How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

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Are you looking for a novel method of promoting your business? Do you have a website but need something that woos your local audience explicitly? If that’s the case, then you should try using pop-up A-frame banners to market your business.

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business
How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

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Where you can use your A-frame signs

A-frame signs are reasonably priced but really effective at doing its job of promoting your business. Its structure and design provide the added advantage of versatility in marketing.

Here are a few examples of how and where you can use them:

1.      On the sidewalk

You must agree that the sidewalk in front of your store is one of the best marketing places. It’s where your potential customers pass-by, offering a high chance of their seeing it.

It’s the perfect spot to use to draw pedestrians’ interest and tell them a bit more about your store. You can use it to tell them your opening hours, any specials you have to offer, or any particular service.

Most importantly, these banners are easy to adjust. It’s not that tall and easily carried and positioned to be visible to pedestrians, but still do not block their way.

2.      Safety signage

Now you want to maintain your store’s safety principles. Not only should your employees know about your safety protocol, but your customs should be well informed too.

For example, you have to tell them about any potential hazards they may encounter, like slippery roads. And what better way is there to do this than with the help of pop-up A-frame banners.

And there’s the added benefit of using it to promote your business simultaneously. All you have to do is include your brand logo and colors in it, and you never know when you may end up with loyal customers!

3.      Directional signs

The pop-up A-frame’s size and structure make them ideal to use as directional signs too.

They can be used in two ways.

They can indicate the availability of parking spots to drivers and the route to your store’s or restaurant parking spot.

Besides, the signs are conveniently designed to carry around and install as required.

They don’t have to be kept only in one spot. You can shift and use them in different parking spots every day. You can also use them to show drivers about any changes made to the parking area.

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business
How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

4.      Special offers

There’s nothing better for promoting your business than through promotions. It’s the most potent weapon in your marketing arsenal. However, the promotion won’t serve its purpose much if you don’t advertise and let your customers know about it.

Your pop-up A-frame sign is just perfect for letting customers know about any vast discounts and exclusive deals you have on offer. They are light enough to use in the ideal spot to see by your customers easily.

5.      To manage events

Your pop-up A-frame banners serve two purposes in event management. You can use them to advertise your upcoming event. You can place them at strategic points where they are most likely to be seen and passers-by. All you have to do is print the vital details about the concert like date, time, and event name.

The second way of using these banners in even management is to manage the chaos!

It would help if you especially had these signs to provide the necessary information and direction to your spectators. Unlike most other types of signs, you can use water or sandbags to weigh down the banners at indoor events. This way, you don’t have to worry about the flags toppling over and blocking the way.

6.      To convey messages and greetings

Everyone likes to feel unique and valued, especially your customers. And the best way to do it while they are in your establishment is by greeting and sending those meaningful messages and reminders. These seemingly ‘irrelevant’ messages have a significant impact on your customers.

You can print messages on both sides to deliver more messages to customers using fewer banners.

7.      In the real estate industry

There’s so much competition in the real estate industry that you have to do your extra bit to stand out from your competitors. It’s not enough if you have the best properties lined up.

You should be able to create enough hype and noise about it. It would help if you let people know about it, and that’s where pop-up A-frame banners can help.

They are perfect for generating attention and exposure to properties in your care. They are affordable, made using high-quality materials, and last a long time, making it a worthy investment.

They are perfect for giving any interested parties relevant information about your property through short but engaging copy. As long as you use clear and beautiful images of your property and no-nonsense copy, you are sure to get your message across to them.

Use the signs to emphasize the property’s features and lead prospective buyers into a real-time tour of it. This feature may be all you need to make buyers interested in your priority and perhaps walk up to your doorstep!

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business
How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

The importance of using the right font in pop-up A-frame banners

You may know what colors and content to print onto your banners. However, with so many different types of fonts available to use on flags and banners, you naturally wonder which is the best for business signs.

The best fonts are fonts that are large enough to be seen from afar. It’s especially crucial if you plan to use these flags somewhere outdoors so that the flag is visible from near and far. The bigger and more legible they are, the better the banners will be at promoting your business.

The fonts that are better avoided

A critical feature to considering your font is the size of the strokes on letters. It is better to use fonts with thin lines for printing on handouts, emails, and flyers. However, they are not suitable fonts for your pop-up A-frame banners.


