look different and eye-catching to the customers.

Just ensure that the font and banner’s overall font and design complement them in your company’s right manner and presentation.

Try using various fonts

If you have a flag design where you plan to print only a few large words, it’s better to use only one font. However, suppose your sign has more info. In that case, you could consider using multiple fonts, or the same font in different sizes.


To add some pizzazz and class to your banners!

However, the trick here lies in selecting the right fonts. It’s because some fonts may seem to be aesthetically pleasing when alone. However, they may not look that great if used with other fonts.

The best way to reach the right combination of fonts is by examining how multiple fonts will look together. It’s better than picking fonts randomly and praying that they will look great together!

Typical font examples

Some standard fonts are typically used in all types of banner printing. You can choose the right font for your use based on the project’s formality. The serif fonts are a popular choice with formal writing. In contrast, the sans-serif fonts are more commonly used in casual presentations.

If you wonder how you should choose, well, it depends on the sign’s overall look and how well the font blends well with your sign’s other elements. When you speak about features, it includes your graphics, color, and logos.

The most common fonts you should place first preference on while selecting the fonts for your pop-up A-frame banners are:

Arial, Bodini, Futura, Garamond, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.
These fonts are the most commonly used and considered a safe choice and bet if you aren’t sure about your choice.

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

Some additional information you should know about pop-up A-frame banners

Pop-up A-frame banners are usable both indoors and outdoors. The signs reach you with a variety of bases to change and use as required. You can use spikes to anchor the signs into the lawn outside to let customers know about your promo offers.

You can also use a few flags in your stores. You have to use water or sandbags to weigh them down. It’s to prevent the signs from accidentally toppling over while your customers move around in the store.

And the most significant benefit pop-up A-frame banners offer over other types of signage’s that they can be conveniently stored after use. These flags reach you in carrying bags. You have to disassemble the flags after using them and keep them in the bag till you next use them.

There is another excellent benefit and reason to use pop-up a frame for your marketing purposes. You don’t have to use just one side for printing purposes. You can always use both sides of the flag.

It saves you money because you can use a single banner to communicate so much. You can print something about your business on one side, and perhaps the event or directions on the second side.

Besides, if in case your banner doesn’t give the results you look out for, all you have to do is replace it. This is something you cannot do with digital advertising banners. Once again, you can change and customize your flags in a way you feel will better improve your business’s exposure and appeal.

Now that you know how well and useful pop-up A-frame banners can be in advertising your business, it’s time to print a few. Look for a reputable and competent flag printing company like for all your banner printing needs!

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

A stadium is one of the places with maximum energy and vibrancy. People go there to enjoy themselves, and they love the ambiance created there. The people, musicians, sports teams, cheerleaders, and food vendors all add to the energy.

It is a place many people visit the stadium as a family outing. And this is why it’s the perfect place for you to showcase your sponsors. After the amount of support and money they have given you, it’s your responsibility to let people know about them.

And the best way to do this is through feather flags.

If you wonder why well, it’s because of the design and structure of these banners.

They are colorfully printed in your chosen colors. It doesn’t matter who your sponsor is. You can have your banners customized using their company colors, slogan, and tagline, if any.

You can also include their contact information, so that prospective customers approach them. Who knows? Your sponsors may end up giving you a much better donation the next year if your feather flags bring in quite a few new clients for them!


The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

Multifunctional signage

These feather flags are multi-functional. They will not only tell people about your sponsors, but you can also use them as directional flags. People will want to know where the food stall and toilet are, and your feather flags are perfect for the purpose.

Besides, visitors will also need directions to their seats, which these feather flags will provide.

And you can also use the feather flags to tell your spectators about any forthcoming events held at the stadium. You naturally have quite a few events lined up for the stadium. And what better way to let people know than through feather banners.

Branding your stadium


Did you know that you can also use the feather flags for branding your stadium space? Yes, the same flags that you use for your sponsors will also help with your stadium branding purposes and help your stadium stand out.

You can use them to decorate and fill up the stadium because your spectators will not enjoy themselves that much in an empty stadium!

The way you use your banners and decorations gives future prospective clients an idea of the professionalism you have in your stadium. It adds to your credibility and proves that you know what you are doing.

Your presentation and customization ideas give prospective customers a picture of your creativity and how well you can prepare and host a significant event. It gives people an idea of your worth, and you can even justify your rates.

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

Brings returning customers

You will love to know that feather flags can, through your branding, help bring you returning customers and referrals. Suppose people love the ambiance and decoration in the stadium. In that case, there’s no reason for them not to visit the stadium another time.

Their second and recurring visits lead to increased ticket revenue, proving that your feather flags will indeed help with your marketing. It’s not just the spectators who will be pleased and want to return to the stadium for more shows.

You will have more entertainers vying to want to perform at your place if you can prove your worth and potential to generate tickets. Anyone who has already performed at your stadium will not have any inhibitions to promote and suggest your stadium as an excellent venue for fellow entertainers.

Helps retain consistency

The branding created through your banners will also indirectly play an essential part in maintaining consistency. If you wonder how, well, you will be using the same fonts, colors, and designs on the banners. Once you know what attracts and appeals to the messes, you will continue using them for all your events.

Besides, once you know what colors and fonts relate best with your audience, you don’t have to waste time marketing about consequent events. You can have new banners created using similar colors and fonts.

People will be more interested in performing at your stadium once they know that you take the extra step to add all the required finishing touches for them. It’s always better than having an empty stadium waiting for them at any event!

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

Helps boost your confidence

Yes, feather banners used for branding purposes can also help improve your self-confidence levels. You can take pictures of all the flags and signage during an event and post it on your social media handles. The appreciative response and comments you receive from visitors will go a long way toward improving your self-morale.

Many potential customers select their outlet and stadiums based on the confidence of the owner. So if you manage to prove how confident you are with yourself, then your enthusiasm and expertise will most probably reach them. They will have an additional reason to trust and want to us your stadium space.

Why schools should also invest in stadium feather flags

Many schools use banners for various events like their sports and graduation days. This is an excellent opportunity for you to use feather flags to create a proud and great atmosphere for cheer and competition.

If you have a few extra-large feather flags set up, you make parents so proud of it. It’s the pride they feel that makes them want to cheer and encourage their child and ward.

If you wonder what you should put into the banners, well, it depends on the event. If it’s the sports day, then you can include the team’s motto and name in the banner. If you have space and budget, then you can also print some team accomplishments.

It’s a great way to highlight what you see on the field’s inner side, and which also helps parents and students. Your flags will help them because it’s attractive and informative enough to catch recruiters’ eyes for universities and professional teams.

If you wonder how, well, it’s your flags that keep the school coming back to your stadium for hosting their events. You don’t give them a reason to head to any other stadium.

So this leads to recruiters for universities and professional teams visiting your stadium looking for potential talent. While you are helping to channel your local talent, the banners will also, in the process, help you get more clients.

There are so many easy to use feather flags during a game at your stadium. You can use them to showcase the team’s present and past players. You can also use them to advertise any forthcoming games. You let the spectators know about new games, and give them a reason to plan another visit to your stadium.

You can also use the banners to pump up the fans at the stadium. You can add a ‘Go Team’ banner amid all the other banners or add the team’s slogan. It’s not just the inside that you can decorate with your signage.

You can also make the outside of the stadium as attractive. You can set up multiple flags outside the stadium with match and team details—you in the process, rope in more people interested in watching the matches or games.

Feather flags also have an essential role to play at graduations.

How? It’s not just the players’ names that you can have printed on the flags. You can also have the names of all the people who are graduating printed on the flags. Of course, it’s not always possible to do this, especially in a big school. You can compromise by displaying only the student son’s names the honor roll onto the feather flags.

Families will feel happy and proud to see their wards or children’s names on the banners. They will pass on the words to other parents and give them a reason to attend the graduation day ceremony and your stadium.

Similarly, you may also catch the eye of some other school teacher or principal who attends the graduation day ceremony. The branding and ambiance you create in the stadium will make them want to have their graduation day at your stadium too! So this is how your graduation day feather flags will help bring you more business.

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

Feather flags prove stadiums are great concert venues

Another event that’s popular at stadiums is concerts. You can use various feather flags for advertising about the show well before its date. Though you will have to spend a bit on your flags, it’s well worth considering the amount of business they can generate for you.

When you have flags printed about the concert and put them up, you are sure to have many people interested in attending the show. The only thing you have to remember is to select and use the right sized flags for this.

With most people dancing and shouting out aloud at concerts, it’s better to have taller than short feather flags. The short flags will only end up ignored, and perhaps even trodden upon!

It’s better to have taller flags advertising about your present and any forthcoming concerts. As feather flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can use them in both places to advertise about concerts.

Remember, the more people you excite and make to attend the show, the more ticket sales and business you have!

Something about feather flags

Now that you know how you can use feather flags in the stadium, it’s time to know a little about it.

