Role of feather flags in event planning and design

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There are times when we attend events and be dejected because it wasn’t like what we expected it to be. Their invitations and promotional materials were top notch, but the outcome? Nah, it was nowhere close to it. Did you feel that pinch when it did not live up to your expectations?

This is why we need to plan and design the event well before hand so that the attendees will not regret being a part of it. Remember, the only reason they would attend the event would be because of the experience you promised them during the advertising of your event. If you don’t give them that, please be ready for some bitter reviews.

Hence, comes the part of event design and planning using the right tools like feather flags.  Every step, no doubt is a MISSION-CRITICAL!

Role of feather flags in event planning and design

Now raises the question, what is the definition of event designing?

Yes, it has drastically changed over the years, and it will keep changing as time flies. But there are some core components, which have been maintained; rather retained, to have a kind of norm to it. Other vital parts were given a much-needed improvement.

Event designing now is not just about arranging the venue or what theme to set it to. It now also overlaps with all other aspects of an event that is taking place.

It involves fine tuning of micro elements, starting from the event venue to how the attendees would be welcomed.  It includes matters like deciding the ambience, to being ready for any mid-crisis that pops in.

Why should we design an event?

The event that you organize will represent your brand. What you show, is what they see and perceive. And as you know, “First impression, is the last impression”, you would want it to be the best for all your attendees.

It’s not just that, it’s also about how you keep your promise when you say you can do something. When we show them stars, we must at least make them reach the sky.

There could be many factors involved in organizing an event, like increasing sales or reaching a target, increasing attendees and public good will. You have to work to achieve them, but it all first depends on how catchy the event is.

How to make an event catchy?

Making an event catchy could be done through various ways.

It could be by hiring a brand ambassador or sponsoring a free Wi-Fi hotspot or make your event conversational more than promotional. There are a number of ways to do so.

But the best way would be by making use of something simple yet informative; but mainly, catchy! And what better could it be, than having feather flags! Because they are what your attendees will see when they first reach the venue.

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Role of feather flags in event planning and design

So, what is a feather flag?

Well, Feathers generally are designed to look like a feather!

More sensibly, it’s a flag shaped as a feather. This mode of advertising is gaining popularity for various reasons, so read on to find out why and how can you use feather flags.

The purpose of this banner would be the same reason for which you would use any ordinary one. It’s comparable to the banners you wave at a parade or hang from your institutions.

They are popularly used because it symbolizes something you believe in. In case of a feather flag, it would be designated to represent your business, your location or even your company. It is a reflection of your brand which aligns with your marketing plan.

What makes a feather flag unique?

Like mentioned earlier, feather flags have a shape of a feather. But you tend to wonder why are they so trending?

It’s because they are tall, colorful, slim and attractive to the eye. What better way to advertise your brand!?

The best feature of this flag would be that it takes up very minimal space at your business or an event. It’s quick to set up and easy to carry around as it barely weighs a few pounds. It helps you to stand out and be bold.

Role of feather flags in event planning and design

Now, why choose a feather flags、?

Feather flags are slender, tall that can be easily assembled and disassembled by a single person. They could be 12-16 feet tall or higher, with variety of vibrant colors and designs. It’s no wonder they give an eye-catching addition to your event.

You can use your brand colors on them; or you could use a year-round colors, say red or yellow to draw attention. There is also another reason why you should opt for these banners.

They create a rippling effect and start fluttering when they pick up breeze that catches the eye through motion. When your attendees walk through a walkway lined with these flags, they will definitely be assured that something extra-ordinary is awaiting them!

Bonus: Feather flags are very easy to pack and set up. They are lightweight, easy to store and durable. When you have a time constraint, the quickest thing to set up would be these banners. You can then put them down once done, and store or carry to the next venue in the accompanying carrying case.

Which events can we use feather flags for?

Any event is organized so that people with same interest can gather around, and share views or knowledge by making it conversational or promotional. There are events that reach the heights of boredom.

It’s because the only thing the organizers organized for, was lengthy speeches and brightly lit up rooms. That is definitely not the standard that anybody would want to maintain.

To overcome these flaws, we can design events in such a way that, the room is designed in an informatively.

And the best means of providing information would be through banners or flags etc. Any events which want to promote a brand or provide quick info to the attendees would be ideal to use these flags.

There are events that create online platforms where the attendees use it for socializing prior to the event; but not all have time to do that. Some may just walk in to your event, totally clueless, and it is here where your banners come into the picture.

