Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising


It’s 2022, The era of digitalization. Businesses are getting digitalized; digital marketing is in trend. But outdoor marketing strategies are still in use with their superb ROI statistics. From the Advertising flags filled roads to mega-sized billboards, outdoor marketing models still dominates the marketing world. These tried, tested, and result-oriented outdoor marketing strategies still have a lot of potentials. This blog will dive into the marketing world to discuss the top 10 outdoor marketing types with the extreme potential to boost your business.

Outdoor Marketing or Out-of-home (OOH) marketing refers to the marketing campaigns run at particular locations (markets or roads) to capture the potential customers’ attention.

Top 10 Outdoor Marketing Types

Outdoor marketing is one of the oldest marketing models with result-oriented history. Outdoor marketing is not dead; it is still one of the best marketing models with incredible return-on-investment statistics. In 2017 Out-of-home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) stated OOH advertising as the best advertising model, with a record 497% ROI in a press release. Another 2017 report shows that 68% of people make their purchasing decisions while traveling in cars. These statics enlightens the significance of outdoor marketing in the modern era; we have compiled a list of the top 10 outdoor marketing types to let you pick the best one for your business.

1.     Billboards

Billboards are the first thing that comes to our minds while thinking about outdoor marketing types. 71% of Americans look at the billboards while driving; that’s a massive number, making billboard marketing one of the best OOH marketing models in 2022. Let’s have a look at different types of billboard marketing.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

  • Static Billboards

Static billboards advertise the brand messages or products on streets or roadsides of busy marketplaces and highways. Static billboards are considered an integral part of multinational companies marketing funnels. They have the potential to convey brand messages to millions of people passing by the billboard in a short time frame.

  • Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are installed on moveable vehicles (buses, trucks, etc.), making them more lucrative than static billboards. You can install your business billboards on a bus or truck passing by a busy market or any concert hosting area. It will convey your brand message to hundreds of thousands of people within a few days.

  • Digital Billboards 

How can you forget digital billboards in this digital era? Digital billboards offer extra benefits by enabling brands to feature their video campaigns in busy market streets and other public places. They are pretty expensive than static billboards, but their incredible results justify the higher cost.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

  • Interactive Billboards

Interactive billboards are engaging promotional campaigns that need audience participation. Companies nowadays use creative marketing ideas to run interactive billboard marketing campaigns. Some general interactive billboard campaigning strategies are listed below,

    • Scanning a QR code from a billboard to decipher the hidden message
    • Change the body position to look at the actual advertising message of the brand.
    • Engage with interactive billboards to win rewards

2.     Advertising Flags

Billboards are not the only outdoor marketing solution; advertising flags are another OOH advertising model with effective results. Advertising flags have a much lower cost than billboards but offer incredible results. You can install your brands’ outdoor flags & banners at markets, roadsides, and public places to capture the audience’s attention at a much lower cost. Advertising flags and banners could be your best choice whether you’re looking for an option to run a location-based marketing campaign or an advertising option for small moveable businesses like a food truck.

Let’s have a look at primarily used advertising flags and banners,

  • Feather Flags – These Feather-shaped flags are pretty popular and effective for outdoor marketing campaigns. Their attractive shape grabs passerby’s attention from far away. And their curvy design makes them best for outdoor marketing campaigns in windy areas.
  • Teardrop Flags – These teardrop-shaped flags with ultra-curvy upper & lower corners can resist highly windy seasons. Teardrop flags can be the most effective & economic outdoor advertising tool for highly windy places.
  • Pop-up Frame Banner – Pop-up frame banner comes in various shapes (student bag-shaped, elliptical, and round shapes). A pop-up frame banner can be your first choice if you plan to advertise your brand at a college sports Gala or an outdoor business event.

Advertising flags & banners’ shape, size, and design can impact the results of your OOH marketing campaign. Your brand needs to focus on customized design, shape, and size of advertising flags & banners to make an outdoor marketing campaign successful. Vancke experts can help you design converting advertising flags for your brands’ exceptional & creative marketing campaigns.

3.     Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is another popular outdoor advertising mode, especially for metropolitan cities. The transit advertising method refers to publishing advertising stuff on transportation modes like buses & cabs and at the transportation platforms. Transit advertising has vast potential to convey brands’ messages to maximum people in minimal time. People frequently travel to markets, offices, and homes in cities and get exposed to transit advertisements.

You can also run the transit advertising inside the public transport (buses & trains). It’s nearly impossible for passengers to ignore an ad published on the train or other public transport modes. It will ultimately convey your message to hundreds of thousands of people every day.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

4.     Retail Advertising Mode

Retail advertising is an effective marketing tool; it refers to the traditional & digital advertising banners & flags displayed at a retail shop, expo center, or shopping mall. People come to retail shops with a mind to do some shopping; creative retail advertising can convert the audience for your business.

5.     Advertising Posters

Posters are printed advertising materials in varying sizes & shapes. Advertising posters let your brands communicate with their potential audience. You can send your brand’s customized posters with individualized messages to potential customers by posting or distributing innovatively designed posters in a public place.

6.     Advertising Bench

You can print your business message on benches in public places; people will get attracted to the brand’s message while looking for a place to sit for a while. Advertising benches can be an effective marketing tool for outdoor & shopping mall campaigns.

7.     Lamp Post Advertising

Digital billboard advertising is not the only option for night outdoor marketing campaigns. The lamp post is an economical outdoor advertising option at night time. Light is showered on the posters to make these lamp post banners attractive & visible to passersby people at night.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

8.     Point of Sale Advertising

Point of sale advertising lures the audience by featuring the advertising material at or near the cashier counter. Most viewers will make a last-minute purchase after looking at the point-of-sale advertisements. Point of sale advertising can be the best advertising model for consumable & cheaper products.

9.     Wallscapes Advertising

Wallscapes refer to the advertising material painted on a wall or attached to a building. Wallscapes advertising allows brands to advertise their products in highly populated areas & metropolitan cities.

Companies use this unique advertising model to place their ads on high-profile buildings, construction sites, parking garages, and walls in front of parks. In addition, these wallscapes beautify the urban area’s exterior look and positively influence the consumers.

Wallscapes’ customized shapes, size, and design make them an exceptional marketing tool with more capability to attract passersby people’s attention than other OOH advertising models.

It may be a little costlier than other outdoor marketing tools, but its incredible benefits justify the cost. People love innovatively designed wallscapes and share their pics on social media. It will ultimately boost the brand reach and earn a loyal consumer base.

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

10. Wild Posting

Wild posting is an economical, attractive, and converting outdoor marketing model. Wild posting refers to pasting numerous advertising posters on streets or aggressively installing many advertising flags or banners on roadsides.

You can reach the potential audience at a massive level with wild posting shop fronts, signposts, street poles, construction sites, bridges, underpasses, heavy traffic areas, public places, and busy streets.

Wildposting advertisements add colors to the cities’ grey areas and attract people’s attention to the brands’ message.

Out-of-home advertising association of America refuses to accept the wild posting as a legitimate outdoor advertising model to date because of its guerilla impact and concerns over pasting posters without concern of the building owners. Regardless of these issues, wild posting or flyposting is a popular outdoor marketing tool worldwide, including in the USA and Europe.

The low cost of wild posting is another reason behind its popularity; you can convey your business voice to the potential audience at a massive level and at a lower cost than billboards or other OOH advertising models.

Final Words | Top 10 Types of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor marketing refers to the advertisements run at public places, markets, streets, roadsides, and particular locations out of home. OOH marketing is the most traditional marketing mode and is considered part of effective marketing funnels. In 2021, Outdoor marketing spending reached 34 billion USD worldwide. It illustrates the significance of outdoor marketing in this modern era.

This blog has discussed the top ten outdoor marketing types currently in trend with higher ROI statistics. You may go through the above-discussed outdoor marketing types to pick the best one for your brand’s marketing funnel.

Eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing

Eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing

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Marketing is the key ingredient of success for any business, irrespective of the business nature. It has been in place since humans start trading. Marketing is all about targeting or reaching out to the potential audience at the right time & place. The potential audience, time, and place are the founding pillars of any advertising campaign that can make or break the marketing strategy. Digital media advertising enables us to meet these fundamental marketing requirements efficiently, making digital advertising most of the business owners’ first choice. Digital marketing is now everywhere, from multinational companies to local shops; marketing strategies rely on digital campaigns.

Digital marketing is result-oriented & highly effective, and it’s good to do digital marketing. But undermining traditional advertising can be devastating for your businesses when we look at the broader picture. Traditional marketing can generate leads, grow a loyal fan-type client base, and a lot more what digital marketing can’t achieve for you.

Traditional marketing is not dead. Look around; there are billboards & banners for multinational companies & local businesses everywhere.

Traditional marketing includes newspapers, billboards, Tv & Radio Ads, business cards, advertising flags & banners, etc. Every medium in this list has its pros & cons and return on investment for varying businesses. But, in this blog, our core focus is custom banners. This blog will discuss the benefits of using custom banners for marketing.

Custom marketing banners are one of the oldest traditional marketing tools we humans have witnessed. You might have incorrect & deceptive information if you think custom marketing is outdated and can’t be beneficial for your business. Custom marketing banners & flags can boost your marketing conversion rates and be super beneficial, especially for smaller businesses.

Benefits of using custom banners for marketing

Let’s have a look at the eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing,

1.     Affordability

You may go with custom banners marketing because of their lowest cost compared to other traditional marketing mediums. Custom banners affordability can help you set up highly converting marketing with a tight advertising budget.

You may invest thousands of dollars in newspapers, TV and digital media advertising to bring relevant clients to your business site. In contrast, you need a much lower budget for customized banners for advertising to get relevant clients on your business location or website. It lets you save money from the marketing budget and put it in your business cycle.

2.     Easy Assembling 

Custom banners’ easy installation is another crucial factor that makes them one of the best traditional advertising mediums.

You can order ready to install customized banners pack. It supports marketers to install the banner in no time. And similarly, they can conveniently uninstall the custom banners at the end of the marketing activity or event.

Eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing

Eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing

3.     Give a lasting impression

Custom banners are grabs passing by peoples’ attention, and they can look at your company name, logo, sales pitch line and them in a bird’s eye view. It puts a long-lasting impression of a business on passing by people.

Custom banners can play a vital role in any business awareness campaign to target new markets. Whether your business is planning to offer home deliveries/services or looking for a way to boost sales, custom banner marketing can be a beneficial advertising approach with higher ROI (return on investment) statistics.

4.     Build Credibility

It’s the most complex & significant part of any business, especially for the new ones to establish their credibility in this competitive business era. Traditional marketing strategies, especially custom banners or flags advertising, earn credibility for a business.

It’s human nature to believe in things they can feel, listen to, or watch by themselves. We know it’s the 21st century, but millions of people still don’t believe in digital stuff for one or more reasons. Traditional marketing, specially customized banners & flags, can help you target this large audience group by simply presenting your business services & products.

Eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing

Eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing

5.     Best marketing tool for business expos & trade shows

Customized pop-up banners can be your first choice to market your products, services, and offers in a distinctive & attractive way. Their captivating designs, easy installation pack, and lower costs make them the best advertising tool for business expos & trade shows attending companies.

Customized pop-up banners attractive & smart designs take minimal place to display & grabs passing by peoples’ attention from far away. You can’t ignore customized pop-up banners if you’re regular trade shows & business expos attending company.

6.     Reusability

You spend hundreds of dollars on digital media campaigns to get favorable results for your business. These digital marketing campaigns work for a specific time interval and get off-air after the committed time. That means you have to make a new deal to reinitiate the advertising campaign.

Unlike digital marketing (paid social media campaigns), customized banners are reusable. You can remove the customized banner at the end of marketing activities & reinstall it at any other marketing activity or trade show. And most importantly, it’s easy to assemble kit takes no time to install or remove the customized banners for advertising. Their reusability factor further minimizes the advertising budget and allows you to attain marketing goals in a tight marketing budget.

7.     Potential Audience Targeting Timing

Timing (when to target) is one of the crucial & basic factors in designing a successful marketing campaign. Customized banners marketing is the most capable advertising approach to hit the potential audience at the perfect time.

We’re habitual of using mobiles to an extreme level; Most of us wait for a skip button when a digital ad interrupt us while looking at any video. But we can’t use mobiles while driving a vehicle to home, office, or any other place. It triggers our minds to look at the advertising banners on the roads & streets, and most of us respond to these ads in one or more ways. It makes customized banner marketing one of the most effective advertising approaches.

People are customized to looking & reading banners at roads & markets while driving to someplace. Marketers need to design creative, customized banners with catchy pitches to grab their attention.

Eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing

Eleven best benefits of using custom banners for marketing

8.     Durable and Portable

Durability & portability is one of the most vital benefits of using custom banners for marketing. Custom banners are designed to resist extreme weather conditions, which makes these banners durable & long-lasting for indoor & outdoor marketing campaigns. Using customized banners is like a one-time investment to enjoy marketing for an extensive-time period.

Portability is another flagship feather of customized banners. You can easily order the portable customized banners kit to install or remove the banners for marketing conveniently. Its easy-to-assemble kit allows you to install customized marketing banners at indoor or outdoor business expos or marketing activities in no time.

Customized banners’ portability & durability ranks them higher in the marketing tools priority list for many businesses owners & established business chains. You must try customized banners marketing approach to enjoy durability & portability at a minimal cost.

9.     Flexible designing with fast printing

Technology evolution makes it possible to print whatever you can imagine on an advertising banner for your business. You can get customized banners at the last minute as technology makes it possible to print customized banners in no time. You can get high-quality customized banners for marketing in minimal time.

Flexible designing and fast printing enable business owners to create highly creative customized banners at the shortest notice.

10. Do branding for businesses

Customized banners do brand for a business. If you have a customized banner display outside your office or store, the passerby people will get triggered and remember your business name. They will most probably visit your office or store whenever they need services or products offered by your company.

Similarly, if clients like your services or products, they will remember your logo and business name by looking at the customized banner display inside or outside the shop. That will trigger them whenever they look similar banner at any other place, making them a permanent client.

Customized banners are incredible advertising tools with the capability to reinforce your business name. That makes customized banners an amazing tool for branding & awareness campaigns.

11. Easy to transport

Custom banners are easy to transport, so you can easily take this advertising stuff with you whenever any marketing opportunity arises, irrespective of distance.

Imagine transporting wooden boards miles away to attend a business trade show. It will be complex & pricey to take this stuff with you, and assembling is another headache. You may need to take a skilled team to assemble wooden boards at your expo stall. In contrast, you can easily transport customized banners at the lowest cost & conveniently install them at trade shows by yourself.

Final Words | Benefits of using custom banners for marketing

We have discussed the eleven leading benefits of using custom banners for marketing. Custom banners are like a one-time investment. So, take your time to design creative banners for your business and get a high-quality custom banner to enjoy the durability and above-discussed benefits of using custom banners for marketing.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas


Talk about your business to advertise & promote your products & services. A continuous & evolving marketing strategy is the key to success, whether you’re running a well-established business or planning to start a new one irrespective of the business size.

Small businesses mostly have a tight budget, so it can be challenging for small businesses to design a highly converting marketing strategy. This blog will explain plenty of ways for small businesses to market their products & services exceptionally without spending much.

As small business owners & managers, you may not get sufficient time to research and identify low-cost marketing ideas because of the heavy workloads. So, we’ve taken care of you to explain a few of the most Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising ideas.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising ideas

You don’t need heavy marketing budgets but a smartly designed advertising campaign to promote a small business. We’ve got plenty of low-cost advertising ideas to boost conversion rates irrespective of your business size.

This blog will cover a few advertising ideas ranging from digital to traditional marketing tactics,

Create a free Google My Business Account

Google Business profile has become the most interactive free advertising tool, particularly for local businesses. Its free listing allows your business to show up on Google Maps, the local section of Google searches, and the right-side knowledge panel for brand searches.

But for your business profile to show up higher on Google Maps or local results, you need to optimize your business profile. If you want to optimize your profile, you must own a Google Business account.

Post and engage on social media

Increasing social media engagement & building an online community is a free way to grow your business. Social media enables you to interact with your targeted audience and express your brands’ voice. Create your business account on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It would be best to get a little time to signup these digital media accounts and enjoy low-cost eye-catching advertising.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Tag People (and brands) on social media

Tagging your loyal customers, brands, or even competing companies can help you grow your business and increase organic traffic for your businesses & brands. It will boost your follower and ultimately grab potential clients’ attention. Create engaging content regularly to encourage your followers to tag your social media & handle brands in their posts on different social media platforms.

You can also tag your happy customers in your posts, exposing your products to their network (if you have their permission).

Use Hashtags

Hashtags embedded social media posting is another free & result-oriented marketing tactic. Hashtag embedded posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok can help you incorporate your brand voice in most discussing topics of a point in time.

Trending hashtags can speedily build your brands’ identity. More specific hashtags like short or long-tail keywords are also good when providing resources and advice. How can you forget location-based hashtags if you have a local business? Search engines & social media platforms rely on location-based keywords to show a brand’s post in a specific location.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Use LinkedIn Wisely

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is often used for business marketing. Don’t just add a few network connections and sign out. You may add multiple network connections to reach a lot of users and market your business effectively. Share your blogs posts & offers, join and contribute with other forums and share quality content.

Local SEO is free, but it can take some time, so start from now and keep working, and over time, you’ll get huge benefits.

  • Add location-based keywords to your main website pages’ title, headings, and body content.
  • Publish pages or blogs specifically in the neighborhood you served.
  • Get listed in online directories and provide the correct information across the platforms.

A smartly designed email marketing strategy

Email Marketing helps to attract new clients & engage with existing clients. It helps you maintain a great relationship with your existing customers by updating them about the new products & offers. Email Marketing is a great marketing tactic with return-on-investment statistics.

You may follow the enlisted ideas before initiating the email marketing campaign,

  • Write a creative & short pitch line in your marketing email subject line.
  • Use converting tone to make your offer attractive for readers.
  • You must track your performance and run A/B tests to see what copies and offers resonate with your list.
  • Start your promotional email campaigns with a free marketing service like MailChimp.

Apply for Business Awards

Winning digital viewers’ trust is the most complicated part of any company’s digital marketing campaign. Most companies have business awards that you can win by your credibility, providing you with an online badge you can place on your website. Badges like these can increase credibility and boost conversion rates. Let’s check some experts’ tips to market an award and make the most of it.

If there are no awards for your industry, then host it on your own! You’ll get attention from other business industries and who want to apply for your awards.

Advertising for your company can bring awareness, attract customers, and build your brands. But it requires a lot of creativity, thinking, and budget to design a highly converting advertising campaign in this business-competitive era.

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising Ideas

Advertising Flags

It’s not easy for smaller businesses to compete with global companies’ marketing campaigns on digital media. Small & local businesses need traditional marketing campaigns to make their place in the market.

Traditional marketing campaigns are a way cost-effective & higher return on investment statistics, especially for local markets targeting. You may go with traditional marketing approaches like flags marketing, business cards, words of mouth, and outdoor marketing activities to meet the challenges of a lower advertising budget.

Advertising Flags can help you build a low-cost marketing strategy by keeping your marketing budget & other scenarios in mind.

Advertising flags are the perfect way to market your brand locally. We have enlisted some of the most used advertising flags for indoor & outdoor marketing; you may go through this listing to pick the best one for your brand,

Feather Flags | Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising

Feather flags‘ attractive shape grabs people’s attention from far away. Get a customized feather flag for your business for branding or promotional offers. Its higher return on investment statistics makes it the best low-cost outdoor advertising tactic.

Feather flags are an inexpensive advertising tool used mainly by small businesses, car washes, food trucks, financial services offices, legal services offices, outdoor sales events, etc.

Feather flags come in the following three styles to meet the needs of varying indoor & outdoor marketing needs,

  • Feather flags with cross base
  • Feather flags with inground spikes
  • Feather flags with a wheelbase

Feather flags design (colors & font choice) matters to capture the passing by visitors & potential clients’ attention. Experts suggest having a feather flag with a light-colored background & bright-colored words can be helpful to grab peoples’ attention from far away.