The flags are so much in demand because they don’t remain stationary in the wind. They tend to flutter, which is why they are called a feather flag. And it’s fluttering what’s the highlighting feature of the banner.

The magnificent colors and font on the banner can attract quite a few people once they flutter in the wind. Once you capture a person’s attention, they need only a few minutes to read whatever is on them. In the process, you get them to read about your new concert, match, and another event planned at the stadium.

There are two types of feather flags

The one-sided ones hold minimal text and colors because only one side of the flag is used for printing purposes. These flags are the cheaper of the two; however, the problem is that they also have lesser space for printing when you compare the two.

So you may end up with crowded information on the banners, which is difficult for most people to read. Besides, there is always the risk and possibility of color leaching. In short, single-sided flags are best if you don’t have much to print.

Double-sided flags are a must if you need to have more information, details, and logos printed on the flags. You get two sides for filling with content, so you can have the event details on one side and perhaps your contact details on the other side.

In the case of sponsors, you could have their logo and tagline on one side, and their contact details on the other side. In the case of graduation day, you can have more names printed on one side by printing them on both sides.

You don’t even have to worry about any leaching of colors in these flags. It’s because the black cloth in between the two flag sides prevent leaching.

Most importantly, these flags are durable. They are usually made of polyester and washable if they end up dirty with use. You can easily use each flag for as many as five years, with the proper care.

You have to avoid setting them up in too much sunlight and rains. The sun’s UV rays, and the winds and rains, can lighten the flag colors and fonts.

Most companies, like, even give you an accompanying carrying case with the feather flags. You can use them to store your flags when not in use or to carry and set up the flags at some other venue.

In short, feather flags are a must for any stadium owner. The minimal money you spend on them will be well worth it when you see how much the flags help and benefit you!

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

Business isn’t the same after the COVID-19.

Things have changed dramatically, and you need to work at advertising and let people know you are open. And it would help if you also keep your customers’ and employees’ safety in mind.

You know that it’s risky running a business now, but the show has to go on. There’s nothing much you can do to contain the pandemic. It’s just that you need to learn how to live with it.

In short, it means that you now need to know more than how to run your business profitably. You also have to put in that extra effort to keep your customers and employees safe.

And there is no better way to do this than with the help of pop-up A-frame banners.

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

How pop-up A-frame banners can help you

The most important thing you have to do when you reopen is to remind your patrons about the pandemic and its safety protocols.

This is where pop-up A-frame signs will be useful to you.

You can use them to tell customers and employees to follow protocols like wearing their masks and frequently washing their hands. It would help if you also used these banners to remind them to maintain social distancing between one another.

These precautionary measures go a long way in reducing the risks of any person-to-person spread of the illness.

How to use pop-up A-frame flags to your benefit

Here are a few ways you can use strategically place and use them to your business’s maximum benefit.

· Place some pop-up A-frame banners at your checkout lines

Your patrons will most probably maintain their distance well throughout your establishment. However, there are high chances of their getting exposed to one another at the checkout line.

This is because the checkout line is where they are done with their work. and the only focus they have now lain on quickly paying their bills and returning home.

So you will typically find a few customers at the checkout line at a time, waiting to pay their bills. However, under the new COVID-19 guidelines, you need to ensure that only one person will be allowed to unload their cart.

You will have to remind your other customers to stay back at least a distance of 6 feet until the person pays. And you can use a few banners to do this for you instead of having employees repeatedly reminding customers.

· Use pop-up A-frame signs to remind patrons where to stand.

Social distancing pop-up A-frame banners are great for letting people know where they should stand while waiting. You could perhaps place them at a distance of 6 feet apart, indicating to customers a safe place to stand while waiting to pay.

· Banners can help save employee time and productivity

You will be relieved to know that these banners not only help maintain social distancing and help protect your employees but also improve their productivity.

It’s because your employees needn’t spend time reminding customers to keep their social distance. They can take care of more important work and leave the reminding work to your banners.

Besides, you can also use pop-up A banners to relay other relevant information to your customers.

You can use them to explain your store’s checkout protocols to your customers. So there is no risk of any physical contact when customers stop and ask employees about your store’s checkout protocols.

Remember, the less direct interaction your employees have with your customers, the safer it is for them.

You can use as many flags as you want to continually remind your customers to maintain a safe distance, wear masks, and wash hands. All you have to do is strategically place the banners in the right spots.

· Pop-up A-frame banners can help improve customer flow.

Did you know that your banners can also help improve the customer flow within your store?

It’s because one of the best ways to do this is by implementing a procedure where people have to move in the same direction when in your store. This is where you can use a few pop-up A-frame banners as directional signs.

They can show customers the right direction to move in so that they don’t have to spend unnecessary time at the store.

Yes, you do want and need to reopen and have customers to earn money. But you also want them to have minimal interaction with one another. You should make arrangements so that they will be able to pop in, get what they want as quickly as possible and leave.

You don’t want them lingering around, and increasing the chances of contamination.

Strategically placing pop-up A-frame signs go a long way in showing people where they have to go while shopping. It in turn both protects your customers and employees and saves their shopping time.

Besides, it also minimizes the need for customers to ask employees for directions because they already know where they have to go.

Similarly, you can use your banners for informational purposes.

For example, if you have an elevator, use signs to remind customers that only one person are allowed in it at a time. The elevator is a small and closed spot. So there are higher chances of cross-contamination in it.

It’s thus better to have signs reminding customers not to rush into the elevator, but to use it one at a time.

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

· Social distancing outdoor signs

It will help if you work at protecting your employees and customers starting right from the outside of your store.

You can do it by placing a few pop-up A-frame banners near the entrance of your store. Use them to remind customers about the COVID-19 safety protocols they have to adhere to.

You can also have a few signs printed telling them to wear their masks before entering the store. Many people have the habit of not wearing masks in their cars and may forget to wear it when they alight.

Your signs will prove instrumental in reminding them to wear their wearing masks before entering your store. You will most probably be conducting temperature checks too because it’s another essential COVID-19 protocol.

You can have a few signs printed, telling customers about the temperature check.

Pop-up A-frame banners are anyway easy to set up outdoors because they have ground spikes to poke into the ground for support. It’s better to place your banners some place where there’s minimal sunlight.

It’s because the flag colors and design may fade with constant exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays. You can this way extend the life of your banners so that it lasts so much longer.

· Reopening signs

Don’t forget.

You can have a few flags printed to advertise and let people know that you are reopening. You can also have a few banners displaying your working hours, and any special offers for your customers.

You were shut for so long, so you need to let people know that you will be opening. As usual, signs go a long way at reminding, and enticing people to do business with you.

· Workstation shields provide for added protection

Face masks may not be enough to protect your employees and customers when they are near each other, like at the cash register areas. You will need to have additional sneeze guards or workstation shields as a protective barrier between them.

These barriers go a long way in offering adequate protection to your customers and employees while still providing safe interaction and communication. Sneeze guards restrict any possible interaction between the customer and employee.

They are also proving useful as proactive barriers between desks in an office building and tables in a restaurant.

It’s not possible to maintain a distance of 6 feet in these places. Sneeze guards work as an effective barrier to stop any airborne germs floating around if and when someone coughs or sneezes.

Both your customers and cashiers will appreciate your thought of providing them with some additional layer of security.

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

Benefits of using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners instead of tape

Many people consider using tape to get their message across because they feel that there is a higher chance of seeing them.

Well, this is not always true.

Here are various benefits that give you a reason to invest in pop-up A-frame banners instead of tape for added safety in these uncertain times.

1. Gives a much clearer message

There’s a high chance of your customers not being able to see what your tape means, or what’s printed on it. The font and colors usually end up smudged and faded with time and the wear and tear of foot traffic.

However, social distancing banners don’t fade or wear out so quickly. They work at clearly explaining their purpose, and getting their message across at reminding customers to ‘Please wait here.’

2. Gives a professional look

Tapes will look shabby in a while, and have a messy and unprofessional look to your establishment. While you may have to spend a little more on pop-up A-frame banners, they are long-lasting.

They don’t wear out so quickly, and you can always give them an occasional wash if and when necessary.

They go a long way at making your store look so much more organized and set a better example for your customers. Besides, as they don’t fade out, they project their message and can be used for a much longer time than tape.

3. Durability

There is always the risk of tape breaking and getting dirty within a few hours and not days of use. Pop-up A-frame banners are, on the contrary, more reliable and more durable option for your business.

They are built strong because they are meant for both indoor and outdoor use. If they can withstand the harsh elements of nature outdoors, it’s not surprising that they last so much longer when used indoors.

4. Dependability and time-saving

If you use tapes in your store, then you have the task of putting up new tape every day. This isn’t the case with your pop-up banners.

You just have to set them up once, and they get to work.

