All You Need to Know about Using Wholesale Feather Flags to Build Brand Awareness

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Your first priority as a traditional business owner would naturally be to build your brand and improve its awareness. Though internet marketing is essential for your business’ online promotion, you cannot neglect the need for and importance of traditional marketing techniques.

All you need to know about using wholesale feather flags to build brand awareness

While you may have various options to adopt for marketing purposes, it’s essential that you choose and use the right marketing and advertising campaign. Whether you know it or not, wholesale feather flags are today’s most effective, economical and influential traditional marketing medium.

Advertising flags or banners are very effective at attracting potential walk-in customers. People see your signs and it’s based on how effective and attractive they are that they trigger their curiosity to step into your store. In other words, you don’t need just a flag, but something that stands out from the crowd.

Of course, electric signage and large signboards may also seem to be the best at attracting people’s attention. However, they make an expensive investment and you have to bear the recurring electricity costs of electric and neon signs. While vinyl banners are relatively cheap and effective at attracting attention, they don’t have what it takes to make your business stand out from the rest.

Wholesale feather flags offer not only a cheap but are a cost-effective advertising option. They, in fact, have the potential to increase sales by as much as 25%. All you need to do is customize these flags with your business logo, colors, web address and perhaps tagline and it gets to work at marketing your business.

What exactly are wholesale feather flags?

Now for all of you who don’t know what a feather flag is, well it’s basically an outdoor polyester banner. It’s also known as swooper flags, sail flags, banner flags and flag banners and a popular form of outdoor advertisement. You are at liberty to print and customize the banner with anything you want to generate publicity for your business.

All you need to know about using wholesale feather flags to build brand awareness

Sail flags don’t come just as a staff and flag; they come in their individual kits.  While different brands have different kits, they basically comprise of the following components.

  1.    There’s a flexible fiberglass pole with high-quality and strong plastic joints, along with a strong plastic hook that proves useful for adjusting the flag height.
  2.    The flag can be a single-sided or double-sided print flags. The single side variant has its artwork mirrored in the reverse side while a double-sided flag has some artwork on both sides. These banners generally have some block out material in the middle which helps ensure the prints are visible from both sides.
  3.    Wholesale flag banners are equipped to be set up both on hard and soft surfaces like grass. The kit has a cross base which to use to set the flag on hard surfaces like concrete and footpath. It can also be used on soft surfaces like grass. Though the base is very stable, you can also use water bags for additional weight and support.
  4.    There’s a ground spike to use in case of outdoor settings like sports fields and grass. As these spikes come with a swivel, they easily turn according to the wind’s direction.
  5.    Banner flags also have a provision to advertise using the help of moving vehicles. It has a car base that’s placed under a wheel. Its swivel on the top lets the feather banner rotate according to the wind.
  6.    All of this comes in a strong Oxford carry bag, making it convenient for you to carry your flag anywhere you go and everywhere you want. You can just pack the flag parts into the bag and take it to any indoor or outdoor venue for publicity like a tradeshow, sports meet, open house, shop opening or to an indoor stadium.

The right flag will be one that prominently displays your logo, and contains colors that are related to your business. Look for something with sturdy stands and with wide bases as they are more stable and capable at supporting you flag even in windy areas.

And it’s better if the flag has some form of UV coating as it works as an effective barrier that prevents graphics from quickly fading in sunlight. The fact that they wave in the wind also help grab people’s attention as they pass by and see your flag.

How wholesale feather flags can help build brand awareness

Now that you know your feather banner, you naturally want to know how it can actually prove helpful to you and your business. The best way to gauge its effectiveness is imagining it placed outside your establishment or your stall in a trade show or at a sports meet.

Whether they like it or not, people passing by your flag will see it on an everyday basis, sometimes multiple times in a day. They subconsciously read whatever is written on the feather flag, and they become aware of your business and your presence. As long as they are aware of you, they will one day use your services.

This is not something general advertising flags can achieve. They are not that effective n establishing your brand because they are rather common flags which even your competition can easily access.

It’s human nature for people to ignore something familiar like these advertising flags, and get fascinated by something attractive like sail flags which are seen only in front of your establishment. And as feather flags tend to flutter in the wind, the fluttering automatically grabs people’s attention.

Improved visibility


Banner flags provide improved visibility to your business. It’s mainly because these flags are available in different sizes, where you choose the size based on whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors.

