What Are The Benefits Of Using Feather Flags For Sports Meeting

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Marketing plays an integral part in the growth of a company but its costs can be a big burden, especially to growing small and medium companies. But did you know that there is now a low cost marketing option available, called feather flags? In fact, many consider this a one-time advertising solution for companies which can be easily set up anywhere, even in popular sports meetings.

 Feather flag nation-Benefits of using feather flags for sports meeting

What are feather flags?

If you wonder what a feather flag is, don’t think it’s a flag filled with feathers! It’s named so because of its feather like structure, and are also called swooper flags. They are anywhere between 10 ft to 20 ft tall and most businesses buy 100{532a8ac8cc70d3ec7067ac2231499a7a0585d6f34cb9afe746ad74297ad02b48} polyester 13 ft or 17 ft tall single or double sided flags.

As the name suggests, single sided feather flags have mirrored prints 90-96{532a8ac8cc70d3ec7067ac2231499a7a0585d6f34cb9afe746ad74297ad02b48} visible on the reverse side. In case of double sided flags, middle blockout material makes the correct artwork visible on both sides.
The flag is attached to a flexible and strong aluminium pole with an aluminium base. High-quality plastic joints make the pole stronger while a single plastic hook simplifies the flag height adjustment.

We, a feather flag nation offers two types of bases to choose from based on the sports meet venue. The cross base is a better choice if its’ an indoor meet, where the flag is placed on hard surfaces like concrete or footpaths and even on grass. Though it’s rather heavy, and stable in structure, you can use a water bag for extra support if needed.

In-ground spikes are better for the outdoor meets on sports fields and nature strips. These spikes weigh about a kg and come with a swivel which helps the flag remain stable and flow with the wind.

 Feather flag nation-Benefits of using feather flags for sports meeting

Whatever type of flag you choose for your sports meeting, we feather flag nation usually pack them in Oxford carry bags which easily fit into the car boot or back seat. These bags are strong enough to carry and use the flags anywhere you need to advertise your business.

In other words, once the sports meeting is over, you just have to pack the flag into the bag, and use it at another event or location. It’s because feather flags offer a onetime investment, and offer these 4 benefits, that many businesses consider it their ideal portable promotion tool.

1. Affordably priced

Swooper flags fit anyone’s marketing budget as they are cheap to produce or design. In fact, they are rather economically priced and will save on your advertising costs.

2. Guaranteed success

If you always thought that the common promotional mediums like TV, newspaper and radio advertisements were the best media to convey your marketing and advertising message, you are wrong.
Feather flags are a much better and successful marketing option for displaying displays at sports meetings. They offer an affordable and cost effective means of conveying your marketing message, and lure customers and shoppers.

No matter if you want to inform your target audience about your new services or product, fluttering swooper flags give you maximum visibility as they easily capture your audience’s attention. It’s up to you to decide what you plan to print on the flat like your company logo, brand’s tagline or the name of your new product or services.

3. Portable

There’s no headache in carrying your feather flags to sports meeting as they are lightweight and portable. So you save money you’d otherwise have spent hiring extra people to do all this for you.

4. Reusable

You can use your feather flags as many times as you want. So once the sports meeting is done, you just have to take down the flag, pack it up and use them the next time you need to promote your brand and company like at another trade show.

How to maximize your flag’s effects

Now you know the benefits of a feather flag nation, it’s important you know how to maximize the effects of your flags. This is possible and achievable if your flags are printed by a competent and reputable printing organization.

Remember, though swooper flags are rather small in size when compared to other advertising media like billboards, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about how and what is printed on it.
It’s only if you choose and place your flags right will they provide maximum exposure and visibility for your business.

• Designing your swooper flag

Your flag artwork isn’t something to be taken lightly because though it’s easy to create artwork using jpg files on the computer; it’s not that easy converting them into printable images for flags.

The artwork should be something with a high resolution, and preferably in vector format. While it’s possible to create original vector format files using Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, it doesn’t involve just placing jpg files into Photoshop. There’s more involved, which is why it’s better left to a feather flag nation like us.

• Plan ahead

The last thing you want happening is not having your flag ready for the sports meet. This is best avoided by ordering your display at least a month in advance. You never know. There’s so much that may happen to delay your project by a month, especially if you are a novice at art. You may need some extra time to finally choose, and decide on the perfect high resolution artwork you want displayed on your feather flags.

• Proper placement

Now you have your feather flags ready for the sports meet, you need to know where to place them for maximum effectiveness. They attract the best attention if placed on the outskirts of a display.
However its better if you use trial and error by setting up your swooper flags early. You can find out how they look best in different positions and how they are seen from different parts of the sports meet venue.

• Evergreen flags

It’s important to remember that if you plan to use the feather flags again after the sports meet, that it’s printed with evergreen designs and content, usable a few times. So maintain a consistent and evergreen logo, design and message which can be used for years to come.

These tips and benefits can help you choose the perfect feather flag to use at this, and many more sports meets to come. We are a feather flag nation and a master in this field who will help you choose the perfect design and message to print on your flags for maximum visibility and effectiveness.