You may, at the most, have to ensure they haven’t moved from their spot. You can always place water bags or sandbags on them as an additional weight to prevent them from moving or toppling over.

You save a lot on your time when the stores open without the hassle of putting up new tape every day. You can use this time to focus on more important things.

Most importantly, your pop-up A-frame banners convey a message that you are a socially responsible business person. It indicates that you don’t just have your business interests in mind.

It shows that you care for both your employees and clients and take any extra measures required for their safety reasons.

It, in turn, leads to more returning customers because they feel safe in your place. Repeat customers, in turn, lead to more business and higher purchase values.

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

Don’t forget to place your order on time

With the COVID-19 changing the way you do business, you must prioritize your employees’ and customer’s safety. So the quicker you can update your store with your banners, and protect them, the better it is for you.

With none of us knowing how long this new norm will last, your investment in these flags will be worthwhile. The flags are anyway durably built and will last you for a long time to come.

Get your customized social distancing pop-up A-frame banners printed as soon as possible to maintain order, safety, and social distancing at your store.

Various flag manufacturing companies like sell customized social distending pop-up A-frame banner designs for you to choose from. You can also have your banners customized as per your requirements.

You just have to provide them with your designs and ideas. They will have your banners printed and ready in no time at all.

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

Are you all confused and uncertain about the future of your business or organization? Do you wonder what your next step should be?

If yes, you shouldn’t.

You may wonder why.

Well, it’s indeed true that the situation is stressful now post the pandemic. There’s so much chaos, and things are not as they were before the disease struck.

People don’t spend that much time outside as they used to. Schools and offices are practically shut with a few openings one by one. The shops that were shut all this time too are carefully opening up.

It’s inevitable.

Things have to start to slowly return to normal. Remember,  everyone can’t sit all the time indoors! People are slowly but surely stepping outside while taking adequate precautions like wearing masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing.

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

Time to take action

So it’s imperative that you stop worrying and start taking action. You need to decide what you have to do next to return to normal. You need to get your stocks in place and have your employees on board.

And most importantly, you need to let the public know that you will be reopening.

The best way to do is will be by using feather flags to let people know about your reopening. It’s the right time for you to focus and start concentrating on advertising your business.

There are so many people out there who may need your services/product and wonder if you are still offering services. With some businesses even winding up because of financial problems, you must let potential customers you are still in business!

At the same time, you have to assure your customers that it’s safe for them to visit and use your services. People still have fear and are paranoid about going outside. However, they also know that they have to return to the new norm.

The best way of effectively conveying all of this is with the help of COVID-19 feather flags.

These signs are great to inform others about your business. It’s also great to use them to educate and motivate customers to continue with their normal life, as long as they are careful.

You can also use these signs to let people know if there are any changes in your working hours or offers.

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

What are Covid-19 feather flags?

They are your typical feather banners but have Covid-19 related messages. They have a pivotal role in most businesses. They not only help you respond to the pandemic but also to maintain effective communication with customers and employees.

Besides, you can always have yours customized to your requirements. You can select the right message to convey, colors, and even graphics. However, there’s no need to panic if you aren’t sure about what to print on them.

Most of the flag printing companies like can help you out.

They have their templates for you to take a look and decide on the best for your business needs. You can then choose and use them for a variety of COVID-10 messaging.

You can use them to:

  • Encourage social distancing in stores between customers and employees.
  • Promote frequent hand washing. Hand washing is essential, especially during the pandemic, because it helps prevent its spread, and removes germs.

These feather banners can remind your employees and customers about their importance and stress on public health and safety. You could especially use double-sided feather flags here.

You can perhaps use one side as a reminder to wash hands and the other side to tell them why they should do it.

  • Highlight and inform your patrons about your new store hours or offers. Your office/shop may not be open for as long as it was before the pandemic. So it’s better to tell your patrons about your timing changes so that they don’t visit you at the wrong hours.
  • Announce about the new take-out or delivery options your store or restaurant offers. This is especially required if you weren’t offering any home delivery or take-out options before.
  • Inform customers about any temporary closures you may have. In other words, use feather flags to inform passers-by about any day you will be closed.
  • Post about any newly released state-restrictions and much more

In short, these feather flags are significant in ensuring you keep everyone updated with the latest information and current safety measures.

Feather flags can even help flatten the curve

Yes, your signs will help address COVID-19 repercussions. But did you know that any steps are taken also play an essential role in flattening the curve?

If you wonder how, well it’s because they help:

  • Keep your customers safe by reminding and ensuring them of maintaining safe social distancing. You can also have a flag with the message ‘Check-in here’ to tell them to stay in their cars while waiting for their orders.
  • Keep your employees safe by ensuring they do everything related to maintaining a safe work environment. It includes setting up feather flags with the message ‘Wash your hands,’ ‘Do the 5’ and ‘Stay home and stay safe,’.
  • To maintain and even maximize your sales. You may wonder how. Well, the customized feather flags help keep your current and potential customers and community aware of any effective changes in your business. They will accordingly work in tandem based on these changes and don’t end up disheartened.
  • Deliver unique information. Some organizations and facilities may need personalized feather flags with specific messages like ‘restricted area,’ ‘testing site’ and others.
COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

Pros of using Covid-19 feather flags

You can better understand the advantages of feather banners if you first recollect why you use them in the first place. Well, it is to inform others about something that is useful, important or impactful to them.

That’s why feather flags can be used for various reasons.

1. Store promotion

They can be used to promote a store, your special offers, your opening hours, and also as warnings. This is why and where coronavirus signs prove helpful for a business, as a warning.

2. Educate customers

Businesses use them to inform their customers about the latest COVID-19 related actions and strategies in the workplace. They are also useful for educating, and informing the general public about the dreadful disease, preventive measures and how it spreads.

3. Any form of promotion

You can have your feather flags customized to promote anything that needs the masses’ attention. It doesn’t just have to be about the reinforced safety measures during the pandemic.

You can have feather flags printed to show your support to healthcare workers in this difficult time. You can donate 100% of the profits to the CDC.

4. About your maximum capacity

You can also print maximum occupancy signs to let people know about the maximum number of people allowed in your establishment at this time. It’s useful and essential to reduce your establishment’s occupancy for some time. It, in turn, helps limit congestion and foot traffic so that it’s possible to maintain social distancing.

5. Let people know about your delivery

If you are a grocery store, you can put up ‘We deliver’ feather flags to let passers-by know you offer delivery now. It makes your customers how you are finding out some proactive ways to serve them better.

Besides, you can continue offering these services not only during the pandemic but throughout the year too. You can similarly have some feather flags to let customers know that you offer contactless delivery, online orders, and more.

6. Performing temperature checks

You can have temperature check feather flags. They are best for reminding and letting visitors and customers know that they have to have their temperature checked to enter your establishment.

The feather flags are useful for alerting people about the screening. You can also use additional directional feather flags to direct them to the specified testing location.

Here’s where you can have additional feather flags printed to use at the spot they reach. The banners are useful for reminding them to do things like form lines, stand 6 feet apart, and wear masks.

7. Reminder to wear masks

Don’t forget to have ‘Mask required’ signs!

It’s not only the state and local government that now mandate customers and employees to wear facemasks. It applies to businesses too. It’s why mask required feather flag signs provide an adequate visual reminder to people to wear masks.

There are a few companies or communities that make mask-wearing optional. In this case, these signs help remind them that the masks don’t just protect the wearer, but also those at most risk.

8. Welcome back!

Of course, there’s one flag that everyone will want to look at now. That’s the ‘Welcome Back!’ flag. Have it printed with lively colors in bright and jovial font to make the customer feel so good and happy!

9. Miscellaneous uses

In addition to the uses mentioned above, you can also use customized feather flags in the following ways:

  • Inform customer about your curbside pickup options, if you have one
  • Use feather flags to indicate one-way traffic in your store aisles.
  • Inform customers about any temporary closure or similar relevant information.
  • Inform customers about any quarantine notice.
  • You can also have feather flags reminding employees to go home or visit the company nurse if they feel sick or have Covid-19 symptoms.

So you see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customized feather flags. You just need to know what message you want to get across to your customers. You can then use a template or give your customized design.

In case you don’t have any, then most companies like have their in-house designer. You can have them help you print as many types and variants of feather flags as you need!

Best spots for coronavirus feather flags

Now that you have your feather banners printed, you next wonder where you should put them up. You will be surprised to learn that there are quite a few open options here!

You can set them up at the:

1. Front entrance or door.

This is the best position to place all feather flag banners indicating any changes you have made. It may be changed in business hours, your special hours for seniors, and your shift to take-out and delivery only.

2. Your business front or display window.

As feather flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can also set your flags up in your display window. This is the perfect spot to highlight what your business and employees are doing to fight COVID-19. You can also let customers know how they can contribute to the cause.

3. Store interface

It’s also worth printing a few small feather flags with relevant messages. You can then place them throughout the store to reinforce customers that you watch for their health while they do their shopping.

