Four Things To Optimize Custom Printed Feather Flag

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Feather flags are an effective advertising medium as they garner lots of attraction as they flutter in the wind. Though the name may sound relatively new, they have been around for quite some time.

They are the lightweight banners that you usually find flapping in the breeze outside car dealerships and other similar high traffic places. They are also called flying banners or swooper or flutter flags and are much longer than they are broad. They, in fact, resemble large surfboards in the sand; the only difference is that they flutter.

Four Things To Optimize Custom Printed Feather Flag

Easy to use and store after use

It is its size, and it’s fluttering that makes custom printed feather flags so efficient and famous. They are easy to install — you can do it yourself, and come either as double or single sided banners.

They can be used indoors using its cross base and a sandbag as a weight, and even outdoors with an in-ground spike. And once you are done with your marketing, you can just dismantle the flag and pack it in its accompanying carry bag to carry to your next destination or to store away.

Besides, they can be used for multiple purposes like for advertising about any sales you are organizing, your brand or even any grand openings. They also inform passersby and potential customers about open houses and to show directions at tradeshows and exhibitions to your booth. Considering the flying banner’s versatility, affordability and compactness, custom printed feather flags are indeed the most cost-effective marketing option available today.

Who benefits from flying banners?

Well, the answer to this question is anyone who needs advertising! They are especially useful to the local businesses and small shops targeting customers from the neighborhood or passersby at a radius of a few miles.

Potential shoppers who pass by the establishment on a regular basis get attracted to and thus get to know about the business through custom printed feather flags. Besides, they are much cheaper for local and small business marketing when compared to other options like radio, television, internet ads and newspaper.

Helps with branding

The right combination of colors, images and fonts on custom printed feather flags can play an essential part in improving your business’s branding. Branding, in turn, is vital for establishing your presence in the minds of prospective and existing customers.

It’s only when customers understand your company brand that it’s likely that they will buy something from you and remember your company the next time they need your product or services.

Four Things To Optimize Custom Printed Feather Flag

How to efficiently design a feather flag

You now naturally wonder what it means to have an efficiently designed banner. Well, it’s easy as you have to follow these four simple rules while designing and customizing your flutter flag:

  1. First of all, the flag should be sufficiently sized and long enough to be seen by passersby around your establishment. It’s always better to choose contrasting colours for your banner and font as it makes your flag more attractive. Bright colours like yellows, blues and reds work best as they are stand out from a distance.
  2. Secondly, the text or image it displays should be legible from afar. It’s lively and bold signs with vibrant colours and exciting shapes that quickly attract the attention of potential customers. Any company logo or trademark should appear with your business’ name all in large, bold text with an image of your product. And keep the message as simple and to the point as possible, which people passing your location have sufficient time to read. You can’t expect them to read a paragraph of content just while passing by your establishment!
  3. Thirdly, the banner should project itself from its background or in other words; it should offer maximum visibility and readability. The chosen font should be big, easy to read and preferably have no more than ten letters in a feather flag measuring ten feet tall. The general rule of thumb for text size for ideal readable distance is 1 to 10 where a one-inch letter is visible ten feet away. It’s also crucial that you choose the right font type. Script fonts are a no-no for feather flags as they are difficult to read and understand while driving at 40+ mph. Remember, passersby have only a few seconds for to read your banner, so optimise the time by perhaps using fonts like Arial Black, Myriad Bold, Futura Bold or any easy-to-read bold font.
  4. Fourthly, they should be suitably placed. It’s better to set the feather flags at intersections, nearby streets or corners and primarily at points where there are maximum traffic and potential for visibility. If you are located somewhere busy, you could place your flag at your business entrance, atop a gas station or the entry of a business centre. Feather flags are versatile, and can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors and even in your truck! Just make sure it should not end up hidden or covered by intervening traffic or any other obstacles in a consumer’s line of vision like power lines, fences, buildings and streetlights. Besides, obstructions also fray the flag material and quickly wear them out.

These four principles and guidelines are easy to follow but effective at promoting your flag’s visibility and effectiveness. Remember that less is always better for outdoor banners. The purpose of your custom feather flags is just to inform passersby about your establishment, so keep it as minimalistic and to the point as possible. Any additional information you want to confer to customers is best done through a brochure or card.

Flying banners offer double benefits if it’s printed on both sides. You can print similar messages on both sides for maximum visibility, or you can write different words on both sides to convey more information to passerby.

Besides, you only have to make a one-time investment for your flag, and you can use it 24/7 to advertise your business. Looking at all this, it’s proven that custom printed feather flags are indeed an economical means of displaying and reinforcing your message.