Everything about using feather flags in schools

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The first day of school has kids with mixed emotions. Some of them love the thought of returning to school while others are just petrified with the thought of going to school.

It is the second group of kids that need some coaxing to go to school. You can easily do this by making the school attractive and beckoning to them. If you wonder how you can do this with minimal costs every year, well, with the help of feather flags.

Where and how to use feather flags in school

You can create colorful and attractive flags that generate excitement and reason for these children to go to school. They are also great for use at colleges and universities to advertise about any special events like sports day, fairs or other special events.

They are also ideal for capturing the attention of people driving or walking by. This means that if is phrased properly, then they are more than enough to create enough excitement in not only students, but also passers-by to visit your school fair and events.

Feather flags are also useful to use as school mascots. All you need to do is print them with the school or college mascot and logo for added benefits and motivation to kids while playing their game.

Besides, you can use the same flags anywhere and everywhere you want, indoor or outdoor, like in the auditorium, entry hall, field or even gymnasium. You must by now be having a lot more questions to ask about using feather flags in schools. This is why this list of questions and answers have been compiled, to help clear all your doubts and apprehensions.


1. What are the differences between feather flags and regular flags?

The most obvious difference lies in the shape of the flags. Feather flags are relatively big and have more printing space for your advertising content. They are not that tightly stretched, which makes it convenient for the flag to flutter and sway in the wind.

Regular flags are generally attached to a vertical but strong flag pole and not the bendable poles used in feather flags. It is the bendable pole that lets the flag blow so freely in the wind. Besides, regular flags are rectangular in shape and take up more space once set up. With feather flags using less space and more flexibility in the wind, it makes a better choice in schools.

2. Can the flagpoles be interchanged between different school banners?

No, because each flagpole is designed to support a specifically sized banner. This means a medium sized flag needs a medium sized flagpole and a large flag, a large flagpole.

3. How long do feather banners last?

While a feather banner can typically last for 2+ years, it all depends on its school care and maintenance. Excessive exposure to the sun, or to harsh weather like extreme heat and wind, can reduce the flag’s lifespan. Banners that are used more indoors will last a long time.


4. How does the sun affect the banner?

The design tends to fade much quicker if the flag is exposed to direct sunlight than if placed indoors. However, this happens only with prolonged and direct exposure to the sun like for a few days. This means you can safely use the banners at school sports meets, fairs and other similar outdoor events.

5. What happens to the flag in heavy rain or wind?

There is a chance of the flag pole getting permanently damaged, bent and even getting knocked over during heavy rains, snow or during strong winds. This is why it is recommended to take down the banner and store it in the school store during harsh weather conditions.

6. Will the polyester feather flags tear?

Polyester is a fabric that can rip or tear if not properly taken care of. This is why it is better to keep the flag away from sharp objects or areas and conditions where it may tip over. Besides, repeatedly assembling and removing the flag can lead to its fraying or tearing over time.

7. How tall are feather flags?

Feather flags come in various sizes like small, medium, large and extra large, depending on the flag and pole size. The flags are tapering in design, with its top side the widest.

Then again, the banner size changes when mounted on a stand. This is because the ordinary base adds about 1/8th inch to the height while the cross base adds about 7 inches. The ground stake, however, adds variable height, depending on how deep it’s driven into the school ground.

8. Will the banner cost more if printed with more than one color?

Most companies, like vancke.com, do not charge extra. They usually print the banners in full color which means that the price rate doesn’t fluctuate, no matter how many colors there may be in the design. The cost of your order depends just on its size and quantity.

9. Do the feather banners have a gloss or matte finish?

It usually comes with a matte finish, which isn’t shiny or reflective and will display its content much better at school.

10. Is there a chance of the flag melting in direct sunlight or high temperatures?

No. Direct sunlight can only melt the flag. Anyway, the melting point of polyester is about 450° so there is no need to worry about it melting! At most, direct sunlight can make the design fade with time.


11. What are the differences between the square and cross bases and ground stake?

While both are weighted and can be used both indoors and outdoors, the square one is placed exactly against the ground. This, in turn, reduces the chances of it being knocked over by passers-by or their tripping over it.

