A Complete Guide 8 Points to Using Outdoor Flag Banner Signs

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You’ve started a new venture and you need to get some exposure. Well, this is absolutely essential because it’s through the appropriate advertisement channel that you let people know about your new business. One of the best marketing options you have today is outdoor flag banner signs.

Yes, while you may feel that the internet and social media are the most important avenues to broadcast about your business; these outdoor signs are also a necessity. While the internet and social media reach out to national and international clientele, it’s outdoor flag banner signs that reach out and give a human touch to creating relationships with local people.

About flag banner signs

Instead of opting for just a banner, outdoor flag banner signs give better visibility and exposure. They are also called feather flags and can be easily erected and positioned by one person.

This means you needn’t wait for someone to put it up for you. You just order your customized flag from a flag manufacturer like vancke.com and you can start using it once it reaches you.

  • Design and applications

They are shaped like a feather and come in various heights and widths to choose as per your needs. It’s when these flags rotate with the wind that they attract the attention of people passing by.


The flags are made of polyester and can be easily replaced if required. And the best thing is that these flags can be used not only outdoors, but also indoors. This is because they are designed for multiple uses.

The flags come with a very strong and flexible pole that has reinforced connection points. They come with three types of bases to use as you please. Use the flag with a cross base for indoor use or on hard surfaces like concrete or footpaths. You can also use it on the grass with a water or sandbag supporting it.

  • Printing

In case of outdoor use in sports fields or nature strips, there’s a ground spike with a swivel. It’s the swivel that ensures the flag turns with the wind. You can also use these flags to market on the go by placing them under a car wheel so that it rotates with the wind.

The flags are usually printed using a commercial printing process for minimal bleeding of colors. As the ink used is UV protected, they don’t fade quickly even if used outdoors.

You can use the flags as single or double-sided flags. The double-sided flags have two flags that are printed back to back with 100% block-out in between. Ensure your chosen manufacturer uses a block-out in between as some don’t. This only leads to one side bleeding to the other.

  • Carrying bag

Most flags come with a comfortable carrying bag so that you can carry your flag wherever you want to use it. You just dismantle the flag once you are done with it and store it in the bag to use later when necessary.

Depending on the weather conditions, and the way you take care of the flags, they can last for as long as 9 to 12 months. You can use them for as many times as you need, in as many places and occasions as necessary.

How custom flag banner signs can help increase sales

Now that you know all about these custom flag banner signs, here’s some information on how they will help increase your sales. You know that it flutters and rotates in the wind to attract the attention of passers-by. This is the most important and obvious way it increases sales or at least lets people know about you.

It’s not only the fluttering. These outdoor flag banner signs stand out from other signs also because they are tall with exciting text and colors. And as there is more space on the flag, you can easily and clearly write your brand name, tagline and contact details so that even people driving by at an average speed can read it.

Not only can you use these flags for improved business visibility and more traffic, but they can also be used to display your services or products so that people know what you offer.

A Complete Guide to Choosing and Using Outdoor flag banner signs

Imagine. A flag with just your name is not as effective as bringing in customers as a flag with printed images of the ice-cream you sell.  Including rates if possible gives even more reason for your potential customers to give you a visit.

Important points to remember

There are some points you need to remember while designing your feather flags for optimal visibility and benefits.

  1.    It’s important that you don’t squeeze too much of information onto the flags. While printing your contact details, brand and tagline is essential, make sure you space them out so that they are easily visible from afar.

Remember, any form of advertisement should be simple in design and colors. You should create a flag that can attract people’s attention and provide them with just enough information to know about you.

There’s no need of crowding your flag with details like your business history. This is something that should go on your website or brochures, and not on your flags.

  1.    Always use a more readable font. Though some fonts may look attractive on the computer, passers-by will not be able to easily read them from afar. The more time and effort people have to put into reading your message, the less likely they will actually read it.

There are so many other businesses vying for business. So you have only a few seconds to grasp their attention so that they read your message.

  1.    Maintain consistency in all your logos and designing. This is the only and best way you will be able to carve out a niche about your business in your customers.

It’s only if there’s consistency in your printed material will potential customers immediately associate your sign with your store wherever they see your banner.

