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10 Things People Don’t Know About Designing Custom Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags are rather popularly used for advertising in and around Australia. They are most often used to advertise about the opening of new businesses like coffeehouses, salons, and restaurants, to advertise about upcoming events like a church fundraiser and an open house and even for advertising at different tradeshows across USA,Australia and New Zealand.


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It shows how popular and effective feather signage is and how versatile it is in its functionality. However, you can reap maximum benefits from this flags advertising option only if you use flags from reputable companies like

You know that you get the best customized teardrop flags from them that ensure the prints on their flags are long-lasting and the flag itself is durable. Besides good flag, customized teardrop flags give you better results.

Teardrop flag custom don’t take long to make

Many people tend to opt for standard feather signage thinking that they will have to waste time waiting for custom flag making. However little do they know that most companies send out your customized flags within 2-3 days of you placing your order.

Instead of compromising and using standard flags that don’t project your message and business in the best manner, it’s better to plan a few days and opt for customized teardrop flags.

Unlike standard flag advertising that use the same few words and colors to advertise about different events, Teardrop flags flag custom offer the benefit of letting you select the colors, artwork and font you want to use in them.

This helps maximize the effects and reach of the flags because you can incorporate your company logo, font, and colors. This way people who see the flags immediately associate it with your company and banner.

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Though you may have to pay a tad extra for customized swooper flags, you can compensate on costs by buying wholesale teardrop flags. You can buy a few banners and use them in different places to increase your business reach and visibility.

Besides, teardrop flags are not a hassle to set up and dismantle too. They require minimal space, so as long as you get the right flags with the right colors and materials, they can help improve the number of visitors and customers you have for your business.

What you didn’t know about customizing teardrop flags

Now that you know why it’s better to have customized flags, here are a few tips that will help ensure your flag stands out from the rest. You may know that teardrop banners are made of a tear-shaped material where you can print on both sides.

However though unique in shape and design, you have space to print limited information on the banner. This is why you have to make maximum use of the available space to bring out the best effects using the following tips:

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1. Avoid cramming words or information

Don’t cram too much information on the flag because you already know that it has limited space. A better option is to order a few flags, and as the feather flag base takes up minimal space, you can set them up in a line at the entrance of your store.

Instead of cramming everything into one flag, you can print a word on each flag using same or different colors whatever seems appropriate to you. This way there is a higher possibility of the flags capturing the attention of customers and passers-by. Besides, they will be intrigued to read each flag to find out what the entire message is.

2. Use the right font styles

Always use a maximum of two font styles on a banner. This is because the message on the flag gets even more difficult to read if more than two fonts are used in it.

Fonts that are most easily viewed and read from a distance are sans serif fonts like Futura and Helvetica. Use them to print the most important words and message on the banners.

Serif fonts like Times and Genguiat are better for printing the secondary message. However, fonts like the Old English Text are practically impossible to read from afar.

This is why it’s better to use them only on flags which you plan to keep in places like a conference hall or meeting room. Viewers here are stationary long enough to read and absorb whatever is printed on the banners.

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It’s always better to select and use the font based on the business or event where the swooper flag will be used. While bridal shops and beauty salon banners can be designed with script fonts like Brush or Commercial Script, they won’t look appropriate on auto dealership teardrop signage.

3. Ensure proper visibility

Of course, customized teardrop flags come in various sizes. While the smallest offer minimal printing space, the larger ones do offer much more space for your content.

So if you need more space, and plan to set up the swooper flag someplace with unavoidable obstructions, then it’s better to get something taller and bigger. The chances of these flags being seen from afar are greater where you know they will be visible despite the obstacles.

4. Choose and know your appropriate overall design

It’s better to design your customized teardrop banner based on the overall message and intent you plan to use it for. It’s when you know what you want to relay through the cheap feather flags that you will be able to select the right text styles, colors, and backgrounds to use on it.

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5. Less is always more in banners

A single word on a teardrop flag is the best way to print your message on the banners. But if you plan to print a few more words or your logo or any other graphic design, make sure it doesn’t fill up the flag space.

There must be space around the edges while designing your signage. This makes it easier for passers-by to read and understand whatever you have to say.

Even having too little print on the flag is a waste of money, and leaves a question in the readers’ mind. It’s always better to fill up the flagging space as much as possible while leaving enough white or empty space around the words for better and clearer visibility.

This is why most people prefer using words like ‘Welcome!’, ‘Sale’, ‘ Today’s Special’ and some sort of contact information like a phone number or web address on the wholesale feather flags.

This is much better than printing everything about the event on the sign.

6. The use of photographs and the right colors

It is always better to select and use a single color on your banner and stick to it for all your advertising options. This not only minimizes confusion and makes the flags look neater, but also maintains a sense of uniformity with all your advertising media.

Besides, the use of too bright colors, images and patterns may indeed help draw attention to your signage. However, too much of it only diverts the onlookers’ attention from your message and intent because it’s too difficult to read.

You can, however, use a high contrasting color combination for the background and letters printed on the flags. This is much easier to read than using a single color or different shades of a single color. Once again, you must choose your colors based on the type of business or event you will be using the customized teardrop flags for.

You can alternatively make use of full-color photographs on the banners to get your main message across. Most feather flag companies like are more than ready and capable of printing any photograph you want onto your teardrop flag custom.

7. Use the right design software

It’s not enough to just decide on the right colors and shades for your teardrop flag printing. You should also use the right design software, preferably 3 vector editing software to get your design and colors right to print onto your banners.

The reputed and better companies like do all the thinking for you when it comes to software. They have the best 3 vector editing software to ensure your prints and colors turn out just like you want them on the swooper flags.

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8. Understand banner templates

Most wholesale feather flags companies like have a huge collection of teardrop banner templates for you to use to decide on the best design for your flag.

Though the templates are a huge help, it’s only if you clearly understand the instructions and all lines mentioned in it. The wrong step can lead to a mistake. Most of the templates have red sewing lines.

They are there with a purpose, to mark boundaries on where you have to keep all important texts and graphics within. Don’t worry. These lines are not permanent. They will be removed before the banners are sent for printing.

Of course, if you are still confused about using the templates it’s better to turn to their in-house team of designers for help. This is a safer and better bet instead of trying to do something random on your own and commiting a blunder in the process.

9. Use CMYK and not RGB colors

Not many who design their artwork for teardrop signage are aware of the fact that you need to be careful while working with web and print designs. This is because the color representations in both are different.

While web designs use RGB or red, green and blue colors, print design uses CMYK or cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors. Monitors tend to emit light while papers absorb light.

So computer monitors display RGB colors at a low medium resolution of about 72-75 dots per inch while print production displays the 4 CMYK colors in high resolutions of at least 300 dpi.

While you can merge RGB colors to get all colors, monitors can display only a limited range of the visible spectrum. This means that if you want to convert your web files for your signage artwork, it is better if you change the format from RGB to CMYK.

Of course, most teardrop companies like do this for you or at least inform you about this. But its’ always better to confirm to ensure you don’t end up unhappy with the results!

10. Save your artwork properly

Once you have decided on your artwork, colors, and content for your teardrop signage, you must save the file in the right manner. Most important, it’s better to first convert all the fonts to contours or outlines.

This especially applies to any new or unique fonts you may add to the signs because the company may or may not have the specific font you had used. To be on the safer side it’s better to save your work to contours where the in-house designers will either use your stipulated font or look for the font you use and implement it in your teardrop banners.

Don’t forget, it’s always better to use high-resolution logos and images in your file because they look better when printed to give you a much better representation of your artwork.

Don’t forget to embed all the relevant images and links to the file too. Saving artwork in PDF files eliminates any software requirement and compatibility headaches there may be with the signage company. It’s better to use Illustrator files saved in PDF because they look just like your Illustrator file.

The banner company can then easily view it with a free Adobe Acrobat Reader. The reason it’s better to use Illustrator for a print-ready PDF is because Illustrator keeps the vector content editable without sticking to the native Illustrator format.

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How to make outstanding tradeshow flags

It’s not enough to have a tradeshow stall. You may spend days sitting with only a trickle of visitors if you don’t have the proper advertisement. It’s only if you properly market about your stall will people know about it.  One of the best ways to achieve this at a tradeshow is through tradeshow flags.

It’s the ideal way to garner some attention to your products or services. You can use as many teardrop banners as you require letting visitors know about you. While a few around your stall are mandatory, you can also place a few at the entrance and around the tradeshow.

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What tradeshow flags do

The flags will entice visitors and give them a reason to pay a visit to your stall or at least make inquiries about it. Make sure you don’t just advertise your ware but also mention your stall number.

It’s also important that you buy and use the right sized lush banners. Too short flags are not of much use because they won’t be visible from afar. You need to attract as many people at the tradeshow as possible. A tall banner helps you here.

The good thing about using teardrop banners at tradeshows, especially if you will be traveling with the show, is that it’s lightweight, portable and easily put up and dismantled.

No color bleeding

You don’t need to wait for another person to do it for you. Besides, though tall, they don’t use up much floor space. So you need not worry about using up much valuable tradeshow floor space.

Despite being lightweight and compact enough to carry around in its accompanying carry case, its large enough to display as many graphics, logos, and other images as you want.  Teardrop banners come with an added benefit of letting you choose if you want to print your matter on one side or both sides of the flag.

You don’t have to worry about any ‘bleeding’ of colors in case of double-sided flags because there it comprises of two flags which are sewn together. They have middle 100% blackout material that ensures the graphics on both sides are visible. Besides, the presence of two flags and the blackout material make this a heavier flag which doesn’t fly.

However, in the case of single-sided tradeshow banners, there are 70-95% chances of bleeding on the reverse side, like any standard flag. However, these flags are rather popular for both indoor and outdoor use. The image on the reverse side is however seen in the reverse.

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Teardrop flags can be used both indoors and outdoors

Another reason to buy lush banners for tradeshow displays is that it can be used at both outdoor and indoor venues. The flags come with three types of bases for you to choose and use as per the venue.

The spiked base is ideal for outdoor tradeshows where you just have to poke the flag into the soft ground. The ground spikes from companies like are heavy, usually weighing about a kilogram. This gives healthy and strong support to your banner.

