Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

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Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times
Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

The topmost plan on most business owners’ minds now is how to increase their lost brand visibility during these difficult times. They need the right marketing campaign and techniques to help them bring in new customers and let old customers know they have reopened.

And the best option they have now is the economical, versatile and multi-functional teardrop flags.


What exactly are teardrop flags?

You can practically take a guess just looking at its name.

It’s a flag, but its specialty is its teardrop shape. And it is not only shaped like a tear, it’s also pulled taut. So that means that there’s a minimal chance of it tearing in the wind.

And it also means that as it is pulled tight, the message and graphics printed on it will be visible from even a distance.

These flags are also so popular amongst businesses because they are colorful and easy to set up. It’s colorful, which means you can select the colors and designs you want to have printed on them. You have a choice of single and double-sided flags to choose from.

And about setting it up, teardrop flags reach you dismantled, in a carrying case. You have to join the different parts and set them where you want them. You do not even have to wait for someone else to help you with it.

You can set it up and dismantle it on your own.

Most importantly, these flags are a great return on your investment. They are affordably priced but do a great job attracting the attention of passers-by.

They also get people interested in whatever you have to offer them. Considering the amount of publicity and sales it can give you, you definitely will agree that this is a great way to market your business.

Tips for using teardrop flags

One thing is for sure about teardrop flags.

They are perfect to use for advertising for any business. They are popular with cellular stores, gas stations, taxi services, auto-dealers, restaurants, barbers, cafes, Laundromats, car washes, and the list goes on!

They are not only ideal to market about a business but also perfect to use at events. Most people use them to advertise their stalls at trade shows or to name their events’ sponsors.

So don’t be surprised if you find these tall flags at trade shows, sports events, golf courses, and any other exhibition. And yes, these banners can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Here’s a rundown on the most popular ways to use these teardrop flags:

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times
Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Outdoor marketing

Teardrop flags are the perfect choice for promoting a specific product or advertising about a grand opening. There are various formats or ways you can choose to have your message printed out.

One option is to feature a message about your sale or opening with your company logo on it. It informs passers-by about the event and where it is happening.

Do not forget to mention the discount if you are having a discount sale.

The prospect of saving money buying their favorite and necessary products will prove useful at bringing customers to your store.

It is not only sales that you can use teardrop flags to advertise about.

You can also use them to let people know about any services you have to offer. For example, if you have a spa, and you want to advertise about your massages, you could print flags with your special prices on them.

Remember, these flags are affordable when it comes to rating.

So you will not feel the pinch much if you print out extra flags mentioning all the special rates you have to offer clients. The clientele the banners bring in justifies its rates.

Outdoor decoration purposes

Yes, you do not have to use teardrop flags only for advertising reasons.

They are colorful enough also to use to decorate your business premises. For example, you can have a few colorful flags put up at the parking lot.

It makes your parking lot look more appealing and even pique the curiosity of passers-by by inviting them to visit your store.

Besides, outdoor decorations prove how dedicated and focused you are with running your business. These high-quality banner flags sell your company as a professional organization that knows how to present itself to the public.

It is the process that creates an excellent first impression in the eyes of your potential customers.

Brand awareness

It doesn’t matter what business you run. You need to ensure people know all about your company and what you do. In short, you need to create some brand awareness because it’s what brings in new customers or clients.

Remember, there isn’t much of a chance of consumers stopping by. Nor of them taking advantage of what you have to offer if they don’t know what you have to provide for them.

This is where teardrop flags prove useful. They can help spread awareness and make people aware of your brand. They can also be used outdoors.

So they prove most effective at generating interest in your business in places with lots of foot traffic or passing cars.

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times
Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Possible places to use teardrop flags

Teardrop flags can be used both indoors and outdoors. Here’s an example of where you can place your flag pole stands and business flags to be the most effective.

·         Events

Teardrop flags are handy at events that need more personality and decoration. They prove useful at complementing the overall event theme and also look more attractive to the attendees.

·         Trade shows

Teardrop flags are ideal for making your company stand out amidst the so many other trade show participants. You can attach them to canopy tents so that they stand out above competitors.

Or you can put them up on their own near a booth’s entrance.

·         Outside offices or stores

Teardrop flags help to both increase your building’s visual appeal or to advertise your latest sale.

