How Custom feather Flags Can Help Advertise at Sporting Events

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Benefits of feather flag marketing at sports events

There are some additional benefits to using custom feather flags to advertise your brand and business at a sports event.

The first is that unlike other banners, it is a fluttering and not static flag. There is a much better chance of your fluttering feather flag getting noticed by passers-by than a static flag.

Another advantage it offers is that unlike other flags that may furl up once set up, these feather flags are designed to remain open all the time. This assures you that your promotional content is seen by everyone at the meet, and by the people in the vicinity, all the time.

Choose and order the right flag

These feather flags are usually printed using silkscreen or digital printing. Both these printing options help create a long-lasting advertising tool which you can use many more times after the sports meet.

Do not forget to ensure you order and use a water-resistant flag, especially if it will be used at outdoor events. You never know. You may sometimes have to use the flag in rainy weather! While customized feather flags are safe to use outdoors, in mildly windy conditions, it is always better to bring it inside in bad weather conditions.

Setting up the flag is not a problem as most of the companies sell them with a cross base and also have added weights to hold down the flag when used indoors.  It can be easily set up and dismantled by a single person. This means that you need not depend on, or wait for someone else to help you out.

In case of outdoor use, the feather flags have spikes which you can use to poke into, and set up the flag on soft surfaces. You can also use the cross base to set it up on solid surfaces like sidewalks and the parking lot.

You just have to pack up the flag parts in a carry bag that accompanies the feather flag once you are done at the event. The banner is safely stored in it till you need to carry and use it at another sport meet or event.

It is your flag that creates your image to potential customers

Always bear in mind that the flag you use to advertise your business and product at sporting events creates the first impression of your business. So make sure there are no mistakes on it, and that everything is clearly displayed.

Irregularities or spelling mistakes speak a lot about the type of work you do. It shows you are not committed to perfection and can make people think twice about doing business with you.

The repercussions are higher if you run a business offering some service or other where the banner implies that you may not offer your best services while working for you.

Of course, conversely, a perfectly designed and planned feather flag will create a really good impression of your company and brand in the eyes of the beholder.

Think about your target audience

In fact, if strategically placed, and designed using the right colors, font, and designs, your feather flag may be responsible for bringing in at least a few inquiries by spectators at the sports meet.

Of course, there is another point to remember. No matter how good or bad your feather flag may be in terms of designs and looks, it will not be that useful in generating sales if you don’t have your target audience looking at it. In other words, it is better to decide if you have to spend money on your feather flag only after figuring out who will be at the sports meet.

For example, if it’s your child’s sports meet where there will be mostly children at the meet, then it is worth putting up a flag there only if you sell something children attractive or needed by children.

For example toys, electronic goods, books, stationary, school bags, umbrellas, shoes and to an extent, even cars and bikes. Children are in fact the best people to target at these events, especially if your feather flag is colorful and attractive. There is a higher chance of their pestering their parents, later on, to buy whatever you sell!

Setting up feather flags at these venues, if your company sells things like cookware or sewing machines, or services like security services, dentistry, legal services or anything else not related to children may not be that useful at generating business inquiries.

In other words, if it is the local club’s sports meet or even an inter-university or collegiate meet, then most business will benefit by setting up their feather flags to exhibit and promote their brand at the meet.

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Choosing the right colors

While choosing colors for your feather flags, always work at using colors that establish a connection with your customers. This means the logo and advertisement in your flag should be able to create a connection between your customers’ mind on the design and brand.

It is better to use colors that are related to your brand so that people will be able to easily remember, and relate to you when they think about you later on. There is a better chance of their remembering you, even if they don’t bother to note your contact details at the meet if they associate with more than one brand element in your feather flag. They tend to memorize your brand, whatever’s on the banner better this way.

However, do remember that whatever you have printed on the flag is easily seen and visible by them. This also means you need to use the right colors, font, and message.

Your message may not have to be short because most of the spectators have time to later on perhaps take a photo of the flag or at least note down your contact details.

However make sure that the font is an ordinary one, which can be easily seen from someone afar. Use the right colors, preferably contrasting colors. But make sure you choose colors based on the surroundings.

This means that if there’s lots of grass and greenery around then it’s not advisable to use green as the feather flag’s background color. There is a chance that it will not stand out as prominently as other colors.

Similarly, if it’s open space, then blue as the background may not project your message across well. The blue will only end up merging with the blue of the skies, especially if the feather flag is a tall one. So you see, your color choice plays an important part in defining the successful marketing using customized feather flags.

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Tall feather flags give maximum returns at sports events

Feather flags come in various sizes for you to choose from. Bigger flags are a better option for bigger sporting events across bigger venues. You have more people attending it, and there is more space to put up flags.

For best effects, it’s always better to use tall feather flags, measuring twenty feet tall or more. They offer the benefit of properly displaying your company logo or message so that it’s visible at least a few hundred feet away.

Not only people at the sports meet, customize feather flags which are really tall will also garner the attention of people passing by the sports meet vicinity. This is because the flag tends to flutter in the wind, which grasps their attention. It is natural for people to get intrigued into looking at moving or fluttering flag instead of a stationary one.

It is even better if you opt to use two-sided instead of single-sided flags. You can either have the same message printed on both sides, or different information for people from either side of the flag get to see and know about you.

However tall flags are not ideal for indoor and smaller sports events. People may not bother to look at whatever is printed on the flag because they will have to strain their necks to look at it!

Shorter feather flags are a better choice, and they can be either single or double-sided. Of course, double-sided flags give you more advertising for your money because you can print your message, logo or brand colors on both sides.

Other places and uses for feather flags during sports events

And in case your shop lies someplace near a mega sports event, it is worth setting up feather flags at the entrance of your establishment. It’s fluttering will attract the attention of visitors, participants, and spectators of the sports meet.

The flag attracts their attention, and they will subconsciously plan to visit your establishment once they know more about what products or services you have to offer. So if you have something they want or need, there is a high chance of some them doing business with you too, all thanks to your banner.

You can also use feather flags to direct people from the sports venue to your store. This is especially helpful if you are new in the business industry and are just starting out. The feather flags can reach out to not only the visitors to the sports event, but also let locals know more about you, and where you are located.

You can also use feather flags to show your support for your team. This is where double-sided flags come in vogue. You can have your favorite team’s logo or mascots printed on one side, and print your business contact details or message on the other side. This way you can show your support for your team, and at the same time work on your branding.

You can also do your bit for the little leagues’ sports events. You could make them feel like pro football players at their meet by customizing feather flags for them.

You can design your flag with their team name or mascot on one side and use the other side to advertise about your business. This way the kids feel as if they were also professional players with their own flags, while you get your marketing done.