Teardrop Flags | Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising

Its teardrop shape makes it the best outdoor advertising product for windy weather areas. Teardrop flags‘ curvy design allows it resists the gusty weather. Its artistic shape attracts passing by people.

We will suggest you go with teardrops flags if your company has an established reputation. Teardrop flags have a smaller area because of their curvy design; it does not allow you to write too much on them. Ideally, you can print a pitch line & company logo on teardrop flags.


You can use teardrop flags as a welcoming banner at your business location or as an outdoor marketing tool. Teardrop flags come in the following three styles to meet the needs of varying outdoor marketing strategies,

  •  Teardrop Flags with Cross Base
  • Teardrop flags with a wheelbase
  • Teardrop flags with inground spike

Pop up a frame banner | Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising

Pop up a frame banner is the best marketing tool for indoor & outdoor business events. Its artistic shape makes a business stall fabulous and effectively conveys the brand voice.

After attending a business expo, you can also smartly place these pop-up frame banners at your shop or office. You can order student bag-shaped, elliptical, or round pop frame banners for cost-effective & unique indoor & outdoor marketing.

Final Words | Low-Cost Eye-Catching Advertising

We have discussed the digital & traditional low-cost eye-catching advertising ideas. Digital advertising feels easy to manage if you have the technical knowledge and can be helpful to design a long-term marketing strategy. But it can take time to create results, especially when you go with free digital marketing tactics. You may need heavy marketing budgets for quick results if you go with digital advertising.

In contrast, advertising flags are cost-effective & attractive advertising tools that can help local & small businesses to create highly converted marketing campaigns with the lowest spending. Whether you’re a smaller business or part of a multinational chain, advertising flags can be the best marketing product if you want to target a specific local market.

What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?

What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?


Lunch wagons are a popular street food option for metropolitan cities’ residents around the globe. Lunch wagons are known for their quality & experimental food at reasonable prices. A lunch wagon or on-wheel food truck could be the best food-business option for people with lower budgets. But, in this busy & competitive era, it’s not easy to grab people’s attention towards a specific lunch wagon.

If you’re planning to initiate a lunch wagon or food truck business, you may need a solid marketing plan. Marketing flags are considered the best tool to date for lunch wagons intro or advertising campaign to catch people’s attention. But there’re several types of advertising flags. How can we choose the best advertising flags for the lunch wagons campaign?

You don’t need to get confused; we’re here to let you know the best advertising flags for lunch wagons to set a converting or awareness campaign.

Best advertising marketing flags for lunch wagons

We have noticed a tremendous surge in lunch wagons trend in recent years, especially in Europe, USA & metropolitan cities around the globe. The affordable & on-go meal options are the fundamental reasons behind this notable surge in the lunch wagons business.

This increasing popularity for food trucks brings massive business but creates a competitive environment for newbies to enter the lunch wagons business. Marketing flags come there to help you for a successful lunch wagon’s business launch.

This blog will enlighten you on the best marketing flags for lunch wagons to help you set up an exceptional marketing campaign for lunch wagons business.

What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?

What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?

Feather Flags – Best marketing flag for lunch wagons

Feather flags are the best way to grab attention towards a lunch wagon or food truck on a busy street. We have listed a few core reasons below that make feather first choice for most food truck owners,

Best for windy conditions: Food trucks may face extreme windy weather conditions as they serve outdoor food. Feather flags shape helps them resist highly windy conditions, which is one of the fundamental reasons for picking up feather flags for food truck promotions.

Visible from far away: Lunch wagons generally don’t have a specific business location. That makes it complex to grab new people’s attention every day. Feather flags’ height & attractive shape makes it easy to grab people’s attention from far away on a busy street.

Affordability – Feather flags are inexpensive compared to other traditional promotional campaign methods. The reasonable prices for feather flags make it a first & foremost choice for most of the lunch wagons owners.

How & where to place feather flags for lunch wagons?

Have you picked feather flags for your lunch wagon business promotion or intro and are confused about the ideal position to place it? We will tell you the best way to position a feather flag for your lunch wagon.

In front of lunch wagon – The best & most practiced approach is to place two double-sided feather flags at the front of lunch wagons. Two double-sided flags at the front of your lunch wagon will grab people’s attention and boost the conversion rate. Keep a distance of up to 6 feet between the flags & lunch wagon according to available space.

On the roof of the lunch wagon – You may have seen some lunch wagons with a feather flag on their rooftop. It is a smart move to place a feather flag on the rooftop in exceptional cases. If you have parked your lunch wagon in a congested & crowded space, that does not allow you to keep a distance of at least 4 feet between flags & wagon. Then it is ideal to position the feather flag at the rooftop of your lunch wagon to make your lunch wagon visible from far away.

What is the ideal height of feather flags for lunch wagons?

Picking up feather flags is not enough for setting up a smart & highly converting promotional marketing strategy. The perfect height for feather flags also matters to boost the conversion rates.

The ideal height for lunch wagons feather flags varies for varying business scenarios. To know an ideal height for feather flags, you may need to measure your lunch wagon or food truck height.

The height of your food truck or lunch wagon & positioning of the flag determines the height for best-fit feather flags for your business.

If you plan to position feather flags at the front of a 10 to 12 feet high lunch wagon, you may pick a 14.5 to 16.5 feet high feather flag kit. Try to keep your feather flags about 4.5 feet higher than your lunch wagons. It will make your lunch wagon visible from far away & causes to boost the conversion rate.

But, if you have decided to position a feather flag at the rooftop of your lunch wagon, then a 14.5 to 16.5 feet higher feather flag kit will ruin the purpose of putting up an advertising flag. In that case, you may pick up a 6.5 to 8.5 feet higher feather flag kit.

The perfectly heightened feather flags make it easy to read from far away and grab people’s attention to ultimately boost sales. Vancke can be a perfect choice for you to get customized feather flags designs & sizes at reasonable prices.

What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?

What kind of flag is suitable for lunch wagons?

The Popup sideline banner | The Best flags for lunch wagons

Feather flags are the best for promoting or introducing a lunch wagon. These flags make a lunch wagon or food truck visible from far away. But you can’t use feather flags to display your lunch wagon menu list because of minimal space.

The food menu banner also plays a critical role in boosting lunch wagon sales. You can’t risk ignoring the significance of the food menu. The pop-up sideline banners come here to solve the food menu display issues.

Dual-sided pop-up banners are the first & foremost choice for lunch wagons owners to display their food menu in style. These pop-up banners come in artistically curved, round, horizontal & vertical shapes. You may go with a shape that best fits your food menu.

A fast-food wagon may go with a round shape sideline banner to hint at the burgers & pizzas. In contrast, a vertical-shaped sideline banner could be the best option for traditional lunch selling food trucks or lunch wagons. And if you have planned to sell experimental food, you may go with artistically shaped customized sideline banners to display your food menu.

What is the ideal height for the lunch wagons’ food menu banners?

As discussed earlier, the position & height of any promotion flag or banner matters to boost the conversion rates. Going with a 5 to 6 feet high sideline pop-up banner is suggested to display the food menu and always place it in front of the lunch wagon at a distance of 4 to 6 feet.

You may explore Vancke for artistically shaped sideline banner kits or get a customized popup sideline banner at incredible prices.

The content & design of lunch wagons, feather flags & Sideline banners

The designing & content of feather flags & sideline banners is critical in setting up a successful lunch wagon business. We’ve discussed with some traditional marketing experts & successful lunch wagons owners to pinpoint the critical ingredients for an ideal advertising flag design. Let’s have a look below at our identified significant ingredients to design an ideal marketing flag or banner for lunch wagons after the thorough discussions,

Bright Colors – Use bright colors in your feather flags as bright colors make flags visible from far away. It triggers people’s attention towards the lunch wagon, and they will unconsciously focus on your food wagon for a menu.

Use Red & Yellow – Ensure to use the red & yellow colored theme of your lunch wagon & feather flag. Scientifically, red color stimulates our brain appetite sensitive hormones while yellow makes us happy. That’s why most of the restaurants & food trucks use red & yellow colors in their logo, banners & flags. Red & yellow-colored flags, banners & menus can trigger people’s appetite & ultimately boost your lunch wagon sales.

Bold Font – Use the bold font in feather flags as the purpose of feather flags is to make a lunch wagon visible from a faraway distance. Bold fonts make feather flags easy to read and ultimately grab passing by people’s attention towards a lunch wagon or food truck.

Feather Flag Content – Keep your feather flags content as simple as possible. It is the ideal approach to put a logo, name with a pitch line, and a background image. Don’t put too much content on a feather flag; it will mess up the core purpose of grabbing people’s attention from far away distances. Try to maintain a difference between a feather flag & menu content.

Sideline pop-up banner Content – You may put your lunch wagon name & menu on sideline pop-up banners. Successful lunch wagon business owners suggest keeping your menu as simple as possible. After all, it isn’t a restaurant but an on-wheel street food wagon. The larger menu will cut down the profit ratio and makes it tough for you to maintain all the stuff single handily.

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

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In this competitive business era, marketing plays a vital role in building a loyal customer base for any brand. From product awareness to sales growth, marketing is the only way to survive & thrive for any company in this competitive business world. But the way you launch a marketing campaign matters to determine its success rate. After the technological advancements, marketers have plenty of digital marketing options to connect with a wide range of audiences. Digital marketing is significant & helps in the exposure of any business, but ignoring traditional marketing can be a regretful strategy for any company. This blog will explain the unmatched benefits of traditional marketing over digital marketing.

The Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is essential to build a loyal customer base & for the consistent growth of any business. Let’s dive deep into the marketing world to get the importance & benefits of traditional marketing,

Do businesses still need traditional marketing?

‘Do businesses still need traditional marketing?’ New babies to the marketing world generally ask such questions. Look, you can’t abandon traditional marketing on the cost of digital marketing if you want to taste the success. Traditional marketing includes offline marketing strategies like Television, Radio, Print, Flags, Billboards, etc. How can you ignore such important marketing tactics while Traditional marketing still has higher ROI (Return on investment) for most companies?

