How & Why Printed Feather Flags Attract Customers

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Experiencing a slump in your business? Well, it’s time you changed your marketing tactics as it’s your advertising campaign that promotes, and defines the success of your business. No longer should you depend on newspapers, the television and hoardings to promote your business? Today printed feather flags are much better for advertising your business.

These flags are also called flutter, banner and sail flags which are lightweight and thus easy to set up. The flags can be used both indoors and outdoors. And despite being lightweight, they are strong enough to withstand moderate outdoor wind.

They, in fact, end up fluttering in the wind, to attract anyone’s and everyone’s attention. Of course, this is only in moderate wind. The flag is best taken down in heavy winds, to prevent possible tearing.

The length of the flag depends on the type of printed feather flag you buy, and the material it’s made of. While vinyl is a sleek and flashy material, it is not as long-lasting as nylon flags. It’s also better to choose a flag with a strong, high-quality frame as it prevents the flag from possible bending or warping.

Type of base

You also have to consider where you will be using the flag while buying it. If you plan to use it someplace indoors, then look for a flag with a stand that has ballast or cross base and doesn’t damage the floor. You can use place additional sand and water bags on the base for extra support.


If you plan to use it outdoors, then look for a flag with a ground peg that’s easily driven into the grass or dirt. The right choice of banner flag ensures the flag doesn’t fall over or get damaged, and thus prolongs its life.

Single or double-sided printed feather flags

Not only are banner flags tall and can reach more than thirteen feet, it takes up minimum space, making it favourable to use in any trade show or events hosted in small venues. You also have a choice of single-sided sail flags that come with a mirrored image on the opposite side, or a double-sided flag where the image is visible from both sides.

You have to choose based on where the traffic to your booth or display is predominantly from. If it’s from one side then a single-sided flag is more than enough. However, if there are various points of approach to your display, then a double banner or even multiple flags will be a better option for increased visibility and exposure.

Digital printing

It is always better to use digital printing for banner flags as they are most innovative for choosing sign graphics. Besides, there is no need for any bulk printing like other printing options and just perfect to print a single flag.

And regarding the colours, as it’s not possible for any company to guarantee how steadfast the print colours are. It is always better to be on the safer side and use Pantone colours for your printing needs.

This is because these colours offer the closest matches for your design. If you are thinking of using vibrant colours for your flag, then you may use dye sublimation to create not only vibrant but long-lasting graphics.

Another advantage of using digital printing for your banners is that you can print both detailed and simple prints with it. This is ideal for companies that need signs with plain logos on a solid background and even for businesses with more complicated graphics.

Vinyl silk-screening

Vinyl silk-screening or heat-transfer vinyl imprinting is another available printing option. You get to choose from nine colours to use as a 1-colour or 2-colour printing for your flags. However, the problem here is that you have to picture how the images and words will appear on the flag before printing it.

Most of the time single colour prints look better than the busy, digitally printed images. In case your logo comes with overlapping shapes, it may be better to opt for 2-colour printing. There is, however, one major disadvantage of vinyl silk-screening which is that you need to place an order for a minimum of ten flutter flags.

Possible scenarios for using printed feather flags

Printed flutter flags can be used practically anywhere and everywhere as they are customized for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides, you needn’t’ wait for a third person to set it up as its lightweight, and easily set up by anyone.

And once you are done, you just have to dismantle it and store it in its provided carry bag for its next use. If handled and stored well, one flag can be used for up to 6 months, making this a very cost-effective advertisement option.

You can use it to direct people to your stall in carnivals, trade shows and other similar events as it’s tall enough to be seen from afar. As you never know which direction your prospective customers may be coming from, it’s better to use a double-sided sail flag here.

Customized flutter flags are also popularly used by companies to market their brand and merchandise at sporting events. They easily catch the attention of the spectators as they flutter in the outdoor wind. And if used in indoor events, they are large enough to be seen by anyone in the venue.

Sail flags can also be used to inform passers-by about your open house if you plan to sell your home or property. You can include important details about your home, and when you will be organizing the open house so that you have more prospective customers popping in.

So you can see, these flags can be used anywhere you need to advertise about your company, event, a shop opening or even to give directions. It’s perfect for spreading your message, brand and ware, as long as you use the right colours, font and prints on it.

And the biggest benefit is that once you invest in a flag, it will serve you for as long as you keep it well maintained, making it a very affordable and useful marketing tool!