The spike also has a swivel as a part of the flag, which lets your teardrop banner turn with the wind. This ensures the flag flutters to attract more attention, and at the same time prevents the flag from potentially getting torn from the winds.

Teardrop flags come with a cross base for use on indoor, hard surfaces like concrete or footpaths. The base is usually 3-4 kilos heavy, offering additional stability to the flag.

You can always use the weight of water or sandbag if you need additional support for your tradeshow flag. This is usually required if you have a tall flag for maximum visibility at a tradeshow.

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Tradeshow banners printed using the best materials and process

All tradeshow flags printed by companies like are printed using the highest quality print process and materials. This is not only to ensure the best and brightest flag with the sharpest images, but also to keep them bright for as long as possible.

You anyway will be able to use these banners for at least a year or two with the proper care. Bright colors, high-quality printing procedures and materials give you long-lasting flags.

You anyway get to decide what you want to print on the flags. You are at liberty of printing whatever fonts and graphics you desire. Most companies also have an in-house graphic designer to help you come up with the right design and content.

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6 tips to create appealing tradeshow banners

Remember, that while feather flags are great for marketing purposes, they are only a canvas. What you put onto it defines how attractive and effective it is at attracting other people’s attention. So if your graphics are boring, then you can’t it to attract much attention.

The following six tips will help create a longer-lasting and attractive tradeshow feather flag. The tips will help bring in more customers to your tradeshow stall because of the appealing and exciting graphics and font you use in it.

1. Text messages should be both clear and simple

Did you always notice that the ‘Stop’ and ‘Caution’ signs while driving down the road? Most probably yes, because of the bold text used on the signs. You naturally stop when you see the stop sign and drive carefully with the caution sign in place. The signs wouldn’t have been of much use if they were filled with too many word or graphics.

Similarly, it’s better to have simple and clear messages printed on your tradeshow banners. You just have to tell potential visitors how you are using the simplest and boldest words possible. If you are selling cakes, your sign should ideally have the words ‘ Delicious Cakes’ and if you are selling bicycles, ‘Speedy bikes’.

2. Splash a few colors

Now that you have come up with the right words for your sign, you next have to decide on the color. The simplest design is printing the text in white, and having a black or other dark color background. However, you can make the banner look more attractive just by adding a little more color.

You could add a thick, diagonal line in your text color at the end of the flag or add a golden or silver swirl. It’s generally better to use the same colors or shapes used in your business or at the tradeshow.

Most of the time only the text on the flag can work wonders at attracting attention. However, sometimes all it takes is an additional border or a few swirls of the paintbrush to add some authenticity and flair to the teardrop banner.

3. The message should stand out

You have most of your tradeshow display-ready with the right font, background and a few simple shapes or lines here and there. Even after using 2-3 colors in the flag, you may need to do something else to ensure the message stands out when compared to other banners at the tradeshow.

The best way to make your banner stand out is by designing its background and text so that it matches your business or even your tradeshow.  So if you are selling cakes, you could have the words textured to look like bread crumbs.

You could use a background with a bright pink look like a strawberry cake and have a candle inserted someplace instead of swirls or lines. This makes it obvious that you sell cakes, and also proves that you know your trade, and are reliable.

Similarly, if you sell bicycles, you could perhaps design your teardrop banner to look like a bicycle track or have a bicycle printed on it. You can make the cycle look like real-life objects by adding texture. This helps get your message across and stand out from the other tradeshow flags.

4. Logos stand out best with some color

Just like adding color to your feather flag helps it stand out, adding color to your logo gives better effects too. Now that you are selling bicycles, you naturally want the logos of the different cycle brands you have on sale.

There however is a problem here. The logos can look a bit boring; you can add some life to it by filling up the space surrounding the logos with some designs. Once again, nothing complex; just simple designs because simple is always the best.

For best effects, make sure the logos are placed intermittently, in different locations on the tradeshow banner. The best ideas for simple designs to add to the banner are colors and shapes representing either the season or holidays when the tradeshow is held. For example, if it’s during fall, you could have a few colorful leaf shapes sprinkled around, to fill up the blank areas.

Or in case of your cake store, you could perhaps advertise about eh different type or shapes of cakes you can make. You could perhaps have a few images of different types of cakes and shapes.

5. The right picture does all the talking

Sometimes adding a few swirls, making logos look colorful, using different textures and simple text just don’t seem to create any magic. Sometimes it’s not just shapes and simple designs, but a picture that does all the talking.

So instead of using shapes or designs to advertise about your cake shop, you could have a picture of one of your best cakes printed on it. this will not only make it more evident that you are selling cakes, but the cake picture itself will make potential customs walk in to find out more about your business.

Cakes have always been appealing in nature and with your best cake printed on it, don’t be surprised if there’s a huge footfall of visitors. They will either want their cake to look like the one on the picture or have some other unique cake design in mind.

So you see this single picture can do what everything else couldn’t achieve in your tradeshow flag. With you working on restricted space on the banner, it’s worth including an attractive picture on your banner.

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6. Give your customers their dreams

The very picture that’s worth more than a thousand dreams can help sell your customer their dream. For instance, if you sell bicycles, you would want your tradeshow flags to tell everyone walking by your stall that you have their dream bicycle.

Anyone could print the right words on the flag like ‘Speed bicycles’ in nice bold letters. You could also add some simple, but effective graphics and designs to the banner. You also know which colors to add, and the different logos to print on the tradeshow banner.

However, your flag still misses the ‘special touch’. You need to add something to it that makes every person’s head swoon upon looking at your tradeshow banner. You could perhaps pick the picture of a bicycle and crop its background so that it becomes your banner’s base.

The reason you should place this at such a point on the tradeshow flag is that it will make anyone who passes by seeing their dream bicycle in the flag. This makes them want to buy a bicycle or at least make some inquiries about it.

So you see, the secret lies in looking at a few magazines with pictures of bicycles and then pick the images or photos you think will instigate customers to enter, and buy or at least ask about your bicycle.

Just make sure that you can legally use the photo. The last thing you want to happen while designing the perfect tradeshow banner is breaking someone else’s copyright through your chosen photos.

So you see. It’s not enough to get a berth in a tradeshow. You should also work at generating enough interest in passers-by to visit your stall and at least make inquiries if not a purchase. This is where tradeshow flags prove to be very useful.

They are affordably priced, can be used for years together . Also they are lightweight and portable enough to use as many times as possible . However, just remember that tradeshow flags get people to your stall only if you are sure they look great and interesting enough to them.

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How banner flags are used locally in Australia and New Zealand

How banner flags are used locally in Australia and New Zealand? With the internet making shopping all the more easier and convenient, Australian retail store owners like you wonder how you can attract customers and increase footfall traffic to your store.

Well, not many know that it’s pretty much easy, as long as you know that there are still many people who love an in-store shopping experience. It is this audience you have to tap your marketing resources at so as to generate as many visitors from them as possible.


They help improve your store’s facade

This means that the most important thing you should know, and do, is to make them attracted and want to visit your store. You can do this by improving your store’s physical attributes or image.

In short, just like you focus on wearing the best clothes and shoes to look attractive to others, you also have to start working on improving your store’s facade with the help of the right banners or flags.

Of the many types of signage available, feather flags provide a formidable solution to draw attention to not only your business but also products, events or productions. Yes, feather flags have so many local uses and applications to business people and even organizers in Australia.

Feather flags are popular for their versatility

These flags are also known as feather banners, flag banners, swoop flags and advertising flags. They gave rise to phenomenal popularity and demand in the business advertising world because of its various attributes.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors, can be used for years together because they are long-lasting, easy to maintain and mainly because they offer a cost-effective means of advertising.

Besides, they are also easily set up anywhere. You don’t even have to wait for anyone to help you. And you can do it yourself. Also you can choose between the popular single-sided lags that have prints on one side and produces a see-through mirror image on the opposite side.

If you are ready, you can pay a little more for double-sided flags where both sides of the flag are used for printing different images and content. These flags give you more worth for your money because there is more space to print relevant store information.

custom feather flags

Possible applications of teardrop banner flags in Australia

There are so many ways you can use teardrop banners or feather flags in Australia. A few options are:

1. As advertising and promo flags

You can use these flags to advertise, and let people know about an event or conference you have planned. You can also let people know about your stall and product or brand in a trade show through the flags. They are also great to let people know about any open house you will be holding for the house that’s up for sale.

2. Use in shops

As mentioned above, feather flags are great for attracting local customers to your shop. You just have to put up the flags in the right places, to inform people about your newly opened store or about any sales you have going on or about anything special you have to offer them. You will later find out the best places to put up the banners to garner maximum visitors to your store.

3. In schools

Many businesses also put up their banners at the border of the venue of any school’s sports day or other events.

feater beach flag 44
4. In real estate

As mentioned earlier teardrop flags are popularly used to advertise about an open house in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and other major Australian cities. Even real estate companies use these flags to advertise about their business in trade shows, conventions and any other event where they gain maximum exposure through the many participants, visitors, and audience at the event.

5. In churches

Many people use flags to inform others about baptism and many churches also use them to make the kids’ ministry more attractive with the colorful flags.

6. Golf tournaments

Feather flags are especially common at golf tournaments. You can find many of them fluttering in the wind at the tournament to let the many visitors and competitors at the tournament about the event’s sponsors.

The flags are also used as directional banners to help players navigate through the tournament and golf course. Besides, these high-quality and fully-colored digital printed flags add some professionalism to the event.

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Different ways to maximize the advertising effects of teardrop flags

You can set up a few small feather flags, preferably printed in full color, with something short and sweet printed on it.

Another alternative way to use the flags for larger stores is to perhaps line up a few tall, fluttering feather flags  in front of your establishment, or at the parking lot.

They are best printed in full color, with some information about your establishment printed on each flag. You could perhaps print the working hours on one, your name and business on the other and something special you have to offer on the others.

These fluttering feather flags work wonders at grabbing the attention of passers-by. It’s the fluttering that captures people’s attention, and as long as the flags are colorful with the right font and colors, they will also get the message across.

Reasons to use teardrop banners for your Australian store

There are so many reasons that justify the need for using teardrop banners to advertise about your Australian store.

· Cost-effective customized advertisement

Besides, this is a cost-effective form of advertising which you will not regret using. You can easily print high-quality banners at a price that’s easy on your pocket.