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

You may look at a few mega digital companies like Amazon & Netflix’s marketing strategies. Both are purely digital companies but invest a large portion of their marketing budget in traditional marketing. Do you know why? Because it’s natural, most people find themselves connected to the physical world rather than digital space. US-based research shows that 56% of people find print ads more reliable.

Abandoning traditional marketing can indirectly abandon 56% of your targeted market.

Now, when traditional marketing importance is crystal clear in this digital era, let’s have a look at key benefits of traditional marketing,

Interpersonal Interaction

Indirect marketing tactics let you interact with your audience individually. Indirect marketing strategies like door-to-door campaigns or custom flags left an everlasting impression on people. Let’s adopt an indirect marketing strategy to build a trustworthy relationship with your targeted market.

Be a part of communities

In this bustling era, people look for someone whom they can trust. The local TV, radio, print, billboards, mails, or flags marketing let your company attach with local communities. It earns the special place for your company in a targeted local community & ultimately achieves higher growth & loyal users. A well-planned & consistent indirect marketing campaign can turn a product into a cultural part for targeted communities.

Best Awareness Tactic

Digital marketing is a new way for launching awareness campaigns & it lets us reach a specific targeted audience. It’s good to go with digital ads for running an awareness campaign, but you can’t abandon traditional marketing. Traditional marketing strategies are still the best way to launch an awareness campaign.

What services or products does your company offer? Say as louder as you can. Everyone must listen & remember your brand name & key services/products. That’s the fundamental goal of any awareness campaign. And indirect marketing is a tested tactic with higher ROI to launch a successful awareness campaign.

Best for old folks

Two decades ago, there was neither internet nor the concept of e-businesses. Indirect marketing was the only way for marketing at that time. There are still millions of people; who don’t know how to use the internet or don’t feel comfy with digital campaigns. When they get a flyer, look at a custom flag, newspaper, TV, or listen to a radio, they know it’s an advertisement & listen to it. You might say such people are old folks, but they are huge in number & potential buyers with higher purchasing powers. Traditional marketing lets you target such groups who feel comfy with physical marketing.

Marketing | Subconscious Clicking Game

Marketing is a way to feed your message to the subconscious of the targeted audience. If your campaign successfully clicks the ‘audience subconscious.’ Then you can gain a substantial rise in conversions & loyal client base.

Indirect marketing psychologically impacts humans’ subconscious. When we look at a billboard or advertising flag while driving, we read the message unconsciously. And our mind clicks the advertisement message & asks to try when we’re out to do shopping for similar products.

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

While digital ads disturb most people, they look at the time to click ‘skip ad’ rather than looking at the advertisement. Because digital ads appear when we’re curiously reading a blog or watching a video.

Get noticed by a new audience

Colorful billboards & flags with catchy pitch lines get noticed by the people. It creates buzz around the city. Everyone talks about the specific brand message. Traditional marketing, including billboards, flags, newspaper ads, and radio messages, can target a vast audience instead of a narrow group audience.

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

For now, digital marketing is a way behind traditional marketing campaigns in targeting a vast audience.


Reliability matters, and it’s nearly impossible for newly launched brands to gain people’s trust via solely digital campaigns. We, humans, are listing to radios & watching TV for generations. The messages we get from TV or newspaper feel 100% reliable compared to digital ads.

People are still struggling to align with the digital world, and fake news & phishing trends further damage people’s trust in digital information. Traditional marketing is the only way to gain people’s confidence, especially for newly launched companies.

Direct Mail

An English writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton, well said,

“a pen is mightier than a sword.” Writing is one of the oldest & effective tools to share thoughts. Writing direct mail can boost your company conversion rates compared to e-mails.

A study suggests that companies get $2,095 sales for every $167 spent on direct mail marketing. Those are exceptional ROI statistics for any marketing strategy and unravel the benefits of traditional marketing.

Direct mail enables a company to build a personal relationship with clients individually. And personal relationship building is a tested way to earn loyal clients for the companies.

Higher ROI Statistics

Everything is getting digitalized nowadays, then why do you still find traditional marketing knocking on your door? From Amazon to Netflix, most digital giants spend millions of dollars on traditional marketing campaigns. The question is why, why do such companies need to launch traditional marketing campaigns?

No wonder the answer is simple & straightforward – higher ROI statistics. Traditional marketing like print, TV, billboards, flags and flyers have a tested & proven track record for bringing results. That keeps traditional marketing alive & even a step ahead of digital marketing.

Marketing Budget

The marketing budget is one of the founding pillars for any marketing campaign, and it matters, especially for the smaller companies.

Who are you? Let’s suppose you’re a newly launched makeup company. Do you have enough marketing budget to compete with Salena Gomez Rare Beauty? Are you planning digital marketing campaigns? You can’t even do 10% of what Her brand is doing with the large marketing budget. But traditional marketing can help you compete with ‘Rare Beauty’ & other giant beauty chains in particular markets with a smaller budget.

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

The benefits of Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing

When you launch a digital marketing campaign for any product, most viewers also find the already established companies’ campaigns & prefer to go with them. It causes lower ROI for newer companies’ digital companies.

In comparison, traditional marketing strategies let your brand voice reach a vast audience. And you can feed your brand messages in the absence of your competitors via traditional marketing. That can bring higher conversion rates for your company.

Traditional Marketing is Cost-Effective

Whether it is a multi-billion company or a smaller company with few thousand dollars revenue planning to spend the marketing budget wisely is a vital & essential tool for success.

You have to look at ROI statistics & the size of your company advertisement budgets to plan awareness or conversion campaigns.

With the smaller marketing budget, it is wise to choose the traditional marketing approach, as it lets you reach a larger audience with higher conversion rates compared to digital marketing.

Digital media campaigns are costly when we look at ROI statistics. We need content (blogs, images, videos, sales pitches) regularly to feed the digital space. However, the cost of promotion is another headache. And, it becomes worse when you find your well-established competitor’s campaigns targeting the same audience at a similar time. It causes the audience to go with well-known brand products rather than a newly launched brand and ultimately decreases the ROI.

Final Words

Digital marketing is getting popular with each passing day, but it should not be a reason to abandon traditional marketing. We have discussed the significant benefits of traditional marketing that show how it is still effective to boost businesses growth.

You need to come up with creative design ideas & catchy sales pitches that connect your audience. Billboards & custom-designed flags could be a cost-effective traditional marketing strategy with higher ROI & conversions. In case your company has a reasonable marketing budget. Then you may try both digital & traditional marketing strategies.

custom feather flags

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

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Feather flags are advertisement banners used by event organizers, brands, and businesses to promote their trade. As the name indicates, these banners are like bird feathers in their shape and weight.

Since these flags occupy less space and convey a clear message, they are the perfect choice for all marketing agencies. These feather flags find maximum use in high-density locations like indoor malls, trade shows, sports events, dense cities, etc.

Various pre-printed banners are available in different sizes and shapes to fulfill your advertising requirement. You can also order customized flags as per the marketing needs of your business.

Moreover, you can opt for single-sided, double-sided, tall, or short banners as per your needs.

The fabric of feather banners

These banners are generally of polyester material. This polyester fabric is lightweight enough to wave with the breeze and durable to withstand extreme weather.

Though nylon is also a popular option, it tends to fade over time and may rip off and dry up when used for long periods. So polyester fabric remains the best fabric option for these custom banners.

The printing process

There are various ways to print the flags. The graphics are directly printed on the fabric in most custom flags, allowing for proper bleed-through of ink and slow fading.

Another way of printing is through dye sublimation. In this technique, the feather flag manufacturers first print the graphics on paper and then use heat-pressing to transfer them to the flag fabric.

Though this method gives bright colors, the banners fade quicker.

Colors used in printing

  • RGB

RGB means red, green, and blue. It finds its use for digital mediums like phones, computers, and TVs.

  • CMYK

It is the acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow, black and is famous for printing feather flags, brochures, flyers, etc. These colors are physically mixed in different proportions to get the desired color, and it is similar to mixing painting colors.

  • Pantone colors

These colors use CMYK-based PMS (Pantone matching system) and print standardized colors for different industries and businesses. The PMS system matches and identifies colors across the United States.

How to install and secure feather banners

You do not need any extra tools to install and secure the banners. The flag kits come complete with three to five poles and mounting hardware.

You can join these small pole pieces together to make a single large pole. For mounting purposes, the flags come with different types of bases.

Base options

Feather flags come with different base options to suit various purposes:

  • Square

It is a square-shaped, flat base made up of heavy metal. It is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor purposes and can withstand moderate winds and heavy foot traffic.

  • Cross base

This base has four legs with a foldable design. Since you can fold this base, it is a traveling-friendly option. And you can also use it indoors.

  • Cross base including water bag

This is a modified version of a cross base with a water bag that you can put on the top of the cross base. The extra 16 pounds weight of the water bag helps secure the flags.

  • Ground stake

This type of base is best suited for outdoors. It has a metal spike of 25″ length that you can directly insert into the solid soil. And then you can install feather flags on this spike.

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Types of feather banners

  • Single-sided

Single-sided flags are printed only on one side. So the backside of the banners has a reflection of the front print. Although you can use them for all purposes, they best suit single route streets or one-way traffics. The other side of the traffic will only see the reversed image.

  • Double-sided

On the contrary, the double-sided flags have two fabrics woven together as one. And to avoid any possible see-through, there is a black fabric placed between the two layers.

You can get the same or different messages printed on both sides of the flags. They are the best choice for two-way traffic.

How are double-sided feather banners made?

The making of double-side flags is slightly different from single-side flags. There are two separate fabric layers for double side flags, each of which is custom printed.

Since these flags are opaque, you can print two different designs or repeat the same design on two sides. Either way, the audience can read the printed message from far off. This feature contrasts with the single-sided flags where the message is printed only on one side.

These feather banners are available in various sizes in the range of 6-17 feet. You can order one according to your marketing requirements.

