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How feather flags can help your business during the coronavirus shutdown

The coronavirus pandemic has captured the world by storm. The lockdown, economic downturn, and the fear of going out do make you wonder if you can ever run your business like before.
Your fear is justified because the world is now going through a phase never seen or heard of before. However, it does not mean that you have to close down your business. You need to look at the bright side of things too.
Things are improving in many places, with people many people recovering from the dreadful disease.
While it may take time, things will improve in your city and company. So it is better in the meantime to come up with and adopt a few interesting and useful marketing techniques with feather flags.

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Choose and customize feather flags
Yes, many businesses have shut their doors to prevent spreading Covid-19. However, many have to remain open to provide essential services. No matter what your business is or why you need to keep your store public, you must keep your customers’, visitors’ and staff’s safety in mind too.
You can do your bit by setting up feather flags to convey vital information to the public about staying safe during this crucial period.
Educate customers through feather flags
You can set up different types of signs conveying different vital information for your staff and passers-by. You can also use feather flags to ensure your visitors navigate your store without any compromise on their health.
You could also print a few social distancing signs. Create banenrs with images clearly depicting how far away each person has to stand apart from the other.
You can also have some hand washing signs printed. The signs will show that it is essential to wash your hands as frequently as possible throughout the day. Do not forget to also print your company name or logo on it to show that you care for the public.
It puts your business in good light during this crucial time. Most banner flag companies like vancke.com have a range of suitable images for you to select and use for these types of flags too.
If you have a takeout or delivery business, print some feather flags to let people know about your services. People will be on the lookout for delivery outlets in this coronavirus pandemic so that they can just call you and have their order delivered home.
These banner flags should advertise about your takeout or delivery business on one side and contact details on the other side. They can also be used to indicate where visitors can collect or drop off their products.
Similarly, if your store is open for only a few hours, you could have a few feather flags printed with the words ‘Temporary hours, please wait in car’. This way, the consumer will know that you will be attending to them and won’t crowd up at your business entrance.
Best places to put up your Covid-19 feather flags
You will be setting up the banners within and outside your corporate and commercial premises. In addition to this, you can do your bit for society by putting up other coronavirus flags in front of other public properties.
For example, you could set it up in schools, universities, press conference halls, public libraries, convention halls or centers, and other locations. Banner flags are anyway affordably priced, especially if ordered in bulk. Most companies, including vancke.com, will even ship it to your address in the quickest way possible.
In short, place the signs somewhere where it’s most visible to customers and passers-by. So in case of your establishment, it should be near the entrance, preferably on the main front door.
However, as feather flags are light, and if you live somewhere windy, it may be better to place a sandbag on it for added security. It prevents the banner from toppling over even when it’s windy.

You can alternatively if there is space and it is permitted, place the flag inside a glass window or door, with it facing outwards. It keeps the sign safe, and it is at the same time easily seen by people outdoors.
How do I create custom coronavirus signs?
You create personalized banners just like you would create other banners. Just visit sites like vancke.com and look for their page that is tailored specifically for Covid-19 signs.
You can then either use your ideas or images to create the right design for the flag. Or you can alternatively use the help of the many templates available to print a long-lasting and durable sign.
If you have ideas and images, but do not know how to implement them in the flag, then do not worry. Banner printing companies have their in-house group of designers to help you create the best covid feather flags for your business.
Right time to print your business feather flags


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The free time you have during the coronavirus pandemic can now give you a reason to take care of things that you never found the time to do. This is why it is the best time to customize your feather flags if you have never had the time to do so.

It is time to come up with the right feather flags to market about your business. You can select between single and double-sided banners, each with its benefits.

The single-sided flags are a cheaper option but can be printed only on one side. They are a better option if you do not have much to write on the banner. It will be better to go for a double-sided banner if you have more to print.
For example, you can print your message on one side and your contact details on the other side. These double-sided flags come with a black intermediately layer that prevents the colors from each side leaching into one another.
So there is no worry about the colors or content from one side leaching into the other side. Of course, double-sided banner flags are more expensive than the single-sided ones.
The feather flags are worth the investment
The coronavirus pandemic is not short-lived. While people may recover, and the world will slowly return to normal, people will still have to continue their social distancing precisely. And also keep their hands clean till the complete eradication of the virus through the world.
So you need not worry that your investment in covid-19 flags will be a waste. With feather flags being long-lasting, you can use the same banners you print now for at least a few years.
As long as you set them up in places with minimal sunlight, the colors don’t quickly fade. And as long as you safely dismantle, assemble and store the flag in its carrying bag when not in use, the banners will serve you for a long time to come. So, in short, it is a onetime advertisement investment, unlike other promotional options you have.
You by now know how to customize coronavirus feather flags, and know where to place them. So here are some additional useful marketing techniques worth implementing and using for the improvement of your business.
Make maximum use of your storefront
Your storefront has always been the forefront for all your marketing endeavors. With citrus fruits helping build your immunity, you could perhaps set up a lemonade stand in front of your business.
Remember, a healthy body immunity can go a long way in helping everyone in this fight against the coronavirus.
You could use a feather flag to announce to passers-by to get their daily dose of vitamin C at your lemonade stand. Now use this point of interaction to hand out samples and other small pamphlets of your store specialties to passers-by.
However, do not forget to maintain the social distancing protocol while doing this. Set up two tables horizontally and side by side, and maintain a 6-foot personal space boundary between your employees and the public.
Use disposable glasses, keep a disposable bag handy for waste, and ask your employees to wear gloves and mask for safety reasons.
Do some social work for the community
With so many volunteers working to help the public through the pandemic, you could do something helpful to them. If you have a cafe or restaurant, you could perhaps cook free meals for them for a few days. Or if you sell something useful to them, offer them some free items.
You will, however, have to let them know about your intentions. This is where you can use a feather flag to tell passers-by all about your initiative. Print the date and time on the banner.
And with most people on the internet these days, do not forget to post the same details on Facebook and other social channels to get the message across.
Offer free delivery
With most people confided indoors as a preventive and safety measure, you could offer free delivery for your items. This is a service the elderly, handicapped, and families with kids will appreciate.
In the case of others, you can perhaps offer a bonus to give them a reason to have their essentials delivered by you instead of someone else. For example, if you sell books, send your orders across with an excellent coffee. Consumers will thus enjoy the book better, and remember your kind gesture for a long time to come.
Create a video system
If you run a service business like yoga, fitness classes, or health-related consultancy, make use of the internet to promote your business. You can create a video system to let your customers watch and learn from you.
You can then promote your video system online through social media. You can also use feather flags to highlight these classes to any people who come to visit your building. You could perhaps print pictures of the services offered, with the timings for them to wait for.
Offer referral coupons
Suppose you have a few loyal customers now during the downturn. You can use their reference to get more customers interested in your business or service. You can offer them

coupons in exchange for customers they refer to you during the downturn.Start your email incentive referral program
You can also use the help of emails to help your business flourish despite the coronavirus pandemic. For example, start an email incentives referral program where you email your existing customers.
Give them something free like coupons or some items or something of value if they can refer someone via email to your business. Not only do you get more customers this way, but your email list and social channels also grow.
Try to maximize the use of the internet
It has been suggested worldwide by doctors and experts to stay indoors. So you should shift to an online presence now if you haven’t done so yet. You could create a website or a blog, as deemed appropriate for your business.
For example, if you are selling something, a website is more important to display your ware. However, if you are teaching something, then starting a blog would be a better idea. You could print your website or blog details on a feather flag and display it somewhere outside for any passer-by to see.

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So you see? Yes, the coronavirus is devastating. It has created havoc and built fear across the world. However, this is not the time to retreat in fear. It is the time to fight the diseases by adopting all the safety measures advised.
Stay indoors, minimize physical contact with anyone, and stay hygienic. This is vital for you to stay safe and alive.
And it is also time to start a customized marketing plan for your business to survive and start flourishing.
It mainly comprises of using coronavirus and other feather flags, and knowing where to use them in your establishment. You will slowly see your business return to normal as the world returns to normal.

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Did you know pop-up A-frame banners can advertise about your landscaping business?


Now that you have finally set up your dream landscaping business, the next step lies in roping in customers. It’s nothing that you can do overnight, it takes time and patience.

Besides, you can’t just expect new customers to come walking in every day. You have to work at getting them to know about you through an effective marketing campaign that includes using pop-up A-frame banners.

What exactly is a pop up A-frame banner?


Now you may wonder what these banners are because the most common banners you may know are those propped between two poles.

Well, pop up A-frame banners are a lot different in style and functionality.

They are lightweight and portable in design, and are convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in various shapes and sizes and is made of different materials.

The main reason for people to use them to promote their landscaping business is the instant visibility it offers. As long as you use the right colors and font, your printed text is visible from quite a distance.

· Easy to assemble and disassemble

Besides, the flags are easy to put up and dismantle because of its folding metal frame. It collapses and can be placed in its convenient storage bag to carry from one place to another. It can also be stored in the carry bag for storage reasons until the next time you need it.

You may wonder why pop up A-frame banners are excellent for advertising about your landscaping business. Well it is because they fulfill the essential requirements in any outdoor marketing display.

The location of the images and content printed on it are much closer to the target audience than other types of advertisement. So there is no chance of the audience or passers-by missing it or not seeing your flags.

· Available in various sizes and shapes

While the signs come in various shapes and sizes, the primary forms are horizontal, vertical, and round. They come in two types. They are horizontal and vertical designs where the horizontal versions take up more ground space.

The vertical models are taller and offer maximum visibility from afar. So it’s better to select one based on where you plan to put up the banner. You also have to consider the amount of space there is and the number of flags you will be setting up.

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· Double-sided for maximum utilization

The flags are all double-sided for maximum exposure because you have more space to print your advertising content. It is left to you to decide what you want to print on both sides.

You could print your landscaping business contact details and logo on one side. You can then print some relevant images with your tagline on the other side. Or you can also alternatively display the same things on both sides.

These banners use a dye sublimation printing process. It offers the benefit of keeping the fabric durable, washable, and weatherproof for a longer time. There is no worry about any colors bleeding, mainly if you use vibrant colors. It is all these features that make them the ideal signage for both indoor and outdoor venues.

· Pop up A-frame banners are long-lasting and durable

Besides, these pop up A frame banners are long-lasting and durable, meaning they are not a one-time investment. You can print a few flags, advertising about your business and any discounts and unique landscaping offers you have. You can then and use them when appropriate every year.