This is because digital printing has evolved over the years, and is now all the more easily and cheaply performed. You can customize the banners using your content, colors, and font.

Even if you don’t have any idea about what to print on them, most of the companies like have in-house designers who will help you out. These banners are so cost-effective that if you take good care of them they will last not for one year but for many more years to come.


· Accuracy

It is when you decide about what you want to have printed on the flags that you can determine its accuracy. There is no worry about the wrong message or images ending up on the flag because of poor and inaccurate prints and colors.

You in the process receivean accurate and long-lasting flag you can use to advertise about your store for at least a few years to come.

· Longevity

This is one of the main reasons so many stores in Australia are using feather flags to promote their store.

This is why they are generally weatherproof and rip-proof, making them the right choice for long time use. You just have to make sure you properly store them in their customized storage bags when not in use. This way it will be ready for use when you need it again, even after a few months or even a year.

The banners are printed using UV resistant ink, which means that there is no worry about the colors and prints fading in the sunlight. Of course, you can prolong its life by avoiding its use in direct sunlight where there are excessive UV rays. However, you are sure they will last for at least a few months even if you use them in the direct sunlight.

· Easy to customize

Feather flags are so easy to customize, you can do it on your own. You don’t even need a designer in Australia to help you, even if you are not good at graphic designing.

As long as you have a rough idea of what you want to print on the flags, you can use the help of the many in-house graphic designer sites like have at your disposal.

You can alternatively try to come up with your design using the many template designs they have to offer.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to make do with any standard designs or design templates. Feather flag designs let you choose and design a feather or teardrop flag as per your needs and requirements.

· Large enough for extensive promotion

Feather flags are spacious enough to print important and relevant information for people to get to know about your local Australian business. You can either print some basic information on one single flag or divide and print minimal but different information on separate flags.

Also you could perhaps print details about your working hours on one flag, your discounts/deals or treats you have to offer onto another flag and perhaps your contact details like name, telephone number and website details on a third flag.  And you can then repeat the same information on a few more flags to get the message across better.

· Durability

The specialty of feather flags  for local Australian use is that they are durably built.Companies like use high standard UV resistant ink for printing purposes like top quality European ink and not cheap Chinese made ink.

Besides most banner companies  in Australia and New Zealand know that poor sewing quality can lead to flags that get quickly damaged.

Some companies even provide extra protection of the flag tips for an improved and stronger flag. In these cases the flags are encased with a tip protection PVC which increases the fabric strength and resistance against fabric damage which is common in flags with vulnerable tips.

· Versatility

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to use these flags to just promote your store at its entrance. You can place and use them practically anywhere both indoors and outdoors. It’s all thanks to the multiple stands that accompany the flag.

You can use the flags at indoor or outdoor trade shows, golf or football or any other sports tournament to either advertise about your ware or even as a directional sign.

It’s because there is a spiked stand to poke into the grounds as support if you are using the flag at an outdoor venue. In case of an indoor venue there are water bags you can place on its circular stand for additional weight and support to ensure the feather flag doesn’t topple over.

It’s also useful for advertising about an open house or a special meal for the day. Nothing is limiting the way you use the flags. Do take the time out to inform me if you do find a new and interesting way to make use of these flags!

Sideline banner-The new but effective face of advertising

Looking for an effective means of advertisement for your business? Well, one of the best options available is outdoor sideline banners or sidewalk signs. Just place it on the sidewalk to let people know about your product or services.

It’s the fact that it’s easily visible by people walking or passing by that make it a very effective advertisement medium. If you are lucky it may even prompt some impulse buying!

Despite being a relatively new entrant in the advertising field, sideline banners have grown quite popular and are high in demand in the marketing and promotion niches.

These sideline banners are not created equal, as expected. There are A-frame signs in various shapes for you to select and use based on where you plan to use it and of course your budget.

7buy Cheap Good a-frame banner stand a frame banner stand

Reasons to buy and use sideline banners

Besides the multitude of available sizes, there are some three more reasons that make this system great for your business. They are:

1. The banners are high in density and generally come in 3 layers of closed-cell foam construction. The reason for this is to provide for durable and lightweight construction that’s also entirely safe to use.

Besides, the 3 layer form construction also means that the A-frames are strong and rigid enough to properly display graphics. You don’t have to worry about any words or images sagging or looking awkward because of the A-frame system.

2. You don’t have to depend on only the size of the banner while making a choice. Supposing you plan to use it at an event, and need to cover a large area, all you have to do is connect numerous sideline banners side-by-side for as long a distance or area as required.

1. These banners are easy to set up and also to pull down with its unique twist and fold technology and design. Besides, the design also helps save on storage space, ensuring the banner is safely stored when not in use.

2. The sky’s the limit when you think about the best venues and occasions to use these banners. You can use them wherever you want, to advertise about any product, services or campaign you want.

You can use them to advertise about gyms, bars, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, as directional signage, as real estate signage, at an event as an advertising campaign and so much more.

3. A-frame sideline banners are a cost-effective form of outdoor advertisement that easily reaches multiple target markets using minimal investment.

It doesn’t matter if you are using it to announce a company rewards program, a new product line, to advertise about a sale, to strengthen your brand awareness or just to present some event information; it makes the perfect form of effective advertisement.

Free Design Free Design Outdoor Pop Up A-Frame Sideline Banner Golf Pop Up A Frame Banner Outdoor Pop Up Banners


As mentioned earlier, there are so many places where you can use A-frame sideline banners to advertise about your ware. Here are some common and most used applications:

· Restaurant and retail locations

These banners are perfect to draw the attention of passers-by to any restaurant or retail outlet. You can use the banners to advertise, and let passers-by know about all the specials, menu and upcoming events you have to talk about. The right signs and images can turn a passer-by into a customer.

The businesses that typically like using these signboards include all retail stores that have some sidewalk frontage to place the banner, mall stores, coffee houses, and clothing boutiques.

Many restaurants and restaurant chains have also benefited through the consistently positive results these banners garner as effective portable outdoor advertising.

Not only are the signs affordably priced, but they can also be quickly and easily changed by anyone. Even your employees can do the work, without the need of going through any specialized training. Besides, these banners are lightweight, making it easy for employees to carry inside at the end of the day.

Though sideline banners last a long time, it’s worth changing them frequently to renew your customers’ interest and intrigue about your business and location details.

· Real estate and rental property management

People in the real estate and rental property market like using sideline banners to promote the attributes of their rental properties and properties for sale. Not only will the signs advertise and inform about the properties, but they can also be used to point the way to new commercial and residential real estate developments.

The more information you manage to transfer to your potential customers through the banners, the more trust you will be able to establish with them.

· Non-profit organizations and schools

Churches, schools and other non-profit organizations maximize the versatility and durability of A-frame sideline banners. These signs make the perfect and most cost-effective solution for advertising about any upcoming event like a fundraiser.

The fact that these signs are light and portable makes it all the easier for people to carry it from one place to another, like to the event site. The signs can be used there to either inform guests about the event or for giving directions around the venue.

Use multiple banners with similar logos and messages to establish logo recognition and spread awareness amongst prospective customers.

· Sports and special events

Sideline banners prove useful in any sporting event. They can be used to deliver your message, brand or tagline while you place multiple banners along the diameter of the venue.

These banners are visible by anyone sitting in the stands of the sporting venue, and even by people watching it on TV. So you can get an idea of the reach, and advertising effectiveness of these banners.

They are much more effective at advertising about your brand because they are visible to spectators through the length of the game, unlike the momentary ads placed on television which TV viewers may not even acknowledge.

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Benefits of using sideline banners

There are so many benefits to using sideline flags to advertise about your business. They include:

1. Attractiveness

As you know, these banners when placed outside your establishment attract the attention of passers-by. Use the right colors and font to trigger their curiosity, and make sure you print relevant details and images so that they get to know more about your business, and what to expect if they entered your establishment.

The first impression is always the best. So make sure you print something straightforward and will affect them the most. Don’t just stuff the banner with content and images.

Leaving some blank space around the print makes it all the more readable. You could even consider adding a border around the banner to heighten the chances of attracting passers-by and helping them read your sign much faster.

2. More space

With sideline banners being double-sided in design, you have more space to print whatever you want to get across to the reader. You could perhaps print something about your business on one side with contact details, and perhaps any special orders or deals you have to offer on the other side.

So instead of printing and spending on two banners, you can have everything printed on a single sideline banner. Besides, with content printed on two sides, you have assured visibility on both sides and directions of the banner.

3. Durability that ensures the banner lasts for years

The waterproof materials used in sideline banners make them durable enough to withstand multiple weather conditions. With the right care, these signs can serve you for not months but years.

You don’t even have to spend too much time or effort on care. While it’s okay to leave the signs outdoors, you can prolong its life if you bring it indoors or keep it in the shade when it’s really hot outdoors.

The extreme heat of sunlight can in the long term fade the colors and print on the banners. Similarly, there’s the possibility of the flag tearing up or getting damaged in windy and bad rains. This is why it’s better to bring in the banners during inclement weather conditions.

4. Portability

These banners are lightweight enough for anyone to easily carry it inside and out, or even from one venue to another in its carrying bag. Yes, these A-frame stands to reach you with a carrying case to store the flag in when not in use. The signs can be weighted down with water or sand to ensure it withstands windy conditions.

5. A cheap form of advertisement

Sideline banners tell a lot about your business, ware, and services. The right images and content can give most people all the information they require to know more about you.

You can reach out to thousands of people, just by spending about $100 on the sideline banner, making it an affordable and inexpensive marketing strategy for businesses, especially small businesses.

You just have to make a one-time payment and you can use the banner to advertise about your business or offers every time you set it up. with so much at stake, it’s important that you use the right font, colors, letter size, spacing,

and images so that anyone reading it can read it quickly, even while driving by. Don’t clutter the sign with unnecessary and too many words, and use contrasting colors instead of similar colors for increased visibility and better attraction towards your key message.

6. Your own choice of designs

You are at liberty to choose and print anything you want on sideline banners. You can print something relevant to your business or your event. Even if you are not sure about what to print on the banner, most companies like have their own in-house designers who will be able to help you out here.

They have their own templates of different sizes to use for vertical and horizontal pop-up sideline banners. Their designers will also come up with something unique and different if you have the time to wait for them to unleash their creativity.

