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A teardrop flag can help market your coffee shop – Learn how!


Everyone loves coffee, making coffee shops high in demand. But with this demand are also an increasing number of coffee chains that may make it difficult for independent shops to make their mark.

The only and best way for you to get an edge over your competitors is through an efficient advertising campaign using the help of various media including teardrop flags.

There’s also nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising, which you can achieve just by creating a customer friendly experience and atmosphere at the shop. This can be achieved by offering free Wi-Fi may bring in more customers to work while they sip their coffee.

Even loyalty and incentive programs will have your customers coming back for more and doing more repeated business with you. You can take your program to the next level by doing some research. Start keeping a track of the total coffee orders each customer makes and offer free coffee products once they spend a specific amount.

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In addition to this, you also need some on-premises advertising. This is where teardrop flags come into the picture. You need a flag that clearly projects your coffee shop so that even people from afar will get to know about you.

It’s all in the name

Most important is selecting a name for your store that relates to coffee. It should be something which will remind coffee lovers about your shop whenever they feel like drinking some. Of course, the name should also be easy to remember.

You then have to print this same name on your teardrop flag using the right colors and font. This way anyone seeing it will also remember the name of your store to pay a visit every now and then.

Use teardrops to advertise about promotions

You can also have some promotions which you can advertise about through your tear drop flags. It doesn’t matter what you plan to have. It could be a live gig playing at your store on a certain day or a literary meet.

Make sure you print the details on your flag using bold and easily seen and read font so that anyone who sees it will understand it. As tear drop flags are tall they have a much better chance of reaching out to much more people.

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How teardrop flags can help with digital marketing

You can also use the help of digital and social media to advertise about your coffee store. You could perhaps start a website and blog, and post some interesting information and facts about coffee.

You can make things more interesting by publishing stories that developed over a cup of coffee. It’s not enough to just create a website; you also have to make it reach as many people as possible.

This is where tear flags can once again help you. You can add your social network details like your website or blog URL, and your social network pages, onto the flag. People who see the flag will also learn about your online presence and consider visiting your website too.

What’s so special about teardrop flags?

After reading so much about how tear drop flags can help advertise about your coffee shop you naturally wonder what is so special about it. Well, they are teardrop shaped flags which are also referred to as teardrop flag banners or teardrop feather flags.

Teardrop flags have a bendable flagpole. This is what keeps the flag taut once open, no matter if there’s wind or not. The fact that the flag is taut makes whatever you’ve printed on it clearly visible to people near and far.

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The flag

The flags are made of polyester and are usually double-helmed to prevent the fabric from fraying. This, in turn, gives the flag a professional look. The flags can be customized with your chosen images, font, and colors using a dye sublimation process. The flag is then attached to a lightweight aluminum and fiberglass flagpole.

Versatile in use

All you have to do is place the teardrop flag banner in front of your coffee store and it will attract the attention of everyone who passes by. You can choose to either stick the flag into the ground using its ground spike or you can place something heavy like a sandbag or water bag on its flag stand for added stability.

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Why you should invest in tear drop feather flags

1. There are various reasons to buy a teardrop flag. The first important reason is that it is a cost-effective form of advertisement. This is because it can be used as many times as you want in as many places you want to advertise about your coffee shop.

2. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.  As long as you print a flag with your basic contact details, your store name and perhaps some interesting tag line, the flag won’t be time sensitive. This in turn means that you can use it anywhere, and as many times as, you want.

You can use it to advertise about your shop in your neighborhood or you can participate in a trade show for people to identify your stall. You can even use it to advertise outdoors like at a golf tournament or sports event.

3. The flags are easily put down and set up. You do not have to wait for someone else to help you put up the flag. It comprises of the flag and stands which you can just fit and set up.

You just have to put all the poles together in the proper order and then unfold the flag and slide the pole through its pole insert. Do this till the flag is fully extended on the pole.

This is when the flag is ready and should be erected by inserting the pole base on whichever stand is best for it.  Even dismantling it is a cinch once you are done. And you just have to place its dismantled parts in the carrying bag that accompanies the flag.

4. The teardrop feather banner can be easily carried from one place to another. This is because it is both lightweight, weighing only 8 pounds, and conveniently stored in its carrying case.

The bag anyway fits into the back seat of your car and even in your car trunk. It goes without saying that such a small and light package will easily find someplace in your coffee store for storage purposes until you next need it.

5. You can opt between using both and only a single side of the flag.  Though you may have to pay a little more to have it printed on both sides, it is a better investment.

This is because it is the most visible and effective form of advertising using these flags. You can choose to print the same content on both sides, and something different on each side.

There is no chance of the content on both sides merging with each other. There is a lining in between the two sides that prevents one side from showing through to the other.

In case of the single-sided flag, it’s printed only on one side, which makes the design print through. This means that the design will be slightly visible even from the back side.

This is why the double-sided flags are better for clearly advertising whatever you have to mention in the flag. While you may feel that it is a bit expensive, remember that it works better at getting your message across. Besides, you have more space to add more content or images onto the flag.

6. Teardrop flags are durably built for outdoor use. They are made of weather resistant material which means you can use them in both rainy and sunny weather.

But like any other printed material, the colors and design on the flag may fade away rather quickly if used continuously under the hot sun. So where possible, it is better to bring the flag in when it is really hot outdoors.

It is also better to bring in the flag in the cold winter months. This helps prolong the life of the flag so that it serves you for a much longer time.

7. As mentioned earlier, you have a choice of bases to choose and use for your flag, depending on where you intend to use it. Most flags like those from come with a heavy square shaped metal base.

It can be used with the flag both indoors and outdoors where there is high foot traffic like conferences and expos and even in outdoor windy conditions.

You also have a cross base with four legs and foldable design that’s ideal for indoor use. It is also a better choice if you have lots of traveling promoting your coffee store at different events.

Just make sure that as someone may trip over one of the four legs, it is better if the flag is set up somewhere safe with minimal risks of people tripping over it.

You can also use a water or sandbag to place on top of the cross base to securely anchor your flag. Then again, there is the ground stake that you can use to install the flag outdoors in solid soil for added stability when used outdoors.

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Look at how you can use your teardrop flags

1. Advertise about your coffee store even at the beach

As teardrop flags come with a spike as a base, you can easily set up the flag on the beach on a busy and crowded day. As the flags are found in various sizes, you just have to choose the tallest flag which you can set up at the beach, and are sure it will be seen by everyone there at the beach.

There however is one point to remember if you plan to use very tall teardrop flags. It is better to avoid using blue as it is background color. The flag will not be as visible as it would with any other color with its blue blending in with the sky color.

2. Use the flag on your opening day

There is no better time to use teardrop flags than on your opening day. You can have the words ‘We are open today’ printed on them or ‘Open’ to let coffee lovers know about you.

You can even make something unique by using multiple flags to convey a common message. This has a much better chance of attracting the attention of potential clients.

3. Advertise about your coffee store at outdoor businesses and car dealerships

Your flag will do a lot at attracting the attention of people passing by an outdoor business or establishment. Along as you create a colorful and informative flag it will definitely attract the passing traffic’s attention.

Teardrop flags come in various sizes. It is better to choose the size based on where you plan to use the teardrop banner. The smaller sized flags are ideal for indoor use or to advertise about your store outside it.

You can also use the taller flags in front of your store if you are targeting drivers and people from afar to know about your coffee shop.

If you plan to go all out with the advertising about your coffee store it is better to order a few different sized flags at once to use as and where you want to.

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Teardrop flag maintenance

Everything lasts longer if well maintained, inducing your teardrop flag. You can give it a periodic wash in the washing machine. However, do not machine dry or iron them.

Let the flag air dry and once dry, store it away with the poles in its carrying bag till you next need it. Just doing this will let the flag advertise about your coffee shop for at least two years.

While you may use water or sandbag to weigh the flag down, it is better to stick to only one of them. In case you fill the bag once with water and next want to fill it with sand, then suggests first letting the bag to completely dry before filling it with sand.

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Everything about using feather flags in schools

The first day of school has kids with mixed emotions. Some of them love the thought of returning to school while others are just petrified with the thought of going to school.

It is the second group of kids that need some coaxing to go to school. You can easily do this by making the school attractive and beckoning to them. If you wonder how you can do this with minimal costs every year, well, with the help of feather flags.

Where and how to use feather flags in school

You can create colorful and attractive flags that generate excitement and reason for these children to go to school. They are also great for use at colleges and universities to advertise about any special events like sports day, fairs or other special events.

They are also ideal for capturing the attention of people driving or walking by. This means that if is phrased properly, then they are more than enough to create enough excitement in not only students, but also passers-by to visit your school fair and events.

Feather flags are also useful to use as school mascots. All you need to do is print them with the school or college mascot and logo for added benefits and motivation to kids while playing their game.

Besides, you can use the same flags anywhere and everywhere you want, indoor or outdoor, like in the auditorium, entry hall, field or even gymnasium. You must by now be having a lot more questions to ask about using feather flags in schools. This is why this list of questions and answers have been compiled, to help clear all your doubts and apprehensions.

1. What are the differences between feather flags and regular flags?

The most obvious difference lies in the shape of the flags. Feather flags are relatively big and have more printing space for your advertising content. They are not that tightly stretched, which makes it convenient for the flag to flutter and sway in the wind.

Regular flags are generally attached to a vertical but strong flag pole and not the bendable poles used in feather flags. It is the bendable pole that lets the flag blow so freely in the wind. Besides, regular flags are rectangular in shape and take up more space once set up. With feather flags using less space and more flexibility in the wind, it makes a better choice in schools.

2. Can the flagpoles be interchanged between different school banners?

No, because each flagpole is designed to support a specifically sized banner. This means a medium sized flag needs a medium sized flagpole and a large flag, a large flagpole.

3. How long do feather banners last?

While a feather banner can typically last for 2+ years, it all depends on its school care and maintenance. Excessive exposure to the sun, or to harsh weather like extreme heat and wind, can reduce the flag’s lifespan. Banners that are used more indoors will last a long time.