It is generally better to not leave the banners for too long in scorching weather. The sun’s UV rays can quickly fade the banner’s colors. Taking good care of the banners and using them in pleasant weather conditions, make them last for a few years. There will not be any significant discoloration of images and fonts. Of course, it also means that the flags will last much longer if used more at indoor venues.

· Usable both indoors and outdoors

About indoor and outdoor venues, there’s a specialty about these banners. They are safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

All of these flags come with ground stakes that keep them in place on soft surfaces like the sand, grass, and snow of outdoor venues. In the case of indoor venues with hard surfaces, placing a water bag or sandbag on it prevents them from accidentally toppling over.

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8 advertising tips for your landscaping business 


Now that you know what these banners are about, you can use these handy tips to maximize their reach and advertising potential.

1. Place pop-up A-signs across the city

Pop-up A signs are an excellent means of promoting your business. You can use it to promote your contact details or any offers you have on offer. You can place them outside your place of work, at the parking lots, and even at your clients’ location.

There’s no harm in asking clients it’s okay to place a sign in their yard once you complete their project. Other possible places to put up these banners are at complementary businesses, or if you partner with some garden and pool store companies.

2. Speak with existing customers

Building strong relations with your existing customers is a great way to get referral business. The more attention and optimal customer service you offer your customers, the higher are the chances of their recommending your landscaping services to someone else.

3. Reach out with to local businesses

Make it a point to reach out by calling and visiting local businesses. Tell them about your landscaping business and take along lots of business cards, brochures, or fliers to create a clear sales pitch. Don’t forget to highlight your special features or discounts that can help secure the contract.

4. Attend shows and conventions

The best way to advertise about your landscaping business is through local trade shows and conferences. You can rent some booth space at local home and garden shows or trade shows for landscaping equipment.

This is where you can use pop up A frame banners to advertise about your landscaping business. Make sure you print your contact details and your logo or slogan.

Also, distribute other promotional items like brochures and pamphlets to visitors with your contact details. It helps potential customers reach out to you. You can spend a little more and distribute other promotional items like garden kneeling pads, seed packets, or gardening gloves. It creates a better impact because there’s a higher chance of their remembering you because of your unique promotional items.

5. Serve local organizations

Serving local civic organizations that deal with beautifying and revitalizing the community is a beautiful way of promoting your landscaping company. You could contact the local department of public works and offer a day of work in a visible and publicly owned location.

All it takes is some sprucing up of a neglected public place to get an idea of how well you work. You could add some beautiful flower beds and trim hedges It gives locals an idea of what you can do to their premises. They will remember your efforts and the changes made, and thus remember you if they have landscaping work to be done.

Don’t ask for any remuneration but instead, get permission to put up, and use, your pop up A frame banner to promote your landscaping business.

Besides, it also highlights the excellent service you do for the community, which helps create a positive corporate image about yourself. It, in the process, makes people consider hiring you for their landscaping instead of someone else.

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6. Create a brand

Just like the words ‘Just Do It’ remind you of Nike, come up with a jazzy tagline or logo for your business. It will help customers identify, and relate with you if and when they have landscaping work.

Once you come up with one, use it where possible to publicize your brand. You could print them on the t-shirts your crew wears to work or paint it on your trucks.

You could also print extra t-shirts and present them as complimentary gifts for satisfied customers upon completing a job. Don’t forget to print the same logos and taglines in all your promotional materials, including your pamphlets and pop up A banners.

7. Sponsor events

Sponsoring local events is another way to improve your company’s corporate image. You can sponsor local sports groups or events, charities, and fundraisers.

You can also sponsor some gift certificates for your landscaping services to charity auctions or raffles. All of this shows both your current and potential clients that you are a dedicated community member.

Besides, you can also put up your pop up A frame banners at the venues for added publicity. While you may have to shell out some money as sponsors, the increased advertising and possible contracts generated makes it well worth it!

You can anyway safely set up and use the banners on the sports field despite it having a metal folding frame. They do not prove risky to players at all. That’s why they are very popularly used for advertising along the sidelines on soccer and football fields and even beach volleyball events. They are also perfect to use as branding or event signage at golf course driving ranges and tournament tee boxes.

8. Customer rewards program

It’s worth considering offering some customer rewards programs to customers who recommend your landscaping business to new clients. You could perhaps give them some discount for bringing in new business.

They are anyway like your ‘brand ambassadors’ and deserve something in exchange for their business they give you!

You could also consider offering discounts or service packages to new or even regular customers. For example, you can offer a free yard cleaning if they order for a month’s worth of lawn mowing and pruning.

It is more than enough reason for some consumers to choose your landscaping company over others.

Some useful pop up A frame banner printing tips


  • You can always select the design and text for your banner. However, just make sure you use the right design software for designing purposes. The most common options are Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a design, or don’t know about, or how to use these design software.


Most of the banner printing companies like vancke.com have their team of in-house designers who can help you out with your design. They will either help improve your existing landscaping related imagery or come up with a new one for you.


  • If you opt to do the designing yourself, then remember to follow the design template’s instructions and lines. It means that all the essential text and graphics should lie within the RED sewing lines.


Yes, the banner is printed only after removing these red lines. However, there is a purpose for these lines. It leaves enough space on the edges so that your design doesn’t disappear into the flag’s folds and edges.


  • Always use CMYK or Pantone colors but not RGB colors. It’s because RGB colors do not turn out well in a pop up A frame banner printing. Pantone colors are the more popular and recommended options for banner printing because of its improved color matching.


  • You can create the best effects if you use high-resolution logos and images in printing pop up A frame banners. They look the best and are most clearly visible from afar.


  • Most banner printing companies suggest that you use standard fonts while printing your text and contact details. It’s because they may not have the specific fonts that you have used.


It’s, in fact, better to convert all the fonts to contours or outlines before saving the files. This way, there won’t be much difference in the design after printing the banners using the fonts the company has.


  • Last but not least, once you are happy with your landscaping artwork, save it in a PDF file and send it to the printing company. Make sure you embed all images and links to the file too.

So if you were looking for the perfect advertising campaign for your landscaping business, you now have your answer. Something with pop up A frame banners is quite productive, and worth the money!

teardrop feather flags tear banner teardrop flag printing teardrop flags near me outdoor teardrop banners cheap teardrop banners double sided teardrop flags teardrop printing

9 Tips for using teardrop flags to advertise about your plumbing services

The plumbing industry is so vast, with a lot of businesses competing with each other. There’s always room for, and there are still new entrants into the field. It is why you should adopt an excellent advertising campaign that puts you a step ahead of your competitors.

1. Create an Interesting logo and slogan

You do need to come up with an exciting logo and slogan. Yes, while most plumbers don’t have one, you having one will give you an edge over your competition.

It increases your chances of getting more clients, mainly if you include it in all your advertising media, including teardrop flags. It’s because consumers tend to associate an establishment with a logo or slogan subconsciously.

It helps remember you and your plumbing business better. Besides, logos and slogans indicate higher quality and reliable services than other plumbers who use generic images.

2. Vehicles can also help

Did you know that your plumbing vans can do much more than just ferry your equipment and supplies around? You can also use them to advertise your plumbing services.

All you have to do is paint your logo, slogan, and contact information on the sides and back. It’s better to use minimal words so that passers-by and motorists don’t have any confusion reading it even from a distance.

3. Set up teardrop flags at prominent spaces

You will be targeting your local clients the most, so it’s better to set up your flags at points where they are most likely to see them. If it’s possible, you could set up a few outside your establishment so that passers-by and motorists easily see it.

You can also set it up at parking lots or near traffic intersections, where permissible. The main idea is to place it somewhere people get to know about you. Make sure that you print the contact details clearly, and there’s nothing unnecessary on it to blur your details.

teardrop flags teardrop banner teardrop banner flags custom teardrop flags teardrop flags cheap custom teardrop banners teardrop advertising flags

4. Distribute service brochures and promotions

You can also consider distributing your pamphlets and brochures to apartments and office complexes. Remember, they will always need plumbers, so you have to create a strong partnership with as many apartments and offices as possible.

Agreeing to discounts to your large and regular customers will lead to their referring your services to others, and hiring you many more times.

Remember to use the same text, fonts, and details used in your teardrop flags while printing out brochures. It’s to maintain a sense of uniformity. It reminds apartment dwellers and office workers about you even while looking at your flags.

5. Use the help of searchable advertising media


It’s worth spending on searchable advertising media, considering the reach it has. You could consider paying a little extra for premium search engine listings. Just make sure you provide the right name and contact details to ensure people find you.

Use the right keywords and key phrases, and it helps if you use the same words used in your teardrop banners, pamphlets, and brochures. As mentioned earlier, it retains uniformity between the different advertisement media. It makes it easier for potential customers to relate to various advertisements.

It’s also worth creating quarter or half-page color advertisements in the local telephone books and business directories. There is a substantial chance of potential customers using them to look out for plumbers when they need one.

6. Create a blog

Many people want to try and do their own repairs before contacting plumbers. They, however, don’t realize that they may end up complicating the process in doing so. It is where your blog comes in handy.

Yes, there are some things that they can attempt to do, like unclogging blocked drains. You could give some tips and suggestions they could do, like adding a solution of baking soda and vinegar to clear blocks.

You, of course, at the end of each post, mention that if it doesn’t work, it’s better to contact the professionals, which is you. You now just can’t create a blog. You have to let to reach potential customers.

You can do it by printing about your website and blog in all your advertisement media. It includes your emails, teardrop flags, and printed media like newspapers and pamphlets. You can even go the extra step and promote your blog on local websites.

7. Advertise about special offers or discounts

You can use teardrop flags to pull in more customers by advertising about any special offers or discounts you have to offer. As these flags can be used for years together, you can have a few printed about special offers you have to offer?

You can then use the same flags to promote the offers whenever it comes into effect. You could perhaps provide a 10% discount for early bird customers.

teardrop flags teardrop banner teardrop banner flags custom teardrop flags teardrop flags cheap custom teardrop banners teardrop advertising flags

8. Advertise at trade shows

There are so many convections and exhibitions organized about sanitary ware, home improvement, and interior design. People not only need to buy sanitary ware, but there are sure to be people who are looking for a plumber visiting here.

So setting up a few teardrop flags at these trade shows and convections lets people know about your plumbing services. As long as you provide your correct phone number, they will be able to contact you if they have any plumbing problems.

9. Sponsor events

You can also sponsor some local events and activities like fundraisers, festivals, and charities. Or you can also alternatively sponsor some local sports teams like a high school football team.