Five reasons for choosing double-sided feather banners over single-sided banners

While selecting custom feather flags for advertising your business, it is always better to opt for double-sided banners because they offer many advantages over single-sided flags.

Read these five points to know why your business gets good value by investing in double-sided feather flags.

  1.    Easily affordable

These double-printed flags are easily affordable and are available at all reliable stores. You can also get customized banners according to your business requirements.

  1.    Variety of designs available

Another attractive feature of these banners is the variety of designs you can get printed on both sides of these flags. You can customize the design and content you require for your marketing purposes on both sides.

And since these flags are opaque, there is zero possibility of see-through, which implies that both sides can easily feature a different design.

  1.   Provide view from all angles

The main advantage of getting these banners is that they provide visibility from all possible angles and distant sites. It is a beneficial feature for consistent business marketing because more exposure to your message means more traffic for your business. So selecting double-sided flags means more visibility. 

  1.   Heavy, so looks better

Yet another reason to opt for a double-sided flag is their weight. These banners are heavier than single-sided flags, thus making them sturdier, durable, and a better look.

More weight on the banner makes its design look more convincing and eye-catching.

  1.   They are not transparent but opaque

These flags have two different sides, which makes them opaque. And because they are opaque, it makes the designs and prints on these custom banners more visible. You can easily see them even in bright sunlight as they do not become unrecognizable or hazy.

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Tips for making your customized flags last longer

Although these banners are strong and durable, proper care helps ensure the flags last longer than usual. Here are three excellent tips for maintaining your feather banners.

  1. Ensure correct installation

Ensure that you properly install the flag base in the ground. Do not forget to use tension cords wherever required. And make sure to insert the pole into the ground properly when using it on soft ground. Also, place the head of the spike base a little above the soil for proper rotation.

  1. Minimize force

Protect your flags and poles from any force because the damage caused by any intentional or unintentional pressure does not come under warranty.

For instance, if your flags are caught on fencing and torn, you cannot replace them by claiming a warranty.

Or, if landscapers cut your flag pole, you can also not replace the flags. Therefore, it’s crucial to shield your banners from similar kinds of force.

  1. Take the flags down in severe weather conditions

Feather banners can get damaged in severe weather conditions such as blizzards, winds with a speed of 40 MPH, and storms.

Take the feather banners down and store them safely whenever extreme conditions prevail. The flag and poles might damage if not adequately cared for during severe weather.

Why you should use customized feather banners for marketing

The feather banners are the real heroes of the marketing world. With umpteen features, they are the business owners’ first choice.

They fulfill all your marketing requirements, from providing 24*7 advertisement and durability to economic choice and attractive designs. Read these ten points to know why you should use these banners for marketing.

  1. Compact and lightweight

All the flag accessories come in a portable carrying bag, ensuring easy organization of all the parts and hardware. Moreover, you can travel hassle-free as you only have to carry the bags along.

Additionally, the storage space is also small in comparison to their sizes. For example, an 18ft banner can easily dismantle and fit into a 5ft long carrying bag.

Thus, their compact size is the best advantage of using these flags for promotion.

  1. Durable

The polyester fabric used in these flags makes them long-lasting. Moreover, built from fiberglass, the flagpoles are sturdy enough to last for at least five years if you take proper care of them.

  1. Economical

The prices of the banners vary depending on their size. From large billboards to small customized feather fags, you can easily choose something that fits your budget.

  1. Easy designing and printing

You can design your customized feather banners. Yes, you heard that right. You can select your graphics, logo, and text and send them to the manufactures for printing. This way, you can get customized flags.

And if you need a pre-printed banner, you have to go to the store and order the flag of your choice. You can also have the feather flag manufacturer’s in-house designer create one for you if you do not know what to print on the banners.

  1. Different sizes and shapes

You can get these banners in variable sizes, from 6-18 ft. You can use small flags outside your stores for your business advertisements and larger ones to promote events.

Also, the tall flags come with increased width so that you can add more graphics to your banner. Moreover, you can conveniently place them in crowded places due to their compact size.

  1. Consistent advertisement

Since these flags are weather resistant and you can place them outside throughout the year, they provide consistent advertisement for your business.

  1. Weather-resistant

These flags are weather resistant to a great extent and remain unaffected by excessive rainfall or high winds.

Keep the stakes above the ground if you have anchored your banners via ground stakes. It helps the flags swirl with the winds and prevents any damage because of the abrupt change in directions of the wind.

However, it is advisable to keep the banners indoors in extreme weather to ensure a long life for your feather banners.

  1. Optimally located

Since they come in variable sizes, you have the convenience of placing them at any desired location. If you want to put them indoors, opt for square bases. And if you’re going to place them outdoors, you can secure them with cross bases.

Moreover, if you are looking for additional security, you can use water or sand-filled bases for weightage. Heavy metals bases can also prevent the flags from falling on your inventories.

  1. Easy assembly

These customized marketing feather flags come with an instruction manual for easy assembly. There are instructions on joining the poles, securing the flags in bases, and fitting the feather fabric to the pole. And since they are lightweight (10-50lbs), anyone can handle the installation.

  1. Versatile

These marketing flags have versatile uses, like working as an effective marketing agent for indoor and outdoor businesses. If you are using them outdoors, use the correct base for securing the flags.

And with a variety of bases available, it becomes convenient to use these flags as per your requirements. Moreover, you can also mount them on the walls with the help of wall mounts or to the canopy side.

The talented designers at create customized, beautiful feather flags for you and that too at affordable prices. You can get all sorts of banners in different styles that fit your budget and meet business requirements.

At, you can order single and double-sided flags in eye-catching graphics and bright colors. All you have to do is visit their website and make your choice!

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Top Reasons to Use Customized Marketing Feather Flags

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags to Advertise at Your Golf Event

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

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Golf is an exciting sport to watch through the many golf events organized worldwide due to the widespread popularity of golf.

The sport’s origin is difficult to establish, although it has its roots in the Netherlands and then progressed to Scotland.

From its obscure antiquity, Golf attained worldwide popularity quickly. At present, there are several golf events organized around the globe every year.

As the organizers plan for such kinds of sports events, they look forward to a larger gathering. This is where the role of feather flags comes into play.

These sports events are made famous by promoting them using feather flags. Since the organizers aim for maximum gathering, the need for advertisement is huge.

Feather flags are an effective means of promotion of such events.

What are feather flags?

Feather flags are an effective means of advertisement as far as small businesses are concerned. It is because of their ability to attract the attention of more people. Whether a business promotion or a sports event, feather flags find their utility in all marketing strategies.

Feather flags derive their name due to their feather-like appearance; they, however, are not stuffed with feathers. They may range from 10ft to 20 ft. Most businesses, however, prefer a length of approx 13 ft to promote their services or products.

Historical background of feather flags

The concept of the feather flag is not new in the business world. Small and large businesses have been using the feather flags since the 1970s. Though it is an uncommon word, unlike the usual ‘yard sign’ or ‘custom banner,’ the flags are extensively used by business or event organizers to promote their brand or attract maximum gathering.

However, in the 1990s, despite the growing popularity of the internet, feather flags still became an effective means of marketing small businesses. The increasing use of the internet helped expand feather flags by making them cheaply available.

It became more convenient for organizers to order the flags online instead of depending only on local and expensive flag makers. With plenty of design tools available online, customization of feather flags has become easy, and they have been growing ever since.

Feather flags have been the traditional means of advertisement because they are non-digital and present before the internet era. It makes them the most effective marketing tool. So, if you are organizing any sports event, these feather banners are worth trying.

Purpose of feather flags

The purpose of using feather flags is effective marketing. All businesses, whether large or small, use this traditional method of advertisement. These flags do wonders when it comes to branding, promoting services and products, or garnering the attention of a large crowd for an event like sports.

The feather flags serve the purpose of promoting the brand logo. You can not use them to communicate long messages.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Effective ways of marketing about your golf event using feather flags

  1. Selecting the right colors and combinations

Color is an important feature to keep in mind before you start your marketing campaign. Selecting the right colors for your feather flag will make the advertisement more effective.

Brighter colors have a greater possibility to get to a larger audience. However, opting for too bright colors can adversely affect the purpose of the flags. It will make the flags lose their professional look.

Evaluate the target audience and choose the colors accordingly.

Colors have an impactful influence on the banners. Therefore, the right choice of colors and correct color combination can be a turning point for the success of your marketing strategy.

While designing banners, make sure to use a color combination that is appealing to the customers. Perfect colors are persuasive and can set your mood right. You can use contrasts to make the flags attractive.

You can use the same colors for the golf event’s branding to maintain uniformity and appeal. This way, people who see the banners are most likely to remember the event.

  1. Deciding location

Locating the feather flags at the correct place is the crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. Try to place the flag at locations with maximum visibility for both the business campaign and event organization.

Suppose you are organizing a golf event. You need the maximum number of people to reach there. It can only happen through the correct marketing strategy, at the proper place. Place the feather flags at places that attract the highest traffic, where you expect most of your spectators to see them. It could be at the local golf curse, community center, or shopping centers.

If you want your feather flag to stand out, focus on its placement. Placing the feather at the right place will help you gather a large crowd.

Avoid setting the flags at places with a hindrance in their visibility, like near trees or power lines. Furthermore, try placing them at places where not many things are present in the vicinity. It will enhance their visibility.

Additionally, at busy places, place the feather banners in different locations. This way, flags become visible to more and more target audiences.

  1. Events selection

Feather flags are effective when you use them only for a specific event rather than the whole year. So businesses should use these sail flags to promote their services and products only if they notice increased traffic due to the flags.

Events like sports can also use the flags to attract more crowds to the event. The banners work as a catalyst in garnering people’s attention towards an event.

Since the message conveyed by the flags is clear, it generates interest among the locals to go to the event.

  1. Effective message

If you use one flag to attract people and convey your message, focus exclusively on the logo. A single flag has limited space available, so the news delivered would be loud and clear.

However, if you are using many flags, go creative. Try conveying your message by spreading it across the flags by adding one word to a single banner. Additionally, you can also create sentences or notes using multiple flags in a series.