4. How does the sun affect the banner?

The design tends to fade much quicker if the flag is exposed to direct sunlight than if placed indoors. However, this happens only with prolonged and direct exposure to the sun like for a few days. This means you can safely use the banners at school sports meets, fairs and other similar outdoor events.

5. What happens to the flag in heavy rain or wind?

There is a chance of the flag pole getting permanently damaged, bent and even getting knocked over during heavy rains, snow or during strong winds. This is why it is recommended to take down the banner and store it in the school store during harsh weather conditions.

6. Will the polyester feather flags tear?

Polyester is a fabric that can rip or tear if not properly taken care of. This is why it is better to keep the flag away from sharp objects or areas and conditions where it may tip over. Besides, repeatedly assembling and removing the flag can lead to its fraying or tearing over time.

7. How tall are feather flags?

Feather flags come in various sizes like small, medium, large and extra large, depending on the flag and pole size. The flags are tapering in design, with its top side the widest.

Then again, the banner size changes when mounted on a stand. This is because the ordinary base adds about 1/8th inch to the height while the cross base adds about 7 inches. The ground stake, however, adds variable height, depending on how deep it’s driven into the school ground.

8. Will the banner cost more if printed with more than one color?

Most companies, like, do not charge extra. They usually print the banners in full color which means that the price rate doesn’t fluctuate, no matter how many colors there may be in the design. The cost of your order depends just on its size and quantity.

9. Do the feather banners have a gloss or matte finish?

It usually comes with a matte finish, which isn’t shiny or reflective and will display its content much better at school.

10. Is there a chance of the flag melting in direct sunlight or high temperatures?

No. Direct sunlight can only melt the flag. Anyway, the melting point of polyester is about 450° so there is no need to worry about it melting! At most, direct sunlight can make the design fade with time.


11. What are the differences between the square and cross bases and ground stake?

While both are weighted and can be used both indoors and outdoors, the square one is placed exactly against the ground. This, in turn, reduces the chances of it being knocked over by passers-by or their tripping over it.

The square base is usually the heaviest, and most ideal to use outdoors to support the flag on a flat, solid surface like school grounds. The ground stake is a better option for securing the flag in a grassy area.

The cross base is better to carry around to different venues because it’s lighter and easily fits into its carrying case. It’s stable enough to be placed outdoors, but you can always place a sand or water bag on it for extra support.

12. What is the water bag?

It is obviously a bag filled with water, to use as a weight and support to the pole. While it is meant to be filled with water you can always fill it with sand too. However, make sure that it is dry before filling with sand and that all the sand is removed before adding water.

13. Does a carrying bag accompany all orders?

Yes, most companies like provide a carrying case that holds your flag, disassembled flag poles, a base, and a water bag. Everything you’ll need to set up the flag at inter-school sports events or other similar school events. It usually comes with a zip that keeps the contents fully secured while you carry the flag from one school to the other, or store it.

14. Is the feather flag fire resistant?

No. Polyester contains just a slight fire resistance quality but it is not fire-resistant. So it is not advised to keep it anywhere near an open fire because it ends up melting in extreme heat.

15. Do I have to design the school banner using your template?

No, you can always use any school design or logo. It’s only if and when you don’t have any ideas that companies offer their own template to help you out. Most companies also have their own in-house designer you can approach for assistance in designing your school banner.

16. Will both the sides of the school feather flag be printed?

This is left to you to choose and order. If you order a single sided banner, it will be a print through meaning that people on the other side will see a mirrored version of your text.

You will have to order for a double-sided banner if you want a flag with a message on both sides. This is, of course, an additional cost, and you can either print the same message, text or content on both sides or choose something different for each side.

17. Is it possible to secure two banners on a single pole?

No, it isn’t. The pole set is designed to hold only one banner.

18. How big is the ground stake and should it be placed in loose or thick soil?

Ground stakes are usually 2 feet long and come with a peg for securing the banner. It also has a surface for you to strike on to place the banner into the ground. It’s always better to place the stake in solid soil because it gives a more secure grip and stability you won’t find in loose or soft soil.

19. Can the banner be attached to any pole or only the pole set accompanying it?

It is better to attach it to its accompanying pole set because it is specifically designed to do so. Fitting it to any other pole may not give the same support.

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20. How can I set up the feather flag?

The procedure is so easy that anyone can do it alone. You do not even have to wait for another person in school to help you out. You first have to connect the two smallest poles where one has a knob.

This knob has to go to the top of the pole. Next, connect the two larger poles, and fit it with the two previously joined smaller poles. Now that you have attached four poles, it is time to take the remaining large pole and attach it to them.

You can now attach the banner onto the pole by sliding it all the way to the banner’s bottom pocket. It is important that you do this slowly and carefully. Do not do it in a hurry as there is a chance of your stretching or tearing the flag or bending of the pole.

It is when the banner is attached to the pole that you have to insert it into either the ground stake or one of the bases, whichever is appropriate. Once this is done, take a small cord from the flagpole and thread it through the loop at the banner’s base.

Next, insert this cord into the base’s metal ring and tie a knot to score the banner and pole to the base. There you go! You now have your feather flag assembled and ready to use anywhere in school!

21. What do I have to do as banner maintenance?

You will have to occasionally clean it, depending on how often and where you use it. Obviously, regular outdoor use at matches or sports event will need more cleaning than regular indoor use.

You can use water and a wet cloth to remove surface dirt if the banner is really soiled and dirty. It is however not advised to use strong cleaners which contain strong chemicals like bleach. There is a high chance that the cleaner may end up ruining the banner.

As feather flags are safe to wash in the machine, you can use it in the washing machine in a light wash cycle with cold water. But it is better to hang and let the banner air dry instead of using a dryer.

22. How should I disassemble the school banner after use?

This is not a problem at all. You just have to remove the flagpole from the base and untie the cord or bungee rope securing the banner to the pole. You next have to remove the pole from the banner pocket.

Do this carefully without separating the pole pieces. It is only after removing the pole should you separate the pieces and neatly fold the banner. Next place the banner and the pole parts into the accompanying bag to use for your next school event or the next opening day of school.

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11 benefits and reasons for using teardrop flags at a trade show

Ok, you are a trade show participant, and you want to improve your brand identity and showcase your business and attract as many customers as possible. This is your main focus, and so you print advertising material like brochures and pamphlets to distribute to prospective customers. Today I will give you 11 benefits and reasons for using teardrop flags at a trade show.

However, did you know that it is not only digital media and printed pamphlets that grasp a person’s attention? A teardrop flag is also rather effective at marketing your company name and brand than other promotional materials. Read on to find out how.

Teardrop flags–What are they?

For those of you who do not know what teardrop flags are in the first place, well they are lightweight, portable and foldable banners. They are teardrop shaped flags which come in various sizes for you to choose from based on how much you want to print on it. These flags have a rather taut display and so do not wave as much in the wind as feather flags do.

There are lots more reasons, and benefits to using teardrop flags at a trade show. Read on!

1. Strong and durable

Not only the banner, but even its base is also strong enough to support your flag throughout the time spent at the trade show. Most of these frames comprise of an aluminum pop-up stand that is not only strong and durable for display, but also light for transportation and storage.

2. Uses minimal space

The flags so do not end up taking up much space both at the trade show and while in storage. While the banner folds away into the base, the telescopic pole supporting it easily collapses to be folded away.

3. Fits into your car

Thanks to the aluminum frame these flags are light and easily transported from one venue to your cupboard, into your car (yes, you don’t even need a van to carry it around) and to the next trade show venue. This is an important benefit to remember if you will be attending various trade shows and need promotional material and content there.

4. Maximum visibility and worth for money

They offer maximum visibility because you can use both sides of the flag. It is left to you to decide if you want to print the same information on both sides or perhaps advertise about your product or company on one side, and print your contact details on the other side.

11 benefits and reasons for using pop-up A-frame banners at a trade show (2)

1. Foldable and portable

These teardrop banners are foldable, which means you just have to fold its’ metal frame to conveniently store in its accompanying carry bag. The bag not only keeps your banner safe from dust and sunlight and possible fading, but it is also convenient for carrying the bag around from one trade show to another.

Yes, you do not have to buy another banner if you have another trade show waiting for you in a few weeks or months. All you have to do is carry and use the same banner at the next venue.

2. Safe to use

Though made of metal, these banners are safe to use at a trade show. There is no risk or possibility of it injuring any passers-by or potential clients. There are no protruding parts that may harm anyone.

While they do have ground stakes that help keep the banner in place on soft surfaces like on grass, or soil in case it is an outdoor trade show, they will not harm or injure anyone.

You do not have to use the stakes if you are in an indoor trade show. You just have to use something heavy like sandbags to keep them down on hard surfaces.

3. Multi-purpose banners

They can be used to not only advertise about your stall, but you can also use them to direct visitors to your stall. You can place them at strategic points like at the admission or registration office, where people will see them and note your stall number. You can also place them at the trade show boundaries for maximum brand exposure and advertisement.

4. Long lasting

As the content on teardrop flags is printed using dye sublimation process, the graphics can last for about 6 months to even 2 years, even if used outdoors. Besides, the material used in teardrop banners is durable, washable and weatherproof.

So the combination of the material and the strong printing process ensures you have a long-lasting banner. However restricting its use outdoors helps increase its lifespan.

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1. Cheaper than other marketing options like TV ads

Teardrop flags are a more affordably priced marketing material than TV ads and newspaper. TV ads are effective only if seen. And you do not know if your target audience will be watching TV when your ad is running.

Even if your target audience is in front of the television when your ad runs, the ad lasts only a few minutes. They have only a few minutes to read and absorb whatever you have to say.

There is a high chance of your potential clients answering the phone, heading to the bathroom or even just forgetting whatever you say in the television ad. Besides, shooting for a television ad is rather expensive.

You need to have someone act out your ad, which is expensive. When it comes to newspapers, you do not know how many people buy or read the newspaper you plan to advertise in. You do not know how much visibility it will offer your business.

