How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

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Business isn’t the same after the COVID-19.

Things have changed dramatically, and you need to work at advertising and let people know you are open. And it would help if you also keep your customers’ and employees’ safety in mind.

You know that it’s risky running a business now, but the show has to go on. There’s nothing much you can do to contain the pandemic. It’s just that you need to learn how to live with it.

In short, it means that you now need to know more than how to run your business profitably. You also have to put in that extra effort to keep your customers and employees safe.

And there is no better way to do this than with the help of pop-up A-frame banners.

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners
How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

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How pop-up A-frame banners can help you

The most important thing you have to do when you reopen is to remind your patrons about the pandemic and its safety protocols.

This is where pop-up A-frame signs will be useful to you.

You can use them to tell customers and employees to follow protocols like wearing their masks and frequently washing their hands. It would help if you also used these banners to remind them to maintain social distancing between one another.

These precautionary measures go a long way in reducing the risks of any person-to-person spread of the illness.

How to use pop-up A-frame flags to your benefit

Here are a few ways you can use strategically place and use them to your business’s maximum benefit.

· Place some pop-up A-frame banners at your checkout lines

Your patrons will most probably maintain their distance well throughout your establishment. However, there are high chances of their getting exposed to one another at the checkout line.

This is because the checkout line is where they are done with their work. and the only focus they have now lain on quickly paying their bills and returning home.

So you will typically find a few customers at the checkout line at a time, waiting to pay their bills. However, under the new COVID-19 guidelines, you need to ensure that only one person will be allowed to unload their cart.

You will have to remind your other customers to stay back at least a distance of 6 feet until the person pays. And you can use a few banners to do this for you instead of having employees repeatedly reminding customers.

· Use pop-up A-frame signs to remind patrons where to stand.

Social distancing pop-up A-frame banners are great for letting people know where they should stand while waiting. You could perhaps place them at a distance of 6 feet apart, indicating to customers a safe place to stand while waiting to pay.

· Banners can help save employee time and productivity

You will be relieved to know that these banners not only help maintain social distancing and help protect your employees but also improve their productivity.

It’s because your employees needn’t spend time reminding customers to keep their social distance. They can take care of more important work and leave the reminding work to your banners.

Besides, you can also use pop-up A banners to relay other relevant information to your customers.

You can use them to explain your store’s checkout protocols to your customers. So there is no risk of any physical contact when customers stop and ask employees about your store’s checkout protocols.

Remember, the less direct interaction your employees have with your customers, the safer it is for them.

You can use as many flags as you want to continually remind your customers to maintain a safe distance, wear masks, and wash hands. All you have to do is strategically place the banners in the right spots.

· Pop-up A-frame banners can help improve customer flow.

Did you know that your banners can also help improve the customer flow within your store?

It’s because one of the best ways to do this is by implementing a procedure where people have to move in the same direction when in your store. This is where you can use a few pop-up A-frame banners as directional signs.

They can show customers the right direction to move in so that they don’t have to spend unnecessary time at the store.

Yes, you do want and need to reopen and have customers to earn money. But you also want them to have minimal interaction with one another. You should make arrangements so that they will be able to pop in, get what they want as quickly as possible and leave.

You don’t want them lingering around, and increasing the chances of contamination.

Strategically placing pop-up A-frame signs go a long way in showing people where they have to go while shopping. It in turn both protects your customers and employees and saves their shopping time.

Besides, it also minimizes the need for customers to ask employees for directions because they already know where they have to go.

Similarly, you can use your banners for informational purposes.

For example, if you have an elevator, use signs to remind customers that only one person are allowed in it at a time. The elevator is a small and closed spot. So there are higher chances of cross-contamination in it.

It’s thus better to have signs reminding customers not to rush into the elevator, but to use it one at a time.

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners
How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

· Social distancing outdoor signs

It will help if you work at protecting your employees and customers starting right from the outside of your store.

You can do it by placing a few pop-up A-frame banners near the entrance of your store. Use them to remind customers about the COVID-19 safety protocols they have to adhere to.

You can also have a few signs printed telling them to wear their masks before entering the store. Many people have the habit of not wearing masks in their cars and may forget to wear it when they alight.

