How outdoor marketing flags can help in business marketing

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Many a time you may wonder how and why an outdoor marketing flag is so important for a company. You may wonder if it really is an effective means of advertisement or if it is a waste of money.

How outdoor marketing flags can help in business marketing2

Well on the upfront, these flags are indeed effective at promoting your business and brand, especially if you know how to order one, and if you order it from the right people. Of the many outdoor marketing flags available, customized feather, beach and swooper flags, customized teardrop flags and pop-up A-frames are the best options you have for their many benefits.

Benefits of outdoor marketing flags

The most important benefit of these flags is that they are portable, can attract attention to your business and can create striking effects for all types of businesses and even events. They are easy to set up; you can do it yourself without anyone’s help.

They are at the same time easy to remove and carry around as these flags come with a carrying bag. The flags are dismantled into different pieces which you conveniently place in the bag to carry into your business or to a new event or venue.

You can use the same flag for as many events as you like, both indoor and outdoor events. You can use them to show directions or your booth in trade shows, exhibition booths, sporting events, the beach, shop and factory fronts and just about anywhere you need to market your presence.

The specialty of these flags is that unlike other flags, they tend to rotate with the wind. This movement itself is a plus point for you because it helps to grab the attention of passers-by. Besides, these flags are also designed to withstand high winds and do not end up getting torn like other flags or banners.

Why ordering from us?

While there are many companies that design and produce customized feather flags for you, is one of the more popular and reasonably priced vendors around, for the following benefits.

Cheaper option

First and foremost, unlike other vendors, when you order your outdoor marketing flags from us, you are assured your order and deal directly with the manufacturer. This is why and how come we charge considerably lower rates than others because we do not charge any additional third-party fees, no hiked prices and there is no delay in the processing.

There is also minimal confusion in your order because you deal directly with our team of designers, who can clear all doubts they may have with your design, words or font. In fact, our team of designers will keep you informed and involved in the flag designing process from start to finish ensuring you are happy with the end product.

Best materials

We use only the best materials to produce our customized feather, beach, swooper and teardrop flags. You are thus assured of receiving the best, high-quality, customized flags which are not only longer-lasting but better at attracting the eyes of passers-by.

Our flags are printed using UV-protected inks so that you end up with a rich and vibrant print on your flag which will definitely last for a long time to come. Our flags come out top-class because we use digital printing for your flag printing purposes, no matter how easy or complex the design may be.

We also take the time and trouble to hem the flags with rows of stitching once the flags are ready. This ensures the flags are easy to use to advertise about your business once you receive them.

No minimum quantity

We have a large selection of types, colors, and sizes of flags to choose from. So you are assured you will get your type of outdoor marketing flag when you deal with us. We do not even have any minimum order requirements. This means we are ready and able to print only 1 to as many as thousands of flags, as you require.

We in fact even have bulk discounts available if you order in bulk because we are anyway wholesale feather flag dealers. It is because of all these features and benefits that we are considered to be one of the best-customized flag providers in the market.

No design or set up fees

We do not even charge for designing your flag, nor do we charge any set-up fees. It does not matter if you have your own customized logo or any other piece of art you want to have printed onto the flags or if you have no idea what you want, and need help coming up with a design.

Our team of design experts will help convert your idea or logo to the flag, or help you design the right design or message to print onto the flag for free. Once we give you a quote, we stick to it and do not later add any additional setup fees or other hidden costs to the amount.

We not only offer free design and artwork for your flag, but our team of expert designers is also more than ready to perform as many full-color changes to them until you are satisfied with the design and font. This is how we strive at helping you save both time and money.

Free shipment

We ship your flag to you for free. Most of the time the flags will reach you within 6 to 12 days’ time. We do all our free door to door shipping via the help of DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS.

How outdoor marketing flags can help in business marketing3

How to place an order?

Placing an order with us is really easy. We have a quick ordering process and we work at making it as hassle-free for you as possible. We do everything possible to ensure your flags are manufactured fast and professionally and complete your order as quickly as possible.