You can then have them advertise about your plumbing company in exchange. You can have them set up the teardrop flags around their venue so that people see it and get to know how interested you are in the community.

The fact that you have sponsored an event shows that you have the local community in mind, and are plumbers they can trust. It helps build a sense of trust with potential customers, which in turn increases the chances of their calling you if they have plumbing problems or projects.

Besides, with your name out in the public for people to see, you can expect more people to look for your business online. It, in turn, leads to a boost in your website rankings, which in turn increases your online visibility.

teardrop flags teardrop banner teardrop banner flags custom teardrop flags teardrop flags cheap custom teardrop banners teardrop advertising flags

Did you know that teardrop flags offer so many benefits?


Now that you know about the different steps you can take to advertise about your plumbing services, here’s a long look at how much teardrop flags can do for you.

1. Lets people know about your plumbing services

It is the most obvious reason, and way teardrop flags can help you. They can let your business stand out amongst the many other companies located in commercial complexes. It helps take your brand logo and name to prospective customers who are just driving by.

2. Lets you compete against larger companies

If you print your teardrop banner right, you can easily give stiff competition to your broader business competitors. You can use as many, and any color you want in the flag, to capture the attention of passers-by.

As these flags are cheap and affordable, you can afford to print them in bulk and set them out across the town or city.

3. Can be used for years

Teardrop flags are so unlike the standard banners you find. It’s because it’s strong enough to not tear even in windy conditions. The polyester material is pulled taut across an aluminum frame, shaped like a teardrop.

Your text and chosen designs are digitally printed on them so that they do not quickly fade if taken care of properly. With proper care, it means you should avoid using it too much in direct sunlight, and of course, pull it down in extremely windy conditions.

As long as you give it a periodical wash if and when it needs washing, and store it in its accompanying carrying case, you will be able to use the flags for years to come.

4. Easy to set up

The most significant reason teardrop flags are great to advise about your business is that you don’t have to wait for anyone’s assistance to set it up. The flag comprises of a few connective pole parts which you can attach on your own.

The flags don’t take up much space, unlike banners, where you may even have to get permission to set it up. Even disassembling the flag is so easy. You can do it yourself, and store all the parts in its accompanying carrying case and store it till you next need it.

5. Usable in both indoor and outdoor settings

One of the most significant benefits of teardrop flags is that you can use them in both indoor and outdoor venues. These flags reach you with a variety of bases to choose from and use as per the place.

The pointed spiked base is to use in outdoor venues where you can stick the flag into the soft ground or soil. In case you have to put up the flag in an indoor venue like a stadium, you can use its cross base to set up the flag.

You can even place water or sandbag on the bottom to prevent it from accidentally toppling over.

6. Seasonal advertising

As teardrop flags can be sued repeatedly for many years, it’s worth printing some banners for annual use. You can perhaps have a banner printed with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ with your name written on it.

You can then set them up at various points during Christmas time. You can also do the same for July the 4th, or any other special day and use the flags to wish your patrons on a specific day every year.

How to select teardrop flags

If you are looking for the right teardrop flags for your plumbing business, the first thing you have to do is look for reputable companies selling them like vancke.com.

Visit their website, and you can continue exploring the site if it’s professional looking. It indicates that the plumbers are serious about their work and want to create an excellent first impression with you. It’s better to avoid websites that look shabby and don’t disclose much about the company.

Look for the right sized flags because most companies offer them in various lengths. It’s better to select based on where you plan to set up the flags. If you want them to be visible to people from a short distance, like at the traffic signal, then look for shorter flags. If you want people from a mile away to know about your plumbing service, then it’s better to select taller flags.

Use the right font and colors. You mustn’t use too unique fonts on your flag. You may think that it looks great on the banner. Yes, it may, but it’s not easily visible and readable by people looking at the teardrop flag from afar. The entire purpose of creating a banner for your plumbing services is lost if prospective customers cannot read it.

Similarly, when it comes to color, always use contrasting colors for the text and background. This way, the font is better and more prominently seen on a different background. For example, black font on a white background or red on a yellow background.

You can select between two types of teardrop flags, which are the single and double-sided flags. While the single-sided ones are cheaper, you only have one side to print your content. Besides, there is a chance of the colors on one side bleeding onto the backside once you decorate the flag.

The double-sided flags offer two sides to print about your plumbing services. They may be expensive, but you can use one side to print your company logo and slogan, and the other side to print your contact details. As these flags have a black partition in between, it prevents any color from leading onto the other side.

Now that you know how teardrop flags can help advertise about your plumbing services isn’t it about time you considered implementing it?

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How Feather Flags can help market your Auto Repair and Services

Did you know that the US sold more than 4.7 million cars in the year 2019? With so many vehicles plying on the roads, there is no doubt an increased need for auto repaper and service. It is the reason why US consumers spend more than 188.5 billion US dollars on auto maintenance and services!

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These statistics prove that owning and starting an auto repair store is indeed a lucrative business. However, it is not enough to just hold a repair store. You need to employ the right marketing techniques to reach out to potential consumers. 

Focus on reaching out to local customers

Besides, auto repair is more a local business. It’s a business, where you depend on local consumers than out-of-state customers. So you will have to focus more on offline advertising like using feather flags. Offline advertising tactics like feather flags help reach out to your local customers, the people who pass your tore on an everyday basis. 

cheap banner frame pop up a frame banner pop up a frame banner

cheap banner frame pop up a frame banner pop up a frame banner

How to advertise using feather flags

Read on to learn more about advertising for your auto repair store, especially by using feather flags. These proven tactics will not only help bring customers back but will, in the process, expand your clientele. 

1. Feather flags help draw attention to your store

Feather flags are the most obvious and possibly the best form of offline advertising for your auto repair store. All you have ego do is invest in a few feather flags which you can place at strategic points. You could perhaps set it upright at a parking lot, near a traffic light junction, and even at your store entrance.  

In case you do not know, feather flags are shaped like feathers and tend to move in the wind. So as long as you have attractively designed and colored banners, they sway in the breeze to attract other people’s attention.

It’s the combination of the colors and the action that draws people’s attention to your flags. So as long as you provide the necessary details about your store or any special discounts and events, they will keep potential customers informed about it. 

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cheap teardrop flag teardrop banners canada teardrop flags perth teardrop flags christchurch

Cheaper, one-time investment

The main benefit of using feather flags instead of television, radio, or newspaper advertisements is that it’s a one-time investment. You just have to print banners with the right car pictures, design, and text.

You can then use the same flag over and over again for at least a few years. It is, unlike the other forms of advertisement. You will here have to pay every time you want to advertise about your store through them. 

You can save a whole lot of money through feather flags. They cost a few hundred and last a long time. This is unlike radio and television advertisements, which may cost you thousands a month. 

2. Select and use a memorable phone number

Yes, this is important to have not just any phone number but an easily memorable one. Why? It is because it is easier for anyone who reads it on your feather flag, or any other promotional material to remember. 

An easy-to-remember number improves your outreach and response times. They also increase your potential referrals because it’s easier for people to refer your auto repair business to friends and family who may need it.

Of course, an easy to remember number which you may not change for some time now helps maintain consistency between your online and offline marketing programs. 

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cheap teardrop flag teardrop banners canada teardrop flags perth teardrop flag stand

3. Emphasize on your specialties 

The best way to convince people into at least considering your auto repair services is by showing them a reason to do so. You can do this by probably promoting things like your satisfaction guarantee. You can also give customer testimonials where possible.

Supposing you offer the specialty of reaching people faster than your competitor, make sure you mention this. You could perhaps say something like ‘No one reaches you as quickly as us’ on your feather flags, and set them at strategic points. 

You generally have to take a look at your customers, decide what you need to learn from them, what you need to copy, and what you can do differently. Once you know what it is, then make sure you highlight this consistently in all your marketing campaigns. 

4. Use the help of the social media

Create accounts in the major social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. You can use make maximum use of them to reach your local clientele. You can also create a Google local page advertising your auto repair store.

These steps go a long way in optimizing your online presence, which is essential these days. An increasing number of people today turn to the internet for information.

Make sure you include your social media information like a Twitter handle on your feather flags and other advertising material. This way, anyone who sees it can recheck and learn more about your auto repair store. 

You can also use social media to get more referral customers. All you have to do is upload photos of your happy customers. New customers may reach out with your satisfied customers to learn more about their experience at your auto repair store. 

5. Create a professional website and informational blog

It’s not enough to be active on social media to improve your online presence. You also need to create a professional website to gain their trust. Just like a great phone number is better, look for an easy-to-remember domain name for your website and blog.

It helps potential and existing customers to remember your name better and also helps make your brand even more recognizable. You have to include your website name in your feather flag, to make it easier for people to reach out to you.

You could perhaps include your contact number and an option to schedule an appointment for your car servicing or repair. 

It is always better to start an informational blog along with your website. Why? Well, you can provide answers to all the potential questions your customers may have to ask you.

Your providing sound automobile-related advice helps build your credibility as an auto repair expert. Besides, you can also use the blog to interact with customers and to organize contests or giveaways to reach out to them. It helps if you create some useful, high-quality videos about different auto repair tricks and tips. 

Black friday
6. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Most people today do all their research and appointment bookings through their mobile device instead of the computer. It is thus better to have a mobile-friendly website.

You may wonder what the difference is between a regular and mobile-friendly website.

Well, it is just that its text size, forms, and buttons work well on a mobile device. They generally have simpler designs and optimized images that look good and also load quickly.

Quick loading images are an essential feature in mobile-friendly websites. It is because no one has the patience to wait for images to load. You stand to lose customers if they have to wait for a long time for the pictures to load. 

7. Sponsor events

Sponsoring local school and sports events is a great way to advertise your car repair business. How? Well, by printing relevant feather flags containing your logo and contact details, and then strategically set them up at the venue.

The spectators at the events are sure to take a fleeting glance at your feather flags. So as long as you have an easy to remember number and website, anyone looking for auto repair services can reach out to you.

Feather flags offer the added benefit of being quickly set up at both outdoor and indoor venues. They come with different bases to use as per the site. The spiked base is ideal for piercing into the grass or any outdoor mud venue.

On the contrary, the metal, cross-shaped bases are great to use in indoor venues. You can always place some sand or water bags on them if you are worried about the flag toppling over. 

8. Conduct some in-store events

You could also consider hosting some in-store events to get more visitors to your store. You could perhaps offer some necessary auto care training sessions.

Keep the event open for people of all ages, and in the process, promote your services and ware with perhaps some discount. Most vehicle owners will be happy to learn some basic auto repair tricks because you never know when your car may give problems. So hosting such events will be a success!