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1. Is it possible to use digital photos on sideline banners?

Yes, it is possible as long as the image is of the required or permissible quality or resolution.

Most companies like even have their specific types of equipment for artwork supplied. It’s better to check with them before sending something over.

2. Is it possible to customize logos to use on the banner?

Yes, it’s possible because most banner companies have their in-house designers to help you out here.

Their designers will ask you a few questions to find out what you want to project and achieve through the banner and accordingly come up with a relevant logo.

3. How long does it take for the sideline banner to reach me?

Many variables decide this because a lot depends on the availability of materials, the size, and type of design, design approval and production schedule. It generally takes 10-14 days to print, and send the banner to you. Most companies are ready to make changes to accommodate any urgent requirements or needs. Just make sure you mention this while placing your order.

4. What should be printed on sideline banners for best effects?

The best sign is one that attracts maximum customers while giving your business the right exposure and identity.

This is possible only if and when the banner is clear and easy to read and understand. Remember; keep it simple by printing only important and relevant contact and content information.

So you see there are so many benefits and uses to sideline banners. They may be new to the advertising industry but have indeed carved a space for themselves in this short period.

Just make sure you print the right and relevant information on it using the right colors, store and take care of it while in and not in use by storing it in the provided storage bag and to print as many banners as you may require.

If you plan to use more than one flag, then it’s better to print them in bulk at a time. This not only maintains consistency within rates but also works out to be a cheaper option.

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Significance of using banners in churches

What reason could there possibly be for using banners in churches? Many people wonder why flags are used in a place of worship. Yes having them around during fests and festivities to mark stalls and give directions is a different thing altogether, and perfectly understandable.

Flags and banners have been used for centuries to identify tribes, to mark boundaries, to signal battle field movements and messages between ships and even to judge wind direction and velocity.

However using them at a place of worship like a church raises a lot of speculation. It makes one wonder if it does more good than harm to the ministry. It’s because there is a segment of people who consider using flags and perhaps dancing with them at a ministry only ends up an attraction. However there’s more to it than meets the eye.



1. Helps change the atmosphere

If you wonder why and how banners have a place in a ministry, well it’s mainly because the right flags and colors give specific meanings that can even change the atmosphere.

They can help change a person’s mindset to make them feel more secure or perhaps feel like they have achieved something in life. The right banners can even help create a sense of victory in life over something evil or the dreadful.

2. Baptism banners

Banners are also popularly used in churches during baptisms. It’s perfect to inform everyone in the ministry about a baptism, and with feather flags coming with stands; they can be prominently placed in the ministry so that it’s visible to everyone.

3. Attract the attention of people passing by

This is the most common reason to buy and have feather flags at churches. A bright and informative flag will attract the attention of everyone who passes by. It’s also useful for informing them about any activities, your mass timings and of course, any special events scheduled at church.

4. Make kids’ ministry more attractive

Teardrop flags are perfecto make the kids ministry look all the more attractive and beckoning to kids. It’ll make kids in fact look forward to coming to church on Sundays. You can choose between indoor and outdoor flags to position them wherever you think they will create the best impact with children.

Most banner vendors like let you choose between spike base options for outdoor use, and water or sand bags to help keep the cross base weighted down with indoor use.


5. Additional uses during worship and intercession

However in addition to this, banners are also extensively used in worship and during intercession to symbolically convey God’s messages to His people. In short, intercessors use the help of specific anointed flags to speak out whatever He proclaims in Spirit to His followers.

In fact, flags create a distinct atmosphere in churches when used for the following reasons:

· To indicate magnificence amidst the audience

It is waved to give honor and credence to the King and to help claim His magnificence.

· Proof of loyalty to the Lord’s army

It is waved in worship as proof for loyalty of the Lord’s army members. It’s usually done in the presence of some other men on earth, and before heaven’s powers and principalities.

· A means of communication

The prayers, colors and symbols or words on the flags are integral in communication. It is used to speak to the Lord through the character that is depicted on the flag. Followers tend to ask Him to reveal Himself to them, and to also reveal what’s in His heart with the help of flags.

A flag idolizing Him as Jehovah Roi (Shepherd Lord) means his followers want to turn, and speak to Him as a leader, protector and comforter. It’s perhaps because these very followers are crying out and expecting Him to bring them to the place of restoration.

They may even expect Him to at least use the banners to show a direction for a situation. Some are even ready to wait for His response through a banner.

· Used as a light and for identifying His children

There’s also a reason for ministers to use flags at church. It’s mainly used for identifying followers as His children, messengers and servants. It’s used as His light, beacons and salt. In short, flag and banner worship go a long way at proving the followers to be Children of the High Mighty God and a testimony of Christ.

· Indicates God’s presence

Lifting flags in church during worship also symbolizes Moses’ action while he lifts his rod. This rod of his is actually a shepherd’s staff that is symbolically a flag used to indicate God’s presence, authority and power over the enemy.

It sort of reveals what is going on spiritually so that intercessors can pray or engage in spiritual warfare to find out what is going on spiritually. Intercessors proclaim that the best way to put up a fight against the enemy is by waving a flag.

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· To rally church troops

Flags are metamorphically used to rally troops in churches. The troop fights not against flesh and blood, but instead against the spiritual wicked forces in heavenly abodes. The act of raising a flag triggers unity and loyalty in the King’s army while gathering warriors to strategize and strengthen the chances of victory.

· Declare His territory

Flags help claim or declare territory in His name, and asks the Holy Spirit to purify, bind and eliminate all demons and evil spirits. It is believed that not establishing Spiritual boundaries only leaves lives open to the enemy’s realms and thoughts. Flags help claim one’s territory, and seek His Holy Spirit’s spiritual protection and assistance.

· For ‘directing warfare’

Banners are also used in church to ‘direct warfare’ not in the actual sense, but more in a spiritual manner. Ancient soldiers used to depend on ribbons or flags to determine the wind direction so that they knew how and where to shoot arrows.

Similarly, worship flags are flown in the physical realm to show what happens in the spiritual world. In short, it actually relates to the Holy Spirit’s ‘wind direction’ on a given day.

· Mark of victory

It goes without saying that banners are also used to display and mark one’s victory. In the case of the church, the victory here is symbolized by the boasting of the name of the Lord.

· Helps restore faith

Banners also play an important part in restoring and reminding people about the faith they have in Him. Moses was in the bible instructed by God to place a bronze serpent on a pole.

This was done so that it would act as a focal point so that whoever saw it would be healed of the deadly wild serpents’ bites. Similarly the Cross in faith in banners pose as a visual reminder of His faithfulness and the wonderful qualities of the God Almighty.

· To declare specific events

Like always, banners are also used to declare specific events or seasons at the church like to announce the spirit of Elijah. You can also use church banners to announce and show to your community what God has been doing over the years. These flags are perfect for celebrating and honoring those who had gone before, but have also in the process laid a foundation for today.

· In the dance of worship to God

Then there are people who have the gift of dance who artistically use a flag or banner in their praise and worship to the Lord. In fact, dancing with banners is considered to be an act of worship, as long as the banner bearer is dancing with pure devotion, and pictures of Him reveling in their minds.

It should be known that dancing with banners are not generally considered to be a form of worship if it’s done just to gain the attention of others or as a form of competition or comparison amongst the worshippers.

In short, it all depends on the worshiper’s heart. And as it’s only God who can see and knows what goes on in the worshiper’s heart, it is not right, or even possible for anyone to rightly judge a person’s worship.

It’s mainly people who find the dancing with flags distracting in a place of worship who do the judging. However unfortunately they are the ones who are at fault because they are not in the right mindset and attitude of praise to judge the flag bearer’s dance of worship.


Significance of banner in churches colors

Just because you plan to use banners at church to worship Him doesn’t mean that you can use any colors while printing. The different colors have different, significant meanings in Christ which is why you should know about them before ordering your praise and worship flags and banners.

Green is the color to use if you want to use a flag to symbolize prosperity, healing, praise, victory, rest, new life and growth and hope. It’s best used in flags meant to herald the New Year or victory over spirits or even for declaring specific events or seasons.

You should use orange in flags meant to be used as a warning or to show signs of endurance, ambition, strength, harvest or a prophetic ministry. It can perhaps be used in flags used to spiritually direct warfare.

Yellow is ideal to symbolize sunshine, happiness, friendship, caution, resurrection, healing, life, hope, peace and rest. They can be used in flags used during resurrection events or to depict the start of a new season or event.


It’s needless to say that black is used to symbolize death, mourning, evil, sins, fear of God and for judgments. It can perhaps be used on a day of mourning.

Amber is commonly used to depict the presence of God, thanks to its fiery passion and wisdom it propels. It’s considered to be the epitome of God’s anointing and used to harbor good and positive vibes to the ministry.

White as always depicts purity, Christ, Joy and angels which is why it’s used with blue and black to depict liberty and freedom in a movement. It may also be used to mark the church’s spiritual achievements.

Red is commonly used in flags to show fire, courage, war, sacrifice, redemption and fervent love. It’s used in flags with blue and white to depict freedom while a combination with gold and green to depict hope and love.

It is however important to remember that it is not enough to just print banners in specific colors for specific reasons. It’s only if He decides to anoint and put God into the flags will they convey these messages.

Without an anointment they remain to be just pretty pieces of fabric. It’s only if and when God gives the flags power will He honor whatever worship and intercession practiced with the flags.

Choose the right banners for your church

However you can decide what type of flag to get for your church. Feather or teardrop flags prove to be a useful investment. They are made of polyester, which not only make them a long lasting investment, but also means they can be safely used indoors or outdoors as you please.

Most flag vendors send you banners with a choice of bases to choose and use as need be. The spikes are meant for outdoor use where the ground is soft enough to poke the spikes in while the cross base is meant to use on cement or concrete floors indoors or outdoors.

The flags also reach you in a compact bag to conveniently store the banners after use. This helps prolong its life. There’s no need to fret about designing the flags, and choosing and using ht right colors. It’s fine if you have your own ideas for your church banners.

However if you don’t, the flag vendor usually has their own in-house team to help you out with the designing. You just have to mention why and when you plan to use the flags, and they will design the best church flags for you.