There is also a chance of people not reading your ad because people who read the newspaper are usually interested in the latest news and information, and tend to just skim through advertisements.

The same applies to any ads you create for the local radio station. You never know who is actually listening to the station when your ad is running. So you only end up wasting your time and money creating the ad.

This means that there is a high chance of your target audience missing your ad. Things are quite different in tradeshows. As long as you participate in a trade show that is related to your product or service, people visiting the trade show will be looking out and interested in learning more about the different things available at the show.

They generally put aside time to visit the trade show and have all their focus and attention on everything readable in the show. They will be looking out for banners, pamphlets, and brochures to gather as much information as possible about the things they are looking for.

If you place your teardrop flag near the registration office, there is a better chance of people seeing and reading it. They will usually be waiting in line to register, and this is when they look around, to notice and absorb everything they see.

If they find you interesting, and want to pay your stall a visit, they will next look for help reaching your stall. This is where your directional signs come in useful. Just make sure you also include arrows in the signs so that possible clients are properly directed to your stall.

So you see, while a TV or newspaper ad will most probably go unnoticed, the chances of people reading and responding to your teardrop flag are so much higher. Besides, it is so much cheaper too.

You can use the same banner at as many trade shows and conventions as you want. This is unlike TV, radio and newspaper ads. You have to pay for a fresh ad every time you participate in a trade show. And you will most probably have to pay for a repeat of the ads too, which is also expensive.

2. Anyone can order and set up a teardrop banner

It is also worth mentioning that teardrop flags are so easy to make and assemble. There are so many online sites like you can visit to choose and design your banner.

You have to first decide if you want to print promotional or informational content on the banner and design the flag accordingly. You can add your contact details and of course, your company logo for better visibility.

It is even better if you use your company colors if any. Then once you have chosen your design you just have to decide how many banners you want, and how many sizes you want.

Choose based on how and where you plan to use them at the trade show. You may need to provide more information about your product or service on the banners which you keep outside your trade booth.

However, a banner placed at the entrance or registration booth should preferably provide information about where your stall is located and something about your product.

Directional signs do not need much information about your product but should contain more of your contact details. They should be more attractive to attract maximum attention of passers-by.

Once you are done composing and printing your content, and placing an order, you will receive the teardrop flag within a few days of placing your order.  See? You have done everything on your own so far!

Do not worry. Even if you have no idea at all about what to print on the flags the printing companies generally have a team of in-house designers and writers who will help come up with something useful and interesting for you.

The best thing is that once the banner reached you, setting them up is a cinch. You do not have to depend on, or call someone else to help you assemble the flag. Yes, you do not even have to spend time assembling rods like other flags.

These teardrop flags work based on a retractable system where all you have to do is pull it from the base, slot a telescopic pole in place and your banner is ready!

The flag has a flat base and a pole which provides the banner with the necessary support. You do not have to hang any flags, put up any poles, or even hit any nails in. All you need to do is bring the banner in its bag to the trade show and set it up wherever you want.

11 benefits and reasons for using pop-up A-frame banners at a trade show (4)

This is why it is better to invest in a good and reputed company known for the explicit banners they produce like Though you may have to pay a little more than some other stores for their products, you end up saving money in the long run. The teardrop flags are longer lasting and can be used at as many trade shows as you want, and as many times as you desire.

1. Saves you money

You can actually save money too by using teardrop flags at the trade show because they do not need take up much floor space. This means you do not have to rent out additional space just for marketing, and placing flags.

It is especially helpful if you have a small booth space because your banner will not end up getting in the way of other important promotional items like sample or display booths.

You save money because you do not even have to spend extra for any advertisement space or provisions. You do not even need to ask permission to put up the banner on places like on walls.

Choose banners properly- The right teardrop flag offers maximum benefits

Choose your banners wisely. Choose them based on where and how you plan to use them at the trade show. They come in different sizes, and have a better potential of attracting the attention of different groups of people. So make maximum use of this factor while choosing flags.

You have vertical banners which are available in small, medium and large sizes. Most companies sell their small size at about 5 feet tall, and an extra large sized teardrop flags which is usually about 12 feet tall.

These signs are best placed outside your booth or at the registration stall. They require minimal space because they are more on the taller side than on the broader side.

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How pop-up A-frame banners prove useful in churches

Church are great for creating and spreading awareness about your church in your locality. The right banner can also go a long way at creating an inviting atmosphere to make people want to pay a visit to your church.

Church and events have also always had a long connection. These events and activities like fundraisers and charities give an opportunity for churches to help strengthen their community of churchgoers.

They at the same time help the congregation to grow. It creates a better sense of bonding between the churchgoers and their families, and is a fun time for the entire family.

There is also the added benefit of these events helping to generate some added revenue for the church. The church administrators will then use these funds for the betterment of the people.


Events need advertisement

And like any event, the church event needs the help of some advisement to let outsiders know about it, and become a success. This is where church can come in useful.

Yes, you may be surprised to learn that you still need the help of traditional banners to advertise about your activity. This is despite the fact that digital marketing and the social media is the more popular form of marketing today.

You, in fact, need the combined marketing effects of digital and traditional marketing to rope in as many people to the event as possible. This is turn helps generate as much funds for the church as possible.


Your banner needs a website URL

Yes, you need to create a website before the event because most of the church visitors thinking of attending the event will first want to visit your church website. They will expect to see the church’s url on your pop-up A-frame banner, and will visit it.

The website tells a lot about your church and programs, and all you need is half an hour to get a professionally designed website. Do not forget to also get a logo to create a brand identity for your church, and to print it onto the banners.

Social media has a huge influence

No matter if you are much of a social media freak or not, you need it’s help to market about your church and event. In fact, the success of your church outreach campaign depends on how well you connect to your community. So the more avenues and outlets you have, a larger piece of your community you can connect with.

You especially need social media to reach out to people who spend most of their time on social media. It gives you a better reach, and will have more people come to the event. This in the process helps you earn more money for your cause.

Pop-up A-banners reach out to footfall traffic

Your banner may not help in reaching them at this moment, but they will definitely see the banners when they attend your church activity! Yes, while the social media and website can help market about your church event to the centennials, you still need church pop-up A-frame banners to reach out to the others who are not always engrossed on the internet and of course, the frequent church visitors.

In fact, if used with other of your church’s advertising efforts like direct mail or social media, these pop-up A-frame banners will prove really helpful at creating awareness of your church and the activities or events promoted.

The right banners can help showcase your church as an inviting place for the other people in your community who are still not church-goers. It all also play a major role in attracting and interesting them to join your church, and in the process, learn about Jesus and develop faith in Christianity.


You can even print your banner while at the church

As churches tend to organize events on a regular basis, it’s worth investing in a few banners to use for all the events. You don’t even have to do much to print them. You can do it while sitting at home or the church or at the office. There are so many online sites like which print pop-up A-frame banners.

You have the choice of designing the banner on your own or enlisting the help of their in house designers to help you out. They even have templates you can use for guidance so that you come up with a great banner promoting your church activity.

Do not forget that these banners come in various sizes and shapes. So you have to choose wisely by selecting the right size or shape. If you plan to use it mainly for outdoor use, make sure it is strong enough to sustain a maximum of 60 mph winds so that you can safely use it as a permanent outdoor fixture.


The right colors and font create the best effects

Use bright colors in the banner because they are both pleasing to the eyes and also because they attract the most attention. Bold fonts are also always a better choice because they create a better visual presentation.

Remember, the more interesting and inviting your signs look, the friendlier your church seems to be to your community. It stirs some excitement in passers-by because the activities and timings mentioned on it show you are inviting others.

It also shows that the church conducts events mainly with the intention to strike a connection with them. All this makes these passers-by want to visit your church all the more.

Benefits of using pop-up A-frame banners for church activities

There are so many benefits to using at a church activity.

· Reusable and not use and throw

The most important is that they are reusable and not use and throw like pamphlets and flyers. This means that once you are done using it for one church event, you just have to fold up the banner and store it in the customized bag that accompanies it.

These bags are well designed and comfortably fit into your car, so carrying it around is not a problem. You just have to unfold it and use it the next time you need it.

· Easy to set up

Besides, setting up the banner is not a difficult job because anyone can do it, without anyone’s help. To make things better, you do not even have to use the help of any nails or hammers to set it up.

It works on a retractable mechanism where its aluminum frame collapses into a compact size to fit into its bag. This is what makes it so easy for you to set it up, and dismantle it on your own, without having to depend on anyone. And once set up, the banner will promote your business at the church event for as long as it is up.


· Always ready to promote

Besides, you do not even have to worry about it getting wrinkled or anything to look untidy at the next event. These flags are made using synthetic material like polyester that does not wrinkle easily.

The banners are made using durable, washable and weatherproof material that keep the graphics and colors intact even if used outdoors. In addition to it, most companies use dye sublimation to print the content onto the flags. This is a rather strong and long lasting printing process. So there’s no worry about the colors fading with prolonged use.

· Versatility in use

You do not have to use the banners only at church events. You can have them up 24/7 to let passers-by know about your church.And you can use them to share important information like service times and your church website details. Don’t forget to include your contact details so that anyone looking for more details can easily reach out to you.

An attractive banner goes a long way in attracting and getting more people interested into joining your church services. It may even prompt them into thinking about participating in major church activities. Try to make your banner as interesting and colorful as usual.

This way peoples at the event may even consider using it as a backdrop for photos. As most people tend to share their photos on social media today, the banner helps reach out to these people on the social media too.

There are also quite a few church administrators who prefer using these banners to help decorate their church. These banners are placed not only outside on the church grounds but also indoors in the sanctuary.

They are used to not only promote church activities, but also to display the church name and scriptures. As are long lasting, they are perfect for the administration to use them as permanent or long term fixtures in their church.

Pop-up A-frame banners also make a great game for both adults and kids. As these banners are double-sided, you can print your contact details and other relevant information on one side.

The other side can be used as a shooting target. Now make a hole in the shooting target and have participants stand at a distance. You can then ask them to try to throw 3-5 balls directly into the hole.

