COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

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Are you all confused and uncertain about the future of your business or organization? Do you wonder what your next step should be?

If yes, you shouldn’t.

You may wonder why.

Well, it’s indeed true that the situation is stressful now post the pandemic. There’s so much chaos, and things are not as they were before the disease struck.

People don’t spend that much time outside as they used to. Schools and offices are practically shut with a few openings one by one. The shops that were shut all this time too are carefully opening up.

It’s inevitable.

Things have to start to slowly return to normal. Remember,  everyone can’t sit all the time indoors! People are slowly but surely stepping outside while taking adequate precautions like wearing masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing.

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business
COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

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Time to take action

So it’s imperative that you stop worrying and start taking action. You need to decide what you have to do next to return to normal. You need to get your stocks in place and have your employees on board.

And most importantly, you need to let the public know that you will be reopening.

The best way to do is will be by using feather flags to let people know about your reopening. It’s the right time for you to focus and start concentrating on advertising your business.

There are so many people out there who may need your services/product and wonder if you are still offering services. With some businesses even winding up because of financial problems, you must let potential customers you are still in business!

At the same time, you have to assure your customers that it’s safe for them to visit and use your services. People still have fear and are paranoid about going outside. However, they also know that they have to return to the new norm.

The best way of effectively conveying all of this is with the help of COVID-19 feather flags.

These signs are great to inform others about your business. It’s also great to use them to educate and motivate customers to continue with their normal life, as long as they are careful.

You can also use these signs to let people know if there are any changes in your working hours or offers.

COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business
COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

What are Covid-19 feather flags?

They are your typical feather banners but have Covid-19 related messages. They have a pivotal role in most businesses. They not only help you respond to the pandemic but also to maintain effective communication with customers and employees.

Besides, you can always have yours customized to your requirements. You can select the right message to convey, colors, and even graphics. However, there’s no need to panic if you aren’t sure about what to print on them.

Most of the flag printing companies like can help you out.

They have their templates for you to take a look and decide on the best for your business needs. You can then choose and use them for a variety of COVID-10 messaging.

You can use them to:

  • Encourage social distancing in stores between customers and employees.
  • Promote frequent hand washing. Hand washing is essential, especially during the pandemic, because it helps prevent its spread, and removes germs.

These feather banners can remind your employees and customers about their importance and stress on public health and safety. You could especially use double-sided feather flags here.

You can perhaps use one side as a reminder to wash hands and the other side to tell them why they should do it.

  • Highlight and inform your patrons about your new store hours or offers. Your office/shop may not be open for as long as it was before the pandemic. So it’s better to tell your patrons about your timing changes so that they don’t visit you at the wrong hours.
  • Announce about the new take-out or delivery options your store or restaurant offers. This is especially required if you weren’t offering any home delivery or take-out options before.
  • Inform customers about any temporary closures you may have. In other words, use feather flags to inform passers-by about any day you will be closed.
  • Post about any newly released state-restrictions and much more

In short, these feather flags are significant in ensuring you keep everyone updated with the latest information and current safety measures.

Feather flags can even help flatten the curve

Yes, your signs will help address COVID-19 repercussions. But did you know that any steps are taken also play an essential role in flattening the curve?

If you wonder how, well it’s because they help:

  • Keep your customers safe by reminding and ensuring them of maintaining safe social distancing. You can also have a flag with the message ‘Check-in here’ to tell them to stay in their cars while waiting for their orders.
  • Keep your employees safe by ensuring they do everything related to maintaining a safe work environment. It includes setting up feather flags with the message ‘Wash your hands,’ ‘Do the 5’ and ‘Stay home and stay safe,’.
  • To maintain and even maximize your sales. You may wonder how. Well, the customized feather flags help keep your current and potential customers and community aware of any effective changes in your business. They will accordingly work in tandem based on these changes and don’t end up disheartened.
  • Deliver unique information. Some organizations and facilities may need personalized feather flags with specific messages like ‘restricted area,’ ‘testing site’ and others.
COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business
COVID-19 feather flags are the best for informing your customers about your business

Pros of using Covid-19 feather flags

You can better understand the advantages of feather banners if you first recollect why you use them in the first place. Well, it is to inform others about something that is useful, important or impactful to them.

That’s why feather flags can be used for various reasons.