The smaller flags measuring about 8 feet tall are best used in indoor events like tradeshows, malls and meets. The larger flags which measure a maximum of 17 feet are really great for optimal outdoor visibility because it’s rather difficult for people to actually miss or ignore such a tall flag! In fact, it’s this height that helps your flag stand out from the midst of all other flags in an outdoor meet.

Supposing you put up these flags in front of your booth at a trade show or meet. Not only will your flag be easily seen from other competitors, you can direct clients who know you, and are looking specifically for your booth. Just tell them to look at your tall, fluttering flag, and they won’t miss it!

Can prevent road accidents

You get similar effects placing a feather flag in front of a shopping center. While the shopping center may have so many neon signboards in front of it, it’s not easy for someone driving by to actually check to see if the store they have in mind is in the shopping center.

On the contrary, tall banner flags are easily seen from even afar, so that the driver can actually read and locate your business in the shopping center. And as sail flags are visible from afar, your driving customers know exactly where you are located and can slow down to take turns on time.

This can prevent quite a few accidents which take place when people make sudden turns upon reading signboards. Then, of course, wholesale feather flags can also help save time because of its improved visibility from afar.

Hassle-free installation


Time is money, and as wholesale feather flags are quick and easy to install, they can help you save time and money. In case of soft outdoor locations, you just have to poke and twist the ground stake into the grass or dirt. If in the rare case the ground is hard, and you can’t twist the stake into it, you just have to use a mallet to hammer it in.

You just have to place the cross stand wherever you want in case of hard indoor and outdoor surfaces. If required you can place some sand or water bags on them for added weight and support.

Fitting the flag is also a cinch as you just have to connect all the pole pieces together from the thickest to thinnest piece and then slide the flag on. All this is done so quickly, so you needn’t worry so much about setting the flag up. You don’t even have to depend on or pay anyone to do it for you. This is so much, unlike other advertisement flags and signboards.

For example, vinyl banners come with so many grommets to use for hanging it up. You need horizontal space or even a frame to hang them up. And as you have to hammer nails to hang up the banner, you may require permission from the owner of the stall or organizer of the event to do so.

And to make things more confusing, you require hammers, nails, ropes, some other tools, and the assistance of friends or workers, to put it up. All this takes up time, and perhaps additional costs.

Water snap frames are also another common advertising option for businesses. However, as you need to fill it up with water for support, it can get heavy for some people. Even though they may have wheels to help you move the frame around as required, it’s not such an easy task for the average person.

But these signs are rather small, about 3 ft x 4 ft big with limited printing space. So the print or font on them usually ends up rather small. The signs cannot be easily read from a distance, and there’s also the possibility of the sun causing a glare on its print cover.

Yard signs are also rather popular, and relatively easy to install. However, they are not ideal to use in places with high traffic like highways or intersections as it’s not easy reading the sign while speeding across highways. They are more suited for residential areas with slow traffic, but they do need more horizontal space than banner flags.

Minimal installation space

Wholesale feather flags require minimal space for installation; you need enough space to poke the ground stake into the ground or to place the cross base on the floor and nothing more.

So they prove useful in high-populated areas where space is a scarcity. There’s no need of asking permission from anyone, and you don’t waste valuable space on it. You only require vertical space for banner flags, which has no limitations.

All you need to know about using wholesale feather flags to build brand awareness

Save money

Most important, wholesale feather flags save on your advertising costs. While they were relatively expensive at its inception, it’s growing popularity and available has reduced its costs considerably.

Buying one flag is more than enough because you can use it as many times as required, wherever and whenever you want. You can use it to advertise about the opening of your new store on one day and another day use it to advertise your services at an indoor sports meet.

You can also use it another day to show directions to your trade show booth. It’s so easy to dismantle and pack all the flag parts into the provided bag, as many times as you want, and carry it around wherever you want.

The graphics in the flag are usually printed digitally. So there’s no need or worry of constantly replacing it. They are water resistant and don’t fade easily in sunlight. The only problem is wear and tear eventually taking its toll especially if it’s used outdoors most of the time.

However, the earliest you may have to replace the flags will be in a year or two. So the flags do deliver a high return on your advertising costs, considering how versatile and effective it is in generating more traffic, leads, and clients to your business.

All this proves that these wholesale feather flags are indeed useful for generating brand awareness. Of course, you can’t expect any magical results overnight. Patience and the right feather flag will, however, help you see marked improvements in quite a short time.