1.The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of flag you want from us. There is not much of a difference between the flags. You can choose depending on the amount of content you intend to place on it, and where you plan to use your outdoor marketing flags.

Customized feather and teardrop flags are better seen from afar practically anywhere indoors and outdoors, and as they have a bigger surface area, you can print more information and a bigger design on them.

However pop up A-frames are better used in front of your establishment where it’s easily seen by people walking or driving by or at sporting events as perimeters to courts or grounds and as they are comparatively smaller flags, you can’t print a lot of matter on them.

2.You will also have to decide the type of flag base you want for your flag which may be a wheel cross or a pole with a spike, the size of the flag which can be anywhere between a small flag measuring 260cm to an XL flag measuring 500cm and if you want a single or double sided flag.

3.Once you are sure what you want, the next thing you have to do is make a request for a quote, which we will provide either online or by phone. We place our quote based on the type of flag you want, the content to be printed on it, and of course the number of flags you require.

4.Once we give you the quote, and you accept it, we have our team work on creating a proof to send over to you. This is when you can provide us with any designs/artwork and ideas you want to implement in the flags.

Based on your input, and our team’s creativity, we send you a proof which you have to approve. We are ready to make as many changes as needed to reach a proof you are happy with.

5.It’s only when you approve the flag proof that we send you an invoice for your order. This is when you have to go through the invoice, check it and when everything seems okay to you; you just place your order. We will complete your order on the date you mention, and once it’s ready, we ship it and send it to you with a tracking number.

6.We offer various payment options for you to choose from, for your convenience. You can pay using VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, through TT or wire transfer or you can also pay online through our secure online payment systems. We will provide our bank details to when required.

7.If you wonder how long we need to deliver your flags, well it depends on the quantity of the order. In case of small orders of 1 to 100 flags, we can deliver it to you within 6 to 12 days’ time. However, in the case of larger orders, we will mention the delivery details in the quote.

8.We also have a rush service, but at a price, where we can complete the order at a quicker pace. We will mention the rate and dates in the quote when requested. We have to mention that as different countries have their individual import and duty taxes with different thresholds, then you may have to bear these taxes if your order is above the threshold.

9.Please note that while ordering flags, our flag sizes are based on the full height of the flag, including the flag stand. Our flags are about 50 cm shorter than the stand we use for keeping them off the ground. So it’s better keeping this in mind while placing orders based on the flag size.

How outdoor marketing flags can help in business marketing4

Importance of a good design

If you wonder why you need to place so much of emphasis on your flag design, well, it is very important indeed.

Increased effects

The first reason you need a design is that your business is practically naked without it. While a good design makes your cards, brochures and banners look good and increase your confidence levels, it also increases the effectiveness of your print pieces. No matter if you are trying to sell something, or shift your brand’s perception, it is a great design that helps you reach your business goals.

Increasing sales

Did you know that a good design can also help increase your sales? Yes. Once you start presenting your product or services in the best way possible through a good design, then it automatically increases your sales. Besides a good design also improves your product’s perceived value so that you can quote better rates and in the process, increases your profit margin.

Higher chances of people reading your flag

By the way, it’s only if your flag is designed appropriately with the right balance of copy, test, art and white space that there’s a better chance of your audience reading your message. You don’t need anything fancy.

All you need is simple but compelling graphics that make sure your message sticks. Otherwise, the money you spend on your flag will practically go to waste if they find the design too messy or cluttered.

Improved customer confidence

A well-designed flag also helps improve customer confidence because it proves you are a reliable professional or business. This, in turn, helps to improve your client’s trust in you which in turn helps build a strong base of trust which is integral in building a successful business relationship with your clients.

You can either have our team create a design for you, but if you have an idea, but need help presenting it, then we have artwork templates you can download and use. They help you in creating your customized flags by setting up the right design. We can even help find the right template for you if you can’t find what you need, and of course, our team is always ready to help you out.

Now that you know all there is to know about the benefits of using outdoor marketing flags, why you need a flag with a good design, and how easy it is to design and order flags from us, you too can consider using these flags for your next marketing campaign!