And it’s only if your flags are consistent will repeat customers be able to pick you out from a lineup of other options. Don’t worry. Custom flag manufacturers like vancke.com can help integrate your logo into your sign so that it’s easily seen, visible and identified by people who see it.

  1.    Make sure that there’s some white space in between the font and designs. While you should use bright colors in your flag design, make sure you choose your colors wisely.

For example, green color will not look prominent if you plan to place your flag somewhere in the midst of greenery. Instead, colors like red or yellow are a better choice because they can be easily seen and distinguished.

  1.    Similarly, you also have to choose a color combination that’s easy to read. This means that you should choose and use contrasting colors for your background and font. This increases the legibility of your sign.
  2.    Just like too small signs are difficult for viewers to both see and read, even too big signs can cause problems. There is always the risk of a huge sign blending in with the background and not standing out much.

As there is no fixed custom flag banner sign size to stick to, you need to try a few sizes to find the best-sized sign for your advertising needs. You could perhaps create some differently sized prints and hang them wherever you plan to use them. Then stand in various locations and take a look at them to find out and decide which of the prints are the best for your sign.

  1.    Though you may be putting up signs to advertise about your business, do not do it at the inconvenience of others. You have to first check the area’s property rules because some properties and business spots have certain regulations about the size of the outdoor signs.

Find out about these rules or else you may end up spending money designing and manufacturing a flag you won’t be able to use because of these property violations.

  1.    With so many flag manufacturers around, it’s important you do your research and choose the best people to create your desired flags. They should be able to help you design your flag, and deliver your flag to you within your stipulated date.

They should also use the best materials to build your flag. Flags made using weak materials may end up repeatedly falling, and ignored. Besides, it’s the type of materials that are used that determine how well the sign will withstand the elements. It’s natural that signs made using strong and welded metal are always a better choice to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Increasing your outdoor flag banner sign’s life

Now you know why you should use flag banner signs, how they help your business and tips for creating the ideal flag. All this gives you a long-lasting feather flag for both indoor and outdoor marketing, for as long and as many times as required.

A Complete Guide 8 Points to Using Outdoor flag banner signs

Though these flags are strong, they still have to be properly taken care of to serve you for as long as possible. Here are some guidelines that will help you take good care of your flag so that it serves you as long as possible.

  • Regular washing

While your outdoor flag is durably built to withstand nature’s harsh elements, nothing can be done to prevent it from getting soiled by rain, pollution and road debris. Giving it a good wash every now and then gives you a clean flag fluttering and advertising your business.

Remember, customers, not only judge your business based on the service or product you offer but also based on your advertisement. So if your flag is not well-maintained and looks good all the time, then it may end up chasing away customers instead of bringing them in.

You don’t have to do much to wash your flags. You can either hand wash them or run a delicate wash in the washing machine. If needed, wrap it in a mesh washing machine bag before putting into the washer. While light detergents are the safest to use as they won’t fade your flag, you can always ask the flag manufacturer for advice if you are not sure.

Hang the flag out to dry but never dry them in a dryer. This is because there’s the risk of the dryer shrinking the flag so that it does not fit into its stand. There’s also the risk of the dryer warping the material and peeling off some of the printed graphics to spoil the flag and make it look untidy.

In case there are some hard-to-clean stains on the flags like bird droppings, first, use a plastic knife to scrape off as much of the stain as possible. Then pre-treat it with some powdered laundry detergent before putting it into the washer. While strong chemicals like hydrogen peroxide can help in the pretreatment stage, play safe and confirm with your manufacturer before using it.

  • Proper placement of flags

While your mission of using a flag is to ensure its maximum visibility, don’t forget to choose the best spot based on surrounding factors. Placing the flag on your business boundaries may garner maximum attention. However, there is also the risk of it being dangerous to drivers if it’s too close to the road.

Don’t place it too close to parking spots as a distracted customer concentrating on parking their car may knock over your flag. Also steer away from any buildings and structures that may pierce the fabrics.

If you are worried about someone stealing or messing around with the flags, then buy a flag with reinforced grommets. They are staked into the ground and are less likely a target to get stolen.

  • Prolong its colors

You could consider buying an aerosol fabric protectant that’s available at the local hardware store to spray onto the flag and seal the fabric fibers. This prevents the colors from breaking down in UV light so that they do not quickly fade with continual exposure to sunlight.