How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

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How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween
How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween


Are you ready for THAT time of the year? The spookiest time where you find most houses infused with pumpkin spice odor and spooky decorations.

Yes, it’s Halloween we are talking about, and you may be as ready for it as anyone can be.

However, is your home, shop, or neighborhood ready for it?

Do you have the right decorations to spookily your surroundings, or do you plan to recycle last year’s decorations?

While recycling is a great choice, if you want to make your decorations stand out, you need to make a sound investment. You need to invest in decorations that do not fade that easily and have the right designs.

And customized feather flags just fit the bill.

They are long-lasting. They can last at least a few years if well taken care of. It means you should avoid setting them up in the hot sun when it’s raining cats and dogs.

You should also store them in its accompanying carrying case every year after Halloween’s. This way, your investment will last a long time to come, to use every year to spook your friends and family on Halloween day.

Halloween banners for shops

Not only are Halloween banners great for sprucing up your yard and decorating your home. They make the ideal store to let people know about the special offers, shops, and restaurants have in store for their consumers.

It’s one of these festivals that promise great business opportunities and big sales for retailers. It’s also a festival where many restaurants come up with some bloody and spooky dishes that send chills down your spine reading its descriptions!

And the only way you can maximize your sale of spooky ware is by letting passers-by and consumers know about it. This is where feather flags and a myriad of other products come into play.

Here are a few of the best selling and trending Halloween signs and products that promise a win-win for your store this weekend!

Halloween masks

Masks have always been an integral part of any Halloween party and sale. But this year, it’s become mandatory, all because of the ongoing pandemic.

It’s left to you to make use of hits opportunity to its hilt. For example, there are quite a few face masks printed with spooky graphics and Halloween messages. You can pick a few for your staff to wear and set an eerie ambiance.

There are custom Halloween theme masks available for those who don’t want to wear a complete Halloween costume but don’t want to feel left out of the celebrations.

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween
How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

Halloween T-shirts

Who can imagine a Halloween without customized Halloween t-shirts? They are perfect for a party for your staff to wear, and even give out as gifts to customers.

You can pick and choose your customized t-shirts based on your desired size and budget. Don’t forget to stock up on quality custom t-shirts if you sell clothes.

Or you can have a bunch customized for your staff to wear through the Halloween week. Then again, you can always have some spooky t-shirts printed to give out to guests who come to your restaurant this week.

Halloween feather banners

As mentioned earlier, there is no point in spending thousands on spooky recipes and ensembles if your public does not get to know about it. You need to get the word out about your specialties, and the best way to do is through Halloween feather flags.

These printed banners from companies like are so popular. It is because they are affordable, impactful, and have lots of space to create your customized message and designs.

And the best way to capitalize on Halloween week is by offering something extravagant to your consumers. It in turn gives them a reason to visit your store.

It is this offer you need to print on the flags so that customers get aware of the request and want to see your store. It could be anything.

Examples are a discount on Halloween drinks or dishes, a freebie, or even a free voucher to use on their next visit.

Halloween inflatables

One of the best ways to attract people to your establishment or party would be Halloween inflatables. They add real-time fun to your Halloween decor while at the same time works efficiently as signage.

The fact that they bend and sway with the wind adds a touch of real spookiness to any place.

Just make sure you get your graphics and design right. The effects won’t be as significant with the wrong designs. And you have to make sure you place the inflatable someplace where there is nothing sharp.

Remember, it is inflatable and filled with air.

So all it takes is a prick by some car part or thorn or even someone’s watch for the air to escape and the inflatable to go limp. Of course, the material is durable, but you never know when accidents and the unexpected happen!

That is why many people prefer playing it safe and use Halloween feather flags instead. There is no fear of any air escaping, and the banners flutter in the wind to attract attention.

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween
How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

Halloween yard signs

Feather flags make great Halloween yard signs, which are a popular form of Halloween signage. They are used to announce everything ranging from garden parties to sales to trick and treat announcements.

You can even pair these signs up with some pumpkin, bat, spider decorations to bring in the spirit of Halloween. Customizing the feather flag based on your theme or business adds more zest to the decorations.

Besides, these feather flag lawn signs are multi-functional. They don’t make just excellent decorative pieces but are also popularly used as directional signs at parties.

It is no wonder feather banners are so much in demand for lawn signs in 2020.

Are your store and party ‘safe and ready’ for this year’s Halloween?