4. Employee lounge or lunch area

This is where you can place some feather flags to remind your employees about different things. You can have banners reminding them about your revised store hours, hand washing, sanitizing schedule or duties, and more.

You should by now know the importance, and reason of using COVID-19 feather flags. It’s now left to you to take the next step of placing an order.

Make sure you place your order well in advance so that the banners reach you on time. Most companies now offer free shipping and work hard at ensuring the banners reach you on time.

However, there’s nothing much they will be able to do if you are late at placing an order. So don’t waste any more time. Just put on your thinking and creativity caps, and let those juices flow.

Use the right color combinations in your feather flags to optimize its visibility. And most important, order the night sized feather banners. The taller ones are perfect for outdoor use, and the shorter variants, for indoor use.

All you need to know about using feather flags to stand out in a crowd in these hard times

All you need to know about using taerdrop flags to stand out in a crowd in these hard times

Things may be difficult today, but remember, it is not the end of the world!

There is still hope at reviving your business, as long as you do things right. The pandemic has indeed ruined the economy and left thousands homeless and jobless.

However, it is your responsibility as a businessperson to get your business starting once again and thus contribute to the economy.

It is but natural that you need to have the right staff and people working with you. However in addition to this, you also need adequate marketing that will let people know you will be opening for business.

This is where teardrop flags come in.

All you need to know about using feather flags to stand out in a crowd in these hard times

Teardrops provide a cost-effective means of marketing your company. It especially fits your purpose well, mainly because you are on a tight budget now.

You need to remind people about your product or business so that they eventually take interest and decide to do business with you. Remember, many people hesitate to come out these days. It is a banner that they see every day that makes them want to buy your product, dish, or use your services.

They are just perfect for helping you stand out in a crowd and reach maximum people. It works best if you select the right customized banner to advertise your business.

And it also has to be placed at the right spot to maximize its advertising potential. Don’t expect it to bring in traffic by keeping it a mile away, or behind your establishment. It’s better to have one set up in front of your entrance, and a few at the parking lot or traffic junction, if it’s permitted.

You will also have to design them appropriately so that they are visible from afar. No matter if you use bright or dark colors for the background, the message should be printed in a contrasting color.


If you select a dark background, you will need dark colored font and graphics to be easily visible from afar. And vice versa, the message should be printed in dark colors if you select a light background.

The good news is that there are many companies that let you reach out to them online to select and customize your banner. You just need to know how many you require, and what you intend to print on them. you have to place your order so that your banners reach you on time for your opening.

Here are a few more reasons and benefits you ought to know about these versatile flags.


1. Multiple uses

The one good and most significant advantage of teardrop flags is that you can use the same banner indoors AND outdoors. Remember, with people hesitating to step outside, putting up your banners at as many significant spots as possible help remind passers-by about your business.

Yes, it’s because these banners reach you with multiple bases to use as you please. You can use a circular base with water or sandbag as a weight for indoor use like inside your shop or office.

They are also great to use at trade shows and expositions, if and when it starts. You may wonder why you should set up banners at these venues. It’s especially useful now. Post the pandemic because it lets your target audience know about your business.

Remember, it’s usually investors who head to trade shows. So having some advertisement about your business proves useful here, especially if you plan to introduce a new product or service to the market.

Don’t forget that there’s limited space at these trade shows. The demand for space is even higher in the present scenario, when many companies want to advertise their ware.

So make sure you quickly secure a space for your booth and promotional materials like teardrop banners.

And if it’s an outside venue, like a sports ground, you can put them up using its spiked base.

The colorful and fluttering flag will surely grasp anyone and everyone’s attention. Investors impressed with your marketing will consider taking a look at your product or company and developing some interest in it.

2. Durable and longlasting!

Yes, another reason for the increased demand and popularity of teardrop flags is because they are durable. These banners are usually made of polyester and are durable.

So it’s no surprise that they can withstand most weather conditions. Of course, it’s anyway a flag. So don’t expect it to be able to sustain itself through a thunderstorm!

You will have to bring them indoors when it’s raining heavily outdoors and extremely hot. The habit helps prolong its life. The persistent rains and the sunlight UV rays can damage or discolor your flag.

3. Attracts the attention you seek

Teardrop flags attract the attention you seek in these times. It’s not just the colors that are attractive. However, it’s also the fluttering with the wind that attracts passers-by attention.

And unlike other banners, there is no worry about these banners tearing with the wind. The durable materials used for making these flags can withstand the impact of winds and breezes.

So as long as you personalize and strategically place them, they serve to bring customers to your business.


4. Perfect for your pocket

Teardrop flags are an ideal investment for any business, thanks to its affordable price. They are much more cost-effective than other advertising options because they are not use-and-throw.

You can take them down once you are done with your advertising, and store them in its accompanying carrying case. The banner remains safe in the case until you next use it.

Besides, the carrying case makes it convenient to take it wherever you want. For example, the bag’s useful for carrying it to trade shows and expositions or to golf courses to advertise your business.

Because these flags are long-lasting compared to other advertising tools in the same budget, and make a worthy investment.

5. Personalized to your requirements

Yes, most companies like personalize teardrop flags to your requirements. They offer a wide choice of sizes to select from. The taller options are better to use in spots where you want maximum visibility from people afar. The shorter ones are perfect for use for immediate visibility like in front of or inside your business.

You can then provide your designs, fonts, and text to have printed on the banners. However, it’s not always that you know what you want to have printed on the banners!

You don’t have to worry about this case if it happens to you.

Most banner printing companies have their in-house designers to help you out. You can give them a rough idea of why you need them, and they will be able to create something appropriate for your business.

6. Covid-19 flags

The good news is that most companies have a wide range of COVID-19 related templates to use. For example, you can have banners printed to remind your staff and customers to wash their hands.

Or you can have some printed to tell your customers and staff to maintain social distancing. You will also need something reminding patrons and staff to wear masks while at your establishment.

7. You can print as many as you require

Unlike other variants, most banner printing companies don’t have any restrictions on the printing numbers. It means you will be able to print as little as five or as many as 50 for your establishment.

Just make sure you place your order well in advance so that your banner is ready for you when you start your marketing campaign. There’s no point in placing orders that won’t reach you on time!

All you have to do is ask the company how long it will take to send banners to your area. You can then accordingly place your order so that it reaches you on time.


8. Minimal maintenance

You don’t have to spend too much maintenance time or money on your teardrop flags. All you have to do is give it an occasional wash with soap and water if it gets messy, which isn’t often. It may need washing if you use it someplace that’s slightly dusty or smoky.

Besides, as most of the banners are polyester, they don’t even need any ironing. It’s only if it’s crumpled do you have to iron it a little. You otherwise can use it once it’s dry.

The easy maintenance feature also means you can keep using the same flag for a few years to advertise your business. It’s only if and when they start fading that you may have to consider replacing them.

These flags are so durable that it is only on a few occasions where they need replacement because of breakage. You only have to change them when the color starts fading. Some companies even let you replace just the polyester printed material, while you keep and use the same pole sticks.

9. No need for electricity

Besides, there’s nothing electrical in these banners. So there’s no need to set it up near an electrical socket, nor do you need any inverters or batteries to power and brighten them.

The flags are more than capable of getting your message across through their bright colors, text, and fluttering.

10. One-person installation and dismantling

Unlike most flags where you may need someone to help you set them up things is different with teardrop flags. You just have to join the different pole pieces, and you have your banner set up in minutes.

You can similarly dismantle it in minutes by disconnecting the various pole parts. The poles fit into the accompanying carrying bag to store until you next need to use it.

You don’t have to spend too much time and effort into this. The time saved can be spent on something more essential and business-related.


11. Versatile in function

Most important, teardrop flags are perfect for use in any form of marketing. As mentioned earlier, you can use them to announce your reopening. You can also use them to advertise any special offers you have to make.

Some people even use them to let people know about open houses, their new product launch, and even harbor in the holiday seasons. They are also great at reminding the public and your staff about the pandemic’s safety measures.

They are just right to announce any special activities you have planned for the holidays. You can also use them to spread some good thoughts and positivity in today’s dark times. It’s especially needed now where people are mustering the courage to step out of their homes.

12. Use one or both sides

Unlike most banners, teardrop flags give you the option of using one or two of its sides. You have to select considering the pros and cons of each variant.

The single-sided may be a bit cheaper an investment, but there’s a chance of the colors bleeding and creating a mess. It’s perfect if you don’t have much to print and only have to perhaps print your contact details or some other message or graphics.

The double-sided variants, however, have some black cloth in between the two sides. The black separation helps prevent the colors from either side, leaching onto the other side.

It thus offers the advantage of letting you print on both sides. You could perhaps have your COVID safety message printed on one side, and your special offers or contact details on the other.