  1. Perfect fonts

The feather flags containing the correct font style will have to be visible from afar. And as the feather flags would be waving in the winds, it becomes essential to consider the right font style.

You can use popular fonts with maximum visibility, like Geneva, Times Roman, Arial, etc. While selecting the fonts, keep in mind to choose at-most two fonts to make your message visible.

Using different fonts can make the banner look intricate and fussy, making it difficult for people to read the message you have to convey.

  1. Quantity of text

The amount of text to be contained in feather flags decides their readability. Try to include a few words to deliver your message. Too many words and sentences can make the banner look complicated to read.

Additionally, a combination of upper and lower case letters will make the text look attractive, but remember not to overdo the upper case letters.

Moreover, select larger text for better readability and choose the words that are easy to read and deliver the message quickly. Keep the information precise. Focus on the proper text placement to ensure you get your golf event details across to the reader.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Reasons to use feather flags in promoting a golf event

  1.   Economic promotion using feather flags

The feather flags are economical whether you use them as single-sided or double-sided banners. These customized feather flags offer a much cheaper promotion, unlike the different marketing methods.

Since the flags are durable, they cut the promotional cost to a large extent. The long life of the flags makes the investment worth every penny for your golf event.

  1. Versatility of feather flags

The feather flags are versatile to use as per your requirements. If you are low on budget, get all the required information printed on one banner. But if you are willing to spend an extra amount, you can get different flags printed for various purposes like sports events, sales, products, etc.

  1. Everlasting investment

The feather flags remain unaltered over time, so they are an everlasting business investment. They are a significant asset because you can use them to advertise not just one golf event but also for as many events as you like.

They do not grow old with time, nor do their quality deter. They remain the same for many years, thus are a significant investment. Promoting any event with the feather flag will bring in an unvarying return.

  1. Visibility is enhanced

Feather flags give an effective and visible message to the target audience. It helps in garnering the attention of more and more people towards your event.

If you plan to organize a golf event and want to attract the maximum number of people, feather banners are a must-have for a successful jam-packed event.

  1. Easy to design and print

With feather flags as a promoting medium, you get to explore your creativity. You can experiment with different color combinations, contrasts, and customized graphics to attract a maximum number of people to your golf event.

A feather banner that highlights your message will straight away connect with the audience.

  1. Unaffected to weather conditions

The feather flags or sail flags are sturdy enough to withstand most weather conditions. They remain unaffected in rains, storms, or snow.

Additionally, promotional flags do not get entangled due to strong winds. They remain intact in whatever weather conditions. However, bringing in the banners during extreme weather conditions helps prolong its life.

  1. Lightweight and motile

Due to the lightweight nature of the poles and flags, the feather flags are easy to transfer to any desired location. Just pack them in the carry case that comes along, and you can take them anywhere you want.

You can install them at any location. Whether you want a brand promotion or attract maximum people to your Golf event, these flags come in handy.

  1. Effortless assembling 

Are you worried about the assembling of feather flags? You don’t need to worry about it because the flags grant hassle-free assembling. The flagpole kits can be assembled without any tools, no hammer or drill, and no extra effort from your side is required to mount them.

  1. Round the clock promotion

Do you want around-the-clock promotion of your golf event? Or do you want brand exposure for the whole day? Don’t worry. Sail flags will help by promoting your event all through the day.

There is no hassle of pulling them down once the promotion of any event is over. Moreover, they do not come with an expiry date or validity issues, thus ensuring 24×7 alternatives to promote your brand or attract more people for your event.

  1. Requires less space

The maximum space necessary for a feather flag of 2.5ft width is very little. This is why you can conveniently use the flags in areas where there is minimal space. In congested cities, where there is not enough space, you can easily promote your events like golf or any other sport with the feather flags.

You just require a minimum of 3 ft space to promote your services. The personalized flags let you attract more and more people to events. Additionally, they come with a carrying case, so storing them undamaged is never a problem.

Thus, feather flags are a boon for promoting an event or any marketing campaign. Whether it is a restaurant business, any sports event, or any retail business campaign, you cannot ignore the utility of these sail flags.

If you plan to organize an event, the feather flag manufacturers like offer you the best design and quality feather flags. Besides offering an affordable range of banners, they also provide customized flags.

They will help you select the perfect font, colors, and amount of text and graphics printed on the flag.

So, choose and get a flag that fits your business theme and conveys a clear message in an affordable price range.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

Top Ten Reasons to Use Feather Flags To Advertise At Your Golf Event

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition


Outdoor advertising can be a powerful tool for marketers to promote their products or service. Outdoor signs, billboards, and bus benches all have the potential to be effective at certain locations. Still, each location requires specific signage to make an impactful campaign that will last on a large scale long-term.

Feather flags are often used as part of this strategy. They have high visibility from both distances up close, making it easy to create custom designs with whatever message you want across many different mediums such as print ads, digital displays, etc.

In recent years feather flags have emerged as an effective way to deliver your message to the target audience. These are made of high-quality polyester fabric that is sturdy and durable. They are a common sight in the parking lots of malls, shops, or even at corporate events.

Feather flags are popular in outdoor advertising. They can attract more customers, inform people about an upcoming event, promote the products and services, etc.

The main aim of these feather flags is to serve as a promotional tool for all types of events like indoor promotions, tradeshow marketing, open house events, grand openings, concerts, festivals, sporting events, and a lot more.

This blog post will discuss using feather flags for customer acquisition and why they have emerged as an essential marketing tool!

Why is customer acquisition important for any business?

A customer is the most essential member of any business. Without a customer, every business would be an empty building with no one to use it.

Businesses tend to grow when the sales of their product go up, and sales go up only when they get more customers. The more the customers, the better the growth of a business!

So this leads us to focus on customer acquisition.

It is why it is important to acquire as many new customers as possible for your business. Customer Acquisition costs less than maintaining an existing client base and results in a much higher return on investment for any business.

How feather flag help with customer acquisition

Customers are the critical success factor for any business! And this is why you have to equip yourself with promotional tools that can help you reach out to the most customers.

Feather flags are effective in customer acquisition due to their ability to attract crowds. With feather flags by your side, which you can put on special events or occasions, you can attract people to your business.

The uniqueness of feather flags

It is the most innovative promotional tool used by businesses for many years to acquire new customers.

Feather banners help attract people to your location as the flag is visible from considerable distances and help notify people about your location.

It has the most incredible ability to get noticed among any other promotional tools, as it stands tall and erects with sky-pointing tips which onlookers from long distances can see.

You will not need to hire a person to hold the flag all day. Nor do you have to hire anyone to help you set it up.

Feather banners are easy to carry around wherever you want in their carrying bag. And they are easy to assemble on your own. All you have to do is assemble the cross pole, attach the flag to it using rope ties provided in the kit, and fix one ground spike to place your banner over.

And now you are all set to advertise your business!

Just one visit to a trade show or exhibition would answer how effective the feather flag is in gaining a lot of attention. You can also use it as an attraction tool for outdoor events and occasions where there is a need for a big crowd.

You can design the flag to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of the onlookers.

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition

How to Use feather flags for Customer acquisition?

The customer service that you offer plays a vital role in how customers perceive your business. You can boost revenue by making them feel welcome and valued, encouraging potential clients to come into the store or stop for fuel on their way home from work.

Let’s take a look at the top uses of feather flags that helps in accomplishing your business goals:

·        Fair & Festivals

Feather flags are colorful, bold, and high-quality items. They make for the perfect marketing tools at festivals or fairs where you want to promote your brand or business with style! Use vibrantly colored fonts and designs to help the banner separate your stall from the many other stalls that all seem to look alike.

·        At conventional marketing campaigns

Feather flags work best at conventional marketing campaigns where there are high crowd gatherings. They are easy to move around and install, even indoors. It’s all thanks to its indoor base which you just have to place on the spot you set up the banner.

And if you are worried about it toppling over, all you need to do is place a water or sandbag on the base for added weight and balance.

·        Parties & Celebrations

Feather banners are also popularly used in parties and celebrations like weddings, private functions, etc. You can print something about the event, or the guest of honor’s name on it to create a novel look to the event. Depending on where you plan to set up your feather flag banner, you can decide if you will use a base suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

·        Business & Corporate Events

You can also use feather flags wherever there is a trade show or business / corporate event. These events are an excellent opportunity for businesses to introduce themselves and their products/services.

Feather flags can effectively attract people at these events where they see your brand marquee on top of the stand. They help draw more attention than other standard signage options.

·        Commercial Use

These flags are also a common marketing tool in commercial spaces like stores, restaurants, theatres, garages, etc. They are the perfect means of getting your message out about any special offers or sales that you’re running in-store.

·        Gas Stations

Feather banners are also popular at gas stations where people drive by all day long. Since they are highly visible, feather flags are an effective way to grab the attention of potential customers who might be looking for fuel or passing by to grab a bite.

·        Promotional Activities

Feather advertising flags are an excellent choice if you’re looking to promote some special activities. These playful and colorful fluttering banners will catch anyone’s attention because they’re so colorful and attractive!

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition

The How-to’s of the Feather Flag Campaign

The first thing you need to do is identify what your goal is for the campaign.

What are you hoping to achieve?

Are you looking for brand recognition, lead generation, or customer acquisition?

You can even use feather flags and other signage forms to help guide them to your booth.

  1. Once you have identified what you want to achieve from the campaign, it’s time to design a creative design for your feather flags.

There are many flag manufacturers like, which you can visit to create your custom feather flag banners. And the good news is that they also provide the relevant hi-res printing files if you want to use them on your website, social media channels, or other marketing channels.

  1. The next step is to choose the location where you want to set up your banner. You have multiple spots to select from like:
  • Outside at a point of purchase location
  • At an entrance
  • In front of your store so that it’s visible from the street side.

Depending on the location you choose, you also need to figure out which flag base would be best suited for your campaign. You receive your banner with a choice of cross indoor bases and pointed ground stakes for outdoor use.

  1. The last step is simple – installing the flag and waiting! Keep measuring foot traffic volume throughout your campaign and make sure to track any leads, sales, or online activity.

