How to successfully open your coffee shop business after Covid-19 lockdown

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The world is practically in the hands of the pandemic Covid-19. Schools, businesses, and offices had to shut down, and people were almost off the road. Not only has it affected people’s lives but the economy too.

It’s why things can’t and won’t remain this way for long.

While children can stay at home and resort to online education, businesses have to continue. It’s when business people like you wonder what you should do while opening your business.

You wonder what precautions you should take post the Covid-19 lockdown. You not only want and have to restart your coffee shop, but it’s a big challenge for you considering the situation.

Public transportation is in lockdown, and people are hesitant and find it difficult to go out. You also face the additional challenge of reaching out to the public and letting them know that you are back in business.

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How pop-up A-frame banners can help

That’s when pop-up A-frame sideline banners can prove helpful to you.

Pop-up A-frame banners are easy to set up and customized as per your preference. You can decide on the right message to print on them. And the best thing is that there are many stores like that will send your flags to your doorstep.

You only have to decide on what you plan to print on them.

The most likely and logical message is to tell them that your coffee house is finally open. You don’t know how many people may be yearning to drink a coffee in your coffee house, and you have to tell them that you are back in business.

You can do all the printing well before you reopen your store.

You can have a few banners printed advertising about your reopening date and tell your customers how much you missed them. You could perhaps have a few quirky flags printed with messages like ‘Nothing is keeping you away from your favorite cup of everyday coffee!’.

And ‘A cup of coffee is the best way to restart life post the pandemic!’. Don’t forget to have a few banners printed to remind your patrons with your special offers or brews!

Whatever it is, it should be something that instills some positivity and makes people want to come out and have a coffee.

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Practice social responsibility

In addition to flags about your business, don’t forget your social responsibility.

You need to practice and maintain social distancing at your outlet. There’s a high chance of people getting all frenzied and excited to meet friends over a coffee cup finally. They may, in the process, momentarily forget about the pandemic and the restrictions imposed on them.

You can do your bit for them by having a few pop-up A banners printed with messages reminding your patrons to wash hands, wear masks, and maintain social distancing.

You could perhaps have a banner printed with an emoji with a covered face. Or you could even make things light and have a banner with a handheld up saying ‘Stay 6 feet away from me!’.

Or you could have one with a picture of washing hands under the tap with a message ‘Use me!’.

Maintain employees’ safety

Now that you have taken care of what you should do for your patrons, it’s also essential that you take some measures to maintain your workers’ safety while at work.

Remember, they are taking a risk coming to work, but it’s something they have to do.

So you could perhaps ensure transportation for them so that they don’t have to depend on public transport. This way, you can have more people coming in, and maybe work in shifts to minimize the chances of infection while running your coffee shop.

You can then have a series of checkpoints for testing purposes. You will have to invest in a digital thermometer to measure everyone’s temperature when they come in.

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Reminder pop-up A-line banners

You may have to have a sign printed to show and remind them to have their temperature measured every day when they report to work. This again can be made more relaxed by printing an emoticon of a hand holding a thermometer to the forehead.

Instead of just having the words ‘Check your temperature here.’

Remember, you are doing all of this to reinstall some faith, security, and positivity in your staff while they come to work every day.

Make sure there is no crowding in the coffee house. That’s why it’s better to have people work in shifts. You can save money while all your employees can earn some money for their bread and butter.

It’s ideal if you have only 25-50% of your staff and workplace occupied. It’s safe for today’s situation and ensures there’s no crowding. You anyway won’t expect that much of a rush because the social distancing norm applies to your patrons.

So you won’t have to serve that many people at a time. This means that fewer staff will be able to handle it even if they work in shifts. You could perhaps consider implementing five-hour rotational shifts for your team.

Complete sanitization

Don’t forget to have your coffeehouse sanitized before opening it. However, it’s not a one-day effort. You will have to give your employees an additional responsibility every day of sanitizing and wiping handles, tabletops, and places where there’s human contact every few hours.

It’s safer for everyone at the office, your employees, and patrons.

Besides, you could proudly have this fact printed on one of the pop-up A-line banners. You could have a sign with the message, ‘We sanitize our coffee-house all the time.’

Install additional washbasins

You may have to hire or buy a few more washbasins to ensure everyone can wash their hands as often as they need to. Remember that washing hands will be a part of life and not a chore anymore.

The last thing you want is people complaining that they can’t wash their hands in your establishment. There are many portable washbasins you can have installed, which will not be a problem.

