How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

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How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale
How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in online shopping, where people tend to prefer buying things online with minimal personal interaction. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have walk-in customers, and you shouldn’t forget about advertising to them when the holiday season is coming up.

There are a few things you can do to help drive traffic and increase your sales during Thanksgiving.

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Invest more in retail signage

With the stiff competition, you have around you, investing in-store retail signage goes a long way in keeping you ahead in the race. Printed signs like teardrop flags go a long way in reinforcing your festive sales efforts.

As long as you design them to make them as informative and compelling as possible, these flags are effectively showcasing any special promotions, discounts, and sales you have to offer.

It can, in the process, contribute to doubling the impact of your online advertising.

Make sure of interactive displays to help increase your shopper engagement

Your brick and mortar store can do a lot at contributing to customer engagement. You can make it interactive by installing colorful and interactive teardrop signs and displays.

You need to focus on increasing shopper engagement and consequently increased sales by crafting signs partially for the festive season. Remember, the aim is to pique the customers’ curiosity and want to come in and learn more about what you have to offer them.

Make use of cross-platform offers

Don not keep your online and offline marketing techniques individual from each other. Concentrate on using your online platform to make people want to visit your store.

And one of the best ways to do this is by making customers look at your products and order online. You can then have them pick up the product in-store.

It is when they come in-store that they get to see your interactive teardrop signs and other displays. They, in the process, may end up doing more business with you.

Another unique way to integrate online and offline marketing platforms is by handing out online vouchers to customers who opt to shop in-store. You could perhaps mention in the vouchers that the customer can get an added discount if they visit your store.

You can then make sure your teardrop signs upsell to them.

Create unique broadcast messages

You can think of putting up teardrop banners and displaying signs and adding something unique to make them more attractive. One such suggestion is a backlit banner that proves effective at garnering the attention of passers-by.

It is left to you to decide how beautiful you want the flags to be. Remember that the more attractive, cellar, and vivid your thanksgiving offers are displayed on them, the higher are the chances of capturing your shoppers’ attention.

Street-side marketing goes a long way at improving thanksgiving sales

Festive sales are the best items to take your street-side marketing to the next levels. It is when you should have additional teardrop banners printed to put up around your store.

You can have them set up at your store windows, yard, parking lot, and even just outside your establishment. You do not have to fill them up with too much print.

All you have to do is promote the essential elements of your sale and brand. The main idea behind these banners is to convince customers that they either walk through your store or make an online visit.

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale
How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

Benefits of quality thanksgiving teardrop banners

Did you know that teardrop banners offer some unique benefits which digital marketing cannot replicate?

Yes, as long as you design them well, teardrop flags are sure to cast a lasting impression on everyone who sees them. They tend to remember your banners better than pop-up ads and banner text on websites.

In addition to this, outdoor teardrop banners are a source of word-of-mouth advertising.

Easy to print

The best point about teardrop banners is that they are easily printed. You don’t even need to have any technical knowledge or artistic skills to print them.

All you have to do is visit a site like and decide on the size of the flag you want. You can then choose from the many templates they have to follow.

They even have templates designed specifically for use on Thanksgiving Day. You then have to add your brand name, logo, contact details, and anything else you want to printing on it.

Sites like also print out your designs. Perhaps you may have your idea or design ready. You just have to send it over to them in their selected format. They will then take a look and affirm if it fits your teardrop banner shape and size.

And if you are not happy with the available templates, you can even turn to their in-house team of designers to help you out. You have to tell them what you want to be included in the banner and any specific designs or colors you want in it.

They will then develop a few designs for you to choose from and finally print your banners for you. However, you have to make sure you place your order well in advance so that the flags reach you in time for your thanksgiving advertising.

The last thing you want to happen is to place your order at too late a date and end up receiving the flags after Thanksgiving and your sale!

Easy to set up

Unlike other banners that may require many people and lots of work to set up, teardrop banners are easy to set up. You can do it yourself, without bothering or waiting for someone else.

The banners reach you dismantled and in a carrying bag. There are instructions for you to follow to connect the parts. Once you decide where you will set it up, you set it up with the appropriate base.