Make sure the hole is about mid-way of the flag, to add more excitement and challenge to the game. A vertical banner is a better option for the game than a horizontal one. And unlike other banners, it is the second side that contains the balls in place so that you do not have to spend time running after them.


How to bring out the best in pop-up A-frame banners

There are some other pointers to remember to bring out maximum reach and potential through your A-frame banners.

· Maintain consistency

As the banners are part of your church’s marketing campaign, it is important that it is consistent with your other marketing tools. For example, if you will be using a holiday theme on door hangers, any direct mail and on the invite cards for your holiday service, then it is important that you use the same theme for your banners.

Consistency helps people remember you, your church and the activity much better. All they have to do is look at any one of them and they are automatically reminded about the event.

· Nothing complicated

Remember, your banners will be targeting more of the church’s passers-by. They won’t have much time to absorb too confusing or too long content on the banner.

All they have are a few seconds to read and absorb whatever is on the banner. So you have to make maximum use of this time by making it as easy as possible for them to absorb all the information on display like your service times, event dates and web address.

It is even better if all the information is written using bold and large letters for maximum visibility. Don’t forget to include information on how interested people can contact you if necessary.

· Even the non-churchgoers should understand the message

Avoid using Christian specific terminology in the . Remember that the main purpose of these banners is to keep the public informed about upcoming church activities.

In addition to this, you will be using it to try to get as many people interested with the prospect of going to church, and joining your congregation. So while your existing members can easily understand Christian related terms, you may not be able to reach out to that niche of non-churchgoers. They are people who may not have a good vocabulary of Christian related terms.

However with the right pop-up A-frame banner displaying the right message and information, there is always a chance of their ending up becoming a churchgoer.

If you have always been looking for ways to promote your church activities, or to create awareness of your congregation, may be just what you were looking for!

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How Custom feather Flags Can Help Advertise at Sporting Events


Benefits of feather flag marketing at sports events

There are some additional benefits to using custom feather flags to advertise your brand and business at a sports event.

The first is that unlike other banners, it is a fluttering and not static flag. There is a much better chance of your fluttering feather flag getting noticed by passers-by than a static flag.

Another advantage it offers is that unlike other flags that may furl up once set up, these feather flags are designed to remain open all the time. This assures you that your promotional content is seen by everyone at the meet, and by the people in the vicinity, all the time.

Choose and order the right flag

These feather flags are usually printed using silkscreen or digital printing. Both these printing options help create a long-lasting advertising tool which you can use many more times after the sports meet.

Do not forget to ensure you order and use a water-resistant flag, especially if it will be used at outdoor events. You never know. You may sometimes have to use the flag in rainy weather! While customized feather flags are safe to use outdoors, in mildly windy conditions, it is always better to bring it inside in bad weather conditions.

Setting up the flag is not a problem as most of the companies sell them with a cross base and also have added weights to hold down the flag when used indoors.  It can be easily set up and dismantled by a single person. This means that you need not depend on, or wait for someone else to help you out.

In case of outdoor use, the feather flags have spikes which you can use to poke into, and set up the flag on soft surfaces. You can also use the cross base to set it up on solid surfaces like sidewalks and the parking lot.

You just have to pack up the flag parts in a carry bag that accompanies the feather flag once you are done at the event. The banner is safely stored in it till you need to carry and use it at another sport meet or event.

It is your flag that creates your image to potential customers

Always bear in mind that the flag you use to advertise your business and product at sporting events creates the first impression of your business. So make sure there are no mistakes on it, and that everything is clearly displayed.

Irregularities or spelling mistakes speak a lot about the type of work you do. It shows you are not committed to perfection and can make people think twice about doing business with you.

The repercussions are higher if you run a business offering some service or other where the banner implies that you may not offer your best services while working for you.

Of course, conversely, a perfectly designed and planned feather flag will create a really good impression of your company and brand in the eyes of the beholder.

Think about your target audience

In fact, if strategically placed, and designed using the right colors, font, and designs, your feather flag may be responsible for bringing in at least a few inquiries by spectators at the sports meet.

Of course, there is another point to remember. No matter how good or bad your feather flag may be in terms of designs and looks, it will not be that useful in generating sales if you don’t have your target audience looking at it. In other words, it is better to decide if you have to spend money on your feather flag only after figuring out who will be at the sports meet.

For example, if it’s your child’s sports meet where there will be mostly children at the meet, then it is worth putting up a flag there only if you sell something children attractive or needed by children.

For example toys, electronic goods, books, stationary, school bags, umbrellas, shoes and to an extent, even cars and bikes. Children are in fact the best people to target at these events, especially if your feather flag is colorful and attractive. There is a higher chance of their pestering their parents, later on, to buy whatever you sell!

Setting up feather flags at these venues, if your company sells things like cookware or sewing machines, or services like security services, dentistry, legal services or anything else not related to children may not be that useful at generating business inquiries.

In other words, if it is the local club’s sports meet or even an inter-university or collegiate meet, then most business will benefit by setting up their feather flags to exhibit and promote their brand at the meet.

20190115-How Custom feather Flags Can Help Advertise at Sporting Events-2

Choosing the right colors

While choosing colors for your feather flags, always work at using colors that establish a connection with your customers. This means the logo and advertisement in your flag should be able to create a connection between your customers’ mind on the design and brand.

It is better to use colors that are related to your brand so that people will be able to easily remember, and relate to you when they think about you later on. There is a better chance of their remembering you, even if they don’t bother to note your contact details at the meet if they associate with more than one brand element in your feather flag. They tend to memorize your brand, whatever’s on the banner better this way.

However, do remember that whatever you have printed on the flag is easily seen and visible by them. This also means you need to use the right colors, font, and message.

Your message may not have to be short because most of the spectators have time to later on perhaps take a photo of the flag or at least note down your contact details.

However make sure that the font is an ordinary one, which can be easily seen from someone afar. Use the right colors, preferably contrasting colors. But make sure you choose colors based on the surroundings.

This means that if there’s lots of grass and greenery around then it’s not advisable to use green as the feather flag’s background color. There is a chance that it will not stand out as prominently as other colors.

Similarly, if it’s open space, then blue as the background may not project your message across well. The blue will only end up merging with the blue of the skies, especially if the feather flag is a tall one. So you see, your color choice plays an important part in defining the successful marketing using customized feather flags.

20190115-How Custom feather Flags Can Help Advertise at Sporting Events-2

Tall feather flags give maximum returns at sports events

Feather flags come in various sizes for you to choose from. Bigger flags are a better option for bigger sporting events across bigger venues. You have more people attending it, and there is more space to put up flags.

For best effects, it’s always better to use tall feather flags, measuring twenty feet tall or more. They offer the benefit of properly displaying your company logo or message so that it’s visible at least a few hundred feet away.

Not only people at the sports meet, customize feather flags which are really tall will also garner the attention of people passing by the sports meet vicinity. This is because the flag tends to flutter in the wind, which grasps their attention. It is natural for people to get intrigued into looking at moving or fluttering flag instead of a stationary one.

It is even better if you opt to use two-sided instead of single-sided flags. You can either have the same message printed on both sides, or different information for people from either side of the flag get to see and know about you.

However tall flags are not ideal for indoor and smaller sports events. People may not bother to look at whatever is printed on the flag because they will have to strain their necks to look at it!

Shorter feather flags are a better choice, and they can be either single or double-sided. Of course, double-sided flags give you more advertising for your money because you can print your message, logo or brand colors on both sides.

Other places and uses for feather flags during sports events

And in case your shop lies someplace near a mega sports event, it is worth setting up feather flags at the entrance of your establishment. It’s fluttering will attract the attention of visitors, participants, and spectators of the sports meet.

The flag attracts their attention, and they will subconsciously plan to visit your establishment once they know more about what products or services you have to offer. So if you have something they want or need, there is a high chance of some them doing business with you too, all thanks to your banner.

You can also use feather flags to direct people from the sports venue to your store. This is especially helpful if you are new in the business industry and are just starting out. The feather flags can reach out to not only the visitors to the sports event, but also let locals know more about you, and where you are located.

You can also use feather flags to show your support for your team. This is where double-sided flags come in vogue. You can have your favorite team’s logo or mascots printed on one side, and print your business contact details or message on the other side. This way you can show your support for your team, and at the same time work on your branding.

You can also do your bit for the little leagues’ sports events. You could make them feel like pro football players at their meet by customizing feather flags for them.

You can design your flag with their team name or mascot on one side and use the other side to advertise about your business. This way the kids feel as if they were also professional players with their own flags, while you get your marketing done.

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How Custom Teardrop Flag Banners Can in 4 Ways Help Your Business!

Custom teardrop flag banners. If you wonder what they are, they are more than the ordinary flags you may see around you. These flags are special in terms of their vibrant colors, tear-shaped flags and their versatility in use. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor marketing, and in the process, help rake in more publicity and business for you.

How Custom Teardrop Flag Banners Can Help Your Business!1

You can understand the effects of these flags if you consider yourself in a scenario. Supposing you were driving down a road and saw a few banners in front of you?

Which will be most attractive and give a bigger impact of your message to a passer-by? The black and white, rectangular flags supported on two poles or a vibrantly colored fluttering flag printed on glossy polyester material, standing upright from a single pole?

It’s obviously the colorful, fluttering flag banner. These flags are designed tall so that they easily rise above your customer’s visibility obstructions like hedges and cars.

They do not curl or fold when used outdoors, in windy conditions. Instead, the flag remains taut, but are still flexible enough to turn its 360-degree radius.

This is how it minimizes the strain on the hardware. In other words, while the flag remains taut when it is windy, it still flutters in the breeze to capture onlookers’ attention.

Besides as these flag banners are uniquely shaped like a teardrop, there’s more space on the top of the flag for you to print your message, and it’s visible from afar. This is why these flags are fast growing in popularity as an effective advertising medium for all types of businesses.

Save money by reducing advertising costs

These flags can, in fact, help you make money in various ways.