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Explain the situation to employees

Be extra careful with your employees who can’t understand regular communication well. They need money and will want to come to work. But you have to explain to them the importance of the essential things they have to do, like wearing masks and washing hands.

Pop-up A banners with these messages through drawings are fun and easily understood by everyone. Besides, images have no language barrier.

You not only reach out to all your employees but to all your patrons too. It’s better than having pop-up A banners printed with the words ‘Don’t forget to wash hands’ and ‘Make sure you wear your masks.’

Start wearing gloves

You may not be able to make everyone wear PPEs, but you can at least make sure that everyone wears gloves. Also ensure that your staff’s clothes are washed and sanitized every day.

You could help them by paying for their sanitizing liquids because it would be an additional expense to them. The extra cost is any way for your safety and the safety of your staff and patrons!

No force

As the employer and boss, you must remember to be compassionate to those who are reluctant to come. Don’t force them to go if they opt not to. There will be a logical reason for this because no one will want not to work and earn their livelihood.

Respect those who don’t come to work because it may not mean that they are scared.

It may be the ecosystem at the back and round the employee that made them make the decision. They may perhaps have young children, babies, or very old parents at home.

Or there may be a strict protocol in the building or society where they live that restricts them from leaving the compound. They wouldn’t want to take the risk of infecting them through their job.

In short, make the task of deciding whether employees want to come to work be entirely voluntary. They have to determine if they wish to and can come to work and respect their decision.

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Make alternative arrangements where required

And in case it’s someone in your core team like your cooks or bakers, you could make some arrangements for them. You could perhaps create some accommodation for them near your coffeehouse.

This way, they will be able to come to work without worrying about their family’s safety or their society’ s norms. While all this will mean some added expenses, it’s necessary.

Besides, the amount of care and respect you show towards your employees will be a plus for you. It shows how understanding an employer you are. And you can let people know about this by having some pop-up A banners printed with the message ‘We care for YOU, and our employees and their safety’ and place them somewhere in the vicinity.

On-call doctor

It also helps if you have a doctor available at all times.

You will have to discuss and have a doctor ready to come and test anyone unwell at the coffeehouse. You never know when you learn that someone isn’t well.

It may be an employee or a patron.

Having a doctor on call and ready through the day will help keep the premises safe for everyone. It’s another point you can highlight and give people reason to visit your coffeehouse confidently.

You could have another pop-Up A-banner telling people that there’s no need to worry because you have a doctor on call.

Additional marketing tips

Now that you have figured out how you will run your business after the pandemic, here are some more useful marketing tips.

pop-up A-frame sideline banners prove helpful here.

You can place them on the sidewalk and let your local customers know that you are open. Yes, while you can resort to digital marketing to make the world know you are in business, your local clientele will likely need to be kept informed.

You can have a  few signs printed to advertise that you are opening.

Then place them at places where there are maximum footfall and traffic. In short, put them in points where they will be seen most by people. It could be at the entrance of your coffeehouse, the parking lot, and near traffic signals.

1.      Use bright colors

For the best effects, it’s better to use bright colors for advertising your store. Why? Well, it’s because bright colors attract people’s attention and make them want to read at least whatever you have printed on the banners.

2.      Use legible, big font

Use legible, big font to print the opening dates, and your address and contact information, especially if you will be placing banners at some other part of town.

About setting up these banners, it’s easy to do. You can’t expect to have people around to do it, and it’s better if you do as much of your work s possible by yourself.

3.      Anchor down banners

Pop-up A banners are easy to set up by you. All you have to do is connect the different parts of the flag to form a frame, and then slide the printed material onto it.

You can then use water bags or sandbags to anchor down the flags, in case you worry about it toppling over because of the wind to traffic. And if it’s rainy or too sunny, and you are done with your advertising, just dismantle and place the banners in its accompanying carrying case.

4.      Use different shaped banners

Companies like let you chose from different sized and shaped pop-up A banners. It’s better to decide based on where you plan to set them up. And if you wonder about durability, there’s no need to.

5.      Long lasting

These banners are known to last for years, which you need because the pandemic has changed our lives forever. We need to learn to live with the pandemic.


It’ s not so difficult to restart your coffeehouse after the pandemic. You just need to know how to do it right.

Advertise about the reopening, and don’t forget to remind patrons and employees to wash their hands, wear masks, and maintain social distancing for some time now. Take care of your employees, and keep their needs and circumstances in mind.

You will find that there pop-up A banners will have a large role to play while restarting your coffee business post the Covid-19 pandemic confidently.