·         Sidewalks

You can use teardrop flags on the sidewalk you have, leading to an actual outdoor location or special event. They help make the spot look more visually appealing.

Design options

The versatility in its design options is another reason that makes these flags so popular with businesses. There are three ways you can get about designing the banners.

1. You can develop your design, fonts, and colors, and have teardrop manufacturing companies like customize your flags accordingly.

While you may want to try unique fonts, it’s generally better to use standard fonts. They are easier to print and come out clearer for increased visibility.

2.The second option you have is to select something from their pre-designed templates. These flags are ready to ship to you, and ideal if you have something generalist to advertise about like ‘Discount sale’ or ‘Grand opening.’

As these flags are ready, they reach you the earliest.

3.The third option you have is to have the company’s designing team develop appropriate design and graphics. All you have to do is give them your company colors, contact details, and logo, if any.

They will be able to come up with a design you like.

Of course, it’s only after you approve of their design they will print and have the flag shipped to you. So it is no wonder that these flags take the longest to get ready, and thus need some time to reach you.

Just make sure you order your banners to come in advance to contact you in time for your opening or sale.


Teardrop flags come in various sizes. You have them ranging from the small 4ft banners to the large, 12ft flags. Do not forget to include the pole’s height while ordering your flags!

So even if it’s a 4 ft flab, once mounted on a pole, it ends up about 6 ft tall. And in the case of the large 12 ft flags, they reach about 15 ft tall when mounted on the pole.

Some companies like can also customize and have a more massive teardrop flag ready for you.

Differences between double and single-sided teardrop flags

As mentioned earlier, teardrop flags are available as single and double-sided flags. Here’s how different the two are:

1.     Single-sided flags

Yes, you’ve guessed it right!

These are teardrop flags designed so that just one side is fully readable. So you may find graphics and easy to read graphics on the front side.

But the backside will only have a reflection of whatever the print on the front side. It means that whatever text primed on the front side looks reversed and is also dulled out on the reverse side.

2.     Double-sided banners

Yes, in double-sided flags, they are designed to see the text and graphics visible from both sides. They are thicker than the single-sided versions because two flags are attached to create the effect. Besides, they have a black material between the two flags to prevent any leaching of color.

If you wonder how you should choose between the two, well, it is easy. You have to decide based on its purpose and what you need printed on the flags.

You can use them on one-way streets. Or you can use them where people will see only one side of the flag.

However, the double-sided banners are better to use in spots where there is a chance of people looking at it at both sides. They are especially useful at advertising about your brand or event at places where there’s lots of traffic from each direction.

Attention, business owners! Here's how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times
Attention, business owners! Here’s how to use teardrop flags to improve your brand visibility in these difficult times

Hardware and accessories

Teardrop flags reach you with the necessary hardware to set them up. They generally come to you with an x-stand, a ground spike, and perhaps even a portable backpack.

The x-stands are ideal for setting up the flag somewhere indoors or on hard ground. They can also be used outdoors on pavements. You just have to place them on the ground.

You can then put some water bags on top of them for additional support and prevent the banner from toppling over.

While teardrop flags are generally very stable, you may have to be careful on extra windy days. There is a chance of the flags toppling over despite having water or sandbags in extreme winds.

In the case of the ground spike, it is used only for outdoor use because the pike has to be stuck into the ground. This is a relatively stable stand option because it increases the spike’s possibility of staying stable even in the wind.

Some companies even offer backpack kits for use during events like tradeshows and outdoor events. They offer optimal moving visibility that carries your message wherever the action is.


Feather flags are made using high quality, durable knitted polyester because they are ideal to use outdoors. They are UV resistant and rated for reasonable wind speed.

Besides, the material is also weather-resistant, which means it doesn’t fade that quickly outdoors. However, it is better not to set up the flags when it’s rainy or snowy or scorching.

This simple step goes a long way at extending the flag’s lifespan.

Besides, polyester is known for its wind-resistant properties, making it perfect to use even in regularly windy areas. It is also conducive to various graphics and shapes. It in turn means that it is ideal for printing customized massages and logos.

Now that you know all you need to know about teardrop flags, it is left to you to decide how many you want to print. You also have to make a choice based on where and why you plan to use them.

Do not forget to place your order well in advance. You will then know that it reaches you on time to use to market about your store or business.

In short, you can in the process make maximum use for the flags to generate maximum awareness and business.