How Teardrop Flag Cheap Help Save Advertisement Costs

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Competition is fierce nowadays as everyone wants success in their respective niche markets. It’s left to you as a business entrepreneur to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed too, using the right marketing tactics. The problem is that there are so many options available, and you need to find seeming that fits your budget.

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You may find your answer in teardrop flags, which is today one of the best marketing options for any company. As the name suggests, these flags are shaped like a teardrop and come in different sizes. They are also known as flying banners and teardrop banners and come with a base that supports and prevents it from falling due to heavy winds. Most flags have different bases to use in various places like indoors, outdoors and on vehicles.

Teardrop flag cheap can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are made using a durable material to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. They are designed to move in the wind’s direction, so there’s no worry of the flag tearing or collapsing due to windy weather.

They come in various sizes, so it’s left to you to choose the right size befitting your customized advertising message or graphics. Don’t worry, if you can’t think of the perfect words or graphics to print onto the flag, most flag printers have their own in-house graphic design team and artists who will help you out.

Different teardrop banner parts

You needn’t worry about setting up the flag at any trade show or event you take and use for marketing reasons. These flags are easy to erect, position and remove as needed. A typical flying banner set comes in a carry bag and comprises of the flag, its flagpole and a cross base, ground spike and car base, to choose and use based on where you plan to place the flag.

While fibreglass poles are flexible, teardrop flagpoles are a combination of high-strength aluminium poles and a base with a fibreglass pole. The pole is made even stronger with high-quality plastic joints while the flag height can be adjusted using its strong plastic hook.

Though the cross base is best for hard surfaces like concrete, footpaths, convention halls or frozen ground, it can also be used on grass. It’s very stable and if you need added support, just use the weight of a water bag! The ground spike is perfect for outdoor use like on nature strips, sports fields and anywhere with sand and grass.

It has a swivel to ensure the teardrop flag cheap swivels with the wind. The bar base is useful for placing the flag on any vehicle. It’s placed under a wheel, and the pivot at the top lets the teardrop banner rotate with the wind. A solid oxford carry bag carries all this part so that you can take the flag to use for marketing purposes. It also comfortably fits into a car boot or back seat.

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Waterproof and sun resistant material

As flying banners are usually used outdoors, they are made of waterproof and sun resilient material. Thus the material and flag do not wear out with continuous exposure to harsh external conditions.

For better effects, the flags should be printed with good quality content to ensure the flag serves your company for years to come. It is always better to buy your teardrop banners from businesses who are experts at their work. They will not only tailor your flag to your specifications but also use UV-protection ink for a long-lasting rich and vibrant look.

A more affordable and practical marketing option

They are an affordable marketing option that effectively grabs the attention of potential customers for all industries. Unlike billboards that remain in the same area all the time, vinyl banners that get nailed to walls and huge sidewalk signs that are difficult to carry along with you, flying banners are portable. So you can use the same flag at any fair, event or business venue.

These flying banners are more efficient at bringing in customers than handing out pamphlets or other advertising messages. Teardrop flags are large and attractive in design, captivating a consumer’s attention from wherever they are.

Teardrop banners offer the added benefit of your choosing between a single-sided or double-sided flag. In case of a single side model, your marketing message is printed on one side, with reverse images mirrored onto the other side.

In case of a double-sided model, it’s possible to print both sides with advertising content. There’s usually some block out material that makes the artwork visible from both sides. It is quite apparent that the cost of double-sided flags is a bit more expensive than single-sided banners.

How teardrop flag cheap reduce marketing expenses

Teardrop banners help save on your advertisement cost as they are cheaper than a billboard and more efficient than mass mailings at reaching your niche customers. It’s always better to pay for advertisement that reaches the right audience.

So instead of distributing pamphlets, you get a better response if you place your teardrop flag cheap in front of your storefront. It attracts potential customers with a better chance of doing business from you, which means you save on your advertisement costs while receiving a quick return on investment.

It also offers cheap advertisement as it’s versatile enough for you to carry, and use the same flag at as many places and venues as you like. Just take your flag in your bag, and set it up at your new venue!
No matter if it’s a sporting event, trade show, outdoor car show, a cook-off, or even if it’s used at the beach, ski trail or some other outdoor, windy place, the teardrop flag cheap does justice as an advertising medium.

Besides, the flag is long-lasting and can withstand wind, rain, hail, snow and practically any weather condition. Of course, as severe weather conditions only wear out the banner soon, it’s always better to take it indoors to prolong its life.