Bet you never realized so much goes into printing the right Father’s day feather flag!

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Your dad is one of the most important and influential persons in your life and you naturally want to do something special for him this father’s day. You want to show how much you appreciate his love, care and sacrifice all these years, and there’s no better way to do it than proclaiming your feelings on feather flags.

Yes, you can have meaningful messages printed on single or double sided feather flags and display it outside your home, office or store for not only your dad, but also for the world to see. Read on to find out how to go about this.

How to design your father’s day feather flag

There are so many ways to design the perfect feather flag for this father’s day. It’s left to you to decide how you want to do it. You have to first decide based on what you plan to print on it. It could be a photo of your father or a family photo or a photo of you and your dad.

Don’t forget to keep the resolution in mind while selecting your picture. It’s better to ask the feather flag company about their ideal picture resolutions. You can then select the right photo accordingly.

You next have to decide what you want to print on it. You can have just the words ‘Happy Father’s Day’ printed on it or print it with a meaningful message. It’s based on the size of the photo, and what you print on it that you next decide on the right sized feather flag.

Most feather flag manufacturers like offer banners in three to four sizes ranging from a height of 3 feet to 12 or 15 feet. While the larger ones are more typically used for company advertisements, a smaller flag is more than enough for your father’s day flag.

Single and double-sided banners

You also have to select between single and double sided flags, where each has its own advantage. The single sided options are naturally cheaper, however are not advisable if you have lots to print on the flag. It’s because you have only one side to print on. Besides, there is the risk of the colors and print leaching onto the other side.

The double-sided banners are a better option if you have a bigger picture or more words to print. It’s because you have two sides to print on, and there’s no worry about any leaching of colors.

The two sides are separated by a black layer that prevents any possible leaching. However double-sided flags are more expensive, but it’s for the benefits they offer.

Considering the costs and the content you need printed on the flags, it’s very likely that a single sided flag will be more than enough for your father’s day flag.

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Different available fabric printing options

Feather flag manufacturers generally use three popular types of printing methods on their banners. They are silk screening and digital or dye sublimated printing which go best on cloth like polyester flags.

1. Silk screening

Specific printing machines are used for silk screening which let manufacturers print their flags quickly and accuately. However the problem is that it’s a rather lengthy procedure, which is why the feather flag manufacturers require a minimal 10-flag order.

It is a perfect choice for feather flag designs comprising of simple graphics with minimal colors. The banners are then heat treated where the inks permeate through the fabric to create 100% coverage on the reverse side.

It’s done for two reasons. It gives better printed images and fix inks so that they last longer even in harsh weather conditions. The flags are then trimmed, hemmed and made durable with a reinforcing strip. .

2. Digital printing

Digital printing is done on any inkjet printer which supports large format printing. So there are no minimal order requirements. It’s great for printing photographic and intricate details, thus giving you more options for your flag.

The problem however is that the ink in the flag doesn’t penetrate into the fabric as much as silk screening. It means that the flag’s reverse side ends up looking lighter.

In fact it’s also the reason why it’s a popular printing option for double sided flags. The two flags are sewn together, back to back, to provide the same color density.

The flags are then put through numerous alternating cold and hot water baths and dried. It’s when all this is done that the flags are given a trimming and hemming.

It’s then strengthened by applying a reinforcing strip to the top and a side. The flags are ready to be shipped once the grommets are inserted.

3. Dye sublimation printing

Most feather flag manufacturers like today use dye sublimation printing on all their banners. It’s because the printing process is a combination of the best features of the above two printing options.

The print is as rich as silk screening, but with the added photographic digital printing traits.

In case of dye sublimation, your final artwork is first printed in reverse on transfer paper. The design is then transferred to a polyester fabric using a heat press at 375°F.

The dye turns into gas with the extreme pressure and temperature and permeates and solidifies in the flag’s fibers. It ensures your design is permanently fixed into the flag so that you can wash it without worrying about any image quality damage.

Most manufacturers don’t have a minimum ordering requirement, and the reverse side prints end up 15% lighter. Once again, a double sided flag separated by an opaque liner prevents prints from the other side from showing through.

Select the right material

The main reason you are using a feather flag to print your father’s day message is because of the banner’s ‘wave motion’. And this effect is possible only with flags made from the right material. That’s why feather flag manufacturers like suggest printing your message on polyester banners.