Your signs will prove instrumental in reminding them to wear their wearing masks before entering your store. You will most probably be conducting temperature checks too because it’s another essential COVID-19 protocol.

You can have a few signs printed, telling customers about the temperature check.

Pop-up A-frame banners are anyway easy to set up outdoors because they have ground spikes to poke into the ground for support. It’s better to place your banners some place where there’s minimal sunlight.

It’s because the flag colors and design may fade with constant exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays. You can this way extend the life of your banners so that it lasts so much longer.

· Reopening signs

Don’t forget.

You can have a few flags printed to advertise and let people know that you are reopening. You can also have a few banners displaying your working hours, and any special offers for your customers.

You were shut for so long, so you need to let people know that you will be opening. As usual, signs go a long way at reminding, and enticing people to do business with you.

· Workstation shields provide for added protection

Face masks may not be enough to protect your employees and customers when they are near each other, like at the cash register areas. You will need to have additional sneeze guards or workstation shields as a protective barrier between them.

These barriers go a long way in offering adequate protection to your customers and employees while still providing safe interaction and communication. Sneeze guards restrict any possible interaction between the customer and employee.

They are also proving useful as proactive barriers between desks in an office building and tables in a restaurant.

It’s not possible to maintain a distance of 6 feet in these places. Sneeze guards work as an effective barrier to stop any airborne germs floating around if and when someone coughs or sneezes.

Both your customers and cashiers will appreciate your thought of providing them with some additional layer of security.

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners
How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

Benefits of using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners instead of tape

Many people consider using tape to get their message across because they feel that there is a higher chance of seeing them.

Well, this is not always true.

Here are various benefits that give you a reason to invest in pop-up A-frame banners instead of tape for added safety in these uncertain times.

1. Gives a much clearer message

There’s a high chance of your customers not being able to see what your tape means, or what’s printed on it. The font and colors usually end up smudged and faded with time and the wear and tear of foot traffic.

However, social distancing banners don’t fade or wear out so quickly. They work at clearly explaining their purpose, and getting their message across at reminding customers to ‘Please wait here.’

2. Gives a professional look

Tapes will look shabby in a while, and have a messy and unprofessional look to your establishment. While you may have to spend a little more on pop-up A-frame banners, they are long-lasting.

They don’t wear out so quickly, and you can always give them an occasional wash if and when necessary.

They go a long way at making your store look so much more organized and set a better example for your customers. Besides, as they don’t fade out, they project their message and can be used for a much longer time than tape.

3. Durability

There is always the risk of tape breaking and getting dirty within a few hours and not days of use. Pop-up A-frame banners are, on the contrary, more reliable and more durable option for your business.

They are built strong because they are meant for both indoor and outdoor use. If they can withstand the harsh elements of nature outdoors, it’s not surprising that they last so much longer when used indoors.

4. Dependability and time-saving

If you use tapes in your store, then you have the task of putting up new tape every day. This isn’t the case with your pop-up banners.

You just have to set them up once, and they get to work.

You may, at the most, have to ensure they haven’t moved from their spot. You can always place water bags or sandbags on them as an additional weight to prevent them from moving or toppling over.

You save a lot on your time when the stores open without the hassle of putting up new tape every day. You can use this time to focus on more important things.

Most importantly, your pop-up A-frame banners convey a message that you are a socially responsible business person. It indicates that you don’t just have your business interests in mind.

It shows that you care for both your employees and clients and take any extra measures required for their safety reasons.

It, in turn, leads to more returning customers because they feel safe in your place. Repeat customers, in turn, lead to more business and higher purchase values.

How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners
How to protect your customers and employers using social distancing pop-up A-frame banners

Don’t forget to place your order on time

With the COVID-19 changing the way you do business, you must prioritize your employees’ and customer’s safety. So the quicker you can update your store with your banners, and protect them, the better it is for you.

With none of us knowing how long this new norm will last, your investment in these flags will be worthwhile. The flags are anyway durably built and will last you for a long time to come.

Get your customized social distancing pop-up A-frame banners printed as soon as possible to maintain order, safety, and social distancing at your store.

Various flag manufacturing companies like sell customized social distending pop-up A-frame banner designs for you to choose from. You can also have your banners customized as per your requirements.

You just have to provide them with your designs and ideas. They will have your banners printed and ready in no time at all.