You could use feather flags and place them at the traffic light, your store entrance, or any other place with maximum footfall. Make sure you print out the details with your contact information.

Remember that people have only a few seconds to read whatever is on the flag. So use the right contrasting colors with perhaps dark font on a light backgroundthat’s easily visible.

Also use appropriate vehicular pictures to attract people’s attention. Keep your message short and clear too for easy understanding.

9. Offer coupons

Coupons are a cheap and effective means of drawing more people to your store. It also gives existing customers a reason to provide you with another visit.

You could offer coupons like discounted oil-change, free oil change on buying some car accessories or perhaps provide a free oil change for purchasing a specific dollar amount.

Do not forget to mention about those coupons in your feather flags. People seeing it are very likely to buy something, perhaps so that they get a free oil change in exchange. This free offer of yours could lead to a long-lasting working relationship. 

10. Have a customer loyalty program

What better way can you have your existing clients come back to you than through a customer loyalty program! Yes, it is worth putting some care and efforts into retaining your current customers too.

They already know how well you repair cars and do not think much about doing repeat business with you. There is also not much convincing to do in the case of existing customers.

They at the most need a reminder for perhaps their next scheduled service. You can also solve the problem by providing and sticking those little stickers on your customer’s windshield. 

Similarly, about customer loyalty programs, it gives an incentive to customers to return to your auto shop. They may finally consider following through on repairs they were perhaps putting off for some time.

You could also help customers earn a bonus for spending a fixed amount of money on their vehicular services and care. 

Something about feather flags

You can use feather flags for as many reasons and occasions you like as long as you remember to maintain and take good care of them. When it comes to maintenance, they just have to be disassembled and stored in the accompanying carry case.

You can then either store it in the bag or take it to the next venue. Avoid exposing the flag to the heat because it will quickly dull the colors and your print and message. 

You don’t even have to wait for anyone to assemble or take down feather flags. You can do it on your own because they are lightweight and come with easy-to-attach parts.

When it comes to the designing part, you can either sent your car photos and relevant content to the feather flag manufacturer like vancke.com. Or you can have their in-house designers come up with something appropriate for your flag s if you aren’t’ sure what to print on them. 


In short, you need to work on advertising your auto store. You can’t just expect customers to walk into your store. You being a new store, you have to work at making people know about your store, the services you offer, and any customer loyalty program you have.

While a website and a social media presence help improve your popularity online, feather flags help with offline advertising. 




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How to use teardrop flags to attract customers to your floral shop


Tas gifts, and in the house, has lead to a massive potential in the flower business. You, too, want a piece of the cake, but like any business, face lots of competition.

teardrop flag 1

You have to work on your marketing strategy and target customers’ attention to your floral business. While focus more on online marketing, even offline marketing using teardrop flags play a significant role in bringing customers to your shop.

Here are some exciting marketing ideas worth implementing to promote your floral business.

Give existing customers importance

It’s always better to not only focus on drawing more customers to your newly opened flower shop but to also focus on your regular customers. Remember, your walk-in customers are the most important. So be as honest, loyal, and sincere to them.

Put up a teardrop flag highlighting the day’s special flower. You could alternatively have a few flags printed with some beautiful flower quotes.

teardrop flags 2

The flags brighten the area. The sight of beautiful flowers on them makes people want out enter your shop and buy something. You could even offer some discount to loyal customers, or a ‘buy one get one free’ offer to them. It helps increase your list of clients.

Something even more novel or entertaining would be an ‘early-bird’ sale. You could tell your existing customers about it before disclosing it to the general public. The fact that you are giving them individual preference gives them all the more reason to do business with you.

Use your computer’s POS system to find out and send customers cards or emails on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Offer a surprise gift or a discount if they buy flowers from you on their birthday month. Besides, they also serve as a reminder for couples, especially to buy a bouquet for their partner!

Focus on building a trustworthy brand image

Branding is important for any business, including florists. The chances of gaining loyal, repeat customers are higher with businesses that have a brand. The most important requirement for branding is the right floral business logo that aptly represents your business.

custom teardrop banner mockup teardrop flag

custom teardrop banner mockup teardrop flag~

It should be unique enough to attract attention and remain in the beholder’s mind for some time. Remember that you will be using the logo in all your advertisements, including your teardrop flag.

Feather flags are usually digitally printed for longevity and better colors and definition. However choose colors that will turn out the same in all types of prints, including digital and screen printing. This helps maintain uniformity and branding.

You need a website

custom teardrop open flag teardrop banner mockup teardrop flags

custom teardrop open flag teardrop banner mockup teardrop flags

With everyone depending on the internet for purchases, a website is a must for your floral business. Remember, there is a very high chance of people ordering flowers online, too, so you need a website for this.

The website should both describe your flowers, packages and of course, rates. You can also make your site more attractive by including informational and knowledgeable information.

custom teardrop open flag teardrop banner mockup teardrop flag

custom teardrop open flag teardrop banner mockup teardrop flag1


Don’t forget to use an easily memorized domain name when people see your website URL everywhere, including on teardrop flags. Quickly remembered names remain longer with the readers. It increases the chances of their remembering to visit your store when they need flowers.

Gifts do wonders to your business

While you may have to spend a bit on gifts, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Everyone loves receiving gifts. You can make your visit to your florist more memorable by gifting your customers something significant and useful. Use something cheap, promotional but useful like computer accessories, key chains or pens.

Buy these gifts in bulk, and don’t forget to print your floral business logo on it. The logo will remind customers about your store whenever they see it. You don’t have to limit distributing these gifts to only your store visitors. You can also distribute it at any floral business-related event.

Don’t forget to use your feather flags at these events too. They can prove useful at directing people to your store at tradeshows and any other venue. While you may have to spend a bit on promotional gift products they eventually prove fruitful to your business.

Keep the store exterior nicely arranged and decorated

It’s not just the interior of your store. Attractively designed exteriors make people want to enter your store. Remember, you have lots of people moving around outside your store. The passers-by and vehicles driving by are valuable footfall traffic which can convert into customers.

They may be window shoppers, or just take a glance at your ware today. You never know when they may return as customers.

So you have to pay special attention to your signage, aka teardrop flags and window display. It also serves useful to note the busiest time of the week in front of your store. You can accordingly optimize your merchandise and window display to attract more customers.

You could place beautiful floral displays as a window display, showing customers your range of floral arrangements. It’s even more beckoning if you place overflowing pots with beautiful flowers of all seasons outside your doors. The flowers will excite your customers so much, that they have to peep into your shop.

When it comes to feather flags, use soft colors related to flowers, and avoid anything flashy. Don’t clutter the entrance, but place perhaps one or at the most two flags at the entrance.

It should mention any special offers you have to offer, and maybe your store’s opening hours. This way, people know their deadline for coming back if they plan to come back.

Another great idea is using a feather flag as an astronomical calendar date and placing it outside the window. Print a message on the banner saying that anyone with a birthday on that day could come in and claim a gift.

You can keep changing the date to generate more interest and surprise amongst customers. Or you can print flags numbered from 1 to 31, with a message that today’s your birthday and you are the lucky winner!

These flags anyway do not fade easily and remain bright and attractive for at least a few years. The flags are indeed a worthy one-time investment!

Make social media connections

Create your identity on social media networks so that customers know where to find you on your social media. Give them something engaging and personal, and a reason to follow and like you.

You could perhaps show pictures of beautiful flowers in full bloom, photos of any events you have, or just pictures of your staff working. You could also advertise about any forthcoming events through social media.

Hold interactive events

Another time-proven method of building customer relationships is by organizing interactive events. People are always interested in socializing, and participating in interactive activities. You can make your event even more beneficial by offering them a floral experience they won’t get anywhere else.

You can start by decorating your shop beautifully using the flowers you have for sale. Show people how strategically placed flowers can brighten up and freshen their homes.

Put up some informational content on your bulletin board or even hand out some brochures about your flowers. Take your visitors on a tour of your shop while explaining about the impact of flowers on a person’s life.

You could perhaps educate them about when and where flowers can be used instead of just gifts and wedding decorations. If you have the contacts and logistics to procure rare flowers, mention it in your brochure.

It will be a highlight given you an edge over your competitor. Teardrop flags can specify these flowers and inform the public that you take orders for them.

Use teardrop flags to create event awareness

The best way to create awareness of your event is through your social media pages, and of course, teardrop flags. Print a batch of feather flags to put up at your entrance and at other strategic places with lots of footfall.

You could perhaps set up the flags near traffic junctions, at the local parking lot or the corner street. So passers-by will take a look at the event details and make sure they keep themselves free on that day.

Just remember to use the right colors and font while printing your message. Passers-by have only a few minutes to absorb the print on the flags. Don’t make things complicated and difficult for them to understand.

When it comes to colors, contrasting colors for the text and background make your message easily seen and readable.

Organize gardening-related workshops, if you have space and workforce. There are so many who don’t have much of a green thumb and would love to learn a few tips about growing beautiful flowers.

It’s worth distributing business cards, or at least something promotional to the people who attend the events. It gives them something to remember about you, and your phone number, if they want to call and place orders.

A little about teardrop flags

Now for all of you who don’t know what teardrop flags are, well, yes. They are connected to teardrops, by the shape. They are also called feather flags, and come in various sizes. They are attached to lightweight aluminum and bendable fiberglass flagpole that keeps the flag taut even when it’s windy.

If you wonder what’s so special about these flags, it is that they do not tear when it’s windy. It does flutter a bit in the wind, to attract more attention. Besides, you can print most colors on the flag, making it appropriate to print beautiful floral pictures and designs.

Thanks to its multiple bases, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor marketing. The spiked base can be pushed into the ground for outdoor advertising. There’s a cross-shaped base for indoor use. Placing water or sandbag on the stand provides for added stability.

You can choose between one and two-sided floral teardrop flags. While the single-sided variants are cheaper, the double-sided variants are a better option if you have more to print on it.

You get two sides to use. You could print your contact details on one side, and have a few flower pictures on the other side. Double-sided flags come with a black mesh in between.

It serves two purposes. It helps the flag withstand heavy winds over time, and blocks and prevents each side from showing through the other.

The most significant advantage of using teardrop flags for your florist shop is that you can disassemble and assemble it all alone. You don’t have to depend on anyone to help you out.

For example, if you want to advertise about a sale, you can put it up for a few days before the sale. You can then disassemble it and store it in its accompanying carrying bag. The bag is conveniently sized to store and to carry along with you anywhere you want.