Top reasons why feather flags are best as the outdoor marketing tools

Here are the top reasons for you to consider using feather flags for customer acquisition:

·        High Visibility

These banners easily capture anyone’s attention because of their vibrant colors and unique shapes. They are especially useful when used in high-traffic areas like events or outdoor locations.

·        Portability

These flags are incredibly lightweight and portable for you to carry around wherever required. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s a beach or a trade show event; you can use them anytime, anywhere outside your business.

·        Cheap to produce

Advertising flags don’t require too many design tools or skills such as logo designs, copywriting, or photographs. They are pre-made, so the only thing left is to choose the color combinations. You can always opt to customize your banners using your own designs or by having a designer craft something for you.

·        Versatility

Banners are versatile in function, apt to use anywhere like at tradeshows, street festivals, corporate events, in front of stores, etc. All you have to do is print your logo and contact information on them so that interested potential customers can easily reach you.

·        Easy to design

Since there is no need for any technical skills, anyone can easily create a custom feather flag!

·        Fast Turnaround

As mentioned above, these banners take very little time to print and deliver. You will most of the time receive your order in just a few days.

·        Year-round service

This type of outdoor signage is effective for use through the year, in summer, spring, winter, or fall. As long you avoid using them in extreme weather conditions like extreme heat or rain, the banners will serve you for a long time to come.

·        Easy assembling

Unlike those huge billboards, feather flags are compact and easy to install. You don’t need any special tools, or additional pair of hands to set them up. You can install it all by yourself even if you don’t have prior knowledge of setting up banners!

·        Durable and Versatile

Most flag manufacturers like use the finest grade materials and latest printing technology available in the market to provide long-lasting flags.

You can this way reuse these flags whenever you want, and as many times you want, without worrying about losing their color or shape for a long time.

·        Message customization

You can create customized feather flags for your business with any message or image that you want. They make an ideal choice to announce sales, promote products, drum up interest for a new service or product, offer detailed information about your company, announce special events, and do much more.

How to Measure Your Flag Size

If you’re wondering how to measure feather flags, then this is the answer. You need to measure the width of your flag for x-height or header height, followed by pole height. So it should be something like 12 ft x 3 ft + 9ft or 11 ft x 3 ft + 6 ft.

You can always ask the flag manufacturer for help with the banner’s exact dimensions. They are always ready to help you choose the best size feather flag for your outdoor marketing campaign.

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition

How feather flags can help with effective customer acquisition


Feather flags are more cost-effective than other outdoor advertising options. When you have a budget to promote your business, it is always better to choose feather flags as the first option over other forms of printed flyers and posters on the street.

Feather flags can also be used for customer acquisition if placed prominently outside your shop or store. Since people can see them from a long distance away, they will effectively attract traffic and potential customers for your products and services.

So if you are serious with your game about customer acquisition, then it’s time to consider investing in the friendly, long-lasting fluttering feather banners!

How To Choose the Best Flag Colors for My Brand?

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

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Feather flags are no doubt great at garnering attention from afar, primarily thanks to their fluttering actions. And the best thing is that you can use these flags both indoors and outdoors as per your needs.

Feather flags are also affordably priced, and make a great marketing investment for any business. The best way to maximize your return on investment lies in increasing the flag’s lifespan or longevity.

6 secrets to increasing your feather flag’s lifespan

Read on to learn about the six best-kept secrets businesses should know to improve the lifespan of their feather flags.

1.     Choose your flag location wisely

Choose your location wisely. You no doubt will want to set up the flag on a spot that generates maximum exposure. But make sure you choose a site that is also safe for a flag.

It means that you should set up the spot someplace where there is minimal air pollution because air pollution isn’t suitable for the flag. It ends up graying the white areas, while UV rays can, with time, deteriorate and fade the fabric.

2.     Ensure proper maintenance

The flag’s lifespan relies entirely on your climatic conditions and how long you leave it up. On average, a typical feather flag lasts for as many as six months to a year or two.

It depends on how long it’s kept outdoors under the sun if it’s kept in polluted areas, how much you use the banner, and how well you clean and maintain it.

Most flag manufacturers like bond their flags with a heat seal process. This minimizes the risks of the flag fraying with time. However, at times, there is the chance of the edges ending up frayed with time.

If this is the case, you have to trim, reinforce, and re-hem the feather flag to extend its lifespan.

And all you need to do this is a standard sewing machine. You will need a sharp needle, and while cotton thread does the job well, nylon threads give a more robust and longer-lasting solution.

3.     Takedown the flag during extreme weather conditions

There is the risk of heavy rains and windy conditions increasing the flag’s weight. This extra weight, in turn, puts some extra strain on the pole and can lead to potential damage.

The best way to avoid this is by dismantling the flag during heavy rain and windy conditions. You can always store it in the carrying bag accompanying the flag until the weather returns to normal.

And it’s once again safe to put up the flag. Just make sure that the flag is completely dry before you store it. Storing a wet flat can only lead to mold.

Remember, feather banners are designed only for marketing purposes. They are not fit to use in extreme weather conditions.

4.     Regular washing

The good news is that you can wash most feather flags if and when it looks dirty. All you have to do is wash it in your regular washing machine using common detergents. It’s better to wash it using 40 degrees C hot water, and then air dries it.

As usual, you can store only dry flags.

At the same time, most banners don’t require ironing after washing them. However, some of them may end up wrinkled and need ironing. It is better first to set the iron on low heat and try ironing a small patch. You can continue ironing if there are no problems.

5.     Even flags need their space.

Just like you need your space from others surrounding you, even flags need their space. You need to leave some surrounding area for the flags so that there’s no worry that it doesn’t catch or snag its pole on something.

For example, you have to keep the banners always from trees, fencing, and poles.

Besides, the warranty does not cover any damage to the flags and hardware by any force. So do not expect to get a replacement through a warranty claim if the banner gets caught on fencing.

6.     Make sure the flags are correctly installed

Yes, feather flags are indeed easy to install, that you can do it even alone, without anyone else’s help. However, this doesn’t mean you can do a poor job of it.

It’s only if you install the flag correctly it will serve you for a longer time.

This means that if you are setting it up somewhere outdoors, then the spike base has to be correctly installed. Make sure you properly insert the tip of the pole into the reinforced corners.

And keeping the spike base head above the ground provides for easy rotation. While you should use tension cords, do not pull them too tightly.

Practicing these tips can help considerably extend the life of your feather banners.

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

Frequently asked questions about maintaining feather flags

Here are some commonly asked questions about cleaning and maintaining feather flags:

1.     How can I steam and iron out wrinkles from vinyl feather flags?

Steaming and ironing banners make it look so much neater. However, this is something you need to be careful about.

It is no doubt that feather banners are durable, solid, and long-lasting. However, heat can create havoc on even the most robust material if not appropriately treated before use.

Most importantly, do not put the vinyl fabric flag into the washer. Doing this only leads to irreparable damage, with the colors running and fabric easily tearing.

Instead, you can follow these steps to safely wash and iron your feather flag:

  • The first thing to do is remove any pole attached to the feather flag. It makes preparing your banner for ironing or steaming so much easier.
  • Once the banner is ready, you next have to turn on your steamer at the lowest possible heat or setting.
  • As always, it is better and easier to steam or iron the flag after hanging or laying it flat on a surface like an ironing board.
  • Ironing is easier if you first smoothen out the flag. You can easily do this with the palm of your hand. It’s when your flag is smooth that you know it is ready for steaming or ironing.
  • Use a slow and gentle back and forth motion while steaming or ironing your feather flag. Also, maintain the iron at medium pressure to reduce the chances of any tearing or burning of the flag.

2.     How often should I clean feather flags?

Prolonged exposure to the outdoor UV rays can lead to cosmetic damage as the graphics are constantly exposed to:

  • Direct sun exposure

Constant and regular sun exposure leads to the fading of the banner graphics and colors. It mainly happens if you leave your banner outdoor for months together. Periodically bringing the flag in and storing it helps reduce the chances of fading.

  • Bad weather conditions

Bad weather conditions are not suitable for vinyl feather flags as it ends up dulling its protective laminate coating. So avoid keeping your banners outdoor during heavy rain, snowy and windy conditions.

It is better to bring them in and set them up late when things settle down. There’s anyway no point in having the banners up in such weather. No one will be able to see or even read what’s printed on it correctly.

  • Dust and air pollutants

Naturally, feather flags that remain outdoors keeping exposed to dust and other air pollutants like smoke and dander. This is also why the likelihood of the banners getting polluted and dirty is higher in urban areas.

In short, you need to consider the flag’s outdoor use and graphics to determine the proper cleaning schedule.

  1. Generally, vinyl feather flags that remain outdoors throughout the year should be cleaned every 2-3 months.
  2. And in the case of banners that you keep on display for only a few hours or less a day and then store them, an annual cleaning is more than enough.
6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

3.     What are the best and safest detergents to use for cleaning custom feather flags?

You need not worry or bother yourself too much about this.

The general rule of thumb to follow is that it is always better to use a simple cleaning agent. In other words, you are safe to go to clean your banners with your regular detergent or soap.

You need the following products ready to wash your feather banner:

  • Soft sponges
  • Lukewarm water
  • Mild soaps
  • Microfiber towels or clothes

In addition, do not use the following products for cleaning purposes. These products will only end up damaging your vinyl flag graphics.

  • Paint thinner
  • Bleach
  • Chemical solvents
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Abrasive cloths
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Acetone or any product that contains acetone

4.     How do I wash outdoor marketing feather flags and banners?

These steps will show you how you can clean and store your feather banners so that you can use them for years to come.