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Top 10 best cost-effective feather flag sites

Marketing, marketing, and much more marketing. There is nothing more important for a business to flourish than through the appropriate marketing techniques. It helps increase sales, engage customers and most importantly, it keeps customers informed about their brand, products, and services.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can spend on advertising. In fact, the sky’s the limit as it all depends on the creativity vested into the type of advertisement used.

Successful marketing is not always expensive

However, it is not always possible for a business to spend lots on advertising. Besides, it is not always that the most expensive advertising option reaps the best results. Sometimes cheaper and cost-effective marketing options like feather flag give better results, at minimal investment.

Some businesses prefer opting for a versatile type of advertising, and at the same time cost-effective. There is one mode of advertisement that fits this description, which is feather flag.

What are feather flags?

Feather flags are as the name suggests, flags which are shaped like a feather. They offer a cheap and convenient means of marketing. All you need to do is buy one or a few flags, and then you can choose and use them as needed for your marketing needs.

You have the choice of using them both indoors and outdoors, and if you take care of them properly when not in use, they can easily last for at least a few years.

A onetime investment

Yes, unlike other advertisement options like the internet, newspaper, billboards, and television, feather flag are more like a onetime investment. You don’t have to pay every time you need some advertising like you would have to advertise in newspapers and the television.

Besides, you never do know if your ad reaches out to your target audience through newspapers and television. Different people watch different channels and read different newspapers, so you never do know if your ad has done what you wanted it to do, which is to reach your preferred audience.

This, however, doesn’t happen with feather flag or banners. As long as you have the right content printed on them and nothing time specific, you can use the flags for as long as you want and in many ways as required. You also know that people have actually seen it, especially if you have it outside your establishment.

Besides, the feather flag  come with different bases for you to choose and use either indoors or outdoors. The flag comes with a spike for outdoor use, to poke into the grass and use as support. In case of indoor venues, there is a cross-base for support, which you can weigh down with water or sandbag for additional support.

Top 10 cost-effective feather flag sites (8)

Cost-effective feather flag sites

Despite feather flags offering a rather competitive and cheaper edge over its rival advertisement options, there is still fierce competition between different feather flag companies.

Just take a look at the internet. You will find that you have so many companies out there ready to print your flag or flags for you at competitive rates. You may be tempted to work with a cheaper and more cost effective feather flag site or company, because of the amount of money you stand to save.

However, you should remember that a cheaper option is not always the best. You need to do your research to ensure you end up with a cheap, but good feather flag company or website.

With the internet being the easiest and resourceful means of doing your research and getting work done, let’s focus on finding out how to locate the top ten cost effective feather flag sites.

Top 10 cost-effective feather flag sites (7)

What to look out for

You do not compile your list just based on the rates offered by the different sites. There are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, take a look at the site.

Legitimate website

Make sure it looks like a legitimate website, and not a scam. There are many illegal sites online, so beware of them. They tend to offer low rates in the hope of roping in clients, only to later take their money but either don’t supply flags or supply poor-quality ones. There is nothing more disappointing than to pay for a poor quality flag which does not help market your business for you at all.

Top 10 cost-effective feather flag sites (4)

Go through customer reviews or testimonials

You can tell more about the website by taking a look at a few customer testimonials. Instead of just reading and depending on the testimonials you find on their site, it is better to spend some time checking forums on feather flag companies.

You get a better idea of the company’s competency at feather flags through them. Many sites are however known to pay people to write good and positive, but false testimonials to post onto the site. You have to identify and stay away from them.

Remember, if the site has too many positive reviews, or if you feel that the rates or reviews seem to be too good to be true, it is better to trust your gut instinct and avoid dealing with the site.

Top 10 cost-effective feather flag sites (5)

Pay the websites a visit

Once you know that the site seems to be legitimate, take a good look at the website itself. Look at the types of feather banners they offer to make sure they have flags you are looking for. They usually have different shaped and sized flags where you get to choose the right ones for yourself.


Look for sites that let you customize your feather flags. Most of the feather flag websites offer standard flag designs and templates for you to choose and use as you like.

However, this does not mean that you should use only standard flags. It is not always that you need a standard flag or template for your company feather flag.

Sometimes you may need to customize the design based on your own ideas or with some assistance. There are some sites like that can help you here.

They have their in-house designers who will help design your feather flag for you. They don’t even charge for this service, so there is no worry about prices here.


It is better to deal with sites which have a few different sized feather flags for you to choose from. You need to decide on the right height flag based on where you intend to use it.

The taller flags are a better buy if you want your flag to be seen from a distance like at outdoor venues like the stadium. The shorter flags are a better option if you plan to use the banner outside your establishment to perhaps to announce the opening of your business or the day’s special or just to advertise about your business.

Single or double-sided banners

If you find the feather banners that you desire on the site, then you next need to take a look at whether they are double sided or single sided. The double-sided flags obviously have prints on both sides, with a blocker layer in between them.

There is a purpose for this layer, which is to prevent light or the design from the other side bleeding and spoiling the design. This is an added benefit to choosing a double sided banner for your advertisement. Though it may cost a bit more, you not only have double the space to print your content, whatever is printed is clearly visible from both sides.

This is unlike the cheaper single sided flags where depending on the printer and printing process used, there is a chance of colors bleeding through. Besides, while the content on both sides of double-sided flags can be seen and read from afar, the content printed on single sided flags is seen in the reverse from behind.

Shipping policies and packages

Go through the website to find out more about their shipping policies and any packages they offer. Most of them offer free shipping, which is a bonus with their low rates. There are also many sites that give a discount for bulk orders.

This means that instead of just printing a single feather flag, it is worth printing a few flags in different sizes, or same sizes. You can then use the banners at multiple venues like outside your establishment and at venues like golf courses, stadiums, and trade shows. You could also perhaps consider ordering in bulk and using your feather flags as directional flags at any venue, to direct visitors to your stall.

The time needed to print banners

It goes without saying that it is better to deal with a site that prints and delivers your flag within a day or two. This way you are assured you will get the flag as soon as possible in time for the event or the opening of your establishment.

Additional accessories

It is also worth visiting and checking a few sites to find out what optional accessories they provide with your feather flag. Most of them offer a customized carry bag to use for storing your feather flags after dismantling. You can then conveniently use the bag to either carry the flag to the new destination or store it till you next need it.

Top 10 cost-effective feather flag sites (3)

Easy navigation and use

It is also better to deal with a feather flag website that is easy to navigate and understand. This way you will feel more comfortable choosing and printing your desired banner.


This is the penultimate factor that may help finalize your choice of feather banner printer. Make a list of the rates quoted by the different sites. Also list out the various packages and discounts they offer for buying in bulk and free shipping.

It is left to you to compare and analyze the data that you have compiled, and accordingly decide on the best feather flag site to do business with. Though you may have to spend some time to do all this, it is well worth it. You end up with a list of cost effective feather flag sites you can approach for your marketing needs.

Top 10 cost-effective feather flag sites (6)

List of top 10 cost-effective feather flag websites

Now that you know what to look out for while looking for cost-effective feather flag sites, here is a list of the top 10 sites on the internet today. Of course, there may be more sites out there, but these are sites that have a reasonably good collection of feather flag, and they are all affordably priced to meet your budget.











While all these are legitimate and come with reasonably priced and range of banners, one company that stands out of the rest is If you ask why it is because of the additional offers they have besides their affordable rates. offers not just free shipping of flags, but also has an in-house designer who will help design your banner for you, free of cost. This is a company that is famous for manufacturing the best quality feather flags at the lowest prices. They boast of a long list of satisfied customers, which is enough proof of their commitment, price and customer support.

So you see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on marketing. Thanks to feather flag sites, you now have a wide variety of affordably priced feather flags to choose and use to advertise about your establishment.


Feather flags – A cost-effective form of advertising of restaurants

Increasing visibility is the prime factor that helps increase the number of patrons to your restaurant. You naturally employ as many effective steps as possible into your advertising campaign. One of the many cost-effective options you have available today is feather flags.

If you wonder why, it’s because feather flags can be used as many times as you want, at as many places as required. This means that you don’t just use them to advertise about the special weekend breakfast and other meals you serve at the restaurant, outside it.

You can also use it to exhibit your store at a trade show, exhibition or even at sports events. The reason for this is because these flags can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It comes with various types of bases for you to choose and use as required. If it’s an indoor venue like an exhibition or tradeshow stall, then you have a flag with a cross base which can be weighted down with a water or sandbag to prevent it from moving. In case of an outdoor venue, you can use a ground spike to poke into the ground for support.

Feather flags - A cost-effective form of advertising of restaurants (10)

How to set up feather flags?

Besides, these flags are easily set up and dismantled. You can do it alone, without another person’s assistance. You just have to connect its parts. It’s usually two fiberglass poles in case of a small feather flag kitset or three poles in case of a large kitset.

The poles have to be pushed into the sleeves, to its very end. Most flag providers like also have a thick padding to protect the end of the flag. You next have to pull the sleeve all the way to the base of the pole, and tie the thread to the hooker found at the pole base.

Adjust the thread lock with one hand, while holding the sleeve with the other. You may need some assistance in holding the sleeve if it’s the first time you are setting up the flag. But you will be able to do it alone with some experience.

You can also do the dismantling alone, and once you are done, store the flag in its carrier bag that accompanies it. This bag can be used to both store the flag when not in use, and to carry it from one venue to another.

Feather flags - A cost-effective form of advertising of restaurants (4)

Tips for making your feather banner life longer

Storing the flag in the carrier bag is most important for prolonging the life of your feather flag. There are a few other tips you can use to make your flag last longer. This includes properly installing your feather flag, using the tips mentioned above.

· It also helps if you take down the flag, and keep it indoors if it’s very stormy, windy or rainy outdoors. While it is safe to keep the flags outdoors, extreme weather conditions may take its toll on the flag.

· The colors last longer if you set up the flag in a spot that’s out of direct sunlight. The more sunlight that falls on the colors, the quicker it fades.

· Last, but not least, it helps if there is nothing around the banner in the advertising area. Sometimes sharp objects and other similar objects may accidentally do some damage to the feather flag, which could have been avoided.

Feather flags - A cost-effective form of advertising of restaurants (8)

Tips for selecting the right feather flag for your restaurant

It’s not always easy selecting the right flag for your restaurant. There’s so much that goes into selecting ones like the right colors, size, and type. Read on to find out more about the points to consider.