The digitally printed flag designs and text on durable polyester don’t quickly fade like most other flags. You can easily use teardrop flags to advertise about quite a few floral events over the years. The right, and simple maintenance tips like avoiding using it in too hot conditions or when its’ windy can prolong its life.

Most companies like vancke.com include a convenient rope at the bottom of the flag. It’s to prevent the flag from wrapping around the pole. Besides, you don’t have to worry about designing the banner.

If you have your floral designs and text in mind, well and good, just send it over to the company. They will do the printing. However, there’s no need for panicking if you don’t have any ideas.

You can always turn to their in-house designers for help. Just provide your logo, the text you want to use in the flag, and anything else you have in mind. They will think and send over a draft for you to preview!


Now you know how you can use teardrop flags for marketing your floral store. So there shouldn’t be any reason for you not to start using them!

Useful car wash design tips to create exceptional pop up A-frame flags

It is great that you’ve finally got yourself to put up pop up A-frame flags to advertise about your carwash. You will not repent your decision because it will keep you busy washing cars for a long time!


However, there is one small hitch to remember. It works only with the right design.  Poorly designed pop up A-frame banners is as useful as having nothing at all in front of your carwash.

You need something interesting and convincing enough to at least make people want to learn more about your car wash packages and services. This means that you should work at giving them a reason to take a good look at your banner.

It is not enough to just print a few words and images onto the banner. You need to come up with something unique and attractive. This is best done while keeping these few points in mind.


Use your brand for inspiration

It is your brand and name that can and will make people enter your carwash. Especially if they already know how well you can wash their cars. So make sure you use the same colors and font you feel will truly reflect you and your brand. If you already have your brand colors and font, then use them in your pop up A frame flag.

Come up with the right message

With the colors and font, you also need to use the right words that drive the correct message into prospective customers. Now if you wonder what the right message is, it is the reason for your making a horizontal A frame banner stand in the first place.

It could be something extra you are offering with a car wash like a free or new type of polish. Or the banner could be to inform people about the opening day of your business. Or it could perhaps be used to mark your business’s first anniversary or a special offer.

Whatever it is make sure you drive the right message through. There is something else to remember though. Do not get carried away and come up with something long and flashy.

Something short and sweet is always a better option. This is because the flag is easier to read if there is not too much printed on it. Besides, you only have a few seconds to gain your passers-by’s attention.

How much do you expect an average person to be able to read in a few seconds?!


Print and use the right images

It is when you choose your message that you can select the appropriate images to complement it. Look for, and use high-quality images that have a good resolution.

This is necessary because low-resolution images end up looking blurry on the pop up A frame banner.

Who likes a blurry imaged banner? It reflects poorly on your establishment and makes you look unprofessional.

Just like the message, use minimal images because you do not want to end up overcrowding your banner. As a car wash station, you naturally will want to use pictures of some cars or perhaps soap suds or a sponge on the banner.

The choice is left to you but just make sure you do not put in too many unnecessary images. Use enough to create an impact. Besides, your banner should look attractive and interesting enough for people to read it.

Use readable text

Yes, you now have got your message and your images. It is next time to select the right font to use for the text. You can’t just use the first one that you find on the computer.

Use something clear and readable, and relevant to your car wash business. For example, the gothic font is more suitable for something historic or a historically themed party.

It, however, is not a suitable choice for your car wash banner.

The best choice is usually a sans serif font that is printed using a bold typeface. Of course, you can always bend the rules and use any other font you feel will look best for your flag.

Choose the right colors to highlight it, and make sure the end result is readable words. As mentioned earlier, do not overcrowd the banner. Disclose enough information to pique your customers’ curiosity and make them want to use your car wash.


Useful color coordination tips

The color wheel poses a myriad of color options to use for your pop A frame flags. Here they are:

i. Black

Black is a sleek but sophisticated color that is very popular with the brand advertising sector. The reason is that this is a color that blends well with practically any color. It is because the color has so many associations and meanings.

It can be associated with power, formality, greed and even evil. While these adjectives may seem intimidating, do not let them frighten you. This is a traditional color that complements and blends well with most colors.

ii. White

White is another color that goes well with most colors. It is projected better if it has a boundary or border in another color. White is used to signify purity, cleanliness, honesty, and simplicity in business.

They are all the qualities you may want to promote in your car wash too.

iii. Gray

Gray is a common color used in the branding for many industries. It is a color with deep associations in various segments. They range from science to cold temperatures to balance, calm and maturity in life.

iv. Red

If you want to show deep or strong emotions in your flag, then red is the color to use. It can clearly depict the anger, excitement, and pleasure a car owner feels after getting their car washed in your establishments.

Besides, red is a color that is popularly associated with power, attractiveness and even speed. There are many cases where it is proven to even help stimulate the appetite.

This may not be a helpful significance to use in your horizontal A frame banner stand. Besides, red is not always used to display costiveness, which is why it’s better to moderately use it in your banner.

v. Orange

Now, this is a positive color associated with happiness and vitality in life. This is a friendly, energetic and inviting color like yellow. It is not an overpowering color like red is. It is a color that is best used to display your car wash’s playfulness and simplicity in washing your car.

vi. Yellow

This is a color that depicts positivity and life and is associated with motivation and creativity. This is a useful color if you want to create a flag that garners maximum attention to your business. But beware! Many people complain that its regular display can end up irritating to you mainly because of its reflective nature.

vii. Blue

Blue is a good choice for your banner. It is a popular color used in most advertising and media. The reason why is because this is a color associated with integrity, elegance, truth, and clarity.

The sight and presence of the color put people at ease. You can use a darker shade if you want to describe the masculinity of your car wash. The subtler shades, however, are most commonly used to show a sense of calm.

viii. Green

Green is considered, and popularly known as a calming color. It also has associations with growth, freshness, health and nurturing. Some people use it in deeper shades to show an association with wealth.

You can, however, use a lighter shade if you want to show a new beginning, like when you want to advertise about your new car wash service.

ix. Purple

Purple is an interesting color and should be used after lots of thought and consideration. This is because it is a mysterious color that is related to spirituality and magic.

It is also considered to be a sophisticated color, associated with luxury, elegance, royalty, and wisdom. You now know which color to use if you have something special to advertise through your pop up A frame banner!

x. Pink

This may not be a good choice for your banner. It’s because this is considered to be the most feminine color associated with love and tenderness. Now, these are two words you do not associate with a car wash.

The color is more commonly used in products associated with women and young girls. It can also be used to depict friendship and beauty.

xi. Brown

Brown can be used if you want to advertise a new car wash for leather car seats. This is because the color is associated with anything natural like wood and leather.

It also depicts strength and durability. You can use it to balance out stronger colors. But make sure you use it limitedly because too much of brown only gives your brand a dirty look.


Mistakes to avoid while printing pop up A frame flags

No matter how well you think you have coordinated colors, or how well you think your design may be. There is always the chance of making mistakes because heck, you are a human being!

Remember, to err is human!

However, prevention is always better than cure.

So here are a few common printing mistakes that may occur while you print your banner. Knowing them can help you prevent them from occurring, and wasting your time and money.

· Double-check

Sometimes no matter how thoroughly you may have checked your text you still end up with grammar or spelling mistakes. You must double-check your proof before sending it for printing.

If not, even a small grammar mistake can lead to people distrusting your work and company. All the designs and colors you may have in the banner will be sidelined. Besides, people may also ridicule you for your spelling mistakes.

It does not hurt if you even show your proof to a few people before sending it for printing.  Remember, the more pairs of eyes you have checked it, the more mistakes they can find. Sometimes they notice things that you may have missed.

· Have you added your contact information?

Yup! This may be hard to believe. But many people forget to include their contact information despite it being such an important part of the pop up A frame flags.

It is especially important if you will be putting up the banner someplace other than your car wash. For example, if you use it trade shows or sports advertisements to let people know about you.

Your banner must have at least your address, one contact phone number, and your website if you have one. If you want to target an online audience, then it’s worth including a link to your social media profile too. It is acceptable if you forget one of these in your banner.


However, forgetting them entirely is not at all acceptable.

· Is the pop up A frame flag too crowded?

Do not make the mistake of crowding too much information into your banner. You only end up confusing readers instead of enlightening them about your car wash services.

This means that your company history and testimonials from past customers, along with numerous images, don’t belong here. They should be a part of your website and not a part of the banner.

Keep your banner as simple as possible. Remember, passers-by have only a few seconds to absorb whatever you have to say through the flags. Make sure you enlighten them and let them know about you and not get them confused.

· What about aesthetics?

Your flag should be colorful and informative but to a limit. Too much information is overwhelming and too much of graphics and colors spoil its aesthetics.

No matter how well you may think a design is, it is better to get a few opinions to decide if is worth including in your banner or not. Remember, the right colors and designs can do wonders to your car wash business!

teardrop flags teardrop banner teardrop banner flags custom teardrop flags teardrop flags cheap custom teardrop banners teardrop advertising flags

Christmas teardrop flag printing- All you need to know

With Christmas around the corner, now is not the time to sit with folded hands and expect people to flock to your store. You need to do whatever you can to maximize your reach.

You have to work at attracting as many shoppers to your establishment as possible. Christmas is that time of the year you get to rake in as much business and profit as possible.

The best way to do this is through teardrop flags. If you ask why, well it is because they are colorful and keep fluttering. The colors and movement will attract any passers-by’s attention.

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Readymade or customized teardrop flags?

You can have companies like vancke.com print your banners using whatever Christmas design and colors you want. You can also choose a size you think is best fit for your design and shop.

There are also readymade holiday message advertising flags to select from if you do not have the patience to customize one. However a personalized version is always a better option than standard ones.

Standard banners are mass-manufactured. This means there is a high chance of someone else in your vicinity using something similar to attract Christmas shoppers.

That is not much of a problem if you look at it prima facie. However the problem is that your flag may not attract as much attention as it can and should.

With so many similar teardrop flags near me, shoppers may not remember or even see yours. They may assume its just part of another store’s marketing campaign and just ignore it.

How to select the right Christmas teardrop flag

These tips should help you select the perfect teardrop banner if it is the first time you are shopping for one. You have already decided you want a tear-shaped banner that flutters in the sky.

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Single or double sided teardrop banners

You next have to decide if you want a single or double printed teardrop flags near me.

Both single and double sided versions are digitally printed. You just have to decide if you want your content to be printed on one or two sides. The single-sided flags are rather common mainly because it’s the cheaper option.

There however is a slight drawback with these versions.