First of all, it helps reduce your advertising costs, which means that you don’t have to spend as much money on marketing as anticipated. You can use the same custom teardrop banners to advertise your new shop or business opening at the start of the business for a few weeks or months.

Then you can conveniently pull apart or dismantle these flags and store them in the carrying bag that you receive along with it. Then the next time you have an indoor trade show to attend and have a booth there, you can use the same teardrop banner to advertise your business.

There is no need of buying a new banner because a flag can be repeatedly used for as many times as you want for at least six months.

Save money with its versatility

These flag banners reach you with a variety of bases for you to choose and use as required.

In case of outdoor use, it’s better to use its spike base which you can poke and mount into grass, sand, dirt or snow. It’s however not that they are not strong enough to withstand strong winds.

If your chosen spot is a bit windy don’t worry. These flags come with a water or sandbag which you can ideally use for outdoor conditions with winds blowing at the speed of 50mph.

In case of indoor use, you have a cross based to place on the hard surface like concrete floor and pavement and fly the flag. You can also place the same water or sandbags you had used outdoors on the base for added support.

Last longer with proper care

Most flag banners come with a conditional warranty of a year or two. This means that while the flags are designed to be strong enough to withstand winds up to 30 mph, and the dye sublimation printing is long lasting, it all depends on how well you take care of them.

The more careful you are about using and storing them, the longer the flags will serve you.  Keeping them in its carrying case when not in use, instead of lying around helps prolong its life.

You should not have a problem taking down the flag when required because you can anyway dismantle and set it up again yourself, without depending on another person. It is also better if you bring the flag indoors if the wind gets above 30 mph to prolong the flag’s hardware and fabric life.

Similarly, the longer the flag is left outdoors in the hot sunlight, the quicker the colors of the flag eventually start fading. Though it’s a good habit to wash the flags if soiled because of outdoor use, don’t wash it too frequently. If you must wash it, use a mild soap or a gentle machine washes, and then hang the flag out to dry.

Taking good care of your flag, so that you can use the same one to advertise about your opening, your stall in a trade show or about special offers, without having to repeatedly pay for new customized teardrop flag banners.

Generate more business

The vibrant colors make the banners more attractive to passers-by, who in turn have a higher or better chance of doing business with you. This, in turn, spells more money for you.

These flags will let passers-by at trade shows, areas around your establishment and at sports or golf events know more about you. These flags will effectively market about your business, as long as you know how to design them properly.

How Custom Teardrop Flag Banners Can Help Your Business!2

9 Tips to design the best-customized teardrop flag banners

Use proper colors


One of the drawbacks of vibrantly colored flags is that you may be prone to add as many colors as possible to make your banner look even more attractive and appealing to bystanders.

Little do most people know that they are actually doing more harm than good if they do this. You should know how to design your flag, where to place the different elements on the flag, how much of information you should print on the fag and also if you should opt for a single sided or double sided flag.

You should, in fact, design your flag based on the interests of your target audience. This means that if you are selling something that is appealing or used by the younger generation, then something that’s bright in color has a higher chance of grasping their attention.

However, if you are catering to the adult segment, it’s better to use some sober colors with perhaps more emphasis on using bold type fonts which can be easily read in a hurry, and from afar.

Whatever the clientele or audience, choose a background color that will improve the flag’s text and images. Then choose a contrasting color for fonts which your audience will be able to read easily from even a distance.

It’s good using a warm and cool color, and if the colors correlate with your corporate colors. It’s through experience that most banner manufacturers suggest using a light color for your background, and the darker color for the fonts.

Use digital printing


The plus point of digital printing is that you have an unlimited choice of colors to choose your banner colors from. It’s improved over the years and uses better technology like dye-sublimation on your flags.

The benefit of this technology is that it lets the ink penetrate through the material it’s printed on. This, in turn, increases its durability, and also prevents the ink from fading due to prolonged and continual exposure to the outdoor elements.

Use your font and text wisely

When it comes to the font and text you use in your flag, don’t stuff too much information on the customized teardrop flag banners. Remember, the purpose of these flags is mainly let people know about them, and make them curious or want to pay a visit to your establishment.

Just include your contact details and some important words about your business you want your potential customers to know about like Brand New Opening or Big Sale or Discount offers.

Use high-quality images


And if you plan to include some images on the flag, make sure they are high-quality ones with at least 300dpi. Choose and use pictures you feel highlight or bring out the best about the products or services you promote. It’s better to use only a few clear images than cluttering the flag with several small images which are usually low quality.

Logos speak a thousand words

Don’t forget to include your logo, and make sure it’s placed on top of the flag. If you wonder why top, well it’s because it’s human tendency to read from the top to bottom. So whatever you feel is most important to get your brand across should be at the top of the flag, which usually is your logo.

How Custom Teardrop Flag Banners Can in 4 Ways Help Your Business!2

Simple fonts are most legible

It’s always better to use simple typeface fonts like Aerial or Bodoni. Yes, there are lots of other attractively designed fonts you can use today, but they usually are not clearly visible from afar, making them a poor choice for your flag.

You can at the most use a unique font if you want to emphasize or highlight some word. And where possible, avoid using all caps as it only makes your message look cursive or shouting, and is also not that clearly legible by onlookers.

Include a focal point

What you can do to make your customized teardrop flag banner stand out from the competition is creating a focal point. This is what attracts the passers-by attention and the words you insert here are most likely to linger in their minds for a longer time. For better effects, you could perhaps highlight this word by using a different color, a larger color or perhaps bolding it.

A one-sided flag or two-sided flag?

If you need help deciding between single and double-sided flag, you have to choose based on the number of images and letters you want to print or use on the flag.

Single sided flags are a better option when you are designing a simple banner with large bold text that catches the eye. This is because based on the colors, the dye sublimation inks will bleed through about 80-90% of the flag.

This means that whatever is printed on the front side is also clearly visible on the back side, but will be reversed and read backwards. This is not the preferred choice if you intend to use lots of graphics and colors because colors will bleed and look untidy on the back side.

These flags, however, are better for outdoor use because its’ material lets the wind pass through the flag with minimal wind resistance. And while the pole edge is webbed for added durability, the outer edges are hemmed.

In the case of double-sided flag banners, it is not actually a single flag. It’s two flag banners sewn together. It has a block out inner liner that prevents the opposite side from showing through, and makes the content on both sides be seen and read correctly.

These flags are a better option for indoor marketing because it’s usually read by customers from close-up, and with a longer read time. It’s also the better choice if you plan to use more images on the flag, and if you want the content and graphics to be easily seen and read from either side.

Choose the right flag size

While choosing the size of the flag, it’s better to choose based on where you plan to use it. Indoors or outdoors. If it’ll be used outdoors, then it’s better to look for larger flags measuring 9 feet or more because they are easily seen and visible from afar.

They make a better option if you want a flat that can be easily seen by foot traffic and not street traffic. You have to choose your indoor flag based on the height of the ceilings of the place you will be using it.

This is because you not only have to consider the height of the flag banner but also have to remember that the cross base will add a few inches to the height.

Don’t worry if all this confuses you. Most flag manufacturers like have their team of designers on board to help create customized teardrop flag banners for your business!

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A Complete Guide 8 Points to Using Outdoor Flag Banner Signs

You’ve started a new venture and you need to get some exposure. Well, this is absolutely essential because it’s through the appropriate advertisement channel that you let people know about your new business. One of the best marketing options you have today is outdoor flag banner signs.

Yes, while you may feel that the internet and social media are the most important avenues to broadcast about your business; these outdoor signs are also a necessity. While the internet and social media reach out to national and international clientele, it’s outdoor flag banner signs that reach out and give a human touch to creating relationships with local people.

About flag banner signs

Instead of opting for just a banner, outdoor flag banner signs give better visibility and exposure. They are also called feather flags and can be easily erected and positioned by one person.

This means you needn’t wait for someone to put it up for you. You just order your customized flag from a flag manufacturer like and you can start using it once it reaches you.

  • Design and applications

They are shaped like a feather and come in various heights and widths to choose as per your needs. It’s when these flags rotate with the wind that they attract the attention of people passing by.


The flags are made of polyester and can be easily replaced if required. And the best thing is that these flags can be used not only outdoors, but also indoors. This is because they are designed for multiple uses.

The flags come with a very strong and flexible pole that has reinforced connection points. They come with three types of bases to use as you please. Use the flag with a cross base for indoor use or on hard surfaces like concrete or footpaths. You can also use it on the grass with a water or sandbag supporting it.

  • Printing

In case of outdoor use in sports fields or nature strips, there’s a ground spike with a swivel. It’s the swivel that ensures the flag turns with the wind. You can also use these flags to market on the go by placing them under a car wheel so that it rotates with the wind.

The flags are usually printed using a commercial printing process for minimal bleeding of colors. As the ink used is UV protected, they don’t fade quickly even if used outdoors.

You can use the flags as single or double-sided flags. The double-sided flags have two flags that are printed back to back with 100% block-out in between. Ensure your chosen manufacturer uses a block-out in between as some don’t. This only leads to one side bleeding to the other.

  • Carrying bag

Most flags come with a comfortable carrying bag so that you can carry your flag wherever you want to use it. You just dismantle the flag once you are done with it and store it in the bag to use later when necessary.

Depending on the weather conditions, and the way you take care of the flags, they can last for as long as 9 to 12 months. You can use them for as many times as you need, in as many places and occasions as necessary.

How custom flag banner signs can help increase sales

Now that you know all about these custom flag banner signs, here’s some information on how they will help increase your sales. You know that it flutters and rotates in the wind to attract the attention of passers-by. This is the most important and obvious way it increases sales or at least lets people know about you.

It’s not only the fluttering. These outdoor flag banner signs stand out from other signs also because they are tall with exciting text and colors. And as there is more space on the flag, you can easily and clearly write your brand name, tagline and contact details so that even people driving by at an average speed can read it.

Not only can you use these flags for improved business visibility and more traffic, but they can also be used to display your services or products so that people know what you offer.