1. Single sided or double sided print

There are two types of feather flags available; they are single sided and double sided printed flags. As the name suggests, the single-sided flags have graphics or images printed on only one side of the flag.

Though this may seem to be a cheaper and more viable option, there is a drawback here. The image on the back part of the flag is usually viewed in reverse.

This means that someone who reads the backside of the flag will get confused, and won’t be able to understand what you are trying to convey through the flag.

In case of a double-sided flag, two feather banners are printed with the required content on each of them and sewn together. There is an additional blackout material placed in between the two to ensure nothing is seen through them.

This way the images and content on the flags can be seen the right way on both sides. It’s left to you to decide if you want to print the same things on both sides, or perhaps you’re contact details and timings on one side, and some pictures or names of meals you serve on the other side.

The double printing costs make these flags a slightly more expensive and heavier option. However considering the improved clarity it offers, it’s actually worth paying more for them.

Feather flags - A cost-effective form of advertising of restaurants (3)

2. Size

Next in line is the size of the feather flag. You have to make your choice based on where you plan to use it. Smaller flags have a better impact when placed at the entrance of your restaurant, to welcome people into your establishment. You can alternatively use them to advertise about the day’s special meal or any other special offers you have.

Taller flags are better used at promotional events like a food fest. The venue will be large, and taller flags are better seen by people all around the grounds or venue.

Just remember to keep the exhibition hall’s height in mind while choosing, so that the flag fits in properly. You can also use shorter banners here as directional flags too. Place them at the entrance of the fest so that people know about your stall, and are directed to it.

Feather flags - A cost-effective form of advertising of restaurants (1)

Other ways to use your feather flags

Feather flags are a onetime investment that will easily last a few years if taken care of properly. The images and content on the flag are anyway digitally printed, which guarantees that the print and colors are bold and rich, and easily visible from afar.

It also means the print doesn’t fade easily and will last longer. It’s better to make maximum use of these banners, to advertise about your restaurant without any additional costs.

Unlike paper and television ads where you have to pay for additional advertisements on other days and channels, feather flags once bought can be used as many times as you like, in any of the following manners:

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1. Promoting sales and offers

You can use the flags to inform passers-by about the day’s special or about any weekend or public day offers you have at the restaurant. It’s only if you get as many people to know about your special meals can you expect them to come down for a meal!

You could perhaps have a couple of flags printed with pictures and information about your special dishes and offers. You can then rotate and use them as and when you plan to have them each day.

2. Improve your brand image by sponsoring events

You can use your feather flags to boost business and build a positive brand image by sponsoring some community events, sports leagues or charities. A higher level of community engagement from your side not only increases the chances of customers patronizing your restaurant, but it also gives small establishments a means of competing against their bigger competitors.

So don’t forget to put up your banner at the local sports league met where you made a big donation. People like businesses which are actively involved in community events and will look forward to doing business with you.

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3. Announce about special events

If you plan to organize a pizza eating completion or a food fest, feather flags are a great way to publicize and promote the event. In fact, if you organize one every year, it’s worth printing a banner solely for it, and then hang it up around town every year when it’s coming nearby.

As you plan to use the same flag every year, it’s important that you don’t mention any dates on it. You can instead print words like ‘The second Sunday of the month’ and plan the competition and marketing accordingly.

4. Generate attention

This is probably the main reason you’d bought the feather flag in the first place- to generate attention to your restaurant when you first opened it. The best way to garner maximum attention to the flags, and expect more people to patronize your restaurant is by using vibrant colors and interesting graphics that can attract any person’s attention.

With so many other establishments also putting up their own flags and signs, you have to make your look special so that even casual passers-by know about you, and grow inquisitive to find out more about your food.

It’s worth spending some money on professional photographers to click photos of your dishes so that you can use them on your banners. These photographers know the right angle to click photos that highlight the beauty of your food so much that anyone who sees it feels hungry immediately, and want to taste it.

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5. In trade shows

As mentioned earlier, feather flags are really useful at trade shows. You can use them to not only mark your stall, but also use short flags as directional flags, showing people who enter the venue about your stall, and the way to it.

How to get maximum results from your feather flags

Now that you know how to choose your flag, and the many ways you can make use of your one-time investment, here are some tips to help maximize the benefits and the number of people you attract through them.

· Choose and use the right colors.

It’s better to have contrasting colors when it comes to background, images, and print. You want people to be able to read whatever you have printed on it, which is possible only if the print is in contrasting colors.

Avoid using the surrounding colors as the background color. This means that if it’s a tall flag, a sky blue background wouldn’t be a good idea because it blends into the surroundings.

Similarly, short flags won’t be seen prominently if they have a green background, and your flag is placed in front of it. In other words, keep your locality and colors in mind while designing your feather flags.

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· Don’t crowd the flag.

If you have lots to tell your potential customers, it is better to divide and print whatever you want to convey in 4-5 flags. This is much easier for passers-by to see and read.

Crowding everything into a single flag won’t serve its purpose much because onlookers won’t understand what is written on it. It’s better printing about your special dish on one banner, your weekend breakfast offer on another and perhaps your weekly dinner discount on a third banner.

This way passers-by know exactly what they want to know about your offers and will plan to pay you a visit one day accordingly.

· Never too much of advertisement.

There is no rule stipulating that you can put up your feather flags only when you are at a tradeshow, have special offers or are sponsoring an event. You can always have a flag placed in front of your restaurant because recurring views always means recurring value.

With so many people passing by your restaurant, there is always someone out there who will want to try out your meals just by looking at your flags. If you worry about people slowly ignoring your flag after seeing it every day, then you could switch the display a few times a year to look new and updated.


So you see. If you are looking for a cost-effective and effective marketing option for your restaurant, a feather flag may be just what you need. It’s economically priced, versatile in function and easily ordered online from stores like

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Why your hair salon needs teardrop flags

As a hair stylist, you tend to create hair styling masterpieces for your customers, and introduce new hair treatment options. You work at making them look the best with the right haircut and treatment.

Just like you choose the best haircut for them based on their face shape and hair type, you should use the best advertising campaign to let as many people know about you.

What better way is there to achieve this than with the help of flapping, feathering, flattering and swooping teardrop flags?

Yes, these are all the things you can expect these flags to do because they are not like ordinary stiff flags. They are shaped like a teardrop and though rigid in structure, are flexible enough to flutter in the wind to grab people’s attention. It thus helps provide an exciting and stylish way of advertising about your hair salon.

Why your hair salon needs teardrop flags (1)f

Why your hair salon needs teardrop flags

· Extreme visibility

Yes, unlike other traditional advertising options, teardrop flags are extremely visible. They stand tall and are designed using bright colors to let people around your hair salon and to let them know all about your services and about any promotional activities or offers you have. In other words, with teardrop flags, you know your salon will be noticed.

· Increases traffic

This is but natural and complements the first reason. The improved visibility the teardrop flag provides to your hair salon obviously leads to more people visiting you. The more you divulge about the different services you offer at your hair salon, the more people you can expect.

You could perhaps opt to use not one, but a few teardrop flagsat the entrance of your shop or mall. Instead of squeezing details about all the services you have to offer, it is better to print each service you offer on each flag.

This means you could use one flag to advertise about your hair cutting prowess, and another for your hair styling skills and another, for hair colors. You reach out to more people this way, which in turn leads to more traffic.

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What exactly are teardrop flags?

Feather flags are also referred to as flutter flags or swooper flags, and teardrop flags are one variant of them. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! The flag is called a teardrop flag because it’s more rounded in shape, like a teardrop, which differentiates it from other feather flags. The flag tapers as it reaches the base while the top part comprises a wide and roundish space for printing your message.

1. Construction

One marked feature about teardrop flags that should be mentioned is that it’s built to last. Once you buy a flag or a bunch of flags, you can use it as many times as you want, for as many years as required.

Of course, this also depends on your usage. The more it’s used outdoors, the quicker the flags tend to fade with time. Yes, you have the option of using these flags both at outdoor and indoor venues.

It’s not necessary that you only use them outside your hair salon. If you will be participating in some trade show at an indoor venue, you can use the same flags to advertise and let people know about your stall there.

2. Indoor and outdoor use

If you wonder how come these flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, it’s because the banners come with not just one base, but with a few different varieties.

You can choose between a spiked base for outdoor use and a round base that is weighted down with sandbags or water bags for indoor use. However even though the flags are designed to use outdoors, it’s always better and safer if you bring them inside during extreme outdoor weather conditions. This helps prolong the banner’s life.

3. Hardware

Teardrop flagsTeardrop flags come with durable fiberglass poles which you have to choose and order based on your requirements. Most flag companies like offer a choice of three sizes for you to choose from.

Obviously taller flags are better if you want to target clients from afar, where the flags will be visible from a distance. However, if you plan to just place it in front of your hair salon, just to tell passers-by about your salon, then it is better to use shorter flags which are easier for them to read.

The banner’s pole is of fiberglass, and is made of a few sections and has a round end. This is a preventive measure, to prevent the pole tearing the banner during strong winds.

The flag usually comes with a tether line which with the ground spike, can help secure it. It is the ball bearings in the flag that keep rotating to let it spin freely in the wind.

4. Use to advertise all your copy material

If you have a catchy tag line or logo that many people know about your hair salon, then you can use the teardrop banners to display the tagline and logos and contact information.

This is especially useful at tradeshows, where you can place the flags at the entrance. This improves the chances of people learning about your hair salon and all the special services and sales you have to offer.

5. Display special deals and offers

Teardrop flags are best for letting people know about any special offers and deals you have at your hair salon. It’s much more effective than printing ads in the newspaper because newspaper ads are a one-time investment.

You have to pay for another day if you want to repeat the ad another day in the papers. Instead of spending on newspaper advertisements every other day or week or month, it is way better to invest in a few teardrop banners. You will be able to use anytime you have something special to offer.

Teardrop banners are great for using inside your salon too. You can use them to let your regular and new clients know about the services you offer, and any special discounts and offers you have scheduled for the day.

This way your customer can get all the information they may want from the banners, and save your time by not asking you the same questions.