The graphics on the front side will be seen in the reverse, through about 95% bleed through, on the backside. The only way to prevent this bleed through and reverse printing is by stitching two of them together.

This is exactly what a double-sided Christmas teardrop banner is.

It is basically two single-sided flags that are sewn together. They also have a blackout film in between to prevent any show through.

Though double sided banners are more expensive, they offer more printing space. You can decide if you want to print the same or different information or images on both sides.

You also have to remember that double sided banners are also slightly heavier than single-sided ones. It’s because it has double the weight, and an additional film weight to bear. There is a chance of the banner not fluttering as much as single side ones because of the weight.

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Perfect Christmas teardrop banner design

Now that you have decided between a single and double-sided flag, the next thing to focus on is its design. Remember passers-by will at the most give your flags a fleeting glance. This means that you have only a few seconds to grasp their attention. You can best do this through a simple design.

Something too complicated will be too difficult for them to understand. That too in such a short time span. Look for something simple and clear.

As its Christmas time bells and gifts will most likely be a part of the flag design. You can also include your company logo and if you have any signature colors, in the flag. Just make sure that you choose and use contrasting colors for the graphics and background.

It is generally better to use lighter text on a dark background. Being Christmas time, you could print white font and text on a red or green background.

Then again, you can always think out of the box and come up with something even unique because most Christmas banners will also have the same colors.

What about printing and material?

This may be your next question, and here are some answers.

Most Christmas teardrop flag manufacturers use water-based inks to print your font and images. They are water-resistant, UV stable and still friendly to the environment.

The material most popularly used for teardrop flags is knitted polyester. It is the popular choice because it is lightweight and durable with an excellent show through and picture quality.

All fluttering banners are digitally printed, making them affordable to any and everyone. In fact, companies like vancke.com may even offer discounts for bulk purchases.

As they are long-lasting, it is actually worth making use of these discounts. Besides, there are so many ways you can use them to advertise about your Christmas sales.

You can not only place them in front of your establishment but in other places too. You could place a few on the road leading up to your store or even in the parking lot if it is permissable!

Then there is the local church, one of the best places to put up any form of Christmas advertising material. Anyway, it is actually up to you to come up with the right ideas to use these flags.

Most Christmas teardrop flag manufacturers use water-based inks to print your font and images. They are water-resistant, UV stable and still friendly to the environment.

The material most popularly used for teardrop banners is knitted polyester. It is the popular choice because it’s lightweight and durable with an excellent show through and picture quality.

Buying in bulk is cheaper

You can then use them as required and once you get them. It proves that it’s worth buying in bulk. The colors don’t fade easily too. At most, there may be some fading after a few years.

And yes, you can use the same flags every Christmas. Just disassemble it and store it in the accompanying carrying bag till next year.

You can alternatively print a few signs with different wordings while buying in bulk like ‘Today’s special!’ or ‘Monthly sale’. Or you can just print your shop and contact details to use for marketing purposes at a trade show or sports events.

Another reason to buy in bulk is that you will always have at least a few of them fluttering through the holiday season. Even if some of them need to be cleaned there are others to substitute.

However this happens in rare cases because teardrop banners do not really need much cleaning. This is unless of course your area is dusty. Then there is no other option but to clean it periodically.

Know your teardrop banner bases

All teardrop banners come with a choice of bases. This is to ensure you can put up them on most types of flooring. There is the spike that holds your flag up stably on soft ground like a field, golf course or even the beach.

Then there’s the foldable X base. This is suitable for setting up a banner on hard ground like in an indoor stadium, building or trade show. There is usually an accompanying sandbag or water bag to place on the base for added stability.

It prevents the banner from toppling over in case someone hits it. There is a third type of base, the car foot base. It is useful to display your Christmas teardrop banner at outdoor events, boot fairs or car forecourts.

About the teardrop flag pole

Now here is a little about the feather flag pole which comes in sections like a fishing rod. This makes it convenient to assemble and disassemble to store or transport in a carrying bag.

Most companies offer aluminum or fiberglass poles, where aluminum is a better choice. This is because though slightly expensive, it is a more durable and long-lasting option.

Differences between screen and digital teardrop flag printing

You may have some questions about your Christmas teardrop flag printing. Well, it is quite natural because there are controversial statements about the screen and digital printing process. Besides, you will also notice that most teardrop and feather banner companies use digital and not screen printing.

Screen printing is quite popular only on banners that will be used for a long time. This is because the print remains intact for quite a long time. However digital printing offers the benefit of there being no difference with the number of colors used for printing. This is unlike screen printing where the rates change with the number of colors.

Screen printing explained

In short, screen printing is a better option if you will be printing a basic and simple design on the banner, with minimal details. They are also printed on both sides and that too in PMS colors.

For your information, PMS is the acronym for Pantone Matching System designed by Pantone Company. It helps maintain the uniformity of color printing across various media and jobs.

This is what makes screen printing a better option for huge companies like telephone companies, airways and hotel chains. They have to maintain uniformity in their banners and logos over the years and in different countries too.

Besides, screen printing is rather expensive to print when printing in small quantities. It involves a higher setup cost and is not a suggested option for your Christmas teardrop flagsteardrop flags.

In fact, it is not actually useful or economical if you need banners to advertise about your sale, open house or competitions. Besides, screen printing is not meant for printing small and detailed designs.

This is because the paints tend to run about 3mm when pressed onto the canvas. This can eventually lead to the mixing of colors.

Digital printing explained

Digital printing is the chosen printing option for banners with intricate designs and small details. There’s no worry about colors mixing, which is what makes it perfect for printing small logos and text.

Besides, it is easy to print a small number of teardrop flags at affordable prices. The print also makes your Christmas sale details and images look crisp while all the information and print is readable.

However digital printing may not be suitable if and when you have to print quite a few of them in really large quantities. Examples are situations where you need hundreds or thousands of them like for hotel chains and airlines.

As the banners are printed in full color and not PMS colors, there is no promise of any color accuracy. This means that all of them may not be 100% similar to one another. There may be some discrepancies between banners.

However, this shouldn’t be a bother while printing Christmas teardrop flags. You will anyway be printing a few or at the most about twenty or thirty or even fifty of them. They will turn out pretty well when digitally printed.

So why waste any more time? It’s time to order your Christmas teardrop flagsteardrop flags. Remember you can customize them if you are not interested in the standard versions.

You can provide your own graphics and text. But don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about designing. Most teardrop flag manufacturers have their in-house designing team who will be more than happy to help you out.

You can either ask them for assistance while you come up with a design. Or you can ask them to come up with a suitable design. You can have them base it on a rough idea you give them, of what you are looking for.

If you have your design ready you can expect your flags to reach you in a few days’ time, just in time for Christmas. So what are you waiting for? It is time to start designing and place an order!

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Proof That Feather Flags are Exactly What Your Deli Needs

Are you fed up with spending money on standard banners to advertise about your deli?  Do you find them expensive because they end up torn on windy days and the colors tend to quickly fade away? Let me tell you the proof that Feather Flags are exactly what your Deli needs!

Besides, they just don’t seem to work much because you can’t place them anywhere else besides the spot you first set them up. Worst of all, they are seldom visible to anyone passing by, so it doesn’t serve its purpose much.

Instead of dishing out so much money on ineffective standard banners, why not think about using feather flags with pole? They have many more benefits. For example, they are more attention-grabbing thanks to its height and fluttering design.

You can easily assemble and disassemble them and place anywhere you want. Most important, they are longer lasting and affordably priced, just what you need to advertise about your deli!

Are these signs made of feathers?

Don’t worry if this is the first question that popped to your mind. In fact, quite a few people think the same, and are confused because of its name. Most think it is some sort of an eco-friendly banner built of, or associated with feathers.

On the contrary, there’s nothing connected between feather flags with pole and feathers except for its shape.

So in brief, feather signs are colorful, attractive and feather-shaped flags. Most businesses set them up in front of their establishment to advertise about their business or any special upcoming event.

They can be easily set up by either sticking it into or placing it atop the ground. You do not even need anyone to help you because anyone can do it alone.

It is the fiberglass feather flags pole that comes with the flag, and renders them lightweight. However, they are still strong and durable enough to withstand most windy conditions and will not end up torn up.

You may have seen quite a few of them colorfully arranged outside car dealerships and huge corporate buildings. They tend to practically ‘mushroom out’ of the ground during special events like Black Friday and Christmas season. This is when people make maximum use of feather flags with pole to advertise about their sales and offers.

Sizes are deceiving

The most common reason that may make you wonder if these flags will effectively advertise about your deli is it’s size. Yes, while these feather flags with pole are relatively smaller to look at if compared to other signs, they are no less effective.

As long as you know how to strategically use and place them, they will be much more effective than any other advertising medium. Besides, not all of them are short or small in size.

There are various feather flags with pole sizes to select from. All of them have a basic format of a fiberglass feather flag pole supporting a nylon or polyester material.

They range from tiny 2’ feather flags to tall 10’ feather flag poles and taller. The shorter ones are generally found in front of smaller establishments like a deli or a coffee house.

You usually find the taller banners outside huge corporate buildings. Yes, you can use a few of them instead of one to ensure you catch the attention of even attentive drivers.

Feather flags

Tips to use your feather flag with pole to maximize your deli visibility

Here are a few tips that should help you make the best use of your 10’ feather flag pole at maximizing your deli’s visibility.

1 Right location

You should ideally set up your fiberglass feather flag pole at a place where there’s lots of foot traffic. This helps reach out to a wider audience, you’re your entrance or deli vicinity is formidable spots.

Don’t worry if your deli doesn’t have much foot traffic. Take some time to observe where people come from the most, and how they may see your flags. For example, if you are located down an alley opening to a bigger street, setting up the feather flag near the street maximizes returns.

It’s also worth creating indoor specific banners. You can use them at booths in malls, trade shows and even in your deli to advertise about an upcoming event.

1. Right colors and format

Using the right colors on your feather flag makes it more effective at attracting attention. You could ideally use color combinations involving your deli colors. Bright colors stand out best in the outdoors. Some useful colors to use for branding purposes are blue to show you are trustworthy while green indicates peace.

Avoid using too long words because you have limited printing space. You only end up writing in smaller fonts, which in turn reduces visibility. Supposing you have lots of offers to convey to potential customers, then advertise through multiple banners.

How to choose between single and double-sided feather flags

Besides colors, font, and design you have to also decide if you want a single or double-sided feather flag. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and you have to decide based on your preferences. However both have one similarity which is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Single-sided flags

As the name suggests, these flags are printed only on one side. You get a reverse image of your deli advertisement content on its back. So while your logo and text may be viewable from the back, it will be mirrored.

