How Promotional Feather Flags Make Life Easier for Marketers

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Life as a marketing executive is not easy. The successful branding of your company lies in your hands. You need to let as many people know about your business and the product or services it offers. And you have to stick to a budget and get the world around as quickly as possible, wasting as little time as possible.

This is when you need to consider implementing a cost-effective marketing strategy for your business, like promotional feather flags. Yes, these feather flags are indeed an excellent means of displaying your company’s advertisement in the most appropriate manner possible with cost-cutting benefits.

custom feather flag banners


Easy to set up and dismantle

It’s a cost cutting marketing option as you can print whatever you want onto the flags and carries and uses them wherever needed. Moving them about is also not a problem as these banners are lightweight and can be dismantled and packed into their carrier bag.

The flags are on their own very attractive and lively when they rotate and flutter in the wind, thus garnering more attention. The colors and flutter will make anyone take a second look at the flag to find out what’s written on it.

The flags are made using durable polyester that’s stretched across a framework structured like a feather, which is why it’s named a feather flag. The material is spread taut across the frame and does not tear even when it’s windy. Besides, it’s waterproof, and the ink used for printing the advertisement is also UV resistant. So there’s no worry about the ink fading, unless left in the sunlight for months.

Indoor and outdoor advertisement

These promotional feather flags can be used to advertise about your company both indoors and outdoors. They are quickly put up and remove that even you can do it without hiring and spend more money having people set up the flags for you. You can in fact also just replace and install new banners to fit the frames if you are advertising for a different product or event.

The flags have great, flexible fiberglass poles with an aluminum base section which are all easy to transport from one venue to another. They have durable plastic hooks to adjust the flag height, and you can choose between printing only on one side or both sides of the feather flag for maximum visibility.

Anchoring options

The flag can be anchored to the floor both indoors and outdoors with a cross base weighing a few kilos and if needed, the support of an additional sandbag. Most promotional feather flags come with a ground spike that’s perfect for setting up the flag outdoors. It weighs only a kg, and with a swivel part of the fixture, it turns well with the wind.

And if you want something to advertise about your company or products on your company vehicles, you can also consider getting an additional car base with the flag. They are placed under a wheel while the swivel at the top ensures the flag rotates freely with the wind.

All this comes with a carry bag for you to conveniently carry around from one venue to another without having to lug anything around. All you need do is dismantle and pack the different flag parts with its base into the bag, and toss it into the back seat or boot of your car and carry it around.

How promotional feather flags make life easier for marketers

Possible uses for promotional feather flags

Now if you are interested in this marketing option, you may next wonder which scenarios you can use these banners to advertise about your company.

Trade shows and exhibitions

You can use these feather flags to showcase your company’s products and service, or if you have something new to introduce to the market. You can also spend a little more and perhaps create a few flags with directions for customers to reach your trade show booth.


There’s no point in just setting up a booth if people don’t know about you. So why not have a few smaller promotional feather flags printed with arrows and your company name so that customers can quickly locate your booth. There is a higher chance of people investing in your product or services when they get attracted to your company because of your flag.

Outside and around ATMs

These flags are also helpful if you are part of a bank, and have ATMs you need to advertise. You can place them outside or around ATMs with the words “ATM” inside so that your customers will get to know about them.

Open house

Then again, if you are the marketing executive of a real estate company, you can use these promotional feather flags to not only advertise about available real estate but also market about open houses. You can also provide brief details about the properties, which will let customers know if they should attend the open house or not.

open house feather flags

Grand opening

It goes without saying that these flags can also be used to advertise about the grand opening of your new branch or a new product you will be launching. Remember, these flags are much cheaper and more efficient at attracting customers than banners and television or newspaper advertisements. Besides, they are long lasting as you can always bring in the flags at night so that there are minimal chances of them getting stolen in your absence.

Sporting events

And if your company has sponsored some sports events like races, you can use the flags to let people know that your business supports sports and are a health conscious company. The flags also let people know that you support sportspeople and their endeavors to do the best for their clubs and countries.

sport feather flag

Outside establishments

You can also use feather flags outside your institution to lure customers. As the flags are easily visible from afar, placing them outside your institution lets people know about your company, making it much easier for them to reach you.

So you see, instead of spending lots of company money on advertisement, why not propose using cost-effective promotional feather flags? You can achieve much more by paying much less than you would have for traditional marketing options.

Just make sure you have your feather flags printed and ordered from a reputable printing company like These companies use the best fabrics, materials and colors for the flags, which are essential to ensure the flags last, are as long-lasting as they should be. And you will soon find life to be much more comfortable as a marketer!