The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

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A stadium is one of the places with maximum energy and vibrancy. People go there to enjoy themselves, and they love the ambiance created there. The people, musicians, sports teams, cheerleaders, and food vendors all add to the energy.

It is a place many people visit the stadium as a family outing. And this is why it’s the perfect place for you to showcase your sponsors. After the amount of support and money they have given you, it’s your responsibility to let people know about them.

And the best way to do this is through feather flags.

If you wonder why well, it’s because of the design and structure of these banners.

They are colorfully printed in your chosen colors. It doesn’t matter who your sponsor is. You can have your banners customized using their company colors, slogan, and tagline, if any.

You can also include their contact information, so that prospective customers approach them. Who knows? Your sponsors may end up giving you a much better donation the next year if your feather flags bring in quite a few new clients for them!


The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew
The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

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Multifunctional signage

These feather flags are multi-functional. They will not only tell people about your sponsors, but you can also use them as directional flags. People will want to know where the food stall and toilet are, and your feather flags are perfect for the purpose.

Besides, visitors will also need directions to their seats, which these feather flags will provide.

And you can also use the feather flags to tell your spectators about any forthcoming events held at the stadium. You naturally have quite a few events lined up for the stadium. And what better way to let people know than through feather banners.

Branding your stadium


Did you know that you can also use the feather flags for branding your stadium space? Yes, the same flags that you use for your sponsors will also help with your stadium branding purposes and help your stadium stand out.

You can use them to decorate and fill up the stadium because your spectators will not enjoy themselves that much in an empty stadium!

The way you use your banners and decorations gives future prospective clients an idea of the professionalism you have in your stadium. It adds to your credibility and proves that you know what you are doing.

Your presentation and customization ideas give prospective customers a picture of your creativity and how well you can prepare and host a significant event. It gives people an idea of your worth, and you can even justify your rates.

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew
The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

Brings returning customers

You will love to know that feather flags can, through your branding, help bring you returning customers and referrals. Suppose people love the ambiance and decoration in the stadium. In that case, there’s no reason for them not to visit the stadium another time.

Their second and recurring visits lead to increased ticket revenue, proving that your feather flags will indeed help with your marketing. It’s not just the spectators who will be pleased and want to return to the stadium for more shows.

You will have more entertainers vying to want to perform at your place if you can prove your worth and potential to generate tickets. Anyone who has already performed at your stadium will not have any inhibitions to promote and suggest your stadium as an excellent venue for fellow entertainers.

Helps retain consistency

The branding created through your banners will also indirectly play an essential part in maintaining consistency. If you wonder how, well, you will be using the same fonts, colors, and designs on the banners. Once you know what attracts and appeals to the messes, you will continue using them for all your events.

Besides, once you know what colors and fonts relate best with your audience, you don’t have to waste time marketing about consequent events. You can have new banners created using similar colors and fonts.

People will be more interested in performing at your stadium once they know that you take the extra step to add all the required finishing touches for them. It’s always better than having an empty stadium waiting for them at any event!

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew
The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

Helps boost your confidence

Yes, feather banners used for branding purposes can also help improve your self-confidence levels. You can take pictures of all the flags and signage during an event and post it on your social media handles. The appreciative response and comments you receive from visitors will go a long way toward improving your self-morale.

Many potential customers select their outlet and stadiums based on the confidence of the owner. So if you manage to prove how confident you are with yourself, then your enthusiasm and expertise will most probably reach them. They will have an additional reason to trust and want to us your stadium space.

Why schools should also invest in stadium feather flags

Many schools use banners for various events like their sports and graduation days. This is an excellent opportunity for you to use feather flags to create a proud and great atmosphere for cheer and competition.

If you have a few extra-large feather flags set up, you make parents so proud of it. It’s the pride they feel that makes them want to cheer and encourage their child and ward.

If you wonder what you should put into the banners, well, it depends on the event. If it’s the sports day, then you can include the team’s motto and name in the banner. If you have space and budget, then you can also print some team accomplishments.

It’s a great way to highlight what you see on the field’s inner side, and which also helps parents and students. Your flags will help them because it’s attractive and informative enough to catch recruiters’ eyes for universities and professional teams.