Single-sided flags may be a better option if you are using darker colors because they bleed better onto the other side. However, avoid using too light colors on them. They do not bleed properly and only end up making the back of your flag look faded.

3. Double-sided flags

Of course, these flags have two sides and are two flags that are stuck or sewn together. A black mesh is also placed in between the two flags to block the middle.

It improves visibility because it prevents light from seeping through. This in turn ensures that each side’s context is seen and read. Most businesses prefer these flags because both the front and back of the flag look vibrant and the content is readable.

These flags are also popular because you can have different designs printed on both sides. Or you can alternatively use the same images on both sides. This extra work, however, comes at a cost.

This is the main reason why these flags cost a bit more than single-sided flags. Besides, as you can use both sides, you naturally have a more printed area to use for your deli advertisement text and graphics.

Points to consider about single-sided flags

· They are so common because they are a cheaper father flag option. The reason for this reduced cost is because it uses a material that’s enough for a single side and not for two sides.

· The feather flag manufacturer only prints and sews one of the sides, which reduces costs. This proves that this is the right outside feather flag for those on a budget.

· Another reason for most people opting for single-sided flags is because it’s a lighter option. This also means that they don’t need too much wind power to move and flutter. In short, it works out better at promoting your deli even in situations with minimal wind power.

· These flags work well in most situations. However, they are best suited for use on one-way streets or wherever it’s visible from only one side. Of course, this doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t use them with two-way traffic.

However, remember that if you use it with two-way traffic only one side will be clearly visible to traffic. The opposite side traffic will only see the reverse or mirror of your message and images.

If you plan to use it someplace with two way traffic then print an eye-catching image or logo with minimal text. This maximizes clarity and readability so that there’s minimal confusion in understanding what you had printed.

Points to consider about double-sided flags

Double-sided flags are more expensive than the single-sided ones because the printing process uses more colors and material.

These flags end up heavier than single sided flags, which means it needs more wind to start fluttering.

Those flags are relatively longer-lasting in the right weather conditions. This is because the heaviness of the fabric leads to the flag flagging less and suffering minimal wear and tear.

Double-sided flags are not as common as single-sided ones and are thus not a cost-effective advertising option.

Double-sided flags can be used in all situations. However, they are best put up on two-way streets or where there’s minimal traffic from either side.

The two-sided feature of the flag renders it more durable and longer-lasting than single-sided flags.

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Which feather flag should I buy?

You may now be bewildered learning about single and double-sided feather flags. You naturally wonder which is better for your advertising campaign. It’s better to choose based on your preferences.

· If you want something cheaper, and quickly available then single-sided flags are a better option. Most companies have them ready, printed and packaged to send out in an instant.

· While the double-sided flags are more expensive they are a better choice of the two. This is because there’s no bleeding so it gives a high-quality print. Besides, they are longer lasting than single-sided versions.

· Double-sided flags work better at a place where there’s more foot traffic from all sides. Examples are placing it in front of your store, at trade shows or the stadium. They can be visibly seen and read by people no matter which way they come from.

· You should choose based on how much content you plan to print on it. If there’s more than your name and contact details, then a double-sided flag is a better option. However, if you will only be providing minimal details, then a single-sided flag is better.

4 ways to properly secure feather flags with pole

There are a few ways to set up your chosen banners based on where you plan to use it. It there’s dirt all around, then you can poke and jam the end of its big spike into the ground.

If it is concrete flooring, then use its big metal plate at the bottom to hold it in place. Whichever flooring you have in front of your deli, both bases are strong enough to keep the feather flag flying high in all weathers.

Most companies like vancke.com also provide a third, smaller cross base. This base is perfect to use in places where you don’t need much stability like at a convention or trade show.

These bases are small in size and easy to carry around to use in one trade show to another. The only thing you may have to worry about toppling over the flag is someone who distractedly runs into it.

You can also use these signs in a fourth way, for the mobile sign advertising about your deli. You can pay college kids money to walk around with the flag mounted on backpacks strapped to their backs. Looking at the way kids can walk around, especially if they pay for it, you are sure word of your deli will reach far!

Remember, everyone needs to eat, which means your deli is a business that is always very much in demand. It’s just that you have to use the right advertisement to let yourself be seen from your competition.

There’s nothing that can do this better than the right feather flags with pole like a tall, 10’ feather flag pole. It can be seen from a maximum distance, as long as you sue the right colors, format, and layout.

With patience and after strategically placing the feather flags you are sure to find a marked increase in your deli footfall and clientele! This is enough proof that feather flags with pole are definitely what your deli needs!

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Eye-popping feather flag ideas for your Black Friday sale

Hey! The biggest spending weekend of the year is just around the corner, and your business deserves a piece of the revenue. So many people head out to malls and shops on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Why should you miss out on a chance of maximizing your serious profits and growing your clientele base?

Small Business Saturday is meant to garner support for small mom and pop shops in town. If your shop falls in this category, advertising about your shop on this day helps expand your customer base.

What is so special about feather flags with poles?

There is no better way to let people know about your Black Friday weekend sale than through feather flagsfeather flags with pole. It is especially perfect to advertise about such retail events just outside your establishment. They flutter in the wind, which is how it captures the attention of potential customers.

Feather flag manufacturers like vancke.com use a dye sublimation process to bond the ink of your text and graphics to a fabric. This fabric is a special heat transfer material which is then bonded to your chosen feather flag. The process helps produce rich and vibrant, long-lasting colors and laser-sharp text.

With the right colors, you are sure your 8’ feather flags pole kit will get noticed on your storefront or parking space. These kits comprise of the flag and its detachable parts and a choice of bases.

The ground spike is useful to easily set up the flag outdoors on any lawn or grass. There’s another round base to use for setting up the feather flag someplace indoors, like the stadium. And you can even place a sandbag or water bag on the bees for added support to prevent it toppling over.

You can create and buy as many feather flags with poles as you require. You can also place them wherever you like. They are most often placed in front of your store, and around town to let people know about you.

You can also set them up in parking spaces, trade events, and local sports events. These are spots where people frequent, and perfect to advertise about your Black Friday sale.

How to create the perfect text for your Black Friday ad

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Some customers practically camp outside stores so that they are the first few entering the store on the sale day.

You have to take advantage of this shopping craze through your own Black Friday promo and sales. You will have to attract customers by creating the right ad to advertise your deals.

Companies like vancke.com have their team of in-house designers to help design your flag for you. However, you can also create and send your design to have it printed on the feather flags.

You can create customized promotional ads in seconds using an online banner maker. You do not have to create or draw designs. They have templates to guide you through the process. You just have to choose and use the right words and colors in the right places your ad is ready!

With feather flags offering minimal printing space, you will have to choose your words wisely. This is the only way to ensure you get only the right, necessary and effective words printed on the flag.

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Use the right words and offer

The first thing to decide upon is the Black Friday offers you plan to hold. For example, you can’t expect much business if you offer 10% off when your competitors slash rates by 50%. You need to spend some time researching to finally offer the best deal that generates the most profits.

By research, you can find out how much discount your competitors have offered over the years. You could also take a look at your previous years’ Black Friday performances and sales. Look for trends and patterns, and if there’s a year you did well, find out why and how.

You can also get creative with your offer. You could mention that your margin may be low. This is to compensate for the free gift you have on offer with each purchase made.

You can also offer daily deals or bundled deals. The only thing to remember here is to pair useful and right products together to sell at a reduced rate. Free shipping is another great way to drive and increase sales.

Your feather flag with pole could also have text that helps you generate more sales during the holidays. For example, you could offer a loyalty program and bounce back coupons customers can use at Christmas.

Your Call To Action is important

Your feather flag should also have a Call to Action (CTA) with the right words. It’s only after deciding the offer should you next decide on the best call to action words to use.

You may also consider where you will be placing them. This helps to decide the number of words to use for your CTA. There is no point coming up with 3-4 words if there’s space enough for only 2 words.

Your call to action words should be so effective that they make people want to enter your shop. Examples are Buy Now, Claim My 50% Off, Special Deals Here, Massive Savings Inside, Learn More and Start Saving.

There however is one point to remember. Make sure that the CTA you select and use is easily understood. You do not want the feather flags with pole creating any confusion on Black Friday!

Not only should the CTA words be right, but you should also ensure it stands out of the flag’s background. The CTA won’t work much if prospective customs can’t see it because it merges with the rest of the flag. The rule of thumb to follow is using a color for your text that lies opposite of the color wheel.


Common questions asked about feather flag content

1. Do feather flag companies provide templates to create Black Friday ads?

Yes, most companies like vancke.com do have onsite templates to use and create an interesting and compelling Black Friday ad. You just have to download your preferred template and use it for your artwork.

Remember that feather flags with a pole should have content printed with at least a 1 cm bleed around the edges. This ensures everything on your file is printed on the flag. There’s a chance of some words or images lying at the extremities going missing if there’s no bleed space.

2. How do we send images to them?

You will have to check on the individual feather flag manufacturer’s website for their available options. Most of them provide an email address to send your ads.

3. What happens if my artwork ends up too large to upload?

Don’t worry if your file doesn’t attach and can’t be sent to their given email address. All you have t do is approach the company for help and instructions. Each company has its own file transfer options available.

Just make sure you add your company information and your order number while you transfer your Black Friday artwork file. This is to prevent any possible mix-up and confusion.

4. Which is the best file format?

It is always recommended that you create your artwork in vector format. This format gives the best and high-quality prints of your Black Friday ad. So save your file in a PDF, EPS or Ai file. In case the company offers the JPEGs option, then it has to be in the highest resolution available. This is at least 300 dpi at 100% print size.

5. Are PowerPoint or word files accepted?

This once again depends on the company. However, most of them cannot print from PowerPoint or Word files. They will, however, help recreate the artwork on a suitable file for printing purposes.  They, however, may charge extra for the studio time spent doing this.

6. Do feather flag companies recreate artwork?

Yes, you needn’t worry about the artwork if you don’t have anything ready. Most companies have in-house designers who will design your Black Friday ad for you at a cost.

7. What is the preferred color mode to use?

It is always better if your document is set to CMYK mode.

8. How much bleed is enough and proper for my artwork?

Feather flags with pole manufacturers generally request at least a 10mm bleed around the design.

9. What is the preferred scale for providing my artwork?

It’s generally 100% print size, but some companies also accept a 50% print size. You will most probably have to make a note in your order if you are providing art on any other scale.