A Complete Guide to Choosing and Using Outdoor flag banner signs

Imagine. A flag with just your name is not as effective as bringing in customers as a flag with printed images of the ice-cream you sell.  Including rates if possible gives even more reason for your potential customers to give you a visit.

Important points to remember

There are some points you need to remember while designing your feather flags for optimal visibility and benefits.

  1.    It’s important that you don’t squeeze too much of information onto the flags. While printing your contact details, brand and tagline is essential, make sure you space them out so that they are easily visible from afar.

Remember, any form of advertisement should be simple in design and colors. You should create a flag that can attract people’s attention and provide them with just enough information to know about you.

There’s no need of crowding your flag with details like your business history. This is something that should go on your website or brochures, and not on your flags.

  1.    Always use a more readable font. Though some fonts may look attractive on the computer, passers-by will not be able to easily read them from afar. The more time and effort people have to put into reading your message, the less likely they will actually read it.

There are so many other businesses vying for business. So you have only a few seconds to grasp their attention so that they read your message.

  1.    Maintain consistency in all your logos and designing. This is the only and best way you will be able to carve out a niche about your business in your customers.

It’s only if there’s consistency in your printed material will potential customers immediately associate your sign with your store wherever they see your banner.

And it’s only if your flags are consistent will repeat customers be able to pick you out from a lineup of other options. Don’t worry. Custom flag manufacturers like can help integrate your logo into your sign so that it’s easily seen, visible and identified by people who see it.

  1.    Make sure that there’s some white space in between the font and designs. While you should use bright colors in your flag design, make sure you choose your colors wisely.

For example, green color will not look prominent if you plan to place your flag somewhere in the midst of greenery. Instead, colors like red or yellow are a better choice because they can be easily seen and distinguished.

  1.    Similarly, you also have to choose a color combination that’s easy to read. This means that you should choose and use contrasting colors for your background and font. This increases the legibility of your sign.
  2.    Just like too small signs are difficult for viewers to both see and read, even too big signs can cause problems. There is always the risk of a huge sign blending in with the background and not standing out much.

As there is no fixed custom flag banner sign size to stick to, you need to try a few sizes to find the best-sized sign for your advertising needs. You could perhaps create some differently sized prints and hang them wherever you plan to use them. Then stand in various locations and take a look at them to find out and decide which of the prints are the best for your sign.

  1.    Though you may be putting up signs to advertise about your business, do not do it at the inconvenience of others. You have to first check the area’s property rules because some properties and business spots have certain regulations about the size of the outdoor signs.

Find out about these rules or else you may end up spending money designing and manufacturing a flag you won’t be able to use because of these property violations.

  1.    With so many flag manufacturers around, it’s important you do your research and choose the best people to create your desired flags. They should be able to help you design your flag, and deliver your flag to you within your stipulated date.

They should also use the best materials to build your flag. Flags made using weak materials may end up repeatedly falling, and ignored. Besides, it’s the type of materials that are used that determine how well the sign will withstand the elements. It’s natural that signs made using strong and welded metal are always a better choice to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Increasing your outdoor flag banner sign’s life

Now you know why you should use flag banner signs, how they help your business and tips for creating the ideal flag. All this gives you a long-lasting feather flag for both indoor and outdoor marketing, for as long and as many times as required.

A Complete Guide 8 Points to Using Outdoor flag banner signs

Though these flags are strong, they still have to be properly taken care of to serve you for as long as possible. Here are some guidelines that will help you take good care of your flag so that it serves you as long as possible.

  • Regular washing

While your outdoor flag is durably built to withstand nature’s harsh elements, nothing can be done to prevent it from getting soiled by rain, pollution and road debris. Giving it a good wash every now and then gives you a clean flag fluttering and advertising your business.

Remember, customers, not only judge your business based on the service or product you offer but also based on your advertisement. So if your flag is not well-maintained and looks good all the time, then it may end up chasing away customers instead of bringing them in.

You don’t have to do much to wash your flags. You can either hand wash them or run a delicate wash in the washing machine. If needed, wrap it in a mesh washing machine bag before putting into the washer. While light detergents are the safest to use as they won’t fade your flag, you can always ask the flag manufacturer for advice if you are not sure.

Hang the flag out to dry but never dry them in a dryer. This is because there’s the risk of the dryer shrinking the flag so that it does not fit into its stand. There’s also the risk of the dryer warping the material and peeling off some of the printed graphics to spoil the flag and make it look untidy.

In case there are some hard-to-clean stains on the flags like bird droppings, first, use a plastic knife to scrape off as much of the stain as possible. Then pre-treat it with some powdered laundry detergent before putting it into the washer. While strong chemicals like hydrogen peroxide can help in the pretreatment stage, play safe and confirm with your manufacturer before using it.

  • Proper placement of flags

While your mission of using a flag is to ensure its maximum visibility, don’t forget to choose the best spot based on surrounding factors. Placing the flag on your business boundaries may garner maximum attention. However, there is also the risk of it being dangerous to drivers if it’s too close to the road.

Don’t place it too close to parking spots as a distracted customer concentrating on parking their car may knock over your flag. Also steer away from any buildings and structures that may pierce the fabrics.

If you are worried about someone stealing or messing around with the flags, then buy a flag with reinforced grommets. They are staked into the ground and are less likely a target to get stolen.

  • Prolong its colors

You could consider buying an aerosol fabric protectant that’s available at the local hardware store to spray onto the flag and seal the fabric fibers. This prevents the colors from breaking down in UV light so that they do not quickly fade with continual exposure to sunlight.

padded sideline a-frame sideline aps sideline banners pop up a frame banner

13 Tips to Choose and Create Effective Golf Pop-up A-frame Banners

Today fast-paced world leaves most people using the help of digital marketing to advertise their company and ware. They concentrate on marketing via social media, emails, chat boxes and phone calls and not much on traditional advertising options like Golf Pop-up A-frame Banners.

13 tips to design and create effective golf pop-up A-frame banners

This is mainly because practically everyone is on the move today, and is continually on their phones or computers. This makes it much easier for a company or entity to reach out to their potential consumers.

However little do they realize that while digital marketing is indeed king today, face-to-face or traditional marketing through traditional banners and hoardings like golf pop-up A-frame banners are still upfront in the competition.

You need these advertising options to reach out to your physical customers, who still exist out there. Yes, there are still people who make decisions to buy or use services based on the banners and A-frame banners they see around themselves.

This is that niche clientele who do not limit themselves and are not constricted by the digital sphere. In fact, these clients appreciate the personal connection you develop through these offline advertising options, which is non-existent in the digital marketing space. These are the people who relate and are quickly affected by whatever they see around them.

With such a large demand and clientele that observe and take heed of whatever you put on your banners and golf pop-up A-frame banners, it is natural that you learn moré about it, and know how to choose and use them well to garner maximum attention.

About golf pop-up A-frame banners

As the name suggests, these banners are popularly used for promoting businesses or even to distinguish the different areas of a golfing event. They are usually available in various sizes for you to choose and use as per your space and advertising requirements.

The banners are based on a light but sturdy A-frame, making them easily expanded and contracted to use as necessary. The banners can be dismantled to fit into a bag that usually accompanies it, making it all the more easier to transport it from one venue to another. Of course, despite the name, these displays are not restricted for use only at golfing events but can be used to advertise at any indoor or outdoor event.

They are also easily set up by yourself, so there is no need of waiting for someone to put it up for you. You just have to take it out of its bag and put it up for instant exposure and recognition where required. Besides, this is not a one-time use banner. You can use it at as many places as you like, for as many times as required.

How to choose & design your golf pop-up A-frame banner

These are the various points you need to bear in mind to ensure you invest in the right banners which not only advertise your product or services but are also long-lasting.

Strong frame


Look for banners with a strong frame as they can withstand maximum usage. They should be made using the best-sprung steel, like the company does in all their golf A-frame pop up banners.

13 tips to create effective golf pop-up A-frame banners

The steel band spring has to be strong because the banner’s folding function depends on it. If the spring is made of some weak material then there is the chance of the spring quickly breaking or losing its shape with continuous wear and tear. Besides, most of the time folding and unfolding banners with a cheaper grade or thinner steel spring proves to be rather difficult.

Place orders on time

As you will have to place an order for your golf pop-up A-frame banner, make sure you plan well and have it ordered well in advance. It’s better if you order the display at least a month early because you never know what problems you may have to face.

There may be something wrong with the design, or you may have some delays in the shipping. Things get even later if you don’t have any artwork ready to use on the display and you don’t know how to create art. To be on the safer side, so that the display reaches you on time, make sure you place an order well in advance.

Durable crossover

It is better if the golf pop-up A-frame banner has a double crossover at the top part of the display. This is because the intersecting rods give the banner additional strength and durability when compared to others.

Look for good fabric and prints

Banners made of not only good quality fabric like medium polyester but which has an opaque back panel make a better choice. This is because the backing creates a useful opaque finish that effectively projects whatever is printed on it.

The material should also be waterproof especially if you will be using it more outdoors, and colorfast and wash proof so that it can be washed without the fear of colors running. Find out what type of prints the company will be using on the banner. It is better if they use quality inks that print the images in high resolution and can be seen clearly from afar.

Select the right sized banners

Make sure you select the right sized banner as per your usage or requirement. You can choose between horizontally or vertically designed banners depending on how much space you have to place them.

You can also choose based on how much information you want to be printed onto it. If it’s something important then a vertical banner should be better because the font and the print will be visible from a longer distance.

If you just want to use the banner only for branding purposes, then make your selection based on your logo, depending on whether it looks better on a horizontal or vertical background.

Additional pockets and tabs are useful


Look for frames that have additional pockets stitched onto its body. These pockets are helpful because they help keep the frame safe and sturdy once set up. You can fill the pockets with sand or alternatively water bottles for additional weight to keep the banner firmly in place.

If you will be setting up the frame someplace windy outdoors, then it’s better to choose a banner with tabs stitched on the corners. This makes it convenient to stake the display to the ground for added security and stability at holding the banner in place.