A walkway designed with meaningful, informative and colorful feather flags, will give clueless attendees an idea of what to expect.  And what better banners than these sleek and slender flags, which fit in any tiny place that you allot it to.

Role of feather flags in event planning and design

How to design an event with feather flags?

Key aspects to keep in mind when you are designing an event with these banners:

1. Outdoor or Indoor:

Indoor events will never cause you any problems, but outdoor? Yes, you may have to consider the weather conditions when you design your event. Feather flags from companies like are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Duration:

Depending on the duration of your event, you can plan how many flags you want and where you want to place them.

3. Area:

Definitely, the room size will be a major aspect when you are designing an event. Bigger the area, easier it is to design; but smaller the area, the more thought you need to put into designing. But, as these banners are sleek, it will barely take up space in your room!

4. Type of your Event:

Your event could be anything! Conference, fair, Product launch, Business events etc. But design your feather flags keeping the attendees in mind. Kids would love bright colors with little text and more of creativity in them. However subtle colors with right amount of information are better for a business meeting.

5. Commute:

How your attendees will travel to your event will also add an impact. You could have some of these feather flags lined up on the travel path.

6. Crowd:

What is your expected number of employees will also have an impact on the number of banners you use. The higher the number, the greater the flags you need. Lower the number, the fewer banners you will need.

7. Arrangement:

How will you be seating your attendees? They won’t be able to read them if they are way too far away from the flags. So, even the distance matters!

8. Motto:

Why are you organizing the event will also have a major impact on using these flags. Is it for promoting your brand or is it only a one time meets with the clients? You would want to decide on this fact and then order for these banners.

How many Feather flags should you have in your event?

How many you need to use is one primary question that all have. And that solely depends on all the above aspects. You have a huge stadium? You can have the banners all around the stadium.

Do you have the entire building to yourself? You could have it at the entrance, one or 2 in each floor and a few at the main area of your event. If you have a small area, then you would have to work around the space accordingly.

Please, do not have something oversized in a small room or undersized banners in a huge stadium. Make sure you know what size flag you need, read its specifications and only then order for it.

Ultimately, you are the one who makes the decision.

Reasons to use feather flags

· Promotional as well as Directional

When we have events, we usually use direction boards to help attendees navigate around the event. You may also banners hanging around or stuck to walls denoting what the event is all about.

But feather banners serve both purposes.

You can line up these flags directing to your event place at the same time, provide information in each one regarding your event. That way, the attendees won’t get lost on the way neither will they be clueless when they enter the room.

· Attention Seeker

Yes, they do seek attention.


When you have these feather banners in an open space, it starts fluttering due to the breeze. Anything that is moving is bound to attract the human eye!

Now, just because you know they will see the flag, doesn’t mean you load it with information. A passerby will never read the entire thing written on it. So make sure you plan properly to have some catchy yet meaningful lines written on it. You could perhaps also include your contact details so that interested people can reach out to you.

· Flexible

Yes, Indoor or Outdoor?

They can be used for both the purposes. In fact, if you want your feather banners to be used only for indoor events, you just have to set them up with water bags or sandbags for support. They prevent the flag from accidentally toppling over.

You can also use them outdoors by poking its spiked base into the ground.

Bad rains? Get them in, keep it under a fan, and you are good to go. You don’t have to hang them like the other regular banners nor discard them just because they are damp.

· Quick and Easy

Yes, they are way too easy to be set up. Your set up time will vary based on where your banner will be mounted. But whatever said and done, it won’t take more than few minutes to get it done.

As you remember, these flags are sleek and slender, hence easy to carry and fix them up. A single motion, and your banner is upright and it provides a great stability.

· Tough

Yes, these flags are tough enough to withstand bad weather conditions. They are quite durable in rain and snow as they are made up of high-quality, composite fabrics. They are not fire proof, but yes, they are resistant to high heat.

However, exposing them to direct sunlight can cause graphics to fade away. So if you want them to last as long as their life span, like 2 years, then better not expose them to direct sunlight much.

· Design

Yes, there is no limit to designing these banners!

The area designated for the designing may be relatively smaller when compared to these regular banners, hoardings etc. But, as you know, ‘Simple is elegant’. With lesser space come minimal yet meaningful lines on the flag, which in turn catches the attention of human eyes.

You could also use both its sides.

This way you can advertise about your business, brand or event to people walking into the venue. And when they are leaving from your event, you can have ‘Gratitude’ inked on the other side of the banner.

Everyone knows gratitude is what makes a human happy.

When you have an event in mind, have feather flags in mind. They are durable, flexible and quick to use; and that is what every event organizers would want.