The pandemic has added elements of fear and discomfort to the Halloween celebrations. Halloween itself is spooky, but just the words of the contagious Coronavirus sends goosebumps down anyone’s spine.

You need to take the appropriate measures to ensure nothing goes amiss during your sales, parties, and mealtimes. You can’t avoid the party and sales too. You need to maximize business to compensate for all the lost business in the earlier months of 2020.

But you at the same time cannot get risky. You can’t compensate for your safety in a bid to do business.

You need to ensure everyone follows safety protocols like wearing sneeze guards, using touch-free sanitizer dispensers, and maintaining social distance. Do not forget handing out your customized Halloween masks too.

While you may feel that all of this is an additional expenditure, you will think otherwise if you realize they also work as useful branding tools for your business.

Do you know how?

Well, it’s through the following measures:

Sneezeguards which serve to protect and promote

It has been proven worldwide that sneeze guards are one of the best protective tools for the pandemic. They are famous and known for containing aerosol viruses, and in the process, restraining viral infections.

The plus point is that it does more than that.

It also a useful tool for spreading your brand awareness. It is left to you to decide what you want to use it for. You can get custom printed screen decals to spread the festive cheer, to remind about social distancing and hand washes, and just to promote your Halloween sale discounts.

No matter what you use it for, when clubbed with your company colors, logo, and font, it reminds people about your company. And if you use them to promote Covid protocols, the sneeze guards also show your social responsibilities.

Different types of banners and their additional uses

As mentioned above, you can use feather flags for advertising your event or product. And you can also use them to show customers the way to reach different places in your store.

However, you can also do your bit in this pandemic by using these flags to remind consumers and your guests about the corona protocol.

Everyone will likely get carried away with the celebrations, and in the process, forgets all about social distancing and wearing masks.

It is worth placing flags with messages reminding patrons to wear their masks. You can also have flags reminding them to stand at least 6 feet apart, and wash their hands as often as possible.

You can have smaller sized flags printed in bright colors and legitimate font so that it’s easily seen and understood. Do not forget to have once again your company colors, fonts, and logos printed on them too. It will serve your branding purpose while keeping patrons safe in these difficult times.

Your thoughts work at establishing strong customer relationships

All your efforts at remaining your patrons to adhere to safety protocols will go a long way in ensuring strong customer relationships.

Yes, you now have to emphasize a fun Halloween party and an exciting sale or menu. However, the fact that you also have your customers’ safety in mind shows that you do not just worry about making money and enjoying the party.

You are also worried and focused on your customers’/patrons’ safety too.

It is even more critical in these difficult times to create an emotional connection with your audience. Remember that people are just coming out of their comfort zone.

They may be a bit apprehensive about attending your Halloween bash or sales. However, once word goes around that you also have their interests in mind, you only end up with more people interested in visiting your venue.

How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween
How feather flags can add some spice and zest to Halloween

How to get your customized banners

Now that you know how vital Halloween banners, masks, and inflatable are for the Halloween season, you may need some help customizing them to your requirements.

Well, the good news is that most companies like have their collection of ready-made templates for you to customize. All you need are a few minutes of your party preparation time to customize and have your feather flags ready.

Here’s how you can do it.

  1. You first have to select the company you want to have printed your deliverables. You have to choose someone who offers affordable rates, preferably free shipping, and who will be able to have your flags and merchandise ready on time.
  2. Once you know your flag printing company, you next have to look at their wide range of Halloween banner templates. Look for something that gets the message across, with sufficient space for your company logo and tagline, if any.
  3. Do not forget to decide on the size of the feather banner too. There are various sizes to select from. They range from small variants, perfect as directional signs, and tall ones for advertising about your event.
  4. As it is a Halloween flag, it is better to customize the banner text into something appropriate. Do not go for the standard fonts. Use something cryptic or something that resonates or connects with Halloween.
  5. Choose suitable colors. Yes, it is better to use orange, red or black, the typical Halloween colors. You can always use other colors that help emphasize and highlight your message better.
  6. Now that you have your Halloween feather flags ready with the right colors, font, and message, it is time to save and checkout. You order the number of banners you want and when you want it to reach you.

Don’t forget to book your flags well in advance so that they reach you in time to put them up to advertise and help in your Halloween party and sale.

Halloween is a memorable time of the year, which people look forward to. While things may not be as entertaining as before because of the pandemic, you can still add some spark to your parties and sales.

Use the right masks, costumes, feather flags, and this year’s Halloween will at least add some spice to this otherwise solemn and stressful 2020!