So it works out cheaper to invest in double-sided variants if you have more to print. You can get more across through a single, and not multiple flags.


So you see, you can drive useful and valuable traffic to your company with minimal investment in customized teardrop flags. There’s no need to worry about any high upfront costs or additional risks associated with other marketing options.

What’s more, these flags are easy to install and used for multiple reasons.

How to successfully open your coffee shop business after Covid-19 lockdown

The world is practically in the hands of the pandemic Covid-19. Schools, businesses, and offices had to shut down, and people were almost off the road. Not only has it affected people’s lives but the economy too.

It’s why things can’t and won’t remain this way for long.

While children can stay at home and resort to online education, businesses have to continue. It’s when business people like you wonder what you should do while opening your business.

You wonder what precautions you should take post the Covid-19 lockdown. You not only want and have to restart your coffee shop, but it’s a big challenge for you considering the situation.

Public transportation is in lockdown, and people are hesitant and find it difficult to go out. You also face the additional challenge of reaching out to the public and letting them know that you are back in business.

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How pop-up A-frame banners can help

That’s when pop-up A-frame sideline banners can prove helpful to you.

Pop-up A-frame banners are easy to set up and customized as per your preference. You can decide on the right message to print on them. And the best thing is that there are many stores like that will send your flags to your doorstep.

You only have to decide on what you plan to print on them.

The most likely and logical message is to tell them that your coffee house is finally open. You don’t know how many people may be yearning to drink a coffee in your coffee house, and you have to tell them that you are back in business.

You can do all the printing well before you reopen your store.

You can have a few banners printed advertising about your reopening date and tell your customers how much you missed them. You could perhaps have a few quirky flags printed with messages like ‘Nothing is keeping you away from your favorite cup of everyday coffee!’.

And ‘A cup of coffee is the best way to restart life post the pandemic!’. Don’t forget to have a few banners printed to remind your patrons with your special offers or brews!

Whatever it is, it should be something that instills some positivity and makes people want to come out and have a coffee.

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Practice social responsibility

In addition to flags about your business, don’t forget your social responsibility.

You need to practice and maintain social distancing at your outlet. There’s a high chance of people getting all frenzied and excited to meet friends over a coffee cup finally. They may, in the process, momentarily forget about the pandemic and the restrictions imposed on them.

You can do your bit for them by having a few pop-up A banners printed with messages reminding your patrons to wash hands, wear masks, and maintain social distancing.

You could perhaps have a banner printed with an emoji with a covered face. Or you could even make things light and have a banner with a handheld up saying ‘Stay 6 feet away from me!’.

Or you could have one with a picture of washing hands under the tap with a message ‘Use me!’.

Maintain employees’ safety

Now that you have taken care of what you should do for your patrons, it’s also essential that you take some measures to maintain your workers’ safety while at work.

Remember, they are taking a risk coming to work, but it’s something they have to do.

So you could perhaps ensure transportation for them so that they don’t have to depend on public transport. This way, you can have more people coming in, and maybe work in shifts to minimize the chances of infection while running your coffee shop.

You can then have a series of checkpoints for testing purposes. You will have to invest in a digital thermometer to measure everyone’s temperature when they come in.

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Reminder pop-up A-line banners

You may have to have a sign printed to show and remind them to have their temperature measured every day when they report to work. This again can be made more relaxed by printing an emoticon of a hand holding a thermometer to the forehead.

Instead of just having the words ‘Check your temperature here.’

Remember, you are doing all of this to reinstall some faith, security, and positivity in your staff while they come to work every day.

Make sure there is no crowding in the coffee house. That’s why it’s better to have people work in shifts. You can save money while all your employees can earn some money for their bread and butter.

It’s ideal if you have only 25-50% of your staff and workplace occupied. It’s safe for today’s situation and ensures there’s no crowding. You anyway won’t expect that much of a rush because the social distancing norm applies to your patrons.

So you won’t have to serve that many people at a time. This means that fewer staff will be able to handle it even if they work in shifts. You could perhaps consider implementing five-hour rotational shifts for your team.

Complete sanitization

Don’t forget to have your coffeehouse sanitized before opening it. However, it’s not a one-day effort. You will have to give your employees an additional responsibility every day of sanitizing and wiping handles, tabletops, and places where there’s human contact every few hours.

It’s safer for everyone at the office, your employees, and patrons.

Besides, you could proudly have this fact printed on one of the pop-up A-line banners. You could have a sign with the message, ‘We sanitize our coffee-house all the time.’

Install additional washbasins

You may have to hire or buy a few more washbasins to ensure everyone can wash their hands as often as they need to. Remember that washing hands will be a part of life and not a chore anymore.

The last thing you want is people complaining that they can’t wash their hands in your establishment. There are many portable washbasins you can have installed, which will not be a problem.

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Explain the situation to employees

Be extra careful with your employees who can’t understand regular communication well. They need money and will want to come to work. But you have to explain to them the importance of the essential things they have to do, like wearing masks and washing hands.

Pop-up A banners with these messages through drawings are fun and easily understood by everyone. Besides, images have no language barrier.

You not only reach out to all your employees but to all your patrons too. It’s better than having pop-up A banners printed with the words ‘Don’t forget to wash hands’ and ‘Make sure you wear your masks.’

Start wearing gloves

You may not be able to make everyone wear PPEs, but you can at least make sure that everyone wears gloves. Also ensure that your staff’s clothes are washed and sanitized every day.

You could help them by paying for their sanitizing liquids because it would be an additional expense to them. The extra cost is any way for your safety and the safety of your staff and patrons!

No force

As the employer and boss, you must remember to be compassionate to those who are reluctant to come. Don’t force them to go if they opt not to. There will be a logical reason for this because no one will want not to work and earn their livelihood.

Respect those who don’t come to work because it may not mean that they are scared.

It may be the ecosystem at the back and round the employee that made them make the decision. They may perhaps have young children, babies, or very old parents at home.

Or there may be a strict protocol in the building or society where they live that restricts them from leaving the compound. They wouldn’t want to take the risk of infecting them through their job.

In short, make the task of deciding whether employees want to come to work be entirely voluntary. They have to determine if they wish to and can come to work and respect their decision.

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Make alternative arrangements where required

And in case it’s someone in your core team like your cooks or bakers, you could make some arrangements for them. You could perhaps create some accommodation for them near your coffeehouse.

This way, they will be able to come to work without worrying about their family’s safety or their society’ s norms. While all this will mean some added expenses, it’s necessary.

Besides, the amount of care and respect you show towards your employees will be a plus for you. It shows how understanding an employer you are. And you can let people know about this by having some pop-up A banners printed with the message ‘We care for YOU, and our employees and their safety’ and place them somewhere in the vicinity.

On-call doctor

It also helps if you have a doctor available at all times.

You will have to discuss and have a doctor ready to come and test anyone unwell at the coffeehouse. You never know when you learn that someone isn’t well.

It may be an employee or a patron.

Having a doctor on call and ready through the day will help keep the premises safe for everyone. It’s another point you can highlight and give people reason to visit your coffeehouse confidently.

You could have another pop-Up A-banner telling people that there’s no need to worry because you have a doctor on call.

Additional marketing tips

Now that you have figured out how you will run your business after the pandemic, here are some more useful marketing tips.

pop-up A-frame sideline banners prove helpful here.

You can place them on the sidewalk and let your local customers know that you are open. Yes, while you can resort to digital marketing to make the world know you are in business, your local clientele will likely need to be kept informed.

You can have a  few signs printed to advertise that you are opening.

Then place them at places where there are maximum footfall and traffic. In short, put them in points where they will be seen most by people. It could be at the entrance of your coffeehouse, the parking lot, and near traffic signals.

1.      Use bright colors

For the best effects, it’s better to use bright colors for advertising your store. Why? Well, it’s because bright colors attract people’s attention and make them want to read at least whatever you have printed on the banners.

2.      Use legible, big font

Use legible, big font to print the opening dates, and your address and contact information, especially if you will be placing banners at some other part of town.

About setting up these banners, it’s easy to do. You can’t expect to have people around to do it, and it’s better if you do as much of your work s possible by yourself.

3.      Anchor down banners

Pop-up A banners are easy to set up by you. All you have to do is connect the different parts of the flag to form a frame, and then slide the printed material onto it.

You can then use water bags or sandbags to anchor down the flags, in case you worry about it toppling over because of the wind to traffic. And if it’s rainy or too sunny, and you are done with your advertising, just dismantle and place the banners in its accompanying carrying case.

4.      Use different shaped banners

Companies like let you chose from different sized and shaped pop-up A banners. It’s better to decide based on where you plan to set them up. And if you wonder about durability, there’s no need to.

5.      Long lasting

These banners are known to last for years, which you need because the pandemic has changed our lives forever. We need to learn to live with the pandemic.


It’ s not so difficult to restart your coffeehouse after the pandemic. You just need to know how to do it right.