Use the right print format


You have to pay special attention to the artwork you plan to use on your pop-up A-frame. This is because while it’s easy to create art in jpg files on the computer, translating them to the right printable format for your banners is not such an easy task.

Your artwork will have to be done in high resolution, preferably in vector format, which can be created using Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Don’t think that this task is as easy as putting your jpg file into one of these programs because this does not give you a vector file at all.

So if you are not so comfortable about translating your computer jpg art file to something usable for your banner, then it’s better to have the banner manufacturer’s professional designer do it for you.

Most companies, like, have their in-house professional team of designers who will either create your artwork for you or translate any existing art like logos in your computer into something compatible with the banner.

Proper placement

As mentioned earlier, make sure you choose and buy a display board that fits the place or spot you plan to use it at. For better effects, make sure you choose a spot that’s easily visible to maximum traffic and footfall at the event you plan to use it.  It doesn’t matter why you want the banners; visibility through proper placement is of utmost importance.

Reuse or one-time use

While these display boards can be used as many times as you like, as long as you store them well after use, there may be occasions where you will only need it for a one-time use. This is why you have to decide on the matter to be printed on the display board based on it’s intended usage.

If you want to use it only for one event, you will most probably have the date and venue printed on it. If this is the case, you will not be able to use it at any other venue. However, if you plan to use it a few times, then make sure the print is something consistent like your logo, brand name and perhaps contact information so that you can use it in various events or functions.


Similarly, make sure you maintain consistency in all the advertising material you use, including your golf pop-up A-frame banner. This means that if you have an online presence or a local shop, the banner should have the same logo or tagline used in your shop, online site or any other advertising material.

This is the only way you will be able to carve out a niche in customers where they will be able to associate your banner with your company or brand the moment they see it. It’s only if your logo and design are consistent that customers will be able to notice and pick you out of the many other advertisers and companies at any event or place.

Corporate and brand identity

Corporate and brand identity is very important for any business. You have to maintain it because it gives your company some stability and legitimacy which helps people associate with you.

This is why you have to use your logo, slogan and even colors in everything you advertise about yourself with, including your golf pop-up A-frame banner. Using different logos or colors only confuses customers.

Sufficient information

It is crucial that you know just how much of information you should have printed onto your displays, especially if you are advertising about the opening of your new shop or an event.

While bright colors and logos are necessary to attract attention, too much of it will only hide whatever information you need to print onto it. If you don’t have any important information to convey to spectators, you could perhaps include something defining the heart of your business plan and will get your point across to the public, like slogans or mottoes.

For better effects and results, work with your designer to come up with the right integration of the different elements in the display. This helps ensure your sign gains maximum exposure with minimal invasiveness.

An interactive form of branding

Did you know that there is one interesting aspect that gives golf pop-up A-frame banners an edge above other forms of displays like feather flags and teardrop flags? Did you know you can actually use these displays as a form of interactive branding by customizing it into an interactive ball targets?

Yes, you’ll be surprised that you can actually make your brand and banner fun by designing it as a ball target game for use in the next sporting event or expo. All you have to do is create one, two or three ball target holes in the front panel, and decorate it with or without printed flags.

Of course, the back panel has to be solid in structure, to ensure the balls don’t pass through while your customers play target practice with your display. Besides, the back panel is usually used for your company’s branding purposes too.

13 tips to create effective golf pop-up A-frame banners

So if you have always depended only on digital marketing to get your company name and brand across, you now should know where and what you had missed out on all this time. Try using offline banners like golf pop-up A-frame banners in some local event or sporting competition.

Include your contact details and a little bit about your company in the banner, and you will be surprised with the number of inquiries and prospective customers the display helps generate for you in such a short span of time!

football feather flags business flags for sale small feather flags feather flags

13 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing and Designing Outdoor Feather Flags

Investing in fluttering feather flags is one of the best decisions any business person can make. These banners are portable and can be set up and dismantled by a single person, without depending on, or waiting for someone else.

13 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing and Designing Outdoor Feather Flags Ad

Besides, most outdoor feather flags for advertising are made of polyester, and your contact details and message is printed on it using direct dye sublimation printing process. This means that unlike other banners, the ink does not sit on the fabric but instead passes through it. So you end up with a wonderfully designed banner which flutters in the wind to capture the attention of passers-by.

These flags make a worthwhile investment because they are great for outdoor advertising at events like grand openings, sports events, open houses or just to inform the world that you are open.

You can use them as many times as you want because the teardrop flag can be dismantled and conveniently stored away in a bag to use needed. You can even use them indoors to promote your trade show booth, your stall or even to give directions to your booth. All these features make this an ideal marketing tool especially for those on a budget.

However, despite all these advantages, they are worth it only if you use them wisely. Like any other promotional tool, the wrong use and certain mistakes can lead to a drop in the banner’s effectiveness.

So if you want to make your investment in outdoor feather flags for advertising worthwhile, and draw people to you, here are some mistakes to avoid while designing your flag.

Outdoor feather flags for advertising designing mistakes to avoid

1. Selecting a poor or small design


There may be some design you like, which you think will look great on your banner. However, before you make your final decision; remember that these outdoor flags have to be visible from afar.

So while the design may seem nice to you in front of you on your notepad or computer, it may not attract a passers-by attention. Not only should the sign attract their attention, but the main intention of putting up these flags is also to communicate and inform people about your opening or store or event.

The message won’t get across if people can’t see it. So make sure the font is most appropriate for the flag and also make sure you use the right colors for the message and background. They should basically have a good contrast because it makes it all the easier for people to read your message from afar.

2. Spelling or grammar mistakes


Remember that your sign is the first thing people see from your company. So it goes a long way at creating a good first impression. This means that any spelling or grammar mistakes in your banner will lead to a doubt in people’s minds about the professionalism of your organization.

It may even unnecessarily give your establishment wrong publicity. You can avoid this unnecessary publicity by thoroughly proofreading the content before getting it printed. It’s even better if you show the matter to a few people. Sometimes your eyes tend to overlook mistakes because you are familiar with the content. Who knows? They may even be able to point out some mistakes you had missed!

3. Forgetting contact information

Though unbelievable, many people tend to forget to include their contact information in their banners. They get absorbed into providing details about their grand opening, dates and times that they just forget about contact information.

A flag devoid of contact information is absolutely useless because interested people won’t know who to contact if they want to ask about something, or where to go. So make sure you include your phone number, website or a link to your social media profile. Choose and include the information based on who your target information is, and how they are most likely to contact you.

4. Too crowded and messy

There are some people who are exactly the opposite and try to include, or rather cram everything in their flags. They not only include their contact information but also customer testimonials, company history details and even include some images of their business.

13 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing and Designing Outdoor Feather Flags

All this is unnecessary in outdoor feather flags for advertising because less is always more here. In other words, you should focus on printing only important and essential information and nothing more.

Too much of information is difficult for your audience to digest, and understand. Remember, they get a fleeting glance of your feather flags. So they will not be able to absorb all of that information in a few minutes, and it’s very unlikely that they will even retain the information for long. Testimonials, images and company history all belong to your website. Just print necessary information which they are most likely to remember to use later on.

5. Wrong size for your venue


You’ll notice that teardrop flags come in various sizes. And it’s with a reason. The larger flags are meant for outdoor use because they can effectively attract window shoppers, passers-by, and drivers.

The smaller versions are better used for indoor events and festivals. So choose your flag accordingly because a small flag used outdoor will not be that effective at advertising about your event or business.

6. Wrong choice of material


Not only can the size, but even the wrong choice of materials also make your banner a useless investment. As this is an outdoor flag, choose a banner that’s not only durable but also water-resistant.

This way you know that the flag will last longer for you, and even serve its purpose outdoors when it’s raining. Similarly, the flag should be printed with UV-resistant ink so that the print lasts longer, and doesn’t fade too easily or quickly in the sunlight.

7. Choosing the wrong fonts or colors

The normal notion for anyone printing customized feather flags is to use their company colors on it. This may not always be in the best choice. It’s better to choose the colors based on where you plan to use the flags.

Contrasting colors will do in spots with lots of open space. If there’s greenery around, then it’s better to avoid using green and brown as these colors only make your banner blend with the surroundings.

It’s generally the bold and bright colors that attract people’s attention the best. If drivers are your target audience, then use red, yellow, blue and other colors corresponding to traffic signals because they notice these colors quicker.

When it comes to fonts, use something simple and attractive. Sometimes the more intricate fonts are not easily read from afar. It’s even better if you use large and bold lettering because they are clearly visible from a distance.

8. Choosing the wrong feather flag

Outdoor feather flags for advertisement are available in single and double-sided versions. You have to choose based on whether you expect customers to see only one or both sides of its sides.

The double-sided flags have your content printed on both it’s sides. This offers the advantage that it’s visible to people from both directions. However in case of a single-sided flag, the image is visible only from one side, and the colors tend to bleed to the backside. These flags are a better choice if you only expect only customers passing by in one direction.

9. Poor translation of words

You may at times want to expand your customer base. To do this, you need to make your flag and business accessible and interesting to everyone. This is especially so if you live in a multicultural city like Sydney or New York.

While printing flags in different languages is a good idea, don’t make the mistake of using poor translations of your message. Do not rely only on translation tools to create content in different languages.

While these tools are indeed helpful they are known to not always provide a 100% correct translation. This will lead to your printing messages on the flag which may either make you the center of jokes or you may end up hurting the sentiments of your target audience because the flag conveys the wrong message.

The best thing to do is hire a certified translator or some native speaker to create the relevant content. Though you may have to pay for the translator’s services, it’s worth it in the long run.

10. Placing your photo in the banner

No matter how good looking you may be, or how photogenic you are, do not make the mistake of including your personal photo to the feather flag. While you may find it appealing, there is a high chance that onlookers will mistake you for a politician running for office.

Besides, people tend to become creative whenever they see pictures of people on flags. So your photo may end up with a mustache the next day or even a blacked out tooth. This can, in turn, prove humiliating to you. Instead of going through all this, you may as well avoid including your photo in the first place.