Durably built

Since these are banners made explicitly for Thanksgiving, you don’t have to have them up all the time. Once the sale is over, you can dismantle the flag and store it in the accompanying carrying bag.

The banners can then be used the next year for your thanksgiving sale and will look as good as new. It is because these flags are designed to last long and will not fade so quickly.

As long as you do not keep them out in the hot sunlight for long or in windy conditions, these flags can last you a few years.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors

This is perhaps the highlight of teardrop banners. You can use the same flag indoors and outdoors because they reach you with multiple bases. You just have to choose the appropriate base to use as per where you intend to set up your flag.

If you plan to use it outdoors on open ground, you will have to use your spiked base. You have to push the spike base into the ground till it stands firm and strong.

And if you plan to place them on concrete flooring or indoors, then you will have to use its cross base. You just place your banner wherever you think it looks best.

You can also put some water or sandbags on the stand for additional weight and support. It prevents the flag from toppling over if someone hits it.

Affordably priced

Teardrop banners do not burn a hole in your pocket. They are affordably priced, especially if compared to the other types of marketing options you have. You can save even more if you order in bulk. As these flags are long-lasting, there’s no harm in ordering in bulk.

Besides, they can be used for a few years and do not require much maintenance.

At most, you will have to wash them if it ends up dusty with continuous outdoor use. With the right care, these affordably priced banners can effectively display your thanksgiving wishes and message to hundreds and thousands of people for years to come.


Teardrop banners are generally weather-resistant and durably built. They do not fade or degrade quickly with time, in rain and shine. However, too much rain and shine aren’t good for anyone, including these banners! But unlike other flags, these flags are taut, and will not easily tear in windy conditions.

It creates a friendly but professional tone

Your first impression is always essential to new customers. And teardrop banners are perfect for displaying your friendliness and professionalism. You are at liberty to print whatever you want onto the flags, to in the process set off a great first impression.

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale
How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale

How your Thanksgiving flags can work best for you

No matter what your design, sale, or ideas may be, there are a few basic design principles to follow to maximize thanksgiving flags’ efficiency. Here are some tips to help you out.

Choose your words wisely.

Remember you are advertising about your thanksgiving sale. So make sure you don’t make false commitments or write the wrong dates and times. This is a time-sensitive sale, which will last only a short time.

You want to make sure you print the right dates and times so that people can visit you. Remember, you are writing for new and existing customers. So you may have to add some additional information like your store timings for your first-time customers.

Use only short messages and statements

Remember that these signs are meant to provide necessary and vital information to passers-by. These are people who have a few seconds or, at the most, a few minutes to read your flags.

So there is no point in filling it up with unnecessary jargon. Be short and sweet with your content and preferably printed with easy to read font. While you can add anything you want to it, especially if you have large flags, do not forget the necessary information.

It includes the sales date, time, website, and contact details. You can also add some images, but don’t keep them too big. They will only end up blocking your font, and defeat the purpose of the flag.

Maintain consistency in branding

A human’s brain is more visual. We tend to remember specific colors, which is why you should use the same colors in the banner as you use in your other advertising.

This way, people will quickly and easily remember your store’s advertising and remember to visit you. You have a better chance of giving a lasting impression if you maintain the same color and branding consistency in your signage.

Use basic and effective designing principles

As mentioned earlier, your banners should be easy to read to be worthwhile. It is better to use only basic designs for the best practice. This means you have to get your basics right, like using only the correct fonts.

The font that looks great on greeting cards will not look that appealing on flags. Similarly, you have to use your colors right. While your company colors are most important, you may sometimes plan to use other colors.

If you do use other colors, make sure they blend well without dampening the effects of your colors. These simple measures go a long way in ensuring your banner is more effective at advertising.

Now that you know how well and useful teardrop flags are for your Thanksgiving marketing, it is time you ordered a few for yourself. Make sure you select your colors, font and words right, the right sized flags and to order them in time to reach you for your sale.

You will be amazed at how a bit of offline marketing through teardrop flags can do to your Thanksgiving sale. It is mainly because they are personalized and reach out better to customers than online ads and websites.

So in the process, there is a better chance of more people visiting your store this Thanksgiving.

How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale
How teardrop flags can help draw more traffic to your Thanksgiving sale