All you need to know about using taerdrop flags to stand out in a crowd in these hard times

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Things may be difficult today, but remember, it is not the end of the world!

There is still hope at reviving your business, as long as you do things right. The pandemic has indeed ruined the economy and left thousands homeless and jobless.

However, it is your responsibility as a businessperson to get your business starting once again and thus contribute to the economy.

It is but natural that you need to have the right staff and people working with you. However in addition to this, you also need adequate marketing that will let people know you will be opening for business.

This is where teardrop flags come in.

All you need to know about using feather flags to stand out in a crowd in these hard times

Teardrops provide a cost-effective means of marketing your company. It especially fits your purpose well, mainly because you are on a tight budget now.

You need to remind people about your product or business so that they eventually take interest and decide to do business with you. Remember, many people hesitate to come out these days. It is a banner that they see every day that makes them want to buy your product, dish, or use your services.

They are just perfect for helping you stand out in a crowd and reach maximum people. It works best if you select the right customized banner to advertise your business.

And it also has to be placed at the right spot to maximize its advertising potential. Don’t expect it to bring in traffic by keeping it a mile away, or behind your establishment. It’s better to have one set up in front of your entrance, and a few at the parking lot or traffic junction, if it’s permitted.

You will also have to design them appropriately so that they are visible from afar. No matter if you use bright or dark colors for the background, the message should be printed in a contrasting color.


If you select a dark background, you will need dark colored font and graphics to be easily visible from afar. And vice versa, the message should be printed in dark colors if you select a light background.

The good news is that there are many companies that let you reach out to them online to select and customize your banner. You just need to know how many you require, and what you intend to print on them. you have to place your order so that your banners reach you on time for your opening.

Here are a few more reasons and benefits you ought to know about these versatile flags.

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1. Multiple uses

The one good and most significant advantage of teardrop flags is that you can use the same banner indoors AND outdoors. Remember, with people hesitating to step outside, putting up your banners at as many significant spots as possible help remind passers-by about your business.

Yes, it’s because these banners reach you with multiple bases to use as you please. You can use a circular base with water or sandbag as a weight for indoor use like inside your shop or office.

They are also great to use at trade shows and expositions, if and when it starts. You may wonder why you should set up banners at these venues. It’s especially useful now. Post the pandemic because it lets your target audience know about your business.

Remember, it’s usually investors who head to trade shows. So having some advertisement about your business proves useful here, especially if you plan to introduce a new product or service to the market.

Don’t forget that there’s limited space at these trade shows. The demand for space is even higher in the present scenario, when many companies want to advertise their ware.

So make sure you quickly secure a space for your booth and promotional materials like teardrop banners.

And if it’s an outside venue, like a sports ground, you can put them up using its spiked base.

The colorful and fluttering flag will surely grasp anyone and everyone’s attention. Investors impressed with your marketing will consider taking a look at your product or company and developing some interest in it.

2. Durable and longlasting!

Yes, another reason for the increased demand and popularity of teardrop flags is because they are durable. These banners are usually made of polyester and are durable.

So it’s no surprise that they can withstand most weather conditions. Of course, it’s anyway a flag. So don’t expect it to be able to sustain itself through a thunderstorm!

You will have to bring them indoors when it’s raining heavily outdoors and extremely hot. The habit helps prolong its life. The persistent rains and the sunlight UV rays can damage or discolor your flag.

3. Attracts the attention you seek

Teardrop flags attract the attention you seek in these times. It’s not just the colors that are attractive. However, it’s also the fluttering with the wind that attracts passers-by attention.

And unlike other banners, there is no worry about these banners tearing with the wind. The durable materials used for making these flags can withstand the impact of winds and breezes.

So as long as you personalize and strategically place them, they serve to bring customers to your business.


4. Perfect for your pocket

Teardrop flags are an ideal investment for any business, thanks to its affordable price. They are much more cost-effective than other advertising options because they are not use-and-throw.

You can take them down once you are done with your advertising, and store them in its accompanying carrying case. The banner remains safe in the case until you next use it.

Besides, the carrying case makes it convenient to take it wherever you want. For example, the bag’s useful for carrying it to trade shows and expositions or to golf courses to advertise your business.