Not only does knitted polyester banners wave well when it’s windy, it lasts longer when compared to nylon flags. They are also easier to maintain and use because wrinkles cannot be easily seen from reasonable viewing distances. Besides, you can always iron out any creases if required.

Do not use vinyl or any other heavy material for your flag. It doesn’t wave to attract attention when it’s windy and its weight can sag the supporting pole. Besides, creases are easily visible even at a short distance.

Best color combinations

Now that you know about the right material and printing techniques, you next need to use the right color combination. It’s very important because colors can make or break your flag design.

You can select colors better once you know how you can alter its appearance. The colors that go well together are complementary and are usually opposite on the color wheel.

Examples are orange and blue and green and yellow.  On the contrary, similar colors are called analogous colors.

Chroma is the intensity and purity of a color based on its light where the color lightens as you reduce its saturation. Similarly increasing the saturation leads to a darker color. In case of tinting, it is the concept of adding white to a color to lighten it. You can alternatively darken colors by adding black to it.

· The colors should attract attention

The right color choice and combination makes the flag most interesting and attractive to your dad. You may have to consider where you will be placing the banners-indoors or outdoors while selecting your colors. It’s because neutral colors like white, black and brown and gray tones blend well with the environment. It’s better to avoid these colors.

Better options will be bright hues that stand out against the environment. Examples are radiant yellow, neon green and fiery red. However it doesn’t mean that you should ignore neutral completely. You just have to maintain a balance between your colors to achieve the right contrast and visibility.

· Best color contrasts for signs

The best and most important point to remember while selecting colors for your banner is the text. You need to choose the right combination where your father will be able to read whatever you print on the banner. The whole purpose of the flag will be lost if he can’t properly see your father’s day message!

Text and background with a brightness difference of 70% or more offers the highest legibility. And the pairing in these cases is usually a dark and light hue. Here are the popular and most effective color combinations you can use for your feather flag signage.

  • A black or red background with white or yellow font
  • A white or yellow background with black, grey, red or dark blue font
  • Light blue background with black or red letters
  • Dark blue background with white or yellow text

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The right font for your flag

You have done most of your research and decisions for your father’s day flag. You know how and which material, colors and color combinations to use. You also need to use the right font for maximum visibility.

It’s better to avoid upper case lettering to write messages because the human eye takes longer to process it. It’s okay to use it only for a single word or perhaps us to write ‘Happy Father’s day’.

There are typically five main types of fonts you can use. However there are thousands of different styles within these categories. As it’s impossible to list all the fonts out, here are a few fonts that are more favored than the rest.

1. Serif

These fonts have letters with angular lines called serifs coming out from the font’s top and bottom. While the most common example is Times New Roman, other popular options for graphic design are Garamond, Trajan and Bodoni.

2. Sans Serif

As you may have guessed, sans serif is a font style without angular lines. (Sans means without in French!) It’s a popular choice for feather flags and signs because it’s highly legible. Frutiger, Helvetica and Futura are the most favorable of these fonts.

3. Text

These are fonts in the newspaper text category. They are not used much, because they are difficult to read and used mostly in headings. It’s developed based on Monks’ handwriting, and is best for business related signs and not your feather flag.

4. Novelty

These fonts are also not popularly used because they can be difficult to read. The best way to ensure ties maximum visibility is by using strong, contrasting colors.

5. Script and cursive

Script and cursive are not suggested for commercial signage because they are difficult to read, especially when in a hurry. However if you like them because they resemble real handwriting, you can use it to print your father’s day message.

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Q & A

1. What will I receive with my order? sends you your customized father’s day banner with a pole set, a choice of bases and a carrying bag. You can use the bag to store the flag and perhaps use it again next year with a new one! Feather flags don’t fade easily, and if stored properly in its’ bag; can easily last a few years.

2. How long do feather flags typically last?


These flags should on an average last for more than three years. That’s the reason why they are a popular choice with commercial establishments. All they have to do is print a set of flags this year, and will be able to use it for quite some time to come!

3. What is the feather flag’s basic maintenance?


There’s not much maintenance involved with feather flags. Most importantly, you can assemble and disassemble it alone. You don’t have to depend on someone else for it.

However it’s better to disassemble it when it’s not too windy because there’s a risk of the pole snapping in the wind. And if you plan to use the flag outdoors, just remember that the high heat outdoors can make the colors quickly fade.

There you go! You now know how to select the best design and colors to print a memorable and lovable father’s day feather flag for your dad this year!