1. Store promotion

They can be used to promote a store, your special offers, your opening hours, and also as warnings. This is why and where coronavirus signs prove helpful for a business, as a warning.

2. Educate customers

Businesses use them to inform their customers about the latest COVID-19 related actions and strategies in the workplace. They are also useful for educating, and informing the general public about the dreadful disease, preventive measures and how it spreads.

3. Any form of promotion

You can have your feather flags customized to promote anything that needs the masses’ attention. It doesn’t just have to be about the reinforced safety measures during the pandemic.

You can have feather flags printed to show your support to healthcare workers in this difficult time. You can donate 100% of the profits to the CDC.

4. About your maximum capacity

You can also print maximum occupancy signs to let people know about the maximum number of people allowed in your establishment at this time. It’s useful and essential to reduce your establishment’s occupancy for some time. It, in turn, helps limit congestion and foot traffic so that it’s possible to maintain social distancing.

5. Let people know about your delivery

If you are a grocery store, you can put up ‘We deliver’ feather flags to let passers-by know you offer delivery now. It makes your customers how you are finding out some proactive ways to serve them better.

Besides, you can continue offering these services not only during the pandemic but throughout the year too. You can similarly have some feather flags to let customers know that you offer contactless delivery, online orders, and more.

6. Performing temperature checks

You can have temperature check feather flags. They are best for reminding and letting visitors and customers know that they have to have their temperature checked to enter your establishment.

The feather flags are useful for alerting people about the screening. You can also use additional directional feather flags to direct them to the specified testing location.

Here’s where you can have additional feather flags printed to use at the spot they reach. The banners are useful for reminding them to do things like form lines, stand 6 feet apart, and wear masks.

7. Reminder to wear masks

Don’t forget to have ‘Mask required’ signs!

It’s not only the state and local government that now mandate customers and employees to wear facemasks. It applies to businesses too. It’s why mask required feather flag signs provide an adequate visual reminder to people to wear masks.

There are a few companies or communities that make mask-wearing optional. In this case, these signs help remind them that the masks don’t just protect the wearer, but also those at most risk.

8. Welcome back!

Of course, there’s one flag that everyone will want to look at now. That’s the ‘Welcome Back!’ flag. Have it printed with lively colors in bright and jovial font to make the customer feel so good and happy!

9. Miscellaneous uses

In addition to the uses mentioned above, you can also use customized feather flags in the following ways:

  • Inform customer about your curbside pickup options, if you have one
  • Use feather flags to indicate one-way traffic in your store aisles.
  • Inform customers about any temporary closure or similar relevant information.
  • Inform customers about any quarantine notice.
  • You can also have feather flags reminding employees to go home or visit the company nurse if they feel sick or have Covid-19 symptoms.

So you see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customized feather flags. You just need to know what message you want to get across to your customers. You can then use a template or give your customized design.

In case you don’t have any, then most companies like have their in-house designer. You can have them help you print as many types and variants of feather flags as you need!

Best spots for coronavirus feather flags

Now that you have your feather banners printed, you next wonder where you should put them up. You will be surprised to learn that there are quite a few open options here!

You can set them up at the:

1. Front entrance or door.

This is the best position to place all feather flag banners indicating any changes you have made. It may be changed in business hours, your special hours for seniors, and your shift to take-out and delivery only.

2. Your business front or display window.

As feather flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can also set your flags up in your display window. This is the perfect spot to highlight what your business and employees are doing to fight COVID-19. You can also let customers know how they can contribute to the cause.

3. Store interface

It’s also worth printing a few small feather flags with relevant messages. You can then place them throughout the store to reinforce customers that you watch for their health while they do their shopping.

4. Employee lounge or lunch area

This is where you can place some feather flags to remind your employees about different things. You can have banners reminding them about your revised store hours, hand washing, sanitizing schedule or duties, and more.

You should by now know the importance, and reason of using COVID-19 feather flags. It’s now left to you to take the next step of placing an order.

Make sure you place your order well in advance so that the banners reach you on time. Most companies now offer free shipping and work hard at ensuring the banners reach you on time.

However, there’s nothing much they will be able to do if you are late at placing an order. So don’t waste any more time. Just put on your thinking and creativity caps, and let those juices flow.

Use the right color combinations in your feather flags to optimize its visibility. And most important, order the night sized feather banners. The taller ones are perfect for outdoor use, and the shorter variants, for indoor use.