10. Do feather flag companies check for grammar and spelling errors?

No. This is not their job. They are only responsible for printing whatever design and text you provide for your Black Friday ad. It is left to you to thoroughly check your content for grammar and spelling errors before submitting it.

Why use feather flags to advertise for Black Friday

There are various reasons for selecting feather flags with poles for your Black Friday advertising campaign:

· The greatest benefit is that you can use the same feather flag with poles every year. It is because the flags are UV resistant, and do not easily fade in the sun. With the right care, the flags will serve you for a long time to come.

· The feather flags are flexible in structure and feather-shaped which is why they flutter so easily in the wind. It is this fluttering action that attracts the attention of people passing by.

· You can print either on one or both sides of the flag. While a single-sided flag is cheaper, a double-sided one depicts your message. There is a chance of color bleeding in a single-sided flag. It only makes your flag look unclear and messy.

· Feather flags with pole can be placed anywhere you think is best for garnering attention towards your Black Friday sale. For example, you may first set it up in front of your store.

But you later decide that it may be better if it’s set at the street corner where there are more people. You don’t have to wait for anyone to help you shift the spot. You just have to pick up the flag and change its position!

· Sometimes wear and tear may lead to your pole bending while the actual flag is intact. You needn’t worry about this because you can order a flag replacement pole and continue using the flag.

· Feather flags with pole come in various heights. You decide if you want an 8’ feather flag pole kit, a 12’ feather flag or if you want something taller. It all depends on where you intend to place the flag, and how far away it should be viewable.

· Each 8’ feather flag pole kit reaches you in a carrying case containing the flag pole parts and bases. You easily join the pole parts and set it up for your Black Friday sale. Once you are done, just dismantle the flag and safely store it in the carrying case for next year’s use.

· Feather flags are ideal for Black Friday, and any form of marketing because of its timeless nature. It is made using the best quality parts and printing for increased longevity. As long as you don’t mention dates, you can use the same flag as many times as required.

Yes, you do have to advertise online for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. However, at the same time, you cannot afford to neglect to attract your local clientele.

This is where feather flags with poles are the most effective to serve the purpose. They are long-lasting, convey your sale message and are quite attractive when it flutters.

Besides, you can order only for a feather flag replacement pole if the 8’ feather flag pole kit’s pole gets damaged. The sales your feather flags help generate through on Black Friday will far exceed its costs!

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How feather flags with pole can make your grand opening a success

Once you are all set with your new venture, the next thing you will be focusing on is its opening. A grand opening goes a long way toward promoting your business and letting people know about you. This is why you have to use the right marketing strategies for it like feather flags for an effective and grand opening.


Feather flags make a wise grand opening investment

While the internet and social media are effective at promoting your business, you also need something physical to attract passers-by and to let the local community know about you.

And the best and easiest way to do this is through large feather flags. These feather flags with pole flutter in the wind, which is how and why it is so good at attracting people’s attention. The effects are even better if you have it attractively designed using the right colors, font, and message.

It is most important that your message is printed using the right colors for the font and background. There is nothing more irritating than investing in feather flags only to realize that your contact information or advertisement about the grand opening is barely visible because of the wrong color combination.

Feather flags are so popular that even large corporations use them not only on their grand opening day but even throughout the year. They usually buy feather flag pole wholesale in different color combinations and distribute them along their parking lot.

Even local car dealerships use feather flags to perhaps advertise about their different car brands, offers, and other relevant information. Another popular use for feather flags is to advertise about an open house. Real estate agents use them to promote the various properties they have to show to prospective customers.

You do not have to use feather flags only for your grand opening.And you can buy feather flag pole wholesale and have one or two printed especially for the opening.

feather beach flag 5 You can have others printed with words like ‘Sale’, ‘Today’s special’, ‘Season’s greetings’ and use them whenever you want them. Feather flags last at least a few years and most manufacturers like vancke.com provide a convenient carrying bag. You can dismantle the feather flag with pole after the grand opening and store it in the carrying bag till you next need it, or to easily carry it from one venue to another.

Keep a week-long grand opening

There is no rule saying that your opening should be for only one day. You can extend it for a weekend or an entire week. This gives your customers more time to visit your establishment, and tell their friends and family about you.

It also helps to arrange for some promotions, which you can use one of your feather flag pole wholesale to advertise about. You can print words like ‘Buy one get one free’ or ‘Today’s special-10% off ‘on the feather flags.

You may not make as much profit in your sales as you expect because of these promotions. However the benefit of these promotions is that it helps establish a strong and reliable customer base. Besides, the promotions will only be for a short time and the customers you establish during the promotion end up being your loyal customers.

Set your budget

While a grand opening is important for your business its expenses should be within your budget. You can get carried away planning something special for the opening.

There is a rule of thumb for grand opening budgets, which is to use 20% of your first year’s advertising budget. This comes up to about $6000 for small businesses.

Spending too little for your opening may lead to your efforts not reaching your objective of drawing attention and customers to your business. Consequently, too high a budget can lead to a deficit in your earnings statement.

You are the best judge to decide how much you can afford to spend on your grand opening. And when it comes to buying feather flag pole wholesale, it generally fits into any budget because it’s affordably priced, and long-lasting investment.

feather beach flag Use targeted and not blanket marketing

There is nothing that can upset your advertising budget more than adopting a blanket approach. This is an advertising campaign that targets the general public. It’s better to target only specific groups that you feel are most likely to do business with you.

For example, if your business is meant for the younger generation, then you could also think of advertising on popular radio stations which the younger generation are most likely to listen to. However, playing the same ad on an radio station popular with oldies won’t help at all.

Similarly, if you have a hair salon or a cafe, and depend more on the residents for customers, feather flags are best to reach out to them. They will see it every day while passing by and are reminded of your business and establishment.

feather beach flag 7 3 Reasons to use feather flags on your grand opening day

The most important reason to use feather flags is that they are an affordable means of advertising. It is perfect for those who have a budget to adapt to, and cannot afford to spend too much on expensive one-time TV commercials, newspapers and other promotional materials.

With feather flags, you don’t even have to rent any billboard space or take the stress of buying the right TV time slot. You have your banner to use whenever and wherever you want.

1. Eco-friendly

Distributing pamphlets, flyers and mailers are other popular forms of advertisement because they are cost-effective. However, in addition to it, it is also very wasteful because you use lots of paper printing all this material.

Besides, most of these flyers and mailers end up crumpled in a trash can or the ground. You also have the task, and expense of hiring someone to clean up the mess after your grand opening.

All this can be avoided by using eco-friendly feather flag pole wholesale for advertisement purposes. Not only are they usable, but there is also no question of any waste production.

2. Marketing for today

Most advertising methods promote something in the future while banners are most powerful in promoting your business today. For example, banners put up to advertise about your grand opening opens the door for prospective customers to walk in.

People who didn’t known about your grand opening or establishment, who just happened to be in the locality and saw your banner, get intrigued to step in and check out your business.

3. Versatile in nature

As feather flags with pole are temporary but durable and reusable fixtures, you can use them in many ways. For example, you can use them to let people know about your grand opening.

You can also put them on your building’s awning so that people can see it while walking inside. Or you can alternatively use them to attract people by attaching them to fences and walls close to the curb.

Once you are done advertising at your store, you can also carry the flags in their carry bags to any exhibition event or trade show you participate in. You can also use them to advertise your business at the local sports event, school stadiums, and so many other places.

This is because feather flag pole wholesale is meant for both indoor and outdoor use. They have different bases to use as required. You have a base with a spike for piercing into the ground outdoors and a circular base you can place on the floor of any indoor venue. You just have to place water or sandbag on the base, if you need added stability to ensure there is no chance of the banner toppling over.

Dos and don’ts while designing feather flags for your new venture

Now that you know why you should use feather flags to advertise about your new venture and grand opening, read on to find out what you should and shouldn’t do while designing them.

i. Do remember the bleed space

This is important because like in any printed banner, the outer edges of your design end up cropped. So you have to ensure your logo, font, and all the other design elements fit well into the printed space. If not you will end up with a feather flag where part of your design and message is missing.

ii. Do not overcrowd

Similarly, you may get tempted to use as much of the space, and fit as many words and images into the feather flag space as possible. Don’t make this mistake because the feather flag will be effective only if its font is large enough for someone to see and read from a distance.

So it is better to keep the message short and sweet and avoid filling it up with too many graphics or images. It only clutters the space and makes it difficult for people to read the more important message.

iii. Do design something memorable

You know your feather flag with pole is effective if its design is something memorable, which people properly relate with and can remember.

This means that you should use the right colors and color combination which people will relate with and easily remember. You could also look for interesting tag lines or words to use which have a special link to your unique brand or product.

iv. Do not use wrong colors

While trying to make your feather flag attractive don’t get carried away and end up using the wrong colors and combination. It is worth doing some research and reading on marketing color psychology so that you know which colors will work best at relating whatever you want to convey through the flags.

For example, you should include blue in the banner if you want to establish some trust from the customer. Similarly, use impulsive colors like red and yellow on the flag if you are hoping for an impulse purchase.

It is generally better to try a few color schemes and combinations to find out which colors make your business stand out the best.

feater beach flag 1 3 Business signage tips to make enticing feather flags

Here are a few tips that help create appealing banners for your new establishment which will help create the right marketing buzz.

a) Intriguing sign shapes

This is one of the main reasons to use feather flag pole wholesale to market your business. It’s something differ ten from the regular rectangular signs that are usually used. Feather flags come in unique feather shape and stand out well and create a compelling backdrop to the content printed on it.

b) Use contrasting text

It is not only the colors that should be contrasting in feather flags. It is also better if the fonts and typefaces you choose and use in your banners either complement or are contrasting with each other.

This means you could perhaps mix a script with a serif font or use something modern like a modern sans-serif font with an old west style font. These small and minute changes go a long way. At projecting your sign to positively attract the attention of potential customers.

c) Interactive signs

Not many realize the effects of an interactive sign. It plays a huge role in making people want to take a closer look at it. You don’t have to do much to create an interactive feather flag. Simple things like the interactive displays you find in zoos and science museums can make your banner stand out from others.

It’s up to you to use your creativity and imagination to come up with something unique in your interactive sign. Just make sure that you use only high-quality feather flags from companies like vancke.com.

You know that these banners are more durable, and have minimal chances of getting torn or colors running while you use your imagination to create an interactive sign.

Now do you need any more reasons, or tips for the best ways to use feather flags to make your grand opening a great success?