Advertise about the reopening, and don’t forget to remind patrons and employees to wash their hands, wear masks, and maintain social distancing for some time now. Take care of your employees, and keep their needs and circumstances in mind.

You will find that there pop-up A banners will have a large role to play while restarting your coffee business post the Covid-19 pandemic confidently.

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Bet you never realized so much goes into printing the right Father’s day feather flag!

Your dad is one of the most important and influential persons in your life and you naturally want to do something special for him this father’s day. You want to show how much you appreciate his love, care and sacrifice all these years, and there’s no better way to do it than proclaiming your feelings on feather flags.

Yes, you can have meaningful messages printed on single or double sided feather flags and display it outside your home, office or store for not only your dad, but also for the world to see. Read on to find out how to go about this.

How to design your father’s day feather flag

There are so many ways to design the perfect feather flag for this father’s day. It’s left to you to decide how you want to do it. You have to first decide based on what you plan to print on it. It could be a photo of your father or a family photo or a photo of you and your dad.

Don’t forget to keep the resolution in mind while selecting your picture. It’s better to ask the feather flag company about their ideal picture resolutions. You can then select the right photo accordingly.

You next have to decide what you want to print on it. You can have just the words ‘Happy Father’s Day’ printed on it or print it with a meaningful message. It’s based on the size of the photo, and what you print on it that you next decide on the right sized feather flag.

Most feather flag manufacturers like offer banners in three to four sizes ranging from a height of 3 feet to 12 or 15 feet. While the larger ones are more typically used for company advertisements, a smaller flag is more than enough for your father’s day flag.

Single and double-sided banners

You also have to select between single and double sided flags, where each has its own advantage. The single sided options are naturally cheaper, however are not advisable if you have lots to print on the flag. It’s because you have only one side to print on. Besides, there is the risk of the colors and print leaching onto the other side.

The double-sided banners are a better option if you have a bigger picture or more words to print. It’s because you have two sides to print on, and there’s no worry about any leaching of colors.

The two sides are separated by a black layer that prevents any possible leaching. However double-sided flags are more expensive, but it’s for the benefits they offer.

Considering the costs and the content you need printed on the flags, it’s very likely that a single sided flag will be more than enough for your father’s day flag.

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Different available fabric printing options

Feather flag manufacturers generally use three popular types of printing methods on their banners. They are silk screening and digital or dye sublimated printing which go best on cloth like polyester flags.

1. Silk screening

Specific printing machines are used for silk screening which let manufacturers print their flags quickly and accuately. However the problem is that it’s a rather lengthy procedure, which is why the feather flag manufacturers require a minimal 10-flag order.

It is a perfect choice for feather flag designs comprising of simple graphics with minimal colors. The banners are then heat treated where the inks permeate through the fabric to create 100% coverage on the reverse side.

It’s done for two reasons. It gives better printed images and fix inks so that they last longer even in harsh weather conditions. The flags are then trimmed, hemmed and made durable with a reinforcing strip. .

2. Digital printing

Digital printing is done on any inkjet printer which supports large format printing. So there are no minimal order requirements. It’s great for printing photographic and intricate details, thus giving you more options for your flag.

The problem however is that the ink in the flag doesn’t penetrate into the fabric as much as silk screening. It means that the flag’s reverse side ends up looking lighter.

In fact it’s also the reason why it’s a popular printing option for double sided flags. The two flags are sewn together, back to back, to provide the same color density.

The flags are then put through numerous alternating cold and hot water baths and dried. It’s when all this is done that the flags are given a trimming and hemming.

It’s then strengthened by applying a reinforcing strip to the top and a side. The flags are ready to be shipped once the grommets are inserted.

3. Dye sublimation printing

Most feather flag manufacturers like today use dye sublimation printing on all their banners. It’s because the printing process is a combination of the best features of the above two printing options.

The print is as rich as silk screening, but with the added photographic digital printing traits.

In case of dye sublimation, your final artwork is first printed in reverse on transfer paper. The design is then transferred to a polyester fabric using a heat press at 375°F.

The dye turns into gas with the extreme pressure and temperature and permeates and solidifies in the flag’s fibers. It ensures your design is permanently fixed into the flag so that you can wash it without worrying about any image quality damage.

Most manufacturers don’t have a minimum ordering requirement, and the reverse side prints end up 15% lighter. Once again, a double sided flag separated by an opaque liner prevents prints from the other side from showing through.

Select the right material

The main reason you are using a feather flag to print your father’s day message is because of the banner’s ‘wave motion’. And this effect is possible only with flags made from the right material. That’s why feather flag manufacturers like suggest printing your message on polyester banners.

Not only does knitted polyester banners wave well when it’s windy, it lasts longer when compared to nylon flags. They are also easier to maintain and use because wrinkles cannot be easily seen from reasonable viewing distances. Besides, you can always iron out any creases if required.

Do not use vinyl or any other heavy material for your flag. It doesn’t wave to attract attention when it’s windy and its weight can sag the supporting pole. Besides, creases are easily visible even at a short distance.

Best color combinations

Now that you know about the right material and printing techniques, you next need to use the right color combination. It’s very important because colors can make or break your flag design.

You can select colors better once you know how you can alter its appearance. The colors that go well together are complementary and are usually opposite on the color wheel.

Examples are orange and blue and green and yellow.  On the contrary, similar colors are called analogous colors.

Chroma is the intensity and purity of a color based on its light where the color lightens as you reduce its saturation. Similarly increasing the saturation leads to a darker color. In case of tinting, it is the concept of adding white to a color to lighten it. You can alternatively darken colors by adding black to it.

· The colors should attract attention

The right color choice and combination makes the flag most interesting and attractive to your dad. You may have to consider where you will be placing the banners-indoors or outdoors while selecting your colors. It’s because neutral colors like white, black and brown and gray tones blend well with the environment. It’s better to avoid these colors.

Better options will be bright hues that stand out against the environment. Examples are radiant yellow, neon green and fiery red. However it doesn’t mean that you should ignore neutral completely. You just have to maintain a balance between your colors to achieve the right contrast and visibility.

· Best color contrasts for signs

The best and most important point to remember while selecting colors for your banner is the text. You need to choose the right combination where your father will be able to read whatever you print on the banner. The whole purpose of the flag will be lost if he can’t properly see your father’s day message!

Text and background with a brightness difference of 70% or more offers the highest legibility. And the pairing in these cases is usually a dark and light hue. Here are the popular and most effective color combinations you can use for your feather flag signage.

  • A black or red background with white or yellow font
  • A white or yellow background with black, grey, red or dark blue font
  • Light blue background with black or red letters
  • Dark blue background with white or yellow text

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The right font for your flag

You have done most of your research and decisions for your father’s day flag. You know how and which material, colors and color combinations to use. You also need to use the right font for maximum visibility.

It’s better to avoid upper case lettering to write messages because the human eye takes longer to process it. It’s okay to use it only for a single word or perhaps us to write ‘Happy Father’s day’.

There are typically five main types of fonts you can use. However there are thousands of different styles within these categories. As it’s impossible to list all the fonts out, here are a few fonts that are more favored than the rest.

1. Serif

These fonts have letters with angular lines called serifs coming out from the font’s top and bottom. While the most common example is Times New Roman, other popular options for graphic design are Garamond, Trajan and Bodoni.

2. Sans Serif

As you may have guessed, sans serif is a font style without angular lines. (Sans means without in French!) It’s a popular choice for feather flags and signs because it’s highly legible. Frutiger, Helvetica and Futura are the most favorable of these fonts.

3. Text

These are fonts in the newspaper text category. They are not used much, because they are difficult to read and used mostly in headings. It’s developed based on Monks’ handwriting, and is best for business related signs and not your feather flag.

4. Novelty

These fonts are also not popularly used because they can be difficult to read. The best way to ensure ties maximum visibility is by using strong, contrasting colors.

5. Script and cursive

Script and cursive are not suggested for commercial signage because they are difficult to read, especially when in a hurry. However if you like them because they resemble real handwriting, you can use it to print your father’s day message.

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Q & A

1. What will I receive with my order? sends you your customized father’s day banner with a pole set, a choice of bases and a carrying bag. You can use the bag to store the flag and perhaps use it again next year with a new one! Feather flags don’t fade easily, and if stored properly in its’ bag; can easily last a few years.

2. How long do feather flags typically last?


These flags should on an average last for more than three years. That’s the reason why they are a popular choice with commercial establishments. All they have to do is print a set of flags this year, and will be able to use it for quite some time to come!

3. What is the feather flag’s basic maintenance?


There’s not much maintenance involved with feather flags. Most importantly, you can assemble and disassemble it alone. You don’t have to depend on someone else for it.

However it’s better to disassemble it when it’s not too windy because there’s a risk of the pole snapping in the wind. And if you plan to use the flag outdoors, just remember that the high heat outdoors can make the colors quickly fade.