  1. You first have to pat the banner surface flat and dry and smoothen out wrinkles using your hands. You can use the sunlight, steamers, or hairdryer on the lowest setting to eliminate any stubborn wrinkles.
  2. Next, get your soap and water solution ready by mixing lukewarm water with a mild detergent cleaner. You can use some dish or laundry soap or even a liquid detergent meant for delicate items.
  3. Dip the microfiber cloth in the solution, wring out excess water, and gently wipe the banner using long, gentle strokes. Work from the middle of the graphic towards its outer edges.
  4. Next, take a second microfiber cloth, dip it in clean water and rinse the banner surface to remove any soap residue. It is essential to do this because the remnant residue can end up discoloring, deteriorating, and peeling the flag.
  5. Once this is done, you need to take a third, clean microfiber cloth or towel to wipe the banner gently. Again, start from the center, working towards the outer edge.
  6. It is when the flag is dry that you can slowly roll close your banner. Make sure the graphics remain facing inside and not outside while moving. It is always better to proceed and not fold vinyl graphics because the folds create permanent creases.
  7. Store the banner in its carrying bag until its subsequent use.

5.     How do I treat spot stains on feather flags?

You can use the help of the following tips to get rid of any problematic stains on your feather flags:

  • First, try cleaning the stain using a sponge and soap, and water mixture. As always, using gentle strokes is always a better option.
  • If soap and water don’t work, apply some mild glass cleaner on the flat surface and scrub lightly using a sponge. However, it is better to read the cleaner ingredients before using them to avoid harsh solvents like alcohol or bleach.

If you are not sure about the contents, test the product before use on a tiny, inconspicuous spot. Apply and wait for a few minutes. You can apply it to the entire flag if there is no discoloration or fading.

These frequently asked questions should answer most of your doubts and queries related to cleaning and maintaining feather flags. These answers, together with the secrets mentioned above, go a long way in prolonging your feather flag’s life.

It is also better to have your feather flags printed by a reputed flag manufacturer like They are professionals at the job and have a wide range of designs for you to select from.

Besides, your feather flags reach you with multiple bases to choose from and use as per your requirements. And there’s also a handy carrying bag for storing and transporting the feather wherever needed. The bag fits into your car trunk so that you can conveniently transport your banner from one venue.

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

6 Best Kept Event Secrets that Can Help Increase the Lifespan of your Marketing Feather Flags

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business


Have you wondered why some companies still use the old methodology of using feather flag yard signs to promote their small business? Well, you will be surprised that there are not just one, but multiple reasons and benefits for them to opt for this.

Read on to learn these nine reasons.

Excellent for promoting annual, seasonal services

Suppose you have a small business that offers some sort of seasonal services or specialists. So you will be advertising about these services year in and year out. This is where feather flags help you do this.


Well, you just have to print out whatever you want to disclose about your services. For example, you can mention what services you have to offer, its start times, any offers, etc.

You just have to place an order with a known company like for your feather flags. Place them well on time so that they reach you in time for you to start promoting your seasonal services.

Once the banners reach you, all you have to do is set them up and place them in your yard. You don’t even have to wait for anyone to do this. You have your banners all set and ready in a few minutes, advertising your special offer.

The best and most important reason for using feather banners to advertise your seasonal services is to dismantle and store them once you are done with your seasonal services.

You can keep the banner in its accompanying carrying bag and start using it the following year once again for your promotional needs.

Easily set up anywhere, even in someone else’s yard

Yes, you read it right.

Feather flag banners take up minimal space in the yard to set up. All you have to do is poke its sharp pole spiked edge deep into the ground, and you have your banner fluttering and promoting your services.

It’s perfect for getting the word out quickly, especially if you offer unique seasonal services like leave removal in the fall. You can remove the leaves from a client’s home.

And as a favor, and with a slight discount, you could request if you can put up your banner advertising your services in the client’s garden. Most people are all okay with this arrangement.

They get their yards clean, you need only minimal yard space to set up the banner, and most importantly, you offer a discount for leave removal.

There is an added benefit to setting up feather flags in the clients’ yard like this.

Any prospective customers can see the type of work you do. They can see how well you can clean the yard, giving them even more reason to consider hiring you for removing leaves in their garden.

Besides, not many people even know that people are offering your type of seasonal services. And many people require help in keeping their yards clean. So feather flags provide an excellent means of getting the word out about your services on a seasonal basis.

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Effectively reaches out to your target audience.

You obviously cannot afford to waste much time while running a small business. You work at making ends meet where possible, and one such way you can do this is by using feather flags.


Well, it’s because you know that the money invested in the advertising reaches your target audience. All you need to do is print the right words on the feather flag. And then be strategic about where you set up the banners.

You logically have to set up your yard signs in places where you know or at least expect your target audience to live and hang out the most.

For example, if you have a daycare service, you can set up multiple feather banners in localities with more children. So the chances are higher of people approaching you for your daycare services here.

Or, if you have a plumbing business, you could set banners up someplace near apartment buildings. While many homes are also a great spot, flats offer many more potential clients within a smaller radius.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business


The way feather banners flutter in the wind to grab a passers-by’s attention is another important reason why it’s famous for advertising even in today’s world of online advertising. Besides, the colors and text font on the banner easily attract anyone’s attention.

More importantly, feather flags don’t have much competition. Unlike online business advertising, you will be setting up someplace where there already isn’t much saturation of information and advertisements. So there is a higher and better chance of people seeing and reading them.

Affordably priced

This is another excellent and essential reason to use feather flag yard signs for promoting your small business. They are affordable, perfect to meet the budget of most small businesses.

Besides, you get an even better rate if you order in bulk.

Feather flag yard signs thus make a much better advertising option than the other local options coming with substantial price tags. Just imagine how much you may have to pour out on other options like billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, and online marketing options like PPC social media ads.

Besides, you aren’t even sure if your advertising reaches your target audience or not. However, things are different when it comes to yard signs. They fit your pocket and reach a large, targeted audience.

Single investment

Yes, another reason why yard signs are affordable is that it’s a one-time investment that’s good for at least a few years. As long as you take good care of the banner, you can use the same banners year after year for a few years.

This is contradictory to other forms of local advertising, which require minimal repeated investments to remain effective.

For example, you have to pay for the production and paid time slots in radio and TV ads. When it comes to online advertising, you have the option to pay for daily, weekly, or monthly advertisements.

Even print ads are relatively expensive.

You have to go through the hassle of producing and then mailing them. Besides, brochures and pamphlets often end up in the wastepaper basket. So the recipient is most likely to ignore whatever you print on it.

However, as long as feather flag yard signs are attractively colored, they will effectively garner enough attention from a few passers-by throughout the day.

Effective for spreading brand awareness

You can use yard signs to effectively spread your brand, especially if your business has a single location. The only form of brand awareness you otherwise have in your area is word-of-mouth.

Setting up signs through your area of business proves helpful in spreading brand awareness. This way, more people get to know about your business, the services you offer, and your company name and logo.

Remember, brand awareness is critical to you, especially for small businesses. It is the first part of your marketing funnel and lays an essential foundation to help acquire your trusted customers.

It helps by helping people recall and recognize your business and seeing the yard signs repeatedly through your locality; your brand remains top-of-mind in case of your audience. And once people get to know and recognize your brand better, they become more familiar and comfortable with it.

And it is its familiarity and comfort that drives them to do or at least consider doing business with you. There’s a higher chance of their buying from you when faced with deciding how to buy from.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business

Provides convincing recommendations

Many people assume that it’s only the older customers that respond better to yard signs. They believe that the younger generation is more likely to turn to the internet while looking for something.

And as the older generation seldom searches online for local businesses, feather banners don’t reach the younger generation much.

However, it may be surprising for them to learn that the millennial consider word-of-mouth one of the most important influences in their decision-making process!

It’s because they, too, are influenced whenever they see the yard signs in their locality. They consider it to be as convincing a recommendation for a product or service as an actual, spoken recommendation may be.

Resonates with the Rule of Seven Advertising Principle

Did you know that there’s a marketing adage called the ‘Rule of Seven’?

It’s decided based on studies that consumers have to be exposed to a product or service a minimum of seven times before they actually decide to buy!

Of course, the number seven isn’t cast in stone. It’s just a preferred number, perhaps signifying people seeing a sign once a day for a week.

The truth of the adage is just that marketing for a business isn’t something done overnight. It has to be an ongoing process for someone to take action and make a purchase.

And this is possible through increased exposure with the help of your feather banner yard signs. The good news is that yard signs offer a much quicker and cheaper seven times exposure.

All your target audience has to do is pass by your feather flag a few times a day. Or over a few days, and they would have seen it more than seven times!

Besides, it’s not necessary that people who see your yard signs need you ON THAT DAY. They may not require you that day, but you never know when they will need you.

And if they see your sign only once, there’s a very slim chance of their remembering you tomorrow or next week when they may need your services or product.

The best way to ensure you are within their reach all the time is by making sure they see ‘you’ or your yard sign at least a few times a day. This way, you know they will remember you if and when they do require your services.

Five Tips to provide for effective yard feather banner advertising

Now that you know how yard signs can help promote your small business, here are a few tips for even more effective yard sign marketing.

First, always keep your text short and sweet. Remember that you have only a few seconds to relay what you want to the passer-by. So do it by providing your information using short and simple sentences, which they can easily remember and absorb.

Second, as mentioned early, strategic placement is very important. Don’t just set them up in any corner, like behind your home or establishment. Instead, set them up in spots where drivers and passers-by are most likely to see them.

For example, the perfect spot would be near the road instead of in front of your building because it provides better visibility. In short, you can expect better results and returns if you place your signs in all the highly trafficked areas.

For example, if you opt to set up a few banners outside your yard, you could put them up at traffic signals.

Third, plan your feather banner design well. It should preferably be uncluttered and straighter to the point with only essential and relevant information. It avoids distraction from the actual message and provides for better and improved readability.

And when selecting the colors, use more high-contrast colors and text. This way, whatever you print can be seen much better and more apparent.

Examples of some perfect color combinations include black and white, red and yellow, and perhaps green and yellow.

Fourth, don’t forget to include a simple call to action in the banner.

Even if it’s a yard sign, make sure you have a CTA like a phone number to call to reach you. This way, someone interested can at least click photos of the banner to remember your phone number and call you later on if they need your product or services.

Last but not least, it’s always better to have your banners printed by a company that specializes in custom yard signs like They know the best color combinations, sizes, and layout to provide maximum visibility and possible response.

Nine reasons for you to start using  yard signs for advertising your small business

Nine reasons for you to start using yard signs for advertising your small business