Well, it’s because they aren’t visible from a distance. While bolding them may increase the visibility of the fonts, it may not always help. This is why they are better avoided entirely.

In the same manner, script-based fonts may indeed be beautiful to use for detailing invitations and other small marketing items. However, they are once again better avoided in more extensive marketing material for the same legibility issue.

In short, choose fonts that are clear and legible to the reader from close-up and a distance. You want your banner to reach out to as many people as possible. It’s possible only if the content is visible from afar.

Suitable changes which provide for better emphasis

You don’t just have to select your font based on its typeface. You can always modify the font so that it is more visible on the sign. And at the same time, it should be enticing enough to interest potential customers and clients.

The best way to reach a desirable format font type is through experiments.

You will have to play around and try capitalizing on seeing if the words look better in capitals or not. It’s better not to overuse this technique because you may end up emphasizing the wrong words.

You can alternatively try italics and underlining some of the words. As long as you use them properly, they will effectively enhance some parts of the sign. However, do remember to check for the legibility of the fonts once enlarged.

Colors and contrast

Your company logo and colors will help you decide and choose your font colors. The right color choices go a long way in improving the sign’s visibility and how well it attracts attention.

Always use contrasting colors between the font and background. This is important because even the most well-thought-out font and text will only end up lost in the banner’s overall design if there is no proper contrast.

Use dark or bold text on a background with a lighter shade, and vice versa.

Consider using bright and bold colors to draw your customers’ attention if the banner’s background is solid or neutral. It also works well if you outline the font with and other contrasting shade.


You may want to use an unusual font on your pop-up A-frame flag. However, please don’t use it, and instead, use a professional font that’s easily read. You can always creatively use typical fonts in the design to look different and eye-catching to the customers.

Just ensure that the font and banner’s overall font and design complement them in your company’s right manner and presentation.

Try using various fonts

If you have a flag design where you plan to print only a few large words, it’s better to use only one font. However, suppose your sign has more info. In that case, you could consider using multiple fonts, or the same font in different sizes.


To add some pizzazz and class to your banners!

However, the trick here lies in selecting the right fonts. It’s because some fonts may seem to be aesthetically pleasing when alone. However, they may not look that great if used with other fonts.

The best way to reach the right combination of fonts is by examining how multiple fonts will look together. It’s better than picking fonts randomly and praying that they will look great together!

Typical font examples

Some standard fonts are typically used in all types of banner printing. You can choose the right font for your use based on the project’s formality. The serif fonts are a popular choice with formal writing. In contrast, the sans-serif fonts are more commonly used in casual presentations.

If you wonder how you should choose, well, it depends on the sign’s overall look and how well the font blends well with your sign’s other elements. When you speak about features, it includes your graphics, color, and logos.

The most common fonts you should place first preference on while selecting the fonts for your pop-up A-frame banners are:

Arial, Bodini, Futura, Garamond, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.
These fonts are the most commonly used and considered a safe choice and bet if you aren’t sure about your choice.

How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business
How and why pop-up A-frame banners can successfully market your business

Some additional information you should know about pop-up A-frame banners

Pop-up A-frame banners are usable both indoors and outdoors. The signs reach you with a variety of bases to change and use as required. You can use spikes to anchor the signs into the lawn outside to let customers know about your promo offers.

You can also use a few flags in your stores. You have to use water or sandbags to weigh them down. It’s to prevent the signs from accidentally toppling over while your customers move around in the store.

And the most significant benefit pop-up A-frame banners offer over other types of signage’s that they can be conveniently stored after use. These flags reach you in carrying bags. You have to disassemble the flags after using them and keep them in the bag till you next use them.

There is another excellent benefit and reason to use pop-up a frame for your marketing purposes. You don’t have to use just one side for printing purposes. You can always use both sides of the flag.

It saves you money because you can use a single banner to communicate so much. You can print something about your business on one side, and perhaps the event or directions on the second side.

Besides, if in case your banner doesn’t give the results you look out for, all you have to do is replace it. This is something you cannot do with digital advertising banners. Once again, you can change and customize your flags in a way you feel will better improve your business’s exposure and appeal.

Now that you know how well and useful pop-up A-frame banners can be in advertising your business, it’s time to print a few. Look for a reputable and competent flag printing company like for all your banner printing needs!