There you go! You now know how to select the best design and colors to print a memorable and lovable father’s day feather flag for your dad this year!


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Role of feather flags in event planning and design

There are times when we attend events and be dejected because it wasn’t like what we expected it to be. Their invitations and promotional materials were top notch, but the outcome? Nah, it was nowhere close to it. Did you feel that pinch when it did not live up to your expectations?

This is why we need to plan and design the event well before hand so that the attendees will not regret being a part of it. Remember, the only reason they would attend the event would be because of the experience you promised them during the advertising of your event. If you don’t give them that, please be ready for some bitter reviews.

Hence, comes the part of event design and planning using the right tools like feather flags.  Every step, no doubt is a MISSION-CRITICAL!

Role of feather flags in event planning and design

Now raises the question, what is the definition of event designing?

Yes, it has drastically changed over the years, and it will keep changing as time flies. But there are some core components, which have been maintained; rather retained, to have a kind of norm to it. Other vital parts were given a much-needed improvement.

Event designing now is not just about arranging the venue or what theme to set it to. It now also overlaps with all other aspects of an event that is taking place.

It involves fine tuning of micro elements, starting from the event venue to how the attendees would be welcomed.  It includes matters like deciding the ambience, to being ready for any mid-crisis that pops in.

Why should we design an event?

The event that you organize will represent your brand. What you show, is what they see and perceive. And as you know, “First impression, is the last impression”, you would want it to be the best for all your attendees.

It’s not just that, it’s also about how you keep your promise when you say you can do something. When we show them stars, we must at least make them reach the sky.

There could be many factors involved in organizing an event, like increasing sales or reaching a target, increasing attendees and public good will. You have to work to achieve them, but it all first depends on how catchy the event is.

How to make an event catchy?

Making an event catchy could be done through various ways.

It could be by hiring a brand ambassador or sponsoring a free Wi-Fi hotspot or make your event conversational more than promotional. There are a number of ways to do so.

But the best way would be by making use of something simple yet informative; but mainly, catchy! And what better could it be, than having feather flags! Because they are what your attendees will see when they first reach the venue.

football feather flags business flags for sale church feather flags feather flags

Role of feather flags in event planning and design

So, what is a feather flag?

Well, Feathers generally are designed to look like a feather!

More sensibly, it’s a flag shaped as a feather. This mode of advertising is gaining popularity for various reasons, so read on to find out why and how can you use feather flags.

The purpose of this banner would be the same reason for which you would use any ordinary one. It’s comparable to the banners you wave at a parade or hang from your institutions.

They are popularly used because it symbolizes something you believe in. In case of a feather flag, it would be designated to represent your business, your location or even your company. It is a reflection of your brand which aligns with your marketing plan.

What makes a feather flag unique?

Like mentioned earlier, feather flags have a shape of a feather. But you tend to wonder why are they so trending?

It’s because they are tall, colorful, slim and attractive to the eye. What better way to advertise your brand!?

The best feature of this flag would be that it takes up very minimal space at your business or an event. It’s quick to set up and easy to carry around as it barely weighs a few pounds. It helps you to stand out and be bold.

Role of feather flags in event planning and design


Now, why choose a feather flags、?

Feather flags are slender, tall that can be easily assembled and disassembled by a single person. They could be 12-16 feet tall or higher, with variety of vibrant colors and designs. It’s no wonder they give an eye-catching addition to your event.

You can use your brand colors on them; or you could use a year-round colors, say red or yellow to draw attention. There is also another reason why you should opt for these banners.

They create a rippling effect and start fluttering when they pick up breeze that catches the eye through motion. When your attendees walk through a walkway lined with these flags, they will definitely be assured that something extra-ordinary is awaiting them!

Bonus: Feather flags are very easy to pack and set up. They are lightweight, easy to store and durable. When you have a time constraint, the quickest thing to set up would be these banners. You can then put them down once done, and store or carry to the next venue in the accompanying carrying case.

Which events can we use feather flags for?

Any event is organized so that people with same interest can gather around, and share views or knowledge by making it conversational or promotional. There are events that reach the heights of boredom.

It’s because the only thing the organizers organized for, was lengthy speeches and brightly lit up rooms. That is definitely not the standard that anybody would want to maintain.

To overcome these flaws, we can design events in such a way that, the room is designed in an informatively.

And the best means of providing information would be through banners or flags etc. Any events which want to promote a brand or provide quick info to the attendees would be ideal to use these flags.

There are events that create online platforms where the attendees use it for socializing prior to the event; but not all have time to do that. Some may just walk in to your event, totally clueless, and it is here where your banners come into the picture.

A walkway designed with meaningful, informative and colorful feather flags, will give clueless attendees an idea of what to expect.  And what better banners than these sleek and slender flags, which fit in any tiny place that you allot it to.

Role of feather flags in event planning and design


How to design an event with feather flags?

Key aspects to keep in mind when you are designing an event with these banners:

1. Outdoor or Indoor:

Indoor events will never cause you any problems, but outdoor? Yes, you may have to consider the weather conditions when you design your event. Feather flags from companies like are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Duration:

Depending on the duration of your event, you can plan how many flags you want and where you want to place them.

3. Area:

Definitely, the room size will be a major aspect when you are designing an event. Bigger the area, easier it is to design; but smaller the area, the more thought you need to put into designing. But, as these banners are sleek, it will barely take up space in your room!

4. Type of your Event:

Your event could be anything! Conference, fair, Product launch, Business events etc. But design your feather flags keeping the attendees in mind. Kids would love bright colors with little text and more of creativity in them. However subtle colors with right amount of information are better for a business meeting.

5. Commute:

How your attendees will travel to your event will also add an impact. You could have some of these feather flags lined up on the travel path.

6. Crowd:

What is your expected number of employees will also have an impact on the number of banners you use. The higher the number, the greater the flags you need. Lower the number, the fewer banners you will need.

7. Arrangement:

How will you be seating your attendees? They won’t be able to read them if they are way too far away from the flags. So, even the distance matters!

8. Motto:

Why are you organizing the event will also have a major impact on using these flags. Is it for promoting your brand or is it only a one time meets with the clients? You would want to decide on this fact and then order for these banners.

How many Feather flags should you have in your event?

How many you need to use is one primary question that all have. And that solely depends on all the above aspects. You have a huge stadium? You can have the banners all around the stadium.

Do you have the entire building to yourself? You could have it at the entrance, one or 2 in each floor and a few at the main area of your event. If you have a small area, then you would have to work around the space accordingly.

Please, do not have something oversized in a small room or undersized banners in a huge stadium. Make sure you know what size flag you need, read its specifications and only then order for it.

Ultimately, you are the one who makes the decision.

Reasons to use feather flags

· Promotional as well as Directional

When we have events, we usually use direction boards to help attendees navigate around the event. You may also banners hanging around or stuck to walls denoting what the event is all about.

But feather banners serve both purposes.

You can line up these flags directing to your event place at the same time, provide information in each one regarding your event. That way, the attendees won’t get lost on the way neither will they be clueless when they enter the room.

· Attention Seeker

Yes, they do seek attention.


When you have these feather banners in an open space, it starts fluttering due to the breeze. Anything that is moving is bound to attract the human eye!

Now, just because you know they will see the flag, doesn’t mean you load it with information. A passerby will never read the entire thing written on it. So make sure you plan properly to have some catchy yet meaningful lines written on it. You could perhaps also include your contact details so that interested people can reach out to you.

· Flexible

Yes, Indoor or Outdoor?

They can be used for both the purposes. In fact, if you want your feather banners to be used only for indoor events, you just have to set them up with water bags or sandbags for support. They prevent the flag from accidentally toppling over.

You can also use them outdoors by poking its spiked base into the ground.

Bad rains? Get them in, keep it under a fan, and you are good to go. You don’t have to hang them like the other regular banners nor discard them just because they are damp.

· Quick and Easy

Yes, they are way too easy to be set up. Your set up time will vary based on where your banner will be mounted. But whatever said and done, it won’t take more than few minutes to get it done.

As you remember, these flags are sleek and slender, hence easy to carry and fix them up. A single motion, and your banner is upright and it provides a great stability.

· Tough

Yes, these flags are tough enough to withstand bad weather conditions. They are quite durable in rain and snow as they are made up of high-quality, composite fabrics. They are not fire proof, but yes, they are resistant to high heat.

However, exposing them to direct sunlight can cause graphics to fade away. So if you want them to last as long as their life span, like 2 years, then better not expose them to direct sunlight much.

· Design

Yes, there is no limit to designing these banners!

The area designated for the designing may be relatively smaller when compared to these regular banners, hoardings etc. But, as you know, ‘Simple is elegant’. With lesser space come minimal yet meaningful lines on the flag, which in turn catches the attention of human eyes.

You could also use both its sides.