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6. Customized printing

Teardrop flags are printed using UV-resistant inks. This is to ensure it lasts longer outdoors, with minimal fading. Besides, the full-color dye sublimation printing process provides for much better absorbency and clarity in the printing.

You can customize them to project your salon at its best. As mentioned earlier, it is better using a few of them so that you can tell passers-by more about the different services and offers your hair salon has for them.

The fact that the flags are made of polyester silk materials make them easy to maintain and store. As you will be folding and keeping it in their accompanying carrier bag when not in use, the polyester banner doesn’t wrinkle much. If it does, it’s anyway not visible, so will not spoil its looks.

7. Choose between single or double side prints

One of the major advantages of teardrop banners worth mentioning is the fact that you can opt to print on either or both sides. You can actually save more money in this way because you can either print the same content on both sides, or perhaps present an image of a hairstyle or hair treatment on one side, and use the other side to print your contact information and perhaps timing.

There is no worry about any color leaching with double side prints because there is a lining in the middle that prevents the prints on each side showing through to the other side.

In fact, it is better to use a double-sided teardrop flag for your hair salon because its prints come out much more vibrant and noticeable from any direction.

Besides, the single-sided versions with only one side prints are rather print-through in nature. This means that there is a chance of your design being slightly visible from the back side.

While single sided flags may be cheaper, they are not as effective at advertising about your hair salon and offers as double-sided options.

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8. Versatility and portability

Teardrop flags are not like other banners where you may need help hanging them up. They are lightweight and can be easily dismantled and assembled by a single person.

You do not have to wait or depend on someone else to set it up. Unlike other banners, you don’t have to ask any permission to hit nails on walls or get permission to set them up.

The flags have a small base and take up minimal space, to conveniently be put up in minimal space in front of your hair salon, inside it or even at an exhibition or trade show.

Besides, once dismantled, you just have to place all the parts into the accompanying carry bag, place it in your car and store them till the next time you need it.

9. Minimal maintenance

You can prolong your flag’s life with proper, but minimal care and maintenance. Make a habit of washing them once they get filthy. This is not a problem because they are anyway safe to use in washing machines. However, it is better to air dry them because these materials cannot be machine dried or ironed.

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How to get best results from your hair salon teardrop flag

While using bold and preferably the right colors are the best steps to employ for a very effective banner, there are a few other handy tips you can use for maximum visibility and results from your flag.

· Proper hierarchy with words

As you will be printing some content on the flags, you can get better response and effects if you print them in the proper manner. This means that you should have the most important text placed either at the top of the banner, or you can alternately use the largest text for it.

The reason for this is that even if someone takes just a fleeting glance at the banner, they will at least realize the message you wish to convey to them.

Why your hair salon needs teardrop flags (6)

· Use proper alignment

Alignment is important, especially in cases of banners containing photos and text. You have to work at creating an appealing look where all the design elements are properly lined up. This means that if you plan to place the text in the center of the banner, then your hair salon image should also be placed in the center, and not on the sides.

· Proper color contrast

Not only should you use the right colors in your banner, but the text and background should also be in contrasting colors. The reason for this is that reading the text will be difficult if it’s too similar to the background color. In fact, the two may even seem to blend together to someone reading your banner from afar.

Why your hair salon needs teardrop flags (7)

· Use minimal design elements

When it comes to printing, less is always more. This means that the fewer design elements used in the banner, the clearer and easily understood it is. Design elements are nothing but the photo, text and any clip art you think may make the teardrop flag look beautiful.

While it may look beautiful to you, remember that the purpose of the banner is to convey some important information to the reader. So if there is too much printed on the banner, then it gets difficult for the onlooker to read it. It’s better to create a sign that’s easily read and understood.

· Minimal number of fonts

Similarly, you may enjoy trying out, and even using a few fonts on your teardrop banner. However, too many different fonts in a single design only make the banner look unorganized and cluttered.

It may even prove difficult for someone to read and understand from afar. It’s better to thus limit the design to only one or two fonts because it looks more cohesive, and creates a banner with text that’s easy to read.

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How pop-up A-frame banners can help generate business for your restaurant


A restaurant is a really lucrative business if you have regular customers. If not, you may end up losing a substantial amount of money if all the cooked food is not sold.

This is something you can’t afford to risk and can avoid by advertising about your business to rake in as many customers as possible. This is where pop-up A-frame banners can come in handy.

What exactly are pop-up A-frame Banners?

No, these are not some kind of popping flags or something. They are banners that are also powerful marketing tools for your business. They offer the benefit of being lightweight and are portable in nature.

This means that you can use them in other places besides outside your restaurant. You can take them to any other venue where you want to advertise about your establishments like at trade shows, food fairs, and promotions.

These banners come with a convenient storage bag to store and carry the banner wherever you go. Yes, they can fit into bags because they have a collapsible, folding metal frame.

The fact that they have a collapsible, folding metal frame also makes it safe to use even in places where there is lots of traffic. There is no worry about it scratching or hurting people as they pass by.


5 Benefits and reasons to buy pop-up A-frame banners

pop-up A-frame Banners offers lots of benefits and reasons to invest in them.

1. Can be used to give directions

First and foremost, they are not only useful to advertise about your restaurant, but you can also use them as directional signage at a food fair or festival.

You can perhaps place it at the entrance of the fair so that people see it upon entering the fair. They then know about your presence, and will follow the directions to reach your stall and know more about you.

2. You can set it up alone

These flags are easy to set up. You don’t need another person’s assistance. All it takes are a few minutes and you have it set and ready to advertise about your restaurant wherever you want.

3. Provides two sides for advertisement

The banners come in various shapes and sizes with basic horizontal, vertical or round shapes. No matter which shape you choose, they are all double-sided for maximum exposure and usage.

It is left to you to decide if you want to print the same images and content on each side or something different. You could perhaps print an image of your special dish or something else associated with your restaurant like colors or logo.

You can use the other side for printing your address and contact details. So you indirectly save money here. You have everything you want to get across to the reader printed on a single banner instead of two banners.


4. Saves you money

Talking about saving money, these pop-up A-frame Banners save you money in other ways too. For example, it’s cheaper than other advertising media options like a website and an ad on the television.

While an ad only appears as many times you pay for it to appear during a show, these banners can be used as many times as you want. Even an ad in newspapers appears only on the stipulated days you pay for.

On the contrary, once you pay for the pop-up A-frame banner, you can use it as many times as you want. You can use it every day, and through the day, 24/7.

If maintained well, you can use these banners for as long as a year. Yes, you can also wash the banners once in a way because it’s printed with dye sublimation process on washable, durable and weatherproof fabric.

Any graphics printed on it will last anywhere between 3 and 6 months if used outdoors. Continuous exposure to the sun can lead to the gradual fading of colors with time. So avoid using it continuously outdoors if you want them to have your flags looking good, colorful and bright for as long as possible.

5. Can be used at both indoor and outdoor venues

The pop-up A-frame banner can be used to advertise about your restaurant in both indoor and outdoor venues. This is because you have a choice of bases to use as is appropriate.

You can use the ground stakes if you have to promote your restaurant somewhere outdoors with soft surfaces like sand, grass, snow or soil. The flags have a cross base which can be weighed down with a water or sandbag if used in an indoor venue with a hard surface.

Do not think that just because these banners are lightweight that they will not be able to stand up outside. In fact, they are crafted with outdoor use specifically in mind.

The base framework is made of light, but firm and flexible fiberglass poles while the print material is made of not just polyester, but mesh polyester fabric. This is a semi-permeable fabric that lets wind pass through it.


This proves helpful to the banner because it prevents it from blowing right over. You also find polyester pockets which secure the graphic to the fiberglass poles.

If you wonder what the distancing straps and touch fastener security straps are for, well they are used for keeping the banner upright and to provide a stable base.

How to make maximum use of pop-up A-frame banners

You can maximize your investment by making the best use of your banners. This is best achieved by investing in some form of sales copy that effectively captures, and keeps the reader interested.

· By creating an effective sales copy

You have to do this by capturing the prospective leads’ attention by creating effective sales copy that will intrigue and compel the reader to do something. It may not necessarily be dining at our restaurant. Even their asking about your timings, dishes and rates prove that you have created some interest, and connection with them.

This is best achieved by:

1. Coming up with a strong headline

As the headline is what most people read, and instigates them to read or ignore the body copy, you have to come up with a really interesting and compelling headline.

In fact, it’s your headline that helps your business garner attention from the most likely prospects. So look for a headline that gives them a reason to continue reading your copy content.

The best way to do this is by including numbers in the headline or by asking the reader a question. You can also use interest-triggering adjectives like essential, free and effortless along with unique rationale words like secrets, ideas, and tricks and trigger words like why, when and how in the title.

Don’t forget to give a brief description of your restaurant, and its specialties. You can perhaps mention why your existing customers love your food and dishes so much. If you specialize in some specter of the food market this is where you have an opportunity to mention it.

2. Including a call to action

Your pop-up A-frame banner will prove to be ineffective if it doesn’t garner the reader to make a call to action. So you have to aim at making it as interesting and effective at generating sales and inquiries as possible.

You could do this by perhaps providing your contact number and your contact details. You can also alternatively ask the reader to send an email, visit your website or speak to a representative for the next step.


3. By creating a professional –looking banner

It’s the perfect design and print that complements and accentuates your ideal marketing message. This is why you have to work at improving your banner’s restaurant presentation by:

· The help of high-resolution professional images

· Maintaining consistent brand images, colors, and fonts

· Maintaining a clear, simple and minimalistic layout

· Including your business’s logo at the banner top

· Making maximum use of colors by balancing a maximum of 2-3 colors

· Ensuring your copy will influence maximum prospective restaurant patrons

4. Using them at the right places

The right location also goes a long way at bringing patrons to your restaurant. It’s not enough to spend so much money and effort in producing a unique pop-up A-frame banner. They will not be of much use if you don’t know the right location to keep them.

Besides the entrance of your restaurant or somewhere in your locality, trade shows are another great place to use them.

· At a trade show

The actual intention of participating in a trade show is for each stall to garner the attention of passersby as quickly and effectively as possible. You have to ensure your signage is attractively colored and designed enough to stand out against the others.

There is no point in investing in other so-called trade show eye-catchers like multi-panel fabric pop-ups, retractable stands, ceiling-mount graphics, and other similar signs. Not only are they expensive, but they are also difficult to handle and deal with.