Because these flags are long-lasting compared to other advertising tools in the same budget, and make a worthy investment.

5. Personalized to your requirements

Yes, most companies like personalize teardrop flags to your requirements. They offer a wide choice of sizes to select from. The taller options are better to use in spots where you want maximum visibility from people afar. The shorter ones are perfect for use for immediate visibility like in front of or inside your business.

You can then provide your designs, fonts, and text to have printed on the banners. However, it’s not always that you know what you want to have printed on the banners!

You don’t have to worry about this case if it happens to you.

Most banner printing companies have their in-house designers to help you out. You can give them a rough idea of why you need them, and they will be able to create something appropriate for your business.

6. Covid-19 flags

The good news is that most companies have a wide range of COVID-19 related templates to use. For example, you can have banners printed to remind your staff and customers to wash their hands.

Or you can have some printed to tell your customers and staff to maintain social distancing. You will also need something reminding patrons and staff to wear masks while at your establishment.

7. You can print as many as you require

Unlike other variants, most banner printing companies don’t have any restrictions on the printing numbers. It means you will be able to print as little as five or as many as 50 for your establishment.

Just make sure you place your order well in advance so that your banner is ready for you when you start your marketing campaign. There’s no point in placing orders that won’t reach you on time!

All you have to do is ask the company how long it will take to send banners to your area. You can then accordingly place your order so that it reaches you on time.


8. Minimal maintenance

You don’t have to spend too much maintenance time or money on your teardrop flags. All you have to do is give it an occasional wash with soap and water if it gets messy, which isn’t often. It may need washing if you use it someplace that’s slightly dusty or smoky.

Besides, as most of the banners are polyester, they don’t even need any ironing. It’s only if it’s crumpled do you have to iron it a little. You otherwise can use it once it’s dry.

The easy maintenance feature also means you can keep using the same flag for a few years to advertise your business. It’s only if and when they start fading that you may have to consider replacing them.

These flags are so durable that it is only on a few occasions where they need replacement because of breakage. You only have to change them when the color starts fading. Some companies even let you replace just the polyester printed material, while you keep and use the same pole sticks.

9. No need for electricity

Besides, there’s nothing electrical in these banners. So there’s no need to set it up near an electrical socket, nor do you need any inverters or batteries to power and brighten them.

The flags are more than capable of getting your message across through their bright colors, text, and fluttering.

10. One-person installation and dismantling

Unlike most flags where you may need someone to help you set them up things is different with teardrop flags. You just have to join the different pole pieces, and you have your banner set up in minutes.

You can similarly dismantle it in minutes by disconnecting the various pole parts. The poles fit into the accompanying carrying bag to store until you next need to use it.

You don’t have to spend too much time and effort into this. The time saved can be spent on something more essential and business-related.


11. Versatile in function

Most important, teardrop flags are perfect for use in any form of marketing. As mentioned earlier, you can use them to announce your reopening. You can also use them to advertise any special offers you have to make.

Some people even use them to let people know about open houses, their new product launch, and even harbor in the holiday seasons. They are also great at reminding the public and your staff about the pandemic’s safety measures.

They are just right to announce any special activities you have planned for the holidays. You can also use them to spread some good thoughts and positivity in today’s dark times. It’s especially needed now where people are mustering the courage to step out of their homes.

12. Use one or both sides

Unlike most banners, teardrop flags give you the option of using one or two of its sides. You have to select considering the pros and cons of each variant.

The single-sided may be a bit cheaper an investment, but there’s a chance of the colors bleeding and creating a mess. It’s perfect if you don’t have much to print and only have to perhaps print your contact details or some other message or graphics.

The double-sided variants, however, have some black cloth in between the two sides. The black separation helps prevent the colors from either side, leaching onto the other side.

It thus offers the advantage of letting you print on both sides. You could perhaps have your COVID safety message printed on one side, and your special offers or contact details on the other.

So it works out cheaper to invest in double-sided variants if you have more to print. You can get more across through a single, and not multiple flags.


So you see, you can drive useful and valuable traffic to your company with minimal investment in customized teardrop flags. There’s no need to worry about any high upfront costs or additional risks associated with other marketing options.

What’s more, these flags are easy to install and used for multiple reasons.