This way you can advertise about your business, brand or event to people walking into the venue. And when they are leaving from your event, you can have ‘Gratitude’ inked on the other side of the banner.

Everyone knows gratitude is what makes a human happy.

When you have an event in mind, have feather flags in mind. They are durable, flexible and quick to use; and that is what every event organizers would want.



pop up oval banner pop out banner sideline banners pop up a frame banner

Did you know that teardrop flags are great for promoting sports events?

All types of sports bring an adrenaline rush to not only the sportspeople and participants but also to the spectators. There is anticipation and excitement as the competition closes in. The excitement grows day by day and reaches the hilt on the day, and at the venue.
If you wonder what this has to be with teardrop flags, well, all this happens only if the promoter manages to create sufficient hype about the program. The right and effective promotion helps build the crowd’s excitement, and in the process, increases the sale of tickets.
This way, the team owners are happy about their healthy return on investment. The players are also comfortable playing and get paid for the game, and spectators have a contest to enjoy.
So everything boils down to effective advertising. It’s only the right advertisement and techniques like teardrop flags that help create a considerable hype for a match. Here are some tips worth knowing about effectively marketing for a sports event using items like teardrop flags.

teardrop flags teardrop banner teardrop banner flags custom teardrop flags teardrop flags cheap custom teardrop banners teardrop advertising flags

1. Create enough hype
No matter if it’s a baseball or football match, a golf tournament or an inter-varsity sports meet. The secret to the success of the event lies in using the right advertisement methods to get the word around. You should be able to create enough hype to make people eager and look forward to the event.
You can’t expect your venue to fill out if people don’t know about your event. It’s true that the internet offers a myriad of marketing options to promote events. However, most of your audience will be from the immediate area around the venue.
You have to work at spreading the word, which you can do through targeted display and direct marketing campaigns. You can do this with the help of tall, attractive teardrop flags.
They can attract the attention of people near and far. You can set up your flags in the busy areas, transport routes, and roads leading to the hall, field, stadium, or arena.
Keep your young audience in mind while designing flags for events that trigger an adrenaline rush like a BMX event or combat sport.
teardrop flags teardrop banner teardrop banner flags custom teardrop flags teardrop flags cheap custom teardrop banners teardrop advertising flagsThey are more attracted, and will most likely notice visually inspiring teardrop flags. It, of course, should also clearly mention the essential details of the event, like the date, venue, and time.
You get the best effects by printing this important information using contrasting colors. You could use a dark background and light-colored font, or a light background with a dark-colored font.
And there is one more important point to remember.
Stick to using only the regular, and easily understood font on teardrop flags. People may find it difficult to understand complicated fonts like something gothic.
2. Count the final countdown
It’s during the days leading up to the event that you should work at the excitement reaching fever pitch. You may have first to ensure you have clearance to create a presence around the venue. You need to let passers-by know that the big sporting event they were waiting for is now just a few days away.
The best way to do this is by setting up teardrop banners on the roads and around the venue. It proves you are serious about the event, and in the process, increases your chances of drawing in a crowd.
You’ll be surprised at how many people turn up to watch the event because of the excitement created in the last few days. They are mostly the people who walk down the same road every day. They end up entering the venue just because of the hype you had created.
3. Work at building your brand
Many people use the opportunity of a significant sports event to develop their brand. They print their best wishes on one side of the banner and have their logo, contact details, and name printed on the other side. This way, people at the venue are constantly reminded about the different businesses when they see the banners around the place.
teardrop flags teardrop banner teardrop banner flags custom teardrop flags teardrop flags cheap custom teardrop banners teardrop advertising flags

You can, however, use other promotional items to build your brand even more. You may have to do it if you want spectators to come back to your next event.
It doesn’t matter if the next event will be next week, month, or next year. Work at building your brand by designing some beautiful take away promotional gifts like a mug, coaster, or umbrella. You can give them to the crowd as souvenirs to take home.
It is a win-win scenario for both of you. It’s a souvenir to the recipient and is a branding beacon for businesses. It reminds the public about the company and event whenever they see it.
It also gives them a reason to spread the word about the event far and wide. Remember, everyone loves to receive something free. Especially if it reminds them of the excitement and fun, they had at an event and which they can keep.
How to customize your sports team teardrop banner
Teardrop flags are great for not only advertising about a sports event but are also useful as a sign of support towards a particular team. No matter what the reason may be for a banner, here are some tips to help you print a useful flag.
• Try first to get a team picture
The best way to show your support for a team is by having the team picture on the flag. You can scour the internet for images if it’s a great team, or get a team photo for the local football team.
teardrop flags teardrop banner teardrop banner flags custom teardrop flags teardrop flags cheap custom teardrop banners teardrop advertising flags

While it is possible to edit to group individual images together, it’s not easy to do. Besides, you may need the help of someone with design expertise. However, if you have the time, teardrop banner manufacturers like have an in-house team of designers. They will be more than ready to edit and group the individual photos if needed.
If you have the time, you may as well hire a professional photographer to click a team photo. If you do not have the budget for one, you may as well take one yourself with a good camera.
Yes, you can always conveniently take photos using Smartphone cameras. However, the resulting images lack the resolution to look great on the large-sized teardrop flags.
• Think of a design
Now that you have a team photo, it’s time to think of an appropriate design for the banner. The first question you should ask yourself is the color of the flag’s background.
You could perhaps use the exact color of the background in the photo taken for ease of blending and work. Or, if you are unhappy with the background, you can always overlay the athletes’ images on a different background.
You will also have to decide what more you want to print on the banner. You may include the team names, logo, and if space permits, team player names. It’s better to opt for a double-sided teardrop flag.
You have more space to print as much as you want because you can write whatever you want on both sides. There is no fear of any leaching of colors because there’s a black mesh in between to prevent it.
If you are using the teardrop flag for promotional reasons, then you can print the team details on one side. You can then print your company name, contact details, and logo on the other side.
• Choose the right sized banner
Teardrop banners come in various sizes and designs. It is left to you to decide on the right sized flag. Do it based on what you plan to print on it, your budget, and where you plan to use it.
You can opt for taller flags to use outdoors and show your support to your team. The reason for a more towering flag outdoors is that it is easily visible from afar. The shorter banners are useful for use at the venue spot, both indoors or outdoors.
Yes. The fact that you can use your teardrop banners both indoors and outdoors is a reasons for its popularity. The flags you order will reach you with a minimum of two bases.
One base is for indoor use, and it is circular with a cross. You just have to set it up wherever you want. You can place a water or sand bag on it for added support so that it doesn’t move or topple over. The other base you receive is a ground spike to poke and set up the flag outdoors, on soft ground.
• Make sure you place your order on time
Do not forget to place your order on time, well before the sports events. Most flag manufacturers promise that the flags reach you in a few days. However, you need to place your order so that it reaches you in time for its use.
If you are using it to bring hype to the sports event, then you cannot make any delays in placing an order. You have to start advertising at least a month before the event date.
So place your order early enough for the flags to reach you in time to start advertising. If the flags are for team support, then the flags should reach you about a fortnight before the event date.
Why you should use teardrop flags to promote sports events
If you wonder why you should invest in teardrop flags to show your solidarity to a team, well, there are various reasons for it.
• Most important is that it’s not a one-time investment. So if you have a favorite team, you can use the same flags for some time before ordering a new one.

• These flags are built strong and durable to last at least a few years with minimal care and maintenance. Just disassemble the banner once the sports event is over, and it’s not needed anymore.

You can then store it in its accompanying carrying case until the next use. If you have multiple matches, and will be moving from one venue to another, carry the flag in its carrying bag. You can then set it up wherever you want.

• Avoid using the flag outdoors in the sun for too long. The colors this way will remain bright and vibrant to use for a few years. There is no need to buy new flags every year with teardrop flags. An investment lasts for a few years.

• Though strong and durable, teardrop flags are easy to assemble and disassemble as you please. This means that you can do it alone, without having to wait for someone else.

• Besides, these flags are easy on your pocket. So you can afford to print your banners in bulk for both your team support and marketing needs. The flags give the best effects if you use the right colors, designs, and fonts in the design.

Don’t fill up space too much. Keeping some space in between words and designs improves the clarity of the flags. They are then easily seen from a far and work better at creating hype for an event.

• It is always better to stick to the simpler fonts while printing on teardrop banners. Complicated fonts may look good on paper, but it’s resolution isn’t right on the flag. The letter will look duller or more illegible from afar.
Now you know enough about teardrop banners to use for your sports event marketing, it is time to place your order. Visit a teardrop flag printing site like and place your order.
Make sure you give them your exact address so that there is no complication when they are delivering it. The last thing you want to happen now with the game nearby is the flags getting sent back to the sender. And that too because of the wrong address!
Once you receive your teardrop flags, you only need to spend some time setting them up. You will be proud of your work, and the effects of the flags on the event, crowd and team!