While they may be able to pique some interest from onlookers, what is the point of investing in these expensive flags that are difficult to set up when you can get the same effects from your cheaper and easier to use pop-up A-frame Banners?

Your faithful pop-up A-frame banner is more than enough to use at a trade show. As long as you get your colors and message right, having a few around your stall and using some as directional signs will let quite a few people know about your restaurant.

How to choose between differently shaped banners

If you are finding it difficult and confused about which sized banner to buy, well here is a little help. These collapsible pop-up banner signs generally come in 5 styles, where four are oval-shaped and one is rectangular shaped.

The oval versions are traditionally styled and make a better choice if you plan to do more of outdoor advertising. So if you plan to advertise about your restaurant golf tournaments, sports sidelines or car shows, this shaped banner is the right choice. It is left to you to decide on the size depending on your budget, and the amount of content you intend to print on them.

The rectangular tent-shaped banners are standard in shape but are not the favored option in these outdoor applications. They, on the contrary, offer another unique form of advertisement opportunity.

You can use them side by side to create a solid wall of advertisements without any gaps in between. In other words, they can be used as track or sports field sidelines.

However, suggests that you repeat the same logo, slogan or message across these banners. They do not suggest trying to print a continuous image across the many banners.

You can alternatively create something like a mural effect on the banners. The other option is that instead of a continuous image; you could use a running phrase or alternating phrases and images.


Remember, you will be depending on your pop-up A-frame banner at triggering an intent and interest amongst prospective customers. This means you have to structure it so that it triggers maximum intent or inquiry requests about your restaurant.

The parts of your banner that are most likely to detract prospective customers from doing business are things like long paragraphs, wrong colors and images should be reviewed.

You have to avoid them and then eventually finalize the richer banner design that generates maximum leads and patrons to your restaurant.  Make sure you buy your pop-up A-frame Banners from someone known and experienced like

They will also guide you into choosing the right colors and font that will look the best on their banners. If need be, you can also ask for tips and suggestions as to where you should place your banners, and look forward to the increased clients and business they bring for your restaurant.

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Feather flags can help bring customers to your hair salon

Now that you have set up your dream hair salon, it is time you let people know about you. Of course, newspaper and magazine ads will help, but in addition to it, feather flags are quite effective at drawing attention to your newly established business.

What are feather flags?

No, these are not flags filled with feathers. The reason they are named so is that their structure resembles a flag. You can choose between flags of different lengths ranging from 10 to 20 feet. It is generally enough to get a feather flag that is about 13 to 17 feet tall.

You can attach and dismantle the flags as many times as you want. This means that you can use it to advertise about your hair salon at its entrance or even carry it along with you to trade shows or exhibitions to market about it.

These feather flags are designed to last for quite some time. This makes it convenient for you to use it numerous times at different venues. Besides, it does not matter if you are doing your marketing at an indoor or outdoor event. This is because the flags come with different bases to use as per your needs.

You can use the spike to hold the flag down at an outdoor venue like a ground or on grass, or you can use its cross base with water or sandbag at an indoor venue like a stadium. The water bag is used to weigh down the flag and prevent it from toppling over if and when accidentally hit.


Reasons to use feather flags to advertise about your hair salon

1. Affordably priced

The biggest reason to use feather flags to promote your hair salon is that it is an affordable marketing option. The fact that you can place your order online makes it a cheaper option when compared to the expensive local flag makers.

This is especially true if you compare them with electronic signage that can cost thousands of dollars. And while websites do give you online visibility, they cost a few thousand to a hundred thousand to make.

On the contrary, feather flags cost anywhere between one and two hundred which is definitely a cheaper and better form of advertisement.

2. Durable and reusable

Besides, these feather banners are re-usable, where you can use it for as many times as you want. So you can make a onetime investment in one or preferably a few flags, and then use them as many times as required.

With the right care, like carefully dismantling and storing them in the supplied carrying case to store and carry to other venues, and not using it too much in the hot sunlight which may discolor the flag, you will be able to use the flag for at least a year. This is necessary because like everything else, the flags also go through a natural deterioration process with time.


3. Customization

Another reason is its customization benefit. This means you can use the help of online design tools to design your own message, font, and graphics to highlight your hair salon.

They are especially effective at promoting your logo, and in the process, can even help in branding. In fact, this is the main reason that big brands resort to using them to advertise about their ware and their brand.

The right choice of colors, words, and layout go a long way in altering the way people look at your salon. Do not forget to use a Call to Action in them and that a simple message that’s to the point is always better.

4. Size

The height of these flags gives you all the more reason to use them to advertise about your hair salon. While bigger ones do garner more attention, sometimes you may have no option but to use a smaller one.

This is usually because of county restrictions that only allow flags to go, or not exceed 10ft, or the total height of a given space. This means that if your salon has a 12 ft ceiling, then there is no point getting a taller feather flag. Use one that is less than 12ft in height for maximum effects.

5. Versatility

As mentioned earlier, the flag’s versatility is an important reason to use them for advertising about your salon. You can use them indoors and outdoors thanks to its versatile mounting hardware.

6. Easy to set-up and take down

You don’t have to depend or wait for anyone to put up, or take down your feather flags. You may at the most need about 15 minutes to set it up by yourself.

Tips for effective feather flag marketing for your hair salon

The right use of feather flags can have a huge influence in your hair salon business. Read on to learn a few worthy tips:

1. One is not always enough

While you may feel that a single flag is enough, marketing gurus advocate using multiple flags. You can actually fathom why, because multiple fluttering flags naturally attract more attention than a single one.

2. Right color combination

The right colors play a huge role in effectively marketing your hair salon. For example, it’s always better to use brighter colors because they reach a larger audience.

However, too bright colors are not advised because it makes your brand look unprofessional. You could perhaps evaluate your target audience’s color personality while selecting colors.

With a majority of people having shades of blue in their personality, it’s not surprising that blue is a common color in ads.

3. Place them right

It’s important that you know where to place and use your feather flagsfeather flags. While there is no ‘perfect’ spot to remember, it’s always better to keep it as close to your salon as possible, unless you are promoting it at some other event.

It’s a rule of thumb to place flags wherever it’s visible by maximum traffic. so if you have a choice of placing the flag in front of your salon, which leads to a small street or on the back side that has more traffic, it gives better effects if placed at the back side.

4. Better effects during special events

You may not see that much of an increase in patrons if you have your flags up and fluttering throughout the year. They have a better effect in bringing in more customers if you use them to promote special events.

The presence of flags during special events intrigues the curiosities of people who haven’t used your salon and makes them want to enter and try you out. It doesn’t matter if you hold a promotional event on a monthly or annual basis. Spontaneous use of flags generates more interest and visitors and also prevents the flag from warping in the sun.

5. Send a better message through multiple flags

As feather flags are not so wide in structure, you won’t have much space to print too much on each flag. You can at the most have a logo and one or two words printed on it.

Simpler flags are easily understood by the passer-by. Too many words crammed into a single flag is difficult to understand and will not get the message across well.

It is better buying a few flags and creativity adding a word or two onto each flag to create a sentence or some message that will be projected over the flags.

Mistakes to avoid in feather flags

There are a few simple, but important mistakes you should avoid to garner more interest and patrons through your feather flags.

1. Too long messages

Do not try to cram in too much information onto the flags. Remember your potential patrons have only a few seconds, use them wisely by projecting only important details that they should read and know.

This means that perhaps the opening hours, your specialty and your contact information should be highlighted clearly and short. You have to decide what has to reach out to them, and accordingly, include that in your sign.

For example, if you want to let them know about your salon, and then you need to have the words hair salon printed on it. If you want to get your number across, then it should be given priority and not your address or logo.


2. Using the wrong colors

Don’t make the mistake of using the same colors for the font and background. It’s difficult to read whatever is printed on the flag if the font is the same color as your background color.

Similarly, just because you like a particular color combination doesn’t mean that it fits your banner. Some colors are difficult to read if placed atop other colors. Even using a bevy of colors on a single sign is annoying, and won’t help at getting your message across.

3. Wrong location

It’s important you strategically place your feather flags. Putting up the flag in the wrong places will not serve its purpose.  It has to be somewhere there is maximum traffic and generate more attention.

As feather flags are tall, it’s better to avoid using sky-blue as the background as the flag may blend in with the skyline. Similarly, short flags shouldn’t have too much of green if there is lots of greenery around. They will not be visible to serve its purpose to passers-by.

4. Using fancy scripts as font

If you want our feather flag to let people far away know about your hair salon, then you have to use a legitimate and readable font to print your message. Something written using a fancy script and heavy gothic fonts isn’t easy to read. They will not understand what is on it, and besides, they have to spend more time deciphering the message, which isn’t practical.


5. Too small font

Message printed using too small sized font are also difficult to read. Make sure the font is large enough to be comfortably read by a person driving by in a car from afar.

6. No consistency

Hair salons don’t usually have a brand per se. however, if you plan to put up multiple feather flags, make sure you print your message using the same colors and font you had used to print your store name. This helps maintain consistency and is easily remembered and associated with your store name by the person who sees it.

7. No white space

Some people suffer from a fear of white space, and they feel that there shouldn’t be any empty space on the flag. They just work at filling up the entire sign, which in turn negates the flag effects.

They use huge letters and images that only end up crowding the sign, and make it difficult for anyone to read whatever is printed on it. What’s more important is enforcing as much empty space in between letters and images to easily get whatever message you want to say across.

8. Poor grammar

Yes, you may not realize it but a poorly written feather flag using poor grammar reflects badly on your establishment. Make sure you proofread your feather flag content before printing it. Anything wrong in spellings, grammar, and even colors and design reflect poorly on your business.


Now you know all about the reasons to use feather flags to market about your hair salon and the mistakes to avoid while printing your message, it’s time you did something about your hair salon. While there are many sites you may approach for help and guidance with feather banners, is a leader in the industry.

They have their in-house designers who will help come up with an appropriate design for your flag and also guide you into choosing the right feather flag for your hair salon.

Remember, feather flags are great assets for your hair salon marketing campaign. In fact, most of the best and most popular brands still use them today. They are affordable, can be customized to your requirements and can draw in more customers if used, designed and placed appropriately.