13 Tips to Choose and Create Effective Golf Pop-up A-frame Banners

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Today fast-paced world leaves most people using the help of digital marketing to advertise their company and ware. They concentrate on marketing via social media, emails, chat boxes and phone calls and not much on traditional advertising options like Golf Pop-up A-frame Banners.

13 tips to design and create effective golf pop-up A-frame banners

This is mainly because practically everyone is on the move today, and is continually on their phones or computers. This makes it much easier for a company or entity to reach out to their potential consumers.

However little do they realize that while digital marketing is indeed king today, face-to-face or traditional marketing through traditional banners and hoardings like golf pop-up A-frame banners are still upfront in the competition.

You need these advertising options to reach out to your physical customers, who still exist out there. Yes, there are still people who make decisions to buy or use services based on the banners and A-frame banners they see around themselves.

This is that niche clientele who do not limit themselves and are not constricted by the digital sphere. In fact, these clients appreciate the personal connection you develop through these offline advertising options, which is non-existent in the digital marketing space. These are the people who relate and are quickly affected by whatever they see around them.

With such a large demand and clientele that observe and take heed of whatever you put on your banners and golf pop-up A-frame banners, it is natural that you learn moré about it, and know how to choose and use them well to garner maximum attention.

About golf pop-up A-frame banners

As the name suggests, these banners are popularly used for promoting businesses or even to distinguish the different areas of a golfing event. They are usually available in various sizes for you to choose and use as per your space and advertising requirements.

The banners are based on a light but sturdy A-frame, making them easily expanded and contracted to use as necessary. The banners can be dismantled to fit into a bag that usually accompanies it, making it all the more easier to transport it from one venue to another. Of course, despite the name, these displays are not restricted for use only at golfing events but can be used to advertise at any indoor or outdoor event.

They are also easily set up by yourself, so there is no need of waiting for someone to put it up for you. You just have to take it out of its bag and put it up for instant exposure and recognition where required. Besides, this is not a one-time use banner. You can use it at as many places as you like, for as many times as required.

How to choose & design your golf pop-up A-frame banner

These are the various points you need to bear in mind to ensure you invest in the right banners which not only advertise your product or services but are also long-lasting.

Strong frame


Look for banners with a strong frame as they can withstand maximum usage. They should be made using the best-sprung steel, like the company vancke.com does in all their golf A-frame pop up banners.

13 tips to create effective golf pop-up A-frame banners

The steel band spring has to be strong because the banner’s folding function depends on it. If the spring is made of some weak material then there is the chance of the spring quickly breaking or losing its shape with continuous wear and tear. Besides, most of the time folding and unfolding banners with a cheaper grade or thinner steel spring proves to be rather difficult.

Place orders on time

As you will have to place an order for your golf pop-up A-frame banner, make sure you plan well and have it ordered well in advance. It’s better if you order the display at least a month early because you never know what problems you may have to face.

There may be something wrong with the design, or you may have some delays in the shipping. Things get even later if you don’t have any artwork ready to use on the display and you don’t know how to create art. To be on the safer side, so that the display reaches you on time, make sure you place an order well in advance.

Durable crossover

It is better if the golf pop-up A-frame banner has a double crossover at the top part of the display. This is because the intersecting rods give the banner additional strength and durability when compared to others.

Look for good fabric and prints

Banners made of not only good quality fabric like medium polyester but which has an opaque back panel make a better choice. This is because the backing creates a useful opaque finish that effectively projects whatever is printed on it.

The material should also be waterproof especially if you will be using it more outdoors, and colorfast and wash proof so that it can be washed without the fear of colors running. Find out what type of prints the company will be using on the banner. It is better if they use quality inks that print the images in high resolution and can be seen clearly from afar.

Select the right sized banners

Make sure you select the right sized banner as per your usage or requirement. You can choose between horizontally or vertically designed banners depending on how much space you have to place them.

You can also choose based on how much information you want to be printed onto it. If it’s something important then a vertical banner should be better because the font and the print will be visible from a longer distance.

If you just want to use the banner only for branding purposes, then make your selection based on your logo, depending on whether it looks better on a horizontal or vertical background.