11. Getting a third opinion

Just like it’s better to have a third person proofread your content, it is also better to have your friends, staff or relatives take a look at your banner before you send it for printing. The main reason for this is that different people look at things differently.

What you may feel is beautiful and attractive may not seem so to others. They will also be able to notice flaws and give some suggestions for better fonts or colors for increased and easy readability. They anyhow will be reading the message on the flag for the first time and will be able to tell you how quickly a passer-by will be able to read and grasp the information on it.

12. Doing your own printing

Just because some people claim that banners are easy to make, and can be quickly printed, there’s no need of taking the risk of doing it yourself. Though you may somehow manage to print them, you may not get a perfect, professional looking outdoor feather flags for advertisement.

It is better to leave it to the professionals like who use the best materials, ink, and printing to give you the best banners for your company’s maximum visibility.

13. Choosing the wrong company

This is, in fact, the biggest mistake you may make while printing your teardrop flags. With so many companies to choose from, it’s natural that you end up confused about which is the best for you.

There are factors which should help you choose the right company like maximum options. With banners available in various shapes and sizes, it’s natural that you make use of the best for your advertising needs. So choose a company that will be able to provide you with various products to choose and use as per your marketing theme.

The rate is another factor to remember. It doesn’t matter if you are a large company or a start-up; you have to look for something that gets you your value for money. Even if you are on a budget, don’t opt for the cheapest company because there are higher chances of cheaper flags tearing or breaking.

It’s worth paying a little extra because the company provides you with quality materials and sublimation printing. You thus end up buying longer-lasting flags you can use numerous times.

13 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing and Designing Outdoor Feather Flags Bag

It goes without saying that a more experienced company that has been around for a long time is always a better option. They will even help you avoid these mistakes, to make maximum use of your advertising budget and flag. One such company is which has been working in the industry for a long time and knows all the ins and outs of it.

Now that you know the 13 mistakes to avoid while choosing and designing outdoor feather flags for advertising, you are sure to end up with a much better customized flag, which gives you more value for your money.

football feather flags feather flags cheap church feather flags feather flags

How outdoor marketing flags can help in business marketing

Many a time you may wonder how and why an outdoor marketing flag is so important for a company. You may wonder if it really is an effective means of advertisement or if it is a waste of money.

How outdoor marketing flags can help in business marketing2

Well on the upfront, these flags are indeed effective at promoting your business and brand, especially if you know how to order one, and if you order it from the right people. Of the many outdoor marketing flags available, customized feather, beach and swooper flags, customized teardrop flags and pop-up A-frames are the best options you have for their many benefits.

Benefits of outdoor marketing flags

The most important benefit of these flags is that they are portable, can attract attention to your business and can create striking effects for all types of businesses and even events. They are easy to set up; you can do it yourself without anyone’s help.

They are at the same time easy to remove and carry around as these flags come with a carrying bag. The flags are dismantled into different pieces which you conveniently place in the bag to carry into your business or to a new event or venue.

You can use the same flag for as many events as you like, both indoor and outdoor events. You can use them to show directions or your booth in trade shows, exhibition booths, sporting events, the beach, shop and factory fronts and just about anywhere you need to market your presence.

The specialty of these flags is that unlike other flags, they tend to rotate with the wind. This movement itself is a plus point for you because it helps to grab the attention of passers-by. Besides, these flags are also designed to withstand high winds and do not end up getting torn like other flags or banners.

Why ordering from us?

While there are many companies that design and produce customized feather flags for you, is one of the more popular and reasonably priced vendors around, for the following benefits.

Cheaper option

First and foremost, unlike other vendors, when you order your outdoor marketing flags from us, you are assured your order and deal directly with the manufacturer. This is why and how come we charge considerably lower rates than others because we do not charge any additional third-party fees, no hiked prices and there is no delay in the processing.

There is also minimal confusion in your order because you deal directly with our team of designers, who can clear all doubts they may have with your design, words or font. In fact, our team of designers will keep you informed and involved in the flag designing process from start to finish ensuring you are happy with the end product.

Best materials

We use only the best materials to produce our customized feather, beach, swooper and teardrop flags. You are thus assured of receiving the best, high-quality, customized flags which are not only longer-lasting but better at attracting the eyes of passers-by.

Our flags are printed using UV-protected inks so that you end up with a rich and vibrant print on your flag which will definitely last for a long time to come. Our flags come out top-class because we use digital printing for your flag printing purposes, no matter how easy or complex the design may be.

We also take the time and trouble to hem the flags with rows of stitching once the flags are ready. This ensures the flags are easy to use to advertise about your business once you receive them.

No minimum quantity

We have a large selection of types, colors, and sizes of flags to choose from. So you are assured you will get your type of outdoor marketing flag when you deal with us. We do not even have any minimum order requirements. This means we are ready and able to print only 1 to as many as thousands of flags, as you require.

We in fact even have bulk discounts available if you order in bulk because we are anyway wholesale feather flag dealers. It is because of all these features and benefits that we are considered to be one of the best-customized flag providers in the market.

No design or set up fees

We do not even charge for designing your flag, nor do we charge any set-up fees. It does not matter if you have your own customized logo or any other piece of art you want to have printed onto the flags or if you have no idea what you want, and need help coming up with a design.

Our team of design experts will help convert your idea or logo to the flag, or help you design the right design or message to print onto the flag for free. Once we give you a quote, we stick to it and do not later add any additional setup fees or other hidden costs to the amount.

We not only offer free design and artwork for your flag, but our team of expert designers is also more than ready to perform as many full-color changes to them until you are satisfied with the design and font. This is how we strive at helping you save both time and money.

Free shipment

We ship your flag to you for free. Most of the time the flags will reach you within 6 to 12 days’ time. We do all our free door to door shipping via the help of DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS.

How outdoor marketing flags can help in business marketing3

How to place an order?

Placing an order with us is really easy. We have a quick ordering process and we work at making it as hassle-free for you as possible. We do everything possible to ensure your flags are manufactured fast and professionally and complete your order as quickly as possible.

1.The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of flag you want from us. There is not much of a difference between the flags. You can choose depending on the amount of content you intend to place on it, and where you plan to use your outdoor marketing flags.

Customized feather and teardrop flags are better seen from afar practically anywhere indoors and outdoors, and as they have a bigger surface area, you can print more information and a bigger design on them.

However pop up A-frames are better used in front of your establishment where it’s easily seen by people walking or driving by or at sporting events as perimeters to courts or grounds and as they are comparatively smaller flags, you can’t print a lot of matter on them.

2.You will also have to decide the type of flag base you want for your flag which may be a wheel cross or a pole with a spike, the size of the flag which can be anywhere between a small flag measuring 260cm to an XL flag measuring 500cm and if you want a single or double sided flag.

3.Once you are sure what you want, the next thing you have to do is make a request for a quote, which we will provide either online or by phone. We place our quote based on the type of flag you want, the content to be printed on it, and of course the number of flags you require.

4.Once we give you the quote, and you accept it, we have our team work on creating a proof to send over to you. This is when you can provide us with any designs/artwork and ideas you want to implement in the flags.

Based on your input, and our team’s creativity, we send you a proof which you have to approve. We are ready to make as many changes as needed to reach a proof you are happy with.

5.It’s only when you approve the flag proof that we send you an invoice for your order. This is when you have to go through the invoice, check it and when everything seems okay to you; you just place your order. We will complete your order on the date you mention, and once it’s ready, we ship it and send it to you with a tracking number.

6.We offer various payment options for you to choose from, for your convenience. You can pay using VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, through TT or wire transfer or you can also pay online through our secure online payment systems. We will provide our bank details to when required.

7.If you wonder how long we need to deliver your flags, well it depends on the quantity of the order. In case of small orders of 1 to 100 flags, we can deliver it to you within 6 to 12 days’ time. However, in the case of larger orders, we will mention the delivery details in the quote.

8.We also have a rush service, but at a price, where we can complete the order at a quicker pace. We will mention the rate and dates in the quote when requested. We have to mention that as different countries have their individual import and duty taxes with different thresholds, then you may have to bear these taxes if your order is above the threshold.

9.Please note that while ordering flags, our flag sizes are based on the full height of the flag, including the flag stand. Our flags are about 50 cm shorter than the stand we use for keeping them off the ground. So it’s better keeping this in mind while placing orders based on the flag size.

How outdoor marketing flags can help in business marketing4

Importance of a good design

If you wonder why you need to place so much of emphasis on your flag design, well, it is very important indeed.

Increased effects

The first reason you need a design is that your business is practically naked without it. While a good design makes your cards, brochures and banners look good and increase your confidence levels, it also increases the effectiveness of your print pieces. No matter if you are trying to sell something, or shift your brand’s perception, it is a great design that helps you reach your business goals.

Increasing sales

Did you know that a good design can also help increase your sales? Yes. Once you start presenting your product or services in the best way possible through a good design, then it automatically increases your sales. Besides a good design also improves your product’s perceived value so that you can quote better rates and in the process, increases your profit margin.

Higher chances of people reading your flag

By the way, it’s only if your flag is designed appropriately with the right balance of copy, test, art and white space that there’s a better chance of your audience reading your message. You don’t need anything fancy.

All you need is simple but compelling graphics that make sure your message sticks. Otherwise, the money you spend on your flag will practically go to waste if they find the design too messy or cluttered.

Improved customer confidence

A well-designed flag also helps improve customer confidence because it proves you are a reliable professional or business. This, in turn, helps to improve your client’s trust in you which in turn helps build a strong base of trust which is integral in building a successful business relationship with your clients.

You can either have our team create a design for you, but if you have an idea, but need help presenting it, then we have artwork templates you can download and use. They help you in creating your customized flags by setting up the right design. We can even help find the right template for you if you can’t find what you need, and of course, our team is always ready to help you out.

Now that you know all there is to know about the benefits of using outdoor marketing flags, why you need a flag with a good design, and how easy it is to design and order flags from us, you too can consider using these flags for your next marketing campaign!