The square base is usually the heaviest, and most ideal to use outdoors to support the flag on a flat, solid surface like school grounds. The ground stake is a better option for securing the flag in a grassy area.

The cross base is better to carry around to different venues because it’s lighter and easily fits into its carrying case. It’s stable enough to be placed outdoors, but you can always place a sand or water bag on it for extra support.

12. What is the water bag?

It is obviously a bag filled with water, to use as a weight and support to the pole. While it is meant to be filled with water you can always fill it with sand too. However, make sure that it is dry before filling with sand and that all the sand is removed before adding water.

13. Does a carrying bag accompany all orders?

Yes, most companies like vancke.com provide a carrying case that holds your flag, disassembled flag poles, a base, and a water bag. Everything you’ll need to set up the flag at inter-school sports events or other similar school events. It usually comes with a zip that keeps the contents fully secured while you carry the flag from one school to the other, or store it.

14. Is the feather flag fire resistant?

No. Polyester contains just a slight fire resistance quality but it is not fire-resistant. So it is not advised to keep it anywhere near an open fire because it ends up melting in extreme heat.

15. Do I have to design the school banner using your template?

No, you can always use any school design or logo. It’s only if and when you don’t have any ideas that companies offer their own template to help you out. Most companies also have their own in-house designer you can approach for assistance in designing your school banner.

16. Will both the sides of the school feather flag be printed?

This is left to you to choose and order. If you order a single sided banner, it will be a print through meaning that people on the other side will see a mirrored version of your text.

You will have to order for a double-sided banner if you want a flag with a message on both sides. This is, of course, an additional cost, and you can either print the same message, text or content on both sides or choose something different for each side.

17. Is it possible to secure two banners on a single pole?

No, it isn’t. The pole set is designed to hold only one banner.

18. How big is the ground stake and should it be placed in loose or thick soil?

Ground stakes are usually 2 feet long and come with a peg for securing the banner. It also has a surface for you to strike on to place the banner into the ground. It’s always better to place the stake in solid soil because it gives a more secure grip and stability you won’t find in loose or soft soil.

19. Can the banner be attached to any pole or only the pole set accompanying it?

It is better to attach it to its accompanying pole set because it is specifically designed to do so. Fitting it to any other pole may not give the same support.

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20. How can I set up the feather flag?

The procedure is so easy that anyone can do it alone. You do not even have to wait for another person in school to help you out. You first have to connect the two smallest poles where one has a knob.

This knob has to go to the top of the pole. Next, connect the two larger poles, and fit it with the two previously joined smaller poles. Now that you have attached four poles, it is time to take the remaining large pole and attach it to them.

You can now attach the banner onto the pole by sliding it all the way to the banner’s bottom pocket. It is important that you do this slowly and carefully. Do not do it in a hurry as there is a chance of your stretching or tearing the flag or bending of the pole.

It is when the banner is attached to the pole that you have to insert it into either the ground stake or one of the bases, whichever is appropriate. Once this is done, take a small cord from the flagpole and thread it through the loop at the banner’s base.

Next, insert this cord into the base’s metal ring and tie a knot to score the banner and pole to the base. There you go! You now have your feather flag assembled and ready to use anywhere in school!

21. What do I have to do as banner maintenance?

You will have to occasionally clean it, depending on how often and where you use it. Obviously, regular outdoor use at matches or sports event will need more cleaning than regular indoor use.

You can use water and a wet cloth to remove surface dirt if the banner is really soiled and dirty. It is however not advised to use strong cleaners which contain strong chemicals like bleach. There is a high chance that the cleaner may end up ruining the banner.

As feather flags are safe to wash in the machine, you can use it in the washing machine in a light wash cycle with cold water. But it is better to hang and let the banner air dry instead of using a dryer.

22. How should I disassemble the school banner after use?

This is not a problem at all. You just have to remove the flagpole from the base and untie the cord or bungee rope securing the banner to the pole. You next have to remove the pole from the banner pocket.

Do this carefully without separating the pole pieces. It is only after removing the pole should you separate the pieces and neatly fold the banner. Next place the banner and the pole parts into the accompanying bag to use for your next school event or the next opening day of school.