Additional pockets and tabs are useful


Look for frames that have additional pockets stitched onto its body. These pockets are helpful because they help keep the frame safe and sturdy once set up. You can fill the pockets with sand or alternatively water bottles for additional weight to keep the banner firmly in place.

If you will be setting up the frame someplace windy outdoors, then it’s better to choose a banner with tabs stitched on the corners. This makes it convenient to stake the display to the ground for added security and stability at holding the banner in place.

Use the right print format


You have to pay special attention to the artwork you plan to use on your pop-up A-frame. This is because while it’s easy to create art in jpg files on the computer, translating them to the right printable format for your banners is not such an easy task.

Your artwork will have to be done in high resolution, preferably in vector format, which can be created using Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Don’t think that this task is as easy as putting your jpg file into one of these programs because this does not give you a vector file at all.

So if you are not so comfortable about translating your computer jpg art file to something usable for your banner, then it’s better to have the banner manufacturer’s professional designer do it for you.

Most companies, like vancke.com, have their in-house professional team of designers who will either create your artwork for you or translate any existing art like logos in your computer into something compatible with the banner.

Proper placement

As mentioned earlier, make sure you choose and buy a display board that fits the place or spot you plan to use it at. For better effects, make sure you choose a spot that’s easily visible to maximum traffic and footfall at the event you plan to use it.  It doesn’t matter why you want the banners; visibility through proper placement is of utmost importance.

Reuse or one-time use

While these display boards can be used as many times as you like, as long as you store them well after use, there may be occasions where you will only need it for a one-time use. This is why you have to decide on the matter to be printed on the display board based on it’s intended usage.

If you want to use it only for one event, you will most probably have the date and venue printed on it. If this is the case, you will not be able to use it at any other venue. However, if you plan to use it a few times, then make sure the print is something consistent like your logo, brand name and perhaps contact information so that you can use it in various events or functions.


Similarly, make sure you maintain consistency in all the advertising material you use, including your golf pop-up A-frame banner. This means that if you have an online presence or a local shop, the banner should have the same logo or tagline used in your shop, online site or any other advertising material.

This is the only way you will be able to carve out a niche in customers where they will be able to associate your banner with your company or brand the moment they see it. It’s only if your logo and design are consistent that customers will be able to notice and pick you out of the many other advertisers and companies at any event or place.

Corporate and brand identity

Corporate and brand identity is very important for any business. You have to maintain it because it gives your company some stability and legitimacy which helps people associate with you.

This is why you have to use your logo, slogan and even colors in everything you advertise about yourself with, including your golf pop-up A-frame banner. Using different logos or colors only confuses customers.

Sufficient information

It is crucial that you know just how much of information you should have printed onto your displays, especially if you are advertising about the opening of your new shop or an event.

While bright colors and logos are necessary to attract attention, too much of it will only hide whatever information you need to print onto it. If you don’t have any important information to convey to spectators, you could perhaps include something defining the heart of your business plan and will get your point across to the public, like slogans or mottoes.

For better effects and results, work with your designer to come up with the right integration of the different elements in the display. This helps ensure your sign gains maximum exposure with minimal invasiveness.

An interactive form of branding

Did you know that there is one interesting aspect that gives golf pop-up A-frame banners an edge above other forms of displays like feather flags and teardrop flags? Did you know you can actually use these displays as a form of interactive branding by customizing it into an interactive ball targets?

Yes, you’ll be surprised that you can actually make your brand and banner fun by designing it as a ball target game for use in the next sporting event or expo. All you have to do is create one, two or three ball target holes in the front panel, and decorate it with or without printed flags.

Of course, the back panel has to be solid in structure, to ensure the balls don’t pass through while your customers play target practice with your display. Besides, the back panel is usually used for your company’s branding purposes too.

13 tips to create effective golf pop-up A-frame banners

So if you have always depended only on digital marketing to get your company name and brand across, you now should know where and what you had missed out on all this time. Try using offline banners like golf pop-up A-frame banners in some local event or sporting competition.

Include your contact details and a little bit about your company in the banner, and you will be surprised with the number of inquiries and prospective customers the display helps generate for you in such a short span of time!