If you wonder how, well, it’s your flags that keep the school coming back to your stadium for hosting their events. You don’t give them a reason to head to any other stadium.

So this leads to recruiters for universities and professional teams visiting your stadium looking for potential talent. While you are helping to channel your local talent, the banners will also, in the process, help you get more clients.

There are so many easy to use feather flags during a game at your stadium. You can use them to showcase the team’s present and past players. You can also use them to advertise any forthcoming games. You let the spectators know about new games, and give them a reason to plan another visit to your stadium.

You can also use the banners to pump up the fans at the stadium. You can add a ‘Go Team’ banner amid all the other banners or add the team’s slogan. It’s not just the inside that you can decorate with your signage.

You can also make the outside of the stadium as attractive. You can set up multiple flags outside the stadium with match and team details—you in the process, rope in more people interested in watching the matches or games.

Feather flags also have an essential role to play at graduations.

How? It’s not just the players’ names that you can have printed on the flags. You can also have the names of all the people who are graduating printed on the flags. Of course, it’s not always possible to do this, especially in a big school. You can compromise by displaying only the student son’s names the honor roll onto the feather flags.

Families will feel happy and proud to see their wards or children’s names on the banners. They will pass on the words to other parents and give them a reason to attend the graduation day ceremony and your stadium.

Similarly, you may also catch the eye of some other school teacher or principal who attends the graduation day ceremony. The branding and ambiance you create in the stadium will make them want to have their graduation day at your stadium too! So this is how your graduation day feather flags will help bring you more business.

The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew
The benefits of using feather flags at your stadium you never knew

Feather flags prove stadiums are great concert venues

Another event that’s popular at stadiums is concerts. You can use various feather flags for advertising about the show well before its date. Though you will have to spend a bit on your flags, it’s well worth considering the amount of business they can generate for you.

When you have flags printed about the concert and put them up, you are sure to have many people interested in attending the show. The only thing you have to remember is to select and use the right sized flags for this.

With most people dancing and shouting out aloud at concerts, it’s better to have taller than short feather flags. The short flags will only end up ignored, and perhaps even trodden upon!

It’s better to have taller flags advertising about your present and any forthcoming concerts. As feather flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can use them in both places to advertise about concerts.

Remember, the more people you excite and make to attend the show, the more ticket sales and business you have!

Something about feather flags

Now that you know how you can use feather flags in the stadium, it’s time to know a little about it.

The flags are so much in demand because they don’t remain stationary in the wind. They tend to flutter, which is why they are called a feather flag. And it’s fluttering what’s the highlighting feature of the banner.

The magnificent colors and font on the banner can attract quite a few people once they flutter in the wind. Once you capture a person’s attention, they need only a few minutes to read whatever is on them. In the process, you get them to read about your new concert, match, and another event planned at the stadium.

There are two types of feather flags

The one-sided ones hold minimal text and colors because only one side of the flag is used for printing purposes. These flags are the cheaper of the two; however, the problem is that they also have lesser space for printing when you compare the two.

So you may end up with crowded information on the banners, which is difficult for most people to read. Besides, there is always the risk and possibility of color leaching. In short, single-sided flags are best if you don’t have much to print.

Double-sided flags are a must if you need to have more information, details, and logos printed on the flags. You get two sides for filling with content, so you can have the event details on one side and perhaps your contact details on the other side.

In the case of sponsors, you could have their logo and tagline on one side, and their contact details on the other side. In the case of graduation day, you can have more names printed on one side by printing them on both sides.

You don’t even have to worry about any leaching of colors in these flags. It’s because the black cloth in between the two flag sides prevent leaching.

Most importantly, these flags are durable. They are usually made of polyester and washable if they end up dirty with use. You can easily use each flag for as many as five years, with the proper care.

You have to avoid setting them up in too much sunlight and rains. The sun’s UV rays, and the winds and rains, can lighten the flag colors and fonts.

Most companies, like, even give you an accompanying carrying case with the feather flags. You can use them to store your flags when not in use or to carry and set up the flags at some other venue.

In short, feather flags are a must for any stadium owner. The minimal money you spend on them will be well worth it when you see how much the flags help and benefit you!